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The Cost of Being a Medical Missionary Part 5

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • June 28, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Father we put ourselves again in your hands you're the Lord that you are God you can do anything you promise to hear our prayers and your promises are true and our prayer this morning is that you would send your Holy Spirit even as you have promised to speak to us you promise to put the words in my mouth in I am clinging to that asking that you would do it and glorify yourself in Jesus' name and I want to speak on the topic of unbelief. This morning now I don't have to ask you if you know I don't believe it is I guess most people would tell us that unbelief is not believing something well that's not strictly true that's not what on belief is that probably disbelief in any case that's an oversimplification of the word unbelief the unbelief I want to talk to you about is harder to discern I think harder to identify is hidden is very deceptive and has more to do with distrust then it has to do with not believing or a scenting to a truth or saying I don't believe the lie it's more than that so this is what we want to look at this morning I had you turned I think to Mark Chapter 9 I did I guess I haven't I'm asking you now turn to March after 9 now we're going to look at a story here which involves the disciples of Jesus Christ the disciples were very sure at this point in this story they were very sure that they had faith now we would think as well that if anybody should have faith the disciples would have faith but in this story they find themselves sorely lacking in faith and in case you don't know and I'm making noise here right higher. Faith is not having confidence that what I think will happen will happen by the way that is not faith faith is trusting whatever happens trusting God in whatever he allows in our lives that's what faith is and so you don't go around sitting thinking because I believe this will happen that it will happen because you believe it that's total nonsense as a matter of fact that's Hindu ism and that's how I used to think when I grew up as a Roman Catholic I I'm not trying to insult any Roman Catholics if there are any here just the same that was my approach to faith when I was young that's the approach we had in the Catholic Church if you believed something that it would happen just because you believed it well that's total nonsense it isn't so faith is trusting God Whatever happens that's what faith is like why is and belief is not limited to the atheist who says I don't believe in God I don't believe in the Bob in the Bible and the time we do even the smallest thing contrary to the will of God we are saying in this thing that I know better than God I don't trust God to handle this matter that is and believe that's what that is OK Any time we complain none of us ever complain right yes every time we have a sour disposition and in time we are unhappy it's because we don't realize that the God we serve is real and that he is and that he is all powerful that he actually loves us and he can manage our lives can you manage your life is he managing it rightly. Of course he does everyone will say yes God is so good and he can manage my life why then do you ever complain well you never complained Why then do I ever complain. Well the story that's where we are one day Jesus commanded 9 of his disciples to camp at the bottom of a mountain and he took Peter James and John with him to the top of the mountain and over night he was transfigured and you know that Moses in Alija appeared to them it was a wonderful time for the 3 that were up on the on the mountain in the morning they returned to the base of the mountain and so here we are that's the beginning of the story we're looking at Mark Chapter 9 verses $14.00 to $16.00 now and when he came to his disciples he saw a great multitude about them and the scribes questioning with them and straightway all the people that when they beheld him that is Jesus were greatly amazed and running to him saluted him doesn't say why they were amazed maybe his face was shining for the encounter that it had over night I don't know any way he asked the scribes what question you see with them apparently men had brought a son his son the with him to Jesus Jesus wasn't there the son was was possessed by a demon and the disciples were not able to heal this son now the disciples had been very very confident that they could do this now the reason they were so confident at this time in the story is because I was going to say 2 weeks earlier it could have been 3 weeks earlier I don't know just a little while earlier they had been sent by God to do just that and somehow a couple of weeks later the same issue that they had faced a couple of weeks earlier they failed at the very same thing and the scribes were rubbing their noses in it of course while they were rubbing their noses that until Jesus appeared to confront them verse 17 to 18. Mark 9 and one of the multitude answered and said Master I have brought onto the my son which has a dumb spirit and where so ever he takes him he tears him and he foams and he Nash's with his teeth and pine it away and I speak to your disciples that they should cast him out and they could not. Why do you think they could not. What do you think the problem was well in verse 19 it is quite clear right we read verse 19 he says answered him the father and said and then pointing his his statement to the disciples all faithless generation How long shall I be with you how long shall I suffer you bring him to me now the way it's written here it sounds like Jesus is really annoyed he is really angry with his disciples but friend there is something really really strange happening here like I said a few weeks earlier Jesus sent his disciples and empowered them to do this very kind of miracle if you keep your finger here and by the way always keep your finger in March up to 9 the matter no matter where we go because we'll always come back to it and we will finish with it so I go to book of Matthew now Matthew