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A Tale of two Journeys

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.


  • March 31, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Jesus I think you that you have been good to us this week we have seen a picture of God that is reasonable that is attractive that allows Adventism to make sense and find its power and Lord I pray that none of us would forget what we've been hearing this week I've been blessed and I just pray that this special thing that you're doing in this place right here would not be limited to right here but I prayed that this would just be the beginning and says we have one last message together Sweet Jesus do something in this place that none of us will soon forget for your glory I pray and I ask this in Jesus' name amen. So this morning's message isn't titled A tale of 2 journeys can I tell you the story behind this message I got one yes that's good enough. And so I was planning on preaching I would this is years ago 2013 probably spring of 2013 and I was asked to preach at a local church so I did ask my sermon in full on Wednesday all this is easier to preach a sermon a priest before it's on the topic of devotions growing or devotional life or something like that in devoted John to the seminar the 1st of I did it here on Thursday as I type that in the scripture but the song and the problem is God said that's not what you're preaching. And I said no this is what I'm preaching because I don't have anything else ready in this this makes sense that didn't last long case you're wondering and he won he generally does and sometimes you're limping for the rest of your life after some of those wrestling matches but he he won and he what he told me to preach was something that I literally don't know what this is about so rewind about 2 years in January of 2011 David actually Rick was preaching at 3 pm and I used to live near there and so he came to visit me I just graduated from the program this is to 12. Charities and 12 he was so he baptized me and he was coming to visit OK let's go get something to eat and I tell him about a theme one of the things I did soon after I graduated arised was I just wrote a commentary in the book of Matthew and don't ask for it so I'm not quite sure where it is as print all that good. But I just wanted to take the time to just kind of deep in my Bible study so I reach chapter one multiple times and I reach chapter one in the Chapter 2 multiple times I've read chapter one kind of leading in once into chapter 2 that are a Chapter 2 multiple times then the next day or a chapter to want in the chapter 3 you can't get the premise here and so I just writing a commentary on Matthew kind of collecting themes and I found this really I saw this really cool thing and that the 8 I believe Matthew 14 and so I shared it with Dave was like hey look what I found is that oh that's cool we should call that like a tale of 2 journeys or something like I mean like you should write a sermon on it called A Tale of 2 journeys or something like I don't really know what it's about is think it's cool that there's these kind of parallel journeys and so I've no intention of preaching it just kind of on the shelf in my mind for quite a while so your buddy 15 months goes by we have staff meeting the morning of that women's day that's in the sermon information to the local church and it dawns on me it's about faith. But again I don't know all what it's about going to the sermon on it yet but that's the case and so when they evening when I'm writing this will sermon to the pastor and God says that's what you're preaching you're preaching on this I don't know what it's about Lord like yeah it's faith but I don't I don't get it and anyway he won and so I'm staring at this cursor in my email well what do I like what I call the thing like what's the scripture reading like word of the so I don't know and so as I was called Dave calls it so until 2 journeys and they use one of these Texas scripture reading and I just guessed on Tucson's had no idea and so I preach that I sit down anytime I give God time God gives me something to give the people I think this is this is basically the point of the fish in the loaves that the disciples felt like they had nothing to offer these people right how can we possibly feed these people I don't have what is necessary to bless these people is what they're telling Jesus when he says you give them something to eat and we don't have a Jesus and then he asked them what do you have while me all I have is this little thing here bring it to me and when they bring it to Jesus Jesus makes it enough when they brought what little they had to Jesus Jesus made it a nuff in fact more than enough and they make it clear that God is faithful in his provision he makes the disciples be the vehicle through which the miracle is given to the people and then he makes the disciples pick up the aftereffects of that miracle to remind them that it's not about what you have it's about bringing what you have to mean and I make it enough. And so I didn't have much to offer that day but I preached a service to you I gave God time God gave me something which you hear this morning and I give the recording to a buddy of mine who reached out to me who is really wrestling at that stage as life and God literally use that message to reestablish that guy in our church and to revive him and answer direct questions and his experience that he was wrestling with I had no say in that I didn't want to preach that message and even though it was about and it was a good reminder to me that God is faithful and there are God is calling. God is not so much concerned about the why on my hand or even the hell on my end he's concerned I'm committed