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Ann Thrash-Trumbo Calvin Thrash III


The beginning of Doctors Calvin and Agatha Thrash and the work they started.



  • June 24, 2019
    10:45 AM
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I'd just like to start out by saying this whole thing is a story about Grace it's so good to look at and see if you familiar faces here this morning and some of these stories may be familiar to some of you. Because you may have been here live through some of it. But it's all about Grace it's all about something God did because there's no way that 2 people from south Georgia could have done what happened here Troy so my father Calvin thrash was born in gay Georgia which is about 50 miles north of Columbus it's between Columbus and Atlanta and gay is just a little spot in the road. It's they the the main crop when he was growing up there was cotton and the other big crop was peaches and he grew up working in the fields and this stuff instilled in his heart a deep desire to leave the farm forever that was just all he wanted to do was get away from the farm when he was about 3 years old 3 or 4 years old. The family house burned down my grandfather was so panicked when the house began burning that all he had time to grab was his rifle he was afraid that it would go off in the fire that it would fire in the fire. You know what I'm saying. And he grabbed a box of Corn Flakes he had all Cers and his doctor had prescribed and cornflakes to eat and that was all he grabbed on his way out the door him that the kids his gun his cornflakes and the kids so out they ran they began to live with my great grandmother my grandfather's mother. She was older of course by this time and everybody thought oh Miss Airlink going to live long so we're just going to live with them with her for a few years just a couple years till she dies my great grandmother lived for the next 30 years and and she was not a real easy person to live with but we've all felt that that contributed to my grandmother sainthood because she truly was a saint my dad's mother was a wonderful wonderful person kind and sweet and loving she was a school teacher and she taught 2nd grade most of her career and everybody thought that it was in part living with her mother in law that made her that way and she was just a wonderful person my father told a story of how his father insisted that every day during cotton season he and. His my my uncle his brother had to pick a full bag of cotton every day now a bag of cotton isn't like a grocery bag it was a bag about 6 feet tall and this big around and had to be crammed full of cotton because all cotton was picked by hand in those days and so one day my grandfather was away from home doing some kind of business and my dad and my uncle were busy doing the things that boys do when they get home from school and somehow they just never got that back because Hecht And so. They are. It finally got dark and they ate their supper and they went to bat secure in the knowledge that there was no way that papa would make them get up and pick cotton in the middle of the night except that their security was absolutely misplaced when when papa got home he they were not asleep yet and he poked his head in the door of their bedroom and he says so boys did you pick cotton today and they're like No sir we didn't we didn't get that we didn't get that done today and he's like get up and so they went out by a lot of the lantern they picked they picked their bag of cotton before they went to sleep that night and I don't know if you're aware of that trick to be. Right was the fact of cotton that he did he told me you want a 5 gallon bucket of beans I got busy the same way the riding the bicycle and doing this and that thing and after he got back home gave me a flashlight uses. My beings and I said well then you get the SO here's your boy. Beings so he was well trained so it wasn't just did you do that we know all there oh my I didn't do that but I will say this that when he asked me to pick beings after that I picked the beings. My father's eyesight was very bad it turned out that he was essentially legally blind and it wasn't until he was 12 years old that he got his 1st pair of glasses he would sit on the front row of the school room the little schoolhouse where they went there and day and he would press against the side of his eye because that distorted his focal length just enough that he could see the blackboard if you looked really hard and sat right on the front row of the school when he was 12 you guys 1st pair of glasses and he said that the whole world just opened up all of a sudden he could see leaves on the trees prior to this when the occasional very rare airplane would fly over all the children would run out. The schoolhouse and we look there's an airplane there's no planned where and now he could see airplanes in the sky his whole world opened up everything changed for him he was an excellent student everywhere that he went he set academic records he was just a very he was a smart kid and this opened doors for him to go to college and eventually to medical school and this was his ticket off the farm forever he thought. My mother Agatha thrash was born in Baxley Georgia and if you've never heard of Baxley I'm not surprised perhaps you've heard of Brunswick Georgia or perhaps you've heard of Valdosta Maybe you've heard of Savannah if you haven't heard of any of those other downs but South Georgia is where she grew up way south close to the okey dokey swamp she was a country girl grew up on a dairy farm her parents were dairy farm while her dad was a dairy farmer her mother was a school teacher she also taught 2nd grade in Baxley Georgia mother absolutely adored her father her father Norwood muti was a godly man a good man eventually became the sheriff of appling county of which my mother was an ordinarily proud but one day as they were talking she would follow him around the farm helping with various tasks he gave her a horse and she named the horse now I believe I think