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Building a House for my Wife

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.


  • March 30, 2019
    6:00 PM
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Sweet Jesus I think you that you have been good to us in our gathering together here we've learned a lot about you we've learned a lot about your love your God of balance in beauty and. Lord it just takes your breath away and so I just pray as we discussed the topic of the 2nd coming in the eternal ramifications of God's love that you would do something in this room the seedling that none of us would soon forget for your glory sick Lord and we asked this now in Christ Jesus name Amen. So this evening's message is entitled building a house for my wife what on earth is this guy going to be talking about building a house for my wife it's an object lesson no funny business out there so our general approach when we've dealt with the topic of the 2nd Coming has been largely one in the arena of pullin except that the 2nd coming is not a secret rapture that will be literal visible audible world wide and all those things are true by the way and then those things are true but a question that I had is should we be communicating with the 2nd coming isn't at the expense of what it is. And I believe there's something far more in rapturing no pun intended about the 2nd Coming when we come to understand the narrative that we see throughout Scripture and the grand narrative of Scripture regarding the 2nd Coming is actually a marriage. It's a wedding Jesus is coming again to claim his bride and to take her back to be with him to live with her forever. To Genesis chapter one well actually Genesis chapter 2 and when God creates the 1st thing he does is there's a wedding right once he creates man like the 1st thing a man knows is he's getting married to his girl so there's a wedding at the beginning of creation and then there's also a waiting at the end of the book The End of the Bible the Book of Revelation and so I kind of get this impression that if this whole thing starts with the wedding and it ends with the wedding maybe somebody has a wedding and mind I'm just saying. I just had this this idea that maybe God has something in mind when it comes to this topic so let's look at some of this let's go to the Song of Solomon was the last time you heard a sermon from the Song of Solomon I'm not going to sing for you you're safe. Song of Solomon you know this is a very unique book many people really wrestled to know what to do with this and a Martin Luther to the best of my recollection was like whole heartedly against this being in Scripture some people felt this is just like profane like what is this do we get we love song doing in the middle of scripture like what's that what's this doing here it makes no sense to a lot of people there aren't very many direct references to God There's actually one climactic reference to God that we're going to cover here in a moment but I will do my best to since or what I'm going to read in some of this 1st sensitive ears out there but it's done the psalm in Chapter 8 What on earth is this thing doing here well if the whole book is about a wedding and there's a love story in the middle maybe that love story has some information for us that will help us to understand the big picture just mate Song of Solomon Chapter 8 beginning in verse 6 this is the shule my this is Solomon's girl she says Set me as a seal upon your heart as a seal upon your arm I want to be in your thoughts and in your deeds for love is as strong as death jealousy is cruel of the grave its claims are flames of fire a most vehement flame. The translators really didn't know what to do with this verse it's just strange the way that it would translate literally and they didn't quite know what to do with it so instead of most vehement flame you know what it actually means we can look it up in the end you studied by was a great reference for it says best translated literally a flame of yah literally the Lord this expression reserved for the thematic climax of the entire song reveals Yah way is the source of human love and this provides the basis for the typological interpretation of the song we continue. Will skip that one for sure verse 10 and will go half way down because I don't want to use the B. word from the pulpit so that it says once once there's the consummation of this love relationship between Solomon and his girl it says then I became in his eyes as one who found peace one who found peace now the word Shula might is actually the female version of the word peace in the Hebrew language Solomon's name is actually the male version of peace how many people heard the word shalom and so when peace and peace come together when the 2 come together there's a sense of an abiding peace that takes place and what's being taught here is that whenever we surrender the whole point of this is teaching us about God's love God's pursuit of this church this woman here is his girl right the church and whatever we give ourselves fully to the love of God there is this since of an abiding peace that comes into our experience and this is what it is that God is trying to teach us the other thing is this whole book is about the pursuit of the Son of David for his bride your thought about that it's about this pursuit of the Son of David for his bride and their eventual wedding What And isn't there another son of David in scripture that's kind of significant Who is that again Jesus do you think Jesus is coming for his bride Hey maybe that's why we as a movement exist maybe we're involved in this is some form or fashion