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Leaving Your Baggage Behind

Mark Sandoval


This presentation explores deep truths and freedom found in the cross and shows how God’s love transforms the heart and the decisions that we make.


Mark Sandoval

President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute



  • June 26, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Dear heavenly father again we thank you for your great mercies to us and we are grateful that you are such a loving God and as we have the opportunity now to consider more of your will in a way we looked at some disturbing thoughts regarding ourselves yesterday now but today and Lord we are looking forward to climbing out of that pit and coming to see things that are just so beautiful and lord it is beyond my capacity to describe for it is divine it's eternal and so Lord I asked for you to be here in your holy spirit and to be our communique tour. Lord I asked for you to take these feeble English human words and by your spirit bring. Eternal truths that these words cannot convey to our hearts and Lord May we believe i pray in Jesus' name amen. Many individuals that I deal with at the lifestyle center and as I travel many places and speak with individuals I I find that many individuals are carrying baggage they're carrying lots of baggage with them things have happened in the past people have said things and done things they have done things and said things themselves they're holding on to guilt and shame and hurt and fear and all of these types of things and and shackles their lives so that they can't be as productive as God would have them to be but it also then contributes to much of their disease process as Frank was just talking about in the last session that 9 tenths of diseases have their foundation here and the mind and again I completely agree it's not that the problem is all in the head there's real physical disease it's going on but the cause the foundation of it is in the mind and and a lot of that house to do with the baggage that we're carrying around and so many individuals just have gone through life wanting to be free but not knowing how. And so we're going to talk about coming free about letting go of that baggage and leaving it behind and it happens right here it happens right at the cross where we're told that the spotless Son of God hung upon the cross has flash lacerated with stripes those hands so often reached out and blessing nailed to the wooden bars those feet so tireless on ministries of love spike to that tree. That Royal had pierced by the crown of thorns those quivering lips shape to the cry of woe and all that he endured the blood drops that flowed from his head his hands his feet the agony that racked his frame and then on the terrible anguish that filled his soul at the hiding of his father's face it speaks to each child of humanity declaring it is for the that the Son of God consents to bear this burden of guilt for the he spoils the domain of death and opens the gates of Paradise he who is still the angry waves and walk the foam capped billows who made devils tremble and disease flee who opened blind eyes and called forth the dead to life offers himself upon the cross as a sacrifice and this from love to the he the send bearer endures the wrath of divine justice and for advice sake becomes sin itself. Now this is a concept that is just it's a little far beyond my ability to comprehend. This whole idea of Jesus the spotless Son of God becoming one sin itself I had always had this picture of Jesus kind of like a Santa Claus model where you know Santa has got the big pack of presents that he carries around everywhere while Jesus was you know taking this big pack of sand your sand mine everybody's sand and then this big pack and he's carrying it with him here up to the cross and it's so heavy that it just crushes out his life but there's a different connotation here with the wording and that he became sin itself well if you think this is kind of a heretical statement Well Paul to says the same thing 2nd Corinthians 521 for he made him who knew no sin to be sent for us that we might become the righteousness of God in him. For he the father made him the son who knew no send he had a perfect life right to be Santa for us and to in what way what manner and what degree or whatever did Jesus become San I don't know that I could describe that I don't think that I really understand it myself fully. But I do know this that this verse gives us a comparison. That to the degree that Jesus became send for us he did so that in that same degree you and I might become right the same being be and become right we might become the righteousness of gone and him. So let's go to the cross and let's see how this plays out you see coming up to the cross there are 2 very distinct realities there are 2 very distinct histories that come to the cross one is the history of Jesus the life of Jesus and so what was the life of Jesus like coming up to the cross Well we understand that Jesus was perfect right for he made him who knew no sin he knew no sin he was perfect if he was perfect then that means that he had how much room for ascend 0 right in he was so full of righteousness that he had 0 room for sin and his life and were also told that not for himself but for others he lived and thought and prayed his focus was always outward not and words rhyme it was always a selfless focus in his life and so was Jesus personally hurt when others did things they took the present they threw it on the ground they stomped on it and they slam the door did he take it personally no because he was the U.P.S. delivery guy he was the delivery guy of God's resources of his love to those individuals and he was coming to deliver that love to them. And he if the if that love was rejected it wasn't his it was his father's he didn't take it personally was he hurt. Yes he was he was hurt but he didn't hurt for himself he hurt for them right because he came to bring life he came to bring love he came to bring restoration and in doing so he loved the ones that he came to bring that to and if they rejected the gift Well he hurt for them because their do their destroying them sound. But he didn't hurt for himself because it wasn't about him. So no he wasn't personally hurt because to be personally hurt is to think about self to focus on what it means to me and his focus wasn't on him self as focus was on one on others right so he didn't think about himself he thought of others but as if 33 tells us he was despised and rejected by man a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief but his sorrows and his grief again was not for himself it was for them and that to the degree that he loved them was to the degree that he suffered for them. And he loved them infinitely more than we do and so he suffered for them infinitely more than we do. So in his disciples abandoned him in John chapter 6 and he called himself the bread of life and you must eat me to have life eternal and all these disciples start grumbling and complaining and going away and so on and he turns to the 12 and says Are you going to leave too. Was Jesus was he hurting for himself with that kind of a selfish hurt you know that self-pity going on and I can't believe that they did that to me and and so on it was that his response No No But was he hurt yeah for them that they were walking away from life that bread of life that he was just telling them about their walking away from it and choosing death yes he hurt but not for himself when Judas be trading with the kids there in the garden was was he having some kind of self-pity going on because of this no he knew what Judas was going to go do he already knew it before he ever became one of the disciples you know he was aware of the scripture he was