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Every Wind of Doctrine Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 26, 2019
    7:30 PM
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The title of my presentation this evening is hopes grace filled in time message the Jewish nation and Jewish people have the single text that is the essence and foundation of their very faith. Every single Jew looks to Deuteronomy 6 verse 4 as the foundation of Judaism Let's read it together here oh Israel the Lord our God is one the Lord from the time that Jewish children are brought up at 345 years old in fact when they're just born the mother will hold the Jewish child in her arms and begin to seeing Deuteronomy 6 verse 4 to them here oh Israel the Lord our God is one ward It's called the Shia MA in ancient Israel and throughout the centuries of their exile whether they are exiled in Babilon or not the chanting of the Shia ma reminded the Jews of the spiritual vision and path that united them as a people during the 2nd World War the Jewish mothers continually taught their young children to chant the stream on before going to sleep and you remember the story of the Holocaust where in Nazi Germany these children were rounded up it with their adults they were sent off to places like ravens Brooke and Doc how and they suffered the terrible indignities of the German concentration camps many Jewish parents knew that their church children would be killed unless they did something significant during that time there were Catholic orphanages throughout Germany and so many Jewish parents took their jilt their Jewish children gave them to Catholic priests to be raised in the Catholic orphanages and the parents were taken off to these prison camps and many of the parents most of them never never returned. During the Holocaust some of these parents in Europe placed their children in these orphanages for one reason to save their lives after the war many of the leading rabbis wanted to get the children back they were Jewish children in Catholic orphanages so they began to search for them when they went to the Catholic orphanages the Catholic priest said we don't have any Jewish children here there are none because they have Polish names they have German names they are really I were children so we don't have any of your children here. One of the leading rabbis when he came to the orphanage with the American soldiers now simply said to the priest Look I understand in the priest said You can't command the door of the orphanage is shut to you and he said would you just allow me at supper time to night after supper when your children are going to bed at night can I just walk through for my own satisfaction the priest said you can as the rabbi walked through the orphanage this league rabbi said we're going to win and come back in the evening when the children going to sleep and he chanted the Hebrew words of the Shem Ah he began to chant the Lord our God is one Lord and these children stood up and they began to cry and they said Mama mama mama mama he said that when one of mine that once was a mind that was one of mine and the and the Catholic priest had no recourse he had to give the Jewish children back which he did now here is my question to you if Deuteronomy 64 was so in bedded in the consciousness and the minds of these Jewish children what is the ad than a Shem. What is the advantage. If our children were taken from us and they would do and we were denied access to them what text would we walk through the orphanage singing you see many of those children began to repeat the words of the shim Ah because they knew them because from the time they were the youngest children they were embedded in their consciousness the 7th Day Adventist Church and the 3 messages of Revelation 14 are are sure mom there are rallying point they define who we are as a people as much as tutor Ana me 64 defined who. The Jewish children were they described our mission to the world and so tonight let's review those 3 angels messages and let's see if we can discover something deeper let's go beyond the surface of those messages and let's particular focus since this is a healthy institution you would expect me to take a little detour some time in the presentation and share with you how these 3 angels messages relate to our health message we find our unique prophetic A dentity outlined in Revelation 14 verse 6 to 12 and if you have your Bible you may want to turn to it and follow along as we go on on the screen and I'll come back to the text from time to time we find our unique prophetic advantage he outlined in Revelation 146 the 12 it's here we find our passion to proclaim the gospel to the entire world Revelation 14 we begin with verse 6 read it either from your Bible or from the screen with me then I saw another 18 she'll fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth and the sea and the springs of waters now you're going to notice 3 things about verse 6. Ellen White makes this comment in a special sand 7th Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the Word of God 7th Day Adventists believe that we were divinely raised up by God to herald a unique prophetic message that is to go to all the world at in time Ellen White continues evangelism page 119 they have been given the work of most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd in 30 and chills message read the rest of it with me please there is no other work of so great importance there to allow the nothing else to absorb their attention if God picture is an end time message to prepare the world for its final harvest as being carried by 3 angels in mid-heaven is that an important message if God pictures through the prophet to the last generation. A message of great importance and nothing else to stew will absorb our attention is that a message of extreme importance note notice here this 3 angels message Revelation 14 verse 6 says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those that do well in the earth there are 3 things about that text when it says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe to people 1st it's an urgent message the Angel does not float through heaven he flies in mist have made heaven so the message is urgent. If there is that there's a time element with it it's a message that must go quickly rapidly speedily to the ends of the earth 2nd it's an eternal message it's the angel has the effort a lasting gospel it's not some message of novelty thirdly it's a universal message it's to be preached to and proclaim to every nation tribe tongue in people so here you have given to us by God a message that is urgent a message that's eternal and a message that is universal Now let's spend a little time unpacking this idea of the the everlasting or the eternal gospel everlasting speaks of the past the present in the future. So the Gospel is an everlasting gospel because it takes us into the past into the eternal realms of heaven it is the everlasting gospel because