to the what if I'm committed to what God wants God will make sure that happens he'll make a way he'll make it make sense but I need to do is commit to doing what he's asked me to do and it is a lesson for me as well so this morning's message isn't title detailed 2 journeys that title is borrowed. Art So Matthew Chapter 8 leading into Matthew Chapter 8 Jesus is doing some scandalous stuff like this guy comes in and just starts messing with Judaism and it makes people uncomfortable because in that these Chapter 56 and 7 that Matthew's in Matthew chapters 56 and 7 Jesus starts with these crazy statements like you have heard that it was said but I say to you just imagine the audacity of some young rabbi saying I know what everybody's been teaching in church but let me tell you something else how do think that's going to go over just imagine some you know some 20 something year old comes in and comes in to your poll but your church and says yeah I know your pastor has been telling you this but here's what I say. Again put yourself in the headspace of what's actually being said and it takes greater meaning so the way Jesus as you heard that it was said and it's not that that isn't true but I say to you even more right you've heard that it was said that you should not commit adultery but I say that if you look at a woman to lust for her you've already committed adultery with her in your heart. Jesus didn't diminish the law he brought a deeper magnitude like a deeper understanding of the law and so forth so in a way Jesus comes in and he's basically taking the world view the Jewish nation and just turning this thing upside down or maybe right side up regardless he's kind of really challenging the world view the nation and then Jesus is just doing some scandalous stuff we get to Matthew Chapter 8 you want to turn there you probably already did that in chapter 81 of the few things here what Jesus is doing because this I think will give us a better understanding of where we need to go this morning Matthew Chapter 8 so in Matthew Chapter 8 The 1st thing he does after he finishes this whole you know teaching that kind of challenges the views of the nation then he clings as a leper Now this guy says Lord if you're willing you can make me clean and then Jesus says I am willing be Clinton's but he doesn't just say something you know he also does Jesus reaches out and touches this man you know why Jesus did this to restore his dignity to bring intimacy back into this man's life because you were completely deprived of community of dignity and intimacy whenever you grew up or were going to have leprosy no hugs no handshakes and Jesus didn't just say something Jesus didn't just heal the man's flesh he healed the pain soul healed a man's heart and restored this guy but Jews aren't supposed to do that because that's going to make you unclean. So Jesus is doing stuff that Jews are not to be doing then we see the next thing is if he heals us insurance servant will that's kind of a problem because those guys are jerks we don't like Romans we certainly don't likes and cheery and right that's what I like these corrupt law enforcement guys that we don't want in our community right we have to carry their armor a vial just because they say so it's just as horrible situation and yet this guy is willing to heal us and cheery and servant and then the audacity not only to heals insurance servant but the fact that Jesus when this insurance says look I'm not even worthy to have you come under my house just say the word Jesus just say the word and you'll be healed this guy understands faith better than most of our own people and certainly most of the people of Jesus's day just stay the word Jesus and that's enough of any visible proof if the Word of God says it it's already done just speak the word Jesus and it does in Jesus I've not seen a face like this in all of Israel so just imagine right when they have like the Student Of The Month right citizen of the month faith have or of the nation award it's not given to a Jew It's given to this guy right John tell me Jesus is just messin stuff up guys and then we get to this next situation where. Many are healed in the evening who are filled with demons they're unclean spirits they get all kinds of stuff they're going on and then in Matthew Chapter 8 later after this this guy comes up to Jesus is Lord I'm going to follow you wherever you go and you would assume Jesus is going to say hey that's great you know Jesus says I don't even have a home man I'm homeless. And you did a stifles had to be thinking this guy's crazy like someone wants to follow you and you're given the reasons not to follow you why would you do that right Jesus off telling people to eat His flesh and drink his blood like this is the worst way to get disciples like clearly this guy didn't go to seminary like he obviously this guy did and then someone else comes up and says Lord let me 1st bury my father and then I'll follow you and he says Let the dead bury their own dead. Thinking like Jesus is just this he is this disrupter right my friend Thurman loves this idea of disruption and so then we get to our actual story but it seems to me what I'm kind of recognizing throughout this whole narrative is that Jesus is being more worried about the faith of the people than he is their lineage I don't care how clean the paper trail is between you and Abraham what really matters the most to Jesus is the topic of faith it's of paramount importance to Jesus the topic of faith in fact to Matthew Chapter 17 whenever Jesus comes down from the Mount of Transfiguration there is this commotion going on the disciples look humiliated their religious leaders are mocking them and there is this boy walking around of the ground foaming at the mouth