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Lew Keith


Failure. Before He can lift you up you must be broken down.



  • June 28, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Our Father in heaven. Little promise John 663 my words are spirit my words are life without you there's no life in anything we're going to share so I'd invite your presence in our hearts as we try to share a few things it would bring encourage me to hope your people as can Jesus name Amen when I came here last year my 1st trip to the pines. My. Like a son not my son but like my son Ashwin some you know I asked when I was telling my quite the place was and he told me you know it's this quiet until the machine guns go off and. He goes for binning just happens to be not too far away and so one day I was out walking on the trail and I heard the machine guns allows in the military 757677788 time or 2 I was at Fort me. And so I was on the other the other side back in John 836 My kingdom is not in Fort Benning right if my kingdom or in Fort Benning my servants would fight with machine guns and that's not where his kingdom is and so when I got called from that kingdom into this kingdom What a change and that's true is it a is it a night and day change to leave that kingdom and coming to you pine or kingdom What a change in him and so when I got here. Not just here I mean into the 77 his church it was a it was a it was a great change for me remember John 18 verse 11 he told Peter to do what put up the sword why Matt 2652 Matthew if you live by the sword you it pierces says King James you perish by the sword now if you ask me back to the end of 78 who the enemy is we just said the North Vietnamese or the. Russians or the we had a list now come over to you pines it's a different kingdom Who's the enemy friend steps to cry space $43.00 the world against Blake is the greatest battle you'll ever fight itself and a problem over there you kill somebody did their dead with the problem over here 1st Corinthians 1531 I die Bailey it keeps coming back up you gotta kill it every day and now you help me as we go along because I don't have long the problem with dying to self self dies hard Thank you self dies hard. To read again James Sheppard for the subject is humbling yourself so James for Matthew 18 if you got a Bible one finger and James for one finger Matthew 18 and James Chapter 4 verse 10. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord now pause then there's a comma humble yourselves in the side of the Lord John 15 verse 5 without me you can do nothing I said Lord I can't humble myself without you would you agree because without him you can't do anything I said please give me some hill now and change for ever stand home alive in the sight of Lord comma and he shall lift you up is that health ministry there yeah X. ray verse 6 silver go have I numb but what I haven't given to you the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who would rise up and walk now acts reversed 7 and Peter St latter. And say it and lift them up best health ministry now John 1232 if I be lifted up I'll draw him in on to you we lifted him up on the cross he lives us up puts us back on our feet would you agree that's a bum deal I came out of an army where you pushed people down to this army where we what By God's grace lift people up my subject this morning failure. Failure as a subject is morning failure now Matthew 18 verse 2 Jesus took a touch ol INSEAD it in the midst of the people the disciples. What was his point. Verse 3 unless you be what help me and you got to be like a little child you got to be converted and become as a little child or what. You can see the kingdom of God Now you tell me in verse 4 What was the quality that shall head that Jesus desired them to half. Sure trust Yes but the words it's used in verse 4 is humble change for verse 10 humble myself in the side of the Lord and He will lift you up to it without him I can't those Lord answer prayer when it comes from your heart civil order I'm of the opposite of. Humble on the opposite have mercy $813.00 a loop God be merciful to me a and said Help me now as it appeared God delights dancer a man so it is. There's a nice one little statement this morning I want to study as gospel workers the 892 edition is on page 320 there is with many and I see chilling us a reserve. Like that of the fair sees which must be broken down. Before he can lift you up sometimes he has to break you down and the true was Peter broken down before Christ lifted him up was Paul broken down before Christ lifted him up now lowered to break down the barriers that was a master at that John for verse 7. Who's he talking to Samaritan woman where they at Jacob's well a master at breaking down the wall of prejudice he looked at that Samaritan woman soon as disciples away lunch time right he cleared the playing field so he could reach a soul because they were they added to the partition they didn't break it down cry said I'm going to break this thing down and what do you say to her in verse 7. And give me a drink and give me a drink and she said oh wait a minute verse 8 I'm sorry verse 9 you being a what ask me being all right for a drink a water comma what's the next part say. No dealings with the Jews have no dealings with us was a lord in the process of breaking down that I see wall of partition Yes Did he do it Yes Did she have 5 husbands Yes Does she believe changed Yes Was she a great evangelist for the Gospel Yes different or waterpot Yes John 81011 when women were those then accusers was your role a partition between to prostitutes into priests Yes Oh yes did he break down the wall. No man does no man accusing no man Lord and then what do you say. Here were neither do I going to crumble down that wall go and what he's talking to are like a friend. And. He wants to talk to us I've got her friends partners 824 that stick up closer than a brother to you and as he delighted to hear that prayer Lord I need help to be humble Monsey nobody else probably needs that help do you. And nobody said anything into you she pondered church. So 1st time it happened. It was a New York is Queens and well me I'd say the last time that was last night I was sure that in that was last night the last time one of the 1st times I remember is in Queens. By the way let me define hillbilly you know what hillbilly means right it's not a negative terms to get a bad connotation