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The Heart of the Problem

Mark Sandoval


This presentation helps us to understand the deceptions inherent in human love and highlights the decision-making process of the heart, revealing the deceptions of our hearts and our great need of a new heart.


Mark Sandoval

President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute



  • June 25, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father we thank you again for your abundant mercies and your great goodness to us and as we consider some difficult things at this time. We asked for you to be with us for your Holy Spirit to be here and for you to move and power amongst us and help us to see what we need to see in the way that we need to see it that there may be a change a transformation a difference in our lives and this we pray in Jesus name him and. Tagged on to the end of yesterday's presentation was the cause of dysfunction we didn't have a chance to go there so I'm just going to run over it very briefly I don't want to get anybody to give anybody the idea that what one thinks is the only. Cause for dysfunction we're just highlighting one of the causes because it's one that is not recognized I think as well as it should be. We can have dysfunction in the body because of inheritance. And so something that comes from a prior generation from parents or grandparents passed on to the current generation and in these cases you can't do anything really about the condition or taking it away because you can't get to the cause the cause was in a prior time you don't have a time machine to get back to it and have the manifestation Comus because there's an aberration of the D.N.A. in all of the cells of the body and we haven't figured out technically how to go about and take care of and fix every piece of D.N.A. in all the cells of your body if you wanted to go and fix every bit of D.N.A. that was wrong. That was leading to the particular condition in question then you would have to let's say that you did really well it pulling out each cell and 2nd you can fix it and put it back and pick pick out the next one and fix it and put it back and take out the next one and fix it and put it back well it would be millions of years later by the time you got through all of the cells and of course she'd be a slightly dead by that time so and heritance issues we don't have a fix for. God does but we don't from a human standpoint there are environmental issues that lead to dysfunction as well you can have too much pressure like a car going at 70 miles an hour you going at 2 miles an hour and then all of a sudden you're going from 2 to 70 miles an hour there's a lot of pressure damage and so on temperature as well we can burn ourselves frees ourselves and so on that will cause dysfunction to the cells as well and radiation all of those are environmental aspects we also have raw materials you can have a deficiency of something or you can have an excess of that thing or you can have basically the wrong thing that you're putting in. And and that can cause dysfunction in the body you also have the energy aspects which is what we were talking about yesterday with the whole thoughts and communication via the nerves through the central nervous system to the different parts of the body to help control their function and to in some way kind of empower those cells and then finally you have the enemy we have the example of Job well job didn't have an inheritance issue it wasn't an environmental issue wasn't around materials issue and it wasn't an energy issue. It was the enemy that was permitted to bring about the dysfunction in his body with the boils that he was suffering from and by the way he did natural remedies for it right he cut himself with pot shards and any other physicians in the room knows that if you have an abscess one of the treatments for an abscess is incision and drainage so you cut the thing open and drain it out and then he also sat in sackcloth and ashes charcoal right so use charcoal so he was using natural remedies everything they had available to him to treat that. But it was. As a it was a great controversy theme that was going on and Joe was in the midst of it and and so it wasn't because of these other causes so when we consider the causes of dysfunction or disease in an individual we need to consider all of these different options. And again I'm highlighting one because of the impact that it has on our health and that we usually don't recognize it now do you need love. OK. If you need love then can you be the source of that love you. Know by definition a need is something that you must have to survive but which you cannot produce right you need oxygen to survive but you can't produce the oxygen that you need to survive mine I'm not saying that you can't get some kind of machine or device and extract oxygen from resources that are available I mean that you can't create yourself the oxygen that you need to breathe by in order to keep yourself alive and you can't create the water that you need to live by or the food that you need to live by yes you can participate in natural processes that are in place already like gardening and weeding and and and cultivating and other things like that but you didn't create it. If you if you wanted a good challenge then we can get some seeds we can microwave them and then we can bake them for a while and then let you go out and make some food right that's not going to work very well we can't create and so we are dependent upon these things and again those things that we need come from outside not inside and so we must get them from the outside and bring them in now how many individuals on this planet need love. All of them so how many of them can produce love. 0 that's right none so everybody needs love nobody can produce love. Whose responsibility is it for you to be filled with love. Well we'll get to that. Let's imagine that you had let's run into why this is a problem when we don't understand this topic very well let's say that you have a neighbor in the neighbor comes over and you know she knocks on the door and she wants some some sugar you know so you give her some sugar and she comes back and she knocks on the door and she wants some flour and so you give her some flour and she comes back and she knocks on the door and she wants a margarine you give her some margarine she comes back later and she knocks on the door and she wants some eggs and you know you got the idea that she has a cake recipe waiting in there and and you're her grocery store and you know she keeps coming for these different things and and she just keeps coming to you for this that and the other thing well one day it's the it's the the the not typical knocking. It's a desperate knock and she has come and she is desperate you know this is one that you can't ignore So you've got to go an answer the answer the door and so you do and you go and they answer the door and she is just desperate why because she has found out that her daughter has come down with a terminal illness and this terminal illness has had no treatment no cure no nothing 100 percent Seydel And but she has been doing some research and she has found out that there is a there is a center and. Where Kazakhstan or somewhere like that that has figured out how to treat this condition and they have a $5050.00 success rate you know a 50 percent success which is much greater than what's out there already and she wants her daughter to live. But since it's over in Kazakhstan they don't accept US insurance and you've got to pay out of pocket before you get treatment in the 1st place and it's only $5000000.00 So she wants $5000000.00 So she comes over asking you for $5000000.00 Are you going to give her $5000000.00 You are so cruel. Rhyme No you're not going to give her $5000000.00 Why. Because you don't have $5000000.00. You just don't have it but what if she thinks you do. You know you drive