aware of what was going on it wasn't a surprise to him when it happened then and oh but he loved Judas Oh did he left Judas Yes he did and so he hurt when Judas be trade him but he didn't hurt for himself you see you and I are love is backwards right it's actually selfishness but we call it love but when this stuff happens to us we hurt for us because of how it makes me feel and what it makes me look like and how do I you know we look at it from a self standpoint right. And when Peter denying him with cursing Well Jesus knew we would already told him song. And. Wow But he didn't hurt for himself. He heard for Peter already told Peter you know Peter the enemies asked for you. But I have prayed for you. And when you come back. Right when you come back strengthen your brother in time. They already knew. So Jesus how how often did he take anything personally. Never so he was always in the situation where he did not take things personally throughout his entire life oh what would that be like you know you've got chaos and other things that are going on around you but you never take it personally why because he was eating from his father's about say all the time and you can only take it personally if you eat from there buffet and you take it and you believe it and you make it your own but he he said I did not take what men have because I know what's in a man's right that's what he said says I don't take from men because I know what's in a man but he took from his father only and because he did so and God is love then then he as he ate completely from his father's BUFF A and he took from him all the time he was the perfect example of love you want to know what love is like well you can read it in the law but sometimes we scratch our heads wondering what that looks like in real example while Jesus' life was a real example of what that looked like and he responded perfectly to everything everybody ever said or did to him not that his life not that everything that happened to him was good mind you we know that but how he responded to everything that happened to him was good it was perfect and he had good ripples What do I mean. Well you know you get a stone and you throw it in the water the fact is not just the stone going in the water the effect is is now the ripples going out from there there is a there is a cause and effect consequence that spreads from that area there's an influence that happens from there and if you have a big enough stone for whatever pond that you're in those ripples will go all the way through that through the pond to all of the edges and it will eventually influence the whole thing and and Jesus was not just the pebble. He was the rock right and he was the Rock of Ages and that stone thrown into the water of God's creation and in the universe the ripples of the effect of Jesus' life have gone throughout all time and all space and have affected not just humanity on this earth but also the angels and other created beings that God has made throughout all of the creation of the universe it is all of fact and by the life of Jesus and not just in Jesus' time but those ripples come forward in time to you and I now Dave and we're benefited by those ripples today but it went back in time as well and it benefited Adam and Eve and and so on and those that were before the time of Christ throughout all time and space those ripples have been there and and a cool thing about ripples when they're good ripples you can never get them back. Right you can't stop them and you can't you try to stop them and then you just create more ripples and they keep going on and so on and and when they're good ripples has a good thing. Right. And Jesus had power. He had power to overcome not that it was his power intrinsically but he trusted in his father and in trusting in His father and taking from his father's goods he had power to overcome Santa and that was the example and the living example of his life from beginning to end he was send lists and because of this Jesus comes to the cross with no baggage nobody gets none whatsoever. We must now consider another reality another experience coming up to the cross and that is the experience of you and I You see Jesus was fully God and he was fully man and he did both perfectly you and I are fully man we're not a god. And we don't do the man part very well right and if you want to have an accurate description of what you and I are like then we just take the life of Jesus and we apply this book called A thesaurus and we find the antonym sanction and everything that correctly describes the character of Jesus you just find the antonym of that and you will find the correct description of you and I Jesus was send lists he was perfect that means that we are. SANFL all that's right now send full implies that we are what of sin full of sin so we're so full of sin that there's no room left for any righteousness just like Jesus was so full of righteousness there was no room left for any sin the complete opposite right now Jesus was never personally heard what about you and I. How often do we take it personally. All the time every time we take it personally I'm just the opposite of what Jesus was Jesus was loving. But what is our law. Of selfishness right and so his love was real love but our love is selfishness. And Jesus responded perfectly to everything that happened to him what about us did we do we respond perfectly no and so we end up being the ones that hurt others right we end up being the perpetrator in many cases of saying the wrong things doing the wrong things and so on and being that that initiating factor of hurt in somebody else's life right and not only that but we are the victim the unwilling victim of what others have said and done and. Long with the victimhood comes the the thought processes in the patterns that go along with it a victim thinks a particular way and there's a lot of destruction in that type of thinking associated with being a victim and because of all of this we have bad ripples. Jesus had perfect ripples we have bad ripples if you ever want to know if you have bad ripples just have children. Right I know we have a few. Right and it took me a few I'm a slow learner and a number of different ways right now and people kept asking us well do you know how that happens you know because we had one and then we on 2 and then we on 3 and then we went for the around 5 and went 6 and you know and anyways but. You know I was in another way I was a slow learner and that is that that I used to get really frustrated at my children because they had all of these character defects and it was just not working well and they were not representing daddy very well and so on and so forth and and I was frustrated with them up one side and down the other and one day. It struck me they are me. And that's why I'm so frustrated right. That's why I'm so frustrated because I see myself and them they get it rightfully right they get it rightfully because they're mine right and so you see that influence that effect going on to the next generation in the next generation and not just that but people that you come into contact with in the influence that you have over then all why I shudder to think what happens record looks like when when I consider some of the stuff that I have been involved in in my life and how I have influenced others to get involved in a lot of this stuff too because I can never go back and undo having done that right I can't you can't get the ripples and pull them back in. You can't once they go they go. And we find in our humanity that we have a powerlessness we are in capable of overcoming sin and capable and so every time we fall to it because we don't have power to overcome and with this you and I have baggage Here's the baggage that we have and this is the baggage that we bring to the