Chapter 10 and we're going to that time a couple of weeks earlier Matthew Chapter 10 and we're looking at verse one in Matthew 10. And when he had called unto him his 12 disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease verse 7 and 8 and as you go he told them preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand heal the sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead cast out devils freely you have received freely give so did they go as they did did they perform the miracles that he empowered them to perform Yes they did didn't it take faith at that time to do that of course and they had the faith it's wonderful and then here comes a father with a son obviously did this before if you did it before you know how to do it again and it's not like they said to the father. Sorry we've lost our faith we can do this they didn't they didn't feel any loss of if they thought that they could do it now supposing your pastor should come here today and he would say to you I want you to go to Columbus this afternoon heal the sick raise the dead restore sight to the blind cast out demons would you go. Would you attempt it. Is there any reasons why we can't do that today Well obviously there's a reason why I can't tell you what the reason is in the idea Yeah are we not Christians do we not have faith as Jesus not with all his promises as he's not empowered us to do similarly I mean should not be that way have you ever attended someone who's sick in bed I mean really sick in bed and your heart just goes out to them and it seems like there's no reason for this is a mother that has little children she can pass now these little children will be without a mother doesn't make any sense surely God wants to heal them surely God wants to heal her and so you think to yourself What if I said Rise take up your bed and walk would it happen should I say that have you ever thought that way I've had that thought many times when in the sick room with someone and taught them in the days of Jesus the day could do that Jesus could do that and he said the works that I do shall you do also and greater works than these of you do he said in John Chapter 14 verse 12 so why not somehow I've never found the courage. Yes. We do yeah I think that's probably the reason we are not humble enough we are not prepared for this and the Lord can do a lot of things through us today because we would not give him the glory we would was matter of fact I think we're beginning to unravel what's going on right here I think. So is it unbelief not to try well I can answer that because I don't know the answer so now here we have a father he brings his possessed son to the disciples and they did not say sorry we've lost our faith they didn't think they lost or they were there they just ran into it confidently because 2 weeks earlier they had done the same thing but I want you to see something go back now to Mark Chapter 9 and again to the verse 19 in March after 9 and he answered him and said Oh faithless generation How long shall I be with you now friends this is the key these words How long shall I be with you. There's something implied in this can you hear can you see what's implied here Jesus is right there he I mean if God was standing beside you and he said speak the words and he will be healed with the person be healed Yeah because I spoke the words were because Jesus is standing beside me and he's promising to give me the power this is the problem how long shall I be with you I'm right with you and what are you doing you trust yourself more than you trust me this is what was going on they had had the experience and therefore because they had had the experience they go on and face something similar and they think that the power was in them it wasn't in them they were taking the glory to themselves and so not trusting Jesus. You couldn't have gotten them to say that we don't trust Jesus. They would never have said that but they were trusting themselves in this thing and in a way go to Joshua chapter one the Book of Joshua chapter one. It's one of my favorite verses I use it all the time I'd be surprised if I didn't use it already sometime this week but anyway just the same where in Joshua chapter one looking at verse 5 Joshua has just been elected to be the leader of the children of Israel Moses just died and Josh was a little bit nervous about this intimidated by the situation and I don't know starting with a couple of chapters ahead of this is Jesus through Moses is saying to Joshua Be not afraid be not discouraged or dismayed Don't be afraid be very courageous be strong and very courageous over and over and over again and he says that in Joshua chapter one as well but here's the promise in verse 5 there shall not any man be able to stand before you all the days of your life in other words there is not enough devils in hell there is not enough men on earth to keep you from succeeding in the thing that I'm giving you to do why because you are Paul powerful No no watch as I was with Moses I will be with you I will not fail you who is it that doesn't fail it's God that doesn't fail now let me ask you Did Joshua ever fail oh yeah in the matter of a I didn't he failed in the matter of the Gibeonites that came all dressed up in rags and with moldy bread and all the rest and deceive the children of Israel Joshua failed Now wait a minute didn't the Lord say I will not fail you that God failed him No What was the problem with Joshua. He didn't pray you remember ah AI That's nothing and Jericho's Jericho is a piece of cake it is way bigger than AI we don't even need to bring on let's take 3000 then we we can handle this just no problem at all they didn't even bother to pray whether God wanted them to do that or not I saw this is exactly what's happening with the disciples This is exactly the same thing in the matter of the give you a nice is the same thing they come with a deception and nobody thinks to get on their knees and say Lord what are we supposed to do here doesn't the Bible say acknowledge me in all your ways and I will direct your path well if we don't acknowledge him well he could be I mean God could say