OK So yah way is that main source of that love every love that you and I give in to receive comes from a source of God Himself our good is Chapter 16 looking at this. Biblical theme of a wedding regarding God's love for him and for his church and this motif the whole happens all throughout Scripture Chapter 16 beginning in for 4. Will begin in verse one. Chapter 16 beginning of verse one again the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man cause Drew slim to know her abominations and say Thus says the LORD God to Jerusalem your birth and your native and you are from the land of Canaan your father was an M.R.I. your mother a hit type as fear a native of the on the day that you were born your navel cord was not cut nor were you washed in water to cleanse you you were not rub was salt nor wrapped in swaddling cloths No I pitied you other translations say no one loved you to do any of these things for you to have compassion on you but you were thrown out into an open field when you yourself were loaded on the day that you were born just imagine a child this picture of innocence completely rejected for saken abandoned and left by the side of the road no proper sanitation is afforded no proper nurturing as has afforded the birth cord isn't even fully cut it's not washed just 1st sake and in a field by the side of the road what a horrible horrible experience verse 6 God is using an illustration your God uses very graphic illustrations throughout the book of Ezekiel to make strong points about his love but in verse 6 this is and when I passed by you and saw you struggling in your blood it is as if God is just walking down the road and he sees this helpless baby by this side of the road I saw you struggling in your blood and I said to you in your blood live. Yes I said to him your blood live and they do thrive like a plant and you grew in the church became very beautiful We'll skip a line there your hair grew and you were naked and bare and when I passed by you again and looked upon you indeed your time was the time of love by this investment in this nurturing and love I poured into you you grew you mature and I came to see that it's time for you to fall in love so I spread my wings over you and I covered your nakedness Yes I swore an oath to you and I entered in the covenant with you and you became mine what a beautiful beautiful illustration of God's love for his bride and you and I are in a very very similar situation we're unloved in the sense in the fact that no one can love us and Phillis as God can that's one of the reasons why many of us feel empty were running to this situation in this situation this relationship in this relationship we're looking for people to do for us what only God can do and we feel unloved and God sees us in this condition he takes interest in us and he loves us he invests in us and we grow and mature and become beautiful and he sees when we reach that maturation it's time for you to fall in love. Many of us need to have this experience of falling in love with Jesus not just finding ourselves having a form of respect for Jesus which he deserves beyond measure 100 percent but Jesus wants something more than that Jesus doesn't just want your respect and your reverence he wants your hearts he wants all of you he's in love with you. But God doesn't want to remain in that condition of loneliness and rejection us to remain in that condition and still he comes looking for us and sees something of value in us even though we are a mess left by the side of the road the faith of Jesus sees potential in something that no one else who's walking by Seems to see potential in he sees value in something that no one else sees value in and he pours his love and belief and investment into you and you grow him mature and when that happens it's time to fall in love God desires us to live and he's willing to do what's required for our growth in our health and then we're not left on our own and his work in our lives is what leads us to become beautiful and the consummation is in us being clothed with his righteousness he closes he takes interest in this you know it's amazing to me that God is willing to love us with a perfect unselfish love and the amazing thing is while he does that whether we respond or not it does desire response got big gives whether it ever receives in response but it does desire a response for you with me. But he gives and gives and gives and gives whether we respond or not but this is why 1st John $419.00 said we love him why because He 1st loved us maybe this is why God is always the one to take the 1st move maybe this is why God is the one who pursues and speaks belief into us why the faith of Jesus comes looking for us when no one else does. He saw that through his pursuit in care of us we were ready to fall in love and it's time for us to fall in love many of us are needing this to fall in love some of us for the 1st time and for others it's time for us to fall in love for the 1st time again we need to revive that 1st love and as we grow and mature and receiving his love this is one of the ways that we actually prepare for the 2nd coming when we choose to grow up into this to mature into this there is no message tomorrow in a 3 pm I preach this somewhere else just ignore that but if 1st John chapter 4 verse 16 he wants us to know and believe the love that he has for us he doesn't just want to have this intellectual assent in the fact that God may tolerate me he wants me to know and believe that he loves me that he values me he wants me to respond in to grow into this is another example this in Hosea Chapter 2 this narrative continues all throughout