cross now we are told again and 521 for he made him who knew no sin to be San for us and so here and this experience in the life of Jesus from birth until his death and in a special way from the The Last Supper through the garden of guess seminarian his trial and on to the cross until his death Jesus now then becomes my sin for me he becomes my sin for me. Not that he gives in to it not that he himself is is guilty of it not that he himself is participating in it but in this way that the father makes him to be sin for me. He becomes my sand for me right and you see our history our past is very interesting because it tends to direct our future ever notice and. That because of the experiences that we've had in the past the things that have happened to us the ways that we've responded the the habits of of life that the future tends to be shaped very much according to that direction so individuals who grew up in alcoholic homes many times grow up to be alcoholics and those that grow up in abusive situations end up becoming abusers later and so on and even though they hated the fact that that happened to them and they vow that they will never do that and many of them end up that way anyways because that past but that past that history in my mind is kind of like the gun barrel What's the purpose of the gun barrel. Yeah it's to direct the movement of the bullet Otherwise you can get the bullet through it in the middle of a fire and everybody stand around and see which way it's going to go nobody knows right now and knows which way it's going to go when the thing finally goes off but you throw it in a gun barrel you know exactly where it's going right you can you know the you can stand New many many many places and you know you're not in danger when that thing goes off but if you stand right in front of it. You know there's lots of danger right well the past is like the gun barrel. And the movement of our lives in the future is Steve term and on based upon what has happened in the past in that gun barrel and our propensity our momentum is in that direction that's humanity that's the exam that's the experience that we have in this humanity and so what Jesus is seeking to do here on the cross one of the things I'm not saying all we're just scratching the surface one of the things that Jesus is seeking to do is to step into our gunbarrel and to take it himself right to step into our gun barrel and to take it himself so that when she says our substitute just like in the old sacrificial system you bring the lamb to the to the to the temple you lay your hand on the lamb you confess your sand in the sand is transferred from you to the lamb to the Lamb do anything to deserve that San Absolutely not it's innocent completely innocent. And it pays the price for my sin I deserve to go to the temple and have my neck slit and my blood to pour for and for me to die because of that sand. But and said it is transferred to the Lamb and I slipped the Lambs through it and it bleeds and dies in my place and the sin is transferred from myself to the Lamb from the lamb to the sanctuary from the sanctuary to the scapegoat and then eventually when a scapegoat pays for it all at the end. Right it's the example of how God's going to take care of this and problem and so here like that lamb Jesus here on the cross is the one who that sin is transferred to. So in a way. I can ask this question and it's uncomfortable. Because we don't like to think of it this way but on the cross who was it that was central. When's the last time you were on the cross. On a Cross who was it that was central chooses That's right not that he gave in to it not that he himself was guilty of it or anything like that for he made him who knew no sin. To be sin for us so that be component of it right to be sin he was our sin again not that he was guilty of it but like the lamb became your sin and suffered the the penalty Jesus became our sand and suffers the penalty so so he becomes responsible for my sin and how much san all of it right the fullness of my sin. On the cross who is it that's hurt personally Jesus that's right on the cross who is it that's selfish Jesus again not that he participates in and so on but who on the Cross who's the perpetrator Jesus and the unwilling victim Jesus the one that has bad ripples that you can never pull back Jesus how about the one that powerless to overcome sin Jesus right how about the one that's carrying the baggage. Jesus all the baggage you and I come to the cross with all of the experience that you and I come to the cross with all of the sand all of this stuff. In the past and the history and so on and so forth that is what Jesus becomes. But why 7 grand and 521 for he made him who knew no sand to be set in for us that we might become the righteousness of God in him that we might become the righteousness of God in him so there's another aspect to the cross here that we must consider and that is what happens to you to us in this process so when we enter into the experience of the cross then exactly the opposite of what happened to Jesus happens to us right Jesus goes from perfectly good to absolutely bad we go from perfectly bad to absolutely good you see in the cross Jesus steps into your gun barrel and my gun barrel and he takes our past he takes our history he takes the experiences of life he makes them his very own and that deserves death and so he dies the penalty that our Send deserves in himself but in doing so he not just us off into his gun barrel and his gun barrel deserves eternal life his gun barrel deserves. Glory and honor and praise and so on and so forth his his gun barrel is is always aimed towards the target and it never misses the mark. And so Jesus nudges us off into his timeline into his gun barrel into his life so that we get every thing his life deserves we become responsible for the perfection of the life of Christ just as he makes himself responsible for our sin and the messing up and not beautiful oh and so when we enter into this experience of the Cross who is it then that is perfect to me that's right who is it that has no personal hurts me right who is it that that is loving in me and has a perfect response to everything that has ever happened in life many who is it has good ripples throughout all time and space Many who is it that has power to overcome me and who is it has no baggage. And. Absolutely unfair exchange on fair exchange. Oh yeah too good to be true and so many of us will not accept a gift because we think it can't be it's just too good to be true. Or we think it's such a big gift there are such big strings attached to it we're just not going to accept the gift right now what's the catch because we think Gone is like we are and the bigger the gift A bigger the strings we think there are strings attached. Matthew 25 verse 40 Jesus says assuredly I say to you and as much as you did to one of the least of these my brother and you did it to me. Let's dig a little bit deeper into this and see what it's like in living color. Because there is stuff that happened to us and we've done things to others if I do something to somebody else I'm doing it to Jesus if somebody else does it to me they're doing it to Jesus right and that's what this verse is same because Jesus enters into the experience of everyone and everyone because he took average one's experience on the Cross not only that he intimately knows everyone and everything that everyone is going through you cannot experience anything in life that God does not experience you cannot feel anything in life that God does not feel right. He knows. And sometimes it is hard because I'm talking individuals sometimes who have been raped and have had have gone through all sorts of real hell in their lives. And and and they they just don't see how God could understand. But