and Jesus says what's the deal and the guy says look I brought my son to your disciples and he couldn't heal them and then Jesus says something when I was a baby Christian the 1st read this of that man Jesus is so hard on this guy he says oh faithless number of 1st generation hell long shall I be with you how long shall I bear with you bring him here to me and then I came to understand he wasn't upset with the man he was upset with his own disciples and because they say well why couldn't we kill him Jesus and he says because of your unbelief your lack of faith for assuredly I say to you if you have faith as a mustard seed you will save this mountain Move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you nothing. Just imagine being the disciples in the situation right you're pretty convinced that you can do this because Jesus said Go cast out demons raise the dead heal the sick do your thing fellows and so they're assuming we get out we got this Jesus is here but we can do it and so the guy lays the boy at the feet of the disciples and they say demons be gone. And he continues to wallow around in the ground foaming at the mouth this is embarrassing. Maybe they just didn't hear us did even it's begun nothing you would feel like a complete loser total failure we were wrong about everything and the fair seas are there to rub their noses in it totally discouraged and then Jesus comes in and grills the guys and I think what on earth is going on here Jesus is want to make it abundantly clear to them Phyllis you miss the point you do not have faith you do not believe you don't understand the core ingredient was necessary here and what I come to see here is that our unbelief actually limits God our unbelief limits what God can do and what he longs to do we also see into other places where Jesus actually cries in Scripture Luke Chapter 19 when he's coming into Jerusalem is weeping over and penitence city weeping not just for what was but for what could have been the faith of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem and what could have been we also see in John Chapter 11 Jesus Christ at the end belief of the people and they couldn't have done something about this that we had the shortest verse in the Bible Jesus wept did you know that our unbelief makes God cry because there's an active distrust. You know what is this is science the time Super 14981 she says faith is the living power that presses through every barrier overrides all obstacles and plants its banner in the heart of the enemy's camp I love this language just to nation this writer might be David's mighty mean when David is longing for water from his favorite well and he says out loud Oh that I can have water for my favorite well and these crazy fellas 3 of them just go blasting through the enemy lines they get the water they blast back to the enemy lines they come back and bring the water to David Davis like I can't drink this this is the blood of my own then I can play those guys with that crazy I just meant I want to go home I don't know you're going to do this my days fellas ask me next time would you. And so anyway but the nation aggressive warfare language right faith literally has the ability to go into enemy occupied territory and plant the Lord's banner and say this is mine faith can do this and Jesus understands that this is why sickness doesn't stand a chance in the presence of Jesus this is why death does not keep people in the presence of Jesus and this is why he says nothing will be impossible for you faith is Louie meant to tear down every obstacle and I think it's amazing now does that mean we're always going to get what I want know we'd be monsters if that were the case can you imagine the point is faith is based on what the Word of God says it's you with me it's believing what the Word of God says relying upon the Word of God only to do what it says All right so let's give our 1st year that's kind of our preface going to Matthew Chapter 8 so after those 1st scandal things scandals things that happens in Matthew Chapter 8 Look at this Matthew 8 beginning of verse 23 a tale of 2 journeys. Matthew Chapter 8 verse 23 now when Jesus got into a boat his disciples followed him and suddenly a great tempest arose in the sea so the boat was covered with the waves but what was he doing he was asleep that is disciples came to him in the work of saying The Lord save us we are perishing this actually these are the 1st words we hear from the 12 disciples in the Gospel of Matthew has that for an introduction Lord save us we are perishing. But he is dead then why are you fearful or you of little faith then heroes in rebuke the wins and the sea and there was a great calm so the men marveled saying Who can this be so the even the winds in the sea obey him and if you're paying attention some stuff should stand out here here's the 1st one Jesus rebukes the disciples before he rebukes the wind in the waves they're in the midst of chaos there's a problem going on and he's more concerned about the non faith of these people the unbelieve of his people than he is about what's going on around him you know what we have for this cause there in the boat next to Jesus and they think they're going to die and we laugh but many of us do the exact same thing we're next to Jesus in the midst of our chaos and we lose sight of all of it because we're taking your eyes off of Jesus and looking at the things that are going on around us but it is in John Chapter 16 in verse $33.00 that these things I have said to you in me you may have peace because in the world you will have tribulation Jesus never promised smooth sailing pun intended right but he did promise to be our rock our mighty rock. So he said but be of good cheer why because I've overcome the world