a fairly new car you live in an OK size house and so on and so forth and she thinks you've got $5000000.00 that you can put towards her daughter's. Salvation basically her life and so she comes back later and she comes back asking for $5000000.00 Well maybe you give her a donation of a $1000.00 to go towards this goal and she keeps coming back looking for the rest of the $490.00 I mean 4000000 999000 dollars and she keeps coming back and multiple times a day and and so on she keeps coming back and knocking and and looking for the $5000000.00 How are you going to feel. All right so you feel bad. And what are some other words that you would use for that all right you're frustrated you're ready to avoid her right you know some people are are parking the car in the garage and closing the shades and pretending that they're not home other people are building a fence and putting a rottweiler a dome and Pincher on the inside you know others are so kind that they're even moving. These are all responses that I've gotten from individuals in telling this scenario but we're frustrated we're upset we're we're we are not comfortable with this situation because we don't have what they need. But how do they feel. Yeah they feel rejected they feel hurt they feel slighted they feel all these various different ways why because they're coming to you and they're not getting what they need now this is a foundational issue when it comes to human relationships why do we have so much chaos in relationships that we run into one of the reasons is because we're going to each other with expectations that are not realistic can the other person be the source of the love that I need. No because they need that love to right they need that love to they cannot be the source of the love that I need so if I go to them to get the love that I need are they going to be able to give me what I need know what kind of love do you need. You need God love right how much love do you need. Right you need an infinite love do you know any human being on this planet right now that has a God loves and is infinite and it supply no so they cannot supply that which you need but if you expect them to supply what you need you're going to be frustrated and your roots are going to be in the wrong soil. And if that soil doesn't work out we might pick up and move to another soil and try to plant our roots there and see if we can get a better supply. Remember the tree yesterday right well where the trees that can move around. Again I ask the question Whose responsibility is it for me to be filled with love is it mine. Whose responsibility is it for me to be filled with oxygen what's mine I have to breeze right whose responsibility is it for me to be filled with water now it's mine I have to drink it right whose responsibility is it for me to be filled with proper nutrients and it's mine I've got it I've got to choose it I've got to eat it right so have you ever felt empty when it comes to love. Or should I put it this way have you ever at any time in your life felt less than 100 percent full when it comes to love if yes the question that we can ask is whose responsibility is it for you to be filled with love. Is it Gaunts or is it yours. Well what are we told we are told that God does how many things well. He does all things well how often does he do all things well all the time so if God does all things well all the time and he does it perfectly well when he does it then how full Will you be if it's his responsibility you'll be completely full How often will you be completely full all the time so if it was God's responsibility you would be completely full all the time never empty but if you have even one moment in your life when you are the last then completely full then it tells us it's not his responsibility to fill us with love. It's our responsibility to take the love we need right now he his responsibility is to make sure that it's available right. Interesting. So let's imagine a buffet Let's say that you have been fasting for a few days and it's time to break the fast and there's this healthy restaurant over in Columbus Georgia called Country Life and it has this wonderful buffet and everything that you can find there is is it's you know it's healthy and it's good and it's tasty and so on and you're really hungry and so you go through and of course you don't want to be a pig and eat everything so you want to go through and look and see what the options are before you actually go and consume what's there and and so as you do so you get you take your bowl and fork and spoon and knife and plate and and and napkin and tray and so on and you go through in all your salivating over this and you're smelling that you're looking at the other thing in your Imagine how it's going to taste and and the so on and you get done with this exercise and then you go walk outside you leave everything there behind and you're still hungry. Who is fault is it you're still hungry. It's your own right it's your own because it's your responsibility to take and to eat right it's the restaurants responsibility to make sure that it's available and that it meets certain standards right but it's our responsibility to take and to eat you see God has a BUFF A has a Buffy of love and that Buffy of love has all sorts of dishes in it this is just one representative table in it has grace and security and belonging and truth and mercy and acceptance and justice and freedom all of these are just different components of love and then God has offered this bus say to us that we might come and we might partake and it has everything that we need. It is just what we have been created for and it has a sufficient supply for everyone so if you go to that restaurant that bus a of love and you walk away empty whose responsibility is it it's your own because it's your responsibility to take of the love that you need it's God's responsibility to make sure that it's available and he makes sure that it's available he said in his word Heber's 135 I will never leave you nor for sake you I am not going to shut down the restaurant right it won't be closed Jeremiah 313 I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you it's an eternal supply it's not going to run out and Isaiah $5051.00 who everyone who thirst come to the waters and you have no money come buy and eat yes come buy wine and milk without money and without price. It's also incredibly free because the owner has paid the price for the food so it's always open it's always stocked it's always free we can always come and eat at that Buffet is anytime we want to anytime we need to it's always available but guess what it's not the only BUFF A on the street. There are other Buffy's on the street too there are better ways of selfishness that include things like the drawing of power pleasure popularity and possessions but it also comes along with the trail and abuse and deceit and control and and these other different types of things and this is the buff fate of quotes love that we find as others providing. And so when we go to one degree or another they have these dishes available for us and you know what human nature's default is. It's to eat here right here in nature's default is to eat here from this BUFF A And if we're eating from this buff a we can't be eating from the other buffet at the same time because they're mutually exclusive. And they're mutually exclusive and and so we get caught up in these false attractions we get caught up in these different problems and issues and so on how do you know that you're taking from somebody else's buff a year eating from their buff a day you know we're told that what you eat you are what you eat right you are what you eat so you eat an apple and it gets digested and assimilated and then the little components of the Apple becomes part of who you are well the same thing is true when we're talking about love or this selfishness we become what we eat but it happens really