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The Cost of Being a Medical Missionary Part 1

Frank Fournier


What did it cost Jesus to come here and minister? The secret to vibrant health is giving it away. You will never meet a successful person who hasn't paid for it by sacrifice.


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • June 24, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Heavenly Father Lord here we are we've got our Bibles open and we've got our hearts open hopefully and if they're not too we just pray that you would open them this morning we want to hear your word we want to understand our place in it and we want to ask that you would communicate in such a way that we are left inspired so we put ourselves in your hands and we thank you in Jesus name and then now is this thing to close my mouth and go down a little bit because I hear the drumming in the in the speaker I think that's better I hope anyway. So turn with me to Matthew Chapter 8 in Matthew Chapter 8 as you know for sure you know we're living in a world of sin. And this world of sin has more of an influence upon us than many of us realize we I don't think we would like to admit that sometimes but it's true I mean we find ourselves to be Christians we want to be Christian we are Christians and we think the world doesn't have any influence Well it is and it isn't that way the world has an influence and for an example in it's amazing to me that I could use this example at all as you know 7th Day Adventists are very much into education right where the most educated people in the world like if I'm not mistaken anyway just last week I was. I had lunch with the president vice president of a university in Chile at Venice University in Chile and the 1st thing they asses as we sat down to to eat was what's your degree like why did you think I had one. Because I don't have one you know and I felt embarrassed I mean I didn't know how to respond it's just like and that happens more than once and I never know how to respond just exactly what to say so I just had to say well I quit school and I was 16 and I went logging in then I went mining in then the Lord got hold of me and I became a 7th Day Adventist and got my education right here this is where I can only credit getting my education there nevertheless still and all and by the way I wish I had more education I wish I had a lot more education do you know that it's a wonderful tool that's what it's all about that's what education is supposed to be it's an amazing tool that we can use in the Lord's work right yeah but many times people get an education to benefit themselves they don't understand that it's supposed to be a tool that we're going to use to benefit the people around us and so we get an education so we can make money so we can have a big house in the big car and so we can be recognised in our pride and all of that nevertheless we. No At least we should know that Jesus came into this world by the way he had everything that people in this world want and he had all the wealth you can think of he had all the power he had all the comfort he had all the recognition that you could that you can want up there in heaven and yet he came down into this world and it was not for his benefit by the way you know he didn't come here hoping to be paid a lot of money or wanting a title or position or anything like that he didn't come here to work 8 hours a day and to have the weekends off now you know Jesus came to be a missionary and he was a man with a mission and that's how we're supposed to be we are missionaries right every single one every single person in this room should be a missionary for Jesus Christ and that means you're a person on a mission and you've got something to do and it doesn't matter if the Lord calls you to work more than 8 hours a day by the way. And he will you know if my experience has anything to do with it so this morning I'd like to talk about what it costs Jesus to come here and to serve the people to minister to the people now someone might like to say well I didn't cost him anything. I mean imagine yourself God If you are God and all you have to do in order to get anything done is speak it into existence i don't cause very much I can talk for a whole hour you'll see you know in the end of the at the end of the time it hasn't cost me a whole lot although I don't know that I always accomplish a whole heart but he speaks and the thing happens and so why would you think that it cost him anything well friends it didn't cost him any pain to create man as a matter of fact he was delighted to do it and his whole creation was a great delight for him when he created it but I'll tell you something to heal an individual to redeem an individual that cost him far more than most of us understand and this is really what I say I want to talk about this morning yes. Matthew Chapter 8 I think I had to turn there in Matthew Chapter 8 we're looking at verse 14 to verse 17. And when Jesus was come into Peter's house he saw his wife's mother laid in sick with a fever. And he touched her hand and the fever left her and she arose and ministered unto them when he even was come they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils and cast out the spirits with his word and healed all that were sick that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying himself took our infirmities and there are sicknesses Now these are the words that I am interested in the last few words in these verses that he there are infirmities that he took our 6 sicknesses and you would think well why couldn't he just speak the word and go to each individual that is sick and just say your heel he could have done that of course and that sometimes it seems that's exactly what he did right he just told them that they were healed and they were healed by just saying so but it wasn't quite that way the Bible says He took their infirmities and bare their diseases Jesus was not a physician in the modern sense of the word he didn't see people every 10 minutes or every 15 minutes and write them a prescription he wasn't even a medical missionary as we think of it today and in the sense that he did Fever therapies and all the rest he didn't go there as much well sometimes he used natural remedies but. Very often he just spoke the words there was something unseen going on the Bible says He bore our afflictions What does that mean. You know we could think of the sanctuary service in those terms if a man had a problem the only way he could redeem yourself of that problem in ancient days was to go to the sanctuary and confess his sin or confess his