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The Cost of Being a Medical Missionary Part 4

Frank Fournier


Only hope for tomorrow is to have a practice in it today. Looking deeper into the time of Jacob's trouble.


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • June 27, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Now most of us I think know that living the Christian the perfect Christian life is not so easy and perhaps. Restate that a little bit feeling like we live the perfect Christian life is not so so easy 1st of all because we don't in Romans chapter 3 verse 23 it says that all come short of the glory of God And so it doesn't matter to me what it is that you do best is to be very hard for me to believe that what you do best you do as well as God can do it therefore you come short of it and we all come short and the beauty of that I was going to say the problem with that but it's really it's beautiful playing the thing is we can recognize it we sense it we know that it is so we do come short of the glory of God and it's a blessing that we know it otherwise what would go through our heads right and the 2nd thing the 2nd reason why this is so is that the world's falshood are Paul's words are inbred we are cultured by the world to think as we do and we don't know to what extent we are corrupted but we are corrupted by the way we're so corrupted that everything that goes through us is defiled and unless cleansed by the blood of cries it is of no value with God And so this is the lot of humanity and it is even saw among true Christians for this reason we hear the Word of God This is Isaiah 55. We're looking at verses $8.00 and $9.00 for my thoughts God says are not your thoughts neither are my ways your ways say of the Lord for as heaven as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts then your thoughts and because this is so he says to us in verse 7 Let the wicked forsake his way and the UN righteous man his thoughts let him return unto the Lord and He will have mercy upon him to our God for He will abundantly pardon. So Dr sand of all said the other day everything in the Bible seems to be upside down well it seems to be upside down but the real reason is because we are upside down and it makes it appear like like the Lord's way is upside down but it isn't where the problem we have the problem OK I let me give you some example I'm talking about paradoxes this morning you know what a paradox is don't you it's an apparent in the parent contradiction. First of all in the world victory is gained by struggle and fighting in God's reality victory is gained by what surrendering doesn't make any sense in this world this is not how it's done in this world in the world wealth is gained by hoarding land and money and investments but in God's reality wealth is gained by giving and so Luke Chapter $6.00 verse $38.00 says given it shall be given unto you so much so that the Lord is going to open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing more than you can handle Is it true that's God's that's God's way but we are naturally covetous and therefore we hoard but we draw to ourselves we want to amass more well and the Lord says you're going about it the wrong way in the world we fight for life in God's reality we preserve life by sacrificing it Matthew 1625 How hard is that for human beings to learn. In God's reality of food is one who thinks himself was the you know that there is no one wise in this world. In 1st Corinthians 8 verse 2 it says we know we know nothing as we ought to know it we are not wise but there are people in this world that think they are and what this God called them. That's right it goes on to say well I go on to say the wise is one who knows himself to be a fool Romans one verse 22 1st Corinthians 3 Verse 18 people who think themselves are righteous are not there is none right just know not one Romans chapter 3 verse 10 all our righteousness is our filthy rags is not true but do you know there are people in the world that think they are right since it's not healthy to think that way because it isn't true that's why Jesus said blessed are are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God Bless their are they who feel their spiritual poverty for theirs is the kingdom of God that makes no sense to me he seems to me that God would say Blessed are the spiritually rich for there is the kingdom of God but he doesn't say that you know why because there aren't any. And so it is Blessed are they who feel their spiritual poverty for then they lean upon the Lord and He the gift of His righteousness you notice in the same beatitude it says bless it are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness did you notice he didn't say Blessed are the right has for they for theirs is for they shall be filled it doesn't say that it says Blessed are they that hunger Why do we hunger for that which we already have we don't have it that's the problem that's why we hunger and that's why we are blessed if we do hunger blasted thing to understand these things the world applauds the strong the Bible says when I am weak then I am strong 2nd Corinthians 12 verse 9 and 10 the world walks by sight and the world is blind. But the Christian walk by face and sees the invisible is not true it's the truth but you can't see the invisible it's invisible but we see it anyway right and so Moses saw the invisible and he was able to refute Egypt he didn't want anything to do it he didn't need to have anything to do with it because he could see the invisible friends I hope that you and I see the invisible it's such a blessing to know reality if we ever get hold of reality in the world elections election to office is the result of hard campaigning promoting self denigrating our opponents in God's reality we are elected to a higher position when we are little in our own site 1st Samuel 15 verse 17 Yes And when we esteem others greater than ourselves it's always amazing to me when I watch these politicians say they're