what they don't understand is that God went through it too and that in fact I had to get through God 1st before I got to them. And there's nothing that they can feel that God doesn't and so when you and I hold on to the hurt feelings guess what we don't just hurt ourselves we hurt him when we hold on to the hurt feelings does he feel the hurt feelings too yes he does he does. And so the longer we hold on to him not only do we torture ourselves we torture him to. So on the car across God offers this divine exchange of life for a life and it is made possible to us because of grace it's divine favor we cannot earn it in fact to even try to attempt to pay for it is like slapping him in the face there's nothing that you and I can do nothing that you and I have that can ever pay for this or deserve it we come to the cross with how much righteousness 0 completely full of sin bad motives and all of that kind of stuff you and I cannot come to God to Christ in the 1st place with a single good motive because we don't have anywhere within us to generate a good motive to come to God for and so how does God get us he gets us through wrong motives we always come to Christ with wrong motives because we're coming to him with a life completely full of sin. And we eventually as we enter into a life with Christ we eventually come to hate the very motives that drew us to him in the 1st place because we came to him because of selfish purposes selfish reasons I want to be free from this living hell. Praise God he does set us free from that living hell he does right. But but in this it's by grace it's by divine favor there is nothing good in us that we can come and offer to God and say OK I will give you this you give me goodness right you give me your life and so on and so far I know all we can come to God is with a need I need you God and that's it but that's all it takes is a need because he knew we could not come to him with anything other than a need right. But just because Grace offers that gift does not mean that everybody gets that gift because they get it's offered to everyone but it only becomes yours when it's accepted and it's faith that excepts that gift it were told for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him right whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life that believing is Face it is that believing it is that faith that accepts the gift so that it becomes my own so that's my living reality so let's again put some more flesh and blood on this thing. Let's say that you had gotten in an argument with somebody and and that argument got really heated and after a while you were the last man standing and somebody else was dead and there's this big ups going on in your mind and you're thinking well I don't necessarily want to go to prison and and I don't like the idea of what might happen there and I like my freedom and they very much and so you figure out how to dispose of the remains in the evidence and so on and you get away with it and so for several years you know you've been. Nobody's found out nobody knows that you did it and so on and so forth you're free right. Well your body is free or not in prison but your mind oh mine you're in prison everywhere you go there you are right and you know what you did in the guilt is always following you and you're wondering who's going to find out when they're going to find out there's fear there's anxiety there's all this kind of stuff that's chasing you around everywhere you go and and you can never really get away from it and and so then today you find out about the cross and you find out about this divine exchange and that what Jesus is offering to you he's offering to step into your timeline your gunbarrel your history your past and to take the bullet for you. And in doing so he's going to nudge you off into his timeline into his gun barrel he's going to give you everything that his life deserves and when you believe the gift that he's there offering to you at the cross you then end up with the perfection of the life of Christ and he ends up being the murderer. Now after you do so who is not the murderer you. Mean. It. Doesn't mean you forget what happened. No it doesn't mean that you forget what happened but the guilt in the shame and the hurt in the pain and everything associated with it goes because he takes it it goes with him at the cross. Now you come to Christ and you learn that you know confession is a whole part of this thing as well and there's other people that have been hurting and wondering what's going on and so on and so forth and you realize that you know truth is a good part of God's plan too and so you you can finish to you know what happen in the authorities investigate and there's no statute of limitation on murder so you end up going to prison. Right so you go to prison. Who's not guilty. You're not guilty. So if you're not guilty and you're in prison how free can you be can be free indeed your exact opposite situation that you were before you were free in the body but a slave in the mine now you're free in the mine but a slave in the body. Which one would you rather have. Oh I would rather be free from guilt and all of that kind of stuff and be locked up in prison because I could be like Paul and Silas singing saying you singing hymns at midnight being counted worthy to suffer for his name. Right and the cross sets you free. Free IED right but it's not just from that side other individuals have been through a life that's been a living hell they've grown up in and we were foster parents for a while and and the 2nd set of children that we got when we were foster parenting we had them for a while Oh my the neglect that was there I mean they were left for for more than a day just sitting in their high chair stuck in the high chair you know you can imagine how dirty the diapers get and what they in on not having food and so on and so forth because the parents were were into drugs and not taking care of the children and they were beaten they were all of this kind of stuff and and there's just this this living hell that happens in this world it's sad but but that's just part of it and you know we as we grow up in families where we should be protected but were violated and and and you know and then you have marriages that are supposed to be for life and they end up being not for life and and there's all sorts of stuff that that happens and we come and we have this baggage and lots of stuff that happened to us and we were not asking for it we didn't want it very much thank you. Right. But it was your past and it happened to you own. But remember Jesus said if they have done it unto the least of these my brother and they've done and to me and N N N A Me So if you are one who has been abandoned neglected abused rejected molested divorced whatever it might be. And you've been struggling with the bitterness and the resentment and the hurt and the all of that stuff and the shame that goes along with it and today you realize that Jesus is offering you on the cross he's offering to allow you to to to well to come into your life that he might take it all himself. And be the victim of all of those things that have happened to you and in doing so he's going to nudge you off into his timeline so that you might be the one that gets his life in exchange. And you believe faith takes hold of the gift and it becomes yours who now is not the one who is abused. Me who now is the one that was not molested me who is the one that was not abandoned me right. Because Jesus takes my place. So that I can go free. And all of the bitterness and resentment and so on and so forth associated with those thoughts and and whatever of me being the victim they go away at the cross and it goes across sets me free. Going to have to skip that story to. Time will not permanent. So let me ask