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The Key to Victory

Mark Sandoval


This presentation helps us to see clearly the key factors necessary in true victory over besetting sins. It also reveals to us how the gospel and a new heart can be a cure for disease.


Mark Sandoval

President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute



  • June 28, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for your abundant blessings and again I thank you for this day that you have made in and Lord you know the things that you would have covered and so Lord I ask for you to lead and guide at this time and for you to communicate your truth and may our hearts just be lifted up to you May we see practical ways that we can obtain the victory that you desire for us we pray in Jesus name human so in. June of June 859. A famous tightrope artist by the name of Charles Blondin attempted to cross Niagara Falls for the 1st time this is the 1st human attempt to cross Nagra falls on a tightrope and he had strong a 2 inch hemp rope across 1300 feet from one side to the other from America to Canada at the lowest point the rope was about 15 and a half stories above the water below nobody at this time had ever gone over the falls and survived although many had tried and so a misstep would be deadly. And Charles blonde and had a good publicize her and so in this day the 30th of June 85925000 people showed up to watch Charles Blondin attempt to cross Niagara Falls. He started on the American side he had a 50 pound balance bar that he held onto and he numbly made his way across. You can imagine being that high wind gusts sometimes can calm and if you've ever been at Niagara Falls there's all sorts of seagulls and other birds that don't necessarily appreciate your presence unless you're feeding them and so anything you come along and he normally made his way across from the American side over to the Canadian side and successfully made it I'm the historical records are that some of the ladies that were watching passed out while he was on that attempt. In a shock for that he would actually try this and of course they weren't used to T.V. and other things like that at that time to blunt their sensibilities and they were probably wearing corsets that were a little too tight at the time as well. So anyways and then he turns around and he puts down the Balance Bar and he works his way across just using his arms to balance gets halfway across sits down on the line pole something out of his jacket and takes a swig and puts it back in and gets back up on the line and and he works his way back over to America 1300 feet again and then Charles Blow on and gets a wheelbarrow this wheelbarrow. And he puts the wheel on the line and he pushes the wheelbarrow across from America to Canada on that 2 inch hemp rope tight rope. Now we don't know how many times that he crossed that 1st day but we are told that in all of his attempts over multiple performances Charles Blondin crossed Nagra falls over 300 times on a tight rope he was incredible in and his balance he actually started practicing when he was 4 years of age and by 5 he had a pretty good pretty good balance on a tight rope and some of his feats were quite interesting one time he took a stove with him and balanced it down on the line and made on let's Another time he had his head covered with a sack and tied so that he couldn't see so he was blindfolded going back and forth. Another time he went on stilts and another time he carried an individual on his back it was actually his promoter his manager that the only one that would trust him and and he carried on his back across to the other side his advice that he gave to his manager was was quite interesting because he told him I think the guy's name was Harry and he said to Harry you must become one with me. You must become one with me if I start leaning in a direction you gently lean in that direction too don't try to counterbalance or balance yourself if you do we'll both fall to our death. And and so they made it successfully across he was very good at what he did the story is told which I don't believe that it's true but it makes a really good sermon illustrations will tell it anyways this story is told that one day Charles Blondin is doing his act out there over the canyon and you know he does all of this nice stuff and he's just juggling and whatever and for the grand finale it is a flip and lands on the line and and they do these things you know I have you not supposed to go to the circus but I went to the circus you know and I grew up doing a lot of things I wasn't supposed to do and and and I've been there and I've seen them way up there and do a flip and land on the line it's just incredible so he's done in the crowd is cheering and of course they want more and everybody wants more and and so they want an encore and so he is a good performer and he's trying to figure out how he's going to either. Do one you know one up what he had done before or dispersed the crowd and so he's thinking about it and he gets the idea there's the wheelbarrow and so he calls over to the crowd and he says OK who believes that I can get someone safely across in the wheelbarrow. OK I need a volunteer nobody volunteer. If Frank was it is really we have not nobody has coordinated what our talks are going to be but it's it's uncanny how they're all actually working together Frank was talking about unbelief right and what unbelief is you know what unbelief is unbelief is is looking at Jesus because Jesus is likes Charles Blondin and this situation unbelief is looking at Jesus and saying yes I believe you can get me across. It does does that sound like unbelief. No that doesn't sound like I believe all right unbelief is standing on the ground looking up at Jesus and yes I believe that you can get me across but not getting into the wheelbarrow That's right that's on believe it's an intellectual assent to the truth yeah we know it's true right now it's it's one thing to stand on the ground you see Santa has made that canyon that separates us from God and Jesus has come by his perfect life and he has knit together down that perfect from one side to the other from birth all the way till death not a thread missing no no no missing component in that it it's complete it's whole and Jesus has proved in his own life that he is able to get across safely and he in a perverse way he stands there on the tight rope with the wheelbarrow and he asked each of us get in I'll take you across to the other side but if we stand there on the ground and we ascend to the particular truth and we say Yes Lord I believe that you can get me across thank you for giving me that offer but we never get into the wheelbarrow he can never get us across you see unbelief will ascend to a truth but it won't act on the truth. Right. Belief real belief actually gets into the wheelbarrow. And that's frightening and it's absolutely frightening it really is. I grew up in the church. And and growing up in the church I struggled with a whole bunch of things I had a lot of addictions that I was dealing with when I was growing up 22 years struggling with addictions and and I had stuff going on in the closet and you know there was like the private life home life on one side and then there was the church life on the other you know you do the world for 6 days and then you do church for 7th. Ever been there or at least recognize that pattern. And you know my favorite my favorite sundown. Saturday night that's right it was my fair I was waiting for sundown to come on Saturday night and once the minute hit boom T.V. went back on started watching movies and you know other things like that because well I was having withdrawals. Over the Sabbath hours and I you know in the sundown that I dreaded the most was Friday. Because all the T.V. had to go off and I had to turn all the stuff off and I couldn't listen to the radio and all of the stuff and it was it was whatever Now I did like going to church and I was involved and I never actually really rebelled that much and and so on but inside there was just this complete dichotomy between what I knew my life should be in Christ and what I knew my life was. And in fact the dichotomy was so great that at times I actually wish that I was demon possessed because because somebody could just cast the thing out of me and I would be better. And sometimes I wondered if I had a split personality because the difference between the the Lived life and the life that I knew that I should live were just so separate from each other and and and yeah it was. My I struggled. But I struggled alone I don't want anybody else now that I was struggling because you know I was the good kid. You know I was the good kid but I wasn't really the good kid and so growing up in this life of defeat I being over here in the land of defeat and seeing that there are people over in the land of victory you know there's Moses and there's David and there's