Blood of Jesus can overcome the world he can overcome whatever storm you're dealing with today Amen. And so he's upset with them they've not learned the lesson on faith have they didn't read the book by Jones and Wagner apparently. They're still exhibiting spiritual poverty they're lacking faith and they don't know who this is they were say Who is this man who is this guy there in the boat next to Jesus and they have no idea who this man is NO CLUE fascinating to me so the disciples are in a boat with Jesus they're on the Sea of Galilee and remember these details they're heading what direction east they say Lord save us we are perishing and then he rebuked the disciples before solving the problem and lastly they say Who could this be that even the winds in the waves obey Him They don't know who he is as good or secondary Matthew Chapter 14 as Matthew Matthew Chapter 14 so the background for this Jesus has worked a huge miracle in John's account makes more details prevalent works this massive miracle feeding the 5000 and after feeding the 5000 in John's account we're told that literally people are. Going to create a word can I just do it anyway conspiracy sizing I don't even know what that means they were they were forming a conspiracy. When you preach like 10 times in a few days stuff happens. So you're getting the dregs at this stage so anyway they're forming this conspiracy that they're going to make Jesus King by force we've got a great idea let's just take this guy by force we're going to make Jesus King you know Jesus says He told the disciples leave get out of here he's upset and he tells the disciples to leave and they get in the boat by themselves Jesus goes up if you wrestles with this father in prayer all night this is kind of a context for Matthew Chapter 14 beginning of verse 24. Yeah well for 22 immediately Jesus made his cycles get into the boat and go before him to the other side while the since the multitude away and when he'd sit the multitude away he went up on the mountain by himself to pray and then when evening came he was alone there but the boat was now in the middle of the sea tossed by the ways for the wind was contrary and on the 4th watch of the night Jesus went to their walking on the sea and with a disciple saw him walking in the sea they were troubled and said it is a ghost and they cried out for fear but immediately Jesus spoke to them saying Be of good cheer it is I do not be afraid. And Peter answered and said Lord if it is you command me to come out to you on the water so Jesus says go for it big boy come. And when Peter got down out of the boat he walked on the water to go to Jesus now we need to stop here when you're done that is just curious doing a survey here and here walked on water OK I have another question for you is this necessary this man is in a perfectly good boat do you know that tells me if Peter is willing to muster even a small amount of faith Jesus is willing to meet him where he is and then. There's no reason for him to get out of this bodes perfectly fine but if this guy's going to muster even a small amount of faith I'm going to honor and meet him where he is go ahead and Jesus strengthens Peter's faith by him actually walking on water but there's a problem the story doesn't end here for Peter sake I'm sure you wish that it did. Verse $29.00 so he said come in when Peter had come down out of the boat he walked in the water to go to Jesus but when he saw that the wind was boisterous he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried out saying what's. Lord save me have we heard this before. Lord save me and immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him and he said to him oh you of little faith why did you doubt it when they got into the boat the wind ceased then those who were in the boat came and worshipped him saying Truly you are the Son of God You know Peter believed in Jesus as ability to keep him from drowning in the beginning he believed that but when Tempest came into his life he lost faith in Jesus is ability to keep him that way you have been there I believe Jesus can do anything when I 1st say yes to him but then stuff happens in here we're going through some stuff and that stuff we lose sight of everything we lose sight of Jesus we freak out and we lose a blessing the disciples are in the boat this is the 2nd journey they're on the Sea of Galilee again this time they're headed west they're moving in the opposite direction we see the Lord save me again but this time Jesus solves the problem before he rebukes Peter and it ends by them saying Truly you are this of God 2 similar journeys with 2 opposite results I believe the reason and the big variable difference in this equation is faith because Peter was at least willing to exhibit a small amount of faith Jesus fixes the problem 1st and then rebuked him for his unbelief and in this situation the people realized this man is the guy Jesus is the one but this can happen to us can't it it's actually possible to be right next to Jesus and to fear for your life and many of our people are in that experience right now we're a 7th Day Adventist in good standing we pay a faithful ties we have worship with our children we love God. And yet our lives are still filled with fear lack of security lack of assurance It's possible isn't it to be right next to Jesus and have no peace in your life it's convicting isn't it we have 2 more journeys towards me to March after 15. March after 15 and beginning of verse 29 Jesus is now a nailed to the cross dying for the sins of the world Mark Chapter 15 and will begin in verse 29 actually 27 with him they also crucified 2 robbers one in his right and the other in the list so that the scripture was fulfilled which says in he was numbered with the