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Daughters of Inheritance

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 20, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Thank you and good morning. And happy Sabbath yeoman offer a word of prayer and we'll get into the analysis for the day Father we thank you for. This opportunity to worship you today and we thank you for this Sabbath day and I pray that you would speak through me now as we reflect on Scripture and we just thank you for this opportunity to worship you I pray this in Jesus' name. Well you've heard the announcement that has been a blessed week for our family so on Monday our 4th daughter Ruby a was a both was born and she's healthy and or was doing well so we're very grateful for that. Job well did have a bit of a complication this pregnancy where she had enteropathic hole as they say as a pregnancy which simply means that because of the pregnancy the liver in the gallbladder were not communicating well with each other which placed the baby at risk if it were to go to full term so that's why she was induced 3 weeks early and thankfully everything went well and I do have to say that it's amazing to me every time you see a woman push a baby it was amazing and well done it 4 times now and. She's a tough lady that's all I can say. And I'm very impressed so we're thankful and we're grateful you know the name that we picked. I'm really was the name of my father's mother my grandmother and she died when I was in the uterus so I never met her but she knew that I was on the way and then I was a bit is the name of my mother's sister so it's a name in the family but there's also the Bible meaning to it and so we're we're very thankful and you'll get to meet her pretty soon and I'm she's only 5 days old so if she's still quite young and yesterday I turned 42 and so Ruby was a nice or early birthday present for me so it was a special birthday today celebrating her arrival and so we're we're very grateful and we're very thankful you know either of them bluster with 4 daughters and so that's the theme of the sermon for today you hear the scripture reading about as well often how than his daughters and we are very grateful and we're very thankful to have 4 beautiful daughters and no we're not going to try for a boy in case you're wondering. We're very grateful for the 4 that we haven't we're done for we're going to have a nice even number and I'm 42 you know I don't need to be having more babies anyone. So we're very grateful and we're very thankful that you know it's kind of interesting how many people will come up to you and say Are you disappointed are you going to try for a boy and all of that now we're good we're good we're thankful for what the Lord has given us the board chooses what you have and there's some families here as well that have all girls and we're thankful and we're grateful more blessed so that's just the update from our family side of things but I want to go to Scripture because like I do you find in this story of as a wife and had in his daughters. An understanding with God is a special place. For women in the family of God. And so the title for this most Ijaz daughters of inheritance I got that title from a book written by a an ad in this gentleman meant name to Wellesley me or it's a very good book. And I'm going to start now Numbers Chapter $27.00 we're going to consider the plight of the daughters of the law for how because in their rich time. If a man didn't have any sons his inheritance would automatically pass to the other men in his family if he had brothers or or so forth they would get his and heritance in the daughters would be left out so this is the basis for this passage in Numbers Chapter 27 we also see a little bit more in Chapter 36. So we're going to look at this passage again Numbers Chapter $27.00 starting in verse one then came the daughters of the law if I had the son of he for the son of Gilly of the son of Maker the son of the NASA of the families of announce of the son of Joseph So these were of the descendants of Joseph Smith Now that was the son of Joseph and there were 2 tribes in Israel from Joseph Menn NASA and the Freeman So these were from the tribe of men then. And. We keep reading here in this says and these are the names of his daughters Ma one know well and ha go and milk and here is a very beautiful names I'm sure they were beautiful women and they stood before Moses and before always are the priest and before the princes and all the congregation by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation of Justice paint the picture of what's happening here. You know you didn't just go up and talk to Moses I mean Moses was kind of like the General Conference president of origin on time and you have however many hundreds of thousands of Israelites there in the world and as I've heard the most of like 2000000 people I don't know but it was a lot of people so you gain a hearing with Moses was no small task so it's not like you can just go up and say him and I have a little talk with Moses This was a big deal that the 5 daughters of the Wafa had gained an audience with Moses and obviously they had put a lot of thought and concern and to the fact that they would gain a hearing with Moses time so it would be a wake you if you gained a hearing with the conference President or even the General Conference president and you have a certain amount of time and I'll say this just as an aside. From time to time I have people who will come and talk to me about a request if you have that moment of time to talk to someone with a request you want to make sure that your quest is on point and that it can size and that your reason behind your