Daniel and there's others that you could see from the Bible and and Paul and Peter and so on that had finally gotten their lives together as if they got it together. And and then I saw the people in church and it looked like they had a vibrant growing relationship with Christ and so on. On and I saw that they had a life that was victorious and so as I considered that and I looked at their lives I wondered what was it that they had that I didn't and so as I studied I I saw that they would pray and they would read their Bible and they would serve and they would obey and and so I thought well if I'm going to be victorious what do I need to do. Well I need to pray and I need to read my Bible and I need to serve and I need to obey and you know do all of that kind of stuff and so you know I mean it's not that I didn't didn't ever pray in my life but. I guess it was about the time that my parents divorced in 7th grade that. I. Spoke and I started kind of experimenting with prayer. And. Talking to the one who doesn't talk back. You know. And it's awkward at the beginning and and so you try and it doesn't work so well and then you try again and you know and then some things kind of work but. You don't really know exactly how to pray and and so on and then somebody gives you you know they give you a pray acronym you know like oh OK so you start with praise and then requests and then. You know and so on and then finally yield to His will and and and so you do that and you get all you know all things are nice for a while but then it kind of dulls off and and then somebody gives you another way to pray and you do that and then you get to Bible study and and you know I thought well I had read this thing that. You know I'm towards the end of time it angels could bring to remember and swear we had read but if you haven't read it how are they going to bring it to your remembrance so I should probably read the Bible and so I got a Bible and a year Bible and and I read it in a year and 3 quarters you know but I actually got through it so you know check that off the list. And you know after reading the Bible through any year then I was still the same miserable person that I was before and you know and then some people like well you should read the writings of Paul OK so I read the writings of Paul and then other people oh you should read prophecy OK I read prophecy and cross my eyes and look around and go hang on what is that talking about and and then somebody else say well you know you should read the Israelite history because you know it's for our example and so I read Israel a history and so many of you know you need to read it read the life of Jesus and go and read the life of Jesus and you know it's all good and it's great information but when I'm done with it all I'm still the same miserable person that I always was. It's a miserable person and what about service Well every year when I was in high school I went on a mission trip and so we went to to medical Republic and we went to Honduras and I went to police and we went to Kosta Rica and then I spent 2 years as a student missionary in college and then you know I ended up being a missionary for several years and so on and so forth so yeah service and and so on obedience well. Yeah you know you know how that goes. So I tried all of it and after trying all of it I'm still the same miserable person that I ever was and to me it seemed as though OK Atlanta victory is right over here land of defeats right over here I'm in the land of defeat and there's some kind of invisible force field between the 2 because every time I try to step over into the land of victory it's like boom boom boom I can never get through and you know that I begin to question. Am I a defective model right now maybe you know there's this whole predestination thing maybe I was predestined to be lost maybe I've already committed the unpardonable sin and it's too late for me now I mean these are all things that were running through my head you know after trying for years and failing and trying and fan I mean you can imagine when you have addictions but you're a Christian at the same time and you know that the addictions are bad I mean it just goes. You know. Because you know it's rat wrong and you you know God doesn't like it and you know you shouldn't be doing it but you can't stop doing it and you keep going back to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Life's a living hell right. Well what I came to understand is that it's not a force field. It's a canyon right it's a canyon between the land of defeat and the land of victory and it's a canyon that's miles wide it's just miles wide and there is nobody that can do that can that can get across that canyon it's just it's it's impassable from that standpoint and sure it's true that individuals over in the land of victory they pray they read they serve they are bay and so in me looking at that and going OK I am going to do those things in order to get across and get that I'm going to do those things in order to get across to the other side what I was doing is practicing the long jump. You know with the long jump is right. Track and field event and and you know the individuals line up and I they run down there and there's a particular line they've got to jump and see how far they can go and when Landon and so on and so forth and and so this is one of the inventor that I competed in in high school and you know when you start you're not very good. You don't know how to you know line up and get those last few steps riot and and so you jump and you don't make it very far and so you keep practicing and so on so that you can get it lined up just right so your toes hit just behind that line and you can get every inch that you can but you know you start working on strength and flexibility and other things like that and you you you get a little bit more and you get a little bit more and you get a little bit more but you know I mean the world record no human being has officially ever jumped more than 29 feet in 3 and something inches I mean that's it nobody's ever had 30 feet for a long jump ever and here's a canyon that's miles wide What is 30 feet to miles wide. It's sure defeat. Guaranteed defeat right failure falling to the bottom to your death right. And so as I was praying and as I was reading the Bible and as I was doing service and as I was trying to obey and in attempt to get across to the other side what I was doing is I was practicing the long jump and it would be absolutely miserable which it is but there's something that makes it not so miserable I'm not the only one. You're there to and you know maybe I've read through the Bible 5 times and you haven't read through it even once and maybe I spend an hour praying every day and maybe only spend 15 minutes and and you know maybe I've been a missionary for a number of years and you know maybe you've done one mission trip or maybe not even that and and May and oh and we can look at all these different things and I can just look down my point a little nose at you and go Well you know what the least I'm not that been. Second Corinthians 10 to all but they measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise it's absolutely stupid absolutely stupid to compare ourselves amongst ourselves why well. Imagine 2 individuals at the edge of a cliff. With a canyon that's miles wide and we're going to see who's going to jump farther. What am I going to do I'm going to pat myself on the back as I go like 2 feet farther than you do as I'm falling to my death. Oh I'm so good. You know it's like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. But 2 of us jumped out of the airplane without a parachute and maybe I learned how to you know just catch the air a little bit more you know fan out those fingers and and so on so that I'm not quite far falling so fast. And you're a few feet ahead of me and I start feeling good about myself well I at least I'm not as bad as you are you're falling faster than I am but what's the en. Death death it's absolute stupidity it really is it really is stupidity. But somehow I could pacify myself on this pathway of living hell by looking at others and going well at least I'm not as bad as you. You see the craziness Yeah we're crazy. Maybe I should rename this whole series crazy. So when I trust in myself in doing these things. Completely Well I'm doing the long jump but you know there were times when we had you know we would have weeks of prayer or other things I doubt we'd have inspiring speakers that would be there maybe it would be camp meeting and other stuff like that and you know your heart burns within you and you make a real resolutions to change and and so on and and there's that Russia feeling when you have that mountain high and things go well for a while and then. Maybe it's 50 percent Jesus and 50 percent me guess what you're still doing. Long Jump right still during the long term. What oh what if it's what if it's one