like Jesus said How long shall I be with you. And you don't believe. That's what was happening and so we have promises I will never leave you nor forsake you that's what the Bible says I This is a 4110 we saying it the other day I think if we didn't we should have Yeah I have not I know no one got that all wrong. Is the Be not afraid right I forget. You know it anyway what it says are these promises true. Were they true to the disciples in the days of Jesus yes are they still true today they're true they're true if we're leaning on the Lord if we trust the promise because of the god that's behind the promise they're not true because it's me because there's nothing in me back to March after 9 March after 9 we're looking at verse $25.00. When Jesus saw that the people came running together he rebuked the false spirit same unto unto the him vowed dumb and death spirit I charge the come out of him and enter no more into him and the spirit cried and rent him Soren came out of him and he was as one dead and so much that many said he's dead but Jesus took him by the hand lifted him up and he arose and when he came when he was come into the house his disciple asked him privately why could we not cast him out. Now here's the issue and I. Been developing it anyway this time the disciples are asking themselves now how come I mean how come 2 weeks ago we did this we believed and it happened we think we still believe I don't remember losing my faith and now nothing happens go to Matthew 17 keep your finger here again Matthew 17 and this is in Matthew 17 is the very same story but the words are different Matthew explains it a little differently in Matthew 17 verse 19 and 20 then came the disciples to Jesus apart and said Why could not we cast him out. And Jesus said unto them Because of your unbelief for verily I say unto you if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall see into this mountain remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible on to Usenet beautiful nothing shall be impossible on to you there was a time when my wife was wrestling as to whether because we had heard there's 2128000 orphans in in Tanzania at a certain district and we were receiving letters from Africa you need to come and help nobody is helping these all these orphans and there's no one working for them and my wife is thinking well you know my husband is president of Eden Valley I'm just going to pick up and go to Africa I mean. And it was a real struggle for her in one point I had 3 grandchildren with me and I'm having evening worship with the 3 grandchildren now the kitchen of the over there my wife was in the kitchen she was just leaning on the counter listening from there I'm speaking to 3 little children right here something and I came to this verse in Matthew 17 verse 20 and I forget what I was teaching the children but when I read the words in verse 20. 0 I change the place nothing shall be impossible unto you I saw a light go on it's true it's a it's a weird thing but I saw a light go on right there and I looked and it was like my wife's face lit up and she knew right away she needed to go. Nothing shall be that's what she needed to hear nothing shall be impossible unto you I mean it was daunting going to Africa 28000 orphans in a certain district know what is helping she's going to go there with nothing in her pocket because that's exactly what she did. And the Lord bless. So what was wrong with the disciples and belief and that's what the question that remains this morning what is and belief we believe as much now as we believe to 2 weeks ago what had to happen they are the answer is that Jesus had done something that they didn't like and were going to follow through he you know he had taken Peter James and John up the mountain and the others remained at the bottom of the mountain and they became jealous they became disheartened they became angry with him but friends you can't be angry with God and and still believe that he is God because if you believe that he is God then the God can't make any mistakes and he sends them he takes 3 people of the Mountain keeps you down there and you're jealous because he did that no way does Jesus make any mistakes No Well they were thinking he had made a mistake he was playing favoritism obviously his favorite disciples those guys. Always wanting to be the greatest. Does God know better in any server in any and every circumstance yes he does well what about when he allows something bad to happen in your life there's God's still no better yes he does. They were jealous because they were not chosen and so that led them to complaining because it wasn't fair which led them to have a negative attitude of course to be unhappy and criticizing Now had they trusted him they never would have been jealous because they would have believed that he knows better than we do now I don't I wish I could go up the mountain but he has chosen not to take me therefore it's all well because he knows better and it's better for me to be down here than up there for whatever reason I don't understand but I trust him see but that's not how it was that's not how it was they were focused on their grievances. This would simply they should simply have trusted that Jesus knew what was best Have you ever wondered why being believe there is we are so powerless. The battle that they were fighting in that day which maybe they didn't know they were fighting a battle but the battle they were fighting in that day is the same battle that we have to fight every day ourselves I don't know about you but I can be easily frustrated I can be easily short fused too I can be easily discouraged or fearful or or just name any negative word by the way there will be no negative words in the dictionary and heaven if there's a dictionary in heaven it won't be needed there will be wonderful the out cut the cut the dictionary by half I think. Is there any real reason for discouragement if you think about it if there is a God in heaven that walks by your side that is in full control of your life he is the order of all our experiences he only orders that which is Providence is best if we could see the