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Taking it Personally

Mark Sandoval


Mark Sandoval

President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute



  • June 27, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for your goodness to us and we thank you for another day that you have given and as we have the opportunity to come together again and to look at again some important topics as we seek to understand ourselves and how you have made us and yourself and what you are lying as we seek to understand the foundation principles behind disease and health we ask for you to be our teacher draw close to us may we draw close to you and Lord at this time we open our hearts to you and your messages and your word for us that we may experience all of the health healing and happiness that you have designed for us we pray in Jesus' name amen. Or had. Again will watch out for the center aisles for you at the back of your head or the front of your face. During the meetings. Well with all that we have looked out so far we can ask ourselves a question and it's a sometimes a hard question to ask and that is who can hurt me. Well from an emotional in a spiritual standpoint no one can hurt me all the I can hurt myself. Only I can hurt myself you see it's only I that can breathe for myself you can't breathe for me it's only I can that it can eat for myself you can't eat for me and I can only I can drink for myself you can't drink farming if I'm thirsty and you take a drink thank you but that won't help me. And it will be inspiring but only I can think for myself you can't think for me and it's only my breathing my eating and my drinking that facts my health my body my my outcomes right and it's true also that it's only my thinking not what you think that and packs my health my body and so on it but it is only as your thinking becomes my thinking that your thinking then impacts it but it's only as it becomes mine only as I eat from your buffet only as I take it as my own so somebody else might provide a hurtful environment they might say words they might do things they might whatever and that hurtful environment is there but remember God's Buffy of love is still there it never goes away it's always there it's always available and we have a choice where we can choose to consume from and it's our choice of where we consume from ETS our choice of which environment we take from that determines then our outcome now we have the tendency to blame others for how we end up and circumstances and situations but the reality is whatever they might be like if I get caught up in it it's because I have chosen to do so. Right and I've chosen to take from what they have and it's my option it's my choice to either think on that hurtful environment or the love of God and that decision of what I choose to think upon really affects my own come for example Martha Martha she was married to her for 35 years they had a pretty good marriage she was a traveling salesman so he was gone during the week home on the weekends they never had children together but you know he cared for her and she didn't have to work and she. You know and they had a pretty good marriage and that is that everything was going on well until Martha found out well where did Martha find out Martha found out that Herb was Don exactly being faithful to her in fact she found out that her have not been faithful to her the entire 35 years in fact she found out that she was wife number 2 and he had another wife with children now their marriage and another town and she would be with them during the week and with her on the weekends for 35 years. Well you can imagine that life at that point was not so good. It's probably hard to get to sleep at night thinking you know you've got all this stuff running through your head she doesn't have any career skills she's been at home you know all of her life what is she going to do how's the situation in Iran she doesn't have any adult children that she can move in with parents she's already older in age parents are already gone and and so on well how is this life going to turn out and so insomnia becomes an issue and so she's she's. You know she's dealing with those issues and then as so then they're sleeping medication and then she starts developing pain syndromes and then she starts developing auto mune condition and then that starts eating away at the organs and so on and she's at 3 years later she's seen multiple specialists her health is just going down the drain what's the cause for Martha's decline well the cause for her decline is not directly Herb's infidelity right now that's an end fluence and it mind you right but it's her thinking about his infidelity. Because he had been unfaithful for the whole 35 years and she'd been fine but it wasn't until she found out until she discovered entail it became her own thinking that it then began to em packed her own body and everything began to teach here your ID at that point right now am I saying that Herb should be off the hook and you know has no responsibility or anything like that No not at all. Her very much has a responsibility and individuals have a responsibility for the influence that they have and he definitely has an influence and it's not a good influence. And so we can leave him in God's hands for the results of that but from Martha's standpoint her decline is not her her decline is her. Right it's her thinking about what has happened there you see she's thinking it's mine he's mine. That belongs to me. Remember Which heart does that come from and that comes from the old heart the selfish heart. And so on could she be grateful. There's a lot to be grateful for not grateful because this necessarily happened or what had happened or or or so on and so forth but we're told in the Bible Paul tells us and how many things give thanks in all things good things why do we give thanks in all things because in all things there is always something to give thanks for because God is always present in all things his Buffy of love is always available in all circumstances and situations His promises are always true in all circumstances and situations and things that we find our lives in just like Frank was talking about this morning it's there is always something to give thanks for to be grateful for whatever the situation or the circumstance is and if her if she could be THANKFUL FOR GOD support she didn't have to work all of those years she had a fairly good marriage she could be thankful for the good weekends that they had together and and so on and so far there are aspects that she could be thankful for and if she was thankful and that was her response to the situation what kind of health would she be experiencing now 3 years after the discovery I guarantee you would be different. It be better than what it is currently You see it's not what happens to you but it's what you think about what happens to you that causes the problem right it's not what happens to you it's what you think about what happens to you that causes the problem. And you know I deliver this series to the gas the lifestyle center and and sometimes we get to this point in the series and and sometimes somebody gets bold enough and they raise their hand and you know everybody comes to us pretty much with some kind of disease. And I've gotten this question before they raise their hand they say do you mean to tell me that it's my fault because they're starting to draw the connections you know they're seeing the correlations there do you mean to tell me that it's my fall and when that question came to praise God for giving wisdom at the time. I asked another question I said if it was