percent me and 99 percent Jesus. What are you doing. Long Jump the train is still a long jump it's all still the long jump as long as there's any bit of it that I'm trusting in myself and any part of me and what I can do to get across to the other side you know I was thinking of what Frank was talking about just this last session. And another definition I think of belief is belief in your belief. Right and belief is belief in your belief. Because that's what we do so many times we believe in our belief to then be the hand that robs the genie lamp so that we can get our 3 wishes from God's bottle. That's not believe it all. Right. And this is kind of like that it's its belief in anything that I can do anything that I have anything of me that can merit me anything to get across to the other side and if I have that attitude then I'm doing the long jump there is no way across praise God Jesus came along and he knew that there was no way across for me and so I am self he made the way on the cross. And he paved that way just like we talked about with with say that tight rope and he stands there with a wheelbarrow that represents faith belief trust and he says Come on get into the wheelbarrow I will take you across to the other side and I'll take you across to the other sign. On the other side it's true they pray they read their bible they serve and they obey but they don't trust in their own selves and they don't trust in that stuff at all to get them across to the other side they do those things because he loves them they do those things because that's what he wants for their life they do those things because that's what fosters relationship with the one who saves them but they don't trust in those things to get them across to the other side. And it's it's. It's. What should I say it's an effect not a cause of their getting across and Christ being the one who does that in their lives. Now when I was in my emergency medicine residency program is when the crisis hit life was. Really falling apart and all of these addictions and everything else were just culminating together to the potential destruction of my life and everything that I loved. I was on the verge of leaving my wife and family I was on the verge of giving up on gone I was tired of fighting and losing the battle every time and I thought maybe it would just be easier to let go and let everything take its course and just float with the boat down the river rather than trying to paddle upstream I was tired and it didn't work anyways and I lost hope that it ever would. And I hated myself because I always failed and I hated myself because I. I hurt the ones that I loved and I thought you know what they'd probably be better off without me probably because I just messed up and I just you know. And I had finally found myself in a situation where I couldn't lie my way out and I'm a really good liar. I couldn't think of a single way of out of the situation that I was in I was stuck absolutely stuck and. That was exactly where I needed to be but I had tried for so long to not get there. And in that. Position of being stuck and not have any answers and realising that I am absolutely wretched was when God was right there on the edge of the precipice with a wheelbarrow and saying Mark get in I'll take you across to the other side. And I remember arguing with God in my mind now I didn't understand this analogy I am I'm applying the analogy to what was going on in my life at the time. Backwards now. But what God was doing at the time is again he was standing there with the wheelbarrow and the edge of the cliff and he was he was saying get in and I'll take you across and I was arguing with God and saying I don't know if I can trust you or I don't know if I can trust you. And he says now Come now let us reason together says Ward. Isaiah 118. And so he reasoned with me at that time very graciously and he said well how's it going with you and control. You know how it's going with me in control. I hate myself I fail at everything i do i'm hurting the ones that I love and I'm giving up. And so in my mind he said why don't you just give me a chance why don't you just give me a chance I have a 1000 ways when you can't find one and all I need is one of those 1000 ways to say you free. Oh God. What's going to happen when I get into the wheelbarrow no answer. I knew that if I got into the wheel barrel and I try to take over control again. And that if I was going to get in the wheelbarrow it was for keeps I was it I'd have to give up all control all control. And again I didn't know if I could trust God to do that. I had been dealing with a lot of different things in my life as I as I mentioned and. In telling you my story again I'm not advocating anything in particular I'm just telling you my story. So in this whole crisis time my wife and I went to our pastor and told him what was going on he said Well I haven't dealt with this particularly there's another couple pastor in the conference that that does and I'm going to get some advice from them and he did and they suggested that we get this video series and workbook and work through it and I thought what's the point How's that going to help. But my wife is a little bit more enthusiastic than I was. And so we got the video series in the workbook and we started watching the videos and I got a little bit of hope that there might be hope for me and I started working on some bitterness issues but that wasn't going so well and and. I had a lot of again failures in my own life and in council I was recommended to take all of these issues that I had dealt with in the past and write all of them down pray through each and every one of them surrender them back to Christ and then sit down with the list with my wife and and just let her know what's been up in my life forever in transparency. Now I I I do not again this is my story not that I'm advocating this in particular. And. And I read all that was. Because I had I had accepted a lie early in my life and that lie was that I hate myself and if anyone knows me as well as I know myself will hate me as much as I hate myself. And. And so nobody ever got in all the way some people knew some part of me other people knew other parts of me but nobody knew everything because if somebody knew everything they'd hate me and I feared rejection you know divorce and that kind of stuff and the family and and whatever and and so I really fear that and what they were recommending for me to do in the process of coming to freedom was facing my greatest fear because the one idol in my life that I love the most. Was my wife's and if I sat down and I read her this lists then she would know and she would hate me and she would leave me all right that's the thought process. Because that's the the lie that I believed. And in order to get into the wheelbarrow. I had to be willing to give up control of everything everything hopes dreams future career. Marriage Family everything and. I realized that if I didn't get in the wheel barrel I would lose it all anyway i would i didn't get in the wheelbarrow I'd lose it all anyway and I wouldn't know what would happen trying to get into the wheelbarrow but if I if I followed his one way of his 1000 ways maybe just maybe I might not lose it all that was my thought process. And so I did I spent 8 hours one day writing down lists praying through them and then I sat down next to my wife on the couch I can still remember the picture of where we were at and and so on and I read her the list and I remember just the I mean you know when you're in trouble you're a kid and you're in trouble and that sinking feeling in your stomach and what I mean it was like 10 times that and because I knew this was the end of what I really loved. And well what I thought I really loved you know human love and. And I read her the list and I got down and she just shook her head and she said I had no clue it was so bad because again I'm a good liar and then she said but no matter what we're going to go through this together. And I just broke down bawling just bawling. And I just cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and all I could feel for like 20 minutes of crying was just I hate myself i hate myself i hate myself i hate myself and and then that began to let up and then the next wave kind of hit again and and I just I just felt all alone just alone and. And it was the it was the 1st time that God was really being able I allowed God to kind of get inside those walls that I had built around my heart and all the pain that had been kind of stored up and locked up in there and was starting to flow out part of that healing process remember you have to accept the new heart that in accepting the new heart you've got to be willing to go through the pain. There's pain associated with it right the you've got to be willing to go there well in that wheelbarrow it's 100 percent Jesus it's got to be 0 percent you and you can't trust in yourself at all in getting