she named the horse now that I was a liar right it's been a while since I've heard the story but. She would ride the horse to bring the cattle in when it was time for them to come in and be milked she loved that horse she would ride it everywhere any time she wasn't with her dad she was on her horse. One day as she and her dad were talking just going about their tours in the dairy. My grandfather said to my mother he said baby he said if I had my life to live over again I would be a doctor. And that sparked in her mind a great desire to be what he thought would be the ultimate in a life career she from that point forward wanted to be a doctor and nothing else was interesting to her medicine it was from that point forward this set the course of her life. So she did enroll in medical school this is her 1st year class student identification card for the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta she saved all of her ID cards from every year of medical school my dad did not not surprisingly but she in 1951 she enrolled in the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. She loved medicine she was thrilled beyond words to be there she had worked hard to make the grades that would make admission in a medical school possible and here she was she was thrilled. My father meantime had already been at the Medical College of Georgia for 2 and a half years when at Christmas time of his junior year of a matter of medical school he went home ill he just wasn't feeling it was running a little fever he felt bad he agreed to see the family doctor and the doctor diagnosed him with tuberculosis which by all means of reckoning should have meant the end of his medical career very few medical students were allowed back to medical school tuberculosis was at that time considered the plague of medical students and he spent 9 months he went into battle hospital which was the Georgia TB senatorial at that time. For treatment I'm not sure exactly what they gave him struck to mice and had just started being used at that time. But he spent 9 months in the TB hospital resting whining around totally bored wishing hoping. Maybe even praying because he was pretty desperate that he could go back to medical school some people went to bat for him some of the some of his professors there at the Medical College went to bat for him with the administration urging that they really accept him when he was released from the hospital and in fact they did but he had to sit out 2 years because he missed the 1st year that he went into the hospital and then he was since he wasn't ready to go back into school that fall he had to miss the entire 2nd year I have to think that that was providential because that fall of the 1st year that my dad was out of medical school my mother entered medical school if he had continued on he might not have even known her a lowly little freshman you know where he would have been a senior so I think God works works in mysterious ways. He got out of hospital in October and called a friend of hers his best friend. In Augusta there who was also a medical student his name was Hugh and he said Hughes that I want to come down for the Thanksgiving party and dance that that medical college held for the. For the students and he said can you get me a date I don't I don't know anybody and he had actually broken up with his longtime girlfriend while he was in the hospital and where she had broken up with him not quite sure how that worked. He said he needed a date and he asked Hugh if he would work it out for him so he said well let me see what I can do Hugh talked with his Beyond say who happened to be roommate with the young woman by the him of Agatha moody and she asked my mom if she would be willing to be the blind date for Calvin thrash and mother agreed and not terribly enthusiastically but she you know she was willing she was willing to go out on dates it was Sure why not so she agreed to go out and that night of the party she was babysitting at the 1st Baptist Church for a meeting that was being held but as soon as the babysitting gig was over. Her friends and my dad picked her up and my dad said as she walked out of the church he was just struck with how beautiful she was. And that was it they really never looked at anybody else again after that point they. 2 years later they were married in Baxley and my mother's home church 1st Baptist Church of Baxley Georgia and that was in 1953 June 14th of 1953 they were married and this. Started a series of events this marriage who knew what would happen from this union but God was working they went from the Medical College of Georgia once they were both graduated there to do a resident C. should say an internship in Louisville Kentucky and then they moved to Atlanta where mother and dad both began residencies at Emory University mother in pathology dad in internal medicine and not long after this Uncle Sam came calling for my dad. And he was. He entered the military entered the Army did his training at Fort Sam Houston in. San Antonio Texas and then was stationed in Fort at Fort Benning which is just right here across the river here by Columbus mother meantime was finishing her residency and doing some work at Emory University in Atlanta. And it was during this time that I was born. My dad said that he thought that he might have to be a wall the day that I was born because he couldn't find anybody to sign his leave slip to to be gone for my birth to be to be in Atlanta for my birth but somehow he made it. After my dad's dent in the military and after my mother was finished with her education in at in Atlanta they decided to settle here in Columbus Georgia they just felt that it would be a good place it was. Sort of midway between her parents and his parents in a big enough city that they could establish the kind of practices that they hoped to have they were both very ambitious young people and they wanted to make their mark on the world and they thought that Columbus would be a good place to do that they bought a little house on Calvin drive which is