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Genuine Fakes Won’t Do! Medical Missionary Work in the 21st Century

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 29, 2019
    9:30 AM
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We've been on a journey these last 5 days this is our 5th president Tahsin in a series of 6 presentations we've been studying the restoration of the image of God. The central theme of Scripture is God's desire to restore his image in humanity when God created the human race in Genesis one verse $26.27 it says that God created man in the image of God The 1st 2 chapters of Genesis begin with a perfect world the last 2 chapters of The Book of Revelation end with the perfect world and from Genesis 3 until Revelation 20 we see God's desire to restore man in His image. We've looked at that theme in our 1st to present a sions and then most recently we have been looking at the 3 Angels' messages and evaluating and studying them a little more deeply seeing how they reveal God's attempt to restore man into his image because there are a number of you that are here knew how spend some time reviewing what we've done this week in the 3 and chills messages then will plunge right into our topic for today let's pray together Father in heaven thank you so much that you have intrusted this people with a unique message to prepare a world for the coming of Jesus thank you that is we open the Word and we look more deeply at those messages in the Book of Revelation called the 3 angels that you will need our hearts in light in our minds but mostly move us more deeply to a deeper commitment with you and also a greater passion to share your message of love with others so guide us as we study in Christ's name Amen. A number of years ago Pastor H.M.'s Richards was speaking to a large group of pastors actually he was not the primary speaker he was attending the beatings but he was sitting at a table after one of the priest in Taishan Zz and they were eating together he was eating with this group of non 7th Day Adventists pastor is this was a meeting a Protestant Pastors that Pastor Richard said been invited to a number of the pastors at that table did not recognize pastor Richards he. Was sitting there and they didn't ask who he was that they didn't realize that he was a 7th Day Adventist pastor and the discussion came up about 7th Day Adventists pastor Richards of course was very interested in that discussion and one of the pastors said this it is too bad that the Book of Revelation is in the Bible because he said you know Revelation is quite a confusing book and it's too bad that book of Revelation is in the Bible because if the Book of Revelation was not in the Bible we wouldn't be troubled by those heretics the 7th Day Adventists. Now that statement is partially true and partially false it's certainly not true bad too bad that the Book of Revelation is in the Bible it's certainly not true that 7th Heaven is our heretics but in a special sense 7th Day Adventist a dent a fight with the Book of Revelation we believe that in the book of revelation God has given us a special end time message for this generation and we find our prophetic A dentity outlined in Revelation 14 verse 6 to 12 and it's here that we find our passion to proclaim the gospel to the entire world in the Book of Revelation there are 3 great chapters that describe the rise of God's people revelations. Chapter 10 describes the historic rise of the true church Revelation 10 describes just how God's people would rise out of disappointment Revelation Chapter 12 describes the a den of fine characteristics of God's true church that God would have a people there that would be a den of thought by keeping His commandments and guided by the gift of prophecy and Revelation Chapter 14 describes the message of the true church and I and we've been unpacking that message we've been looking at it more deeply. The message of Revelation 14 Revelation 14 is divided into 3 parts the 1st 5 verses talk about a group that will stand on the C. of S. called 144000 Revelation 6 to 12 describes a message that prepares that group to stand on the sea of us it is God's last day message and Revelation Chapter 14 verse $13.00 to $20.00 describe the event for which they are prepared the 2nd coming of Christ so you have a people a message an event as we look at Revelation the 14th chapter we're going to look again and review the 3 in joules messages Revelation 14 verse 6 and 7 then I saw another angel read it with me please then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people now there are 3 things about this passage to notice number one it's urgent the angel flies in mid heaven when God pictures an angel flying in mid heaven with an urgent message is that something to wake up about is that something to be excited about here this the Angel does not float in mid heaven the Angel does not delay delay Darry in carrying the message but here is an urgent message angel flying in mid-heaven Notice it says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven with the everlasting gospel so here at the essence of this message the heart of this message is the everlasting gospel now what is the everlasting Gospel how do we define the everlasting Gospel the gospel is the good news of Christ who stepped forth in heaven before seen ever began. And in the divine council meetings of heaven made an eternal decision to come as the Redeemer of the human race so it's the everlasting gospel because it is that gospel echoes in Riyadh goes 3rd all eternity even before the inception of seein Jesus Christ stepped forth willing to come as man's Redeemer So it is the everlasting Gospel it speaks of the past the present and the future it's universal because it's not for one ethnic group or one language group it's to be Pourquoi aimed at every nation tribe tongue and people now there are many misunderstandings of the gospel there are those people that have the idea is that the Gospel has to do with forgiveness and deliverance from condemnation of sin and it has to do with that but it has to do much with much more than that the essence of the Gospel in the New Testament is that God deliver us delivers us from the guilt of C.N.N. But he also delivers us from the grip of sin that God delivers us not merely from the penalty of sin