Scripture Scott who is a chapter 2 has a chapter 2 God has married his bride we have been unfaithful and we have left him in fact this is one of the reasons why God refers to the unfaithfulness of Israel with words like infidelity sexual immorality fornication adultery God uses this type of language regarding our covenantal unfaithfulness why because he's always had a marriage in mind. And so he equates their disobedience in terms of marital unfaithfulness but God married us in the elaborate his love upon us and invites us to partake of His Covenant and then we spurned that love we pursued other lovers and the response is not what you would expect right if you were married to someone and this person is radically and repeatedly unfaithful to the marriage covenant you would assume that at some point you're just going to wipe your hands and move on to somebody else but listen to the way in which God responds to the one who's been so unfaithful to their marriage vows verse 14 Therefore ball hold I will allure her I will bring her into the wilderness and speak comfort to her in other languages or other virgins it says will speak love to her and it should be in that day says the Lord that you shall call me My husband and no longer call me my master. Literally he chooses to pursue us in the woods and love us even though we have been unfaithful to this covenant and he is wanting that through us receiving this undeserved grace of God It leads us to have not only a sense of acceptance but it also leads to a paradigm shift no longer looking at God as these grovelling slaves just hoping will be good enough at the end of the day but we now see him as the love of our lives he's everything that I've been looking for and I'm everything that he's been looking for God is wanting us to have this paradigm shift in our relationship with him and the thing is whenever you have this paradigm shift you are more than willing to give to live to serve into surrender because you know they have your best interests at heart you with me. So there isn't the sense of all this disobey do whatever I want because now when they're not no one thinks that way I don't even know why we jump to these conclusions when we start talking about the grace of God we just jump to the fact that everyone is dead center a 1000000000 hates Jesus is looking for a way out let's not over assume here what God is saying is your perspective is going to change when you fall in love with me and that's OK We can embrace that we can rejoice in that and not go to the opposite extreme and making assumptions so encountering the amazing love of God leads us to have a shift in our view of how we have our standing with him and when he sees that we're ready to fall love the very next thing that happens is he drops to one thing he says I would be true if you did mean forever yes I will be true to me and right just this injustice and loving kindness and mercy I will be true to me and faithfulness and you shall know the Lord that I will sow her for myself in the earth and I will have mercy on her who had not emptied mercy and then I will say to those who are not my people you are my people and they shall say you are my God So what has to take place to make this a reality. The very next chapter begins with the price being paid to buy back in Unfaithful woman this beloved is the Gospel God seeing something in you that even you don't see in you and you know we are not capable of creating the type of love that God deserves or desires it comes from us 1st in countering his amazing love for us and again this is why God is the one to make the 1st move even though we fail and pursue other lovers this is why he has to do this as he does we love Him because He 1st loved us this also leads us to have a change in our desires and leads us to begin to love the things that God loves and hate the things that he hates it brings about this transformation of how we do life and how we view reality. Now this theme of Jesus coming as a husband who is also found in the New Testament John the Baptist made this point very clear going to John chapter 3 in verse 29 this is really cool that was just the appetizer now we get to the goods John chapter 3 in verse 29. So John the Baptist has disciples and his disciples are starting to get worried about the fact that this Jesus guy has disciples and they're bad people now wait a minute John the Baptist is in the business of business about tossing people and now Jesus is baptizing people there's the temptation in their flesh to believe this guy is kind of like sheep stealing you know like This guy's kind of stealing our thunder that's our job right going to some other business and they're getting a little defensive about this and so they bring this concern to John the Baptist and say hey this guy's bad ties in people and I love the answer that John the Baptist gives this in John chapter 3 in verse 29 Listen to this John clearly understands who he is why he is and where he's going and when you know that insecurity has no room for existence one of the reasons why some people are so insecure is because they do not know who they are or where they're going and why they're here and still in turn when somebody else is Ministry gets more baptisms in our ministry we get insecure about that when somebody else is this search to do better than our this we start to get in secure John wasn't insecure because he knew who he was he was secure in his identity in Christ and so somebody else had success didn't bother him because he knew who he was and why he was here so John chapter 3 verse 29 he says he who has the. Bride is the bridegroom but the friend of the bridegroom