interesting to me that they found a place on Calvin drive to establish their my dad's medical practice mother who was the assistant pathologist at St Francis hospital and later became the help at biologists there but my dad they bought they bought through for lots of land right here on the corner of Calvin drive in Warm Springs Road there was a little house where my dad established his 1st medical office and which later became our 1st health food store country lot of staff a life before we named it country life then they built this 2 building office stressed so that they could add 2 more stories to it because my mother intended to build a medical empire she had every intention of being a millionaire by the time she was 40 which at that time was pretty young to be a millionaire she was going to establish thrash labs as a now at least to cover the SE perhaps to cover the nation she wanted it to be the lab core of today she wanted it to be that she wanted. She had big plans they were going to make a difference but God had even bigger plans for them. Mother also bought an airplane my dad bought the airplane actually she and he and my mother started learning how to fly my dad hated it my mother loved it. Mother loved enough hours to be to get her certification for instrument rating but she never. I actually did that she enjoyed visual flight rules she loved to fly and this was her little airplane. She would tuck me into the little hat rack in the back cal would also fly in and neither one of us remember that airplane No I think that was before person that was it was before her car seat exude make you have a helmet on that I don't tell you how and where you are but that was a long time ago there was no such thing as car seats back then so we would fly around mother intended that this would be her way to spread. That she could service and different locations of thrash labs around the Southeast using her airplane but as I said God had bigger plans Callen I completed the picture they had everything this world could offer they had success good reputations happy family money. Jobs they loved. Influence in the community they had everything they thought except for one thing and that was Jesus they had my dad had never been a particularly religious person and my mother who had been raised in a very devout home had abandoned her faith during medical school. And there are some interesting stories about that but just suffice it to say that she left faith in God and as they both went deeper into medical school they both became very committed to. At least an agnostic if not an atheist Dick evolutionary theory picture of God that was what they that was what they believed that it was totally up to them to make their way in the world. My mother was about to sit for her National Board examination in pathology and the exams that year were being held in Seattle Washington my dad decided to go with her and they were going to they decided that they would make a trip of it this would be their 1st real vacation in many years so they left count on me in the care of our housekeeper and they flew from Atlanta to Seattle not in their plane but flew commercial as they got out of the airplane my dad carrying my mother's microscope and its microscope case a man who was sitting on the airplane looked up at them is that I know where you're going you're going to write your board examinations empathic ology in Seattle and my dad's will actually not me that's my wife she's the one who's going to do that and but yes we are on our way to Seattle. They. Made acquaintance with the man again the doctor who was also on his way to write board exams and pathology and when they got to Seattle they started just kind of hanging out together because after all they were both from Georgia and they wanted to. You know hang out with someone who is sort of familiar it turns out that Dr Thompson was a 7th Day Adventist he was meeting up with 2 or 3 of his friends who were also right in their board exams they were all. Along and they. They introduced he introduced my parents to his friends one day while my mother was writing her exams my dad spent his time scoping out all the best things to do in Seattle and the best places to eat and so at the end of the board examinations. My mother realized 2 things that were very odd about this doctor one was he actually was qualified to write 2 parts of the exams while she was only qualified to write the 1st part he would write the 2nd part because the exam was going to be held on Saturday and she was like why don't you do that this would make a big difference in your career if you can do both parts of this exam she was only qualified to do one part she couldn't imagine why he wouldn't write this exam can't you get your preacher to let you off once and he said Well it's really not not like the Had It's not like that. At the 2nd thing that really was odd to her was at the end of the board examinations. My parents decided to invite Dr Thompson their fellow Southerner and his 2 friends 2 or 3 to the dinner to celebrate the end of the exams and that they had done a good job and they were all happy and relieved to be finished and so he had found this fabulous seafood restaurant to eat at so you took them all there and say he was like oh this is really good on this menu and this is really good this is really good and and they all ordered vegetable plate and he said he said. Don't worry money is no order whatever you want to have to worry about you know have a lobster or whatever you want to order. They all are to vegetable plates and my dad was like Don't you want some of the C.V. This is the one of the most famous seafood restaurants in the United States and they said well we we don't eat seafood because of what the Bible says. What they couldn't believe that this wonderful opportunity to eat this amazing food to be passed by by these people so they did this was really strange but they put all of that out of their minds and made their trip home they rented a car in Seattle and drove back home to Columbus across the country