this question let's forget that there's anybody else in the world it's just you and Jesus just you and Jesus. Nobody else before the cross how many perpetrators are there one who is it to me. On the cross or after the cross how many perpetrators are there one who is it Jesus. So I want to make this point clear if you are still a perpetrator. If you're still the one who said that thing did that thing it responded the way that you did and so on and so forth and you have guilt associated with it and you've been holding yourself there self-hatred and other things like that because of the addictions or the the behaviors or the whatever it is if you're still the perpetrator then you're living in an experience that is before the cross because when you come to the cross Jesus becomes the perpetrator for you. And you go free. You go free. And all of those feelings and hurt stuff and everything along with it go away to the memory doesn't go away you remember the stuff but the hurt associated with it goes away because he heals the hurt. Last point here between Jesus and you me for the cross how many unwilling victims. One who is it to me after the cross between Jesus and you how many unwilling victims one who is it Jesus That's right so if you are still the victim if you're still the one that they said the thing to to they did the thing to they treated that way and so on and so forth and there's the resentment in the hurt in the betterness and all of that kind of stuff that's just so hard to get rid of and take care of then you're living in an experience that is before the cross because when you come to the cross Jesus becomes the victim for you. And you go free. There is so much more power at the cross than we have understood. And there is so much more freedom that God has designed for us than we have thought of. And I cannot sufficiently help my patients to deal with the baggage that is causing so much chaos in their lives including physical dysfunction if I don't have the tool of the cross because it is where they must come to to go free right they must come to this to go free now how much of your sending Jesus pay for. All of it does that mean everything you ever did what about everything you would ever do that to so does that mean that God knows the future absolutely and he said your eyes saw my substance being yet on form and in your book they all written the days fashion for me when as yet there were none of them Yeah absolutely he knows the future and when Jesus died on the cross he died knowing everything that you and I would ever do everybody throughout all eternity that would ever sin he paid for it all he didn't miss a single sin so that means that in the future if anything comes up and you fall did he know that already Yeah he knew it already it's not a problem for him he already paid the price for it it's only a problem for us because now we discovered it's there and we didn't know it right the revelation is for us not for him he knows already. So don't know when you when a child is learning how to walk. And it falls down. Is the parent going to slap the child around because a fairly fell down no right shouldn't right unless their demonic brain and and whatever know that the parents are excited that the child's learning how to walk the falling is not a problem it's expected in the process of learning how to walk. It's the staying down that's the problem right it's the staying down and not getting back up if the child falls and then has a temper tantrum and then refuses to walk again Vance a problem but if the child falls and then gets back up and falls and gets back up and falls and gets back up that's not a problem that's expected the Bible tells us a righteous man falls 7 times and 7 times what gets back up Jesus said I tell you not 7 times but 70 times 7 how many times would you allow your child to fall in the process of learning to walk. As as much as it takes that's right are we better than gone now. But sometimes we think he's the angry ogre that's looking at us and just seeking as zap us every time we fall and to knock us down and to keep us down and so on and so forth no he's a loving heavenly Father he knew everything that we would do he paid the price for it already don't wallow in the send get back up trust in His grace enter back into the experience of the cross bring that send before him at the cross he knew it was there already don't let it be something that separates you from him him and don't try to wallow in the sand and the hard feelings and all of that kind of stuff in order to try to pay for what you did. Because. We Adventists are really good at penance. We are right you know penance here and flog yourself and you do other things like that in your you know painful things and whatever and put hooks in the flash and drag you around and carry the cross and do other things like that I mean there's that outward penance we're really good at inward penance right we sin and you know we've done the Senate again and again and again one again and again and again and you know and we do it again and then we just beat ourselves up mentally and we hold on to the hurt feelings and we just wallow around in it and we just try to kind of like sandpaper ourselves with it is not until we feel like we've you know done it enough that now we can come back to God and ask Him for forgiveness it's it's just a way of trying to save ourselves it's just a salvation by works right where we're trying to add to the salvation process by beating ourselves up because we think God would beat us up because of it and so we're going to do part of the beating up process ourselves. So that he doesn't have to beat us up so much. Lord help us. His grace is so much better than that so any except you is his child he does so knowing everything that you would ever do and so when something comes up nothing's ever going to come up that's going to make him say oh whoops you know I forgot to pay for that one on the cross. Oh oops that was too big for me to pay for right no this same is going to tell you it was too big say is going to tell you God forgot about that one on the cross he's going to tell you that that's just too much don't even bother trying to get up again why because Satan wants to stay on the ground and if you stand on the ground and you refuse to get back up how can God save you. But if we trust in Him and His love and His grace for us we will get back up and he will save us. He already paid the price but does that mean that we're automatically forgiven Well no grace again provides for the forgiveness but faith complies with the conditions and accept 2nd for forgiveness. And there's confession there's repentance and so on that goes along with that and I wish I had to more time to go into that because it's a part that many of us skip over right but it's face and Christ that his sacrifice is for me and is sufficient for my sin that that enters into that divine exchange of life for life. And I am justified I get the life of Christ and when Heaven looks at me they see Jesus I. Praise God. And one of the functions of forgiveness is to allow us to enter back into relationship and so the cross reconciles relationship. So. Can we give 1st or do we have to take 1st. You have to take 1st because you can't give what you don't have right so we have we must come and take 1st in order to give so let's look at this heart that God created us with within the context of real love not human love that we talked about last time. But let's look at it in the context of Divine Love You see this new heart it still has gains and losses it still goes after the gain it always avoids the loss it does have expectations right the new heart still has expectations too but now operating under Divine Love it's entirely different you see Satan cannot create anything new. All