who stands in hear him here is him rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled so what type of language is John the Baptist employing when he talks about the coming of Jesus the 1st time around a wedding and he understands that my job as the best man is to ensure that the bride and the groom come together and when they come together my job is done and I can walk off the scene and be OK with that because John understood that this isn't about me it's never been about me my job was to prepare the way for Jesus this is coming together my job is complete now I love the fact that I can preach a sermon now because my best friend Mark is getting married of all days on my birthday. And he's asked me to be his best man so this dude ever forgets my birthday he's toast. And of all things he's getting married in Texas he's brainwashed his girl they want to get married in Texas my only problem is Texas is Texas if I didn't have that going for it I'd be totally fine with that. And so anyway he's getting married but just imagine guys as the best man. All saying nice things about Mark I mean to say nice things about Texas in my speech but I will say nice things about Moore because he's a pretty good dude but just imagine if at that wedding I decided to make the waiting about me. What a disaster that would be right as the best man making the entire waiting about me amorous would kill me. In her wedding dress 100 percent and there's no way I could allow There's no way that would happen and John the Baptist understands this the role of the best man is not to make everything about them the whole point is to ensure that what they need done is done so they can come together you with me so he's not threatened by the fact that Jesus is coming but here's the point Jesus is ministry begins with a marriage in mind hate what was the 1st miracle where was Jesus was 1st miracle performed at a wedding then we get to the really really awesome stuff so Matthew chapter 26 terms mean there would you Matthew chapter 26 and you may be wondering what's this got to do with the wedding I'll tell you so Matthew chapter 6 and 27 it talks about Jesus taking the cup says the need took the cup and gave things and gave it to them saying drink from it all of you for this is my blood and it says of the New Covenant that were new is actually somewhat supplied is not at all manuscripts it could just be my blood of the covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins but I see to you that I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now wanted to drink it that day with you in my father's kingdom and when they had sung in him they went to the melody of all of us so what's this got to do with the wedding did you know that in 1st century Judaism when a young man found a girl that he was interested in and he saw I think I think this could be he approaches his parents his parents approach her parents and they have a feast at this feast everyone's gathered together once things calm down they do their all whatever they're going to do there comes this moment where there's a table in the middle and the guy and the girl are sitting at the table and there's actually a chalice filled with great juice the man takes a drink and he passes it to the girl this is the proposal. If she drinks from the cup she's saying I agree to the marriage if she doesn't drink from the cup it's embarrassing. To magine went through all this work had this fees girl one drink my juice game's over it would be really really bad it would be really embarrassing. And I mean just imagine like it would be very very difficult to go through this process again like you may be scarred for life like I'm going to be a unique and I'm cashing out I'm done but that's the way it works and so if the girl agreed that she was going to say yes to the proposal you know if the guy said next Let not your heart be troubled I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I'm going to come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also Jesus is employing matrimonial language services when having the last supper with his disciples he's not marrying doods don't freak out about that so if you have some your viewers tuning in but wait. Do we talk about that the sporting the Q. and A. And so this is what ends up taking place in the 1st century Judaism the way this worked was he says In my Father's house are many mansions actually many rooms and what actually took place was he goes back to his father's house and he begins building an addition on to the Father's house he's preparing a room for he and his bride to live in and he does this by himself he's building a house with his bare hands hence the title for a message building a house for my wife and he does not he keeps building he gets no help from anybody he gets no affirmation from anybody and he's not actually able to go and get the girl until his father says that the house is good enough. He doesn't know the day or the hour only the Father knows and so what does she do well what she does is she goes home and she learns how to be a wife how to prepare for those duties her mom is training her to fulfill those duties of being a faithful wife and her other responsibility is for her to put a lamp in her window sill every night without fail and that lamp in that window sill is testifying I'm still waiting I've not given my affections to another I'm still waiting on you and then when the house is finished then the virgins leave this man to the girl's house and the thing is if you're building a house with your bare hands and you get to see this girl until this house is done it's like you can have visitations of between