transgressors and those who passed by blasphemed him wagging their heads and saying Ah ha you could destroy the temple and build it in 3 days save yourself and come down from the cross these are just passers by Likewise the chief priest also mocking among themselves with the scribes said he stayed others Himself He cannot save let the Christ the King of Israel distant now from the Cross that we may see and believe then it says even those who were crucified with him reviled him random citizens religious leadership and the people who were crucified next to Jesus all of them are heaping scorn and unbelieve in the face of Jesus while witnessing the greatest events the universe has ever seen or will ever see and these are all people who should know better these are all people who are looking for the Messiah Let's give a few verses down and see the 2nd journey Mark Chapter 15 beginning in verse 37. And Jesus cried out with a loud voice and breathed his last and then the veil the temple was torn in 2 from top to bottom so in this insurance who stood opposite him saw that he cried out like this in breathed his last he said Truly this man was the Son of God and there is a stark stark contrast here is there not so what anyone says about this in the closing events of the crucifixion day fresh evidence was given of the fulfillment of prophecy and new witness born to Christ divinity when the darkness had lifted from the cross and the Savior is dying cry had been uttered even NEED IT Lee another voice was heard saying Truly this was the Son of God put yourself there would you like to ask you put on your imagination caps your thinking caps but just put yourself in the situation it looks like midnight even though it's a new day desire to 753 tells us the reason why God Almighty is on Earth with every one of the angels of heaven and there in shrouded in clouds to protect the wicked and all humans from being destroyed as they are ministering with the ministry of presence beside the son while the son is none the wiser because Satan has cast an impenetrable cloud of darkness in the heart and mind of Jesus it is a dark spooky eerie scene everyone has ceased their Jaring at this stage when Jesus utters his last words the earth itself freaks out at the death of Jesus there is an earthquake the temple is shaken the veil in the Holy of Holies is torn from top to bottom making it clear that no human hands were involved and in the midst of this. Scary and silent scene someone awkwardly breaks into this silence. By shouting truly this man was the Son of God he has everyone's attention is what she says these words were said in no whispered tones and all I had Stern to see once they came who had spoken. And it's not who anyone would expect it was insurance the Roman soldier the divine patience of the Savior in his sudden death with the cry of victory upon his lips had impressed this heathen in the bruised broken body hanging upon the cross the sin cheery and recognize the form of the Son of God was that because it was in the inspired writings of the Romans you can encounter Jesus and not know you cannot have an encounter with a living Christ and not know and never can as are new there's a 4th man in that fire and is the Son of God People just know they just know he could not refrain from confessing his his faith thus again the evidence was given that our redeemer was the see the travail the soul into study I will comment on this they say for the 1st time in the Gospel of Mark somebody other than Jesus himself and a Gentile at that correctly identifies Jesus as the Son of God It announced in the prologue the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God and then they say this it is only in the light of the Cross that the true identity of Jesus may be understood he's the Messiah the royal son of God the Savior of all so here's my question for you this morning have you seen the hanging upon the cross Christ was the gospel or based upon your lack of faith in your own belief as you look like a defeated King You can even see themself little knew what do you see when you see the cross of Jesus because for many of us this thing has been so commercialized that as Paul says the cross has been emptied of its power. And we ourselves as people of the book find ourselves staring at this event with the same amount amount of ambivalence as the people in the community as the priests and as the people crucified right beside Jesus it does nothing for Hearts it's possible to be at the cross of Jesus the event that radically changes the landscape of the entire world and to have that do nothing for you it's possible some of us are living that experience right now the cross of Jesus does nothing for me when I hear about it it's because we're not being told what the Cross actually is and explaining it we just read through the Bible is so you know the crucifixion in a way Moving on now and we don't even stop and appreciate what is happening and then lo and behold foreigners get more of a blessing out of this of him than we do what do you see and what do you think whenever the cross of the comes to mind and if it doesn't do something for you you know the beautiful thing is you can ask Jesus to make this thing matter to you Jesus I freely confess the cross does not stir me the cross is not affecting me deep in the psyche I read it like any other historical event somebody died happens to be Jesus that benefits me in some form or fashion but it doesn't do anything for me you literally can ask Jesus to make this very event come a life and to have it radically transform and define your life July 5th 2014 I encountered somebody preaching the cross in the way I had never heard in my life and it rocked me I've never forgotten it there was not a dry eye in