he can do is rearrange what God has put there. And and Divine Love in a creature functions like this you take in order to give right just like a stream coming through a property it must 1st take of the stream and order to give it out the other side right so we take in order to give Well Satan just turned around and said You give an order to take you give in order to receive that's human love he just took it and turned it backwards but backwards doesn't work. Backwards doesn't work so when we take to give it's no longer an investment it's a it's a gift right and a gift comes without strings attached. And if my love is taking in order to give then what is my game my gain is to give and the more I give the more again that I have and the gain comes in the giving. Not in what I receive from having given. For example. Let's say that there's this huge store that has been built close to you and it has everything possible that you could find it's got cars it's got housing supplies it's got groceries it's got everything right and you don't have to go to any other store and it's so big it has such buying power you can you can it's got great prices as well and so you go there and you're shopping and you get all this stuff and you tell everybody about it it's really cool one day you're at the counter your check out and they're gone the bleep bleep bleep and you're doing this thing. I. Went and and a manager walks up to you and says Well. Looks like you forgot your your wallet or something and say yeah I'm sorry it is OK can I put the card aside and you know and go run home and grab it and come back and and pay for the stuff and he says down don't worry about it hand you a store card says here you can use this anytime you need to and then he grabs at me hands it to the clerk clerk swipes it gives you the receipt and and you know you're ready to go. You turn to thank him and he's already gone taken care of somebody else and and and you know who was really weird and so you come back and you know you do some more shopping and later some time you forget your wallet again but you actually have the card with you and so you look at it no I. Don't know if I should but don't have my cash and so you get handed to the clerk they swipe the card works give you a receipt and you've got your stuff. And then another day are there and you have your credit card and you have the card the store card and you're looking at him gone. So you use the store card and it works. And you know you're walking out and you get a signed glance in the plan the manager is there and he gives you kind of like this knowing smile you know of approval and you're like well this is where and you know something's happened and whatever one day you're going and you stop at a red light and there's there's a woman that's begging off on the side and she has a cardboard sign saying you know I need help. God bless thank you you know whatever and and so you notice her and you. Just briefly because then you try not to get eye contact has and that creates all cross sorts of movement on their part towards your vehicle and and so you know but then you think you remember the card and you go oh OK yeah and so you roll down the window you invite you know color over it's a long red light and I knew you'd tell her you know I can take you shopping and get whatever you need you know and and so she agrees gets in the vehicle you guys go back to the store and you tell her go you know and the way you learned that her husband had come down with something and and they didn't have insurance and they lost the house and all of this stuff she has 3 children and and and she just has not found any way of getting back on her feet and so they're living in the shelter downtown and and the kids are still going to daycare and school but. She's panhandling just to try to you know make some money and try to get something together for her family and and so you know you tell her well hey let's get some stuff for the kids and whatever she's you're telling her to get whatever and she's being modest she doesn't want to presume upon your generosity and and so you you know you encourage her to to do whatever so you buy stuff you go back to the shelter and she's very grateful and so on and and you go on but you can't get you can't get her off your mind. And you keep thinking about her and everything and and eventually you find yourself back at the store and you're wandering around and you find out that they have a real estate department. So you go step in there and you start looking around and what they have you and you you find that they've got this nice 2 story home on the end of a cul de sac somewhere with a basement and you know and and whatever in your like that would be really great for her and you think about the card. On how much would that cost and and so you get the dinner and then you tell them what you're thinking and they're like well yeah we can do it and we can get it titled in your name and everything like that and then when she you know you can come in and get her and so on and we can transfer it all over and hers would be fine oh awesome and we can ensure it to you through the you know through the store and. Hand How is she going to get back and forth she needs a vehicle while the auto departments over there. Or you go you know you wander over there and and you find a nice you know many van with leather seats because she's got kids are going to spill stuff all over so you know leather seats you can wipe it up and and and so on and you get them and you can insure it through there and you pay for all of it with the car but but then it's going to be an empty home so you got to furnish the thing and so they have a decorating department and so you go over there you talk to the associate and she says you know tell her what's going on she's like oh yeah let me meet you down at the home and we'll do a walk through and you know decide everything that needs to be there and so you go down there and you meet with her and you walk through the homes as I call you need a farm out here and you need pictures on the walls there you need this you know this furniture over here and you're going to need all of these dishes and you said she's got these children these sage How about a playground in the backyard where you know and let's do the boys bed set this way and I'll do the girls bed set over here you know and whatever and this kind of appliances because they can hang all over it and break it and and so on so you get everything and you go back to the store and you pay for it with the card. And and everything comes in and starts getting assemble it and everything and and one day you travel back to the shelter and you find her there the kids are actually with her this time in teller hey let's go shopping I'll take you shopping again so she goes with the kids kids are a little bit more eager to shop than she is and you know on anyways you buy stuff and you throw him in the car and then you head back a different way and she asks are we going to your home well no not really. It Geo like this neighborhood Yeah looks like a nice neighborhood safe neighborhood you turn around a corner and you come down towards the end of a cul de sac and and there's this house there with a big red ribbon on the front in a minivan with a big ribbon on the top of it and and you pull right in front of that new turner and you say this is yours. What do you mean I got this for you and your hand or the keys Here's the house key and here's the here's the key to the car I got him for you you need a home you need a car right. And she just breaks down crying and the kids are wondering what's going on with mom and she comes out and click click in the doors you know slide back on the on the minivan the kids are you know all shuffling through and whatever and then they