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The Cost of Being a Medical Missionary Part 2

Frank Fournier


Who is my neighbor? A deeper look into the story of the Good Samaritan and the work God has for you.


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • June 25, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Heavenly Father thank you thank you for reminding me that you are needed here we want you here we want by your Holy Spirit that you communicate to our hearts we we have great needs ourselves but as far as we're learning it is by meeting the needs of others that our needs will be met and what a wonderful one I want to focus on sept that is and we just pray that you would give us grace to believe it and to bring our lives into harmony with that very principle and we thank you for it in Jesus' name amen. So we're looking at the story of the Good Samaritan this morning and there's a good reason why the Good Samaritan was called good he came down the trail whatever the trail was like and he saw a wounded man and he stopped to help this wounded man now it's probably fair to say that if the situation had been reversed that if the Israelite who was wounded there in the ditch had found the Samaritan lying there he probably would have spit in his face and kept right on going but it didn't matter to the Samaritan there was a need there and he went out right away to meet that need now you know also in the story that there's 2 other individuals that go by this wounded man both of them are Israelites one of them is a priest and one of them is revised now I have a couple of quotations here this is Christ object lessons $382.00 and it says there the spirit excuse me the priest and the Levite he. Had been for worship to the temple who service was appointed by God himself to participate in that service was a great and exulted privilege here but then they felt it was beneath them to minister to a non known suffer. By the wayside and she finishes this quotation and I've still skipped a few lines here many today are making a similar mistake so that's why we need to be awake to what we're here we're hearing this morning in Volume 3 of the testimonies 3 fifth's excuse me 524 if we neglect the cases of the needy and the unfortunate that are brought under our notice no matter who they may be we have no assurance of eternal life can you imagine I mean isn't that heavy you are it can make a person tremble for sure so I have a question for you the morning do you think. That being a Hebrew was important to the priest and the Levite. It was important to put a lot of stock in being the children of Abraham didn't they as a matter of fact they put so much stock in being the children of Abraham that by virtue of being the children of Abraham they thought they had salvation it was an automatic thing that's a lot of stock to put in there because I'm just wondering what they were thinking were they not Israelites around them who are worse than the Gentiles probably And how could they how could they balance this thing I have no clue do you think that the scriptures were important to these people do you think that the promises of God in the Commandments of God were important to these people yes it was an amazing thing to see how important these things were but apparently being a medical missionary didn't carry much weight with them at all well friends let me ask you a question Is your Adventism important to you. It's important to me is really really is I grew up in a Catholic home until I was 25 and I began reading the Bible when I was 25 years old and a lot of you have heard my testimony before so I'm just going to give you just a little snapshot when I began reading the Bible I immediately recognized in my head that there was no point my going to the priest for an interpretation of the Bible there wasn't even any point going to the nearest Protestant minister whoever they are Jehovah Witness or Mormon or anything else for that matter to get an interpretation of the Bible because every single one of them would tell me they have the truth and I knew for a fact that I didn't have the brains I didn't have the desert meant to be able to decide who had the truth and who had not the truth and so with that I decided to tell God that I would not go and ask anyone to interpret the Bible I was going to read the Bible and I told God I'm going to read the Bible and anything you tell me I will do. And so he did he taught me about the Sabbath the state of the dead paying to I despair progs even he told me about the spear I knew Alan White was a prophet before I knew a 7th Day Adventists exist. And it was amazing thing I began to pray that the Lord would guide me to his true church I had to be one right and so long story and all of these things just are replete with with miracles in my life which has held me pretty firm it's a blessing when God does something for you Do you know that the Lord put me in the Adventist church and and the Bible became super important as more than important he just the Lord had blessed because when I got to the 7th Day Adventist Church there isn't a thing I had to change in my thinking everything that God had taught me through the Scriptures was reflected in the 7th Day Adventist Church or vice versa I don't know exactly what you'd say. And it's amazing and so the Bible became super important to me but also the spirit of prophecy as soon as I became aware that there was an Ellen White in the 7th Day Adventist church or a modern day prophet I went to the A.B.C. and I bought every single book with her name on it cost a fortune by the way. No it did and I bought every book and I have been reading and reading and reading and reading