but he delivers us from the power of sin so the gospel has to do with the love of Christ that breaks the spell of sin in our lives and when we come to the cross we find a Christ whose love was poured out there who bore on Calvary's cross the guilt condemnation and shame of C.N.N. for you and for me and Jesus would rather have died in go into the grave and never ever come out rather than have you be lost and have you not be in heaven there that Jesus was willing to be separated from the father. There if necessary for ever somebody says well didn't Jesus say destroy this body and in 3 days I'll raise it up again he did but as he hung on the cross the guilt in shame and condemnation of sin was so great he could not see himself coming through the portals of the tube that's why goal ations 3 verse 13 says curse it is everyone that hangs upon the tree that's why 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 21 says He who knew no see and became sin for us so hanging on the cross of Calvary Jesus tasted the lost ness that every sinner will face when they're lost with weeping and gnashing of teeth Jesus died more than the 1st death on Calvary but he died the 2nd death because if Christ did not die the 2nd death would be no salvation for you and me so to understand the depths of Calvary to understand what Christ went through is to understand what it's like to be lost what is lost in this loss this is a sense that one will be separated from the father forever because of the guilt and shame and condemnation of sin so when Christ hung upon the cross as desire of Ages said he could not see himself coming through the portals of the 2 he couldn't see the other side of the grave that scene was so great so what is the essence of the 3 angels message I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel the eternal gospel of God's grace the eternal gospel of God's love that breaks human hearts and breaks the spell of scene in a life because it's only love that can break the spell of sin in our lives it is not the fear of hell or the favor of heaven it is rather God's love poured out into our hearts that changes our behavior that love delivers us from the guilt of C.N.N. and it breaks the guy. Grip of sea and in the chain of sin in our life is broken some time ago Ellen White was asked the question is the message of righteousness by faith the message of the 3 angels her reply sponsor is printed in 1st selected messages page $372.00 paragraph 2 and in the review and herald April $1890.00 she said The Lord is proclaimed himself to be merciful and gracious he is isn't he isn't he a merciful gracious God long suffering and abundance in goodness and truth several have written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the 3rd angel's message and I have answered it is the 3rd angel's message in verity what is Verity mean everybody true so. It where ever you end in the 3 angels message if you do not start with the love of God that breaks your heart and if you do not start with the love of God that transforms your life the love of God that delivers you from the guilt of sea and the love of God that breaks the shackles of scene in your life and so what I want to take you through today is how the 3 angels message is indeed the righteousness my faith in verity I want to look at the 3 angels messages phrase by phrase then we're going to look at how the Holy Spirit motivates and empowers that message we're going to talk about how the we can receive the Holy Spirit to give that message and we're good not to look at the climax of the gospel will focus on the 1st 2nd and 3rd angel's message is now notice. Revelation 146 says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach in them that well on the earth where the nation kindred tongue and people 1st 7 says Fear God and give glory to him read it with me please fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of is judgment is come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of waters let's look at every phrase. God The word fear is full we bow and for we believe in the Greek language does not mean fear and tremble in terror now some translations say respect God or give or to go that's a little closer to the accuracy but it doesn't have it quite yet the word fear has to do with the deep allegiance in your mind where you make a decision to show respect to and have loving obedience to so when we read Fear God in the light of the everlasting Gospel verse 6 which breaks our hearts with Divine Love we have an attitude of referent obedience to God desiring to please God in what ever he asks us to do that leads us to glorify God glorifying God has to do with your life style fearing God has to do with your mental processes so verse 6 the everlasting Gospel breaks our hearts we come to the cross of Calvary we are delivered from the guilt and condemnation of C.N.N. and the grip of C.N.N. no longer holds us therefore in our minds so fearing God has to do with your mind it has to do with your inner thought processes it has to do with a single mindedness to be committed to God and want nothing else in your life but to please him giving glory to GOD has to do with your lifestyle it has do with what you eat and drink in what you watch it has to do with the way you live and dress it has to do with everything about your lifestyle and the urgency of this is because we are living in the judgment of our so the urgency of proclaiming the everlasting Gospel the urgency of leading people to fear God to make to be single minded about God to give glory. God in their lifestyle is because it's no more business as usual no more pleasure as usual that we're living in the final hours of verse history that leads us to worship him and worshipping God the one who made heaven earth see in the felon's war is worshipping the Creator. As you look at the text the message of the 1st same show is a call to loving obedience in the light of the cross it's a call to give God glory in everything we do in our lives and it is a call to worship the creator now it is no accident that the 1st draft of The Origin of Species by Darwin was written in 844 the book was not released until 848 but God in His Divine Providence saw that the evolutionary I-Pod hypothesis would influence every area of thought in the 19th and 20th century it would influence psychology