it speaks of the past but of the present not only of the present but of the future now noticed as our Of Ages page $22.00 the plan of our redemption was not an afterthought a plan formulated after the fall of Adam it was a revelation of the mystery which had been kept silent through time's eternal Roman 16 verse 25 it was an unfolding of the principles that from eternal ages have been the foundation of God's throne in the great controversy between good and evil in the inter-galactic war between Christ in Satan in this Star Wars controversy the devil has claimed that God exact slow of the end does not give love the devil has claimed that God is a vindictive tyrant a wrathful judge but yet before the creation of man and before the fall of man in the councils of eternity the Father Son and Holy Spirit met. And they are Christ made an eternal decision that he would come forth indeed to redeem the human race it's amazing when you actually think of that that Christ would insert the controversy between good and evil that Jesus would come that he would Tabernacle in human flesh he would be born of a virgin He would face temptation in common with all humanity he would hang on Calvary's cross Peter would forsake him Judas would be train him the Jews would turn their backs on his overtures of love there at the cross Jewish leaders would reject him the Romans would crucify Him In fact his disciples would forsake him and flee he would hang on the cross 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 21 He who knew no sin would become seen for US GO LAY sions 3 curse of verse 13 is everyone hangs on the tree Hebrews 2 verse 8 and 9 that he would taste death for every man so there on the cross Jesus did not experience merely the 1st death but he experienced the 2nd death what is the 2nd death see of Jesus only experience the 1st death there is no salvation for you or me if the death on the cross was merely a physical event there is no salvation from the 2nd death so when Christ hung on the cross What is the 2nd death it's the wailing and gnashing of teeth it's the sense of abandonment by God It is this sense that the guilt of sin is so great that you sense that you're going to be lost forever now Didn't Jesus say if you destroy this body 3 days I will raise it I'll raise it up he did but the guilt of sin was so great on the cross that he could not perceive himself coming through the father did not move but indeed the darkness of sin was so great the guilt of sin was so great that Jesus couldn't see anything but that death and Jesus made the decision that you were worth it. Jesus made the decision that you were worth it that if he could not be in heaven without you that he would not want to be there that if he if he could not be in heaven without your Of he would rather then be in the tomb and be separated from the Father for ever there is no love like that in Hinduism or is a lot more Buddhism there is no love like that in any other set of world religions except Christianity Christianity presents the depth of the Gospel it is the everlasting eternal gospel that the Christ that was one with the father from all eternity that never had a beginning and never will have an ending this infinite eternal Christ was willing to put it into the arena of human affairs for you and for me so that is the everlasting Gospel it speaks of the past it speaks about the love in the heart of God He is according to Revelation 138 read it with me please the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world so Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world before sin Jesus made a loving decision to be our redeemer when sin to a place there was a sword that pierced his heart and he was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world I love the way the book education puts it the cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that sin from its very inception is brought to the heart of God Every deed of cruelty every departure from right brings grief to him so the cross is a revelation to our senses of the love that's in God's heart in the sea and that brought him pain now to a generation of the 21st century starved for genuine authentic love. The 3 messages speaks of a god of unconditional love who go to any length to redeem us because he wants us with him forever the generation that we live in is a generation starved for love there's a love deficit in our society and people are looking for love where Love can never be found love is not found within us it's not found within another person 1st John chapter 4 verse 8 says God is love and only as we drink at the fountain of his love are we filled with Divine Love to share with others and so to a generation star for authentic love the gospel speaks of a Christ that loves us in spite of our past a Christ that loves us in spite of our failures a Christ who loves us in spite of our weakness in our feebleness this is that the heart of the 3 angels messages no it's the everlasting gospel it's the gospel of his grace grace pardons are passed Grace empowers our president and Grace provides hope for our future so Grace is not only about delivering us from the guilt of our past the righteousness of Christ not only pardons and covers but the righteousness of Christ cleanses and changes and so God's grace according to Scripture and the grace that the Adventist message of the 3 angels God's message of the 3 we speak of a grace that pardons a grace that empowers a grace that provides hope for the future in Christ we are delivered from sins penalty and power and one day soon will be delivered from scenes presence this is the hope the old grace filled message of the Bible's last book Generation last book revelation. The message of the 3 angels leads. Men and women to recognize that there is forgiveness in Jesus to recognize that the condemnation can be gone in Christ but it leads them as well to know that although we come to Christ as we are we don't stay as we are as I have traveled around the world and preach the Gospel I've watched the power of God come down and change people's lives or member one night I was preaching in the Solomon Islands and that was a unique situation because we are preaching in the marketplace every night the situation was too dangerous for my wife to come because they had just been through a civil war the situation was tense the Guadalcanal instead battled against the militants and I traveled back into the far reaches of the jungles and met with rebel leaders and there was still burned out cars and bridges that were blown up and every night were extremely vulnerable because we came to the marketplace to preach and it was an interesting experience because you got to clean out the Dead Sea pieces of the fish they had sold fish and chopped off their heads with the stinkiest place ever preached in an ad that sold rotten vegetables at the throat with clean about you know washing out and get up every night well one night as I was preaching I noticed this large man standing off to