problem on the head of the Lamb and the lamb with what. The ham would die here so there was a transfer there was in there from whatever it is that the man was suffering or the problem whatever he had was transferred to the Lamb and the lamb paid the penalty so don't miss what's going on here sin and sickness bear to each other a relation of cause and effect and so it is today if we break the laws of health that's the cause then we get sick and that's the effect and so when our sins were placed on the innocent lamb that was the cause and he died that was the fake Jesus bore our sins that's what it says he took our in firm ities and friends it killed him now do you remember the drain that came upon Jesus when the lady who had an issue of blood for 12 years came to him turn with me to Mark Chapter 5 Mark Chapter 5 we can see that story there and I hope you don't mind using your Bible that's why we're here by the way Mark Chapter 5 we're looking at verse 25 to 30 and a certain woman which had an issue of blood 12 years and had suffered many things of many physicians and had spent all she had and was nothing better but rather grew worse when she had heard of Jesus came in the press behind and touched his garment for she said if I may touch but his clothes I shall be whole and straight away the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of the plague and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him turned about in the press and said who touched my clothes. And you know the story Peter then says What do you mean Who touched you you're in a crowd and every one is bustling and pushing and shoving and you say who touch me that doesn't make any sense and yet Jesus was not talking about someone accidentally touching him he knew that someone had touched him on purpose and that touch had drawn from seeing Him The Bible says virtue whatever that would mean to you could mean not always sure healing cost him something in Isaiah 63. 63 we're looking at verse 8 and 963 and he said Surely they are my people children that will not lie and I wonderful So he was their Savior I don't know why I'm stopping here just a thought children that will not lie we don't lie doing. Those are God's people children that will not lie and the truth shall set you free I wish people understood that has and sometimes I can just go off on a tangent but it just struck me there verse 9 in all their afflictions he was afflicted and the angel of his presence saved them in his love and in his pity he redeem them he bare them and carried them all the days of. He bare their flexions in all their flexions he could feel it as a matter of fact it says so in the book desire of the ages page 823 Christ feels the of every suffer you cannot understand that you cannot understand unless you understand God and we cannot understand God but this is a picture of who God is this is a picture of what God is I mean he is so great he is so all encompassing that no matter how huge the universe or if you could put a microscope on a drop of water you could see a universe in the drop of water God knows everything that's going on everywhere in the whole universe however small however great it is and so you think he doesn't know what's going on in you and me but it's even even closer than that because it says Christ feels he feels it the woes of every sufferer when fever is burning up the life current He feels the agony It's an amazing thought how many people do you think are suffering in this world this morning how would you like to feel all of that you know but God has the capacity and I have to believe these words are true because I believe the spirit of prophecy he feels the agony of every single individual in the world he bears it it's amazing it really really is and so those of you who are therapists this morning and you have lifestyle guess coming and they're hurting in their face and they've got all kinds of pain that you and I can sympathize to one degree or another but we never can enter into it like this because we are not who God is it's amazing now few people I think would accept that view medical missionary work. But that's what God wants us to experience to the degree that we can as human beings medical missionary work is not something we do to earn a living as a matter of fact there isn't much of a living in it unless you're a doctor and you're out there and you're being paid a whole pile of money to see people for 10 minutes at a time. The type of medical missionary work at least that we're accustomed to doesn't pay a whole lot of dividends except that we have the blessing of seeing the of having the opportunity of minister into the people around us whatever it is that the little that we know and so sometimes to minister to the people means that we've gone to sacrifice our time we're going to sacrifice a meal sometimes here and there were I assume some people have sacrificed their health and their maybe even lives lost in that I may know Him page 48 when he raised Lazarus from the dead he knew that for that live he must pay the ransom on the cross of Calvary So Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but that wasn't all that he that he couldn't do just that you would think that God can just raise anyone from the dead but it it just doesn't work that way that isn't the agreement that was made who ever made the agreement you know that if he was to raise a life from that. He would have to die for that life and soul Lazarus who lived because Jesus died now I'm sure you've heard deal to stray ssion and I'm going to share with you now but it bears repeating I think there was a little girl dying needed a blood transfusion a long time ago when blood transfusion were direct from person to person. And they asked who whoever they are the doctor the parent their parents asked her little brother if he would be willing to share some blood with his sister but the little boy didn't understand what he was being asked however he agreed to do it and then sometime during the process it was taking a little longer than he thought it would he opened his eyes and he asked the attendant when the my going to die. You see he had it in his heart he had it in his mind that when he had agreed to give his blood to his sister that he was going to give his blood you know the life is in the blood I don't know how what he understood there but obviously he had the idea that he was going to share his blood with his sister or you wouldn't have any and so he would die and he was willing to do it but Jesus was more than willing to do it Jesus did it Isaiah 53 if you'll go with me you know this of course Isaiah 53 everyone