it would influence philosophy it would influence education it would influence medicine the idea that human beings evolved the idea that we're merely a genetic accident that we're merely skin covering bones that we have no real purpose that we are simply in advance amoeba and a little more intelligent animal but in the divine providence of God He sent forth a message a unique message that would go to this world leading men and women back to The Creator in the Sabbath would be that symbol that God has created the world an understanding creation we understand that we have worth in God's sight so the Sabbath speaks of the worth we have in God's sight that god for armed us that God fashioned us and God shaped us and why are there institutions like U.G. prions and why do we send medical missionaries around the world it's because. Every human being has valuable they are not merely the collection of genes and chromosomes coming together they're not merely advanced animals but they're created in the image of God we have that desire to restore them into that image but I helping them to get on a better lifestyle and treating them with natural remedies but this is all part of creator worship now look. Can I worship the creator if I tear down that which the Creator has made of everything that the creator has made what is the most complicated complex of that which the Creator is made what is that the human body and so if I worship the curry Ater I work with him to build up what the Creator is made not to tear down what the Creator is made Therefore if I am worshipping the Creator. I am wanting to live in harmony with the laws of health not live out of harmony with those laws of health so Sabbath worship speaks of the Creator it speaks of our worth in God's sight it's speaks also of rest from our labors and trust in His grace also Sabbath worship speaks about a new heavens and a new earth that will come and then eating will be restored so you remember Ellen White in early writing says that in the last days of Versus you will preach Sabbath more fully the fullest implication of the Sabbath has to do with human worth the fullest implication of the Sabbath has to do with honoring our bodies in worshipping the Creator the fullest implication of the Sabbath has to do with rest in His Love rest in his care rest in His grace it is believing that the one that created me can recreate my heart's that he is a creator god it is the fullest implication of the Sabbath has to do with the God who is coming again in the new heavens and the new earth and that's all part of worshipping the Creator in Revelation Chapter 14 but all of this takes urgency in the light of heavens Earth's final judgment that we live godly lives because this earth is speeding toward eternity 7th Day Adventists do not believe the time is circular we don't believe the time goes round and round and round and round and round in endless cycles we believe that God created this world that he brought it forth by his hand that God spoke and it was done and he commanded and it stood for that we believe that at a point of time God created the world we also believe that at a point of time that Christ came we also believe that at a point of time Christ is coming again that all of history is moving toward one grand glorious climax in the coming of Christ for every prophecy in the Old Testament on the 1st coming of Christ there are 8. On the 2nd coming for every verse in the New Testament one in every 25 talks about the 2nd Coming of Christ 1500 times in the Bible it talks about the 2nd Coming of Christ all of history is moving toward that great and glorious day when Jesus comes again. 7th Day Adventists have been raised up as a divine movement of destiny not has another denomination on the landscape of the nominations not as another religious movement but rather as a divine movement of God to prepare a world by sharing with them a message of truth outlined in Revelation 146-2122 prepare people for the coming of Jesus now the Bible teaches that before the coming of the Lord the Holy Spirit will be poured out in Pentecostal power to enable the church to proclaim those 3 angels messages so if that is true indeed it is one must raise the question how will the 7B8B people on planet earth be reached how will this task of the 3 Joules message going to every nation kindred dung and people ever be accomplished the only way this can be accomplished is through a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Bible predicts that will happen revelation 18 verse one read it with me please after these things I saw another angel wait why another angel why another angel this is the what Angel forth angel because the 3 angels messages must be empowered by a 4th Angel to carry the message with power to the ends of the earth so we continue after these things I saw what another angel Where does he come down from what does he have great authority and what happens because of his great authority the earth is what illuminated with His glory now if you have the King James Version of the Bible open it you can see something a little different revelation 181 it says I saw another angel coming down from heaven. Having great what great what power now it's power but it's more than power it's authority but it's more than authority it's very hard in English at times to capture the true meaning of the Greek word so how do you know what a word means in the Bible how do you know that well there are 3 ways that you can know it number one you look at the context of the passage Number 2 you look if you understand the Greek background you look at the linguistics the Greek background number 3 you say how was this word used in other places in the Bible it's so easy to look at a Bible text and missed the significance of it so I want to probe this a little more deeply with you the Greek word for authority or power as Exodus see it can you say that with me this morning Exodus C.