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Agents of Change

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton

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  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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all right so this is a center online of all more than a comment on would talk about introduction on said just this whole concept of God in the workplace look at the origin of this dichotomy when the economy emerged in terms of work is separate from the spirituality of special life relationship with God on our people do not will start talking on integration within a quote from Mark Green on Kahneman evangelical theologians and religious equals from different authors while the biblical discussion and would just jump into principal officers will be that of being that be so that's a general outline of what were going to be dealing with so first and foremost let's without a word of prayer heavenly father we want to thank you for the gift of life we thank you Lord for the opportunity to be a part of an army of youth that we believe God is doing everything in his power to make it right between on this seminar Lord is our bizarre contribution to that pray Lord that she would bless every aspect on we pray will eventually remove the mountains that get in the way it was being successful witnesses in the workplace and also additional challenges this morning on some of the most fundamental principles in ways by which we can impact the secular workplace are seven Adventist Christians as Christians were designed to hasten the second coming of Jesus we love you we thank you are hearing and answering this prayer we trust that we will learn more about Jesus and how we can follow his example in our lives in Jesus name we pray amen all right so let's look at all first session the agents of change so here is a quote on says this this is all homemade forcing Fortune article in two thousand one is this what we want to long in our work B J cofounder Gregory F a Pierce a publishing executive and the author of a new book called spirituality at work the simple answer is most of us spend so much time working it would be a shame we couldn't find on their and more complex answer is that there is a creative energy and work that is somehow tied to God 's creative energy if we can understand that connection perhaps we can use it to transform the workplace into something remarkable the only within yes we spent so much time working it would be a shame right that we can bring something so fundamental to our very nature and being in finding meaning in life but as I'm a Hispanic teens to sometimes ten to twelve hours a day doing that was created in contribution on purpose to my existence is just a necessary evil that is essentially how work is viewed the concept of God and workspace in the workplace we want to turn it this is actually not a new concept for very long time are probably back in nineteen thirty there was an organization called the Christian business men's of committee and what they did was they got together in a nineteen thirties and I like to know what we need to bring God into the workplace so they created this organization also international organization equal to eighty five C BMC online as I got into what brings up the website and these were the people are now building an international training center for Faith in the workplace I believe it's going on in India so they're trying to build this place better lysate from all over the world internationally to bring people to train them how to impact the business a training center the same action and to do the groundbreaking happen I think back in August and action in a start in January two thousand and to build this place ready for two thousand eleven these are men from all over the world going back to the nineteen thirties now the nineteen fifties organization called full Gospel old business men's Association these individuals got together in the nineteen fifties continuing to build on CBN sees Canavan that the hysteria so to speak that they created about this concept of God in the workplace and so they're saying look my thinnest full gospel concert now waiting to be careful because although we may agree on about ninety to ninety nine of the points and reasons and not the bolts of integrating faith into the workplace with our evangelical brethren there's also some very slight differences they view working things of this concert that they called the anointing that is on your life never heard that term before nobody has an anointing you may never heard this before but some of you that may have maybe possible in a cost to movement of the Baptist movement on it spreading around even if the Catholicism of different denominations but I did anyway this is called said that they believe in a non- fact that in Ephesians chapter four activists under on just set the stage and will continue on this introduction Ephesians chapter four neither statement have mercy okay you need mercy it's okay but you know come Sunday no mercy Ephesians chapter four and verse eight are we there okay we use this text to talk about the validity of the gift of prophecy and the last things this is one of the tech that we use as a a supportive concept in the New Testament for the prophetic gift continuing until the coming of Christ and the consummation of all things this is wherefore he saith when he ascended up on high he led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men now this is Jesus ascended up on high so the way that evangelicals went over the fact that say when Jesus left to go up into heaven this is what this Texas essentially but it doesn't mention insomuch able to so Paul is saying hey back when Jesus was ascending the goal for Dublin to heaven he says he led captivity captive and he gave gifts unto men verse nine now that he ascended what is it but that he also descended first into the more part of your he that descended is from the same also that ascended up far above all heavens that he might fill all things and he gave some apostles some profits and some evangelists and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ to meet all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God unto a