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When the Earth is Filled with the Glory of God

Mark Finley


God can bring joy out of disappointment. Triumph out of tragedy.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 29, 2019
    7:30 PM
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Father in heaven focus our minds upon the grandeur and the glory of the outpouring of your spirit the days that the earth will be lightened with your glory and enable us to sense oh in a little way a glimpse of what you are going to do through your church and through your people we long to be part of that last day movement we long to be filled with your spirit motivated by your of and sent out with a passion to witness for you in this final generation so grant us open hearts and minds and inspire us in our presentation tonight with the part that you want us to put in Christ's name man the title of my presentation tonight is God brings joy out of disappointment or go to our study is focused on the Book of Revelation Chapter 10 if you have your Bibles you can follow along or you can read from the screen in Revelation 10 verse one. John says I saw another mighty angel there are a lot of angels in the Book of Revelation aren't there there are 3 angels flying in the middle of heaven in Revelation 14 there is a 4th Angel that comes out in Revelation 18 but this is the angel of Revelation 10 he's a mighty angel comes down from heaven he's clothed with a cloud now in the Bible a cloud either represents angels or God's divine favor So this being comes from the very presence of God and he has the favor of when God sends a Divine Being from heaven with an earthly message that message is worth paying attention to the Bible says a rainbow was upon his head in the Bible a rainbow is circles God's throne and a rainbow represents justice and mercy so here you have an angel coming iridescent with the glory of God he's close with the God's favor he comes from the very throne of God and he's a an angel that will share with the world and in time judgment that is based on the foundation of God's government which are both justice and mercy and so here we see as this angel comes from the very throne of God that the climax of the great controversy between good and evil which is over God's throne will come to a conclusion his face was like the sun he is iridescent with the glory of God his pillar his feet like pillars of fire now there are $404.00 are references to the Old Testament in the book of revelation here is one that's an illusion pillars of fire can you think of any time in the Bible where a pillar of fire was used before. When was it. You got it the Israelites are being guided right I love it when the children answer questions can you say men thank you young men so the pillar of fire guided Israel so a pillar of fire represents God's guidance so let's go back and be sure we have this 1st verse right there is a divine being that comes from heaven. He has the favor of God as He comes with a message to Earth there's a rainbow upon his head and when we think about the rainbow we're thinking about the throne of God God's justice and God's mercy His face is like the sun he's iridescent with the glory of God his feet light pillars of fire he comes to give guidance he comes to give direction to his earthly church just like the pillar of fire let Israel God is coming now to lead his people he has a little book opened in his hand and he sets his right foot on the seed now in Bible prophecy What does the sea represent peoples nations in his left foot on the land an unpopulated area so he hears a message that's going to be universal but he has something in his hand it's a little book that is open now can you think of any book of the Bible that once was closed that is a prophetic book What book was that the Book of Daniel These are good Bible students he cries with a loud voice is what are lying or it's what kind of voice to see cry with a loud voice now when God sends an angel from heaven iridescent with the glory of God to share the Justice and Mercy of God when He has a little book open and he cries with a loud voice when a lion roars in the jungle it wakes up the jungle right and so here God in Pictures this being Now notice also when a lion roar as Jesus is sometimes called the Lion of the tribe of Judah So here is a message from Jesus now when he cries out the 7 thunders uttered their voices now what's this little book in the angel's hand what book was sealed Is there any book in the Bible which was once sealed Daniel 12 verse full. Or but you Daniel and let's take our Bibles if we have them because there are 3 passages in Daniel Chapter 12 and the Father the Son of the Holy Ghost all speak to us from Daniel 12 Daniel the 12th chapter and we're beginning with the verse 4. And then we're going to verse 9 and then we're going to verse 13 Daniel 12 verse 4 to begin but you Daniel shut up the words and sealed the book until the time of the end many shall run to and fro now do you see where it says run to and fro and knowledge shall increase I've had people say to me well that knowledge increases means that we can have more scientists and more computerization but that's a nice theory but that's not what the text says you see where it says many shall run to and fro the Hebrew there is many shell leaf leaf back and forth and knowledge show increase in other words the Book of Daniel would be sealed until the time of the end when knowledge about the Book of Daniel would be increased to prepare an end time people for the coming of Jesus that's the prime meaning of the passage now look at the other maybe a secondary meaning but that's the priming look at verse 9 and he said Go your way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed until what time time of the IT So when the longest time prophecies of Daniel would run out. At the time of the end these prophecies would be unfolded and God's people would go out to preach them so the Book of Daniel because up and sealed to the time of the end look at verse 13 but go your way till the end be you shall rest and you'll see a rise to your inheritance in the end of the days so the book the time prophecies of Daniel would be closed up and sealed until the time of the end at the time of the end these time prophecies would be open for it in time people now the Book of Daniel speaks of much more than time prophecies Daniel Chapter one talks about Daniel's captivity Daniel Chapter 3 talks about the great image Daniel Chapter 4 talks about never can answer and his losing his mind and eating grass like an ox and Daniel Chapter 5 talks about Bell's Shaz or and the feast there and the fall of Babel and Daniel 6 talks about Daniel in the Lion's Den So all of Daniel was not closed until the time of the end of the portion that was closed would be the time prophecies of Daniel because what portion of the Book of Daniel does the angel say would be unsealed at the time of the end now this becomes quite critical the angel which I saw stand upon the sea in him on the earth lifted up his hand to heaven why do you think the angel lives up his hand to heaven why does he do that what does it signify when an angel lives up his hand to heaven the next phrase tells us and he swears by him that lives forever and ever so if you have an angel lifting up his hand to heaven to swear make an eternal oath is that an important thing to listen to now when I share with you what the angel actually said if you really understand it's going to save you from a 1000 heresies. The next few minutes can save you from being deceived in a 1000 heresies you say will pastor Y. you will understand I would much rather believe in Angel that raises his hand and swears by the Divine Creator and accept what he says than some preacher that to tries to take me off on some fanciful