quickly it happens really quickly because this is a quick process you've ever been in a situation where you're around somebody like family and they start getting frustrated what happens to you. You get frustrated why are you getting frustrated when they get frustrated. Because you're eating their BUFF A. And you are what you eat and so if you eat frustration from them guess what you get frustrated yourself. It's an example it's an illustration of actually eating from the other person's buff a way now you and I. For most of our lives we just haven't been aware of this we haven't been aware necessarily that the love of God and that Buffy is available for us to eat all the time but we've been around other situations in other individuals where the Buffy is just not working very well because there's manipulation and there's control and there's all this kind of stuff that's going on and we find ourselves fighting back to protect ourselves from these things that are going on yet we find ourselves so attracted by the pleasures that that it offers down here and so human nature naturally gravitates towards this if you consider this to be a up and down screen like it is right here gravity is going to pull you which direction down right so your natural is going to be down here and consuming off of this buff a not up there but when we come to realize that that up there is available then there is now a choice right there is now a choice to choose to eat from God's Buffy regard less of what circumstance or situation that you're in now when somebody else presents to you Buffy of selfishness when they present to you this kind of stuff and so you're in a situation and there's THAT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT whatever going on do you have to eat from their BUFF A. No you don't the bus a of God's love is still available at that time and you and I have a choice of which bus a week from and our outcome in this circumstance is not dependent upon what they are providing our outcome in the circumstances is based upon which buff say we choose to eat from. Mostly we're over here. Eating from there about Fay but we can learn by God's grace and through his power to eat from the Buffy up here. Which Buffy to Jesus eat from. Yeah he ate from his father's buffet because he ate how often did he from his father's buffet all the time so it didn't matter what the circumstances or situations were around him it didn't matter how somebody was reacting and what their what their attitudes or their behaviors or other things were like he didn't get caught up in all of that stuff because he didn't eat from their buff say he ate from his father's buffet and you are what you eat and so he was exactly like his father because he only ate from his father's buffing. Although there may be a tainted corrupted atmosphere around us we need not breathe its miasma but may live in the pure air of heaven we may close every door to impure imaginings in unholy thoughts by lifting the soul into the presence of God through sincere prayer those whose hearts are open to receive the support and blessing of God will walk in a holier atmosphere than that of Earth and will have constant communion with heaven. It gives you an idea of the buffet and how that works. All right next scenario imagine with me the individual in your life that you love the most and let's say that it's a special occasion that's coming up maybe it's an anniversary birthday Christmas something like that and you want to get them the perfect present and so you think about them and you consider what they like what they don't like and so on you go on line and you go searching and looking for things you go into the stores and you look around eventually you find the item it's the perfect item for them but it costs too much for you to buy it right now you've got to put money aside for a few months so you do you put that money aside and and the dig comes you buy the you buy the President you wrap it up nicely and so on and so forth and and the day comes that that anniversary or whatever and you common you knock on the door and they open the door and with a smile you hand them the present and they take the present and they throw it on the ground stump on it and they slam the door. How do you feel. Bad Yeah what else rejected. Angry. Frustrated. All right. All right. Next scenario you've been working for U.P.S. for a number of years you enjoy your job you like brown things brown cars Brown packages brown clothes Brown doors and all sorts of brown stuff and and so you've been working there has a good career and so on and one day you stop at a particular residence you grab the package you go up to the door you knock on the door the resident in the home comes out they sign for the package you hand on the package they take it they start on the ground next time and they slam the door how do you feel. All right do you think in their crazy. You know they signed for it already you know. Are you are you feeling rejected frustrated hurt angry. Oh yes surprised sure so why are we feeling all of these bad ways in the 1st scenario but we're not feeling all those bad ways in the 2nd scenario. Oh it's great that word investment right investment and there was nothing invested in the 2nd scenario in the 1st scenario it is it's mine right it's my president represented it was bought with my money represents my love and that was my loved one but in the 2nd scenario what's that. Yeah effort expended and the 2nd one it's not mine right it's not my present wasn't bought with my money doesn't represent my love and that's not my loved one so let me make this point to the degree to which you believe it's yours. Will be the degree to which you are hurt frustrated rejected upset and so on when the president is not treated as you thought it should be. But the degree to which you believe it's not yours is the degree to which none of that will be true because it's not yours it's not about you so how much do we actually claim in our lives we claim all because every time this happens to us how do we respond to the frustration and the hurt and the anger and the rejection and all that kind of stuff I can tell you because I I run through the same scenario with sounds of people all over the place and it doesn't matter which continent I'm on and which place that I'm at I get the same response same response. Because it's human nature now there's another component to this or another aspect to it and one of the reasons why I'm hurt and rejected and so on in the 1st scenario is because I didn't receive what I expected there was a certain expectation along with a gift I expected that at least they were going to be thankful or you know a smile or a hug or something like that whatever the expectation was they did not meet the expectation and because the expectation was not met then there was a disappointment associated with the giving of the gift. As you mentioned an investment Schuman to love him and love is an investment we put something valuable in someone else or that we can get something of greater value back that's what an investment is putting value in to get greater value back. Question does gone invest in HIS CHILDREN No he doesn't. He doesn't how can he invest in anything and expect greater back than what he put in it right we can never give back more than what he gave us nothing at all creation could return to him more than what he put into it right God does not invest and his children he gives to his children but human love is an investment we we will put time and we will put attention we will put money will put flowers and teddy bears and other types of things like that in but we're looking for an investment out we're looking for acceptance or belonging or to get along with someone or or are these types of things right and we will barter different things you know investments you've got bonds stocks and bonds and you've got real estate and you've got currency and Al Gore says