just seeing the sights and having a great time when they arrived back in Columbus My mother had recently installed some equipment in her laboratory some new brand new equipment. And it just happened that she and Dr Thompson had installed the same he worked at Emory and he had it they had installed the same equipment at the lab and Emery Mother star having some problems with this equipment she could not get it to work so she. I called him up she thought maybe he maybe they've had the same problem she called up Dr Thompson in Atlanta and she asked him if he had had any experience with this particular problem that she was having with the equipment and he said Well as a matter of fact we have and he told her what to do she did what he said and fix the problem everything was great for one week and then they broke down again she can get it to work she said maybe I'll just call him again they were here said worked last time saw him again she called him up have you had this problem she asked as a matter of fact they had and so he told her what to do and she did what he said and fix the problem for one week and a week later the equipment broke down again are you starting to see Grace at work here you know that sometimes the things that we think are the worst problems in our lives are actually God's best tools to change our lives so she called him up again but this time she was really embarrassed to call him she knew that his time was very valuable she knew how much money he was making she hated to just be a pain in the knack to him so she she called him with the question but also with an offer she said I would like to have you be a consultant for me if you would could you be a professional consultant I'll give you a retainer if you would come down once a month review cases with me speak to my students in medical technology she was teaching by this time at Columbus today it's called the State University it was Columbus College. She said if you would teach if you would speak to my students once a month review cases and just you know be consultant with me I would really like that kind of a relationship with you and he agreed. So we came down and the 1st. That he came down they were looking at sly. And as he looked at. One person's slides he's It was obviously showed cancer and he shook his head he said. Unless there's a miracle this person is not long for this world and mother said but of course you don't believe in miracles and we don't believe in miracles and he said well actually I do believe in their cause she thought that's really strange you know she's just racking up all these strange things about this man but he was so intelligent he was obviously well educated he was a very good doctor so just made it even more strange that he believed in miracles the next month he was down again and as they. Talked he made some comment about the wonderful way that God created us. And she said By this time she's catching on there's some really strange things about this guy and she says you don't believe in creation do you and he said yes I do believe and she thought this is this is this is weird he's an educated man he's a scientist how can you believe in this stuff on his way out of town that day Dr Thompson stopped at a payphone because there was no such thing as cell phones back in the early sixty's. He she he stopped at a payphone and said called the local 7th Day Adventist pastor Pastor Oliver of some of you may know. And asked him if he would stop by and visit Dr trash. And he did he stopped by and he brought her book. She wanted to pay him for it of course he wouldn't accept payment the book was life man and time and as she read the book she started to see that there perhaps could be some scientific foundation for the notion of creationism and it made her feel happy because her dad was a creationist and she adored and respected her dad but she didn't understand how this smart man like her dad could believe in creation now she thought well maybe it's OK maybe it's OK a few weeks later came by again with another book and an invitation to her to a meeting at church which she attended with me I don't remember it but we were at and she. Blocked out most of the sermon because that was how she did when she went to church she took us kids to church. Every couple times a year Easter because we had to show off new Easter clothes and sometimes at Christmas we would go but she was she kind of slept through most of it but she picked up just enough because she wanted to make some witty comment to the pastor when she left the church to let him know that she'd heard something and he'd spoken about his book about us. And the lecture that he gave and as she walked out of the sanctuary the little tiny wooden Seventh-Day Adventist Church on 17th Street in Columbus which is no longer there. Tiny little building it was maybe half the size of this building maybe. She says to the pastor the speaker she said one of the great Simm came with a label on it we could always tell what's bad and what's good and you look sad and he smiles says will sister we must pray and she go these people are really serious they're weird and shortly after that she heard that had left the area and she was very relieved because now all obligation was done except that a couple months after pastor of laughter a knock came at our door at the House bill the reason she went to the meeting was because she want to pay for the book that's right she wanted to put something in the offering plate to pay for the books that he had given to her. And not came at the door and the person standing at the door was Elder A C. backer. Elder backer was a good German Pennsylvania and he was persistent and when she brushed him off the 1st time he came back. And knocked again at our door this time she let him man but she said My husband's coming back any minute and when he comes back you have to leave because we have point my dad was delayed 2 hours that night. Secrets at work and. Elder Bakker talked with my mother that whole time just friendly chat mostly but he invited her