request is clear because when a leader like Moses has 800000 things on his plate you can't waste this time so you better come prepared with your requests so obviously these daughters came well prepared with a request on their behalf so this was in verse 3 our Father that so they're speaking here they say our father died in the wilderness. And he was not in the company of them that gathered themselves together against the Lord in the company of Korah but died in his own son and had no sons Now notice what they say about their father they say he was not of the company that sided with Cora Now for those of you who were here 2 weeks ago that was going to sermon about the rebellion of core. And they have reason to believe that because their father was a righteous man and he had not been in the apostasy or the rebellion of the Church of that time that they had a better chance that the Lord would hear their requests than if the 3rd father was part of the apostasy. Because many in the congregation of Israel had sided with core but it was a law for how it was a righteous man and his daughters had a holy boldness and they came to Moses and said our father was not part of the company of core Now that was the request in verse 4 and they have a holy boldness here when they make this request they say why should the name of our father be done away from among his family because he hath and there was son given to us therefore a possession among the brother and of our father now this had never been done before it was just assumed that the inheritance of the law if it had would be passed along to his brothers of the other men in the family because he had no sons but they make a proactive request of the like why should his inheritance be done away with give us a possession among the brothers of our father now just to make another point of clarification this is before the children of Israel crossed over Jordan into the Promised Land because Moses the will live and so it was a big deal to gain a possession in the new promised land this is something that they had been waiting 40 years for and to see their father die and then to not see his name again and then heritance in the Promised Land was something they didn't want to see they thought he was a righteous man he didn't side with the apostasy with Cor Why should he lose that in his inheritance simply because he didn't have a son given to us there for a possession among the brother and of our Fathers Now again this is something that they hadn't seen before Somoza so I have to talk to God about this so notice what happens in verse 5 and Moses brought their cause before the Lord. So Moses comes to the Lord we don't know how long this interaction would have taken place but he probably said something to the world along these lines like Lord the daughters of the law for how they have made a request and they come from a righteous family their father was a righteous man he didn't side with the apostasy and they're asking for an inheritance I want to make sure that I am doing according to your will so tell me what I should say to them so not just for 6 in the board spake in the Moses saying the daughters of the law if I had speak right they'll surely give them a possession of an inheritance among their father's brother and and Thou shall cause the inheritance of their father to pass under them and they speak of the children of Israel saying if a man die and have no son then he shal causes inheritance to pass and there is the matter and if you have no daughter then you shall give his inheritance and his brother and and if he have no brother and her brothers then you shall give his inheritance unto his father's brother and on it goes on so you know it's interesting you think what would have happened if this is the law for hands and doctors were courageous enough to come to mow as the leader of Israel and make this request so they showed a lot of courage in the Lord on of the request of the so they have spoken right and they shall surely be given a possession for an inheritance. And now if that's all we had we wouldn't know the rest of the story but numbers 36 actually tells us that there were some stipulations to the inheritance. They weren't necessarily bad. But they were stipulations and if you pick it up. In verse 5 of numbers $36.00 this is a Moses came out of the children of Israel according to the word of the Lord saying of the tribe of the sons of Joseph Well this is the thing which the Lord of command concerning the authors of the law had saying let them marry to him they think best all lead to the father of the tribe of their father shall they marry social mount the inheritance of the children of Israel remove from tribe to tribe for every one of the children of Israel shall keep himself to the inheritance of the tribe of his fathers and every daughter the possessor of the hair an inheritance and any tribe of the children of Israel shall be wife on the one of the family of the tribe of her father that the children of Israel may enjoy every man the inheritance of his father's now. If they were to marry outside of their family or of their tribe they would have lost the inheritance so God says it's fine for you to gain an inheritance but the condition is you stay within your tribe and then we read that the daughters follow the counsel you continue her sentences even as the Lord commanded Moses sort of the daughters of the law of the head from Allah tears and Haga Milka and now with the dollars as a lawful had were married under their fathers brothers sons so in today's language they married their cousins. And they were married into the families of the sons of men out of the son of Joseph and their inheritance remained in