the side and I went over to talk to him after the meeting and I said well you know you're welcome to come into the meetings he said I could not I might be killed I said What do you mean he said you know who I am he said I am the leader of the rebel forces I am the one that commandeered the. Only battle ship of this gunboat rather that the government had and then you see that river I took it up that river and I got shot into the villages and fires burst out and many people were killed and and I'm a wanted man but I've heard you speak tonight about the grace of God is there forgive. This for a man like me is there forgiveness for a man like me can I have any hope that my life will be changed the power of God came down upon that man tonight that night the 3 angels message is the message of the Gospel the message of we can be delivered from scenes penalty in power in one day will be delivered from sins presence I remember one night I was preaching in the Kremlin in Moscow and there night after night 13000 people came out every night 6500 the 1st session 6500 in the 2nd session and as science preaching one night at the end of the meeting a man 6 foot 2 muscular 200 to 10 solid steel came up to me after the meeting he said Can we talk I said Sure he said I am the Russian general that led the Afghan invasion. And he said tonight at the end of the meeting I met with a group of Russian academics I met with a group of Russian intellectuals and politicians and we have come to the conclusion that the only way forward for us in our society is if we can understand that Biblical message that you presented tonight the only way forward is if they could understand grace and forgiveness and power to change men in women in our world today are looking for power to change they sense that they are locked into habits that they cannot break they sense that they are chained in the prison house of discouragement disappointment and if there is somebody here tonight that you are struggling with some have it that you are battling with something in your life that is deep down inside that nobody else knows the good news is that the grace of God is for you the good news is that he can forgive in change this is the hope filled message need turning gospel speaks not only of our past in our present it speaks of a basis of future with hope it speaks of living eternally with one whose heart is aching to be with us for ever and ever and ever and ever so the eternal gospel speaks about my pet the past the Christ who in the turtle ages of heaven stepped forth as our redeemer it speaks about our present that we can be forgiven and changed it speaks about our future that eternal life is ours in Christ that this world is headed for a grand glorious climax with the 2nd coming of Christ that's all part of this eternal everlasting Gospel no notice what it says I saw another angel fly in the middle of heaven having for having the what everybody everlasting got to preach way or no to all the world to every nation kindred tongue and people know here is a mis mission so grand so large so great and comprehensive that it's all consuming There is nothing more exciting nothing. More stimulating nothing more rewarding nothing more fulfilling than to give your life for something that matters to give your life for something bigger than you are we were made for something bigger than us we were made for something more than to watch Hollywood movies and play video games we were made for something more then the latest that this world has to offer we have a purpose that God has raised up this generation of advantage for and that is to share his love and grace with those around us this commission demands our best efforts it requires our total commitment it leads us from a preoccupation with our own self-interest to a passion for Christ service the 3 angels message does not code you to wade in P.T. wading pools of faith up to your ankles and pick up pennies. The 3 angels message cause you to go deep and discover the Pearl of Great Price and once you've discovered the pearl of great price you sell anything as far as you give up this what this world has to offer to follow the living Christ in his book The Quest for more pull David trip makes this amazing observation human beings were created to be part of something bigger than their own lives seen causes us to shrink our lives down to the size of our lives the grace of Christ is given to rescue us from the coster phobic confines of our own little self focused Kingdom and frees us to live for the eternal purposes and the satisfying delights of the Kingdom of God we live in a culture that is institutionalized so focus and purpose personal and tight on it if you look around it's very clear that we need to be rescued from ourselves things like debt addiction obesity divorce and the are the fruits of a culture of cell focus where we look for meaning where meaning cannot be found there is a freedom to be found in living for something bigger than yourself ultimately it means living for the glory of God and the success of his agenda for the world he made Jesus leads us from the pre occupation with our self interest where we can find joy he leads us out into a world with the biggest largest mission ever given to humanity a message to prepare the world for the coming of Christ and young people that are aired tonight there is nothing big or nothing grander nothing greater when I was 17 years old I came to Jesus. Came from a Catholic background by the time I was 21 I had graduated from theology and began preaching this message and I've been preaching this message now for a 53 years and it never waned sin my heart it never gets smaller in my heart I'm 74 years old I keep thinking Lord what else can we do to get this message out more quickly and I would say to you tonight if you want to give yourself to something that's large and something that's great in something that's bigger than yourself find some area of service whether it is in a supporting ministry whether it is a conference sponsored ministry but look for something bigger than yourself whether it is as a lay person in a local church but you have a bigger grander of you than simply going to work as William Kerry said I cobble shoes to pay expenses but soul winning is my business see it's the mission of the church whether you're employed or not employed by the nomination whether you're at an institution or you're not at an institution whether you're a member of a local church or not there is something bigger and grander that God has for us there is nothing more inspiring more fulfilling more rewarding than being part of a divine movement providentially raised up by God to accomplish a task far bigger a far larger than any one human being could ever accomplish see we are part of something bigger and larger we are part of a divine movement of destiny raised up based on the prophetic prophecies of the Book of Revelation to accomplish something now notice what Scripture says Matthew $24.00 verse 14 let's