to visit their church she looked at him and said with a. Dead serious intention she said I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than go to your church if I were going to go to any church it would not be yours. She was just that straight with them very rude actually. Eventually other Becker kind of brought it back around and asked her if she would be willing to take bible studies from him and she's By this time she was starting to feel bad about how ugly she was being she wasn't raised that way she was raised to be a nice southern lady right and so she's thinking I'm I really. I'm being so bad I need to at least give him something she said Well. Maybe this maybe in the spring because this was fall maybe in the spring I would be able to her classes were about to begin at Columbus College and she was a little bit busy terribly busy but a little bit busy he looked at her and he said well you know I just got here and in 6 months I may be very busy I'm not as busy right now because I'm new here to town this would be a great time for me to have Bible studies with her with you and she thought quit being such a beast just be nice and so she said OK I'll do it she had every intention of having her secretary call him that week and cancel the bible studies but she forgot she forgot it didn't mean anything to her she forgot and so he arrived at her office door her and her at the hospital here he was now she's stuck Oh you were you expect you were ready for a Bible study yes please and so they sat down and had the Bible study and she yawned and tried to stay awake took off for Jury played with it on the table tried to just do anything she could to. Ah not just fall asleep in the middle of this thing finally it was over mercifully and he left with a promise to come back the next week well she was just as determined that he would not she was going to have a secretary call on and that was she was going to put an end to this she forgot and there he was the next week back at her doorstep with some steady about what the Bible says about itself or something like that didn't none of it many think Turkish him believe in the Bible she didn't care what the Bible said about it none of that mattered to her. So once again she struggled to stay awake struggled to not be completely bored and he finally left with a promise to come back the next week and she was determined she was going to have a secretary call and guess what she forgot and so the next week here's elder Becker at the doorstep again and. She has a man to her office they sit down. And he starts the study about halfway through she woke up from her dozing and realized he was saying something she really never heard a preacher say before he was studying with her about the state of the dead what happens when people die what does the Bible say happens when people die as a scientist this really made sense to her and she's thinking the church has really changed a lot since the last time I was there whoa a lot of changes and at the end he did as we do when we get bibles days is do you have any questions and she's like I can add I do have a question and the question is do all churches teach this and she says and he said no but is it clear to you that that's what the Bible says She said It sure is and she realized that if she had been so wrong about what the Bible taught about this topic maybe there were other things that she was wrong about too and maybe she owed it to herself to look into what the Bible had to say 2 years later my parents were baptized this is a picture of the little church on 17th Street where would you never go to the one that she had said she would rather do anything but go to that church. God is funny you know I think he does things for us your church is too small was going to go to a church or go to the big ones but 1st Baptist or a big group of them to oh I wish I had time to tell you the amazing story of my dad's conversion how he changed from being an evolutionist to becoming a creationist It happened in one day but. If you want that if you want that story you'll need to contact me and I'll be glad to send you a hug be glad to send you part of that story. Or at least I'll be glad to tell you when my book about this is coming out OK. All right so that's my ad for today but I just want to say that they this changed their lives this changed everything in their lives no longer was the desire to make money number one in their lives no longer was the desire for fame the most important thing in their lives at this point they gave their hearts completely to God as a that's it we're in all the way all in they started talking with some of the doctors in the Georgia Cumberland conference realized that in fact the doctors of the Georgia Cumberland conference were very instrumental in my father becoming a creationist again I can't tell you all that story it's really interesting but I just can't don't have time because I want to leave some time for Cal to. Join the story. I don't know what I'm going to say here. Do you want to hear it OK Well let me just tell you briefly what happened. The My mother had been baptized in May and my dad was nothing anywhere close to being interested in what she had gotten herself into and 1st he thought it was kind of a fad and that it was just going to blow over but it didn't and when she started making changes especially when the ham and bacon started leaving the table that really upset him and for the 1st time in their marriage they started arguing they. Mother arranged through a social obligation she arranged for my dad to start Bible studies and that he started studying the Bible and he told Pastor elder Bakker he said you know all this makes sense he says I just can't get past Genesis one that's the big problem for me I could believe the Bible I just can't get past Genesis one and so the doctors of the Georgia Cumberland conference learned about this because elder backers sister in law was married to a doctor and George come on conference Dr Carmen and so. He learned about this he got together with some