-A So we're going to look at how is Exodus CA used in the Bible and I want you to see something different. So this is the last appeal that Christ gives he says that in the latter days of versa history the earth is going to be aluminum with the glory of God because this angel comes down with this X. of C. So how is this used Well we go to Matthew 10 verse one same word used when Jesus sins out his disciples it's the exact same word. So Matthew 10 you're looking there at verse one so Jesus is sending his disciples out and he says in Matthew $101.00 when he had called his 12 disciples then he gave them what's the next word everybody power that's the X. a single word Cecily sending them out but he sent him out with divine authority he's standing about with power he's sending them out to triumph over the Prince of palace and powers of hell when he called his 12 disciples to him he gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out to heal all kinds of sickness and disease so in the last days of verse history what was repeated in the 1st century Christ coming on his church with the Holy Spirit to illuminate this world with the glory of His character will come with the power of the ecstasy of God Now that word is used also in Matthew $28.00 when Jesus sends out his disciples X.'s see a means power but it means more it means authority but it means more it has to do with the triumph over the Prince of pallet season powers of hell so what God is saying here is that the 3 angels message will be empowered by the X. you see of the Holy Spirit and the prince of pallet the said powers of hell will not be able to stand against God's people or God's church that all the powers of evil all the powers of wickedness will be nothing compared to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and God's work and plan is. Going to triumph Matthew chapter 28 verse 18 then Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority again what's that word did we read about that a revelation 181 day we read about it Matthew 10 verse one all authority or power has been given to me and heaven and earth go there far and make disciples of all nations God does not choose the strong he chooses the weak and makes them strong God does not choose the wise he chooses the ignorant makes them wise God is not looking for our ability it's looking for our availability and God is going to take common men and women in the last days of versus 3 he's going to take laypeople he's going to take people who have undivided hearts to Him and empower them with His Spirit in this world is going to be amazed that the earth is lighted with the glory of God There will be a last day revival now if that is true and it is if the Holy Spirit's going to be poured out in mighty power isn't it quite important for us to know the conditions of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit how we can receive it individually where we looked at those the other night let's review that one of the prerequisites for receiving the Latter Rain one the 1st prerequisite is to receive the Holy Spirit is to ask God I was so thankful when I heard. Dr Mark announce that there was a group here this morning kneeling seeking God that the Holy Spirit would be poured out all day I praise God for that you know in our little church start a little church and we my wife and I didn't want to come where there was a great advantage community in our retirement and I guess you see people say What did you retire from and I said only a salary because I work much harder to have the parenting before. But you know we don't want to move with all the Adventist because we don't want to get too holy so we decided to move to a place with no Adventists in the community that we knew of there were 20 people to 30 people. Meeting in a little church and we began to attend that little church they had no children's Sabbath school and but these people early in the morning they would come 9 o'clock in the morning Miss Sabrina and others one of our head olders wives she was a woman of prayer and she would come for 5 people and she would pray and pray and pray and they would have people there praying Well you know if you have a little church of 30 members and and you get a visitor it's like a lot of rain fell I mean it is like a lot of rain came down so one day I came to church to preach and here you have these 2530 people and I'm walking to preach and a visitor walked in and I looked out and I saw that visitor and I thought to myself wow we've got a visitor I wonder how she came here so at the end of the service I'm over to see the visitor talk to her and I said How did you happen to come now she said something that nobody else has ever said to me before she said God kicked me in the pants and I had to get up and come this morning and I said well what do you mean God kicks you know pants that nobody ever said that to be before she passed a mark Look I felt such a conviction that I had to come to church this morning so though a spirit came on me she said I am a pilot I fly for a particular airline from Dulles Airport to Los Angeles because we live in for Jane you're 30 minutes from the airport and she said I fly said I had no idea you were pastor in here no idea and I wasn't the pastor but I was I was a member of that church that I knew I had no idea you were speaking today but I used to be an Adventist I've left the church for many years and I've been listening to your tapes thinking about coming to church and I walked into a church today of all the churches I could've walked in and all the times I could have walked in you were preaching does the Holy Spirit come down upon us as we seek a good. One of the prerequisites of receiving the Holy Spirit to give God's last message to the world was studying the 3 engines messages we went over the 1st angels message we're looking now at the 2nd and 3rd but we're looking 1st at how God is going to empower his message to go to the ends of the earth Zechariah $101.00 reading together ask the Lord for rain in the time of the Latter Rain I pray that admonition to be saturated with prayer groups that on Sabbath morning in our church in a market today we have a small group of people that come and we pray the Holy Spirit will come down it is too late in earth's history for common services it is too late in earth's history for ordinary services and we have people praying that the Spirit of God to come down that the Spirit of God to touch every heart ask you of the Lord reign in the time of the law to reign is it time for God to Port his spirit abundant measure what do you say church is it time for something more than a common ordinary religion is it time for something more than a Laodicean complacent ism What are