Hubler me somebody that lives in the heels also means that heels specifically in the southern United States I was sitting there the 1st ELDER sitting beside me it's on the platform in a church in Queens he looks at me and says Dr Keith. And he asked me a question in the Bulletin it said Dr Keith. I leaned over I said Brother I'm not a doctor. He looked at me. I leaned over again I said I'm a hillbilly from Tennessee and he looked at me. And then that man leaned over by the way if you've been in a church where there was some icy formality everybody's dressed right they do we say what's right we do what's right we look right we smell right everything's right but there's an icy formality with me. A reserve like that of the fair seas which must be broken down gospel workers $32892.00 version he looked at me leaned over and said So my what is it certainly I am from Jamaica in the hills of Jamaica I guess Mandeville so it did not break the ice yes it broke the ice all of them the Lord uses failure to break the ice would you agree now before I say anything else Proverbs 2416 a just man fonts 7 times and he does what but when he rises up again his grace would you agree the only thing that keeps you rising back up is grace he fall 7 times in rises back up again as long as you keep arising back up again The Lord will finish the good work Philippians 16 that he started in you is that true keep arising back up in the 1st John to verse one if you don't sin you little children but if you do we have then with the father what's his name Christ the righteous any list as back up I said Lord I need some I need to be humbled. Now is it a dangerous prayer. My dear brother you know that's a dangerous prayer Don't you now. Before. We get to the end let me say 2 or 3 things because I got I got to stop at lunchtimes I know to those women in they usually pines when the law says his that's it right. Right. The the disciples didn't need an adjustment regarding humility did Jesus do it John 13. Thank you John 1313 you call me Master and Lord in ye say will for so I am now here comes if I but 13 verse 4 he took talented what girded himself and then he did the job to break down that wall of partition that I see formality he broke it down and ground in the dust. And you say well for so I am if I I your Lord master have washed your feet yet to what. And then the incredible statement verse 15 if you know the saying so happy are you if you do it you can't be happy is long as you're fully yourself and we are a people this fear is a sin as for me prove ourselves what we did what we say what we teach this it we are full of ourselves I know I'm in name Jesus Christ is able to take the hot air and let it out of all the A 7 day Evans would you agree now does he know where the valve is yes he does I don't but he does a man can't can't what do you call it can can't flatten your pride tire but the Lord can. And so I was it while I would do it a little weak a pretty little thing and my wife wasn't with me. And you know I don't have I don't have a lot here and what I have is like a puffball my wife by the way Ray handling us my way he is 822 he defined why I find it what he didn't fall out of the sky because probably 114 or put it wife is from the engines 117 every good gift and every perfect gift is from a bar of Thank You Lord For The Good Wife and she made me promise that moose my hair down before I went out the 1st night I. And I forgot the moose Now some of you ladies know what mooses don't you know what is most in the way he knows what it is what is moves it kind of makes you hear. You know I promise darling I moved my hear in this is still going to have a little more back in his sticking out like a cotton ball and I thought well. I used to paste now good luck to places creamy just like mousse I toothpaste and I gotta let you go work and I thought well maybe I can use and looked around when I head deodorant. On your head. And then I found it and found it shampoo that looked like moose actually moost tastes like move some is the most so I put it on my head I had this nice suit I've gotten it to Goodwill store for $6.00 it looks sharp navy blue I was in a while would I'm staying in the hospital why would I check my tie my coat I got my Bible and has a couple of verses I was going to use in the meeting John 3 that night and when I check my tie when you don't go out with a crooked tie went to the Mir looked in the mirror and what I saw was my head was full of soap bubbles. And the Lord help me to see you finish the sentence for me that I was no more than a say it Come on Christine say. Sex with Ines. Oh oh a P B You think you know so gullible Is that true there without him we amount to no more then so bubbles. And it really hit home I think I'm going to go down for a while which chapel in stand up and talk about Daniel for Joe Johns ship for 3. Verse 10 and you master in Israel don't know these things you know before you can lift somebody up the lord has to pull you down or Humble yourselves inside the Lord and He will lift you up and in 2 years ago I mean I mean it is the Lord has to keep helping him settle. You know you help me that night but had a problem again today it's a chronic condition it's not a lifestyle disease it's a hurt health and it's not coronary fitness either right this is spiritual fitness Hershey Pennsylvania did evangelist at meetings here. Lord have mercy. Pastor Norris we're trying to plan out the meetings and he mentioned a cooking school and we had less this goes Kerman 8 things with a cooking class and he called me back so we don't have the budget for that. To bring somebody is going to cost us so and so I said Pastor I'll do the cooking class myself I didn't tell him I didn't know how to cook when I was learning and I always work in progress darling is teaching me how to learn how to make granola and waffles and bridge some a county. Is adding to my repertoire of food. I told the pastor I said you know what I will do breakfast food is all I knew how to cook I will do breakfast food OK And what will do so we had the meetings we were 2 weeks of meetings schooled in. And so the meeting went well we did have a big crowd do like you know not a huge crowd but we had people coming different ones came different nights and I started to promote the culmination right the cooking class I said we're going to do is going to meet early in the morning going to get some cardiac hill