their fault what could you do about it. If it was their fault what could you do about it if your sickness is because of their unfaithfulness or their Whatever can you fix them so that they become face full so that now you can get better no you can't so if it is your issue then that's a good thing because now you and God can work on that and there's hope for healing but if the blame resides with them we have no hope to heal because we have no way of controlling them and fixing them and making them better. So praise God the problem relies here because resides here because now there is hope with God to fix the problem. Right. So when we give the gift of time of love or concern or care we can remember we're just a U.P.S. delivery guy we're delivering God's resources we're delivering God's love or we're delivering his stuff because he's the source that we come to and if I'm rejected it's not me who's rejected because I'm God's and he's the one that's rejected and that the gift is destroyed it's not my gift that just destroyed It's his gift and if the car is stolen it's not my car it's his car. Maybe he knows the other guy needs it more than I do. Maybe he knows I need a little bit more exercise than maybe he knows that that car had become an idol in my life and it was time for the idol to go bye bye I don't know it speaking of a car being stolen and you see you and I have the owner problem. Right we have an owner problem we think we're the owner not the steward if you had a if you were the steward of a multimillionaire and you had the stewardship of the Lamborghinis right so maybe they have a different color Lamborghini for every day of the week or something like that I've said I've seen a picture of well let's say it's the world or what Rolls Royces or whatever I've seen a picture of you know one of those Middle Eastern. Cheeks or whatever and he has a different colored Rolls Royce for every outfit that he wears and you know so that he matches his car and everything and of course each of those cars costs I don't know several $100000.00 and so let's just say that you work for the sheikh and and you're the the steward of the Rolls Royces and you've got the yellow one in the Green One of the blue one of the purple one in the black one in the white one and you know all of those different ones and you're the one that helps to take care of those and yes you can drive them and fuel them and clean them and do all sorts of things like that with them and chauffeur around and whatever but the sheik one day decides that he doesn't like yellow anymore and so he gets rid of the yellow Lamborghini I mean the. Rolls Royce. Are you going to get all upset at the sheik for for letting the yellow Rolls Royce go no it's not yours right that's not yours but when it's your Toyota Corolla. How upset do you get. Yeah plenty why because it's yours but oh is it or do we just think it is right I mean what it can say God has all of the gold in the Silver is mine. With whose gold and silver Did you buy the thing with was his he says all of it is mine right it was his resources that used to get the thing in the 1st place and he gave it to you not so that you could be selfish and hoard it to yourself but so that you could use it in ministry and and so on and so far the only to steward of all of these resources but we think that we're the owner and when we think that we're the owner when that's when the thing doesn't go well or somebody else comes along and takes it or they scratch it with their key or they you know do other sorts of things like that we get all up in a tizzy because of that because it's mine. And we do the same thing with relationships we think they're mine and so when they're mine when things don't work the way that they're supposed to work. We get all caught up and we just like the car getting stolen we get all wrapped up in it. And we take it personally and that's exactly what caught wants to save us from not that we're not interested in other individuals but we're not interested in them for our sake we're interested in them for their sake because he loves them and because he cares for them you see we take all sorts of things personally let me ask you this you have a cat and counts walking along on the table in it and it bumps into the cup knocks it over now there's water all over the table why is it that it's water all over the table. It's kept bumped in the cup knocked it over right so you're walking along you do bump into the table and accidentally knock it in the cup sitting there and spills over and and coffee spills on all the over the table why is it that there's coffee all over the table. All right they're getting some different answers aren't so an earthquake comes along and the cop Cup knocks over and and the milk comes spilling all over the table how come it's milk that's all over the table. All right. Now we're getting a little more unsure So you're walking along and you you trip on a you know a little snag in the carpet or something like that and and this cup falls out of your hand and and lands on the ground and now there's nonalcoholic wine all over the all of your white carpet Why is it that there's an alcoholic wine on the carpet. All right well human nature would say that that in these scenarios Well it's water on the table because a cat knocked it over its coffee on the table because you bumped in the table that's milk on the table because the earthquake shook the whole thing in the last one in say well there's wine on the on the floor because you tripped but what if all of the glass was room. What would be on the table or the floor just the cup right. You see what comes out comes out because that's what was in there right what comes out comes out because that's what was in there and the same thing is true for human beings it's all true for us as well you see it if someone says something to you that is hurtful it's it has nothing to do with you it has everything to do with them because it couldn't come out of them if it were not in them right it could not come out of them if it were not in them so just like the cup that spilled all over it doesn't matter what spilled the cup all over what comes out of it comes out of it because that's what it is and it because that's what's in it and the same thing is true of people it doesn't matter what triggers them to say what they do or to act the way that they do whatever comes out of them comes out of them because dance what's in them right Jesus put it this way he said he said for out of the abundance of the heart the mouse. Says you're not the file by what goes in your defiled by what comes out right because it comes out of the heart what's in the heart comes out Solomon put it this way and Proverbs 423 says keep your heart with all diligence for out of that spring the issues of life. Same concept same idea and so what the Bible is telling us is that what someone else says or what someone else does it's not about us it's about them because it couldn't come out of them if it were not in them yet it would be who've us to listen to what they're saying and do some self-examination with God to see if there might be some truth associated with what they're saying. But don't take the spirit of it don't take the frustration of it don't take that whatever of it and just eat off of their BUFF A Because when you do you become exactly like them because you are what you eat right and if they get frustrated you get frustrated they get angry you get angry they're really excited you get really excited and so on and so for the you see it happening all the time in relationships why because we're taking from each other. And Jesus was never a lated by applause nor G.G. acted by censure nor disappointment because he always took from his father's buffing and not others around him so you've heard this phrase you know you. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me there's the other one sticks and stones may break my bones but words will crush my soul so which ones true. I grew up with the 1st phrase and then I learned the 2nd one I thought all that's really cool non-students right and whatever I don't know that I look at it from the Bible stamp I realize Well the 1st one is true and the 2nd one's true and it just depends on which Buffy you're reading from. If I'm reading from the father's buff a sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me because his words are never bad they're always good and if I'm taking from his words it's always good regardless of what somebody else's same because I don't believe what they say I believe what he says but if I'm taking from their buffet then words can crush my soul because I believe what they say and I believe the lies that comes from there you don't have to take it but the opposite is always just exactly as true that is it doesn't matter what somebody says it doesn't matter what they did it doesn't matter how they say it it doesn't matter how they do it how you respond has nothing to do with them it has everything to do with you because it couldn't come out of you if it weren't in you that couldn't come out of you if it weren't in you so if you're in a situation where you're getting frustrated where you're getting riled up where you're getting whatever where you're getting. What should I say you're getting depressed and all of that kind of stuff with what's going on it's coming out because it's it's in there. And remember we're so crazy and Frank was talking about this in a way this whole paradox right the paradox simply reveals to us the fact that were crazy. And that we are upside down and we see everything backwards because it seems paradoxical to us when God reveals to us the principles of his kingdom and how it works because it's just so opposite to how we live in what we understand but it just reveals that we're crazy and God has a difficulty in trying to convince us that we are crazy so how is gone going to convince us that we're crazy Well we already mention he cannot just tell us that we're crazy because we won't believe him just like a counselor can't counsel somebody who is in psychosis to convince them that their psychosis is a psychosis and not reality I just had a call this morning from a friend and they're concerned about a relative because the relative the news anchor is cursing at them and giving them messages through the television and then sending people to their home in order to do bad stuff to them now do you think the news anchor is really doing that. Cursing at them through the T.V. and then sending individuals to their homes specifically to do bad things to them no they have an alternate reality but if anybody tries to convince them that that is not true guess what they're not going to believe it right they're not going to believe it because they are absolutely convinced their reality is real but it's not the same thing with us and so what tool does gone have gone has the tool of demonstration. To demonstrate what's there so that we can see it so by the love and the grace of God He allows our cup to get spilled over again and again and I can so that what is inside comes out so that we can see it. And know how crazy we are and then come to a God who can fix the craziness. By his love he allows these things to come by test and trial its intestine trial that the cup gets spilled over so so don't ignore what's coming out in those times pay attention to what's coming out at those times because that reveals what is in the heart and that is the issues that still remain that God and I need to work on so that I can be more and more like him right it's by as grace that that happens now with the craziness we have this statement sickness of the mind prevails everywhere. Where Africa where we're all crazy right we're all crazy sickness of the mind prevails everywhere and 9 tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here that craziness converts into disease in many cases and 9 tenth's out of 9 out of 1090 percent of the time the cause of the disease comes from the craziness because we were created in the image of God to think like God things and the craziness causes us to think differently just like Frank pointed out in Isaiah 55 in verses 8 and 9 my thoughts are not your thoughts nor your ways my ways right as the heavens are higher than the earth who are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts and your thoughts you don't think like I do is what God is saying you're crazy. But guess what he's crazy about us right he's crazy about us so much so that he came to become one of us. Beautiful. Which had more time for that. All right let's dive into love relationships one last time before we get into this whole topic of what do we do about it what do we practically do about this let's look at love relationships there are 2 legitimate love relationships that God has created us for and these are functions of the heart the one relationship is the relationship from which we take and the other one is the relationship to which we give them. And God has created us and such a way that we are to take in order to give right we are it to take an order to give That's how we're created to do we might we don't have anything of our own we're not the creator and so on so we must come and have something 1st in order to then give it away again remember that the enemy is not a create tour he can all the rearrange what God has already created and put in place and so this the enemy comes along and he just turns this thing backwards and he says I. Loving is giving an order to take or giving in order to receive Now when you put the batteries in the right way the thing functions when you put the batteries and backwards. It is the done function or there is chaos so divine Love takes to give a sinner a human love gives in order to take or gives in order to receive and to do things the way God designed for it to be done brings life but to do it backwards brings death right. And that we see is sand Now why is it that God wrote the 10 Commandments on 2 tables of stone. You know when I was younger I thought it was just because you had a big finger you know and it. I wasn't thinking of this whole thing that you know he created the atoms in the and an atomic atomic particles in the subatomic particles and you know all that kind of stuff and I wasn't catching in my mind that you know all of these really small intricate things God created as well you know I was just thinking out a big figure and so you just couldn't get it all on one. You know one stone but no there was a purpose that he had the commandments on to come in on 2 tables of stone because each table of stone is is the law that governs the function of each love right the one stone has the laws that govern the function of the taking the law of and the other stone governs the is the law that governs the function of the giving love. And if 1st for Commandments the taking ones are exclusive whereas the last 6 or inclusive Well what do I mean now the 1st Commandment says that there is how many Gods $11.00 and only one so that excludes all others and the 2nd commandment tells us that we are to worship how many one and so that excludes the worship of all others and the 3rd commandment says that we are to hold up in respect in our lives in the 1st place how many one and it excludes all others from that 1st place and