that house and all this man did was go from good 70 through the cross. Using these in the testimonies using desired ages using the Gospels using the Old Testament Scriptures just walking through corner logically what this experience was for Jesus and the weight of the sin of the world we talked about this last year with West Sabbath morning for Sabbath school and it rocked me and I made a valid that day July 5th 2014 I will never commit the sin of not preaching that ever again never give I knew it that's it that's what the disciples were preaching and what rock the city that's what the Apostle Paul was preaching and shook people to their core and yet we live in an environment right now and haven't tism in which 3 begins pastoral Department is getting alarming amount of phone calls from 7th Day Adventists adults and pastors who have 0 assurance of salvation that's a true story they're also getting an equally alarming amount of phone calls from 70 AD As adults who are sure that they are saved because of what they do oh dear there's an existential crisis happening and it seems like no one is the wiser our movement was preprogramed in prophetically ordained to bring the everlasting Gospel to the world and it's like we've been immunized and it does nothing for us we're not hearing it when we read it it doesn't do anything for us and in turn the world goes on warned and unreached this is not acceptable the fact that we are still here should cause every 7th day adventists to be convicted the fact that Jesus has not come should cause every 7th day adventists to feel a sense of accountability for this event we should be home by now and the Spirit of God was falling in power. We're even told the latter rain was falling in advantage in 898-989-1929 extension 3 most our people even know this is the case it was happening and we went to war against the gospel and we won and the Gospel didn't and we're still here that should trouble you that should startle you and it should motivate you to do something about it. It frustrates me it sours my stomach We have a call guys a big one a beautiful one and it's a privilege if you don't know the history you can get it for free online in audio book form L. white audio dot org It's called Return the lettering volume one. Read it listen to it all the history is there. That message is coming back and we will go home and what you're beginning to experience and witness this week is the little drippy drop of that message just a taste we're starting a rapper mind around that we're getting there but we're not home yet but I want to you know that I'm proud of this organization for being willing to let this message be preached and I've seen in your eyes I've heard in your voice in your testimonials something is happening here something real something tangible chains are being broken in people's experiences people are finding freedom and a better understanding and appreciation of what Adam tism was meant to be it started we're going to do about that will you grab the baton and finish this race or you wait for somebody else here with me the Gospel works guys it does work and if the gospel doesn't do anything for you right now you can ask Jesus to do something about that. Jesus I'm not going to give you rest until this thing comes to life I'm going to keep reading this story maybe this is why Ellen White said we should spend a thoughtful hour how often every day reflecting upon the life of Christ but particularly what the closing seems and you'd be hard pressed to find that story being told from one of your pulpits one at 52 weeks a year that's a problem that's a big problem if we're told to read that story every day it is not going to get old apparently not apparently you're going to keep finding beauty and power in this message so why don't we commit to that maybe you can start with that because you can't give what you don't have and if it's not there yet ask Jesus to do something about that and tell them I'm not going to let you go into you bless me I want this thing to change my life Jesus I get it now I understand this must be important Jesus please do something about this I want you to raise me from the dead you think you will 100 percent below the great controversy between Christ and C. is not theology it's not and it's not a book by Ellen White it's the most profound reality of your life and it requires action you live on a battlefield this thing is real and Satan has been working overtime to suppress the Gospel and at times we have been some of his greatest allies in that battle that's going to change it will change fully believe that we will live up to our potential as a movement but will you be involved in that are you going to wait for the movement to move or are you going to be the movement and this is a convicting statement for me to think about I'm not good enough I don't have what it takes turns out of age is this. Do not wait to feel that you are made whole believe His word and it will be fulfilled put your will your power of choice on the side of Christ will to serve him and then acting upon his word you will receive strength that's a guarantee if Jesus is saying that this gospel of a suffering messiah has to go to the world then I'm going to do something about it if no one goes with me if no one in my church has given Bible studies on this or community I'll give Bible studies to my community no one else is preaching this message all preach this message and it's not because people are militantly against it near as much as we would assume we just don't know there's just this massive ignorance in our movement of understanding the history the message and so if you're starting to get it you can be that catalyst for change in your local church but you better be a person of peace