here and there like that's it she drinks that cup and you don't see her again until the house is finished and so he goes this process and he finishes that house at 11 45 pm You better believe he's not waiting until Monday he leaves the house right then and there and the Virgin cousins leave him with the oil in their lamps they leave him to the house and if that light is still shining in the window sill he knows she waited. And they get married that night right then and there and so a lot of the language that's used regarding the 2nd Coming in the New Testament from Jesus is melt is actually matrimonial language guys he ties matrimonial language to the 2nd coming now this teaches something of great importance the topic of commitment. He had to build a house by himself before he could get married and every brick this guy laid had a purpose in the goal in mind when he understood what was awaiting him and the beauty of this marriage it was a for him this is what brought him the intrinsic motivation right Eric. I can't there's the light shining in my eyes I thought I saw him say oh he's over there there is he is he was sitting over there earlier. The other day maybe this morning it brings that intrinsic motivation right love is a far better motivator for the 2nd coming than fear in him well then maybe we should stop implying fear in our presentations of the 2nd coming. I'm still kind of wrestling with this idea of why we have meetings with like dragons and scary reptiles on our posters outside to invite community members I just would wrestle with that and I don't know what this church does so forgive me but I just like I drove by and I saw someone saying we're having meetings there's a picture of scary reptiles on it. Is this an animal exhibit like I don't I don't understand the purpose behind that those beasts are biblical I get it but people who aren't biblical biblically minded have no idea what that thing is it makes no sense to them anyway I digress I don't know why I said that just pretend I didn't say just move on that never happened. But the way in which we communicate the 2nd coming the best motivator for this for someone to be committed is love and not fear because fear does not run along race fear runs a short race you may be able to scare somebody into a pew but that doesn't keep them there he with me. Love is a far better motivator Jesus understands this and this is why he does what he does we are also told we were heard this earlier this week Love is the agent that he uses to expel sin from the soul so anyway this guy every brick he lays he has a goal and a purpose and mine is what keeps him motivated and focused is what you do the same for us I believe there's parallels in marriage preparation in preparation for the 2nd coming he didn't get to see her but what motivated him was being able to have her as his own that she could be with him where he is this is what motivates him to keep working he can't go to see her until his father says it's good enough and he has no idea how long that's going to take which is why Jesus says but if that day an hour no one knows not the angels in heaven but my father only Matthew 24 verse 36 and my friend Sebastian was talking about this he has a similar on all relationships in the have addresses on these topics and he made the point that when he was getting when he got married he had a bachelor party a simplified bachelor party a man no foolishness and so he's having this bachelor party and all his guy friends start kind of sharing things with him or the things that they did was they all kind of wrote a letter to him and it was a prayer for him and advice for him regarding this decision he's about to embark upon and he says Man they grilled me good these guys knew all my weaknesses they knew all my stuff but this is what one of the people wrote in their letter to him and what they shared with him they said Sebastian my prayer for you is that after you get married and the flame of romance has died there will always be able to be rekindled as long as you maintain the embers of commitment. And there's a lot of wisdom in this in a lot of ways for one there is that this is some sion of predestination when it comes to everything like if I just find the person that God wants for me everything is going to be amazing I will never have problems unfortunately summer presentations give this picture if you just let this things go this way everything will be great you won't have any problems you have a great life and all this stuff the problem is you are both in full human beings merging your lives together right for the glory of God things are going to work but the point is there's tension there's stuff that happens along the way and there will come a time in which the fire of romance will die down that happens but what keeps you going is the embers of commitment if there were in their commitment to get this thing going in the 1st place our society does not value commitment our society values romance and there's a big difference but either way he says if we get a relationship with the groundwork for commitment has not been laid we're setting ourselves up for failure our culture doesn't cause you to focus on commitment it causes you to focus on romance but when the fire of romance dies what are you going to do are you going to leave like most this is diety does well I drove this car for 3 years I need a new car. Are you going to have this consumer mentality or is there something deeper that is driving you into this thing in the 1st place. Only the embers of commitment can bring it back even when the fire dies down that there are still Imber is remaining You can