the 4th Commandment tells us that God has specifically set aside how many days for us to worship him on one and it excludes all others right. So in essence what this 1st table of commandments is telling us is that there is only one source and that one source is gone so all newly take from here right only take from here. Because it's the only source. Now the 5th Commandment tells us we are to do what to our parents honor them is honored taking or is it giving it's giving right we are to give honor to our parents now what is the characteristics of our parents that are listed that determine whether we honor them or not all right so love is the underlying factor because be behind that but the commandment gives us no characteristics for the parents that determine whether we honor them or not right it doesn't say honor them if they are honorable honor them because they take good care of you honor them because of this that or the other thing it is simply the fact that they are your parents you are to honor them. In this plan it is typically the hardest honor. Your parents right. Because you know them. You grew up with them you inherited their defects of character. And you mimic their defects of character and you see all sorts of stuff happening in your parents and of course God could have chosen some other relationship to represent this but he could have said brother and sister but not everybody has a brother and sister. He could have said a child but not everybody actually has a child so he chose a relationship that everybody has everybody has parents whether their dad or not right everybody has had parents so he chooses that one and it's typically the hardest one to abide by. On or your parents so it doesn't matter what they're like it doesn't matter how they responded doesn't matter how they raise you it doesn't matter how they treated you you are to give them honor why do you give them on or. Because you took from the only source which is God who is honorable and you give away what you took. Regardless of what they're like right it's an inclusive long meaning that it doesn't exclude anyone from the Giving the 6th Commandment says Oh don't take life from here the 7th commandment says don't take into Missy from here the 8th commandment says don't take stuff from here the 9th Commandment says don't take reputation or truth from here and the 10th Commandment says don't even think about taking from here do not take from here this is where you give not where you take right that's what the commandments are telling us here so there's only one source that is gone take from him everyone else is not there for you to take from They're there for you to give to regard less of what they're like that's the love that is governed by the law of God right that's the love that's governed by the loft on the one that you take from you are dependent upon but the one that you give to you you are in deep end and. The one you give to you are independent of. So how can we illustrate that well as take a beautiful scene and nice mountain scene with a river and let's say that you are looking for new property. You're looking for country property maybe you're looking for a wilderness property you're going to be so far off you're out of that you're off the grid and everything else like that and you go looking and you find this nice valley at the bottom of the mountains and so on and there's a farmhouse up there on a property there's one in the middle and there's one down stream and the one in the middle it's for sale and it's just the right price and you look there new tech take a look at the property the the building is nice it has good agricultural land the water of the river is just nice and beautiful and it's clean you can actually drink it and it was enough water power and enough great on the land that you can have hydroelectric power plus you can have enough water to run your shower on the 2nd floor of the house and a water all of your garden and everything else like that perfect you buy the property and you're enjoying time there you plant a few trees next to the river eventually hang your hammock next to it as well you can enjoy some of that too and. And one day the neighbor downstream and they decide that they're going to start an industry and so they build this factory and a factory and part of the process and they suck all this water out of the stream. Of the river into their factory and they dump this stuff this blackish stuff out there and kind of pollute the rest of it on downstream Now does that directly affect you know doesn't directly affect you because they are downstream That's right there downstream so that doesn't directly affect you so are you. Do you have to do something about it. No Are you dependent upon them no because you already got everything you need all the water and everything that you need it already came through it already passed through went on down to the next whatever they do with what came out of your property on the other side they're free to do with it now if the law says that they can't well then the law can take care of that but as far as you're concerned you're already got everything you need it goes on but what happens if the neighbor upstream gets the same idea and as the same thing Oh and all you have is a little polluted water and it's trickling along in your plants are dying and you're turning green and you're you know there's not enough water power to to run the shower upstairs and and so on and so forth you need to do something about it now yeah does that directly affect you yeah why because they are upstream that's right they're upstream they control your source so you're dependent upon them and what they do directly affects you if they're the one you take from if they're upstream from you if they're your source or you're dependent upon them right you see right but if they're the one you give to if they're downstream from you if they're not your source you're independent upon you're independent of them and what they do doesn't affect and control you. So we find ourselves in a situation where our parents are over here our families over here our spouses are over here our friends are over here our coworkers are over here our pets are over here they're all over on the taking side they're not over on the giving side and all of the relationships are messed up because they're backwards how do you know that saying that they're on the taking side well they frustrate you. They make you upset. You're hurt by the things they say and do and you feel controlled by them and in return you attempt in ways to control them all of those are evidences that they're on the taking side they're your source. You have to control the source that you cannot trust and you know you can't trust anyone and so you must control them to one degree or another either from the good or from the bad and so that comes into play here anybody ever felt this way the sound familiar it all right if it's not familiar just go to a family reunion. You want to know how well you have progressed in that Christian life just go back to a family reunion and see what happens do you revert to what you were 30 years ago 40 years ago 50 years ago 10 years ago and just react the same way around the same people we must then ask ourselves have we changed at all right. There are ways that we can change but. It must eventually hit home. It must eventually hit home God never intended for others to be our source conduit Yes gone does reveal his love to us through others but they are not the source and so we are told that every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the father of heavenly lives