across to the other side because it's completely him it's not you and if you're going to get into that wheelbarrow there are a number of things that you have to check off your list you have to check everything off your list. Right I don't know what's on your list like what are you not willing to do what are you not willing to give up where are you not willing to go what are you not willing to you know I mean you know. We might be able to come to God and we might say OK God I'm going to serve you and I'm going to go wherever you want me to to do to and all that kind of stuff but don't touch my career. Or or God You can have all this part of my life but don't touch that one thing you know or or lard you know I'll go as a missionary and you can send me anywhere in the world except China. I am when you're a missionary Be careful where you tell God not to send you. Just mind you right and don't place reverse psychology with God either God If you send me anywhere in the world please send me just don't send me to whole why. You know don't do the reverse psychology on them. Don't work so well. But. If you can't have anything left on your wont do list won't go list why don't touch this list if you're going to get into the wheelbarrow all of that has to be erased all of that has to be given up in order to get into the wheelbarrow right. And that wheelbarrow represents complete surrender. Now I was counseling with a friend a while ago and I was an encouraging him to get into the wheelbarrow and he asked me the question how do I get in and I thought it was a really good question. But I didn't know how to answer it I don't know exactly how to answer how do I get into that wheelbarrow it's a good question and so I prayed and I asked the Lord Lord reveal this to me I need to understand how to get into the wheelbarrow so that I can help others to understand how to get in the wheelbarrow 5 months later the Lord gave me the answer I kept praying during that time you know 5 months before he gave me the answer here it is like it. Yeah it's a great answer. So I imagine that it's completely dark you can't see a thing there's not a shred of light and you're hanging by a rope not here but here you know you're holding on to the rope and and you know you decide that this is kind of boring let's get off of the rope. Which is the safest way to go. And the safest way to go actually is up because you know the thing has to be attached to something right and so you climb up but then there's some kind of ceiling you can't get around it it's solid rock or solid metal or whatever the only other way to go is is down right now and so you know you you feel and grab feel and grab feeling grab feeling grab feeling grab you feel the end of the rope and so you grab a little bit above that and then yeah you stretch as far as you can and you dangle your toes see if there's you can feel anything below nothing if you swing from side to side so you can catch anything with your feet on the around you nothing. And you try to do some echolocation Hey see if there's an echo that comes back nothing right there's nothing you don't have a clue if it's 2 inches 2 feet 20 feet 2 miles or endless below you. You know so if if there's a potential for it to be you know 3000 feet drop you know like oh no why are you going to let go. And then the still small voice whispers in your ear and says. Right like oh the rope. If you're anything like me here in a respond by saying well that's a funny thought why would I let go of the rope I don't even know what's down there right it could be death that's a crazy crazy song. And then it comes back and it comes back and eventually get the idea hang on maybe it's not me maybe that's like God saying like go there right now you start a conversation with God rather than yourself you know and so if you're anything like me you got some questions OK God is that like 2 inches 2 feet 20 feet 2 miles is that a hard landing and soft landing as a you know pokey as it. Bouncy is it squishy is it way you know what is it. No answer just let go the rope. And. And we. Let go the rope. That represents complete surrender to it while surrender is not thinking about letting go Surrender is Not wanting to let go surrender is not even trying to let go surrender is only letting go right the entail actual mind will never make the decision to end will act can never make the decision because the end to elect must know all variables before it will make the decision and the ental that will bring it down to the smallest minute details before it will ever let go and still not like oh. Right because you know the intellectual say OK gone. Which finger 1st. And if God actually condescended to that then we would say OK well which muscle for that finger 1st and then which neuron for that you know and so on and so we would just bring it down to an irreducibly small thing that even However irreducibly small it might be we're still not all echo because the intellect never let go and so the end the more intellectual you are boyfriend so it's hard for us only faith can let go the rope right only faith can let go let go the route. What will motivate you to let go the rope. While 2 things that I can think of one if you trust the one who says like oh right that's like 5 year olds and below. To have a good daddy daddy says like oh they're up there like oh they're up they're not worried about consequences because they've learned to trust the rest of us we've lived in life right and we've been educated that you can't really trust and so letting go of the rope just because somebody says like oh the rope is not an option anymore because the uncertainty of what might come is too scary for the uncertainty of trusting in someone else including God. So what's our other option for motivation. Well if it's such a living hell holding on to the rope we might get to the point where we're willing to face the uncertainty that may be better than the certain hell that we have. And so why is it that we find ourselves at the bottom of the barrel at the end of our rope between a rock and a hard place and so on and so forth before there's going to conversion in the life it's because it's only then for many of us that we're willing finally to let go. And to let him have control. One point that I don't usually make but it's coming to my mind right now. And because of a discussion that we had yesterday. But many times especially when we're thinking about friends and family. Who are needing to go through this process the place of hell that one must come to before they let go of the rope is very very close to the place of hell where somebody comes to before they commit suicide. And so the line of demarcation between suicide and surrender is very close. But there refiner of the fire knows exactly how to work out the fire so that it refines that it does not destroy right so that it refines and it does not destroy. And we can trust in him. So if you're going to let go of the rope you must be willing to face anything that may come and you don't know what's going to come because you know if it's not 2 inches then it's going to hurt a little if it's not 2 feet it's going to hurt a lot if it's not 20 feet. You're going to be broken and if it's not 40 feet you're dead. That's just how it is and so you've got to be willing to face any of those scenarios if you're in a lack of the rope and say OK current hell is so bad that the potential that I might not have to fall that far plus the little trust that I have in God comes together to help me make the decision actually like oh the rope and when you let go of the rope. You land in the wheelbarrow that's getting into the wheelbarrow. And Jesus takes you across to the other sign. And you learn complete surrender. And letting go of the rope in a major way is taking up your cross and following Christ you see the cross the cross is about following him in duty. But in the very 1st place the cross is about following him in surrender right. And ahead of Luke 923 Jesus says when he said that he said to him all if anyone desires to come after me let him deny him self take up his cross daily and follow me let go of the rope get into the wheelbarrow right and it's a daily process not just once it's just the 1st time that's the hardest because you've never been there before and the intellect wants to know before you go there. And. Oh but when you do. And your life is hid with Christ and God I mean with God in Christ right. Oh there's all sorts of rejoicing that happens you know that all of that old Bible study and prayer and service and obedience and that kind of stuff that never worked before and you know you always try to pit never made a real big difference if you know you had temporary periods but then you lapse back into whatever when you're in the wheelbarrow all that stuff is empowered. Not only is there you are you in the wheelbarrow but there's power that comes with being in the wheelbarrow and the very same things that you try