born again now it doesn't happen quite as much the last the last election but the elections before almost everyone would proclaim they are born again and then they turn around and they denigrate their their opponents and they call them all kinds of names and the not come down and what kind of born again is that is not true. In the world we find rest by putting off the yoke but Jesus says take my yoke upon you and you shall find rest on to your souls so there we go the Bible is full of paradoxes and just the way it is the last shall be 1st that doesn't make sense the 1st shall be last Does that make sense to you. So the truth is paradoxical and friends if we have adopted the truth if we have internalized the truth what do you suppose people around us will see. They're going to see a paradox because that's what we've become so like in this world like the rest of humanity we live in the most dangerous place in the universe and yet we fear nothing why because Jesus said nothing shall by any means hurt you doesn't make any sense but it's true anyway that's Luke Chapter 10 verse 19 and Romans 8 1st 28 all things work together for good to them that love the Lord in the book desire of ages and I don't have a reference because I know I forgot my Bible in Kentucky as I said the other day but I know it by heart is says our lives will be like his a series of uninterrupted victories the problem with it is that and not seen to be such here but seen as such in the great hair after and for your life this morning however it is if you are a true Christian your life is a series of uninterrupted victories but you won't know it and so if you're looking at your life and saying Man I haven't accomplished anything I am an incompetent I am useless I'm not I haven't figured this out I can't I can't succeed in anything. You're not seeing the invisible You may not see it but let me tell you by faith we know that it is true because Jesus said Our lives will be like his a series of uninterrupted victories praise the Lord right yes. Now I got the impetus for this little talk this morning from a blog that my daughter wrote so I'm going to read to you if you don't mind I'm going to read that little blog that she wrote a few years ago I can't even tell you how many years ago but anyway here it is is it possible to be so discouraged and so encouraged at the same time now that's paradoxical rather whether it is a paradox or not I haven't been able to determine but here is the experience she's having discouraged encouraged at the same time such opposed feelings she writes I'm not sure I am up to dealing with it I'm not exactly sure what God is doing in my life except that I did ask the Lord to deepen my faith broaden my horizons and make me of some use in his service several months ago life has been incredibly difficult ever since I've been humbled and humbled and humbled again exactly the opposite of what I expected I wanted to run away from it all more times than I can count I've dealt with depression rejection opposition and fear all piled one against the other all spring and all summer long I can't trust my decisions my ideas are my thoughts In short I'm a total basket case I can only hope there's a bottom to this hole and yet I am encouraged because God can't do anything with me until I get to this place according to the quote and these are of ages then he quotes these are of the ages page 300 which I quoted a lot I used to be the Bible teacher found the academy and and this was pretty well my theme this little paragraph it was not a whole paragraph actually from desire of ages page $300.00 the Lord can do nothing towards the recovery of man have you ever heard the Lord can do nothing is there anything the Lord can do. But the Lord can do nothing towards every. Every of man until and I would have written unless convinced of his own weakness and stripped of all self-sufficiency yield himself to the control of God then he can receive the gift that God is waiting to bestow from the soul that feels is need nothing is with held and so when we feel our unrighteousness when we feel our weakness when we feel our sinfulness when we feel our degradation at that point we are in a position where we can reach up to God and that's exactly where he wants us to be and in order to get us there he has to work with us right there's a quotation in testimonies to ministers for 56 years and I'm sure you've heard it a 1000 times what is justification by faith it is the work of God whose work there are none but God can subdue the pride of a man's heart it says in the same on the same page and then God says God has to do 2 things and the last of the 2 things is to do for a man what a man cannot do for himself but in order to be able to do for the man what the man cannot do for himself God has to lay our glory in the dust that's the 1st thing you know how do you like would you like to have that experience you have ever been there as the Lord ever had to lay your glory in the dust. Deep enough strong enough so that you find yourself without any hope any more. Have you ever been there well if you haven't been there you will be there is coming it has to come or else he can do nothing for our recovery and he wants us to recover right that's the work of God So have you ever had the experience where everything goes contrary to your expects spectate sins No answered prayers no miracles there intervent no interventions no communications and you begin to wonder where in the world is God anyway turn with me to Genesis Chapter 31 simple story I talked a little bit about Jacob yesterday were going to talk some more about Jacob in Genesis Chapter 31. JACOB. Has been away from home for 20 years and you know the story you know why he's away from home Jacob being such a nice guy we saw we saw that out of patriarchs and prophets yesterday what a nice young man he was no wonder he he was his mother's favorite right and he was he was so nice but still at the same time he was not born again and so he ended up cheating