them over and over and over again and I credit the spirit prophecy as much as the Bible for what I know of the Scriptures and what I know of the Lord what a blessing that is simple. Is Adventism important to you is the Bible important to you the Spirit of Prophecy Oh Hope so the commandments of God and and the promises the promises of God amazing promises that God has made to us it does hardly make sense some of these promises all things work together for good you understand what a promise that is especially when so many bad things happen to us and yet we can still believe that the work has begun in us He will perform Is that true can you believe it is not amazing friends it's amazing to me well let me tell you what in spite of the fact that I believe all of these things and I believe it with all my heart is in the end it does not translate for me to go out and help the people when I see a need then it means nothing at all if like the priest and the Levite we neglect to minister to the people who have a need around us it's just that simple it's amazing but it is that simple and it doesn't matter friends what we do to be saved whether we join the church read the Bible for hours and pray for hours on end organize potluck eat nothing but tofu whatever it is obey the law with all of our hearts if we do not love enough to minister to the people then we are not saved do you know there's a bible verse there's a verse in the Bible that tells us we can tell whether we are saved or not and it would not be a wonderful blessing Well it's their turn with me to 1st John chapter 3 I will come back to the parable in the not the parable the story of the Good Samaritan in just a 2nd so we're in 1st John chapter 3 I want you to see this verse it'll tell you in an instant whether you are saved or not you're not a blessing we're looking I don't even know we're looking at verse 14. We know that we have passed from death to lives talking about being born again by the way we're all born dead right we're all born in sin and trespasses and we have the evidence of that in our lives is quite clear but we can pass from this spiritual death to life and we know it that we have passed from death to life it says here because we love the brother and he that loves not his brother abides in This Is there anyone in the world you don't love now there's plenty of people who have done you harm I assume because it happens to everyone. One time or another and so you may have reason enough to find someone that you pretty well detest or despise but friends listen that isn't how a Christian operates that isn't what Christianity that isn't what Jesus Christ puts in our hearts when we accept Him as our Savior we become like our Savior and if we are like our Savior forgiveness is automatic forgiveness is in our hearts verse 15 whoever hates his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in Him here by perceive with the love of God because He laid down His life for us and we ought to lay down our time our energy our money our lives whatever things are healthy even. For the brethren but who so have this world's goods and sees his brother have need and shuts up his bowels of compassion from him how dwelleth the love of God in him. Well we don't have to answer that question the it's implied and you know the answers so turn back with me to look Chapter 19 and we're looking at the story of the Good Samaritan verse 25 in Luke Chapter 19. She was mean it's Luke Chapter 10 I mentioned I'm in the wrong chapter here Luke Chapter 10 we're looking at verse 25 and behold a certain lawyers up and tempted him saying Master what shall I do to inherit eternal life amazing wonderful question probably the most important question any man can ask himself or any woman and the child we want to know what we need to do in order to find our way into the Kingdom of Heaven now if I had been Jesus of course I would have said do you don't have to do anything of course you cannot do anything to gain eternal life you cannot earn it you cannot pay for it you cannot work for it it's a free gift that's what I would have said now would that have been a wrong answer now it would have been the right answer however Jesus who is in closer connection with the Lord and I am I was going to say present perhaps I am never mind he was in closer connection with his father and his father could communicate directly with him and God knows that every man will not be found at the same place God knows exactly what to say how to say and when to say it and in what spirit to say it and so he communicated that to Jesus Jesus knew exactly what to say to this man I wish we had it we can have this experience by the way yeah Jesus said he winking at my ear to hear as the learned right that I may speak a word in season we can speak a word in season when the Lord tells us what it is to speak and when to speak and by the way timing is important to. We can have that experience don't you wish you could have that experience we can our Lord help us it's coming it's coming as Pastor Finlay was telling us last night there will be a ladder rain the Holy Spirit will be poured down upon God's people and when he does we're going to go through the whole world and the whole world will be lighting with the glory of God's character we will know what to say when to say it and what Spirit to say it in and it will be just right OK verse 26 verse 26 he said unto him what is written in the law how do you read yes. And then in the response we can tell that the man has been to Sabbath school because he knows the right answer in verse 27 you can see that he answering said Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself and with that of course Jesus