rekindle this fire and that's the point. We need to make sure the our road think this is what I want yeah we need to make sure the our road to marriage as a single person he says is paved with tests of commitment Otherwise we're going to find out in our marriage that we weren't ready but in a Jewish culture they found out before you were married right the father the future father in law knew that you were committed because you built a house with your bare hands and no one helped you. They were it was very clear you're not just playing the field she's pretty she pleases me well get her for me none of them will you know the allusion there I'm sure. They understood oh this guy is committed to this thing right given a cow would be easy building a house cost a whole lot more right that takes time that takes patience it takes an investment you're going to smash your hand wringing it splinters it's going to rain stuff's going to happen. Are you in this thing for the long haul or are you in it for you and I believe the same principles here regarding their preparation for marriage are very similar principles for us in our preparation for the 2nd coming are you committed to this thing are you in it for the long haul and is that love that your intrinsic motivation because if it's fear that motivates you you may start a hells but I doubt you're going to finish it because the journey is hard it's a lonely road there are ups and there are downs and only the embers of commitment will keep us going that we're committed for life even if it gets easy even if it gets hard. He knew what it was like to prepare for a relationship in the same thing for the woman he gets no affirmation when he built for her right he's eating no Facebook messages no no text messages I'm rooting for you boo you make a nice house for me and make it pretty he doesn't get any of this there's no affirmation along the way he builds any builds alone but every brick he lays in every hammer he nails he's wondering what will she think of this house when I bring her here he just kept building with her in mind how would she view the house when he brought her here all he had was her word that she would not give her affections to another all she had was that his word when he was preparing a place they were both committed even though they could have done something else which is time of waiting and patience they had to go through so love should be the motivation for a preparation and true love is committed him all skip this Jesus is prayer in John Chapter 17. Listen to this John Chapter 17. Movies mention this this morning in the Q. and A that one of the things that can help us in our Pearl life is praying out loud I'm so glad that Jesus prayed out loud that Daniel prayed out well like there's all these recorded prayers in scripture that help us to know hey people rest of us stuff like I wrestle with stuff this person when they were praying understood that they were coming into the very presence of God and came into his presence with a reverence respect and awe there are still many lessons we can learn just from seeing the prayers that we have in the Bible because they were recorded because somebody heard them and I'll give you the background of this because I have a little bit of real estate not a lot but a little bit of real estate in John Chapter 131-415-1617 we find a narrative that you didn't find anywhere else in scripture actually the Gospel of John was the last book of the Bible written Did you know that it was in the Book of Revelation it was the Gospel of John John it was the last living apostle at this stage soon before he dies and he's surveying the landscape in your recognizes what has been there what's known and he realizes that what what is it that I need to give to the next generation of our church because no one who will be leaving the church after he dies knew Jesus personally so what should I share and what he shares is John 131-415-1617. Now I believe the themes of those chapters are actually found in the book of feedings John actually died as the pastor of emphasis I believe John in seeing the writings that these are just my summations but I believe that in John seeing the letter that Paul wrote to the church deficit's he was reminded of themes that he was present for that wasn't written for anyone else and felt they needed to be further elaborated upon but I believe John 13 to 17 is the message for the 144000 I believe there's a lot of important information there for the church. And so anyway Jesus in praying for you 1st of all just take a moment to appreciate this Jesus prayed for you. Which implies that he kind of you know likes you and stuff. There are desires in the heart of Jesus for your Will being and Jesus says in John Chapter 17 father I desire not be nice to be OK Father I desire that they might be with me where I am Jesus longs for you to be in heaven he's preparing a place for you to be in heaven how is he doing that you think Jesus is swinging a hammer and nails for 2000 years and is just like the universe's worst carpenter ever or if they can build a house here in much shorter time what was what was Jesus be doing Jesus is preparing a kingdom for us by preparing a kingdom in. His work as our intercessory High Priest in the midst of the investigative judgment he's doing what we talked about the swarming he separating us from sin he's preparing a place for us by preparing a place in. This John Chapter 17 but then when Jesus is resurrected after his death he has some time with the disciples and he heads into heaven we're talking about a man's pursuit of his bride. The son of David pursuing his bride when Jesus was resurrected