of the other docs he said you know what. Let's do something to help the thrashes every now and then the doctors of the Georgia come along conference would get together to have a picnic they would gather at one of the others home and just have a nice time together and they started inviting my mom and dad to these gatherings so they said one of these parties that we do let's invite a special speaker they invited Robert Gentry from he was teaching at that time at Columbia you knew the New College in Washington and they invited him to come down and. Give a talk about some research that he had been doing about radioactive halos and rock and I don't know if you're familiar with any of that research some of you I know are quite familiar with that but you can you can read about it creation's tiny mysteries or fingerprints of creation you can look that up online and you'll you'll find out about some of the research that he did about radioactivity and rocks and how there was no way for that radioactivity to arrive in that rock except that God put it there because it was instantaneous. Again I don't have time to get into everything but I'm just trying to tell you the story. Bob gentry came down spoke to the group about his research and what he had been learning about these about this radioactivity in rocks. My dad was absolutely dumbfounded he had never heard one single shred of scientific evidence in support of creationism never because my friends it is not taught it is not taught creationism or any support for Creationism is not taught in our schools. And said he'd never heard anything like that. As he drove as he and my mother drove back home from north Georgia where the little get together was held he looked over at my mother and he said I went up there an atheist I'm coming home a 7th Day Adventist. He knew that if there was any evidence at all for creationism he could be intellectually honest and accept it so he did that was the last hurdle he was baptized in November about 6 months after my mother was the same doctor started talking to my parents and introducing them to other people people in the General Conference people in the Southern Union Health people who were interested in health and health reform and they started introducing my parents to and talking to them about concepts that Ellen White had laid out in her writings about natural remedies treating disease using the remedies that God has given us and the establishment of homelike sanitariums in different places. Someone finally said to my parents you know you ought to go and visit those folks down at Wildwood they they're doing something like this so they did they went and visited Wildwood met Dr Allan Harmer some of you may have known or know of Dr Harmer and they. Their mind started just being expanded about what medicine could look like. Do you have time for my personal testimony there is nothing that I want that was probably what about. OK Something else he was a little he was a 5 or 6 I do remember he was 7 or 8 but he was younger OK. And my parents of course not convinced about natural remedies because you know what could water do all these kind of things and I happened to get the flu while we were there started to run a favor and all of the things that you do when you get a flu. So the wife of the medical director there so what will do His will will give him a high half bath and we'll see we'll see how it goes and he may be he may be all better real quick so. Whatever So they went off to do rounds over at the wildwood sanitarium that was there the old senator I got to interrupt you because I was there and I remember this too OK We had gone over to we've gone over the Harmers for lunch and Cal was doing the will to baby thing you know how little tiny kids just kind of will when they don't feel good and. Mrs Harmer said let's give them a hot bath Yup so we did the hot hand about their mother was thinking a hot bath he's got a fever and we should be she would be cooling him down instead of heating him up and so Mrs Harmer gave mother a job she said you hold the watch you have a 2nd hand on your watch yes she said Well time is exactly for 5 minutes because that's how old it was Miss 5 years old. OK so I don't remember the hot half that I do remember I do or she screamed I remember the heart of the cold poor the screaming part cream then too yeah that was memorable. And then of course you know went right to bed and they went they went off and so in between their rounds their mom called the home where I was as a house cow do it well these sleeping really he's been sleeping now for over an hour oh here is this point she's freaking out on the other side she says oh no he's had a brain bleed Oh it's concept light is so now she didn't know whether these country doctors knew the difference between the sleeve and maybe he was in a coma so you know maybe he's out maybe he's half dead but then you know within just a few hours of running around like abnormal again and so they they thought well this is. A mom told me you know it made a real impression that this this 130 and these naturally that really work they really was a mother had her own personal experience with hydrotherapy another visit that we had there she herself started to come down with a sore throat and she knew how this was going to play out because this when this happened to her she knew she was going to lose her voice she was going to be down for about 3 days they might as well just go home and so she mentioned to the folks that we were staying with brother sister after 10 some of you know the other tends. To. She she just happened to mention that she wasn't feeling well and she thought they were going to have to leave and rather absence no no don't go anywhere we'll give you treatment she had already met. Kember 1st name fields was the fields daughter. Jack and Joe's sister she was the hydrotherapy 100 therapist there at at Wildwood and she'd already shown mother around the hydrotherapy. Department there at the old Sanitarium at Wildwood and so mother went down not feeling very good