with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning So if every good gift and every perfect gift comes to us from above but yet we receive a good gift or a perfect gift from somebody else then where did it come from. It came from God through them manifested to us so does the thanks go to them or does it go to him it goes to him right it goes to him because he's the source our dependency is that upon them no it's upon him because he's the source we can be grateful for the channel as well right and we can give thanks to the one who allowed gone to work through them but ultimately we recognize that it is God who is the source and when we recognize that God is the source we don't become dependent upon the channels through which the source comes through we become dependent upon him and in our lives we have it backwards we have other people upstream from us and thus we're dependent upon them even while we have God downstream from us and what he says or does doesn't really affect us and that how it is God says do this we do sign to do that God says don't do that and we say we're. Going to do that. Ever been in that situation yes called San right. You know what God says is downstream and doesn't really affect us but what others say oh mine if they start getting upset or they start doing this or that we really start worrying and we start changing how we you know and so on it why because there upstream that's new and when that is the case then the law of God is broken in our lives the intention of gone for us is not there right through the sacrifice that he made on the cross Jesus takes this old heart of sin that giving in order to take or giving to receive that leads to death he takes that in himself. This old heart that is at enmity with God in is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be an end himself he puts it to death he puts it to death that he might leave behind that which He created us for in the 1st place the new heart the new heart of Divine Love of taking to give and in doing so God does not wipe out the law and doing so on upholds the law re stores the law the function of the law that governs love right. We're told in Jeremiah 3133 but this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts I will be their God and they shall be my people. It's not a wiping out of the law it's a reast Orian of the law and its proper function in our lives and when that happens there is a restoration of relationship as well so that as God comes in by the power of the Holy Spirit and gives us that new heart and begins to change us from the inside out as we cooperate with him in that process we're told that the expulsion of Santa is the act of the soul itself and so there's definitely an individual responsibility here but as we do so parents are taken away from being a source and they become one that we give to family is taken away as being a source and they become ones that we give to spouses taken away as one who's a source and they become one that we give to friends and pets and coworkers are those that we we take away from being a source and they become ones that we give to and were left with one and all nice source and that is God. Why does God why is god a jealous God Is he a jealous God for His own sake No He's a jealous God for our sake why does he want to be the only god in our lives because he knows every other god is a false reality and will destroy us if you had 9900 streams flowing into your property you said you had a big property you had a few you know a few 1000 acres and it's at a base of a mountain you have you've got 100 little streams that are coming into that property and they all converge on the property and then go out as a river on the other end and $99.00 of those streams are polluted and one of them is pure What's the river going to be like going down the other end polluted That's right polluted and God knows that he's not interested in being one of your sources. He's interested in being your all me source because if he is all me one of your resources everything you put out the other side will be polluted and it's all only when he becomes your all only source that you can expect that the stream going out the property out of the other end will be pure because all that's coming in on the top end is pure rhyme. So as the law of God is restart in our lives God becomes the one who is upstream others downstream and what he says and what He desires and what he asks for is something that is preeminent in our lives and we orient ourselves after him and what others say as only filtered is only accepted as it agrees with him and his word and it's accepted as coming from him through them that it must agree with what he's already given if they speak not according to the to this word right to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word is because there is how much truth no truth right so when you and I take from God that taking results in the filling of the Spirit because it's the spirit that needs love and it's that love that we come in we take from God and that taking from God that fills the spirit and provides exactly what the Spirit needs but it doesn't do any good to the body yet you know when it does good to the body when we give it that's right when we give it because giving always becomes physical. You might give a word but that's physical You might give a smile but that's physical You might give a hug that's physical You might give acts of service that's physical the giving always becomes physical so the taking fills the spirit with what it needs but the giving does now to the body and gives with the body needs so if you have a form of healing that is going to keep you focused on yourself and not be involved in giving to others then you have a false method of healing because God's way will always involve giving. Always involve giving. So alternately Our problem is the sources we choose to take from and as long as I live by the law of gone taking love from God and giving that love to others I can expect that things will run well as it impacts the body but if I start taking love from the wrong sources or keeping that love to myself I'll eventually experience symptoms disease and eventually death. And when that law that governs love is broken that's called sin and sin is the root cause of disease and it's interesting when you read the Bible and it talks about being healthy it doesn't instruct you very often to eat your greens it instructs you to obey the law. I have a lot of text but I don't have a lot of time so I'm only going to give one Exodus 1526 if you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his I give year to his commandments and keep all the statutes I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians for I am the Lord who heals you you can read over and over again through the Old Testament and the New Testament and you see that healing is predicated upon obedience upon obeying His word of that law being restored in our hearts. Is it in is it important for you to eat healthy Absolutely absolutely and you get your exercise and your sunshine in your fresh air and all of these different lifestyle principles Absolutely. But you can't do all of that consistently and the old heart remember we asked the question you know how many here. You know to do more for your health and you actually do. We all raised our hands even me what's the gap the old heart can't do it it can't that all heart cannot close that gap it cannot obey and do all of these things because these are a part of what God would have us to do but God is downstream in our lives we've got the old heart we've got others upstream and we've got ourselves upstream too because you know