we're told in the spirit of prophecy in a few places but we're told that when Jesus gets into heaven Heaven erupts in praise the angels erupt in praise you have never seen a worship service like this in your life I don't care what You Tube has to offer I don't care what Hillsong has to offer you have never seen a worship service like this one. And Jesus looks at the angels instead is no. No. And he presses into the presence of the Father and he has one question. Can those whom you have given me be with me where I am. Are you happy with the house that I've built is it good enough this is the 1st house there's another house he's building but is it good enough and the father says yes. Desire he just says in that moment the father embrace is the son for the 1st time in 33 and a half years he embraces his son I'm so proud of you yes those whom I have given you can be with you where you are. Then Jesus accept their worship then Jesus accept their praise in this is the very moment where Revelation 12 tells us rejoice in the heavens and you could go in them but whoa to the earth for the devil has come down to you knowing there's a very short time and this is when the Devils cast down all of his arguments have lost every sense of sympathy in the eyes of heaven and why Heaven rejoices in praise guys Jesus His ministry began and ended with an interest this on his pursuit of his bride you're all he thinks about you're always on his mind you are the love of his life in the Book of Revelation and Chapter 19 a verse 7 shows of the 2nd Coming is a wedding and that the bride has made herself ready. This is the deepest whanging desire on the heart of God. To be reunited in the reconciled with his people and this near different genesis all the way to Revelation has been the same I loved you I love you I had you and I lost you and I gave myself for you to bring you back to me. This narrative goes all the way from Genesis to Revelation and this is absolutely beautiful and amazing to me and I wish that we communicated this side of the 2nd coming more often to our people because the since a lot of people have is the what ifs the idea there will never be good enough what if what if what if our people many of them are filled with horror and terror when they think about the 2nd coming whenever the narrative of the 2nd Coming in Scripture is one that she cause your heart to race how do you think the bride should be feeling when she knows that her husband is coming to get her she should be in the rapture and yet many of us are horrified why because of the way in which we communicate we may be saying things that are factually accurate but the infamous us that we're communicating with leads to emotional damage and scars and so for many of us there is a motional freight in our heart and in our mind when we think of the 2nd coming should we be striving to be ready for the 2nd coming yes that's the whole point what I've been talking about let's not ignore that there is a preparation the brightest to go through it says the bride has made herself ready but if our lives are filled with fear regarding the moment of the greatest reunion the world will ever know I think we've missed the point I think we missed the big picture and I think Satan delights to see it so for us to be robbed of the beauty in the intense the patient of the 2nd coming should allow But I want to share one more thing with you that is absolutely powerful and the will have an appeal and the why in the book Heaven gives information regarding what Jesus achieved and what was necessary for eternity that will blow your mind she says by Jesus is the life and death Christ has achieved even more than recovery from the ruin wrought through sin. Are you understanding this evening. Jesus through his life and death did not just restore what happened with Adam and Eve He's done so in that brings us even closer than if they hadn't fallen it was Satan's purpose to bring about an eternal separation between God and man but in Christ we become more closely united to God Then if we had never fallen in taking our nature the Savior has bowed himself to humanity by a tide that is never to be broken when Jesus condescended to become a man and talked about this in Philippi ans when he humbled himself taking on flesh and became even obedient to death I don't think we fully appreciate what took place Jesus did not temporarily lay aside a suit coat go do some work and put the suit coat back on at the end of the day Jesus has for ever been less since the Incarnation the father lost a part of his son that he will never get back are you hearing me this evening Jesus eternally change the way in which he did life on the presence is no longer an option for Jesus because there's something about you that is not worth being lost he would rather lay aside aspects of his own nature to ensure that you have a chance then to continue in this condition in this relationship with the Father and you not have a chance because you are that precious in the eyes of Jesus Hey maybe that's why when he's resurrected he refuses the worship that he didn't get from anybody for 33 and a half years though he deserved because that wasn't the most important to him. Jesus was secure enough he didn't need to be lauded or worshiped he so concerned about you. All he cared about was is that enough. In taking our nature the Savior has bound himself to humanity by a tie that is never to be broke him and through the eternal ages he is linked with us God so loved the world that he did what he gave remember it's the glory of God to to give he gave his only begotten Son He gave him not only to bear our sins and to die as our