perfect man unto the measure of the start of the fullness of Christ so what we find here is that they say okay when Jesus when he gave gifts unto men so you know how we do that with the spirit of prophecy we say we see his Christianity come into the unity of the faith ethanol no they have not right we still argue about whether he should keep his job this is the law done away with and not the millennium and pre- millennial age millennial whatever the case maybe source questioned him we have not achieved a unity in the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God people will reject the sanctuary message cannot fully understand Jesus and how salvation comes to exactly so we talk about people coming even from evangelical movements they did not have a full understanding of the gospel the sanctuary was representational of how Jesus deals with sin so we talk about our understanding with our evangelical brethren and a look at this text they use this text to show that apostleship is still a necessity the as a gift in the church until we all come into the unity of the faith now I would agree with them the question is how do we validate that a person action has Ocean so they will say is on the reasonableness in the third session I been reading the probably the best I would recommend to you in terms of the meeting cry yell sharing Christ in the workplace but hospitals in the third session you can take a look at them you know water than Amazon most of them are really cheap but ten dollars or less what is good quality material but they'll say the apostles in the workplace there is an anointing on your life you have authority as an apostle this is part of the issue this is part of the on foundation on the concept of an apostle they are the authority on Doctor Paul teaches things and so they honestly can't do things by studying the continent by revelation God will reveal to them as an apostle this is what you should be teaching the church so we can send you in the book of acts it says in the apostle 's doctrine I following the soldier they'll say you're an apostle in the workplace and so you have authority in the workplace so now you're not too freely without you may want to pop out at some point on the doctor didn't seminar the conduit is all prayer walks and also the stuff and highly capable enough authority to start claiming like ZIP Codes area codes will be previously you come interesting integrated ZIP Code I got through my ZIP Code among zero two one three nine ninety three guys is not debuted as encoding you have authority to walk the streets claiming authority driving the devil out etc. etc. would dictate that same concept and actually bring it into the workplace nice job that could be a little dangerous yes or no so you come to the workplace yet even though this is there is my boss I have the authority like a solid apostle my father can create some problems or let's say you know Katie and I were sitting in our cubicles you don't choose aggression on the Christian and we lunch and I'm so excited as a synonym that is another question at my job amen praise God someone I can talk about Jesus openly and how to look at me like know enough about what's in the workplace so again you are talking the audit was together and I'm like yeah you know so English atrocities on Will Sebastian are you aware the following you'll have to send out additional you can pray this intuitive you can pray that raise you can do this because you have authority from God as an anointing on your life manpower and doesn't start listening copy me up next I'll bite into this anointing stuff and when losing the meekness and humility of Jesus 's method in reaching is not about sending in the workplace he that will be great let me be your servants are you are you following the survey think the whole concept that God gives authorities and then the authority does not come within me is not invested in me the authorities in my submission to God by following so this concept of the apostle should be used as whole concept to show that we need to be apostles quotation marks in the workplace and so their approach to reaching out to the workplaces I guess we need to be doing this at the full gospel they're the ones who can't beginning to bring this concept is gone faith and spirituality in the workplace in the workplace so let's look at another quote misfortune on Fortune article two thousand one his legacy a conference at the business school of Santa Clara University a Jesuit institution Silicon Valley begins with the child of a Tibetan bowl a reading from the Sufi mystic Rumi and a few moments of silent meditation executives academics and theologians then discuss such topics as how to find once true calling there were two things I thought I'd never see in my life since Andre Bill Beck a management professor and organizer of the event the fall of the Russian Empire and got been spoken about in the business until recently I was off I study business in college and my study finance and entrepreneurship when I went into my finance major at my major courses one of my professors at things Ramesh gone I say all phenomenal Professor from the late seventies eighties and by the brilliant work in finance of being the guys and seniors literally as sole data sidearms and want to teach and so as a result of this he comes into the classroom one day and so on he and I had a discussion with some of him on the next set in the next seminar in terms of called me to hear my going there so going to preach at Indiana University and so while one asset a professor leave on Thursday on table because speed Friday on center etc. so in this class but I just wanted to get you know some idea of the notes ways reading the chapter is is obtaining an office after class I go to his office we start talking us is okay where you going when you get a university okay would even be talking about you know how we do right well you don't give me some speeches on things like morality in a positive encouragement for young people and now they're saying that they had chosen that that year was finding identity in the word of God solid like you on those of the Josie 's identity stuff like that and he says really well what you mean my given a talk about this like identity like how you can approach