go up to the front door and she just she she's in a mixture of laughing and crying while she's going through the different rooms kids come through the front door they look through the glass door in the back and they see the the playground and you know they're just out there and sliding and playing and whatever and and she's just she's just overwhelmed. There was again. And taking her shopping and getting her some goods but there is so much greater game in getting her the house and the car but how much did it cost you. SERE. 0 you used to store car. Right it costs you nothing to give it away because you took everything. Simply to give it away it wasn't yours but there is a joy there is life that comes in the giving and the more you can give the more gain that you have right. Now what is loss. Loss is to keep it to yourself losses to withhold for self sake now there might be withholding for their sake right because of their selfishness or their situation and if you just gave gave gave they would take advantage of that and and it would just worsen the situation and so there can be a withholding for their sake for is there good but to withhold or to keep for my sake I would enter into loss and when I enter into a loss I am automatically back in the old heart. Automatically back there. John 1225 Jesus tells us he who loves his life will lose it and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for life eternal you want to know that we're crazy Here's one evidence of it in this world how do you keep something you hold onto it you protect it you keep others away from it you put it between bars you you stick it in a bank you throw it in a in a safe you do other things like that you're buried in the ground you do something in order to hold on to the thing but God is telling us that in reality not here in this world but in reality if you want to keep something what do you have to do give it away because the moment that you hold onto it you lose it the moment you hold onto it you lose it it's just absolutely backwards from our thinking because our thinking is absolutely backwards you want another evidence that we're crazy and that everything is upside down. Jesus told us it is more blasted to give than to receive So if you go out the front door I'll pay you a $1000.00 but if you go on the back door you pay a $1000.00 which story going to go on. But he said it's more a blessing to. Give than to receive but we and selfish human hearts will always choose receiving over 15 we'll always choose receiving over giving because we're upside down or upsidedown right. We're told it gone makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. God will not lose and so he will not withhold his love from us right he won't and it doesn't matter what we are like he sends it anyways the law of self-sacrifice is the law of self-preservation the husband preserves his grain by casting it away so in human life to give is to live the life that will be preserved is the life that is freely given in service to God and man those who for Christ sake sacrifice their life in this world will keep it on to life eternal. This new heart do you need acceptance. You may need acceptance Yeah absolutely God created us with that need so you go to God and you take that acceptance because he is the source of it you want to accept tends to remain yours what must you do give it away for the moment that you hold onto it and you reject others. You lose it that's the divine law right you need forgiveness absolutely So you go to God and you take all the forgiveness you need because he has it all he's the source of it but you want forgiveness to remain yours what must you do give it away right for the moment that you withhold that forgiveness from others guess what you lose it it's just a divine law right as just a divine law so when Jesus said in Matthew 615 but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trespasses what Jesus was NOT saying is that when you're an angry ogre and whatever and you don't forgive somebody else then God's going to be a bigger angrier ogre and not forgive you. That's what he's not saying what is he saying he is saying that it's just a divine law that if you withhold it if you hold onto it you lose it you lose it it's just it's like jumping off a bridge gravity will function right you won't fall up you'll fall down. And this heart remembers it's not mine it's not mine I don't have it it's not my possession I can't produce it I'm not the creator I am not my own to do whatever I want to with me just like the U.P.S. delivery guy that delivers a package that's not their own everyone who lives in this heart does not take things personally because it's not about us it's not about us right because it's not my possession I don't have anything that I created my own it's not even my love I don't have love that I create It's something I need and so I must take it but when I take it I do so that I might hoard it to myself know that I might give it away that's right and in the giving away comes the joy in the life and and so on. I don't have time to go on the relationship but anyways relationships would be entirely different. I'd love to describe it but I don't have time but the relationships would be entirely different if we were living by this new heart because there would be no selfishness we wouldn't turn the other person into an idol we would come in we would take from God and we would give to the other and and if the other had to go on a mission trip for you know year a couple of years or something like that we would be sitting back at home going on I can't believe that they're not here in our midst I'm so much in on this and that and the other thing no because we already have our source everywhere we go we have our source we can eat from his buffet table and we can be full. And when they return we can have the joy of giving you know and it's not about the taking it's about the giving right taking from him but giving to the others the purpose for other relationships in this planet. Is to give what we have taken from God The Taking comes vertically the giving comes horizontally right. And there are expectations in this new heart there are I would expect my wife to love me even functioning from the new heart but not for my sake I would expect her to love me for her sake. Because I know that it would be for her good it would be for her joy it would be for her gain to give and if she withheld that it would hurt her and I don't want her to hurt I want her to again and so I expect for her to love me for her sake but if she didn't I wouldn't hurt for myself because I'm not expecting it for myself I would hurt for her because my my purpose is for her good and for her gain right that's entering in the life of Jesus who is the perfect example of this heart Jesus did Jesus believe that he possessed things. No he said Foxes have holes the birds of the air have messed with the sun a man has no where to lay his head right he didn't believe that he possessed it did did he produce a whole lot on his own now he said I can of myself do nothing it's incredible what you can do when you can't do anything. Right it's just how backwards we are and how upside down we are when we think we can do it we think we can accomplish it but the reality is that only way we're going to accomplish it is when we realize we can't do it and so we must trust and depend right. Jesus did he think that he was his own to do whatever he wanted to with him no he said Most assuredly I say to you the son can do nothing of himself but what he sees the father do for whatever he does the son doesn't like manner so Jesus was a perfect example of his heart he was a perfect U.P.S. delivery guy he never took anything personally because he was only taking from his father he was taking from the only source