the ingredients for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit or the pure records it's number one of people that seek God we study this the other night 2nd prerequisite is an undivided heart you remember Johnny verse 29 Jesus said I do always those things that please Him is your heart on divided Is there anything in your life that you would not be willing to give up if Christ put his finger on it. It is no indication of an undivided surrendered heart if you do what Christ wants you to do because you naturally want to do it the indication of an undivided heart is when you make a decision to do what you don't want to do because Christ cause you to do that thing. When your own will in Christ will come in conflict and you surrender your will to Christ that's the symbol of an undivided heart 5 characteristics of receiving the Holy Spirit we looked at them in depth the other night when God is a group of people whose main desire is to please him he'll part of spirit in abundance. The Holy Spirit in the latter rain does not come to give us victory over sin it comes to empower us it is the earlier rain that falls that nurtures those Christian graces in our heart now the 3rd prerequisite for the reception the Holy Spirit is saturating our minds with the Word of God One of the great dangers of the administration today is we've become an instant church we want instant religion religious and it takes time with a mind saturated with the word to be filled with the spirit John 6 verse 63 says the the words that I speak to you they are spirit in their life unless one is saturating their mind with the Word of God You remember the statement a great controversy none but those who fortified their minds with the word will stand through the great crisis are you spending time every day to saturate your mind with the Word of God Remember James one verse $21.00 were changed by the implanted word of God 2nd Peter chapter one verse 4 were changed by the precious promises of the Word of God And so it's the Word of God that brings new life one of my big concerns about where the evidence church is going today and I just saw my heart and tell you when you're 74 years old you can be totally transparent many of our churches are moving toward an emotional form or religion they think spirituality is yelling out how you're tapping your feet on the ground and feeling electrical impulse go up your spine because of somebody up there playing music that belongs in a dance place. That's that's what's going on so what you want is a mini sermon and you give a Bible study and half the people fall asleep because they can be their minds are being condition for an emotional form of religion rather than an in-depth Bible study. And so this emotional form of religion is like eating a lollipop rather than eating a good steak. It's going to make you sweet your mouth but it's not going to satisfy your soul for very long you know Fruit Loops filled with sugar are not going to satisfy you like Reno they may make you feel good a little bit but there is something and I am not calling you to to walk in some kiddies wading pool and pick up a few pennies I'm calling you to dive deep in the Word of God I'm not calling you to some superficial religion that that makes you feel good I am calling you this morning to open your heart. To receive the Holy Spirit. By saying Lord I don't want anything between me and my Savior and saturating your mind with the Word of God and letting that word change the very thought process is now the 4th prerequisite is to put away all dissension between you and anyone else. As long as you allow in your heart barriers between you and other people. As long as there is bitterness in the heart remember the disciples met in the upper room and they put away all dissension why because the task was bigger than their petty differences between them see there's something bigger than the petty differences there's something bigger than your feelings being offended there's something bigger than somebody else hurting you because they neglected you and didn't say happy Sabbath this morning see there's something bigger than you don't get invited out for dinner after Sabbath there's a world that does not know Christ there's a world that's dying that's lost outside of Jesus and Jesus is inviting us to put away all differences to be receive the Holy Spirit so we can go out in power be empowered to witness of the 5th prerequisite to receiving the letter rain is active labor for others now that may be surprising to you but I want you to know that some statements we were made to know God and share a knowledge of His love with the people around us the purpose of life is not simply to be saved but it's to reach out to others so they can be saved the Son of Man came to seek and save that which is lost God had only one son and he became a medical missionary there are some people that think that Christianity is giving up bad things so they can be saved but I gave up to back oh I gave about all I gave up meat and I even gave up other stuff and so and I dressed so I gave up all this stuff how much bad was there in heaven that Jesus gave up to Jesus give up smoking up in heaven. Did Jesus give up a ball poor diet up in heaven how much bad was there in heaven Jesus did not give up bad things so he could be saved he gave up good things so others could be saved. Jesus did not give up bad things so he could be saved he gave up the worship of the Father in heaven came to earth. He gave up the glory of the angels Jesus plunged into this snake pit of the world. Not so that he could be saved but so others could be saved why would God pour out His Holy Spirit on us to witness to others. If we have no interest in witnessing I love the whale and why puts it can you read this with me review and herald July 21906 let's read it when we have entire whole hearted consecration into the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of his spirit without measure but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not labors together with gut what's the largest portion of the church statistically 51 percent so notice the statement when we have entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize that fact by the outpouring of his spirit without measure but this is not going to be so unless we come to Jesus Revelation $146.00 in the Gospel breaks our hearts and we fear him that is to say that our minds desire one thing to please him and we give glory to Him in our lives the way we live in the light of the judgment in our and worship Him the one that made us and we long to help other people come into a relationship with the Creator and we seek with all of our hearts His Holy Spirit so the Latter Rain is poured out upon us but if we reach out to others and our desire is to share his love with others he will anoint us with His Spirit to accomplish what the church could never accomplish on its own would you not say with me that it's now time with consecrated hearts to seek the mighty power of God. That is if the Holy Spirit is not poor it out it's not going to be more famines or earthquakes or fires or floods. See many people are looking in the wrong place for the coming of Christ some Adventists say OK Jesus going to come because we have more famine more we are that's not it some people say oh this is the the 11th pope with the 12 pope looking in the wrong place some people are trying to figure out time chart so the judge of the living began when the pope came to America looking in all the wrong places. Christ object lessons page 69 Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his people. What Jesus is longing for is a group of at Venice and Bible believing Christians who are on their knees seeking Him and all they want is what he wants and they are passionate about sharing his love for others and may I say to you if you are not involved in some area of service your Christian life will wither and die you say what's the proof of that well without outreach there is an arthritis of the soul without outreach there are the clogged arteries of the heart without outreach there's a malignancy a cancer of the spirit and without outreach there is a retardation of real genuine spiritual growth you say prove that certainly look in Acts the Apostles page one o one Ellen White talks about the Pharisees and the fact that they all congregated in Jerusalem and she said they forgot or forgetting that strength to resist evil is best gained through aggressive Service Now why is it that strength to resist evil is not best gained through prayer and Bible study. Can you think of anybody that prayed a lot and studied the Bible a lot but they crucified Jesus Who were those people who were those people what was the problem with the Pharisees did the Pharisees pray or did they take pride in their prayers did the fair See study the Bible but all of their religion was focused wire inward so one of the prerequisites of the reception of the Latter Rain is a heart that is longing to see others come to Christ if they forgot that strength resist evil Now notice desire of ages $142.00 let's read it together in order for us to develop a character like Rights Now how many want to develop a character like price. Reading together in order to develop a character like price we must what Sharon is work was Jesus a medical missionary he was what he is a medical missionary How do you define that a medical missionary is one who unselfishly loves for Jesus' sake wanting the best for others medical missionary doesn't need to have medical training or a medical degree you just have to heart to love a heart to serve a heart to touch the heart to bless and when we have. A church a group of people that God News are a representative group in this world that I bring glory to his name when they're on their knees praying for the Holy Spirit when they're reading the Word of God saturating their mind with the word when indeed they are committed to selfless loving service Christ will parties message with divine power now the message of Revelation 14 is an appeal to surrender completely to him and have our lives following have our lives follow his truth it's an urgent message that that reveals truth and it exposes error now you ask how does the 2nd and 3rd angels message fit in to the everlasting Gospel and how do the 2nd and 3rd angels message of apply to Adventist hearts not only evangelists Stickley. To the world well let's take a look at the deeper look at the 2nd and 3rd angels message 2nd angel's message Revelation 148 another angel saying Babylon is what Falun is full of that great city because she's made all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication Let's pause for a moment and think a little bit about that text Babylon is fallen is full and Babilon is not only a religious ideology it is a way of life ancient Babylon absorbed the culture around it as part of its religious belief structure in the early centuries when the Roman Church grew and was a dent of thought as Babylon in the Book of Revelation it imbibed the culture around it that's how Sunday came into the church because the papacy imbibe the culture around it so what is Babylon at its heart at its essence Babylon at its heart is a man made system of religion that blends religion with the culture around it and drifts from the Word of God Is it possible that the advantage church could drift from God's word and imbibe the culture around it and let that coat sure drive its activity let me ask you another question. If you admire the Hollywood stars of the world the sports stars of the world the music of the world the diet of the world the video games of the world and if you're in chanted by them and you're in chanted by the T.V. of the world and if Babylon is fallen and you are looking up to Babilon. Babyland babblings dress Babyland entertainment if Babylon is full and you look up to it where are you. Is it possible that Babylon and the culture of the world can shape our own hearts is it bad is it possible that we think we are calling people out of Babylon but Babylon is part of us. So the 2nd angel's message is not only a message calling people out of institutional Babilon but it's a message calling people out of the culture and the mind set of Babylon so it's as Babylon is full and the culture of this world has fallen and it has nothing to offer that's why Jesus said in Matthew 6 verse $33.00 seek you 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness the no else will be added unto you that's why it says in cautions 3 Verse one in 2 Set your mind not on things on Earth but on things are bad for you are dead and your life is heated with