end from the beginning we would choose no other way to be led God is good God is always good if I'm discouraged it doesn't make any sense at all because my God is my God and He is with me while any negativity. That I reveal shows that I don't trust that God is in control or that he can manage my life if I truly believed I would never utter a word of doubt or fear or anger so in our story the selection of the tree this 3 disciples awakened jealousy as if Jesus did not know what he was doing and instead of strengthening their faith and by the way this is this is for us now. These people I mean the circumstances were such as they were they could not understand the circumstances didn't seem right to them but they had a choice as to what to focus on they didn't have to focus on the negative there's a negative in a positive side almost everything right and some people are just prone to be negative all the time my wife says that's me sometimes. Maybe it is I think I'm positive. But we don't have to be negative we really don't his words are true his love is sure his wisdom is unfailing his strength is an equal I mean all the miracles he could he had performed for them and the love he had shown them they could have focused right there and it's Instead of focusing on their grievances Well anyway if Jesus is God He could not do anything wrong and he would not do anything wrong and if he never does anything wrong then there is no reason for ever complaining if we complain then our complaint whatever it is we're complaining about says that God can't be trusted that is what an belief is and in that state of mind they entered into conflict with Satan it's amazing just when just when they had grieved the Holy Spirit of God they decided to pick a fight with Satan. Well you know what happened they had no power they couldn't do what they wanted to do and now the trickiest part if you go with me to Mark Chapter 9 again and we're looking at verses 28 and 29 and I say this is the trickiest part and when he was come into the house his disciples asked him privately why could not we cast him out. And he said to them this kind can go forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting. This kind of what oh this kind of demon of course right now that's not what Jesus is talking about that's not what Jesus is talking about do you think God is depended on my fasting and prayer to deal with the demon No a demon is not a problem to God Do you think that there are some demons that are hard for God to deal with and some demons are easy for God to deal with and some of them you have to pray really hard and fast so to give him power of God Some how to deal with it no that's not what it was all about Jesus was talking about their unbelief this kind of unbelief cannot be tamed except by fasting and prayer that's what he was talking about and the disciples had entered into the battle governed by the wrong spirit was the conflict they had entered into with the devil now the real conflict was with themselves friends demons in a boy are not a problem to God we could see a Jesus walks over and just says out there and he was out here and that's all there was to it right God has the power over demons and he created angels and became demons Yeah but the wrong spirit in the disciples limited to a god could do through them and God is dependent on our choices in the yeah. So before doing battle with the enemy they should have strengthened their faith by fervent prayer and fasting and humiliation of heart and friends listen our real problems are not with a lack of money or a strange family members or ill health or unemployment or demons our real problem is with the demon within the internal problems the anger the discouragement the rebellion the complaining the fighting this is on is on believe and don't lose the lesson here fast and pray for strong faith fast and pray for a trust that will we'll believe that God knows exactly what he's doing and it's always good when he allows to come our way fast and pray for a positive attitude all the time for the joy of the Holy Ghost would not be wonderful Now I'm beginning to understand what the joy of the Holy Ghost is all about I mean. It's not rocket science if God is standing by me and he protects B. and he empowers me and if heals my mouth with words to speak to you this morning whatever it is God is there and he's always a blessing there isn't a thing in this world that would be discouraging to us now that's a mouthful really. But it's true if we only knew God and had confidence in God that he cares for us God cares for you. And the outcome is pure joy under any circumstances. Now that's a nice deal isn't isn't it Oh it sure is we should be living life and the outcome should be pure joy under every circumstance that's the truth but boy. It's not always the reality in our cases but it can be that's where God is leading us in heaven it will be that way if it can be that way in heaven why can't it be that way here. Well you know we stop our toes here we hit our nails with a hammer here we do all kinds of things that. Are painful Never mind never mind you're not going to get to have them and look back at your life experience and be able to point to a time where God made a mistake in your case he you won't be able to do it and so there's no reason to be unbelieving we stand Heavenly Father Lord. I guess that I have been speaking about a a wonderful ideal and I know that it is true I know that it is difficult also for us in the world of sin in the world of corruption and the world of lies and some of the things that are happening are just mind boggling for its wickedness in this world and we know that we're in a dangerous place nevertheless we will not. Stop believing that our God that you know what you're doing that your hand is over us that nothing can touch us except by your permission in that they have to get through you to get to us and therefore like no one else in the world Heavenly Father we have you and protection and blessing help us to live with that spirit line in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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