we what we eat because we like it we when we eat because we're hungry we drink what we drink because well thank you very much I want to say we don't eat what we eat because God says it's good we don't eat when we because God says it's time we don't eat when it we're not in reference to God or in reference to self or in reference to others so you know you want to go out to eat and go whatever and you know sure you know and you know self oriented where other is oriented or not or God oriented. We must have that new heart and as that new heart becomes our experience then that gap between what we know and what we do. Poses. So we must have that So what do I do what do we do about this well and age of our situations we must 1st come and take from God's love now I'll say a preface to this is that the 1st move is never always ours is all I should say it is always never ours. The 1st move is always God's The 1st law of the Bible is in the beginning God right he always moves 1st and so if we ever come to take of God's love it's because he has already been working in our lives he has already been drawing our said to him he has already been sending His Holy Spirit and working on us so that we even have an interest to do so. But now that the interest is there and it's generated what do I do how do I respond I must 1st come and take and the taking has several different forms one it comes through the Holy Spirit We're told the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us and so and so here there must be the working of the Holy Spirit but in in there's there's a component from our standpoint and that's all that's the old fashioned stuff never heard of something called prayer and scripture study Yeah and contemplating the life of Christ and stuff that we've known for a long time yeah well it's the old face fals because it's what we mean right. Now is prayer going to save you. Now is reading the bible going to save you now is contemplating the life of Christ going to save you No but there's a law of the mind that says by beholding we become changed right it's just like the law of gravity that by jumping off the bridge you will fall down right and when you come to a hard surface at the bottom you will stop quickly right. And we can expect that to be the case every time and it's true for that law of the mind by beholding we become changed and so as we spend time beholding God we cannot help but become like him because by be holding we become changed now if we spend 8 hours a day or 10 hours a day on to the V.A. and video games and and. Social media and all of these different things in these distracters then we come and we spend 15 minutes 20 minutes a half an hour in prayer and contemplating Christ life and and so on and so forth well that law will have been working all of the 81012 hours that we were contemplating and looking at something else and the direction of our life is heading in the direction of the things that we've spent time with some people wonder why am I not progressing in my Christian life and and the reality is it's because we have surrounded ourselves with everything of the world and we've consumed the thing of the world and we invite everything from the world into our own homes and into our own minds and it occupies our thinking it occupies our vision it occupies our time it occupies all of that kind of stuff and then we try to counteract it all with 10 to 15 minutes of prayer and Bible study Come on now. And no way it could work it's like it's like asking gravity to go in one direction. But then having it reverse for you know I mean you're falling for 15 minutes in one direction and then you fall though the other direction which is not the direction you want to go for the next 10 hours you know the whole direction of movements going to be on the wrong way right it's just not going to work so we must take that time but and taking that time that time has to take over everything else. And if you have or fell in love with anyone. I'd love to get your stories. I love those stories because they're just it's so it's needed so beautiful to see how you know how God worked out you know these different things I fell in love to and I remember I was at college and and. And there was this young lady that was there and you know I don't know maybe I'd paid intention to or SOM and whatever but one day she was walking up the stairs going to the cafeteria and it was that southern admonish University Southern College at the time and I think it was on the Jacob's ladder side anyways or long steps and and you know you got to take you can't just you want to time and. I have odd space scene and kind of have to change or step gait and whatever in order to hit the next one just right what it anyways I just remember watching her walk up to the cafeteria and the thought just struck me I could merrier. Be careful what you think. So I married her and that was 20 years ago. And and Anyway so so yeah and and and then there's an interest that that grows and then you know we talked about the old heart and the investment and so on so I went around the whole investment side of things and and and so on I would do things differently knowing things now than I did then but it was you know you spend time you you communicate you get to know the other individual I mean for 2 months all we can do is talk about pets after we were dating. Pets you know talk about the pets that she had this age at that age and whatever and I started wondering after 2 months I was like if this is going to stand pets much longer I don't know if we have much of a hope as a couple. You know I was really starting to wonder about that and sorry honey. And and oh but then we had this watershed conversation and I don't remember we had driven down to Florida from Tennessee and she had some relatives a couple miles down from where I lived and and I went to drop her off at her aunt's place and we I don't know how the conversation came about or whatever and what we said but it was like the floodgates up and it wasn't pets anymore we were talking about family and were talking about you know life and about you know vision and and you know what do we want to do in the future and what were our hopes and our desires and other things like that and I'm just telling you my story not to give anybody an example of what to do but you know at 2 o'clock in the morning we realize that we're still talking and I was like who. I mean so much trouble I know I'm in college but I'm supposed to be home by in certain time and my mom's going to kill me and I wasn't thinking you know at that time I wasn't thinking well you know it's not good to be staying up with a young woman. Until to her o'clock in the morning and I I didn't I had no clue about I had no clue about courting or any principles accordion I just all I knew was dating at the time so I'm just telling my story not as an example of what to do but oh boy after that water should Oh and we could talk and we could communicate and and we could share and oh we just we spent time in I mean I made all sorts of time to spend time so that I could get to know her more and the more I got to know her the more beautiful it was and and it was just wonderful ever been there you. Dats what it's like here to. Write. Sometimes it takes time to break through that to that watershed moment sometimes you know you know that you want to get to know them but it seems a little difficult to get to know them you know it's like in this situation it's almost like having a dumb partner so. They can say they can't speak you know so you're doing a lot of monologues at the beginning never been there in our prayer seems like a monologue