things like that well we do the same thing but on an emotional level. Right we will will will gladly give up money if that will turn into belonging we will we will get gladly give up time if that will turn into attention right we'll gladly give up these things if it will turn into the greater thing that we're interested in you've heard this phrase no strings attached of course is there any such thing in human love is no strings attached not any human love there's always strings attached. For example you have another neighbor never met him before just moved into the neighborhood they calmly knock on the door and and you know they introduce themselves time so on so moved into the neighborhood coming to meet my neighbors and and and here they they hand you a $100.00 bill they say here this is yours use it however you want to and then they walk away what do you think when. Some people think I like this name or. Most are going to get a little question mark in their minds 2nd scenario this same neighbor comes up it's the 1st time that they ever come in they knock on the door and they introduce themselves and they hand you a suitcase and they say here this is yours use it however you want to and then they walk away and you get the suitcase you open it up and $100.00 bills just come spilling out of the thing I mean it's just packed full of $100.00 bills. Now what do you think and. Which present are you more comfortable receiving. The $100.00 right you're more comfortable with $100.00 because you and I know by experience that the bigger the present. The bigger the string. Right the bigger the present the bigger the string and the harder they can poll later. So we are we have been trained by experience in human love to be weary of or wary of the greater gifts because the greater gifts have bigger strings attached and we're not sure how hard they're going to pull do you think we ever do that with God. Do we refuse the greater gifts because we're afraid of what he's going to ask in return. It's a question of think about. Well those strings are there because of our expectations and how much you need to return on your investment how much return on your investment it needs to be there just depends on the expectations and and so that bar of the expectations is quite important when it comes to the payoff of oh those investments now. Let's let's get a little ugly it's not been ugly yet we're just we're just starting to build the the background for it we're going to get ugly today and unfortunately we're not going to dig very far out of ugliness today I guarantee you will dig out of ugliness tomorrow but today we're not going to dig too far out of ugliness we've got to see the diagnosis doctors got to be upright with us patients and tell them what the diagnosis is and to do that we need to go to the heart. Right now what am I talking about I am not talking about the blood pumping muscle I'm talking about the part of the man the part of the mind which is called the citadel of the man and here in the heart is where we make decisions but we make decisions here unconsciously we're not conscious of the decision making process that goes on here but it is the decision making process for ourselves now there's another deuces and making area in the mind and it's called the will but these are these are separate now the decisions that are made from the heart are made based upon only 2 criteria that's it almost like a binary system like computers on off on 0 and so on and those decisions are made based upon gain or loss and you and I function and a in a predictable manner in that we always go for the game and we always of void the last time we always go for the game we always avoid the last for example. We have you can come into the room in the back or you can come into the room in the front or I should say go out of the room so you are now locked in here and there's only 2 ways out so if you go out of the back of the room then I will pay you a $1000.00 if you go out the front of the room you pay me a $1000.00 Where are you going out right you're going out the back why because if you're confronted between again in a loss you're always going to choose the gain over the loss. Now next scenario if you go out the back door I will pay you a $1000.00 but if you go out the front door I'll pay you $10.00 What story going out. You're still going out the back because if you're confronted between 2 gains you're always going to choose the greater gain over the smaller gain and finally if you go out the back door. You're going to pay me a $1000.00 but if you go out the front door you pay me $10.00 which door you are now yeah no no no options for Windows I know there's all these windows people that are trying to crawl out of windows no option. Right you're going out the front door because if you're confronted between 2 losses you're always going to choose the smaller loss or the greater loss we always choose toward the gain we always choose away from the loss and we're told that for where your treasure is there your heart will be also Jesus is telling us that the heart is the place where the treasure resign it's right and the treasure is not just the value it's the system by which we value different things and we determine how valuable it is and whether it's considered a gain or a loss right the heart is where this system happens. And that is again a function of the heart and because the heart is is functioning in the way that it is then that means that when it comes to temptation the enemy cannot tempt us to lose and the enemy cannot tempt us to lose well what do you mean hasn't he done that all along well you see losses no temptation at all so if I offer you a poison a pretty poison but that pretty poison is going to kill you it'll kill you slowly it'll be painful in the process and there's no antidote for it want some. Now. Well you're not even slightly tempted. Now because because loss is no temptation right Lost is no temptation so the enemy could not have come to Adam and Eve and said here in this you'll die you'll lose out on eternal life and everything will go wrong for you. Want some well he could have and we'd probably be in a better place right now than what we are right because that would be no temptation at all so what did he have to do he has to come and trick us into believing that loss is gain and Gain is loss. As to trick us into believing that losses gain and Gain is Law us and so in the Garden of Eden God told Adam and Eve he said if you eat of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil you will surely die and the alternate to that is if you don't eat it you will live right so if you eat it you're going to lose if you don't eat it you're going to gain and what did the enemy do while the enemy came along and he said he has gotten indeed said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden. Insinuating a little doubt and the woman said to the serpent We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said You shall not eat it nor show you touch it lest you not. Then the woman then the serpent said to the woman. Eve. I think you're smarter than that right. Who's speaking to you I'm a cynic Have you ever heard a snake speaking to you before now do you know how I'm able to speak to you right now well I came to this tree months ago and I ate its fruit and immediately when I ate the fruit I had power that I didn't know was possible I have thoughts in my head that that I never knew were even possible thoughts to have and when eating that fruit I have gained so much. And God knows that when he created you you are so much greater than me that when you eat this fruit you will be like God knowing good in evil. You see it's like. For those of you that travel often and you fly in various different locations I don't know about you I have never been in that 1st section that you walk through the airplane. I've walked through many times that I've never stopped there nobody has ever