time setting prophecy no notice he swears by him who lives forever and ever who created Heaven in the things that are there in and the earth in the things that are there in the sea in the things that are there in so he swears by the Divine Creator What does he swear that there should be time no longer Now do you see the word time there the New Testament is written in the Greek language and the word for time is Kronos in Greek What other word can you think of an English that is similar to the word Kronos. Criminology Now when you talk about chronology you're not talking about a punk till you're point in time but you're talking about a length of time a chronology so what would run out the angel says there should be time that is prophetic time there should be chronology no longer another words when the longest time prophecy of Daniel runs out that would mark the end of prophetic time it would not mark the end of the world of course so the time prophecies of the Book of Daniel would be sealed until the time of the end and the longest of those time prophecies would run out and the question becomes when did the longest one of those time prophecies run out. What would happen at that time Daniel Revelation 10 verse 7 but in the days of. The sounding of the 7th angel when he's about to sound the ministry of God would be finished as he declared to his servants the prophets so when the time prophecies of Daniel would run out in 1904 it would be then that God's Holy Spirit would be poured out mighty power so that the mystery of God on Earth would be finished another word since $844.00 we've been living in end time there would be no prophetic time after $844.00 the finishing of the mystery of God is his final powerful proclamation of the Gospel to the entire world so based on the running out of the 2300 day prophecy which is the longest prophecy in the Book of Daniel God would raise up a divine movement of destiny that would be filled with His Spirit that would go out to proclaim his Gospel to the world after that there would be no prophetic time prophecy there would be a Vence that would be left but no more calculations of prophetic time now how it all this happened he says in Revelation 10 verse 9 so I went to the angel and said to him Give me the little book what is the little book again Daniel and he said to me take it and eat it it will make your stomach bitter but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth so the study of the Book of Daniel would be sweet in the mouth but what else bitter in the belly then I took the little book out of the angels hand I ate it it was sweet in my mouth but when I eat in it my stomach became bitter. The early Advent movement at the end of the 2300 days went through a very bitter sweet experience you know the history of that well God raised up a farmer by the name of William Miller and moved upon his mind powerfully Miller began to study the prophecies of the Bible the study the prophecies of Daniel he was a farmer never thought that God was going to use a preacher studied those prophecies for over a decade from $831.00 and onward as he studied those prophecies he came to the conclusion as he studied the Bible that the 2300 year prophecy of Daniel $814.00 would run out in 844 1st he thought 843 and 844. He was called to preach and as he preached there was a mighty revival there was an Adventist revival all across America but God not only raised up William Miller there was a Jesuit priest who run who by the name of manual of Kunsan he wrote under the pen name Rabbi been as for a down in South America he began studying the prophecies believe that Christ was going to come in around $844.00 Edward Irving in England began to study the prophecies of Daniel and $300.00 preachers in the Church of England believe that Christ was going to come in around $844.00 Johann bangle in Germany began to study these prophecies Europe began to have this this idea that Christ is coming Joseph Wolfe went out to India preaching and so at this time between $841.00 to $844.00 there was this messianic expectation all over the world there was this passionate since Christ is coming and he's coming sued as they studied the prophecies of Daniel they were sweet in their mouth faithful Bible students believed as they read Daniel $814.00 under 2000 $300.00 days then the sanctuary would be cleansed they believe that the sanctuary was the earth and its cleansing would be cleansing by fire they believe that Christ was going to come they anticipated that he would come at the end of the 2300 years and $844.00 now what did the angel say in Revelation 10 this would be an experience to be sweet in the mouth but what dinner in the belly and the angel also said that after this time prophecy of $844.00 there would be time what prophetic time what no longer so if somebody says to you oh I've discovered a new prophetic key I'm looking at the 1260 days the 3 and a half years and I can apply them. From the time the pope comes to America and that's the judgment if somebody starts telling reapplying time prophecy What do you know immediately what did the angel say there would be time what no longer Now let me read to you a wonderful statement. That I've written in Revelation 10 in my Bible from the pen of inspiration in the Bible commentaries. And when you look at the 7th Bible Commentary 971 7th Bible Commentary 971 the people of God will not have another message based on a definite time is that clear it I didn't hear you is that clear. The people of God will not have another message based on a definite time how many of you believe the angel of Revelation 10 some of you do let me ask you again how many believe your revelation Ted how many believe the inspiration of the gift of prophecy will this save you from watching a lot of videos that are circulated and will it save you from a 1000 heiresses because the issue in the coming of Jesus is no longer a time prophecy it is a people whose hearts are broken over Seon who are so in love with Jesus that they want to please him in everything they do a people who receive the latter rain and are filled with the spirit and go out to proclaim the gospel the issues now that stand before us or what God does in us and what God does through us the issues that have to do with the delay of the Advent now are not further complicated time chart that if somebody can only figure out that figure out when Jesus is coming the issue now is a matter of the heart it's a matter of consecrated hearts and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit So these early Adventists in dissipated that Christ would come at the end of the 2300 years in $844.00 they were on their knees seeking God they were praying now let's imagine. That it's October. 