and you're just talking to yourself sometimes right sometimes it seems like that but just going through the monologue Anyways keep talking to him just keep going there because you're eventually going to hit the watershed and it's just going to break loose and you have that conversation with him and you get done with it and even though you are the only one to you the only voice. That you actually heard you realize you actually had a 2 way conversation and you walk away from it just like Wow Oh that's awesome and then of course there's the other side in the Reading side the promises of God's Word I mean. One of the different one of the things that changed after my conversion was how I prayed and prayed to God It changed because and before that boy I had horrible prayers and it ever defeated yourself in prayer I used to do it all the time I remember that law by beholding you become changed well if your prayer time is like Cottam so horrible and I've done this again and I don't know how men to overcome and I just keep on this over and over again I don't know why you keep putting up with me and I'm such a this and such a that and the other thing and and. Chest help me and then walk away from that well by beholding you become changed so even during prayer you're becoming more like the problem because all you're doing is looking at the problem and that was my prayer life before conversion but oh the Lord praise God he is socia so gracious to us. And he began to reveal to me has word in the preciousness of his word and to bring me out of the darkness because of that word and so now my prayers reflect the Word of God And so when I pray I pray God's word you know I come before him and Psalm 103 is one of the ones that I love and I you know and I come to him in the mornings. To look you know and and I lift him up and Psalms when all 3 and I get to that beautiful sanction the Lord is merciful and gracious slow to anger and abounding in mercy he will model we strive with us nor will he keep his anger forever he has not dealt with us according to our sense nor punished us according to our iniquities Frezza heavens are high above the earth so great is his mercy toward those who fear him as far as the east is from the West so far has removed our transgressions from us as a father pities his children so the Lord pities those who fear him you know Lord I'm tired that you said come and to me all you who are weary and burden and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am humble and gentle in heart new you will find rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light Thank you Lord for light me my burden is even as I take up your yoke to day and your promises are true and and and God I don't know about this but you said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and my gone to supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus and if that wasn't enough you said for for he who spared not his own son but delivered for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us ALL THINGS. Lord thank you. And I sure blew it over here but you said if I confessed my sins and you were faithful and just to forgive me a bison and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and so Lord thank you for that cleansing and I need your Holy Spirit and you said that you are more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask than our parents to give the good gifts to their children and I know Lord I love giving good gifts to my children and so it must be so much nicer for you and so give me that Holy Spirit and that mine that was in Christ Lord let it be in me as well. And Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a steadfast spirit within me and I pray to God His Word it and end in doing so if it becomes real and it's a conversation with him and it's and it's close and it's intimate and it's it's beautiful right take that time and come and take from God's love what do we do as well we have to accept a new heart and new lives. Ever watched open heart surgery. There on video that's fine. It's it's less smelly that way and less bloody That way into. Cartier Assoc surgery rotations at any university it's very interesting you know surgeons are very. Very interesting creatures. Even amongst physicians we recognise that surgeons are very interesting creatures they tend to be the gods of medicine. And they think they're the gods of medicine too and that's the problem is. And anyway so. Surgeons usually when they develop an instrument that you can be used in surgery for a particular procedure you know what they do know the answer meant. They give it a name right and so I guess patented with a name whose name do they put on it their own name right of course that's just how it's done now since the pattern is in place that other really nice godly people sometimes follow that pattern too and so one day I was in surgery with Leonard Bailey and you know the baby face in the heart transplant all that kind of stuff and whatever and so where they're in surgery and and he's doing surgery and you know this stuff and he says Please pass the Bailey. Oh it's so weird he's there and he's asking for himself. You know. But but by the way Leonard Bailey he did not have the God complex he was very he was gracious and gentle and so on and so forth and and it was really cool but you can get pretty bloody because I got a blood bath once and in. Open heart surgery when they can you lay to the aorta and didn't actually get things clamped off quite right. But open heart surgery it's not a painless procedure right. And you don't want to go through that specially heart transplant you don't want to go through that if things can be fixed other ways so if you are going to undergo a heart transplant and get a new heart well you have to have an incurable heart condition or what did I do I pulled out our guests lately you have to have an incurable heart condition right if your condition is curable in any other way any other means other than surgery and replacing the heart then you are not a candidate for her transplant you know if we can fix it with medication if we can we can do other things like that and keep it under control and so on and so forth you are not a candidate for heart transplant similarly. If you think your heart is good enough to just get you along you're not a candidate for heart transplant you must realize that you have an incurable heart condition and it will kill you it will kill you it's fatal. Also if you're going to go through this procedure you have to trust the surgeon and give them consent you have given consent surgeons not going to take you through surgery without your consent and giving that consent and implies that you trust the surgeon to be able to do it now you know if you walk up to somebody and they say well hey I'll do the heart transplant for you a good question I ask is how many have you done so well you know I watched it on You Tube. I haven't actually done one yet while yet next and I'm 2nd opinion 3rd opinion 4th opinion. You must trust the surgeon that the surgeon here has done many heart transplant surgeries and as very adept at what he does and has never lost a case right he's never lost a case but you must give him consent anyways and you must be willing to go through the pain you might be thinking well there's anesthesia Yeah there is anesthesia true but guess what anesthesia stops at some point and unless you you know unless you do you are unaware open heart surgery is slightly painful process slightly you know what they do right now sharp knife scalpel cut right down here down the middle and just below the breastbone and then you know that's the