when you bring this movement into your church if you go home with the spirit of militancy and set the curtains on fire that is not the spirit of the most precious message and shame on you you're making my job harder and you're making our job harder because people assume the people to believe are right as by phase look like these beasts and Satan delights to see it so the message should transform not only what you believe but how you share how you do life it should be good leaven in the lump you should be a person extending the same mercy Jesus extended to you it will cause you to not forget where you came from will to serve him and act upon his word you will receive strength whatever may be the evil practice the master passion was there long indulgence binds both soul and body Christ is able and he longs to deliver him and. I'll close with this thought I have come to realize that there is a horrible In agree just sin living in my life it's the sin of unbelief I don't believe the things about me the god beliefs I wish it were getting there. But we're not there yet because if I believe the things about me that God believed I wouldn't be what I am right now and I want God to plant that banner and that enemy territory in my heart today I want him to claim that territory as his the area of unbelief I want to believe in Jesus believes I want to live as if the gospel is actually true. Haven't you because of the story 2 weeks ago in Orlando Florida telling the story it was really awkward I'll tell you why I was doing Bible work in a church in Tennessee there was a guy who was there as a church member who's a retired conference president his name is Chuck and so someone was preaching at this meeting with me 2 weeks ago or Lando and I was vaguely remembering that this person knew Chuck and so I says you know and you know Chuck So you know so there's a guy it's going to church with US Congress president Chuck case and I said Do you know him and I point to this guy this is a woman. Just to see you know and just you know that I know and so I point to this guy Bill and says Bill I didn't say Bill but I said you know do you know Chuck Wright and the guy next to him says yeah that's my dad host snap up until the story right because this has never happened just imagine using someone stories an illustration in your sermon and their son is staring right at you it was weird I've never had that happen in life and you'll be crumpled over and but it's a good stories and I did do it right Hallelujah. So Chuck tells the story he's preaching one Sabbath and as the sermon was called a love relationship with Jesus I'm down for that so I listened I would listen anyways you could do and the checks tell the story and he gets the point resource in a story about him and his wife so they're courting this is back to last year or many years ago many many years ago and he's courting and he's in the car and he finally musters the guts and he says Millie I love you you know she's this why I don't love you. Oh God I'm down boy shots fired but just like Jesus had a $42.00 he would not fail nor be discouraged. And she still wants to be with this guy they keep courting they keep doing their thing you know she didn't want to be with that guy and kept falling around to be creepy but she wanted to be there and some time goes by and I guess at that stage the dormitory for the girls was connected to the hospital she's studying nursing and so anyways he meets her in the lobby the girl's dormitory is this Chuck when you talk she pulls him off into a room she wraps her arms around him and she's this Chuck I love you I love you and then she says What are you going to do with my love you know what Chuck said and then asked his son would he say marry it they've been married for 63 years and ministry together in Hallelujah and but their story I think is very poignant for what we've been talking about all over the course of this week through the messages that you've been hearing have you come to see that God loves you this week yes or no you say I'm convinced praise the lord my question to you is what are you going to do with that love We're going to do with it. Jesus I hope so great answer that's the point are we going to do with the Jewish nation did and sequester themselves often think that everybody else has cooties. Or are we going to be that good livin in the lump in our local church just winsome gospel loving Jesus loving individuals who are uplifting a message that is Biblical and beautiful that's what Jesus is looking for that's what he needs he doesn't need people like Peter wop and folks here offs he doesn't need people lopping off because his ear in the name of the most precious message he's telling you to put your sword in this place just like you did Peter I don't need your violence to advance my kingdom I'm giving my still for them Peter this message permeates and is a blessing when it's through giving not taking it's the glory of God to give and so this is something that we need to take very very very seriously if we don't understand this most precious message there are resources you can read lessons on faith you can read what a White says about what took place you can read the actual history you can read the General Conference sermons that 80 Jones preach in 1903 the 3 messages you can begin the process reading the desire of age as a step to Christ and better understanding what it is that God wants us to believe about himself and the picture of Jesus that has to be given to the world for revelation 18 to be fulfilled is going to be a revelation of the character of God and the character of God that we're communicating to the world is not sinlessness itself listening. Sin cannot live in that environment uplifting the beautiful message of the 