as brother by selling him a bowl of porridge for a birth right now there's no I mean the value of the birthright is not a bowl of porridge and so it was really he cheated them and then he eventually ends up conniving with his mother to lie to his father and to steal the blessing from his brother well his brother was so incensed his brother was so so angry that he vowed that as soon as his father Isaac guys that he would kill his brother of course then when Jacob heard these words he was running away from home and he was gone 20 years in Genesis Chapter 31 then one day God comes to Jacob and says OK time to go home go home we see that in verse 3 in chapter 31 and the Lord said to Jacob return on to the land of your fathers that's a command and to die kindred and I will be with you that's a promise so here we have a direct command reinforced by our promise and so because Jacob is a believer he what does he do well he obeys the command and he trusts in the promise wonderful thing because God has promised and His promises are unfailing. By the way are do you believe that. Yeah the ever lean on the Lord. You know I have the experience of feeling unworthy. I'm sure that's not I'm not the only one right there must be somebody else in this room that feels unworthy but for the life of me I can never find a time when I feel worthy undeserving is who I am and I know it because I have a history and because I have a a nature that fights Oh Lord and I understand that and I feel unworthy but do you know that at the same time the Bible says if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that gives to all men. Yes he gives to all men not asking for not looking for fault not asking any question that's the promise that for any man if there is any person in the world that wants to do what they do anything God's way God is right there to say OK if you want to do it my way here's how it's done and I'll give you the power to do it and I have the experience it's an amazing thing in Proverbs 3 Verse 6. But. In all I ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct path right what would happen if we acknowledge God in all our ways every time we have a decision to make we would acknowledge God what would he do. How many mistakes would you make the ever make mistakes why do you suppose it is. It's because we haven't acknowledged God in the thing that we are having a decision to make the ever do that I do that it's amazing I can get up in the morning and promise the Lord that today I will acknowledge you every time I have a decision to make every time somebody asked me a question every time I have a new situation on my hands but I get at the end of the day and I'm on my knees and I say Lord I'm sorry. You know this question came on and I answered it. Right out of my heart it might have been right I might have been wrong I don't know but I did not acknowledge you in all my ways that's humanity isn't it it's an amazing thing and yet God is so faithful to his promise to me that every time I acknowledge him he acknowledges me. And it's a blessing it's a blessing so we're in Chapter 32 now and we're looking at verse with verse one I want you to see this it's very interesting to me that God did that Jacob went on his way and angels of God met him so here we are not only does God command him to go home and give him a promise that everything will be fine if he goes home then he sends an angel escort Now what is that going to do to Jacob's heart do you think I mean it's reinforcing isn't it an amazing way he's doing the right thing a wonderfully reassuring verse too and Jacob saw them he said this is God's host God's Army and he called the name of that place. As what he called it and there he goes but then of course the story goes on we look at verse $3.00 to $5.00 and Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother and to the land of seer the country of them and he commanded them saying does shall ye speak unto my Lord Esau device servant Jacob Thus I have a sojourn with Laban and stayed there until now and I have oxen and asses and flanks and men serving than women servants and I have sent to tell my lord that I may find grace and eyesight I am a wealthy man I don't need anything from you I'm not about to steal anything from you any more everything is great show me some grace this is what he's saying here and but the problem is that his discounts He said they had to talk to to come back and. Esau said nothing he had no response to to Jacob except the fact that he is coming right if you look at that verse 6 and you're finds a bit unnerving the messengers returned to Jacob saying we came to your brother Esau and also he comes to meet you with $400.00 men with him do you think Jacob understand what's going on. But the Xeno well in verse 7 then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed so he divided the people that was with him and the flocks and herds and the camels into 2 bands why the misgivings why the fear hadn't God commanded had God promised and with the command and with the promise and the angels Besides as an escort did he have anything to fear why in the world would he think that Esau could could override God's promise and God's command I mean there's no there's no sense to even that if he had any faith at all he would say well let him come with 2 armies I don't care what he comes with even if he had a cannon with them it doesn't matter to me because God is with me but you see there is something that comes into collision with this even though God has promised and God has commanded in the angels are there all of this comes into collision with his sin and that's what's happening to him he saw it coming and whose fault is it it's his own fault it's something he did in the past and now he's not he's not I don't know I'm saying this he's not questioning God he's not doubting God he's he's he's not questioning the promise but I see and I've never had that problem you know God exists you know His Word is true you know his promise is as