given me the privilege of stopping in one of the bigger chairs in the you know 1st class it's always back to the you know on to the back of the airplane and the small little you know on your knees or here and somebody and they put their chair back and you're like you know and you don't have much space left and and when it's those Internet you know you're flying to China or other places like oh why those flights are forever and. And I look up in the 1st class and I see those ones where you can actually lay out flat for the whole trip and I think oh what would it be like to sleep for 14 hours on this leg of the trip all the way over to Japan or wherever but. In here God created you for 1st class right he created you for 1st class and in doing so he had to withhold something from you right in creating you for a 1st class he had to withhold from you economy right that makes sense. But the enemy came along and he said you're sitting in economy and God withheld from you 1st class because the heart always goes after the greater gain right it always goes after the greater gain and so Satan had to convince Eve that it was the greater again. To eat the fruit that's exactly what he had to do and so God said if you eat it you lose if you don't eat it you die the enemy came along and said Ah if you don't eat it you lose and if you eat it you gain right so I said that wrong if you lose if you don't eat it you gain on God's side right. So you just had to get the whole thing and turn it upside down upside down right. And how did Eve respond to that well we're told in Genesis 3 in verse 6 it says when the woman saw that the tree was good for food it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate what does it mean that she saw. She saw that the tree was good for food pleasant to the eyes and desirable to make one wise it means that she believed she believed that it was a game and Satan knew that he didn't have to get her actions he had to get her beliefs for once he had her beliefs he knew he would have her actions because you do what you do because you believe what you believe and what you believe will always be manifested in what you do and we're told that every man will live out every measure of face that he has going. So our world turned upside down upside down at that point when Adam when Adam and Eve believed the serpent and his version of reality which was upside down and backwards from a gone then our whole world and our whole understanding turned upside down as well and you and I live in a situation where we believe the opposite. But we don't realize it we think it's all normal. Have you ever met somebody that was crazy. Sometimes all you have to do is look in the mirror right. Well in my in my practice. Both in medical school training I had psychiatric rotations and I had some interesting experiences in the psych hospital with some individuals and also as an emergency physician if you have individuals that are very flavorful ie. Psychotic. They end up coming through the emergency department because you've got to check them out make sure that certain things are OK before they go on to the to the psych hospital and so I've had quite very interesting discussions with individuals about what their reality is like you know some of them they have microchips that are implanted in their brain and the military is sending them signals and making them do things and other ones the news anchor is giving them directions instructions directly through the T.V. It's not for anybody else is just them in the news anchor others they have super powers and they can do this or that or whatever and I have never been able to talk somebody out of their craziness I haven't and talking with an individual I have never been able to convince them that what they believed was real was not real and what I believed was real was real Never. Usually you have to give them some powerful medication or something and order to then help them to have insight in the fact that there is a different reality than what they think is reality right now now I will say this we are all crazy. But we're all crazy with the same delusion. And it's really hard to tell if your creativity if everybody has the same delusion and if you've been living in it your whole life it's like culture culture you don't know what the different aspects of your culture in tell you get out of it and then you can look back on it later for example I had no clue that there is such thing as personal space right and that there's a certain distance that you stand away from somebody when you have conversations with them and if they get inside of that personal space then they better be really close to you you know or it's going to be really awkward. Having them in that space why didn't recognize that that was an issue until I went as a student missionary to beliefs and beliefs their personal space is about half of what it is here in the U.S. And so I'd be in a conversation with somebody and they would move in here and I would step back here and they would move in here and I would step back here and they would move in here and I would step back here and it oh it was so. Yeah you know because they're like in my space and but I got used to it after a while because I lived there for 10 months and and you know but I had no clue that there was even this issue of personal space why because I grew up with it it was always a part of my life I just couldn't see it but the same thing is true with this delusion this upside down backwards thinking it's everybody everybody believes the same way because everybody came from Adam and Eve It's the delusion of sin. And we're all in this delusion of sin and if we go and check with somebody else we find that they have the same story that we do and we check with somebody else and they have the same story that that one did and when we check everywhere everybody has the same story that everybody else has and so how are you ever going to know that you're messed up and it's not really reality. You know it's actually a problem for God. To convince us that were crazy. It's a difficult thing for him he tried for 3 and a half years with his disciples What did he tell them all the time he said Oh you have little faith you little faith or you a little faith or you little faith did they get it. No I came to the end and I said all of you are going to desert me and they're like oh not meaning I may not may not may I mean Peter like our Even if all they do I'm a Jew set against specific No you Peter tonight before the cockroach twice you're going to deny me 3 times Peter did you believe him you know it in believe him did the other disciples believe him now Jesus even invoked scripture he said the Scriptures say Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter all of you will desert me on this night did any of them believe him no you see the deception is so great that God could look us in the eye and tell us what's wrong and we wouldn't believe him oh oh so how is he going to reveal to us what the reality is we're going to get into that. The enemy told Eve that she would be like God is it is it possible that you and I believe that today. You're crazy. All right so let's look at this heart within the context of human love let's look at it within the context of human love again human love is given in order to receive right it's giving an order to receive it's that investment put in something of value and to get something of greater value back and so it is an investment if my love is given in order to receive then what is my game. My gain is to receive and the more I receive the more gain that I have Aunt Matilda dies you get put in the will and you get her favorite pen. Or at Matilda dies you get put in the will and you get $3000000.00. Which one's a greater gain. The $3000000.00 Of course right receiving more is a greater gain but as long as I receive enough I'm still in gain right you get a present you know you give a present