easy stuff then they get a saw. And then he goes. And then they pull that out and I get some ribs spreaders in there and I put one on one side and one on the other and then I crank it. And the chest goes. On like that so you can get big you know wide enough in order to be able to get in there and work and so on and you see the lungs inflating and you know so you're going to move that left lung over a little bit so you can see there's some movement back in there and then you've got to get a little knife and then scissors and you cut that para cardio sack around from the heart and then you deliver the heart from the pair Cardium and there it is that lovely heart it's beating it and it's doing its work and you know you go through the whole procedure and then when it's done everything goes in reverse you know how to put the heart back in hit that pair Cardium back together make sure the lungs line nice and right and everything pull the ribs spreaders out and then you know pull them out and so on but now the breast bone the sternum is not together anymore so how do you put the breast bone together. A big suture and that and big needle right but instead of having thread on the other end it's wire and so you put the big needle through the bone. And then one signing and put it through the bone on the other side and then you get the wire and you clip it and you get pliers and you twisty tie the breastbone together and then you get the end of the wires in your bend them down into the bone so that they're not sticking out of the skin and you do that several times in order to hold that breast bone together and then you get the surface and you get staples in a staple staple staple staple staple staple staple with a couple of drains right down here so that all the extra fluid can drain out for a few days and then you get to wake up. You know what people complain about and they don't realize is they have tons of back pain when they wake up you know why they have back pain. Yeah because of spreading the ribs where the ribs attached to the back right and their ribs have never spread that far before and so you have all of this disruption that's going on in the soft tissues back in the back where the ribs are and some of they wake up and all their back is killing them because the whole rib spreader and everything that was going on and then you have pain and then you get done with it and you you know then they they make you start going through deep breathing exercises and you've got to breathe deep because you don't want to develop pneumonia and so on and oh but when you do then your chest has to move and those twisty ties don't hold the sternum together very well and so it kind of slips a little bit. It's like and then you have to cough oh. And so they give you this pop pillow that looks like a heart so that you can hold on to. And please I will give you this advice if you're a friend that goes to me you know and see somebody in the hospital that has that has open heart surgery do not tell jokes do not tell jokes and make them laugh because that's just going to hurt their they can't help but laugh and then they're. Right don't do that you must be willing to go through the pain it's a painful process to receive the new heart there's humility that's involved in it there's confession that's involved in it there's all these sorts of things that that self has to get laid in the dust as Frank mentioned that and that is painful to to self for that to happen but we must be willing to go through that process in order to receive the new heart there must be a donor with a good heart if the donor has just the same bad heart as you do you know you've gone through the procedure it's got to be one with a good heart so God looked all over any can find another human for it and so he said OK me. What has to happen to the DOWNER Yeah so when he said me he knew the donor must die the donor must die in order to give away that heart. But what we don't realize is that in heart transplant the recipient must die too and then be revived because I have they do not put the new heart in before they take the old are down the old heart is cut out 1st. And then the new heart is put in and it's nerve wracking. When you're there and you get done with the procedure and everything's put back together and you know I've been there in the and and it's nerve wracking because when everything's all hooked back together and they pull him off the bypass machine and everything the heart is not beating it's not being tested and beating for quite a while it's been out of the other person's Justin and so on it's not beating and so they get these little paddles not the big ones that you know shot from the outside because you get directly to the heart of the at these little paddles on on handles and put them on there and then they go shock the heart and you wait. Shock again your way and it starts you know you start sweating a little more in there in those cold room shock again when a surgeon reaches in there and and massages the heart and makes it pump a bit by doing that a few times and they get the paddles again and shock and eventually you see this kind of quiver and then. And you see that everybody breeze a sigh of relief right. The recipient must die too and be revived and so to receive the new heart you must be willing to die as well and finally there is Sippy and must follow the surgeon's instructions for the rest of your life. Because you're not going around with your own heart anymore you're going around with his and he knows how it needs to be taken care of in order for you to have a successful heart transplant that keeps you alive Graham. Last point and I'm just going to make it very briefly and then we will go on to the next well I'll pray and then have our next session and that is I need to accept the divine exchange at the cross right I must come to the cross and I must accept that divine exchange that we talked about yesterday life or life pass or past history for history where Jesus steps into my place takes my stand in my penalty and everything with it and in the place he gives me the perfection of his life and everything that his life deserves and I go free from them being the perpetrator free from being the victim free from all of the feelings in the responses that go along with that I must accept that divine exchange at the cross. And tomorrow we will start with step number 4 which is we must get into the wheelbarrow What does that mean find out tomorrow let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your abundant last names he writes Great God we thank you for that and Lord we see that in your law there is a pew full loves it reveals such a beautiful love and and we can see how our lives have been so mass stop just so messed up we take things so personally and in our cups get spilled over and we blame others for what comes out the lord help us to see that what's inside comes out and maybe we just pay attention our own stuff and with you the power of your grace. Seek to re to. Be restored to surrender depend upon him and for our lives to be changed in the likeness of Christ may we spend that time with you in prayer and reading your word and contemplation of your life may we cut out those other idols those distracters that lead us in the opposite direction. Lord May we accept that new heart with all that entails for we see that there is no other way for our condition is terminal and we must have that heart and then Lord let we may we at the foot of the cross lay down each and every burden that we may be transformed by your grace we pray this in Jesus' name amen.


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