good to use to anyone else but. I fell on my face again again and again and again and surely by now the Lord is sick of it and fed up with it and will he answer my prayer this time well this time is a really rough time for Jacob because it's not just some little thing happening now and his brother is coming with 400 men he has enjoyed God's favor for 20 years Jacob heard God's command to return and gave Jacob heard God's promise that God would be with Him God sent an escort of angels but all of that comes into collision with his sin and his present sinfulness his present sense of unworthiness his we humans sorry nature you ever feel that way. Well there's good news and that's why I'm preaching this this morning I was telling Mike this morning as we were going to breakfast together how that my own sermon has encouraged me this morning. Sometimes I'm happy with what the Lord does even through me right here. OK let's see where we are here. That's the battle that you and I are called to fight and I assume I'm not the only one that fights this battle about myself OK. I can preach God's promises from the pulpit I do all the time and it's a wonderful thing and when I preach God's promises I believe them. And I know that God will not fail us his promise not to fail us and God cannot be seen as a liar right his his reputation his honor is staked on his word being true he cannot fail his promise because if he does then we can point to him and say hey you live in God can't afford then God doesn't need to afford that God is God He doesn't need to lie you couldn't live he wanted to because every time he speaks whatever he says happens and so that's the way it is his cross forgives all of my sins even the ones I have yet to come in His grace overrides all objections and His Grace overrides all obstacles beside that I want to honor God and I want to be blessed blessed of God at the same time but too often these precious through truths are eclipsed by a crushing reality my sinful miss my incompetence my mistakes the size of the obstacles in my way the smallness of my face so at this point Jacob was convinced of his weakness stripped of all self-sufficiency his glory was laid in the dust he had absolutely normal hope he was toast unless God intervenes and he has the place where he came I've never been there. I wish I had time I don't have time to tell you a story I've told it here before Anyway I understand some of you were not here I don't have time to tell you but I've been there is all I'm trying to say. I've been to the point as a matter of fact I had a problem one time that lasted something like 3 years 3 years and the further it went the closer to the edge of the cliff I came and the Lord it seems to me never answers never responds and never helps you until you get on the very edge and your stick an over the cliff and you just haven't fallen moment yet and that's when he responds and he did and so I have the bless it experience of having gone through it is that important that we go through it well the point is friends that if we're ever going to go through Jacob's time of trouble then we had better experience some of it before we get to the Great time of trouble don't you think because if we haven't experienced it before how in the world are we going to experience it at that time so that's why these things happen to us go to Jeremiah Chapter 30 Jeremiah Chapter 30 and we see the reference there to Jacob's time of trouble does anyone here not know where Jacob's time of trouble is can I see your hand is there anyone who doesn't know what that is seems like everybody does well good here you are 7th Day Adventists. Verse 5 for the say of the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling of fear and not of peace ask me now and see whether a man does travail with child Wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loneliness as a woman in travail and all faces are turned into paleness Alas for that day is great so that none is like it it is even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it and friends do you know that Jacob's time of trouble happens after the close of probation do you know that it happens when God's people are totally saved the ones that are saved and that they cannot be lost and that they cannot fall or they will not fall in any case after after that they are to know it right but the problem is we won't know it God is not going to tell us in sin or send us a text or anything like that and say hey the time the time of probation is closing on a certain date after that you're safe doesn't matter what happens you're safe that would be wonderful if he did something like that right but he doesn't tell us and so we cross the line and we don't know and then Jacob comes to our or the Adventist Church or the people who are saved come to the Jacob's time of trouble and here's what happens as far as I know we're in the patriarchs and prophets page 202 paragraph one paragraph 0 and one as he reviewed his life's. He was driven almost to despair talking about Jacob of course now why in the world was he reviewing his life why wasn't he just keeping his eyes on Jesus well because friends he had no choice he had no choice the Devil was there to remind him and even if the devil had not been there to remind him what do you think Jacob I mean Esau is coming with an army What do you think that reminds him of is the thing he did that he just can't forget it's right there and so some guy comes from behind puts his hand on his shoulder with enough weight to think that he's a big got it right and he begins to wrestle thinking is and then me and the thing that comes to his head it's my fault it's my fault I did that to myself and look at my family all my wives it's too bad he had so many but anyway all of my wives and all my children and all my flocks and all my servants and all the rest and they are all going to suffer because of what I did he had no choice but to know the quotation goes on to say such will be the experience of God's