read it together this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a what witness to all nations then the end will it happen will Jesus' words be fulfilled will they this gospel of the kingdom might be preached all the world this guts of the king it's highly. Likely it will be oh the task is impossible the church cannot accomplish it can it can it. Through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts and minds of consecrated believe or is the Bible tells us that the latter rain will be poured out the war the loud cry will be given and this earth will be filled with the glory of God and our Lord will indeed come that's verse 6 now we go to verse 7 Revelation $146.00 says and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to do what preach upon the earth to those that do up on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people it's an urgent message an eternal message an everlasting message and a universal message but then God focuses in on a unique aspect of this 3 angels messages we're looking only at the 1st angel tonight will mention the 2nd and 3rd but we're focusing on the 1st he says reading it together fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of this judgment has come now I want to spend a little time on the expression fear God if most if I asked most people what does that mean that say it certainly doesn't mean be afraid of but it means recent reverence or respect but I want to give take you deeper tonight the Greek Testament Greek New Testament word for fear in Revelation 147 is for we bow can you say that with me. You're pretty good Greek students Filippo now it is used here not in the sense of being afraid of God but in the sense of reverence and respect but here is what the word conveys if you look at the original it can face the thought of absolute loyalty to God and full surrender to His will that word for we bow is a loyalty word and it has to do with the thinking processes fear God is to say respect God and make a commitment to God to be absolutely to his will now if you look at the message it's dealing with an attitude of mind that takes God seriously so it's a shift when it says Fear God from living a self-centered life to living a God centered life so the idea of fearing God is the idea of respecting God so much that he becomes the center of my life and that every decision that I make is in reference to that internal thought process and that commitment that I've made to be loyal to him in the light of the Gospel Now remember there are 2 ways of life the way of self and selfishness that began in heaven and the way of self-will lessness that place is Christ at the very center of our thoughts Isaiah 141314 says I will ascend into heaven exalt my throne above the stars of God sit upon the mount of congregation in the sides of the North. LS Sunday above the heights of the cuts of the like the most high This of course is Lucifer Now notice what he says he has I problems because he needs a divine up Tom interest in the divine up Tom interest is the Holy Spirit who has the ice they have the cure is a are I problems you see I will ascend into heaven so here's an eye problem it's a it's a pride problem the center of pride P.R. I.D.E.A. is I the center sin as I am is so he has a real problem I will ascend into heaven who was in the already in heaven yes but he wanted a higher position he wasn't content I will exalt my throne above the stars of God Who are the stars of God according to the Bible they are the angel So what do you want to do he wants to exalt his throne he wasn't content with his position sit on the Mount of the congregation the sides of the north what does that mean I'll sit in the Mount of the congregation the sides of the North. Well. If you pitched the Israel sanctuary in the desert see everybody would have know every Israel would have known this the mount a congregation in the sides of the North was the mount from which God spoke to Israel it's the mount which Moses got the wall when God spoke in Moses received the war from the finger of God written there so here's what he says here's a list for saying I want to be the highest in heaven I want my throne to be exalted I want to be with the one that gives the Lord not the one that obeys the law so the creature wants to be above the creator ascend above the heights of the clouds will be like the most Thais who wants the authority of the most high God So the 3 angels message says Dear God respect and obey God put God in the center of your thinking process not yourself because pride led Lucifer into heaven to fall when secular values have made self the center heavens appeal in the 3 angels message in this verse 9 Joules message is to turn from the tyranny of self centeredness and the bondage of self inflated importance to place God at the center of our lives that's what fear God is all about that's what your god made me instead of Jesus stated this way Matthew 6 verse 33 let's read seek you 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you so the appeal if fear God is to seek God 1st in our lives cautions 3 Verse 2 reading together set your mind on things above not on things on or the expression fear God has to do with not our actions but what's going on in our mind is the expression fear God has to do with the thought processes of a mind that is absolutely loyal and committed to go no notice the blue. Fear God speaks of our attitudes fear God speed has to do with what we think it has to whether in our commitment giving glory to God is the outgrowth of fearing God you could never give glory to God in your lifestyle unless you've made a commitment in your mind to be absolutely committed to God based on the everlasting gospel so you notice the progression of the 3 angels messages 1st you have the gospel which is the motivation for everything else because of the Gospel you come to the point in your life where seeing what God has done for you your heart is broken with his love all you want to do is to obey him in fear and so you fear him in the sense that you make a commitment to respond to his love to be loyal to him that fearing God speaks of attitudes how we think in our commitment now giving glory to God speaks of our actions it has to do with what with what we do a lifestyle that honors God That's why the Bible says 1st Corinthians 10 verse 31 let's read there for whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do out of the glory of God When God is a group of people that are saved by grace charmed by a love redeemed by the cross they make him center of their life it all they want to do is give glory to God Now let's take a little detour right here this message of the 3 angels came to the 7th Day Adventist Church there growing out of the disappointment of 1844 and here is the question we read. Fear God and give glory to him and we read whatsoever you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God Why is it that the Lord gave to the advantage church our health message what relationship does that