13 does mess is the message of Christ Our Righteousness and White says that revelation 18 the loud cry is a repetition of the 30 days message given with a loud cry take the time to study the 30 bills message wrap your mind around it what does she say about it who does she say was preaching it what should you do about wu Prescott went down to Armidale Australia and the white clamored for a long time police in Prescott they finally let him go the General Conference Final let him go. And when he goes down and preaches there the people must Roya thought all we're going to hear from these Adventist people is Moses inside the eye that's all we're going to hear from these people buncha legal lists but Prescott starts preaching and what ever White says is not one of those sermons what I consider to be a quote unquote doctrinal discourse then you start to get concerned with this new theology but then she starts talking about what he was sharing the status the law the nature of God the nature of man creation what that's our message Yeah but they didn't feel like doctrinal messages she said they came across as gospel messages and the people started getting transcripts of the messages while they were being preached you can get the book of this the pioneer library has it is called in the spirits powered Prescott read those messages she endorsed that method of public evangelism and said This is the way we should do or meetings going forward unfortunately we haven't most of us but that's the model she endorsed so Prescott's preaching these messages preaching this gets L. and L. like you should just even if you just read the beginning of the book the preface on all the comments the L A White made about the Armidale meetings it will convince you to read the book I've never seen her say stuff like this she says all of our messages should be this way she said strangers would come up on the grounds they would hear what Prescott preach and their faces would turn pale and they said this man is inspired and they said we have never heard someone preach Jesus like this would never heard it look in the Pioneer writings look to see what these people were saying what they were preaching Elo White was endorsing what was being preached what was it let's find out what self study and let's share this message with beauty with tact and in a winsome spirit even. Something is happening here. They can radically and dramatically change the landscape of Adventism it can you're seeing the Gospel works the gospel makes sense it transforms a life it's setting people free just imagine if we better understood it and if all of us decided to seek this thing seriously and take it to the world. I want to go home. And Jesus longs to come back but he needs us guys. Jesus not only loves you Jesus not only believes in you Jesus needs you the harvest is plentiful people are preprogramed to receive the gospel but someone has to tell things as a Romans 10 how will they know unless they're told and who's going to tell them a list someone sends them. So we'll send you. In the name of Jesus Christ go forward making disciples teaching them about this most precious message baptizing in the name of the Father the Son of the Holy Spirit and continuing to invest in them and grow them you can do that amen and Jesus is proud of you he's so proud of you. Let's pray. God in heaven you know that we have a need and we've come to find this week that need is found in Jesus our High Priest our best friend our husband. Lord I pray that we would better appreciate the beautiful message of the gospel that you have given to the 7th they have in this church and that we would preach it with power to the world this call is not a call to abandon our fundamental beliefs. The principles of the Adventist message is to saturate those beliefs with the cross of Christ. We're told each one of those beliefs find their power in correlation to this theme the theme of the cross so Lord I pray that you would use this that we would take the study of the most precious message seriously and what we've said today we want to do that I myself want to better understand this message so that we can give glory to God on high. And present this beautiful picture of God to the surrounding nations. I pray that we would no longer be of means of the world blaspheming the name of God by our bad example and our Christ list approach not all of us but it does happen. And that I pray that you would just make us into winsome gospel preaching Adventists message loving missionaries who communicate this to the world we love the health message we love the message of the reform we gave to this movement to draws closer to yourself we love the 3 angels messages the Sabbath the state of the dead we love them all Lord they're all supposed to teach us something about you help us to see that in the Avenues message Help us to fall in love with it and to be even more effective missionaries We pray Lord forgive our sins of unbelief forgive my sin of unbelief of limiting you of causing you to cry because of my unbelief. And Lord I pray Lord Jesus that you would sin the Holy Spirit in great great measure. If the latter rain would again fall in this movement and that we would embrace it. That it would take the world by storm and that the world would see a picture of God that is irresistible. In that you could come home. And finally have that bride that you so desperately want. And I pray that when you come Lord Jesus that every person in this room would have a lamp burning in their window sill. That you would receive the fruit of your sufferings. We love you Lord we think you we ask these things now in Christ Jesus. And then this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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