Christ where in God Babylon is fall and is fall and so don't drink of her wine and become intoxicated with her now babbling his phone his phone in the Mark of the beast these expressions speak of self centered arrogance and human pride rather than self sacrificial love see the Babylonian way of life is a way of life of human pride it's a way of life of human ego. That's why that's why I remember we read that the message of righteous by Thing is the message of the 3rd angel in verity because at its heart Babilon is a message of human pride that's why you remember Daniel for verse 30 it says never can as a says it is not this great Babylon that what I have built and so. God calls us from all human pride he calls us from all union you 19 human ism and human teachings with the Biblical teachings of God's word Babylon represented the proud achievements of men it was a symbol of human works not God's grace human traditions like the immortality of the soul like Sunday worship it cetera not God's commands and Babylon was a symbol of religious pride and arrogance the Bible predicted that false doctrines would come into the church through this false religious system called Babylon and the God would raise up a divine in time movement to call people from 2 things one the culture and the mindset and the philosophy of Babilon and secondly the teachings of Babylon 2 systems of religion one man made and one God made and the essence of the 3 engines message is calling us to complete absolute loyalty to the Living God to have a mind that is focused on the Living God of a lifestyle that honors the living God we would proclaim truth in the midst of a world babbling confusion and Jesus said Matthew 16 verse 18 I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not do what prevail against it the great theme of Revelation in 4 words is this Jesus wins in St Louis of Jesus wins and Satan loses the theme of the Book of Revelation Jesus is never lost the battle with Saint yet the 3 angels message will be empowered by the Holy Spirit. God's people will go out to the world they will proclaim Babylon is fall and is fallen and as they do that they will call men and women from the philosophy of Babylon from the culture of Babylon they will show in their lifestyles a loving sacrificial giving way of life now the mark of the beast that it's very heart is exalting the human above the divine So when the papacy changes the Sabbath and the United Sunday among the above the Sabbath that's what it is at its heart the mark of the beast at its very heart is exalting the human above the divine it's placing man's word above God's Word it results in replacing the commandments of God with human decrees and it leads to giving glory to man rather than God to God So any time we exalt am above God who ever that is if it's a human religious leader any time that we through human pride focus attention on ourselves that is the beast principle because the beast principle simply says that man is exalted above God but the 3 engines message says Fear God and give glory to Him not fear God and give going to what to May And so the beast principle is the exile Taishan of the human above the divine it's placing man's word above God's word so we come to Jesus we praise him and we give Him glory for his death on the cross we commit our lives to living in harmony with His Word we open our hearts and ask him to empower us with the Spirit to give a message that says Fear God and give glory to Him for the obvious judgment is come and worship him and made heaven earth the sea and the springs of waters now the 3rd angel follows them saying with a loud voice What if any one worships the beast in his image receives its mark in his right hand or his forehead see what does it mean the forehead. What does it mean the right hand in the forehead there is intellectual conviction that this is right so some people can be deceived and they honestly think that what they believe is right the hand has to do with coercion it has to do with force so either the devil doesn't care whether he convinces you with what is right intellectually or he forces you to receive what is right he himself should drink the wine of the wrath of God that is those that receive the mark of the Beast What is the wine of the wrath of God It's the wrath of God is the judgment of God But notice we're going to look at 3 different levels here when the 3 engines messages and in Revelation Chapter 1412 it says here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus no notice it doesn't say faith in Jesus. Doesn't say faith in Jesus we will have faith in Jesus but since the faith of Jesus if you look at the original language for the faith of Jesus it is this group of people have the same quality of faith that Christ had it is a qualitative faith that the very faith of Christ enters into their lives they don't only believe in Jesus but they have the faith of Jesus. And that faith leads them to keep the commandments of God and be obedient to Christ now look at the basic issue is worshipping the creator and giving him my total allegiance or ultimately worshipping the beast there is no middle ground here it's either worshiping the creator worshipping the beast no notice Revelation $147.00 says that. Saying with a loud voice Fear God give glory to Him for the obvious judgment is come and worship the one that made heaven or at the sea and thousands of waters in other words worship the creator of Revelation 49 says Don't worship the beast Revelation 1412 says that those who do not worship the beast are those that have the faith of Jesus the quality of faith in their hearts and those that keep the commandments of God God's last a message is going to warn us against the deceptions of the last days but if in your heart there is pride if in your heart you long to be praised if in your heart you long to exalt yourself if your goal at an institution is to push others aside so you can be dominant if you want position in power in your local church and you say you know I can't wait to nominating committee comes because I got to be an elder if you seek pose decision and want to exalt yourself you are going to fall for the mark of the beast because the beast principle at its essence is the is the nurturing of human pride it's the nurturing of human pride rather than giving Gore to God Now