for Christmas or whatever and you give it to the grandchildren and you know maybe it socks and underwear. And they open up the present and and mom and dad give them that quick sharp look right and they turn they say thank you grandpa thank you grandma and then they go on and they you know they go through the rest of their presents well you have what you expected huge and you don't expect a whole lot out of socks and underwear right but the expectation is at least they will be grateful you know say thank you and then you know go on with the other presents and so on and so as long as you receive you receive enough you're still here in the land of OK the land of game but once you go below those levels of excess expectations that's where we start running into loss you can still be receiving but you're receiving the last thing what you expected now you're in the land of loss what is worse than receiving something. It's receiving nothing right so it's also a loss to not receive anything and what's worse than not receiving anything. It's losing your treasure. That's losing your try to her it's hard for us to lose our treasure so we can see that the more we receive the more gains we have and eventually once we get to this line of our expectations once we get below that line now we're in the land of loss. And so if you're going to mitigate your losses. Basically the only way you can do it is to lower your expectations let's throw this within the context of a relationship let's say that you have a young man and a young woman and they've met them met each other on a college campus somewhere and Tennessee and and that college campus in Tennessee they they you know there's there's this I don't know how to describe it other than zip. And when I say this is everybody knows what I'm talking about so there is this kind of this is this is attraction thing that happens and you know and he goes Well you know I like that and he likes that so he wants some. More That's right I want some more and so if you're going to get more than you have to invest more so you've got to figure out who her friends are so you can hang out with the common friends so that you can you know especially if you're chicken little and you're afraid of rejection and you know that kind of stuff you have to be a little bit cautious about how you you know. You don't want to let them know that you're really interested in them too early in case they're not really interested and you haven't gone fishing long enough to get the Hooksett right. But anyway so you go about this and you you know eventually you start investing in a flower. Oh well they received and they like their receiving and so they take it in and they live by the same love of giving to receive and so they give something back in return and you get attention and so you know life is good but you always want last or more. More you want more so so you invest a little more so that you can give a little you get a little bit more back and so you know the flowers it goes from one flower to farmers to 5 to 6 to 12 you know and the Teddy Bears started small but the teddy bears got bigger and you know there's there's poems and there's there's walks and there's talks and other types of things like that in life is just beautiful right it's just wonderful you have you're given and you're receiving and you're so happy and they're receiving and they're they're giving and they're so happy and so on and life is just great and you finally get the idea that I think there are permanent again well when you think they're permanent gain what you have to do you have to you've got to you've got to set the hook right. And so you propose course you gotta get past Papa Bear 1st but you know you're proposing and and and you hope that they think that you're the greater Again 2 because if you're the greater gain what do they have to say yes and if there's competition you hope that you're not anywhere a number 2 or beyond down the list because if you are what are they going to say they are saying no hold and offer a number one once they lose the idea that they'll have the opportunity of number one then they'll start picking with number 2 and then a with number 3 and so on right you always go for the greater game well so you know you propose she says yes life is great and so you stay up until 2 in the morning planning your wedding and colors and who's going to be the bridesmaids in the groomsmen and all that kind of stuff I'm not telling you my story and. My story is only an illustration not an example of what to do but anyways so you know and then life is just wonderful and and then eventually what happens. You get married that's right oh you marriage right and it took a lot of investment in order to catch the fish sometimes it doesn't seem like it takes as much investment to keep the fish right. And and so you know you remember that you had friends before and you had you had hobbies before and you had other interests and other things like that and you know when you come home from work and you're tired and you just want to relax in front of the T.V. or the newspaper other things like that and you know the teddy bears get smaller and the fewer the flowers get Lassen and eventually there's no there hasn't been a poem in the last 15 years and you know and other things like that so through all of this time of the early relationship you had been you'd been giving and raising their expectations and giving and raising their expectations and giving and raising their expectations and now the expectations are way up here and then you start giving less oh. Yeah now what are they going to do to stay out of loss they have to lower their expectations right and lower and lower and less and lower less and lower less and lower and in the American population Oh it's about 7 years that's about the average where you've gotten to the point where somebody finally says enough is enough I'm not lowering my expectations anymore and if the other individual is not performing above the level of your expectations now you're in a loss and what are you going to do with that loss Well you've got a couple of options you can try to convince them to give better. So you can have those conversations to try to you know let them know how you feel loved and and so on and so forth so that they can do those things and if your intervention works well hey praise God who now are above the level of my expectations and I'm back in again but if it doesn't work well then we pull in the pasture we pull on the counselor we pull on somebody else so that they can convince the deadbeat to give more. So that they're above the level of my expectations so that we can be OK and we can continue on in this marriage but if that doesn't work now you're stuck in a loss Well there's only one way that you can stay in loss right in this heart there's only one way that you can stay and lost if by so if by choosing this loss I avoid the greater loss then I can stay in this loss right if by choosing this loss I avoid the greater loss then I can stay in this loss otherwise you can't stay in loss the heart will do it. So the greater loss might be the loss of God's favor we might understand that God says I hate divorce right and we desire God's favor and so because we desire God's favor we'll be willing to stay in the loss of the current marriage so we would avoid the greater loss of God's favor. But somebody comes along and they tell you that well you know what God never intended for you to be miserable and it wasn't his desire for you to marry that person anyways that was your choice and and so on and God is a forgiving God and you know he will wink at our sins and so on so just go do the nasty deed and then ask God for forgiveness and and you know who I'd your hands and things will be OK. Well if you believe them now it has just removed the greater loss and what you have becomes the greater loss and the heart always says what to the greater loss it