this now you can see why this happens to us as was so scared to witness is like the Lord is like she'll be out of us and him didn't just tell them about Jesus now that'll be fine my segment on Sabbath morning but this whole concept of like dogs all eventually I might I find this can open Pandora's box so my well to be talking about this in the Bible is all the Bible is a seedling is the word of God Mike I don't believe it's the word of God 's discussion rather than being a five-minute can I get the notes the presentation of the topic one hour about what I'll be presenting a basic give them off on my sentence not telling a story for reason so I'll cut it short I'll go down when the second session so when I I came back to the classroom after being at Indiana University a week later we were doing a real estate finance classes is right when the music industry was dropping is a lot was dropping he comes across when talking about how these drugs these these all loan officers without studying to become a loan officer and so they were like at this phone also was telling us about these drug dealer loans with a few loans to people with no information if you have the down payment you get the loan drug dealer loans don't know where you came from it is rolled and twenty thousand dollars cash visible so online it also was a pharmacist at the call assuming our people as financing evaluating your finances and I can look at your finances and tell you you cannot afford a hundred thousand dollar house if your mother dies if you get really sick if you have a baby your finances available down you're not able to mortgage the edges was that as it are even obtained for this house six seven times over which originally signed for I know that but as a loan officer in the financial individual I will tell you that because I want you to get double sofa discussing as the classes went back and forth and he says you know people started disruptive Mrs. Amy to settle down this classroom is a temple of learning like this is a place of worship and religious college in fact one is beside this is the place is a sacred place as the temple of learning and where what you can imagine when the student is a secular university system is elected by the loss is mine this is not a place of worship is not a temple of learning as illegals is as liberal discussing moral issues this involves people 's deep down what they consider to be valuable with a considered to be important etc. etc. any knows what you know we can has to bash and he talks about morality all the time I ever want to really you just shoveled again it is Larson is human about this issue is so what I said was you know in the Bible it says that all things and may be lawful with an always expedient so we don't believe that we should do things because they are not against the law we believe you should do these because the morally right with them one wrong based upon the law of God right so as isolators in the classroom as many other things that came up later on but is using his point to discuss this whole fact that these two things that is happening in the business schools because this is returned to the importance of ethics is Enron the workplace is becoming very point to discuss ethics and therefore it this creates a window this brings a window for faith because we understand me the ethics what we believe to be right and wrong from the word of God is thus clear that statement is all right on couple more quotes at a church retreat near San Antonio all parishioners listen to the message of everything Christianity delivered by Damon Miller a former IBM executive an investment banker who now leads a face in the workplace group called the abode of Institute Hitler forty four years old the business a study at Princeton theological seminary not to leave corporate America but to help Nick closer ties between business and religion people often talk about the sacred secular divide he says but my faith tells me that God is found in Earth and rocks and buildings and institutions and yes in the world business world so this guy Wisconsin I will talk about this later but that's the Hebrew word for work it's also the Hebrew word for worship so this will constantly talk about this integration net in the pretty much the next session part of the session we talk about integrating faith and work the biblical model versus will talk about the great model is that this idea the Hebrew mind without work was worship so because the values of the same word to say what was I thinking over the Temple and they were sent that's the same word as he says okay he will work on the wheel or something like that it's a modem so as a result of this face in the Hebrew concept which honestly we derive from these people cause of the New Testament Christians until he comes to principles like these and want to drop in the Old Testament and the LCC it's in the Hebrew within Minnesota we subscribe to it they just believe there's lessons to be learned but nevertheless is an organization called the vote a name after this concept no work is worship to God the work is worship to God not notice some interesting statistics about this depending on how the question is asked as many as ninety five percent of Americans say they believe in God in much of Western Europe the figure is closer to fifty percent the present religious research index which has tracked the strength of organized religion in America since World War II reports a sharp increase in religious beliefs and practices since the mid- nineteen nineties when the Gallup poll asked Americans in nineteen ninety nine if they felt the need to experience spiritual growth seventy eight percent said yes up from twenty percent in nineteen ninety four nearly half said they had occasion to talk about their faith in the workplace in the past when four hours think about sales of Bibles and prayer books inspirational blinds and books about philosophy and Eastern religions are growing faster than any other category before I was in Athens is always actually I was involved in hip-hop music and I remember on your heart I had a favorite artist anonymously as name one of my favorite artists and the red end of the scene he had this little saga like a prayer right he's praying to God and the CD in