the tribe of the family of their father now some today would say that's not fair. I should be able to marry whom I want whenever I want however I want but they made a special request of the Lord God on of their request but he said I'm trying to keep the tribes of Israel distinct and unique and in order for that to be so the families of the tribes need to stay together so if you want to keep your inheritance they within your tribe and to the credit of the law for hundreds of daughters they didn't rebel against that request they said we will do that and they followed according to the word of the Lord now notice the board said that they could marry whom they think busts so it wasn't as if they were forced to marry they someone they didn't was of but they did have to choose from within the tribe. No there's things that we can learn from this story and the story tells us that God values women as much as he does mine and that while there are distinct roles for men and women in families if a family doesn't have a son that doesn't mean that the inheritance of the family is lost and that's why the story is in the Bible it also tells us how we should relate to. The conditions that God places upon us now I'm going to just spend a few brief moments in the remaining time of this message just going through a reminder of some of the rules that God has for men and women and you know. I dedicate this message to any of the young ladies in the steerage because you are all daughters of inheritance and certainly I think of my own 4 daughters but there are a number of young women and young ladies in this church and God has a purpose for E. You know in the day and age in which we live with the. Feminist movement that has our culture it's almost become a thing for women to lose their identity that God has created and the roles that God has placed for men and for women are being lost sight of them being merged into one thing and I I don't find that to be a Biblical approach is just simply a product of the culture that we live in today so in common vernacular I would say this the men make the best husbands. Women make the best wives and men make the best fathers and women make the best mothers as the way God designed for things the B. Now unfortunately there are circumstances where parents may be single parents due to circumstances out of their control and you do the best that you can in those circumstances but for people to say that to women can be husband and wife how does that work and the way it's there's all sorts of confusion that is coming in to society based on culture and not with the Word of God as. Furthermore I find that. There is a wass of appreciation for the role that God has given a woman to be as she grows grows into a door. To be a wife and a mother and God is looking for women to be mothers in Israel today if you will to Ladley and share fully take up the role that God has given them if we're going to see the finishing of the work and to have a healthy church of God that will go forth of the final conflict we need healthy families with mothers and Israel who will be examples in the form of what it means to be a mother and a wife home to Cuba fusions 5 starting in verse 22. And this is Speaking of the role of wives in the household or says Wives submit yourselves and your own husbands as unto the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body therefore is the church a subject of the Christ so what the wise be to their own husbands and every thing and then it goes on to say Husbands love your wives even as Christ also love the church and gave Himself for it so God's ideal in the home is for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church and for wives to submit to their husbands as the church cements the Christ this is what leads to a healthy home setting and when you have a healthy home setting this leads to a healthy church family now again I realize we don't live in a perfect world and there are extenuating circumstances in some cases but. It doesn't excuse the dereliction of duty service speak in the 1st say King of roles that God has place. Now I want to read a few statements to you because sometimes it's amazing to me. That in the modern culture that we live in. Women's somehow are losing sight of the amazing value and purpose that God has given to them in this earth and and so notice what the statement says of in this home page he 42 especially does responsibility rests upon the mother she by whose life blood the child is nourished and its physical frame built up imparts to also mental and spiritual influence that tend to the shaping of mind in character and of US This says it was a jock about the Hebrew mother who strong in faith was not afraid of the king's commandment of him was born Moses is the deliverer of Israel it was hand of the woman of prayer and self-sacrifice and heavenly inspiration who gave birth to Samuel the heaven instructed child the incorruptible judge the founder of Israel sacred schools it was all those about the kinswoman and kindred spirit of Mary of Nazareth who was the mother of the Saviors Harold. You think about who Moses and Samuel were and John the Baptist and and of Christ and of what they have on down through the ages to the Cause of God and of what would have happened if their mothers had been altogether different and obviously Mary would was picked to be the mother of Jesus because of who she was and God recognized how she would be as a mother. The the eternal value of being a mother. It is often lost sight of in today's day and age when I keep reading but they have God will reveal how much the world owes to God The mothers for men who have been unflinching advocates of truth and reform men who