commands him the verse 28 and he said to him you have answered right this do and now shall live but friends here is the rub is so much easier to say the right thing than to have the right experience and so I think this is what was happening to the young man I think is young anyway he was a lawyer there we often know how to say things we don't know how to do and this is what the experience he was having apparently it seems like it was an experience that he was having he knew the answer but he did not have the experience somehow and so he tried to justify himself you can see that in the next verse verse 29 but he willing to justify himself that is justify himself from not from not doing the thing that he should have been doing. He willing to justify himself said to Jesus who is my neighbor do you know what he is trying to say here. It was easy for the Jews to know who was not their neighbor as he's the one point or another for sure the Gentiles the ungodly people out there they're not our our neighbors do you know how bad they are and you know that they worship wooden stone and and idols made of brass and other things whatever it is obviously they're not our neighbors we don't have to bother our heads with them that's how they thought of course right but they had a bigger problem when it came to their Israelite brethren because there are some Israelites that acted like Gentiles Well now how are we going to relate to them Are they our neighbor and then even worse than that there are some of our Israelites brothers who go to synagogue on Sabbath and they pay tithes and they keep the Sabbath and they do all that they're supposed to do but they eat between meals or something like that and then that brings on this our day our neighbors I mean at what point do you draw the line and this is what he's trying to say to Jesus and he thought but there's no way to know where to draw the line therefore I've got his back is against the wall that's what he was thinking did he have Jesus's back against the wall do you think. Now now so Jesus Has 2 questions to answer this morning and the one question is What must I do to be to have eternal life and the other one is who is my neighbor and by the time he's finished telling the story we have the answer to both so in Luke Chapter 10 Now again we go to verse 30 and Jesus answering said a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho fell among thieves which stripped him of his Rayment wounded him and departed leaving him half dead and by chance there came down a certain trees that way and when he saw him he passed by on the other side and likewise a Levite when he was at that place at the place came who looked on him and passed by on the other side now did you notice it says in verse 31 that by chance there came a priest and the Levites was it really by chance do you think. Now it's amazing I don't want to contradict the Bible the Bible here says it's by chance and I'm thinking really by chance. Do you know that in this hour of ages page 500 forgive me I don't have to go tension ahead of me I was preaching to 2 Sabbaths ago in Kentucky and I will forgot my Bible there we had potluck and it was a wonderful potluck and and I set my bicycle down somewhere walked out of it and went home without some anyways doctrinaire and James is bringing the thing to me. I think he may have brought it already at least yesterday but I wasn't there so I'm here so I don't have the quotation However it says by Ellen wise words that it was not by chance that these people passed by the Lord fully intended that they should pass by so that they could see what was going on and so the thing worked of course the priest and the by did come by and in coming by they saw the man well God as God's wish was done here they had seen what God wanted them to see but was that all of it why have know now they didn't the Lord didn't organize this so that they could come by and see they were supposed to see and do something about it right but they didn't when Jesus came down to this world you know that it was not by chance. Now. And he came down to see as well but he did not come down only to see he came down to see and to save us out of the situation we are in and that's exactly what God expects of these people today again another quotation that's in Christ object lesson 388 paragraph 0 it says Never Now I don't have a quotation of hope paraphrase it never are we to pass by a suffering soul in need of anything never not very often elders he would say never is not very often is it now it isn't it's in them or. It says that. When we come in contact with suffering it should call us out of our selfishness how does it call us out of our selfishness Well it doesn't call us out of our selfishness unless we do something about the situation that we find these people in in Christian service 161 paragraph 2 he has a plan for us in the visually everybody knows that right do you know that you were born for a reason you know that God has work for you to do. Mark Chapter 13 verse 30 for every man to every woman he gives his work you're here for a reason and there's plenty of work to do for the Lord so he has a plan for you for me individually to all who serve Him He has appointed the work he does us to interest ourselves in every case how many every case of suffering or need that shall come to our knowledge. Wow what would happen if 21000070 AD then its lives by this principle do you think I mean with with anything be different in the world oh it would be an amazing thing never mind 21000000 supposing is only half of the 7th Day Adventist lives by this principle the whole world will be due would be lightning with the glory of God's character absolutely