knows this that is a Christian I was listening to pastors Stephen Grabner this weekend we had a communion service at our church and and he was talking about becoming a Christian from being Jewish and he mentions Isaiah 53 that when he read that he knew Jesus was the messiah now I guess there's a reason why a lot of the Jewish leadership don't want the people to read this this chapter because they don't know what to do with it is just so plain burst 4 and 5 surely he has borne our grief yes and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem in stricken smitten of God and afflicted. Verse 5 he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with His stripes we are healed Peter says we were healed I had that experience I've got to make sure I don't spend too long but a few years ago I got this dizziness every time I'd wake up in the morning what you call that. Yeah that's right Vertigo I would as soon as I move my head the whole room started spinning so much so that I had to grab the bed I thought I'd be thrown against the wall. It wouldn't happen of course and it didn't happen but it was just that way and then they would take some time and then I couldn't manage to maneuver to go to the restroom and and by noon everything was done but the thing came back every morning every morning every morning for a whole week and I thought this is never going to end so I began to pray for healing and I use this Isaiah 53 here to say with his tribe's you said I am healed not only that you said I was healed and so looking back to the cross I am healed and I remember saying to the Lord listen I don't know when this is going to weigh but going away but this promise says I am healed therefore I am healed and it's going to Greece of itself sometime and you know from that moment on I never had vertigo again it's amazing just claiming a promise now I'm not telling you it's going to happen to you just like that if you pray that prayer the Lord sometimes has timing involved but this is what we see here he bore our infirmities he took them therefore we don't have to have them if we have faith if we come to him now I'd like to ask you a question Are you a medical missionary according to what we're studying this morning that's a kind of medical missionary. The Lord would have us to have and now there are some people in the world would like to say. I'm afraid if I live like that it would wear me out well yeah. That's the truth it killed Jesus you see to be a mish a medical missionary of that caliber and it might well wear a south Yeah well someone that might say yeah but I'm a health reform or don't you think I ought to take care of my health yes we ought to take care of our health but sometimes I have a bone to pick with health reformers health reformers are so dedicated to their own health some time that they end up being the sickest people I know. Why. It's because friends were too self concerned about this thing there's a wonderful little secret that we have in the Scriptures we're still in the book of Isaiah turn with me to Isaiah 58 I want you to see something in of course Isaiah 58 if you're a medical missionary at all you know this this chapter by heart I would think Isaiah 58 but oh it is wonderful look at verses 7 to 10. Is it not to deal by bread to the hungry that thou bring the poor that are cast out to your house when you see the naked that you cover him and that you hide not yourself from your own flesh that's the kind of fasting the Lord is ask us asking us to do it's going to cost us something to do it and then it says and this is beautiful then at that point when we have done this then shall via light break forth as the morning and your health shall spring forth speedily and your righteousness shall go before the in glory of the large I'll be your rear ward then shall I call in the Lord shall answer now shall cry and he shall say here I am if you take away from the midst of the the yoke the putting forth of the finger and speaking vanity and if you draw out your soul to the hungry satisfy the afflicted then shall die or light rise in obscurity and die darkness be as the noon day you know that he is that's the loud cry you know how I know look at the 1st 2 words in this chapter crying aloud and you reverse those 2 what if you got a loud cry do you know and I don't have time because that would be altogether different sermon but do you know that we expect as a people to be giving the loud cry that we will never give the loud cry if we don't receive the loud cry and the Lord is crying aloud here this morning to us and he's telling us what he expects of his people that we should be just like Jesus. So the secret of vibrant health is to give it away and not to be obsessed with our own Now I'm not telling you here you don't have to be a health reform or you know no no it's not that way we want to live for Jesus and we want to do everything just right but if you're obsessed with yourself if you're obsessed with your own salvation if you're obsessed with your own health if you're obsessed with your own bank account or whatever it is you're obsessed with you're obsessed with the wrong thing. We should be filled with love for the people around us to the point where we are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to sacrifice except the grain of wheat fall into the ground and die it remains along it's just where Jesus is given it shall be given unto you that's the point of the whole thing now invariably there will be a devil the devil's advocate who's going to say Are you saying I shouldn't be a reformer now now if the battle is between you and junk food I suppose you know what to do right but if the battle is between your getting enough rest and helping somebody who has the need of your help then do you not know what to do that's what it's all about. In councils to teachers page 537 paragraph 8 success that success in any line by the way success will be proportionate to the degree of consecration and self-sacrifice in which the work is done you've never met. A successful person that hasn't paid a price for it it just doesn't work in this world and it doesn't matter if you're Christian or if you're in the world totally worldly out there no one succeeds and in a significant way in any case except by sacrifice and this is what this is telling us here so that's what we want. I do a series of meetings on success in the last of these messages. Talk about Viktor Frankl Now I assume some of you have heard of Victor Frankl he was a Jewish man stuck in a. Concentration camp for 4 years and he became very famous even very wealthy psychiatry in the world but he had