always says no. So you either there's separation or there is divorce or you can go looking for another again. Right. Why do we find the relationship chaos that we do and why we interact with each other and and make the decisions that we do it's because this is the heart that we have and this is how it functions and its functions based upon the gain and loss but it's all upside down. Because of the lie that Adam and Eve believed back in the Garden of Eden It's all upside down now also this heart believes it's mine right I have it it's my possession I can produce or create it and I am my own to do whatever I want to with me and it believes that it's mine and so when the present is given it was given from me it was my present it represents me and if the present is thrown down and stomped on the door slammed I'm hurt I'm rejected I'm upset I'm whatever it's personal. Now let me ask you this how much of what you have belongs to you. All right so you said nothing none. We know that but do we believe it. The answer is we know it but for the vast majority of us we don't believe it because we treat it as if it is ours and you do what you believe. All right we can think differently than what we do it's because we don't believe what we think it's an intellectual assent to the truth but it's not really a belief and and so here what is the character quality behind thinking that it's mine when it's not mine. You have 2 children playing in a sandbox. The truck belongs to one child and the other child comes along takes that truck away and plays with it of as if it's mine and tells you No no mine you would say that that child is selfish That's right so the character quality behind this thought that it's mine is selfishness right that I have it it's my possession but what's the character quality behind this idea that I can produce or create anything on my own and that I'm my own to do whatever I want to with me pride that's right so so let's dip into this let's dive in the only motivation that this heart can come up with for what it does is selfishness and pride. That's the only motivation this heart can come up with for what it does is selfishness and pride but things that this selfishness and pride is actually love thinks that the selfishness and pride is actually love. Why do we do what we do. What's the motivation behind the love that we have for our our parents for our siblings for for others if our love is given in order to receive then the objective is self. The giving is all the the means to the end the receiving It's selfish it's about self. We are told in Isaiah 64 in verse 6 but we all like an unclean thing all right just misses are his filthy rags we all fade as a lever iniquities like the wind has taken us away. Why is it that all our how many of our a righteous misses. All Oh hang on you mean you me. You mean even the tie that I give and you mean even the service that I you know in the soup kitchens in the and this in the that the other things and whatever all of that all of that good stuff is is is filthy rags. Yeah absolutely why because it's not so much the thing that one does but the reason why one does the thing that would make it right yes or not now the thing itself that one does is important to right righteousness will manifest itself a certain way but the but the purpose or the reason behind it is vitally important and for us our righteousness is our for our sick. Brownie points with Gone mansion in Heaven golden streets fruit of the tree of life. That we might have more peace right so that there might not be as much of that anxiety and so on going in us and by doing these things that relieve some of that anxiety so that we feel better. What can selfishness do this heart of selfishness can speak with the tongues of men and of angels this heart of selfishness can have the gift of prophecy understand all mysteries and all knowledge can have face so that we could remove mountains it can bestow all your goods upon to feed the poor and it can even give your body to be burned it can do all of that for a selfish reason right even the sacrifice of your own life you can do it for your own reputations seek. Right. All of our righteousnesses are but filthy rags and Jesus tells us in Matthew 722 and 23 says many say to me on that day Lord Lord. Have we not prophesied in your name cast out demons in your name and done many wonders in your name then I'll declare to them I never knew you Depart from Me you who practice lawlessness how can he see that to those who are doing these things. It's because the motivation is absolutely foreign to the motivation of God absolutely backwards and so we seek to do the good but we do so with a bad motivation but we think it's good because the thing we're doing is good and so we trust in the goodness of our doings not realizing that the motives are rotten. Paul tells us in Romans 8 verse 7 says the carnal mind is in MITI hatred against God for it is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can be this heart cannot you repeat this heart cannot obey the law of God It cannot it cannot subject itself to God's law it can it's impossible for this heart to submit and surrender and subject itself to God's law it can't impossible because it has desires that are completely opposite to God's desires and were told of course in Revelation 317 you say I am rich and have become wealthy in need of nothing and you do not know that your wretched miserable poor blind and naked. You know are our hearts. Oh they're just their deceitful absolutely D.C. full. It gets worse than this. You want to get worse. All right well we're going to get worse anyways because we've got to see the diagnosis right we've got to see the diagnosis. To give 1st in order to receive let's just look at that that human love given in order to receive who alone and all the universe can give 1st. God God is the only one that can give 1st because he can create in the giving everyone else must 1st take in order to have something to give and so if I have a love that gives 1st in order to receive then who am I. I am God I am God. And so in the very best that I think I have in the very best that I think I am the love that I have for others and for God and so on and so forth I find myself in the place of God In fact this is the fundamental identity crisis of humanity that is we believe that we are gone we believe that we are gone. Join another proof that your god. Anybody And here San. Now all right so how could you sin. And choose other than what God has chosen for you if you 2 are not a God who can choose other than God chooses. And of course we're told in Exodus 20 verse 3 shall have how many no other gods before me. And yet we find that the biggest God that we have is the other Trinity. Me myself and I'm right Me myself and I my wants my needs my time I what ever comes 1st gone come somewhere down the line. And. This heart is also a slave to others to slave to others why because it depends upon their giving as to whether I receive or not if they don't give I can't receive it if they give a little but it's less than what I expect I'm receiving but I'm receiving in the last because it's less than what I'm expecting only when they give enough according to my expectations can I receive enough and so they are my source they are the one that determines whether I gain or lose other than my ability to raise or lower my expectations and so I'm dependent upon them I am a slave to of them I must do things to them so that I can get that which I need. So I can be in game now I might do good things there's the good manipulators those are the ones that we love there they're the happy smiley go lucky put their arm around you encourage you and and tell you nice things and so on and so forth so that they can get the same thing back in return and they're giving but they're giving in order to receive right but then there's the ones that manipulate on the bad side they're the ones that give you the