22844. And let's suppose you were one of these early Adventists and you've been studying the Bible and let's suppose that you gather your family around you were one of these Miller Right add that it's not 7th Day Adventists yet but you're one of these Miller right Adventists. And you've left your little shop making your hats you've left your little shop making your dresses and you put on your shop door and many of the Adventist did if I owe anything anything to anybody please tell me because I want my debts paid before October 22 they actually put signs on their door and said If I owe anything buddy anything please let me know because I want all my debts paid but let's suppose you've got 3 or 4 children and you gather your family around it's October 2002 and certainly in the morning you say children we've got to review the prophecies and so you take out one of the old miller right charts and you go over it children the head of gold that's valid Meet the Press and arms a silver That's me to Persia that's Greece that's Rome children the Roman Empire was broken up we're living in the toes of the image the rocks going to smite the image Jesus going to come it's October 22 and good here here's Daniel 7 The Lion The bear the leftward the dragon like beasts the 10 horns Jesus going to come is he coming today daddy he is coming today we see grandpa who died in he's buried out there in the back of the farm we're going to see him always going to come out of the grave we're going to see him today. And what about Grandma will we see you when she hugged me again oh yes we're all as a family going to hold hands and ascend in the Sky Daddy Daddy it's 12 o'clock noon he didn't come yet he's going to come he's going to come before midnight it's October 20 to 844 he will come 5 o'clock yes and come yet. 6 o'clock he hasn't come yet 7 o'clock Daddy would you go over those prophecies again the father goes over the prophecies 10 o'clock at night but Daddy hasn't come 11 o'clock at night daddy he hasn't come 12 o'clock at night the children by now are asleep it's 12 o one and Christ hasn't come. Have we felled coming we devise fables. How am I going to face my children here in the morning. How I face my working colleagues in the morning. Mary farmer John's wife is weeping. Have we followed cunningly devised fables the greatest disappointment. That ever could possibly have imagined came to those early Advent pioneers when Christ did not come as they expected they were bitterly disappointed with anguish but let me take you to another great disappointment. The disappointment in 844 was not the only disappointment that broke the hearts of believers let me take you to another disappointment prophecies pointed forward to Christ's death on the cross. Those same prophecies in the Book of Daniel in the 70 weeks prophecy ending there with the Gospel going to the Gentiles but. As part of that prophecy in $31.00 A.D. Christ would be crucified were the prophecies in the Bible about the crucifixion of Christ were they there all the time. Did the disciples understand those prophecies but they were there weren't they were the with the disciples bitterly disappointed when they saw Christ hanging on the cross and they cried out in the meant in Luke 2421 but we were hoping that it was he who is going to redeem Israel. Like a bottle thrown against the wall their hopes were dashed in a 1000 pieces like grains of sand that slipped through their finger their hopes were gone they danced away like a shadow they saw his broken bruised bloody body taken from the cross what would Peter do would he go back to his fisherman boats what would Matthew do would he go back to tax collecting these disciples were bitterly disappointed filled with sorrow filled with anguish. But yet Sunday morning was coming. And the stone was rolled away. And Jesus came forth from the grave alive and out of the disappointment of 31 A.D. God raised up a divine movement a New Testament Christianity in these believers filled with the sense of the Resurrected Christ and motivated in empowered by the spirit went out to change the world God raised up New Testament Christianity out of disappointment based on Daniel's prophecies and the parallel indeed is exact out of the disappointment of 31 A.D. Jesus said in Matthew 2819 go there for and make disciples of all nations and they did and the world was moved by a New Testament Christianity teaching them to observe all things I've commanded you the disciples went in the power of the spirit to Judea to Samarium to Galilee to the ends of the earth God brings joy to disappointment God brings often victory out of defeat God often brings triumph a tragedy you may be going through some disappointment tonight you may be going through some tragedy in your life tonight but here is the incredible good news the God that we serve is bigger than our disappointments greater than our tragedies larger than our difficulties bigger than our problems he raised up the New Testament Christian church out of disappointment and out of sorrow to go out and triumph in the world the parallel is indeed exact out of the disappointment of 844 as Daniel predicted. God raised up an End Time Message to go to the ends of the earth you know some people say 844 is. A black mark on Adventist history you must be embarrassed by it to the contrary we recognize that there's a distinct parallel prophecies misunderstood by the disciples who led them to be disappointed when they thought Christ was going to establish an earthly kingdom rather than be crucified but out of that crucifixion God raised up New Testament Christianity to preach to the world we as Adventists believe that the parallel is exact that again early advent the lever's miss understood the prophecies they were bitterly disappointed in 844 but how does what does it say in Revelation 10 verse 12 read it with me please he said to me that's after the disappointment he said to me you must what prophesies again about many peoples nations tongues and kings so out of the disappointment of $844.00 God would raise a movement. That would span the globe a movement that would send its missionaries around the world because Jesus said in Matthew $24.00 verse 14 this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations then the end the 7th Day Adventists are dynamic mission movement we send our sons and daughters around the world some of them never return home why because we believe that there is a divine commission that must go to the ends of the earth and prepare people for the coming of Jesus we believe that God has raised up this movement to herald an end time message of the 3 angels Revelation 146 is the fulfillment of Revelation 10 versa Leavenworth says he must prophesied of many nations tongues and kings I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to do what to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue in people so the Adventist message was to go to the ends of the earth now these prophecies are being fulfilled in God's last day church today you will hear statements like well is the church going to fall apart is the church going to be divided is the church going to fail in its destiny. I want to take you around the world I want to show you things that are happening that the Holy Spirit is doing their absolute miracles today and I want you to come with me on a journey God's Church is not going to flicker like a candle and go out Jesus said I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not do what everybody. Is Christ going to build His church is he building His Church will the gates of hell prevail against it not at all. There in Washington New Hampshire Frederick Wheeler was conducting a communion service and he spoke about the 10 Commandments Rachel Preston was there in the audience and she quizzed him later about the Sabbath eventually he accepted the Sabbath and this became the 1st Sabbath keeping advantage church know how unless it was in the destiny of God unless it was motivated by the Holy Spirit how can you take a little tiny church tucked in the woods of Washington New Hampshire how can you raise up from that a mighty worldwide movement that today which is in over 200 countries around the world. Seventh-Day Adventists from their early days have believed in mission and it was in 874 that J N N Drew is our 1st missionary from America went out to Europe and I want to show you some interesting population rate so $963.00 there was one 7th Day Adventists for every $373143.00 people in the world 1900 there was one Adventists for every 21487 people in the world 940 there was one advantage for every 4549 people in the world 980 there was one Adventist for every 1268 people in the world 2001 Adventists for every 519 people in the world 20061 at 34 and 30 people in the world 20141 administering 392 and today it's about one Adventists in a little over $300.00 people in the world God is blessing this movement as the