that there really is and he was coming to give to everyone around him regardless of what they were like and who the how they responded and so on and so forth it was in a copy the law of right. Now how does that heart respond in bad circumstances because you see selfishness and real love can look very similar when things are going well right selfishness and real love can look very similar when things are going well but when chaos hits that's when the manifestation between the 2 becomes very distinct. Like the present gets thrown on the ground and smashed how you respond to that situation tells you which love you have. If you take it personally and you're hurting you're upset and you're angry or other things like that you know it's selfishness that is the motivation behind the gift in the giving but if you don't take it personally if you're curious if you hurt for them and so on and so forth then you know you're coming from a selfless standpoint and so the trial and the test reveals to us how we respond in the test and trial reveals to us what's in the heart and so Jesus let's see what happened to him in the test in the trial Jesus did not contend for his rights often his work was made unnecessarily severe. Because he was willing and uncomplaining yet he did not fail nor become discouraged he lived above these difficulties as if in the light of God's countenance he did not retaliate when roughly used but bore insult patiently. Dats how the new heart operates under test and trial in the heart of Christ where reign perfect harmony with God there was perfect peace he was never elated by applause why because he wasn't eating off another people's buffet nor dejected by censure why because he wasn't eating off of their buffet. Or disappointment amid the greatest opposition and the most cruel treatment he was still of good courage why he was eating off of God's buffet right. He was now in the shadow of the Cross and the pain was torture in his heart he knew that he would be deserted in the hour of his betrayal he knew that by the most humiliating process to which criminals were subjected he would be put to death he knew the in gratitude and cruelty of those he had come to save he knew how great the sacrifice that he must make and for how many it would be in vain knowing all that was before him he might naturally have been overwhelmed with the thought of his own humiliation and suffering you think well yeah naturally but but he looked upon the 12 who had been with him as his own and who after his shame and sorrow and painful usage were over would be left to struggle in the world his thoughts of what he himself must suffer were ever connected with his disciples he did not think of himself his care for them was uppermost in his mind he had a selfless love from beginning to end. Price never murmured and never uttered discontent discontent displeasure or resentment he was never disheartened discouraged ruffled or fretted He was patient calm and self-possessed under the most exciting and trying circumstances all his works were performed with a quiet dignity and ease whatever commotion was around him applause did not only him he feared not the threats of his enemies he moved amid the world of excitement of violence and crime as the sun moves above the clouds human passions and commotions and trials were beneath him he sailed like the sun above them all yet he was not indifferent to the woes of men his heart was ever touched with the sufferings and necessities of his brother and as though he himself was the one afflicted he had a call an inward joy a peace which was serene his will was ever swallowed up in the will of his Father not my will but thine be done was heard from his pale and quivering lips. Beautiful this is what the new heart looks like this is how it acts this is how it responds This is the life of Jesus. What about us Christ did not fail neither was he discouraged in his followers or to manifest a faith of the same enduring nature there it is a spare of nothing and a hope for everything if the works of the ambassadors of Christ are Ron and God They will not be elated by praise from human lips neither will they be depressed because they think they are not appreciated why because they're not eating from others buffeting their eating from the father's buffet. If you had the spirit of Christ you would not notice lights and make much of fancied injuries. It is the love of self that destroys our peace while South is all alive we stand ready continually to guard it from mortification and soul but when we are dead and our life is hid with Christ in God we shall not take neglect or slights to heart we shall be deaf to reproach and blind to scorn and insult. Beautiful. This new heart recognizes that I am a creature of Gods I am a creation of his the old heart believes that I am God but the new one realizes that I am a creature I am a child of God and that is the true identity that you and I must have that's the one that must be replaced with that old one of. Thinking that we are gone and when we enter into this new identity when we enter into this new heart we are set free because no longer are we a slave to others no longer are we dependent upon what they say and what they do and how they see it and how they do it no longer are we dependent upon those old gains and losses in that old heart not receiving not receiving enough for losing our treasure and having it taken away we're no longer subjected to that because it's no longer even part of the equation and we are in control because it's our choice our decision whether we gain or whether weak he I mean whether we give or whether we keep in this new heart and so we are the ones that are in charge of our gains or our losses whereas in the old heart it's always others that are in charge of our gains and losses. Everything that was upside down becomes right side up in the new heart and this is how God created us in the 1st place this is what Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden and the old heart is what every one of us have inherited ever since that time but God did not leave us in a situation where we would stay stuck in the old hard he died. With that old heart that he might in himself put it to death on the cross that you and I as we enter into that experience of the cross the old heart might die too because of Christ and we might be resurrected to the new heart. The new heart the new life remember Izzy kill 3626 and 27 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the old heart out of your flesh and give you a heart of flash right and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them it's a new heart that God desires for us and he's the only one that can give it to us we cannot deserve it we cannot earn it all we can do is need it. And ask for it so if you need it and you want it. Would you ask for it with me you know. Let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father. We have a beautiful picture of the love of God. That you would enter into the Hell of our lives and take our place to set us free. And Lord that. That you would offer to us a new heart that sets us free from solve so much more than we ever thought we could be set free from and Lord you said Ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and it will be open to you Lord you said that he who promised is see thole you said that you cannot lie and you promised a new heart and we are asking for. That new heart of love that we see in the life of Jesus and so Lord sends you cannot lie and we know it's your will we thank you for the gift and Lord May we enter into the joy of taking everything we need from him. And giving it away more and more. And may that be our life. We pray in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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