our member community the NFL is not anywhere near anything religious by liberalism this brother has nerve to put well me after this long before this was about breadwinner house raided daughter and put it in the trunk you don't do on this crazy stuff as I am I present Hillman this is crazy so were talking to this producer and he said he sat us down or making a song in the studio he said look the New Delhi something there's one genre of music sales is always increasing its Christian music if you can appeal to Christians you always have six he says so this guy although he made an entire hip-hop CD is important to get one song as a prayer vigils can obligate fifty overall right console my mom would come and mess are you listening to an monophonic but what mom knows he has a prayer at the end of the CD and he's wrapping the prayer to God go figure while this whole thing is the same sense these books about philosophy is what it is going fast in any other category with the market expanding notice visible one six nine billion to two two four billion and five years zero getting closer almost doubling the according to the book industry study group literally hundreds of those titles address spirituality at work from Christian Jewish Buddhist and nondenominational perspective there are two hundred and eighty books that come out a year about faith in the workplace affect most of us probably couldn't name twenty or thirty of weakening the so what this tells me that as a church that believes in hastening Jesus is coming in the fact that we are to witness where we are we're starving for literature so it's not just that to me I will encourage my seminar only to have success in terms of you reaching your coworkers and being a blessing at work but also a child device to record your experiences learn lessons and write them down so we can Adventist resources to help other people in the workplace yes it has while interested in this eye thing is when I announced the seminar Martin Luther when he nailed his ninety five theses to the door is on the wall Berlin Bern whatever one species was that the laity needed to be abolished not the priesthood he was against the priesthood Martin Luther understood based on first Peter two nine we believe in the priesthood of all believers Revelation one seven five made us both kings or queens and priests as a result of this model decide what we did this concept of the laity is not in the Bible as a result of that his desire was abolished the lady is constant people aren't ministry starting people studying the Bible certain people focus on spiritual beings and we all just want to the second around and depend upon a good preacher and pastor good elders to keep us strong spiritually in the workplace now when I said I log beyond we all nod when we don't agree with direct but the reality is that is what it is right now that's exactly how we think Manhasset entries within this week rather than Pastor twenty has gone because you have testimonies I got a coworker here from church knowledge of the passive reaches a week sermon or pompous and eight in a matter to you right is your coworker sitting on the delegates I just don't be sure and adjectives are so in this sense we as a church really need to be cultivating individuals who are writers thinkers Paul who experiences through the impact this whole missile on concept is one last perspective on interest people who want to mix the audit business are rebels on several fronts this is what fortune sets not even eight years ago they reject the centuries old American conviction that spirituality is a private matter if you have a call quarter before you probably heard that before my faith is private people get angry at you to slam the door because it was called Jesus you know beautiful bright nature pictures the language is all this takes to does not have a close relation with Jesus all yeah I'm sorry that's a private matter I work in my church specificity it's a private matter so for us that is actually a rebel concept they challenge religious thinkers who disdain business as inherently is pure pursuit began other is inherently impure the great harlot theologian Paul tillage once wrote any serious Christian must be a socialist I mean we don't agree with that's soliciting clear that they disagree with business people who say that religion is unavoidably divisive most of all they refused about to the all too common notion that much of the work done in corporate America must be routine it all and meaningless they want and expect they want and expect more now let's talk about with this dichotomy came from so when I see what you will do so for you guys can read this with me is a better okay I so notice here whether this dichotomy come from this origin of this psychotic between work and thought first of all notice is starting with Walmart sales Socrates Plato Aristotle 's concept of dualism eleven hundred of anthropological dualism maybe it's something we deal with crime evangelism and happens a lot the immortality of the soul so we'll get it out of the leaderboard in the grief they believe in the concept of dualism the idea of higher and lower planes of ideas and activities in each area being named for an matter respectively so they went saying that you are a higher ideas in the form and things that are lowered it would be matter anything physical we also dealt with this in a biblical times with the people called the Gnostics maybe you heard of them comes from the Greek word gnosis which is knowledge what do nobody no scope so this will be selected agnostic is a person who says I don't know right from the nosecone is also rooted in Latin for ignoramus to a person who doesn't know so this is what started with the grief they believe in his duality then he goes out with a century to Augustine Augustine was in the church he likes the merged Platonic thought we Christian framework was a duality making Christian social separated at the contemplative life in the active life so the things that are more inner spiritual in all this model will be in the woods and meditate for hours and hours hours but the people are devoting organized to five ill milking cows are cutting wood of being a carpenter excuses that the active life and therefore that's a negative but it