IT per claims he has a love around the world here's another way to look at it it took a 100 in 7 years from 848 to 955 for us to have our 1st 1000000 members it took 14.7 years for the 2nd 1000000 it took 7.9 years for the 3rd 1000000 took 5 point one years for the 4th 1000000 took 3.3 years for the 5th 1000000 since 1906 we've added a 1000000 members every single year now I am not suggesting merely because they're adding numbers that that is the finishing of God's work but what I am suggesting is this the hand of God is over this movement and it is making an impact around the world let me share with you a few stories from that I want you to go to India with me my wife and I began to work in India in 2000 and in the year 2000 in the city of shinai with Brother Swami Johnson. The brethren asked us to travel throughout India told evangelistic meetings for a number of years and we said no we want to stay in one city and will return to that city on numerous occasions we'll make a 10 year commitment to this city and we did it we sponsored Bible workers in that city for 10 years we built a hope channel center in that city when we started to ensure that there were 12 7th Day Adventists churches and 750 members 12 churches 750 members now in 2019 we have 164 churches in 25000 members but let me share with you some stories when I 1st had my evangelistic meetings there early 12002003 this is a meeting in 2007 that I had there and it became so dangerous for us to go that I had to have my meetings in the Panetta center the protest center Panetta was an atheist and so we had to have our meetings in an atheist place because the Hindu militants would leave that place alone as we had our meetings then we saw the Spirit of God come down and we noticed how the Holy Spirit was moving we established Also there a health center for the opportunity to hold Health talks built that center built the hope channel center there build churches but we saw the miracles of God's Grace let me tell you how God is moving today and very unusual ways 40 years ago a Hindu woman was walking down the street as she walked down the street she saw a piece of paper blowing down the street she picked it up. There in her native tongue were these words how to find peace after death what happens when you die her son had been killed in an automobile accident and in a tragic accident and so she was looking to find some kind of peace and meaning in her life. As she saw this piece of paper it was an advertisement for an Adventist evangelistic meeting she attended never telling her militant Hindu husband she came every night to the meetings she accepted Christ in those meetings she accepted the fact that Jesus was coming in those meetings she accepted the Sabbath in those meetings but she knew that if she told her husband that it could mean death for her. She knew that she could be put out of the home so she never told him when he went off to work on Sabbath she kept the Sabbath by herself now you say she should have taken a stand you can say that sitting in a church that you 2 pints. But you have not walked in this woman's footsteps she had 3 daughters she raised them to know Christ she would read the Bible to them when her husband was out those daughters grew up and they had children 10 years went by 203040 years went by she eventually died one day one of these daughters walked in to one of our advantage sure choose and as this daughter walked in she had come to the pastor she eventually came to our eventual istic meetings and he here is one of the daughters here in the are in NJ ish sorry this in fact is the whole family she came in and said to the pastor we have been secret Adventists. Since my mother came to those meetings 40 years ago she said not only me but my 2 sisters and our whole families but our husbands don't know that but I can't hold back any longer I have to be baptized we baptized her her husband became furious he was a very wealthy businessman working in Saudi Arabia when he came back pastor began to study the Bible with him I began to work with him and here is a picture of a secret baptism of me baptizing this Hindu man this businessman and when he was baptized he gave 3 concrete churches that we built in Chennai 40 years after she went to the evangelist tick meetings her whole family of over 20 now were baptized the seeds that you plant in your gospel medical missionary work may not sprout immediately but God is going to use those powerfully for his name Let's go to China this is the largest 7th Day Adventist Church in the world. I used to say it has 6000 members it did when I was visiting there but we just were back in China and now it has 8000 members it has about a 150 small groups not smokers I say small groups there between 150 and 500 it has it has 150 of these groups that meet but let me tell you the story do you know that the largest 7th they have been a church in the world was raised up by medical missionary work. Many years ago there was a simple Chinese woman who became very very sick she had a daughter this Chinese woman who became so ill and so sick had an Adventist neighbor the advocate's neighbor visited her and gave her a hydrotherapy treatments. The woman began to get better she and her daughter were so impressed that they listened when the Adventists a lady gave them Bible studies as they gave them Bible studies they started a small group in their home as they started that small group in their home the group grew larger and larger and larger and this woman is an amazing woman she is a powerful powerful preacher for God and out of that small group they begin to start other small groups they meet every day at 4 o'clock in the morning with their group and they pray that the Spirit of God will come down in their city then they go out at 6 o'clock in witness says people are coming to work from 6 to 7 and when my wife and I were there my wife to me said to her Why do you meet at 4 o'clock in the morning and she said Well do you do that every day and she said Oh yeah every day no not every day because on Sabbath we come at 6 o'clock in the morning because we're going to stay all day at the church but T.V. So why do you do it for she said because our people are professionals I mean they're there they're We have attorneys we have physicians we have university students and so they come in the morning to seek God this is their choir as we are in that church this is the choir in the church as we've them they're giving out literature they're giving Bible studies but at times it is very very difficult and the but the Spirit of God is being poured out in China today we have 4 100000 administrate in China I remember in 1909 when the Berlin Wall came down I was in Hungary during the time and a 100000 people marched in the street but the falling of of the Berlin wall opened up Moscow and to see what happened there then is nothing short of the outpouring of the Spirit of God. After we held meetings in Pawnee University we held meetings in the Kremlin auditorium now that it's more difficult to hold meetings in the Kremlin auditorium than it would be to hold them in Congress of the United States here far more difficult the the Kremlin auditorium is where crew chef spoke where Chernenko spoke where and drop off spoke it you talk about the God of the impossible you talk about the God who works miracles this would the building on the left that you see was the center of communism This is where the communist party met in the Communist Party met here for years for 4 decades and decades when we 1st were going to have our meetings here it was a transitionary time communism and just fall in and the Russian government wanted to give to the west the view of religious freedom. The at that particular time we made an appeal to the Russian government we had some friends there they allowed us