have been bold to view and Dare who have stood unshaken amid trials and temptations men who choose the high and holy interests of truth and the glory of God before worldly honor or life itself. You know I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my mother and for the sacrifices that she made. She was educated to be a school teacher but she chose to stay at home and raise us and I know that made all the difference for me and for for my siblings Now notice the statement here this is the sum peachy 45 mother's Hugh Sidey for a missionary field of want to hand in their own home circle are not the souls of her own children of as much value as the souls of the heathen with what care and tenderness should she watch their growing minds and connect God with all their thoughts who can do this as well as a loving God fearing mother and I realize that some woman God doesn't call the be married and to have children and that case then you have a mission to fill before you in the world that have got us called you to be married and to be a mother you have your mission field right in front of me that's your mission field there's not a better mission field that you're going to find. Going on in the next paragraph there are some who think that unless they are directly connected with the act of religious work they are not doing the will of God But this is a mistake everyone has a work to do for the Master it is a wonderful work to make home pleasant and all that ought to be the humblest talents if the heart of the recipient is given to God will make the home life all that God would have it a bright light will shine forth as the result of whole hearted service to God men and women CAN JUST A surely serve God by giving earnest heed to the things which they have heard by educating their children to live in fear to offend God as can the minister in the pulpit so you know sometimes people think and will say well look at the guy he's upfront and look at the effect that he has with his preaching but I'm telling you that the work of the mother is of far higher value than someone who gets up and speaks for 30 minutes once a week. The day to day molding and fashioning of the minds of children is a far higher value than getting up from preaching. And then having a some 246 if you ignore your duty as a wife and mother and hold out your hands for the Lord to put another class of work in them be sure that he will not contradict himself he points you to the duty you have to do at home if you have the idea that some were greater in holier than this has been entrusted the you are under a deception. By faithfulness in your own home and working for the souls of those you are nearest to you you may be gaining a fitness to work for Christ than a wider field but be sure that those who are in a glut full of their duty in the home circle are not prepared to work for other souls so don't say well my children are too difficult on home so I'm going to go out and be a missionary for the Lord knowing they're your mission field. And that is the highest mission field you could ever have all of them of I can tell you as a father and as a husband that. As satisfying as it is she to labor in the Cause of God and to see people respond to the spoken word and to the message there's nothing more satisfying than to see my own children's hearts touched by the Spirit of God Now that doesn't then on the flip side excuse me and my family from being the witnesses to the world out there as well because sometimes I see that happen where they say we're just going to focus on our family and we're going to wall ourselves off and we're not going to do anything for anybody else and then the evil washer purpose of the point is wall but you've got to start in the home circle. You're on the board has not called you this is a Muslim to 46 the Lord has not called you to neglect your home and your husband and children he never works in this way and he never will let's hurry for the war it is not called Jihad and to not go to your home and your husband and children he never works in this way and he never will never for a moment suppose that God has given you a work that will necessitate a separation from your precious little flock do not leave them to become demoralized by improper associations and to harden their hearts against their mother this is a letting your light shine in a wrong way altogether you are making it more difficult for your children to become what God would have them and when when at last God cares for them and so must you if you claim to be his true. Well story clear and. I know for me and my family our goal for me and your well is to raise our daughters to be daughters in Israel who will be satisfied with the role that God has for them in this life yes we want them to go to school yes we want them to gain an education yes we want them to be thinkers and reflectors and lot of other men's bots we want them to be able to think for themselves and to be able to reason from cause to effect so that they can raise their children to do the same if time should last. But. It's not our purpose and hope that we would raise them to neglect the role that God has placed for them as mothers are to be mothers in Israel and one other couple of other quotes I want to read then we're going to go to another passage of Scripture This is from signs of the times of Ember 31881 the mother's daily influence upon her children is preparing them for eternal life or death she exercises a power in her former home more decisive than the minister in the desk or even looking upon his throne. The day of God will reveal how much the world owes the godly mothers for men who have been unflinching advocates of truth and reform men