guilt trips those are the ones that will threaten those are the ones that will abuse they will use fear and force and so on why because they see you as their source and they don't want to lose their source and so they will use every manipulation possible in order to keep you as their source. All motivated by the same heart and at one side this heart can look beautiful you know that early relationship in the you know floating on cloud 9 and everything looking beautiful That's all the same heart as the one where you have torture and abuse and all sorts of hell that goes on in relationships all in the same heart and we look at it and we think oh well if I could only be like the better part of the heart. But God's not interested in improving us in the heart he's interested in a new heart how am I to know that Christ is in my heart if when you are criticized or corrected in your way and things do not go just as you think they ought to go if then you let your passion arise instead of burying the correction and being patient and kind Christ is not abiding in the heart. We're told that the heart is D.C. full above all things and desperately wicked who cannot this this craziness that you and I have been born into that that even Adam walked into and every one of their children have been a part of ever since that time this craziness is so profound. That we will always be desperate for wickedness in this heart. What does it mean to be desperate I like being in the Desert Inn and it's absolutely dry out there thank you ashen for this. And you're just parched and your tongue is dry and you can't even speak and you know everything's blurry and your headache is just horrible and you know that you're going to die and just off in the distance you see. A water source Oh but between between you and it is a cactus patch. Are you going to brave the cactus patch to get to the water yeah because you are desperate for the water. That is how the human heart is for wickedness it is desperate for wickedness but it thinks that the wickedness it's desperate for is good because its whole vision has been turned upside down backwards you God created us to gain he Greed created us to to gain knowledge and to grow and to so on through through all of our lives and with that desire why do people go for climbing the tops of mountains right it's because of that inborn desire that God has given to us to explore to understand to know more and so on and so forth and so we will always go searching for the top of the mountain but if your whole world is upside down and you go to the top of the mountain where do you end up you end up at the very bottom desperate for wickedness thinking that you're going for greatness deceived. Were told by the Lord search the heart I test the my need and give every man according to his ways according to the fruit of his doings and were also told in Psalm 139-2324 search me oh God in all my heart chime in on my anxieties and see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. Where so crazy God can't just tell us that we're crazy and we'll believe him. But God has another tool to wake us up it's called demonstration demonstration. David pray this prayer of course and Psalm 139 and God could have rung come right back to Dave and said Well you know I David you're a murderer you're an adulterer your slander of my name your this that never the thing all that resides in your heart and David likely would have come back to God at that time and said no God am I not a man after your own heart to I not delight in your laws and on my meditation day and night and so on he would have had an argument with gone about that because he wouldn't believe that it was there. But God allowed the demonstration to come and David. Slept with bash EBA he murdered you're right he slandered God's name across Israel and then the surrounding nations and so on and so forth and people through thousands of years from the time of David has used his sin as an excuse for them to sin. And it was when Nathan the prophet came and gave David a story about a rich man with a bunch of sheep in a poor man with one sheep and you know the rich man took the poor man's sheep when a stranger came in and and sacrificed it and fed it to the man and it was angry how DARE there be somebody so selfish in my kingdom that man must die and pay back 4 times what he took. The easy to see the speck in your brother's eye not see the plank in your own that's how crazy we are. And Nathan pointed his finger and he said I assume I don't know if they pointed back in those days but I just used the American context he pointed at him and he said You are the man you are the man and it was then that the flood lights of heavens love shined into the hell of David's heart and he could see what he really was because it had been demonstrated he would not have believed it had it not been demonstrated but now that it had been demonstrated he could see who he truly was. And all me then and seen who he truly was could he pray the prayer of Psalm 51 where he says Create in me a clean heart O. go and renew a steadfast spirit within me Do not cast me away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me Re Store To me the joy of your salvation of hold me by your generous spirit. And when we in the like Revelation. And alike demonstration we see the Hell that resides in our hearts and we see that we have absolutely no righteousness of our own it's all filthy rags and we have nothing to come and offer to God of any goodness whatsoever when the hell inside reveals itself by hurting others and by the words that we speak in the actions that we do and so on and we realize that it came out of us because it was in US. Then we too can pray with the same earnestness as David did for a new heart and God answers us and 3626 and 27 when he says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flash I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them that's his promise of a new heart now I don't want you to get the idea that everybody you run into. Is only living in the old heart that we had best just been describing because the grace of God is interjecting a new heart and we see that revealing itself and a vigil is lives and we're going to look at that new heart tomorrow and see what it's like right now we have to see the diagnosis it's bad it really is bad we have no righteousness of at all to bring before gone our sin is full That's all we can come up with. But tomorrow we're going to see the beauty of a new heart and how that heart function is and what it looks like. And we're going to look at it in the context of the life of Jesus as well because he's the only pattern we can look at on this earth that shows us really what that heart looks like and I'll tell you tomorrow will be beautiful Let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father and I thank you for your bond of blessings thank you for your great love to us such an awesome gone and we thank you Lord we recognize that we have nothing good our hearts are D.C. full we're crazy and Lord we need a divine intervention to open our eyes that we may see this situation that we are in really and Lord we need a power above and beyond ourselves for something we do not have a new heart a heart that beats in harmony with our Savior the heart that smote her pure heart that is just like the heart of Jesus and Lord we pray for this perhaps we'll spend some time in personal prayer and contemplation of our situation perhaps we realize that there are things that we need to let go of or things we need to take up like we talked about on Sunday whatever it may be Lord we want that new heart and so if you need to demonstrate in our lives. More of the hell that resides in our hearts so that will believe it well or let it come in. Not for destruction but for salvation. We pray in Jesus' name here in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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