to come into the Kremlin the only Christian organization that's ever held in the Kremlin for any length of time at all when we 1st made those negotiations they said you can bring nothing in with you. The security is so sensitive I mean that's an amazing building beautiful crystal chandelier is escalators they said you can bring nothing in with you we prayed God does something amazing when we pray as we prayed we said look we want to bring 20000 Bibles and give them away to the Russian people they said finally they said after we prayed OK you can but Russian army trucks will pick up the Bibles Russian soldiers will deliver them so you see a miracle here you see the army truck on the right hand side of the Kremlin that army truck is full of Russian bibles and the Russian soldiers are delivering them and I thought to myself Lord if you want Russian soldiers to be our Usher praise praise God for that and we preach night after night we blended of course health and biblical values there in the Kremlin auditorium 1st baptism we baptized over a 1000 people and you know it's interesting what the devil did all the time we had rented a Olympic swimming pool this is the Olympic swimming pool in Moscow where we rented to have our baptisms. And as we rented there are always hellish forces Satan it forces against you so we rented the swimming pool we had paid for it we had the contract for it and I said to them when we went to the pool now look the water is about 6 feet deep that's too deep we don't push them in from the side to deep you know we need water about 3 feet high 3 and a half feet up to the waist and they said OK no problem will drain the swimming pool let's sign the contract you give us the money we did came back 3 days before and they said oh we can't drain the pool because they were getting pressure from the popular church not to let us have the baptism they said we can't drain the pool so you cannot be have a few baptism I saw did we rent the pool yes but it's too deep for you I said OK that's our problem not your problem they said if you can figure it out how to do it so you see what we did we had our Russian carpenters come in and we built a platform 3 feet up we put our people on the platform that's why we have these white ropes here because they go right or left there can be in 6 feet of water we took a 1000 people down there God always has a way one time we were baptizing in Moscow out in a lake and the lake was out of the city we were going to baptize about a 1000 people are ladies made baptismal robes we needed a tent for the ladies to change it I had heard that there was one tent in some hospital in Moscow had no idea where that tent was absolutely none knew nothing about where that tent was but I knew of some hospital but there I don't know 25 hospitals in Moscow we got on and he said OK God We need that tent because the Army was an Army hospital in the army was selling tents and we said OK God We need that tent help us and so I said to 2 of my staff look get a Russian driver go find that tent and come back within a couple hours they said what did you say as we just prayed you go find the tent they went out as they were driving down the I mean Moscow as what 1112000000 people they were going down the street an ambulance one speeding past them and the brother that I had said. That said fellow that ambulance they followed the ambulance to the very precise hospital within 2 hours were back and they had our tent I mean in those years God worked incredible incredible miracles we saw God's Spirit and poured out in unusual ways this is the former communist party building in Ukraine Kiev and below this was a very. Notorious K.G.B. prison but now it's a cultural center when you have a totalitarian state you have to control mass media therefore the Russian government subsidized televisions because they and they controlled the content on the televisions to control the minds of the people God must have a sense of humor or a smile on his face because when communism fell we satellited from this building across the 11 time zones of the former Soviet Union over the very network that was built by communists we satellited the message of God while I was preaching there in the most one of the most beautiful palaces in all of the former Soviet Union Peter Chua cough was translating for me Peter's father Mikail had been in prison for his faith for 5 years then sentenced to life exile when he was in prison he would go to the prison bars and he would look out into the night at the stars and he would say God please please send the message of truth to this prison when we were satellite ing from that place. The signal came down on a dish in that prison where Pastor cool cough was years before and many of those prisoners were baptized we saw the moving of the Spirit of God as I travel the world and I see what God is doing I know that God is working miracles around this world and I am a firm by the text that the gates of hell will not prevail against God's church as I see men and women and boys and girls coming to Christ come with me to Cuba. The 1st time I ever went to Cuba. And you know there are things that I can say now that I would be very cautious to say many years ago because I had worked in Poland Hungary Yugoslavia I was sent to Cuba to work I was going to use the word secretly but that's not a good word to work cautiously and quietly so in those years you didn't get a visa into Cuba so the 1st time ever went into Cuba I went in to do some negotiations for the church because the General Conference president at that time who was Robert fork and Burke wanted to hold a major of Angeles to meeting in Cuba as one if we could do it and so he said Mark would you go in and work with the government so I did and we negotiated all day 7 hours and I came up with nothing. At the end of the time I said What do you need most and this was under the days of Fidel Castro and they said what we need most is a more positive image in America Voice of America is booming in all this negative stuff and I said I can help you with that I said we have a national television program one in every 200 Americans watch it it's called It is written How would you like me to put produce favorable programmes about Cuba and put them on my network they said we would love that I said no problem happy to do that but you've got to let me come with a film crew to Cuba and you've got to let me take pictures of your beaches and so forth and I said I want to talk about religious freedom in Cuba too so I'd like to bring 12 or 13 colleagues and we'll put them in all the major cities of Cuba and they can hold a Bible meetings in you as a government allow people freedom to come and I'll take pictures of it now show that in America somebody said well they're just using you. We baptize $3000.00 in those 13 eventually Stickney things pastor Pastor Falkenberg came at the end one day I was sitting on the platform and they always gave me a minder who would always be with me and the head of religion who happen to be an atheist and his cell phone rang and he left the platform and he came back and he said he said that was just he wanted to know how you were doing and to be sure everything was going OK with your filming in the meetings God did some amazing things we went back to Cuba Cuba is an amazing place and we love the people there they're so resourceful they have cars that we used to have in the fifty's they have no parts for them and so they're they're so resourceful a Fender falls off a car and the glue it back on you know and they'll use anything to keep those things going but we want to have a public of Angeles stick meeting they allowed us the 1st time to meetings in our churches but they wouldn't allow any public order Tory So we went back and had a meeting it was on the just after the 50th anniversary