right going to go for a walk going to get some a aerobic right going to get some flexibility going to do some stretching and then we're going to get some Enter over going to some strength training going to have a nice workout then I'm going to make you breakfast we're going to have a brunch have a could do the whole thing in the morning. And everybody that came to every meeting signed up for that thing we had more people come in did a cooking class than the candidate maybe they all signed up for it here's the problem you make it waffles in granola for a mountain of people are you in trouble yes Sal is cooking hard this is hard as I could go and what I was making soya milk and all of the 3 Khans are no love bought a 2nd while flying off Amazon and everything was going well it's like Thursday. In my new divided mixes. Oh yeah so we mix in a batter divided mix a put the top on either turn about a mix on high and set it going up. What happens. Here the top blew off the Vida mix no the top blew plumb off the bottom mix. And what wasn't dividing mix was all narrative fellowship hall and that 7 day Evan and her she church including me and my 1st thought my very 1st thought now Philippians to verse 7 he made himself in his sin the context I use in the context of John 13 Philip is to over 7 he made himself of know what reputation now anybody know verse 8 the 1st 3 or 4 words and he would know best that's that's that after the comma That's after the comma he humbled himself now what you said he took upon Himself the form of a what servant and when you see John 13 yes to serve in it work is that humbling yourself to be lifted up on the cross and then he lives that's Grace man falls he looses back up. Well the 1st thought I had that it went everywhere and that Vida makes room. And the 1st thought I had there was a door and that fellowship hall from now somebody this proud tell me was the 1st on a man like that would have. This somebody is going to come that's it going to come in that door. No no no that one of those members will come in the door and see the chef where the cooking school cover with better mix what happens to my reputation. He made himself of no. Difference. It's batter X.. If you can humble yourself over a wall full How you going to humble yourself even into death of a cross be lifted up I will. And I knew I never forgot it the Lord 1st thought What will people think about. Me. It's all about egocentric the world revolves around me. So I cleaned it up nobody saw it and I didn't tell anybody. And went all with the school. Yeah and I'm terrible and then last night I don't know how did it but we're coming down here we drove down from Butler Creek which is a little place in Tennessee in the hills and. Kind of weather worn and kind of look rough and so well darling. But my shirt at least put my shirt on now look civil. And button my shirt up came out Darling looked at me. You got a problem. I had taken I dare I say I don't know how I did it. That's what darn dice are you said route I know how you did that you know there's a button down collar here. I somehow had taken my collar button it over this button and in button that over that button so I do see her older up around my neck like a dog's leash I said let's go to the meeting. Then Dolly said. What do you say go look in the mare you couldn't try to do something like that. And I fell in a. Soap My somebody say it. So it can fill your help a man in his pursuit of excellence so I was in the Sabbath school class one time my closing thought on failure. And a lady there friend of mine actually she said Brother you're sayin you're talking like you don't believe in God going to perfect his church. He looked at her. As a Jew 24 to him was able to keep you from and present you Matthew 527 without wrinkle and without John John 811 go in soon the more. He doesn't finish the church but unfortunately I work with people that fall our patience our guest they fall to do life in the Church Militant. Is not easy one day it will be the church was triumphant but today this is where I work this is where I serve and when people fall they need somebody to what that them up and to be an effective lifter of soul you need to be 1st broken down yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm annoyed working do that to you for you and everything so some on my last one and I'm going to have to be done in the we're going to have lunch. And a lot of experiences happen. And I'm. Going to stop there when we stand I'll pray I have better stuff there when we stand I'll pray. And pray what a blessing it is to be each pint right. Now I came here her testimonies of heather using God's methods patients are coming to God Peace patients are getting healed and everything in going got good he was that kind of thing until you want to met my wife there my what my life were there when I met or she could read my poem and indeed my star chart. When she had a break between or motorcycle rides she was a New Age Indian and a mystic can the spiritualist believe in reincarnation out of body experiences and transcendental meditation and she was a Buddhist. There she is raise your hand again darling there she is. There she is. We're about to celebrate 40 years of marriage come on somebody say man for that right. Now they will get a man I do your dad mom 40 years in this day and age and the Lord has given me just the right moment can somebody same in. Cleveland a God give you just the right woman hey me one yeah and God give me just the right church members in a blessing he's put me in just the right place. And today it's you she pines I'm very thankful to be here I'll pray right her father in heaven. Humble yourselves on the side of the Lord I can't do it without you it isn't Harel him possible with you but with God all things are possible that you can live to set up so I'm thankful for the precious souls are thankful for the Bible truth thankful that it has a real power to change our hearts and our lives and as a Sabbath this coming on very soon I pray you'll be the best one we've ever had and as lunch is just around the corner and give a sample hearts as we partake 1st and foremost of the spiritual food and then what's on the plate because we know next 728 in Him we live we move in we have are being help us to walk with Jesus today ask in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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