and so Miss Field said Well what we'll do is we'll give you a contract shower this was 16 had shower and mother's like OK not a problem and she says she explained it to her said I'll be. Be hot and cold 3 minutes of hot 30 seconds of cold and then we'll repeat it 3 times and mother was like I never do cold and she's will all be OK You're be alright with that and mother's like well maybe I can just kind of scoot bacchanal corner and there's a way that I'll be I'm sure there's a way I can get out of that cold stream except when she got into the shower she couldn't because it was coming out of from all 5 directions head all around she just couldn't get away and so when she put the hot water on that actually was pretty hot but it felt pretty good but then the rain that's her name when the rain turned on the cold water mom screamed and Lauren scream too because the scared. But just the shock of the cold after the treatment the rain put mother on a bed wrap her up in blankets gave her a little massage through the through the blankets and told mother that she needed to sleep for an hour when mother woke up her sore throat with Gone Now I'll tell you natural remedies works and it works fast doesn't always work that fast but I think I did something I want to get great grace to help so dad decided that Mother and Dad decided the dad should go to Loma Linda to get a master's in public health he wanted to learn how to educate his his patients in healthful living so he wound up at Loma Linda when he came back. We started. Looking for a place to live oh that's me. Well that picture is a picture of dad a woman Linda and he's speaking to Glen Philips of their England Philips someone else that maybe Roger Morton could be. Was one of the 1st folks down here to join us after they got done for the master's program dad and mom had been talking about having some sort of. Homelike sanitarium concept something like wildwood but much smaller and so Glenn and his wife Mary Jean came down and several other people that have been part of this program came down that way starting something new we'll see how it goes and we have been running a health food store out of our basement for some years people would come over and buy you know Loma Linda canned remember those things that little in the canyon Worthington can products and they would come over and buy those you know so that time that was health food you know it was all we don't lose is a big get to camp stuff and so we were selling those but pretty soon it got too big you know having to go up to so Vic's and pick up things and so forth and so decided to put the store into the the old building and that's further on up in your pictures there I'm skipping ahead of you and. Behind OK At any rate so that that store the old office building that she showed you before became the store which we called Staffel life and Ann and I actually ran that during the summer and I think we had maybe 2 customers the biggest thing that we sold was peanut butter because nobody in Columbus knew anything about health food as we know a lot about barbecue but not so much about health foods and so but actually peanut butter we got it straight from Times. And the only peanut butter you can get or you could get at that time that was just straight peanuts or peanuts and salt grind it up you know and so you couldn't get any worse and you can get it all over the place but then so I only place you get it was staff of life in Columbus Georgia so we saw a lot of peanut butter and I remember and I got those quarter marshmallows and roasted them over that here or that so I remember our 1st $100.00 day and our store at was just wow we were so thrilled we don't even open for about 4 years yeah. So that was in 1969. And so that was actually our country life and health food store and city outreach actually predates you by it's we began to look for a piece of property all in Georgia because you know we're George crackers and we were looking for property in Georgia and couldn't find anything and had actually found one piece of property that we thought was the one I remember planting some trees so there's probably some fruit trees you know with the Columbus growing that we planted up on a piece of property that we finally never did get but a rake so we could know all of those fell through and my parents getting a little bit not discouraged but just kind of not knowing which way to go with this thing when a neighbor of ours went to the Columbus church that was going church early in this area Columbus 1st but he lives lived about 5 miles west of us west of huge where huge Pines is now here in Alabama he came up to my folks and he says you know if you ever thought about Alabama and dad said you might as well said I've never thought about Mars because I really hadn't thought about Alabama you know it's somebody lives in Georgia you don't think about Alabama I guess is probably the same thing with us in Alabama think about this if we're whatever but at any rate so never really thought about it but then when they started thinking us and you know why not it's closed by other properties cheaper you know lots of land and the rest of that and right about that time also under Wampler who was the president of Alabama Mississippi conference now called states conference was some my parents at I said in union meeting and he said the same thing have you ever thought about starting a work in east Alabama there's no church there. I. Am not going to go into all the details of how how we ended up with this particular piece of property but it was it was a it was a toss up between 2 and we finally ended up with this one the it was a miracle and so before we went to terribly far all of the people from the conference office L.