of the revolution and here we are on the 6th floor of the government buildings the 7th floor was Castro's office and here is Tina. And these 2 women are. Communist government officials and then our president of our work there and we were negotiating with them about having a public go to Tory M And when I went in they said to me well tell us a little bit about what you think about the embargoed that America has on Cuba and I've dealt with those questions before I've met with government officials all through Eastern Europe so I knew some how to respond to them and I said I'm not a government official and you might be interested to know that more Advena speak Spanish than do English and you might be interested know that advocates for world wide work so I don't come representing America I come representing the 7th heaven a Church of Jesus Christ and we're here to help and bless your people will have health meetings and biblical meetings and so we talked about a public go to Tory and they said look we will give you a baptismal pool that you can have public but you cannot have your public go to Tory and it's too sensitive so we had good relationships with them 20 made great contact with these ladies and bonded together we prayed with them and we left we went back to the church and told our pastor is that the government had just told us we couldn't have public meetings this is a live picture this is not staged and they got on their knees and they prayed earnestly sought God and said God please send down your spirit God please move powerfully and the cell phone you notice the expression the difference in the expression this if you can see any faces from here. To the next picture the cell phone of the U.S. president rang as they were on their knees and as we got up off our knees he said I just got a phone call from the top government office they're going to give us a public order Toria we don't when it would have to pay for it they're going to give that to us and we were just singing the doxology here just praising God for the graciousness of the Cuban government here's the auditorium they gave us we did not have to pay $1.00 penny for the auditorium people came into this and done hundreds were baptized during that series out of the disappointment of 1844 God is raising a mighty movement to go to the ends of the earth and here we are in the here we are in the swimming pool and government officials come in and government officials are there watching this baptism as hundreds are baptized but come with me just for a moment to Africa one of the greatest joys that I have is the privilege of traveling to Africa and I've seen God work so many miracles this is the country of Angola and goal is one of the most expensive countries now in the world is the capital of and Goa and the reason it's so expensive is because the the Chinese government has come in and they are building roads and that but in the stadiums and in in the place of building the roads in the stadiums they are receiving for that. The mineral rights and so. Has a lot of gold it has a lot of minerals it has oil and so for example the average hotel a cheap hotel will be $300.00 a night that's cheap the average meal of very little simple meal if you go to a small place a $75.00 so it's just the prices are exorbitant when we were there the prime minister. Because of his deep respect for 7th Day Adventist and because of our holistic work physical mental spiritual said we have a brand new soccer stadium pastor Finlay you can preach in our soccer stadium and he said in fact I'll do something better than that I have a baby said there are a lot of apartments across from us and I have a bullet proof booth that you can sit in until you're ready to preach but then what happens when I go down in the field to get ready to preach but the Lord is so good you know I made an appeal that day and people came from the stands and this is saying go hundreds and hundreds making decisions for Christ putting them in baptismal classes recently we had a wonderful experience with the Messiah people the Messiah boys been a big challenge for 7th Day Adventists and for Christianity the messiah or a nomadic people they travel through the jungles and you see deserts with their with their cattle and. The Messiah I have there weary of outsiders to come to their place but we had to have been as pastors who just love these Messiah he would visit them he would he became part of the culture over weeks they knew him and we were just in Tanzania just last year we had 4500 downlinks In fact one of our Dowling sites was in a Muslim mosque and we baptized 60 Muslims out of that Muslim 60 Muslims out of that Muslim mosque and and it was just an amazing experience but this pastor went to the Messiah people and he had been developed a relationship with them and he said to them he pointed to the Sky One night he said Do you know God talks from the sky and they said God talks from the sky yeah god talks from the sky and he will talk to your village from the sky all we have to do you see that tree over there we have to cut all the branches off the tree so it's straight up on a pole and you see this round thing it's a ditch it's a receiver and that's going to receive God's message from the sky they put a satellite dish on top of a tree. The message went up came down in the satellite dish on the top of the tree and we started a new church among them a site people I mean God It is amazing what God does. One of the places that we had downlink sites recently in Tanzania was a market place and in that marketplace last year there were 4 bars alcoholic places in the marketplace the city council met we had a stablished we put up a satellite dish in the marketplace and a big screen so the message of God could come down and as we did the. The City Council met and they said if Pastor Finley's messages are coming down in the marketplace we should not be having people buy alcohol during those meetings and getting people drunk know if they're going to listen to the message of God We should not let them get drunk so they said we're going to close down these 4 bars in the marketplace which they did one of the ladies that owned one of the bars was furious you can't do this the city council said we voted it we're going to shut down every bar she said I'm going to keep my bar open although nobody can come in and I'll sit there so she did and she heard the message of God made a decision for Christ and a venture only was baptized so you know God is moving this church is on the move shortly after the genocide we spent time in Rwanda. Rwanda is a wonderful country Paul Gummi the president of Rwanda no OF THE NATION is doing a tremendous job in bringing healing between the Hutus and the Tutsis and after I had been there a couple times we had preached I said to the pastors What do you need most more than anything else they said Pastor Mark more than anything else some of us have 12 churches 13 churches we are walking to those churches in fact just to tell you the commitment of many of these people in another place one of our global mission pioneers met with one of our general conference vice presidents who at the time was Mike Ryan. And there were 2 of them to global mission pioneers and Mike said to them what do you need most is that they said a pair of shoes they said we have one between us and he looked down and one man had the shoes one man was barefoot and they said this what we do we figure out how far we have to walk in the morning to go to the next village for bible studies in the ever has to walk the furthest over the roughest roads gets the shoes the other man has to go over the rough roads without any shoes bloody feet and so we said look what he did tell us and he will get your shoes no problem at all you know when I went to Rwanda that's thought it was a 3rd