who have been bold and brave to Dia and who have said that unshaken and the trials and temptations and then he choose the high unholy interest of truth and the glory of God before worldly honor or life itself to listen this statement is clear that the power that the woman has in her home is more decisive than the minister in the dusk or the king upon his throne and so I want to put some of the things that are happening in the church today now and I'm saying to some of these women have you lost your calling Look at the calling that God has for you the power in your home is more decisive than the minister in the dust why would you want to give that up it's more decisive than the king upon his throne Why would you want to give that up and then I read the statement and my last year in testimonies on 157 those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of women's rights and the so called us reform might as well also over all connection with the 13 jewels message the spirit which attends the one cannot be in harmony with the other the scriptures are playing upon the relations and rights of men and women not this women's rights movements if you want to get a a. Dissertation level understanding of this movement talk to my mother in law here she's done a whole study on it but it was it's basically the feminist movement that basically blurs the distinction between men and women in the role they have home and in society and Ellen White says those you feel called out to join this movement might as well so over all connection with the 13 joules masses. That's not our movement that's not our cause to be fighting for and if that's the cause that you think you should be fighting for you've severed all connection with the 13 jewels mustards God has given us a message to give to every nation kindred tongue and people to share the everlasting Gospel that reveals that God can transform our hearts to be a like him and it starts in the home where the hearts of the fathers were returned to their children in the hearts of the children to their fathers but if we're blurring the lines of distinction between men and women we're creating a confusion that God never designed should exist. So if the money is all in $1.00 page for 50. Now I want you to go to Proverbs 31 this is a familiar passage and I'm going to read this to wrap up our message we're not going to read all the verses but you know I'm going to mention the some so thankful for my wife and I was telling my mother in law last night I'll thankful I am for how she and my father in law to raise a Jew Well but. You know when I 1st was interested in your well I found a blog she had written thanks to the Internet. About being a proverb $31.00 woman and I was like that's the kind of girl I want. Someone who wants to be a Proverbs 31 woman and is thankful the Bible has identified what a virtuous woman looks like. And I like 1st 10 words those who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies I like that we just named her daughter Ruby. And I pray that she will be a virtuous woman like this you know a virtuous woman. Is there someone is worse alone so is the heart of her husband that safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil you know and I've talked about. In some of my previous messages here how thankful I am that I didn't end up with previous interest because I know well really there's only one that I can think of in the past among a few that I would not have been able to trust your men if you're out there and you're listening and you're still single don't go for a flash in the foot and type of girl that you can't trust. Someone is leaving the door open the other guy's and faith you're not interesting and. That's not the kind of girl you want she will do him good and not evil all the days of her life you know I'm so thankful I know that I can trust my wife and I want to raise my daughters to have that same character but the thing is it's so much easier to do that if that's the way their mother is. And ladies that's the way you want to raise your daughters to be. Raise your daughters to be the type of woman that will do her husband good and not evil all the days of her life someone that is trustworthy and then versus 13 through 22 talks about how a virtuous woman knows how to selfish self to selflessly manage the household how to find good deals out in the on the town and to buy clothes at a good price and merchandise at a good price and the husband who is often busy working doesn't even have to worry about what she does. Now notice 1st 23 her husband is known in the gates when he stood with among the elders of the land so. I read some statements from all them white about how. Ellen White says that many a mighty man will be known because of the mother that raised them but I think this verse also makes it very clear that if a man is truly going to be use that gun to be known among the elders of the land when he sits in the gate so to speak to be someone in ministry and today's language is someone who is in the ministry and who is known for giving a message that is preparing the people for the coming of Oregon who lives his life in such a way that encourages other people to be prepared for the coming of the Lord behind the husband is a virtuous woman without the woman of Proverbs 31 he's not going to be known like that and I can tell you a verse I have seen pastors whose ministries have been ruined by their worldly wise. They had an understanding of a love and a desire for their for the message but the woman wasn't interested in following the counsel of scripture she wanted to be. What almost Hollywood or whatever else you want to call it and his ministry suffer because of. In God has a