people in their final struggle with the powers of evil God will test their face. Their faith will be. Tested to see whether their faith is real well let me tell you why. How much faith is it going to take. When this is the thing that happens to us at that time if we have never been tested in the same way before that time it's very hard there isn't hardly anything in this world that we do really well the 1st time we do it I've always said that failure is that success is on the far side of failure the you know successes on the far side of failure it is that you learn to walk the 1st time you tried did you learn to ride a bike the 1st time you tried did you learn to swim the 1st time you jumped into the water is there anything that you did the 1st time that you did it well if there isn't anything that's how it is in this world so God can't wait until we face Jacob's time of trouble if we have never faced it before do you see what I'm trying to say that's why and you can begin to understand why it is that we face the things we face or how it is we feel about ourselves when our eyes are open to see what we're like at the core of our being in talking about Jacob This is a great controversy Page 617 paragraph 0 the crisis of his life has come everything is at stake everything is at stake he can sink at this point because for him it was not after the close of probation so he he could just give up in despair at this point or he could fight the great fight of faith right now of us speaking in great controversy the next page 618 it says as Satan accuses the people of God on account of their sins the Lord permits him to try them to the uttermost as they review the past their hopes think for in their lives they can see little good they are fully conscious of their weakness and on the word the in this when you look at your life what do you see how much do you think you have accomplished. I mean you know I can't judge you by me but that's what I'm doing. I don't have any other way to judge it seems like and if I have to look at my own life I have been in the Lord's work for 45 years you think I can point to anything and say Man that was a great success. I did a great thing there. Now now it's enough to become humble. If you live like me if you are me. So why do we have to go through it today because we're going to go through it tomorrow that's what we face our only hope of preparation for tomorrow is to have a practice in it today great controversy still 621 my mom yeah I'm on the last page the assaults of Satan are fierce and determined his delusions are terrible but the Lord Zion's upon his people and his ear listens to their cries their Flixton is great the flames of the furnace seem about to consume them but the refiner will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire God's love for his children during the period of their severest trial is as strong and tender as in the days of their sunniest prosperity but it is needful for them to be placed in the furnace of fire their earthly Innes must be consumed now this is 144000 when they cannot be loss and what is it that needs to be consumed their earthly in this needs to be consumed that the image of Christ may be perfectly reflected Jacob prevail because he was perseverance and determined his victory is an evidence of the power of importunate prayer all who will lay hold of God's promises as he did and be as earnest and persevering as he was will succeed as he succeeds in those who are unwilling to deny themselves by agonizing before God to pray long and earnestly for his blessing will not of pain it so here we go. Have you ever cried on to the Lord my God my God why have you forsaken me have you ever wrestled with God thinking it was an enemy Have you ever despaired of seeing things righted in your lives friends listen is the gospel true do you know what the Gospel is in Romans one verse 16 and 17 in and I'm going to press paraphrase I've got the Bible here but I want to paraphrase. Romans one the apostle Paul says I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is that is he is going to define the gospel right I am not afraid of the ashamed of the gospel because it is the power inherent in God to save them that believe Jew 1st and Greek also right that's the gospel it's the power that God has Does God have enough power to save you as God promised to save you can you hold on to this promise but what if your lives tells you something different is God dead because you are now is god week because you are is God tired because you're tired is God sick because you're sick you know God is there and he can do anything with nothing therefore whatever is left of you can still do something right and then in verse 17 it says For there in that is in the Gospel is the righteousness of God revealed that is the gift of his own righteousness to his people and we can have it from faith to greater faith and then it says the just that Latin the riveted of the word righteous Anglo-Saxon words the righteous shall live righteously lives by faith by face and what in the power inherent in God Save the you have it do you believe the gospel is an amazing thing but we have a God in heaven who is so powerful he cannot fail. And when he promises to save his people to the uttermost he can do it and the work he has begun in us he'll finish it he's promised to do it if we don't get discouraged and turn away from him very encouraging isn't it well it is to me anyway anybody here would like to tell God you're with the I'm home yes we're going to the kingdom may you all may we all be there shall we stand and pray Heavenly Father. Lord we appreciate the Gospel Sometimes we get a glimpse of it sometimes we get a glimpse of ourselves and we just want to ask that you would help us to keep our eyes on Jesus and His promise and his power and His wisdom and everything requisite to save our souls Lord we cannot save ourselves we need you and we thank you for it in Jesus'. Name and. 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