time I said to the pastors the 2nd time I was there tell me what you need most They said we have to walk every place we have no cars if we only had bicycles I said don't worry about it when I come back next time and bring in 50 bicycles so we shipped in by container through address 50 bicycles Now these people had never ridden a bicycle before and you should have seen them when I gave them the bicycles I mean they were got on the road you know but they learned to ride their bicycles and these are our advantage pastors bicycling from village to village Why why because a 7th heaven is church is another denomination because we're just marking time no because they believe I saw another angel fighting in the midst of heaven having the what everlasting Gospel to do what to preach and to every nation kindred tongue and people Adventists are people with a passion for mission we believe there is nothing bigger greater grander or higher than the proclaiming of God's last day message of seeing men and women and boys and girls come to Christ and follow Him and be baptized this is not a soccer stadium game this is South America the country of Peru with 60000 people in the largest soccer stadium in the country this is an Adventist of Vangelis to celebration. God is moving around the world I remember when this general was baptized he was a general in the Peruvian army and as he was baptized he said I want to be baptized in my general's outfit because I'm surrendering to the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS God is moving. Years ago we had evangelist meetings in Hungary in the country but in the city of Budapest see Budapest Buddha and pest boot on one side of the river pest on the other side the Danube runs through the center that's what's called Budapest it was 1909 was an interesting time because the government allowed Billy Graham to come for 3 days but we shared with them that we had another that we appreciated what Billy Graham had done but that we saw life holistically that there would be physical mental spiritual dimensions of life and that we would bring physicians with us would have 5 day plans to stop smoking would hold nutrition classes to help reduce heart disease we would have stress management to help reduce stress that we would help people with their degenerative diseases the government said if you do that we will give you a month the so you can hold your meetings for a month in a public go to Tory and this was during the days of communism not after the fall of communism so during those days of communism we came to hold our meetings there the meetings were packed now the opening night of those meetings I came in about 3 o'clock we're going to have a meeting at 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock came in at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to set up for the evangelistic meetings and I heard music it was horrible it was some of the loudest music I ever heard in my life and it was hungry for most rock band playing in my auditorium and I said what is going on here and I discovered that after our meetings were over at $930.00 at night they were going to start a rock concert it was one of the most raunchy bands of all hungry and they attracted a very loud group of young people we had our meeting at 5 o'clock and that went well it was packed we opened the doors at 630 for our 2nd meeting at 7 and the young people on the streets who had gathered for the rock concert thought we were opening up for the rock concert and they rushed in. There were hundreds of them they were all over the place they were sitting on the floor sitting on the platform they were behind me. As I began to preach I could say right I knew right away this not to be a good night they were loud they it was hard to concentrate it was hard for others to concentrate and I went home that night and literally I wept I wept my wife was in England with our children I was by myself in an apartment and it was 2 o'clock in the morning and I was just weeping I said God for 40 years these people have waited for financial 6 minutes and that had to happen tonight I was really disappointed the next night I came back and as I came back I met these 4 young women they were sitting in the front row and I went down to said why are you here tonight they said you really want to know we are groupies we followed this rock concert group we came in last night we stood for deep in the balcony we couldn't hardly see the screen we couldn't see you it was too loud. But something happened in our hearts. And we want more this girl. Helga the one on the left with a little courage chief was a student of Karl Marx Karl Marx University in communist economics these other 2 girls on the on the far right worked for the communist government they came night after night the Spirit of God touched their hearts their lives were changed here they are now in their baptismal robes getting to be baptized but you say wait a minute they were baptized and left the church not quite so here is 20 years later Tina and I went back here the same girls that came to the rock concert 20 years later this girl married a 7th heaven is Pastor and she's a pastor's wife tonight this girl married a pastor she is a pastor's wife and that girl became a Bible worker they came to a rock concert and met Jesus Christ the Rock of Ages you see Jesus says I will build My Church in what the gates of hell are not going to prevail against it because Jesus' message is a powerful one this man comes from a Bomba there and in South America interim Erica and Columbia. His story is a remarkable one. A small group of Adventists was meeting in the home as this group of that Venice met in the home many years ago a mob came into the home stirred up by the villagers in that city to actually kill whoever was work for being there. Fortunately that day the little group had left a little earlier to go to a park to have a picnic. This young man was a baby and as the parents came I mean as the parents saw the killers coming as they burst into the hole they were living on the 1st floor there was a window open they handed the baby out the window. To a stranger so he would be killed and father and mother were killed this is the Bible that the father was reading that Sabbath morning with the blood stains on it you see the blood stains here you see the blood stains there of held this Bible in my hands the father was reading the Bible he was shot immediately and killed he slumped over the Bible and he bled on the Bible and that's his blood in the Bible. This little child that was passed out the window nobody knew where they were where he was nobody. He grew up never knowing he had been asperin speakers he was just a baby when his passed out the window as time went on somebody indicated to him that his parents were Adventist and shared with him the story that led him to an Adventist of Angeles stick meeting some 40 years later and there in that meeting that little boy now in his forty's you can see here this boy made a commitment to Christ and to be baptized during his baptism he told the story a man in the audience came forward and said it was my father that killed your father. And together they embraced crying and weeping tears of repentance and that man took Bible studies and he too was baptized Jesus is working in some incredibly amazing ways South Africa this is a stadium in South Africa where we saw God move powerfully in our meetings there. During the meetings there. We got a call from the palace the king of the soup. The queen called us and she said I'm very disappointed with you why you're disappointed because I couldn't get past her Finley's meeting in the palace tonight we so it's Monday night Your Majesty we don't have meetings on Monday night why would the queen of the zoo Guus want to see an Adventist evangelist