to understand the mark of the beast we have to 1st understand God's signed seal or Mark what is the seal of God if I ask the average Adventist audience what is the seal of God What are they going to say to me. I knew this was a good add Minnesota audience. Now. The Sabbath is the X. turn all manifestation of the seal but not the seal itself OK so the Sabbath is the X. turn all manifestation of the seal but not the seal itself let's look at the text then I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the Earth in the sea saying do not harm the Earth in the sea that's Don't let the plagues come till we have sealed the servants of God way are in their foreheads so the devil will either force people or he'll intellectually convince them God does not put his seal in our hand because he never forces the seal is in our forehead and that's where conscience reason in judgment goes revelation declares that before the coming tribulation God's children will accept to receive his seal in their minds that what is that seal Ellen White tells you the faith I live by to 87 just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads where they seal it is not any seal or bark that can be seen but a settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved just as soon as God's people are sealed and prepare for the shaking it will come so what is the seal of God What is that every everybody is or what settling into the truth what both intellectually and spiritually so you can't be moved and what's the manifestation of that when the mark of the beast comes it's the what Sabbath but the seal of God is something deeper than that it has to do with your mind it has to do with the mind committed to God it has to do with the mind saturated with God's Word it has to do with a deep conviction that I want nothing in my life that does not please God God will never use force but he appeals to us one day. Say God will have a group of people totally committed to him whose hearts are totally broken by the cross and this group of people will go out to receive his spirit and to proclaim his message filled with the spirit and we read servants of God with their faces lighted up and shining with holy consecration will hasten from place to place the latter rain will have been poured out they will be given the loud cry to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of police is all over the earth the warning will be given miracles be wrought the sickle be healed signs and wonders will follow the believers notice revelation 18 to he cries mightily with a loud voice this is the loud cry babble in his fall in his fall and imagine this see God's people on their knees praying day by day they are filled with the Spirit of God the Holy Spirit in a lot of rain doesn't come with a snap of the finger but day by day we are filled Miller and more and more and more and as we are witnessing day by day God increases the outpouring of the spirit and soon servants of God hasten from place to place proclaiming his message calling men and women from the folly of human confusion from the culture of Babylon that can only offer death and not life calling them from the doctrines of Babylon and God's people cry out I heard another voice saying come out of her my people that you less you share in her sins less you receive her plagues great controversy 612 the message will be carried not so much by argument but by the deep conviction of the Spirit of God. Decisions are made he that is unjust let him be unjust still he that is filthy let him be filthy still he that is righteous let him be righteous still he that is holy let it be only Still the message of the 3 angels as the message of Revelation calls men and women to eternal decisions there is no middle ground there is no middle ground. And the decisions that you and I are making every day are either preparing us to receive the Holy Spirit in the latter rain power or preparing us God forbid to be deceived by the beast power. And except false traditions in the culture of this world Jesus says to you and to me this morning Revelation 122212 the old I'm coming quickly my reward is with me to give everyone a cording to his work we live on the knife edge of eternity where the sands of the hour of time are running out and soon the earth was shake and soon the glory of God will be revealed in soon the righteous steadily resurrected and soon the living will be caught up to meet Christ in the clouds evil will not have the last word God will disease will not have the last word God will. Poverty will not have the last word say it with me God will sickness will not have the last word God will one day you keep pines will be shut down because Jesus will come and they'll be no more sickness suffering heartache our debt praise God for that day suffering will not have the last word who will God will may and will not have the last word who will know God will because one day Jesus Christ will come I want to be ready for that day don't you. If there is anything in my life that's not in harmony with His will I want that gone. Nothing between my soul and my See if you're not of this world's. Delusive dream or the dreams of Babilon delusive. Or the pleasures of Babilon delusive. Are the Hollywood stars and all their glamour and glitz is that delusive not of this world's What delusive dream Let's pray. Father deliver us from the delusions. Of Babilon. Father we sensed this morning that Babylon is not only a theological system with its doctrines it's a cultural system the culture of the world. That Satan has designed to capture our minds Father I pray thee this morning that your spirit would touch our hearts help us go deeper deeper than we have ever been before in our per life but we spend those quiet moments with you listening to your spirit speak to our hearts. Help us go deeper deeper in our Bible study. Soar minds are filled with your grace and your love. May the words of the song be the words of our heart nothing between our soul and our Savior not of this world's to lucid dream for the we don't want to be deluded. Give us a passion for the lost like Jesus said help us find our area of service. Fill us with your spirit. And send us out to make a difference in the world in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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