gets even worse Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century he calls them grace and nature and nature is that which requires no revolution doesn't work would fall under the nature section knowledge natural this work requires no revolution it does write me nicely work requires no revolution from the okay why is that the wiser that we believe don't believe that any ideas yes because we believe God has a specific purpose write a specific work for us to do any other reason do we ever find God in the Bible anointed people for specific work that is not just bought a minister getting one place David to do what King Wright any other places yes Samson any other places Paul Samuel Esther Noah yes the limit is on the Bible one of my favorite is dealing with and as O'Neill write the building of the Temple the Spirit gave him wisdom right in Exodus thirty five so this man of God is not just give me wisdom in order to breach it also gives people wisdom to build a sanctuary for the so it made him a good carpenter so yet within this concept that we don't believe that number one in the actual work itself the accumulation is a gentleman on we had a young professionals meeting earlier this year before campus ministries and are allegedly came to preach I think he's at Georgetown University I just his name is escaping my mind right now yes Doctor Brown he was on I was praying one day and gone give them an idea for a formula a pattern that he patented a knowledge like in was blown up in neuroscience and all this other stuff in his prayer time now for me I listen to that end wow that's powerful a lot of it supposed to be regular for us I following me God is very much a part of your work you can get on your knees and pray for creativity of your right you can kill you say Lord nurse I want this person to be healed you can do that and a whole thing is bringing God into this medium league channels so much depth and purpose to your work so much that the purpose but this is what Thomas Aquinas is almost dying in any case with the pietistic movement in the seventeenth century and want to show you the school by Francis Schaeffer and this is how Leon this is audio outputs and a Christian manifesto Pietism began as a healthy protest against formalism any true abstract Christianity but it had a deficient platonic well it was platonic in the sense that Pietism made a sharp division between the spiritual and the material world giving little or no importance to the material world the totality of human existence was not afforded a proper place Christianity spirituality shot up to a small isolated part of life I see that in America now this is an American 17th-century artistic knowledge the popular movement they believe that they were finishing the Reformation this is one of their goals as a movement but they still put spirituality and private sector religion is private to you you don't bring that into the workplace you don't bring that out to the public nonsense and even though will put up Christmas lights in all these different things but this is not how we do it doing on time fifteen minutes okay I so let's talk about a little bit of this integration concept that's look at this quote from Marjorie this is what he says work is ordained by God it should be dedicated to God the Hebrew word for work is a bulldog the same as the word for worship service captures the flavor best work is a seven letter word service to God and people and the whole I would lose my job if I built a theology on she says on the basis of that observation alone we can see else was Richard I work as a part of everything we do to the glory of God of God for God 's work is part of our worship it is part of our service to him amen so what you think about this when they duel you feel your work as worship to review your work is worship to God who is really your boss also looming here is my work is worship that go back is not particular about worship God entire book you Leviticus you what happens if you don't follow the strict guidelines what happens after you you he was a tailor on the ground and he brought the best of his work to God and on this story between Cain and Abel just conclude the session will go into more things in the next session but I want to look at as go to Genesis chapter four Genesis chapter four are you an all right genesis chapter four knowledge and noticed this it says here after it can enable a born Genesis chapter four verse in verse two as she again there his son Abel and Abel was a keeper of what NK was a tiller of the ground he had worked the now I will have time to get onto this comes just because the shortness of time but in my time I would show you that work was ordained by God even in perfection and got expected negative coworker within Winston came into the world God cursed the ground he did not curse the tax until in the soil are you with me he says now in the sweat of your brow right you will need of the earth your work but he did encourage the work you curse the ground the environment of work so we see in Genesis is that sin has affected the environment where we work it does not it does not have occurs on the work itself that's not what he pronounced the person so we find your Genesis for that able had one for the occupation she had another occupation now what happens is this inversely in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the underground and offering unto the Lord not that interesting he happily needs that are all Brown he brings them throughout the so in essence he's taking the fruit of his work is bringing before the yes cable comes he also by the person of his flock and of the fat thereof and the Lord had respect unto Abel and his offering verse five but educating and to his offering he had not respect and Cain was very wrong in his countenance though and the Lord said unto Cain why are now wrong and why is thy countenance fallen it now do as well shout about not being accepted knowledge that question in fly when doctors give out was not well shout don't not be accepted what is the implication of the question what is he assuming something up early what is he singing about Latinos K knows what is Rall right he knows what's acceptable to God so this question betrays us something is not inherent in the