have to do with the 3 Angels' messages. Remember we read 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 verse 19 and 20 it says what Know you not your body is the temple of God what have you eat or drink or do do all to the glory of God early Advent pioneers when they began to study the 3 angels messages recognized a significance in the health message and that how we live and how we care for our bodies is has it has to do with giving glory to God in those early days of advantages I'm the early Adventist pioneers were often sick many of them had feeble health and the medical care in that day was significantly different than the medical care at you cheap Institute I was noticing that there is a book on home remedies up there in the bookstore and you cheap pints No I want to read you an 1835 statement from a book on home remedies by Dr Chapman now they don't carry this book up at the book store Why do you smile doctor he knows where this is going. So here is Dr Chapman and he writes a book on home remedies an 1835 and this is what Dr Chapman says if you have problems with your lungs. I will give to you the benefits of cigar smoking the patient should frequently draw in the breath of smoke freely so that the eternal internal surface of the air vessels may be exposed to the action of the vapor I'm glad we don't have that book in our bookstore here doctor. Smoking it was the smoking was recommended for a lung diseases Jay and luff burrow one of the early Advent pioneers went to his physician because he had lung problems the doctor recommended that he start smoking a cigar. Pero did that become addicted to cigars we're just getting where we're going we're not we're not quite there yet OK Ellen White was of course extremely sick extremely feeble Jan Andrews was very sick he was in his early thirty's and he couldn't even preach Here's another remedy which is by Dr Boyd and he has a unique treatment for children suffering high fevers how many have children under 10 years old here tonight under 100 here's a remedy for you don't write it down police but here's the remedy 835 in the book on home remedies let the little patient be bled freely not words take a knife and cut their arm and bleed him out 14 ounces of blood because that creates a fever Doc's kids are looking at him saying oh no don't go that direction All right good little child be bled freely at the commencement of the case give the child 3 years old or upwards why in mixed with the medic Tartar if necessary repeat it in one half hour keep bleeding the child if the 2nd dose does not cause vomiting doublets quantity unless the case be very mild the vomiting should be encouraged by warm drinks and noisy it continued for a few hours. A few hours they want the kid to throw up to keep bleeding the child this is what was taking place in 835-848-4585 extension 860 so God in His grace and mercy did what he send the 3 message so we give glory to God the health message is not some illegal a sick requirement it was given in kindness compassion by a grace filled God Now notice God begin to bless the mind of Ellen White and what is she right at a time when physicians are saying take tobacco for your lungs the prophet of God has a divine revelation and it says tobacco is a slow insidious post but most Molik name poison so she's warning God's people at a time when nobody knew when incidentally what Will what's the word malignant me. When stuck to what Dr what it was malignant be. Cancerous Did anybody know in 18 sixties that the tobacco course can't anybody know that did anybody know that 1900 very few if they did when was the 1st time that the surgeon general's report came out in the United States indicating that smoking was causally related to lung cancer. 19 You got it 62 but almost 100 years before that in a version the prophet of God knew that isn't God gracious didn't God preserve thousands and thousands and thousands of lives No Jane left early Advent pioneer he starts smoking any it becomes addicted to cigars so got us to get him off that now here's what love process I was a great lover of animal flesh is food I wanted fat poor fried for breakfast boiled meat for dinner cold slices of ham or be for supper one of my sweetest morsels was bread soaked in Port gravy we didn't have any of that up at the cafeteria today did we. We'd have that there I'm glad we didn't aren't you aren't you glad for God's plant based diet aren't you glad for the 3 inches messages to give glory to God Now here's Jay Andrews anybody ever heard of Jane Andrews who's heard Jan Andrus what was what was Jane Andrews known for a couple things he was known for somebody help me here. First missionary Europe what year was that your member. 1874 you've got it 874 what book did Jan Andrews write that was most significant was living in South and Gaston Massachusetts travelled to yet travel to Harvard university travelled to the great universities in Boston he wrote the history of the Sabbath one of the best books ever written and 7 so he's 34 years old Here's what he writes he says my general health was easily exhausted I found it difficult to perform the labor which devolved on me as a preacher I supposed that aged cheese was good to aid the digestion as to mince pie and sausage I had no thoughts these were harmful hot biscuits butter donuts pickles preserves tea coffee pork in every form or in common use so God says OK. If you want to give the message to the world and you can be of glory to me you Advent pioneers can't be dying so young so God began to bless the mind of Ellen White to lead our people from the early Advent pioneers from the. I was going to say I don't know what I was going to say. Something he even tell a kid sees of the day I needed to put a word for a bit more delicacy you should behave in delicacy you see you see I really had been pioneers love food cooked in Greece love bacon they didn't understand Joseph Bates a sea captain. First gave up alcohol and tobacco. Then he had his whole boat give up alcohol tobacco and what he did he took him out to sea and weather out at sea Adam through the out all over board in the tobacco overboard they couldn't get any smoke so they couldn't get any out also they went through withdrawal but you know on his boats he didn't allow cursing and swearing he was a great health reform or Joseph Bates he became a vegetarian early on in our movement. God was leading his people back to an original diet and he began to bless the mind of elenchi white Now there are those who say you Adventists in fact somebody said to James White once he said to James White you advocates have something beside the Bible and James White said this or we believe all the Bible because if you deny the part of the Bible that speaks about a last a prophet then you don't believe all the Bible in the Bible shares that God would raise up a last day messenger and in time it describes that God's people would have 2 characteristics take your Bible police and turn to Revelation Chapter 12 verse 17 Revelation 