to do before that never worked become the very things that work. They were because they work within the context of complete surrender and so the key to victory the key to overcoming is that key of complete surrender. So what must I also do I must also search my heart where wrapping up things from previous For those of you that are haven't been here before and need to search my heart every morning spending time with God out there prayer time I suggest in nature because it's much easier in his surroundings than a man's to connect with him and it helps to review your yesterday's thoughts and words and actions and so on and so forth and we can ask ourselves Lord what was it that was motivating me to respond in the way that I did and you know there are there are proper motivations that we have we have needs that we have that must be fulfilled and we seek to fill those needs but the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked and so the heart is going to seek to fill those legitimate needs the wrong way and then that ends up in all sorts of stuff that happens for example we were in a committee meeting I actually had several committee meets the morning we broke for lunch we had another committee meeting in the afternoon I had recently become the president here you pines and I was not used to you know a leading out and I hadn't had a lot of committee experience before that time and people were giving me lots of pieces of device including be efficient and get through your agenda and all that kind of stuff and don't do this whole sitting around and talk forever and waste everybody's time and so I was trying to be efficient and and so after we came back from lunch I got into agenda point number one and started right into it and John Champion our vice president at the time he said Mr President should we begin with prayer. And me as an insecure new president. Immediately out of my mouth came an excuse to. You know excusing why I had not prayed you know because it was like almost the same people before lunch that had been in a committee to me that broke and we just had lunch and then we came back and you know it's almost like we're continuing on the same thing for me for and whatever so I made some kind of excuse but it was like milliseconds before between he said that I popped out of my mouth and and so I chose somebody to pray and while they were praying I was thinking Lord why did I Why did I come up with the excuse what was the purpose of the excuse I don't understand that and they're not going to pray long enough for me to understand so tomorrow morning when we have our talk time remind me so that we can you know go over this I want to understand this and so indeed the following morning the Lord reminded me and says whoa yeah that's right Lord why did I come up with that excuse of course he reminded me of Isaiah 1000 Come now let us reason together says the Lord so I was reasoning with the Lord and praying and and trying to understand what would be the needs that were driving me in that situation and and after about 20 minutes of prayer time the answer came to me you need acceptance and belonging OK yeah OK yeah acceptance and belonging those are legitimate needs but that I don't understand that well what does that have to do with the excuse so all right Lord how did my heart deceive me to fill that legitimate need the wrong way what Where's the deception in this whole thing I don't understand it and so I spent another 15 minutes of prayer time and reasoning with the Lord and trying to understand that and then the answer came you don't need it from them. Ah I kid in are so because because I need acceptance and belonging the deception was I thought that I need acceptance and belonging from the other committee members and since I needed it from them and I made a mistake that threaten my acceptance and belonging with them in my own mind and so I needed to come up with an excuse to mitigate the loss of the legitimate need but just applied in the wrong way. And all of that happened in here like that and the issues right out because of it but I didn't understand what was going on in my heart and tell a spend about 45 minutes of prayer time and the Lord revealing to me what was going on and that much time. And if I didn't understand it then the same situation to come up again and another time in another time in another time and I would respond the same way every time because the same deception is still there well praise God understood what it was and several months later the Lord gave me another opportunity and I came up with an excuse. But right when I did I knew what I did and I knew why I was doing it and so immediately I could stop and I could reorient and go oh God here I am again I'm seeing them as my source Lord forgive me I mean coming back to you is my only source I realize I reckon I don't need I don't need them they're not my source you are and so I can come and take all the acceptance and belong and that I need from you and I don't need to make any excuses. So we can do that as well we need to search our hearts we need to know because that's how we come to intelligently cooperate with God and surrendering our hearts to Him and becoming like Christ. To 6 I need to choose to think only positively about them now who are them. I know that's not good English but you go with me on this one Who are them. The I well you know who them are because them in your life is different than them in my life right. Yeah yours have a few faces and names on them and they're different than ones of faces and names in my life the ones that are hard to. Think positively about they are the ones we need to think positively about you know so. We can ask God why He loves them and ask him to help us to see them how he does. I wish I had a lot of time which I don't. Anyways we had a guest that came here a lot of digestive issues she was really dealing with Tried specialist medications herbal remedies came to you pines come to find out she really did not like her 1st ex-husband. Didn't care much for 2nd excisemen either but you know the 1st one was really the bad guy. And and I you know I knew the digestive issues and mental issues go really close together you know you get nervous and butterflies starts flying around in your stomach and other things like that is very close connection between you know the mind in the gut and fact the digestive tract has more neurons than your spinal cord does so there's a very strong association there and and very interesting thing that every time I counseled with her symptoms would go away for an hour or the rest of the rest of the day and then the next day when her thinking and thought patterns came back then all the symptoms and everything came back as well quite interesting correlation that was there so I recommended to her and one of the times that we met I recommended that she she go and she. She. Write down 2 things only 2 things that were positive about her her 1st ex-husband so I knew he was the big domino and from a counseling standpoint if you can figure out what the big domino is and with God's help work on the big domino if you can get the big domino now all the rest of them are going to if you get a little dominoes at an guarantee the big one is going to go right. But anyway so I knew this he was the big domino and soon we were you know just 2 things to think positive about your 1st ex-husband she came back to our next meeting 0. Oh Lord. And so I'm praying and I'm asking the Lord what do I do now and so he gave me this idea he says well do I love her ex-husband so I asked her about does God love your ex-husband so sure he does why does he love your access but I don't know why he would love him he's this and that he's on another thing and so and so on and so for a large All right so I gave her they Simon go and pray and ask the Lord why he loves your 1st ex-husband and whatever he tells you write it down I want you to come back with the least 2 things that God tells you that he loves about your 1st ex-husband she came back with Errol next means 0 she left 0. You know what happened her condition right there got worse right because it's bad enough to have a hornet's nest. But it's really bad when you stir it up right and we start it up and so her digestive issue is worse and so on and she was unhappy that she came you pines and she wasted her money and she wanted a refund and and then I started taking it personally. And then I had to sit back and go OK God no no no I'm taking it personally and. I'm sorry it's not about me and you know I got to surrender this to you and realize that I don't need to offer her buffet I can eat on for your buffet and you know and it was a challenge for me too. And so we can we can do that we've got individuals that have heard us and done other things and that kind of stuff we can pray and ask God God why do you love them what do you see in them that you love and as you commune with him write those things down and