always been interested in studying mankind and when he was in the concentration camp he would study who the men who would come into the concentration camp and some were bussed strong young men coming into the concentration camp and some were fragile Some were really sickly he thought that obviously the strong men the big men would last longer than the small man or the or the men who appeared to be weak but it wasn't that way it is just baffling to his mind how is it that some who are very weak lasted a lot longer than those who are very strong it just doesn't seem to make sense and so he wrote a whole book on it and by the way he became famous for writing this book but it turned out that the reason people outlived others is because they had meaning in their lives and he credits the idea that he had a wife that was into another was in another concentration camp for the fact that he remained alive because his wife meant everything to him at that time and he just waited out this concentration experience. To be reunited with his wife not knowing that his wife died early in the other concentration camp but he survived the thing. Because of her his memory of her that sort of stuff amazing and so. It is important that we have meaning in our lives in Christian councils on the health page 51 and aimless life is a living death. Which is a lot of people are alive who are really did because they have no meaning in their lives now Franklin Frankel wrote a dozen books and one book in specific that he wrote he didn't want the publishers to put his name in it because he didn't he wanted to help the people he didn't want anything to distract from them get from there getting any help he didn't want them thinking that he wrote this book to become famous or to become wealthy so he he asked the publishers not to put his name in the book and here's what he writes about that this is a book called Man's Search for Meaning by the way if you want to read a good book I recommend it highly Man's Search for Meaning this is in the introduction and so it is both strange in Rybar couple to me that among some dozen of books that I have authored precisely this one which I had intended to be published anonymously so that it could never build up any reputation on the part of the author this one became a success. Now do you think this was a. Coincidence or do you think there is a God behind all of that now I know that Franco as far as I know he was Jewish I don't know if he ever became a Christian but he had in his heart a desire to help other people more than to be blessed himself and so I can see a God in heaven wherever he finds the man that who who will work with that principle in his heart that God will bless that man and so that's what happened I think he was tremendously blessed because all he wanted was to be a blessing to the people around him well then the next page says something interesting and like I say I did a series of meetings on how to succeed and here I finish with this don't aim at success this is Frankel writing the more you aim at it and make it a target the more you're going to miss it for success like happiness cannot be pursued it must ensued that is it must result from a different cause or another cause it must end Sue and then only does so as the an entire did unintended side effect of one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the byproduct of one's surrender to a person other than one's self happiness like health like success like salvation like greatness all of these things happiness must happen and the same holds for success you have to let it happen by not caring about it I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge then you will live to see that in the long run in the long run I say success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it do you see the principle here. It's a true principle is amazing Don't be dedicated to yourself don't be dedicated to your health your salvation your wellbeing your ambition your wealth your success your happiness your greatness on and on and on be dedicated as a matter of fact there isn't that what Jesus said seeking 1st the Kingdom of God that is to expand it and his righteousness that is to to have his righteousness and not ours that's a person other than ourselves Jesus Christ and all these things will be added unto you that's the promise of the Scriptures to people who will dedicate their lives to blessing other people in the name of Jesus that's what we want. Well I'm done just one more word. A lot of people come to me to tell me how amazing my wife is when I think she's amazing. Too and very often they will say well how I couldn't do it she does and I don't have time to tell you what the Lord has done for her but I can tell you this she's never done anything the Lord is the one that does it it really isn't her the only difference between her and many other people who say I couldn't do what she does is that she goes ahead and does it not because she can't anymore and she has a grade 10 education she quit school when she was 16 just like her her an educated husband you see but she threw herself into the work and the Lord when we were in Africa and she's in Africa more than I am now she spent more than 20 years in Africa in Africa you know she became a dentist she became a doctor should became a surgeon she became she built a whole institutions singlehandedly over there she didn't do it the Lord did and why did the Lord do it. Because she had a heart for the people and the Lord blessed her in going forward putting her best foot forward as best as she could he gave her the wisdom that she needed for the moment moment by moment don't you think he would do that for anyone Yes Why doesn't anyone do it. I mean just anyone Well sometimes we think too much about ourselves and our hearts are not so. How should I say I guess dedicated or consecrated to helping the people around us this is what God wants of his people and when God's people get there the whole world will be enlightened with the glory of God's character because that's the loud cry that we are to give after we've received it God bless you all invite you to stand Heavenly Father here we are we're just human beings fallen in faulty flawed in many respects and we know it sometimes we know it sometimes we know it more than other times Lord we simply come to you this morning and ask with what little remains of our lives in this world that you would do something more than you've done so far with us we. Ask you to bless and we thank you in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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