12 God would raise up an end in time movement that in time movement would be blessed with the gift of prophecy that give to prophecy would lead us back to keeping lead us back to giving glory to God in our lifestyles Revelation Chapter 12 1st 17 and the dragon who's the dragon. What verse are we looking at Revelation $1217.00 in the Dragon was enraged or angry with the woman who's the woman the church he goes to make war with the what remnant of her seed and what do they do they keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus so God would raise up an end time people he would he would give to that end he would lead them through faith in Jesus and faith of Christ to keep His commandments and it would lead them to he would give to them the testimony of Jesus now what's another word for testimony what's another word for testimony. A witness bears the testimony so each of the biblical prophets had the testimony of Jesus Isaiah Jeremiah were witnesses for Jesus they did not give their own message the Holy Spirit either impressed their mind or gave them prophetic visions in the last days of verse history the Bible says the testimony of Jesus is what the Spirit of Prophecy did I say I have the Spirit of Prophecy Yes did Jeremiah have the spirit of prophecy did Malakai have it yes so in the last days God would send the witness from Jesus who would bring to the last A church the gift of prophecy again if Jesus has sent a witness in his grace and love to his people today I want to listen to his witness what do you say I do want to turn from the witness of Jesus if we believe that we've found God's church by definition it must have the biblical gift of prophecy no Ellen White received more than 2000 prophetic visions and dreams she wrote over 50 books numerous articles she lectured to thousands on 3 continents now God in His mercy gave to Ellen White the health the message the health vision she writes about it it was at the house of brother a Hilliary at Sego Michigan June 6 1863 that the great subject of health reform was opened before me for the Adventists to go out as the divine movement of destiny and preach the message of Christ if they were going to preach a message of giving glory to God because of absolute commitment to God it would be a message of lifestyle as well. Here Ellen White 863 June 6th has the health reform vision in that vision she was shown that tobacco was a malignant poison in that vision she was shown that God was leading his people back to a more natural diety plant based diet in that vision she was shown the need for rest and exercise and the need for fresh air and water she said writes When the message of health reform 1st came to me read it with me please I was weak and feeble subject to frequent fainting spells I was pleading with God for help and he opened before me the great subject of health reform why did God at the precise moment that the 3 engines message was to go to the world why did he give you these fish and. Because he knew in grace and mercy that are Adventists pioneers were dying off and they needed a message of health to go out to the world he also knew that this message was not to be kept for the admin and speed but it was to be taken to the ends of the earth he instructed me who's the he that instructed her who is that he instructed me that those who are keeping His commandments must be brought into sacred relation to himself and that by temperance in eating and drinking they must keep mind and body in the most favorable condition for service is the reason we are interested in health so we live 7 years longer or 10 years longer than our neighbors notice how clear this is. It Rich shows the relationship between mind and body but it shows that we have a message to the world notice it says. That he instructed me God instructor that those who are keeping His commandments have to be brought into sacred relation to itself that by temperance and eating and drinking they must keep mind and body in the most favorable condition for what for service so the 3 angels message will go to the ends of the earth. Are carried by a people who have come to a total commitment to Christ and who have given the mind body in spirit because all they want to do is give glory to God and they do not follow health reform for health reform sake they file health reform to give glory to God and so they can be empowered to serve in the light given me so long ago that she wrote this after. She wrote this in 8674 years after I was shown that intemperance would prevail in the world what alarming extent is that true today does intemperance prevail in our world to alarming extent and that every one of the people of God must take an elevated stand in regard to the Reformation in habits in practices. In the 3 angels message given to us by God. We have a message to give glory to God Now let's summarize that message what is it and I saw another angel doing what flying and did have it so the angel goes swiftly so an angel flying into heaven is the last day message urgent. Having the what in his hand the everlasting Gospel the grace and love of God that that forgives our past and empowers our present gives us hope for the future but that's to go to every nation kindred turning people it is the advent movement is a movement that's a dynamic movement that is to take God's message to the end of the earth it calls us to fear God that is to make total commitment to God in our mind to get nothing between ourselves and our Savior it calls us as well to give glory to him in what we eat and drink in our lifestyle now what relationship does this have to the 3 angels messages notice counsels on diet and foods page 74 what relation does the health message have to the 3 engines message there are some people that say all the health message that's legalism it has really nothing to do with the essence of the 3 angels message but look one important part of the work of the ministry is to faithfully percent of the people the health reform as it stands connected with the 3 angels messages as part and parcel of the same work. So if the 3 inches messages have to do with the glory of God and revealing God's glory to a waiting world in a watching universe so the message of health and our lifestyle is part of that message to give glory to God so that our minds will be clear so we can take his message to the ends of the earth councils on diets and food for 42 the Lord has presented before me that many many will be rescued from physical mental and moral degeneracy through the practical influence of health reform and then she makes this prediction about an end time people Health talks will be given publications will be multiplied the principles of health reform will be received with a verb and many will be enlightened we see that taking place around the world tonight. When we were in one of the Eastern European countries that will remain unnamed Billy Graham was given a a visa to go into that country for 3 days to preach this was during the days of. The