place. For men and women in the work in the Cause of God Men and women that work together as a teen. Where they are both in ministry it can be used by God to do a great work. And there is a place for women and ministry and that is to work side by side with her husband so that if women need someone to come in council with Look if if a lady comes the man says I'm having trouble in my marriage you know what I'm going to be a man over to talk to my wife I'm going to talk to you. That's not my place. But if a man has a problem he comes talks to me as a part of my wife about that no way. So there is a place for men and women in ministry where women who are close to the Lord who are virtuous women can give can also as mothers in Israel to other women who may be going through issues and so. But again when you look at the roles that God is the find in 1st and with the 3 The Bishop is the husband of one wife who rules house well because he's the head of the home the scripture is plain on the relations of men and women and so women who like the daughters of the law for how they are satisfied with the and heritance that God has given them and God said you have an inheritance and the condition to that inheritances that you marry within the tribe and God says to women today you have an inheritance you're about to enter into the heavenly Canon and I have given you an inheritance I have given you a role when in fact your role is so powerful it's more decisive than the minister on the desk or even looking up on a throne. Why would you want to give that. And I hope and I pray that Joe Well and I by the grace of God will raise our daughters to have a desire to be that type of woman and I pray that every young woman that this is here today would have a desire to be that kind of woman. You know going on in for in Proverbs 30 want wraps up so her children to rise up and call her bluff so that her husband also when he prays with are many daughters have done virtuously but though it's almost the mole and you know that can be true for everyone and for every husband he can look upon his wife and say That's my wife it doesn't have to be exclusive to one family if a woman fears the Lord that can be the experience and every home and that's what verse 30 says favors the see if the unity is vain but a woman the fear of the Lord she shall be praised and I can tell you No Look obviously as a man you you're going to be a truck to see your wife and you're going to find her to be to be beautiful but at the end of the day if all you're looking at is the physical beauty and there is a character that matches that beauty you're going to find that the beauty is the vain. And you know I've. It's a bit hard to believe now I'm 42 the last 20 years of gone by and seemingly 5 years has gone by founded and I goes by faster and I realize that before I know my daughters are going to be grown up on me but I've seen even among my friends who've been married less than I have been married decisions that have been made aware of. The priorities that God has given to a husband and wife have not been made paramount and it's led to serious conflict in the. So my own mind I'll be 6070 or 80 were some of you have more experience in life than I have but even in my 42 years I see people in my age range who haven't followed this counsel who are not happy. And the people that are happiest are the ones who cheerfully follow what God asks us to be. Because God doesn't ask us to accept our roles where he says OK these are the roles that I'm giving you and I know they're horrible you're going to be miserable following these rules and when you get to heaven then you can just throw all caution to the one and be whatever you want no the Lord has given these roles to us because he knows that this is what will make us happy as in our home environment and home is a sanctuary on earth and if we're not happy a home we're not happy anywhere. And. What I'm saying from this story in the daughters of the Waffle House and what I see from Proverbs 31 and what I see from these statements from Ellen White is that a happy home you need a husband who is willing to take on the leadership of the home in the fear of God who will love his wife the way Christ loves the church and you need a wife who cheerfully excepts the role that God has given her which is more the size of the minister on the desk and looking upon as their own yes the husband the head of the home but the wife's role in raising the children is more the size of and that's amazing and that's a role that I don't get to how. I can get up here and say a few words once or twice a month or in this church as an elder and that house some value but ladies the the work that you're doing in your home is a far greater value than what I'm doing right now. So don't feel like you've missed your calling in life because God has called you to be a mother. That's a greater calling than what God has called them and to be be thankful for being a daughter of inheritance. The end heritance that God has given to you. Isn't and is an inheritance that exceeds the value of of any career or job or anything else that that could come your way because when you get to heaven the 1st thing you're going to look for your children. And it's not going to matter how much money you may need. And how many titles you have. And how much success you have. And how much of a hard bargain or you were whatever it may have been. The Lord is going to say where's your flaws. And the power you have as a mother makes all the difference as to whether or not your children will be in the thing 5 calling. But be thankful for the Boston that God has given to you as a mother in. 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