every time you think of that individual then. Then go back to the lists that God has given you of how he sees them. And every time you remember them go through that list so that you attach his list with that person and as you do so and you do so consistently guess what. You're going to begin to think like on things towards them and about them and God does not think evil towards you and I however evil we may be right for I know my thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord right and they are good thoughts so how do we ever come negative thoughts we gonna cover this because it's highly important because everybody struggles with this because we're all crazy That's right we're all crazy and the craziness comes with these thoughts and believing the lies and so on and so forth so we need to we need to understand how to overcome the negative thoughts now one thing we can realize is that thoughts have a source right thoughts are either from God or they're the from the enemy of the flesh and so if there is a source then there needs to be a determination right and I just thought when I grew up I thought you thought what you thought because that's what you thought I didn't think that thoughts actually had a source but when somebody told me thoughts have a source then a little light bulb went on and I went oh hang on if they have a source then that means I should check. Where the source is coming from but what do you use to check where the source is coming from and why you have to have a standard right if you want to know how long the board is you've got to put it up against a standard like a tape measure something like that something the standard Well what's the standard the standard is the Word of God. We're told and here is for in verse 12 for the Word of God is living in powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit of the joints of marrow and is a discern your thoughts and the intense of the heart and soul as the Word of God that discerns where the thoughts are coming from and the closer we are to the word the more that it's incorporated in our minds and in our hearts the more familiar we are with the word in the principles of the word than the more clearly we can discern where the thoughts are coming from whether it's a god thought or whether it's not a god on. So 1st of all how do you fail at overcoming negative thoughts and this is a failure class want to one I know you didn't sign up for that but that's what you get anyways you don't pay for this anyway so all right so how do you fail at overcoming negative thoughts just try not to think about the negative thoughts that's how you fail at overcoming negative thoughts but how do most of us try to overcome negative thoughts. By trying not to think about negative thoughts right just by we fail because we try the wrong thing right that doesn't work why doesn't it work because the mind was created to be occupied it wasn't created to be empty God told us and he said Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus and he says meditate or think upon these things Occupy till I come it is about filling the mind right the mind was created to be occupied and by the way Christian Meditation is about filling the mind with the thoughts of gone it's not about emptying the mind to that God can speak to you it's about filling your mind with the thoughts of God And mind you it's a very subtle difference but it's a huge It seems subtle but it's huge. And Eastern meditation is just been taking over the Christian world and we think it's this issue of. Shutting off the mine or closing off the thoughts or entering into the quiet or other things like that so that God can speak to you. Been there done that been led astray for years. And I can't tell you the whole story because I just don't have the time but I'll tell you. The enemy knows exactly which uses a light because he was a covering cherub before he fell he knows what God is like and he knows what it feels like and so on and he can reproduce it all. Beautifully in come in like an angel of light and he can make you think it's Jesus that's talking to you. And imperceptibly slowly and so on lead you away lead you away from the word of lead you away from those principles lead you to trusting in the thoughts trusting in the voice trusting in that kind of stuff and rather than checking with the Word of God and lead you away lead you away that was my story. Well no the mind was created be occupied and so with Christian meditation it is about filling the mind with the Word of God with the thoughts of gone right the mind was created be occupied also the mind can only focus on one thing at a time you might be able to do multiple things and keep multiple plates going at the same time that you can only focus on one of those at a time and because that's the case. Well let's do an example I'm going to tell you don't think about the fat neat lazy cat. All right go out don't think about the fat lazy cat. You sit there think think about the families you know stop thinking. Oh no no no stop that you know the whole time you try to not think about the families or CAT What are you doing. It think about the families or cat just trying not to do it so if I say Don't think about the family as a cat think about the happy. Write doesn't look happy. Does course you know I mean Photoshop nowadays is really good and they can make pictures look a little bit better than they were and I'm just wondering on the edges like if they got Photoshop and just. Pulled out a little bit farther so it looked like a real smile where the cat go. Gone and right because you cannot focus on more than one thing at a time so successfully overcoming negative thoughts is very simple from a conceptual standpoint simply think about something else think about something else so failure one of the thing again being an addictions for years and failing over and over again. I can't do it so why even try as are my thoughts I mean is that a god daughter not a god. Not a God What's a god thought. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 413 so you get your 3 by 5 card your failure card. Your I can't car and you're right on there I can do all things you crazy strengthens me flipping for 13 and you follow it by a simple prayer of faith paraphase acknowledges that God's Word is true chooses to believe what the word says and thanks God for accomplishing it so thank you Lord for giving me the truth of your word I choose to believe that I will overcome because you said so thank you for helping me overcome my very simple and so when you have that thought or that feeling of I can't do it you pull out that card and mind you this is within the context of being in the wheel barrel. Right. If you haven't gotten into the wheelbarrow and you try to do this to overcome it's just like doing Bible study and prayer and service and all that other stuff to get over to the other side will never work it's in the context of being in the wheelbarrow of surrender right and and you do this and you take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and so as you have that negative thought of that negative feeling you pull a car now and you read it out loud as face comes by hearing and hearing by the word of gone I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me flippin for 13 thank you Lord for giving me the truth of your word I choose to believe that I will overcome thank you for helping me you know overcome and if you get done in a negative thought or the negative feeling is still there what do you do. You do it again that's right and if you get done it is still there when you do you do it again and you might be tempted to think that it didn't work but guess what while you are concentrating on this you could not be concentrating on the other because the mind can only focus on one thing at a time and so while you are doing it yes it did work. And you might get tempted to think that the battle is just so hard and I'm not going to overcome but you know what you know one of the saving graces of the stop smoking program is just telling individuals that a craving does not last forever. Cravings don't last forever they calm they come on strong but then they start to abate and rarely do they last longer in them about 2 minutes and then they'll hit you again right and then come back but rarely do they last longer than 2 minutes same thing is true with the force of the negative thoughts to Dell come on and they'll come on strong but then they'll kind of start backing off a bit as well and then they'll come back on the come on strong and then they'll start debating and coming back as well. And don't worry about overcoming like next week. You don't have power for next week you only have power for right now so you get through this temptation to think about this negative thought by thinking about this promise from the Word of God. And as you do so you are victorious now don't worry about the next time it comes God will give you power for that when it comes not now. It's like being in a battle and you're standing there with your motley crew in the enemy is there and the enemy and gauges in battle Well what do you want to have with you maybe a sword sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God right something that you can use to to defend and to go after the enemy Well if the enemy comes and you left your sort of home what's going to happen. You're dead meat if you bring the sword to the battle but you leave it in and she was going to happen they're still dead mean if you do the good Christian thing to pull the sword out you take one whack at the enemy and then put it back in the sheath but the enemy line up is still there what's going to happen you still dead me just a few seconds later right most of us fail not because we don't have the sword or we don't possess it but it's just we don't use it appropriately every time the enemy advances and as long as the enemy has advance we are to use the sword and the battle is in the mind and it's for the thoughts. I don't recommend having more than 33 by 5 cards. I don't have a Rolodex. Right now or a Rolodex you're going to be you know the enemy is going to attack like this and you're going to be going through that and gone. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO 5 minutes later. Where's that oh there it is you know and you're dead by the time you know by the time you found this thing do just fine is 32 or 13 or fewer know them well use them well and have the ones that are the most problematic for you we're going to talk about that in just a 2nd and then there's the for a 2nd role once you realize what you're thinking you've got 4 seconds to pull out your card and start reading it out loud. I'm now you could have been thinking it for the last hour but now you just realize what you're thinking and you pull it out and you read it out loud right and you go through the battle it gives you enough time to get it out but not enough time to keep playing with the thought it. Can't go through the other ones but it's not just I can't do it it could be I'm in love you can use Jeremiah 313 as your text if you're dealing with guilt then you can use. First John 19 as your text IF way if I confess my sins your faith unjust or forgive me in my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and so on what do you do you can do a thought Journal spend a day writing down the negative thoughts that are running through your head and then categorize them it might be fear or worry thought unloved and unwanted thought of failure defeat thought of guilt or shame thought unworthiness or inadequacy bitterness or anger or loneliness or whatever these are just suggested categories and they're not exhaustive there might be other categories too and then just categorize them and then pick your top $12.00 or 3 categories that are either have the most negative thoughts in them or the ones that are the most problematic for you those are the ones that you're then going to go to the Bible to and look for a text that speaks the opposite of that that speaks the truth in opposition to the word to the to the lie and that resonates with you and then follow it with a simple prayer of faith that something like this thank you Lord for giving me the truth of your word I choose to believe and you fill in whatever the promise says that I am loved that I am forgiven and that I will overcome that I have nothing to fear because you are with me because you said so thank you for accomplishing whatever the promise said Right very simple. God Your word is true I believe what your promise says thank you for. Accomplishing it right. And again as you're consistent with this the Lord will give you victory and you will overcome and those negative thoughts will go away and I know by personal experience and I wish I could tell more but I don't have as much time we need to love others in our thoughts and our words and our actions it always begins a thought if you cannot love them thinking of them you will never love them treating them in word or action must be must be up in the mind in one their 1st we are realize that we're a conduit of God's love to them and so he can pour his love to them through us whatever they did remember they heard Jesus not you he said if you have done it if they have done it unto the least of these my brother and they have done it unto me all right so he's the victim and they hurt him not you and remember hurting people hurt people and so if they did hurting things they themselves are hurting and that's a foothold for compassion there and we didn't go into prison ministries so I'm not going to focus on that one much. 8 we need to remember it's not mine right it's not mine what do I mean. Well they're not my children. You know when they're acting out God they're not mine children or when they're doing well they are my children you know of it no not like that even when they're doing well God Praise God those are you know they're your children right and if they're not doing well God they're your children and if they're despising my authority and what authority do I have of my own none it's all delegated authority right as a parent God delegates authority to me over my children but it's his authority not my authority it's only delegated I'm only a steward of his authority. And so if the children are disobeying and they are disrespecting that authority whose authority are they disrespecting God's not mine so why do I take it personally when it happens because I think it's mine it's not mine I've got to remember it's not mine Lord it's not my authority that they're disrespecting it's yours and they're not my children Lord they're your children so what would you have me to do with your children and the authority that you have delegated to me in this situation to help them to come to you and to see their need. That's just a parenting example but it goes in every other aspect of our lives as well we just need to remember it's not mine. And when we do so we don't take things personally I. Can't go into that remember a sickness of the mind prevails everywhere 9 tenths of the diseases from which men suffer how their foundation here if that's the case and 90 percent of the time disease starts in the mind then it makes sense to aim at the mind if you don't know the cause doesn't it if you don't know what the cause is it makes sense to aim at the mind because 90 percent of the time you're likely to get to find the answer there the target's going to be there the bull's eye is going to be there even though there's physical manifestation going on in the body and as we looked out already with the heart disease in a majority of cases is because of that personal loss. That you and I sustain that personal loss of not receiving not receiving enough or having our treasure taken away and many different ways right and different situations whether it's death of a loved one whether it's rejection whether it's disappointed hopes and so on and so forth and those are major contributors to disease and sometimes people don't like that idea but let's just throw another term in there and then everybody rest rest relax an assured stress Yeah everybody no stress affects health right and all sorts of conditions and health and whatever so let's just call it stress but we are being specific of what kind of stress it is that that is a major contributor to disease and why do we have that stress why do we have that loss it's because the heart that we have it's because of the human nature that we we are born into and because of that we cannot control our losses and our gains we are a slave to others and everything that we talked about before is the reality over here and we can't get out of it and of ourselves but it's the major contributor of the mind right the issue of the mind that contributes to disease so what's the solution the solution is it a beach with coconut in a. Hammock and and ukulele. That's the world solution of stress no but even in the and that hammock you have the same miserable heart as you did when you were you know somewhere else everywhere you go there you are the solution is not changing your circumstances and your surroundings the solution is a new heart right and it's only that that God can give to you and with the new heart you remember it's not my. That point right it's not mine and I'm free I'm no longer subject to all of those same losses in those things anymore because it's no longer part of the equation. And when that which is the major contributor to disease is removed because of the new heart that God gives us guess what happens to the disease that's the result of it. Well if you remove the cause what has to happen to the effect. That's to start going away that's right that's why I'm interested in causes and the cause is a heart problem the cause is a love problem the cause is an issue of the mind. In 90 tenth's of the time right 90 percent of the time. Yes we need to