story but between the lines came no one was supposed to bring to God yes now I want to follow this boy Hebrews eleven Linda put pieces together to more effects limited he was eleven in first John so he was eleven neither Satan okay he was eleven this is what the Bible says in verse for the first person mentioning in the Hall of Fame is able by faith Abel offered unto God a one what the sacrifice then came now the word more excellent means that it was a comparison right yes more excellent than Cain so that means a sacrifice was excellent my tables was more excellent so what that means is able and chain right to bring their offerings to God endorses this one is more excellent dog once the highest standard of excellence and what you bring to use the issue here chain sacrifice was actually how the able bring something better than Cain where the first awards by faith he did he didn't say by his promise or his wisdom it is said by his PhD the data is saved by his twenty five years expense of the company by faith severely out of it we have an issue friends to learn come before God now we know it almost worked in the working world there are some people in the secular world were not Christians who do better work than us yes network is actually I worked in nonprofit work in our people deadly great antiwar or not Christians at all but he said to the imagination after they go out and feed the homeless to go back and beers the same people company that says mind-boggling but the point is I sit and watch them in this girl she can organize anything but hey what are you going tomorrow I'll have to do this but I'm on contribution to organize your life five minutes this output sees Bush a leave behind the cigarette Gold toolbar drink all night with their friends so now the question is is a work acceptable to God worship right so the question is is it enough to be excellent now Longhorn excellence in the workplace but my suspicion is many of us come before God liking it work is worship yes it's not that you have different warships before God if work is worship then your entire life is a life of worship everything you do is supposedly to the glory of God so what that means is if you bring excellent work academic professional whatever works and at the same token your honor to get the bar violating the Commandments of God breaking the Sabbath the whole all ranges rejecting is not accepted before God salon my argument is for work to be worshiped and therefore it must be particular God says bring me a lamb without spot or blemish that cicada worship I design don't bring me the brought down land don't bring me all tenderness as he didn't finish my tasks my inbox is piling up so getting convicted my desk is a mess right now don't bring me this but even if you work with current and in order before God there's more than he wants this is the last experts of the first John chapter three first John chapter three I wouldn't and then I first John chapter three verses eleven and twelve but this is the message that you heard from the beginning that we should love one another not as Cain who was of that wicked one he was of the one euro genie of the wicked one excellent work now you can bring in Washington but he was on the widget one the scary rest going to show to people of the wicked may not even know not as Cain was of that wicked one and slew his brother and notice the question the model asks and wherefore slew he him because his own works were evil and his brothers were not think about that case work with excellent was evil it was actually but it was evil are struggling the church is in our work is righteous but is not think about enforcing it we view our jobs as worship we function and we focus a lot on living before God without block without limits do we not become before you cleanse us of all unrighteousness what I want to be cleaning a sitewide of this noble and whiter than snow Jesus paid it all since I left a crimson stain we want to be clean before the eyes of God yet when we go to work God says no how can you be focusing on making sure to stop in to commit this and we recognize that righteousness is not just withdrawal from evil it is also active engagement in righteousness Christ like it's been now the question you ask him this leads me as my ending comment that would transition us into the next session if Jesus was working at your job would be approval rating reversing with the appraisal be the same this is an example of righteousness he worked in a copy of the software long time Jesus had tentative out at retirement benefits one what would be the answer to that question because Jesus believed as we ought to believe that he was understood in Volga work is worship to God and I must be a carpenter as if I'm bringing an offering make sure every table I laid off this bench if they were inspected by the all seeing Almighty God you see this is a perfect table as much as you could produce much as you could ask on one out of closing prayer with and when questions or just break okay I've misplaced effort friend sitting for a while heavenly father we like to thank you Lord for the blessing and the power of this idea of phases is Satan 's and Nora no workplace we've seen today Lord the importance in the historical background to why we need to be agents of change in the workplace and where that begins is off integrating our lives in such a way that worked is seen as worship before Lord were not seeking to come under this false guise of authority and of an anointing that most of us don't even really understand but we believe that as we go into these places gone sixty users powerful and that we struggle as a church in the workplace not so much with ensuring that we become righteous before the eyes of God but but with the fact that a work is not asked with radio Jesus Lord and give his last beer that Jesus had when he approaches carpenters bench this is our prayer and we are spent to help us to be our experience we often Jesus in this media was used by audio versus what you might see a generation of Christ are you like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. nursing my son when I or he would like this more free online seminar please visit www. audio verse got more


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