sacrifice he gave him to the fallen grace he let go of something when he gave Jesus to us to assure us of his immutable counsel of peace you know that counsel of peace was it was the meeting between Jesus in the Father and making the determination before the fall of man and even before the fall of Lucifer and ironically it was this meeting that leads to the fall of Lucifer but the council of peace that if there were to be a fall what will we do so apparently to assure us of his immutable counsel of peace that he meant what he said and they're going to see this thing through to the and having loved his own who are in the world he loves them to the end God gave His only begotten son to become one of the human family for ever to retain his human nature this is the pledge that God will fulfill his word unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder Remember this morning when I said there is no such thing as cheap grace it cost something it cost a lot and it's something that can't be undone do you think you matter then to the heart of Jesus this evening you better believe it you better believe it. But I want you to put yourself in the mind frame of a young man. He has finished the house the father says the house is good enough go get your girl he makes the trip through the night versions of the oil lamps leading the way and he gets to the house. Only to find that the window sill is dark it's dark there is no lamp in the window sill she didn't wait she's given her affections to another how would you feel it would be devastating but what I don't think we understand is that Jesus himself is going to have a very similar heartbreaking experience. Because Jesus comes back to claim his bride. He's going to come back and find that not everyone had their lamps trimmed and burning but not everyone had a lamp waiting in their window sill and guys it's going to be devastating to Jesus devastating I made a place for you I've been interceding for you having loved you who were in the world I loved you to the end I kept my into the deal I kept my promise and you didn't wait you gave your affections to another intell devastated and so as they have the appeal song the seasoning I want you to be reflecting is there were a lamp burning in my window sill right now. Have I been taking that preparation seriously and what is Jesus going to find when he comes to my house maybe for some of us there was a time when we were in love and that fire burned hot and strong but for some of us that flame of romance has died and even worse yet with the death of that flame of romance even came the death of the embers of commitment and we found ourselves dead cold and we don't think there's really any more hope for a situation. That would be to full thing is you can find fire from the very flame of you tonight. You can love Him because He 1st loved you maybe you've gone dead and you've gone cold you can find fire from the very flame of your way but will you come I don't know your story I don't know where you've been and I wanna see it doesn't matter why question my appeal to you this evening is very simple if you realize that maybe you've lost your 1st love your 1st love is waned or you're coming to find a greater newfound appreciation for your husband who's coming to take you home and you want to respond to see evening and say I do Jesus I do I want to spend the rest of my life with you I don't want to wander anymore I don't want to pursue other lovers and other idols and you more I want to go all in that's you this evening on invites you to stand God in heaven I think you that you have a love for us that truly indeed is stronger than death there is an other centered love in your heart for us that we cannot even fathom why would you say think the things about me that you say and think why would you continually knock on the door of my heart when my religion religious experience makes you want to vomit it must be because you see something in me that I don't see in me it must be because you see something of great value inside of this home and you'd rather make a fool of yourself on my doorstep until I respond and so Lord Jesus I pray that some of us in this room the ceiling have had our experience go cold and dead that we would come boldly to your throne of grace to see evening that we would find the very flame of Yahweh you rekindle our experience that you would revive our 1st love and that when we think about the 2nd coming of Jesus our heart would begin to release and then we would recognize the love of my life is coming home. No more fear no more shame no more condemnation but I finally found my beloved and my beloved is mine may that be our true experience Lord and I pray that those things that are in our life that pull us away from you they would keep us from being ready for that Lord Jesus give us a hatred for these things may we see how ridiculous and encumbering they are and we lay them it's your feet I pray that through encountering the undeserved goodness of God that you would separate us from the sin you would set us free indeed in the law the spirit of life in Christ Jesus would make us free from the law of sin and death and that we would be free indeed God I think you that you have begun this good work in us have every intention of finishing in if we abide in you bless us now this evening Lord I pray you. Cover our sins of the blood of Jesus Phillis with your Holy Spirit Lord we're nothing without you we're people in desperate need of the Spirit of God. May you give us this gift we pray to you ask this now in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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