government of that nation gave us a month why because we brought physicians with us because we had health messages that went out when we spoke at sunup a lot the way in Bucharest Rumania we had before our meetings large health symposiums and health fairs and hundreds came to the meetings there when we were in China my wife gave health precent in China and they really resonated with the public we see God opening amazing doors around the world just this last year we were in Africa 35000 people came out to the stadium in Africa we were we were satellite in the meetings to 4500 locations my wife was giving health presentations there each evening and as she did we got letters from the. Emails from schools that were saying we are changing the students are giving exercise the president of the nation was watching our meetings and it made a dramatic change in the head of the government and the head of the state we have just seen God do so many things God is opening unusual doors through the gift of prophecy God has revealed the benefits of our lifestyle practices medical in a light that came in the 1800s in the 19th century was a century in advance 7th Day Adventists have the Bible the spirit of prophecy as the basis for a true health message to be presented to the world now notice what Scripture says Fear God Read it with me please and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment as come and then read my comment at the bottom the universe will finally see that God is both merciful and just he's both loving and righteous now we should spend a little time tonight and that expression in the our vision judgment is come now does that say the hour of my judgment is come. The hour of whose judgment is. So God is on trial before the universe. About the way he's administered the government of the universe and you and I in the judgment become Exhibit A. So when our name comes up in the judgement Jesus steps forth before the whole universe 101-0000 times. Angels press in and the judgment reveals God's character of self sacrificing love in contrast to Satan's selfish ambition Revelation 147 is a commentary on Daniel 713142627 before waiting world and watching universe God reveals in the judgment in Heaven's eternal judgment that he has done everything absolute everything possible to save humanity judgement is passed in favor of the people of God according to Daniel 7 verse 22 now look. When your name comes up in judgment 10000 time 10000 angels prescient. Beings of unfolding worlds gather around the throne of God cherished themes and Sara themes are there in Jesus' steps forth and he says could I have done anything else to save them I sent my Holy Spirit to their mind when in a heart when they were bored I was the light that lighted every man born into the world and all through their life I was working in their heart whoever they were to bring them to me by my spirit I entered into human flesh I faced every temptation they would ever face I died the death that they should have. I've done everything possible to save them universe could have done anything more and the whole universe says just and righteous are the highways. In the universe falls down and says worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory blessing and honor forever and ever and ever and ever the judgment is the hour of his judgment where before the whole universe he reveals he is in unfathomable of his incredible grace to all humanity in the judgment all wrongs will be made right righteousness will triumph over evil Have you ever wondered. Why is this happening to me Have you ever gone through a very dark dark valley in your life have you ever sit God I just don't understand why this is happening this is in just this is unfair Has anybody ever treated you unjustly. Has everybody anybody ever attacked your reputation Have you ever felt character assassination for something that you never did. Have you ever lived in harmony with the principles of health and you exercise and breathe fresh air and were plant based vegetarian but you got cancer anyway so he says that could never happen you just haven't been around the world enough. There are environmental factors there heredity factors we do the very best we can but we leave our lives in the hands of God. Have you ever thought why was it that my child was killed in that car wreck at 17. Why was it that my husband walked away from Jesus became an alcoholic and came home and beat my face in. WA Lord this just is not fair is a life they are no life is not fair but God is just and in the final judgment he will make all things right and to the proportion in which we have suffered will be the proportion to which his grace fills our hearts. And his love surrounds us. You see the 3 angels message speaks to a contemporary society to a society of young millennia old and young people university students and others with thinking bright minds that say Life isn't fair in the simplest injustice we say to them in the controversy between good and evil we live in a world. That's broken by sin a world where bad things happen to good people we live in a world but when those happen Christ is there to strengthen us Jesus has never promised us that we would never have bad things happen to us but he has promised us that he would be there with us during that period of time to comfort to strengthen us and he has promised that in the judgement all things would be set right verse 7 ends with a call to worship the creator Revelation 147 ends with an appeal to worship the One who made heaven and earth. In the sea in the springs of waters the creation is a powerful concept it leads us back to the one who made us and gives us security and rest in His love and care in a world that believes in evolution that the genes and chromosomes that came together to form the unique biological structure your background and personality if there were some accidental happenings by chance in that kind of a world that really destroys self esteem self worth where human beings are simply an advanced animal creation in that kind of a world where suicide is rampant in in the last 40 years 60 percent and where many young people you know there was a college newspaper that ran a contest and in that contest it said define the word life and I will give you the college student the one that won here is the definition that won in the college newspaper contest on life life is the penalty that we pay for the crime of being born. Life is the penalty that we pay for the crime of being born if you have no more hope than that because you have been taught by godless professors that we simply evolved and were no bigger than the animal creation but Advena 7 message for the world and that message is fear God give glory to him because the obvious judgment is come all wrong is going to be made right and worship Him who made evident earth the sea in the founds of waters that God created you uniquely and specially there is nobody else like you in the universe you have worth you have intrinsic