ascertain the cause Yes and healthful conditions should be changed and so yes we use natural remedies we change our lifestyle we do these things absolutely that's all part of the process that we need to be involved in as well and we can drink or water get our exercise live temperately get all you know the love and have that straight now so we're coming to the only source and giving to those around us we need proper nutrition and that good environment of sunshine and a proper thought life in air and nature and dress and and we are to get our sufficient rest which is not equivalent was sleep by the way. It's not the law of sleep it's the law of rest and prayer and connecting with the father is just as restful as sleep and so time sometimes it would behoove us to not sleep and pray. Just like Jesus we're told that he came forth morning by morning from hours alone from with his father and you say that evening by evening he went and spent hours alone with his father and were told frequently he spent the entire night in prayer but yet he was the one who obeyed all the health laws perfectly it's the law of rest not the law of sleep. Now that's not to say that you go take your work into the night I'm not all that's in temperance right but it's the connection and that prayer time with the father and sometimes as as you Piner Isn't that kind of stuff we get so fixated on the health laws and well I call now I you know I know can't pray now can't stay at the mean now. You know I mean I mean I know people that walk out of prayer meeting at 8 o'clock when the preachers still going on a little bit longer because they've got to go home go to bed. That communion with the father is restful it is and we need that communion with the father we must have it it's part of that rest and that simple trust in God as well all of these need to be a part of our lives as well wrong habits should be corrected That's absolutely true if we are dressing poorly for the weather and our circumstances we need to dress well if we've got the negative thoughts we need to replace those with the truth from God's Word if we're not eating well or not drinking the right stuff and so on with that that all needs to be corrected Absolutely but it does so in the context of a surrender dependent relationship of Christ then nature is to be assisted in our effort to expel impurities and reestablish right conditions in the system and so yeah we do hydrotherapy we use herbs use a proper diet you actually size you do all of these different things in order to help in that restoration process absolutely I'm not saying that those things need to be cast out not at all they just need to be put in the right place. And in health ministry for so many years these things have been on the top of the pedal steel but Christ should be on the top of the pedestal right it's got to be in the context of Christ right. And then don't forget annoying teen that's got appointed method member cause and effect my disease must have a cause a cause always comes before the disease as long as the disease is present the cause or at secondary causes are still present and if the cause is a lover a sin issue 9 tenths of the time I can change my lifestyle I take medications I can do all that kind of stuff but some other manifestations some other effect will come because of the cause remains and you take away this effect it's got to produce another effect and the cause must be removed and once the cause or through move the effect will cease and yes in the meantime I play lifestyle natural remedies eliminate toxins I pray and trust in God and so on that we must get to the cause must get to the cause. Remember all laws that govern function are fixed you can't change them laws of thermodynamics gravity and so on body temperature God's Law Yeah it's a functional law too it's the law of laws it's a law that governs the function of love It can't be changed either camping. Finally what do I do get up and get back up. What is that getting up involved well when God told this man lying there the pool of Bethesda get up he gave him a command the man had to trust in him. And in trust in him he had to act upon that trust he had to act upon that trust with a power he did not have a capacity that he did not have right he had no capacity to actually accomplish what was commanded of him to do but in trusting the word he had to attempt to act upon the word to put his will to act upon the word and in putting his will to act upon the word God gave him the power to actually accomplish what was commanded and he was able to do the thing and the same thing is true with you and I when it comes to getting up and getting back up God calls us to get up but we don't have the power to do it. But at the call of his command when we put our will to act upon his command he gives us then the power to do it but you and I want it to happen backwards we sit there on the ground and we say OK God You empower me and when you empower me then I'll get up. Done work that way doesn't work that way. Simply at the command we are to put our will to attempt to accomplish the thing trusting in him to then empower us to do it and in the process of the will be in applied the power is given that it may be accomplished and that it may be accomplished. Now when a child learns how to walk it will always fall in the process to God It's not a problem for you to fall it's not it's part of the process of learning to walk it's OK God's not going to slap you up so on one side and down the other because you fell and you fell again again how many times how many opportunities would you give your child to fall in the process of learning to walk 7. 70 times 7 or however many times it took Yeah however many times it takes we're not any better than God God is much better than we are and so he will give you as many times as you need to fall as you need to in order to learn to walk but don't stay down get back up right get back up and keep going so what do we do we take from God's love as our only source we accept that new heart we come to the cross and accept that even in exchange we surrender our lives entirely to him we get into the wheelbarrow let go of the rope research our hearts think only good thoughts of others we love them because we have taken that love from God Now we give it away and we remember it's not mine we use natural remedies an and lifestyle change our lives and so on and then when we fall get back up again. And this is a divine prescription for physical ailments and a healing prescription and 9 tenths of the diseases it is. But if I tell people this at the very beginning they look at me and go next doctor. But when we understand all the principles involved and everything behind it then we look at it and go. Oh yeah. Last quote When the Gospel is receding it's purity and power it is a cure for the maladies that originated in San I tell you a cancer originated in San diabetes originated said hi I by pressure originate in San cardiovascular disease and an atherosclerosis and all that originated in San all these things that were dying from a originated in sand and when the Gospel is received in its purity and power it is a cure for the maladies that originated in sin the gospel must be central to our health message for if it's not we have nothing to share let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your blessings and your good mercies to us thank you for loving us so much Lord maybe there is somebody here that's recognizing that we they need to let go of the rope they need to get into that we'll bury. It maybe there's some of us here that know that we've done that sometime in the past but it's been a long time since we've been in that wheelbarrow and we've been on self control mode for well self in charge mode I should say for a long time and it's time to get back again maybe there's some of us that know that we've been struggling with those negative thoughts so strongly and we've been failing over and over again and we know it's time for a change time for Success time to take those those sharp little swords of paper 3 by 5 cards and replace in the negative thoughts with the truth of God's word within the context of being in the wheelbarrow and that surrender dependent relationship on cry in Christ and and so Lord with our eyes closed our heads bowed maybe there are some now that are saying Lord. I'm willing to get rid of that list that keeps me from getting into the wheelbarrow. At this. That's been a living hell holding on and lord I think it's time to let go and like go that rope and face whatever may come to allow you to have complete control of my life and my future my outcomes and to get into that Wilbur that's you and just raise your hand to have a new law that's May. Have a notes. And God will help you to accomplish. And thank you Lord for being faithful we pray in Jesus' name meant this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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