meeting via satellite in the palace Here's the story she had been a little girl a princess in lieu Sotto and Adventists choir's would come and seeing in the palace because her family loved the music and somebody from those advocates choirs would go over to that little girl and give her some little candies Now I know they must have been health care and expand anyway gave her some little candies and they showed such kindness and love that she always remembered that she married the king of the Subarus now the king of the suits was educated at Harvard University he jets around the world he has multiple palaces people like Prince Charles from England come out to his palaces and all these dignitaries. There was a time when his tribal chiefs 500 of them became very very their problems and he had such tension that he got sick and so his queen said look I remember the prayers of those administers the admin a skin pray invite one I can know I know somebody so they invited evidence pastor come to the palace he stayed there 3 weeks he gave Bible studies and as he gave those Bible studies and he prayed over the the king the king got better one day months later the queen was sitting in the palace and she had her head down it was Sabbath and the king came to it he said Your Majesty you accent why and she said. It's Sabbath and he said I know it's 7 you want to be with your people your heart out with those ads and says and she said yes he said OK get the royal limousine get the get the bodyguards and go can you imagine a little kind of small bush admin a church and the queen pulls up with her hunter. She now has been baptized and I have been to that palace and it's quite amazing I don't have the pictures of it here I have them on another program but this was South Africa where we having those meetings in the Spirit of God was poured out so powerfully. I want to share with you one more story I can tell you about miracles but I want you to see a miracle I'm going to show you some pictures that captured on screen a miracle. We were in Nigeria holding meetings at Babcock university and where is my sister from here OK. You know we were told that wonderful time there they had just built their stadium but what I didn't know is not far from there there was a witches coven and the and those which is came into our stadium and they prayed that the powers of evil would come down upon that stadium when I preached it had been a beautiful day and I had been preaching there many nights and die love preaching in the African night it's just amazing experience our Africans are so open and responsive to the Gospel we have 5000000 Africans that are 5000000 evanescent Africans but I'd preach on this platform every single night and. It was a beautiful day and I walked into the stadium and as I did the clouds came up and it it just the storm was so bad we had never seen a storm like that before and the witches begin to cry out where is your God Now where is your god now he can't stop this storm where is he now and our Nigerian Avonex got on their knees they were praying and I heard them crying out but the storm came and it came the Earth I mean it was really fierce the people ran and they tried to get under cover but that didn't work well I couldn't speak to the people that night so I went in with my Bible and I said to our production crew look Can they hear me through speakers and I said look because the wind was so bad it was totally destroying everything destroying our screens destroying our speakers and I'll show you the destruction it was horrible and so I went I said look. God. Has never sponsored a failure. Tonight it looks like that there's been a great loss for the Kingdom of God It looks like the forces of evil have won but you come tomorrow night because we're going to reset this auditorium up and you're going to see the power of God come down in amazing ways this was our auditorium after the 1st night the chairs were destroyed you look at the screens destroyed. The wind was so bad it blew the chairs over the back of the stadium here you see the mud and so we had to get up early in the morning to clean it up and that it was just totally devastated a look at the rebar what I want you to see is this you see my little red pointer is here I'll do it on this side for you as well this is a 3 inch rebar and you see how it's bent you see this bent the screens are totally destroyed platform is destroyed the rebar is bent and here our brethren looking at it see what can we have or do we get up and we prayed we put the stadium back together beautiful day the next night when I put my foot on the ground in the stadium the same thing happened the night before exact same thing the clouds came in the thunder came down and we got on our knees and we said OK God you've got to work a miracle here now I'm going to show you a picture of a miracle here it is you see you see this right here this square. This square settled over the stadium it stormed all around the stadium and nothing touched our stadium. You are looking at the picture of a divine miracle that God worked that settled over our stadium. And that night hundreds made their decision for Christ. You may hear offshoot groups saying to you that the church is in apostasy. You may hear people saying to you the church is going to splinter. I believe the words of Christ what do you say. Jesus said I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against Jesus says to you and me at U.T. pines in the churches around Matthew $28.00 1st $1020.00 read it with me go there for and make this site poles of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit one day Jesus will come but before he returns he will pour out His Spirit in mighty mighty power on a church that is seeking Him And Jesus will accomplish his mission in the world truth will triumph over error right will triumph over wrong. Satan will be defeated the principles of hell will be vanquished Jesus will come again. Hang on my brother hang on my sister this is no time to be walking away from the church now this is no time to be leaving now this is the time to unite together in prayer and earnest study to open our hearts to be part of a closing work is that which you want. That's where we can kneel That's Neil we're not just our heads. Father in heaven. Tonight we have seen in Revelation Chapter 10 that you have raised up a divine movement out of the disappointment of the cross New Testament Christianity. Grew in Florida sht. As the spirit moved upon simple fishermen and tax collectors and common lay people. Father out of the disappointment of 844 there is an end time message that is to go to the ends of the earth a message that is to reach mountains and. Reach valleys reach villages and cities and we know the work cannot be finished everywhere until it's finished here I pray for you cheap pines I thank you for this institution I thank you for its 50 years you've raised it up for a purpose we sense that it's best years are going to be ahead that you are going to move through this institution to powerfully work to be a light in this area that students who come here will be sent out around the world in self sacrificial service and love to carry your message to a dying planet. I pray for each of these little institutions tonight. Give strength to the leadership. Bless them as they are those shining lights Further many of us have come from local churches may we leave this place with a sense that our local church is a light in the community. That it can be a mission center that it can be a medical missionary center a center of redemptive love a place where people come to get help. Other we open our hearts to you to be your man your women in this age of verse history in Christ's name Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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