if every 7th day adventists were to meet every need as they recognize the need the Lord would open our eyes we would see it and by the way he would give us the wherewithal to meet the need now we don't always have the wherewithal I mean I'm not a doctor if I see somebody that needs and appendectomies Well don't ask me to do it and. Even if if we were in the jungle there's only 2 of us who've what I would do what would you do here not a if you're if you're not a surgeon right to do this nevertheless friends there's always something we can do do you know how far a smile can go some people who never smile it's amazing to me. We are we need to smile more than we do we need to have a good word to say to everyone that we meet the you know there's a God in heaven do you know how good he is the people around you know it have you told them every time you meet someone it should be on our lips don't you think yes it should there's something we can do to be able to sing to people and it doesn't take very much that is a fallacy I think that some people or that the devil has impressed upon our hearts that well I don't have very much to offer to my in any way friends listen people are lonely people are hurting people hardly see anyone smile at them for one reason or another all of it would help in this hour of ages page 87 paragraph ones. Jesus worked to relieve every case how many. Every case of suffering that he saw amazing as. It's a principle of life every time he saw someone with a need he worked to meet their needs volume for Bible Commentary 1151 paragraph one are all the needy who come to our notice or to be helped but especially those who are suffering for the truth say so there you are that's our mandate that's what God expects from you that's what God expects from me and if we went about our father's business a lot would be accomplished to his glory back to Luke Chapter 10 we're looking at verse 33 but a certain Samaritan as he journeyed came where he was and when he saw him he had compassion on him do you think it was by chance that this Samaritan came by do you think that every Samaritan in some area had the spirit that this man had why doubt it very much right how is it that it was this American that came by well because God had the you know that God is in control he's an absolute control isn't any he is and so Jesus he knew that his son would be in the situation he is he is in and so Jesus organize for the priests and the ribeye to go by Jesus organized for the Samaritan to go by because he would by this experience contrast the spirit of the Priest of The Levi with the spirit of the Good Samaritan that came by also so he was contrast thing the love of the gentile with the Jews despicable behavior their exclusive tendencies. What about us. Here is a man who will do for a Zen a maze where his enemies would never think to do for him. Beloved Jesus is the Good Samaritan that's what it says in Christ object lessons 381 this Samaritan represents Christ and it isn't a parable It's a story that Jesus that really happened in that Jesus used it wasn't by chance that Jesus came to this world it wasn't by chance that the Samaritan came by at this time or the priest or the Levite it is by chance that you are here today right in the heavenly Yeah in heavenly places page 265 do you know what it says he is the order of all our experiences how many all of them really here are in ministry of Ealing 417 he orders that which is Providence is best really all things do work together for good don't they well there are some things that don't work together for good Did you know that too yeah everything that comes at me from outside of me works together for my good but I from inside of me can make decisions that would destroy my life. In this world and eternally as well now if I could see the entry in the beginning I would choose no other way to be led than the way that God is leading me is that true I fully believe friends listen if I him in heaven for a 100 years and I decide to look back on my Christian experience do you think I'll ever come to a point where I can say right there is where God made a mistake in my case do you think I ever can come to that situation. You know so then what are you complaining about. No really if God is the order of all your experiences in The only orders that which your proud and his providence sees best if all things work together for good if we could see the end from the beginning we would choose no other way than whatever it is you're going through is going to come out good and nothing shall by any means hurt you this is Luke Chapter 10 verse 19 nothing because we've been hurt so often. Big picture Jesus is saying when you get to heaven you'll never be able to point back to a time when anything really really hurt you you're in heaven aren't you yes Lord help us so anyway God is in perfect control and. Everyone was in the place they were supposed to be in it's too bad for the man who got hurt but he had a good experience to Luke Chapter 10 verse 34. And he went to him and bound up his wounds pouring in oil and wine set him on his own beast and brought him to an inn and took care of him and so the man went to him he didn't ask which they kept he didn't ask if he paid tither to whom he paid ties he didn't have a list of conditions that the man had to meet before with L.T.M. he didn't organize a contract or repayment plan he didn't ask him if he had any insurance that would cover the expense none of it the man had a need he was there there wasn't anyone else around and he went to work to help this need and he bound up his wounds what a blessing and so the Bible says with his stripes we are healed I guess I share that verse of