value because he is the one that fashioned you and made you and created you and John looked up into heaven and there he said revelation 411 You are worthy O. Lord read it with me please to receive glory and honor and power was I for you created all things and by your will they exist and were created why. Why do we exist by what God's Will why aren't you a mosquito that I'm chasing That's tough So what what what why aren't you a cow out in the field eating grass did you think sometime in the far realms of eternity I don't think I like to be a cow out there eating grass Why aren't you a CO Why aren't you a sprig of broccoli that somebody had for lunch today. Did you determine not to be a sprig of broccoli. Here's why for you created all things so Jesus but I see your will they exist and you were created why weren't you born a 100 years ago why weren't you born 500 years ago why weren't you why were you born at this time in this place it's not a cosmic accident in the divine drama of destiny God fashioned and shaped you in the womb with your mother and you were conceived in the mind of God before you were ever birthed. And they are conceived in the mind of God He brought you forward to this generation. Because the blend of your gifts and talents can be used in the closing work to give glory to Him creation speaks of our value in God's sight it speaks of our worth to him Jesus is worthy of our worship because He created us and redeemed does and creation is at the heart of all true worship and the Sabbath speaks of the Creator's care and a redeemer of the Sabbaths revelations last a message calls us from the frantic pace of 21st century living back to finding a rest in our creator Sabbath is an eternal symbol of our rest in Him rather than some arbitrary legal istic requirement it reveals that true rest from righteousness by works is found in him the Sabbath speaks of a God who has achieved so we can rest in his achievements the true Sabbath Rest is the rest of grace in the loving arms of the one who created us the one who redeemed us and the one who is coming again for us. The 1st angels message is an appeal to you and to me to say to Jesus Lord. It's no accident that I exist here take my life and let it be wholly consecrated to take your Him the police who are looking at that marvelous him take my life and let it be holy consecrated Lord to the it's him number 330 and I want you to take a look at that him because there's some things I want to point out about it. Notice that this him take my life and let it be was written by Francis Ridley half hour ago she wrote it in 1874 let me tell you a little bit about Francis Ridley have her go she was brought up in a Christian home and made a commitment to Christ at a very very young age as she made this commitment to Christ by the time that she was 7 years old she began to memorize the Bible do I have any 7 year olds here who 7 year old and my 7 are OK Anybody 8 years old here 8 years old AH 8 years old OK Anybody 6 years old here. And so this girl was very very very young she began writing poetry when she was 7 years old wrote hear him after him after him. She was a mighty She was a Bible worker and would go into people's homes and study the Bible with them one day she was staying in a home where there were 10 people in the home and nobody was converted in that home she was staying there is a guest and she would go up in her room and she had pray oh Jesus give me this whole family oh Jesus give me this whole family by now she was later on in life and these words came to her mind look at the last phrase only all for the ever only all for the so she began to plead with God Lord I cannot be content unless everybody in this family is converted only all for the ever only all for the so that kept going on in her head as she prayed she came down to worship and one of the daughters in this family of 10 had a spiritual interest that opened up a Bible study 3 were converted the next day 2 were converted by the time Francis Ridley have her go had left that home all 10 were converted now she wrote This him later now she loved jewelry she loved jewelry and she loved her earrings she had 35 pieces of jewelry that she said she put in her little treasure chest that were worthy of the King. As she was praying and she began to write take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to the She said Lord I'm going to take off all that jewelry I'm going to send it to the mission field now you know why she wrote the. Take my silver and my gold you understand that better now don't you because she writes take my silver and my gold because on the basis of the Lord impressing or with this song she said Lord I can have nothing between me and you take my life and let it be holy consecrated Lord to the we want to say Lord all I want is a dedicated life in this generation to witness for you to carry your last a message to the world is there somebody here tonight that you are you've been holding something back from Jesus you've not wanted to make that full surrender but tonight you sense that God is calling you to let that thing go to say take my life and let it be holy consecrated to the end tonight you want to make a decision for Jesus that you're going to let that thing go with you just raise your hand and I'm going to pray for you the Spirit of God is speaking to you tonight. The Spirit of God is often specific Is there somebody here tonight and you may put your hands that. That you see the call to service the call to service it may be a call to be part of pastoral ministry and maybe a call to be part of supporting ministry but it may be a call to service in your local church. And you say God I want to be part of something bigger than myself I hear the call of God to service and I just lift my hand and say Jesus give me the strength to fall that call oh my father the words of the song are the words of our heart take my life and let it be holy consecrated to the. This evening you have seen men and women and boys and girls raise their hand you've been moving by your spirit among them to make a total surrender to you whatever it is deeply in our hearts. That is holding us back from that surrender help us to surrender it just now help us give that thing up and father many of us tonight have heard the call of service we've sense of the 3 angels messages larger greater bigger than we are. And we want to be part of a people that are not only gracing the pew of a church but are going out to share your love with others in a dynamic message and we pray the tonight that you would give us that sense of where you want us to serve many of us are serving already and we thank you for it but expand our territory gives us broader fields to serve in whether that's next door in our neighborhood or across the world and we thank you. That soon Jesus will come and your message will be complete and the gospel will go to the world in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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