yesterday telling you about my birth ago all this sort of stuff how hard is it to believe that with His stripes we are healed and 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 24 with his stripes we were healed past tense are we really. That's an amazing promise isn't it and how hard it is to believe when we don't feel well or something is going wrong but friends this is the scripture This is God's promise this is true and it's speaking I suppose more spiritually physically However you know I take God's promises to be what they are as true as possible in 1st selected messages 392 Christ made satisfaction for the guilt of the whole world when I was at the cross of Calvary our C.N.N. has been experiencing put away cast into the depths of the sea really. What would your life be like what would my life be like if I actually believe this Jesus went to the cross he paid the penalty for every sin that I have or ever will commit he's thrown it all into the depths of the sea I am free I am forgiven Jesus has taken my place he died the death that I deserved to die and the gift is mine it goes on in the next page the 2 pages are beyond the 1st selected messages 394 the Lord would have his people sound in the face not ignorant of the great salvation so abundantly provided for them they are not to look forward thinking that at some future time a great work is to be done for them the work is now complete the work is. Now a quotation like that scares 7th Day Adventists quite a bit I understand but it is nevertheless come from the span of inspiration the work is well now complete That's right but notice notice before we all go off on a tangent the work for them is now complete all the Jesus needed to do he has done it does not say that the work in them is now complete and so Jesus went to the cross and it is important for us to know that his work is complete what he has done for us because we're told in Romans chapter 2 verse 4 Don't you know the goodness of God leads you to repentance do you know that it is important for us to know what Jesus has done for us if we're ever going to believe what Jesus can do in a there's a lot of people who cannot I mean don't take half of this this concept and say Well Jesus has done it all it's all finished it's all done for us praise or we can live as we want that isn't true that isn't true. But if we don't know that Jesus has done everything for us how do we find the faith to believe that he can finish the work in us that needs to be finished and you know sanctification is a work of a lifetime and the work that he is doing in the US never feels like it is finished because because we cannot be like Jesus in the ultimate sense of the word we are not God are we we come short of the glory of God and how many things. Are thing how many things do you do as well as God can do it so you come short right and Jesus makeups makes up the deficiency with the work that he has done for us praise the Lord for that and now he is working in your life the work has begun and you he will perform his promise to do it it does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we will be like him right is it true. Then then the next verse and I don't know if I can bring it up to memory but the next verse says if we believe this we understand this if we have this hope in us we pure our purifier selves even as he is pure so don't stop working on the purification of your own soul. But work at it from the standpoint of knowing what God has done for you and the impetus to keep on going the hope to keep on going lives right there where Jesus has done man a man look 10 $35.00 we're done Luke $1035.00 and on the morrow when he departed he took out 2 pens and gave them to the host and said unto him take care of him and whatsoever that you spend more when I come again I will repay and so this is just like Jesus is speaking to us all so here he is come to see can save the last that South and he has done what he can and the work that he had to do is complete and he says to his father and he thing more put it on my account and anything more put on my account I can handle this I'll carry them through I'm going to get them to the kingdom that's what he wants Well what did the man who was hurt in the ditch do towards his own recovery nothing nothing at all that he could do was express his gratitude and live as the man demonstrated to him yeah so now do you know who your neighbor is. Everyone who has a need is my neighbor and if you don't have a need you're my neighbor to. And you know what to do to inherit eternal life friends look to Jesus. Accept with gratitude all that he has done for you he has taken your sin to the cross of Calvary he has paid the price and now he is sending influences into the world by the Holy Spirit and by His holy angels and by the preachers and by your neighbor whoever it might be working to get you point by point closer and closer to being more and more like Jesus one of these days he's going to pour his Holy Spirit upon us and by a the whole world will be lightened with the glory of God God's character in a house that's what it's going to be what a blessed thing don't you think Yes God bless you. Let's stand and pray Heavenly Father Lord we appreciate with all of our hearts that the our word our good Samaritan that you did all that you did on our behalf and that our hope of salvation is in what you have done THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU bless us with understanding and may we put our hearts and minds to living like you live. To meet the needs of every suffering needy soul and we thank you Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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