-WOP lawyer. And the and the officers are out here tramping around on the property and he said you know this looks like a good piece of property what you want to do and so they were behind what we wanted to do too and and I'm sure they probably got a whole load of chiggers because the only thing the only thing out here was wild horses they had kept wild horses on this property because it was far enough away from everybody that there was a wild with Oh yeah for the rodeo and suddenly or a that was that was the so we got this property and it had belonged to the Howard family before a Ms Howard said she believed what we were doing that was one reason why we got this property by the way her husband was the most famous liquor during Prohibition all kinds of stories about him that exist he was never busted It's amazing he managed to get away from him every time but we found some remnants of stills down in the in the bottom of the hill here and so we kind of feel like we were doing the property you know that ain't right this or this building that you're sitting in is is that that structure right there now realize that it's a little smaller in that picture than it is currently because we've knocked out the walls and and enlarged it a little bit but that that is the that is this building and it was the 1st building that we built here on campus and you can see the mom and and I actually were very intimately involved in building this building we tried to dig the footings we got most. But it turns out that this pretty much everywhere is sandy soil except for Rick but right here there's a couple of those places the scent the cemetery another place where you have to dig but it is you know we had to dig down about half a foot and it was like rock just that hard red clay and chip away at it with our picks and stuff and finally after about 2 weeks of that Dad had mercy on us and the rent is somebody going to back when they actually fixed finishes up for us well and also a number of sounds. Putting institutions came down to help build the place here we see Brother Chamas who was from OK then some of you may remember him and my mother Yeah I was going to say I recognized him but I don't remember saying that's where the sailor there or the sailor and brother Jacob Jacobson Yeah that's right from labor they laid the block on the outside they were both from Wildwood and so have the building built Go ahead. The 1st thing that we did here on campus was a day camp for overweight girls these are the overweight girls and me over there on the right hand side I was not overweight or a girl but I managed to be in that whole group there and go to the next light and I just want to show some real quick that is the camper that we came out here before we bought the property the park the camper the debut camper right underneath these trees over here with that little building is back behind and that camper was what we used to transport those crammed of all into that Volkswagen bus you know hanging out on all sides so they were there we came here and they what they did was it was an early concept for a lifestyle Sousa learn how to live so they would just live with us and so we had worship by that worship I mean not live all that we take it home at night but you know early in the morning go pick them up so we stop at each home and they come out and have devotions with us and then we breakfast and then you know go on from that and of course it was lots of working out in the that was one of the that would be about where Will is right now I think as you're going to the lifestyle center from here yeah that's where the road runs through. The buildings there that picture was lots of little trees and brush the stuff to cut down and clear and so that that was part of what kept these something funny to you and that was that every time that the girls lost 11 of the girls lost 10 pounds they we had a big ceremony on Friday afternoon and the ceremony was that the girls would get up there girl who lost 10 pounds but have. The privilege of cutting down a tree and so my mother went and mother would have some change the things I did to her money how we'd all go our job and everybody would March out there the girl would proudly carry the saw and a couple of other people would have a hatchet axe in case we needed it and getting songs we had so it was a little present on those or can you not see them. As fantastic and so I had had it have several pictures and they get the picture we had pictures on the wall they were pictures of when they would you know how they would lose and all those incredible and so that was the 1st thing we had here on campus and almost immediately we had lifestyle guests in our home in our home was our home was the lifestyle center home was the farmhouse every part of the old timers and 1st thing and I were the were the lifestyle counselors I remember any peaks I remember had there was one young fellow that was not a whole lot older than I that was my lifestyle guest and I was assigned to give him a hot half bath which I did and so then it came time for the cold poor anybody know what I'm talking about OK because I'm cold for him if you get somebody you know they're idiots that maybe came time for the Cold War And I said OK what's what we're going to do is we're going to stand up and when you turn on the cold cold shower for just you know a few seconds and then we'll get out and draw from so so so he says OK you ready for this and says OK he stood up turned on the cold water before the cold water hit he went back down the 2nd half of the hot water went all over me and so I really I realized very quickly that when you're doing these things sometimes you need to have some assistance with the people you know standing up and so forth they stood up a little too quickly with all the blood down at his feet and he ended up so he said he asked me again are we ready for this as and yeah we're ready to get him whenever you're ready and so you know he didn't sustain any horrible damage so this is the building of our our home after about 2 years. Years that we lived in the farmhouse and we were able to year how they were able to build that home which is when Mona at the top of the hill next lived this one is actually the building of the old lifestyle center we called it by the Cherokee Indian name and Woody and I just grew into the name but it really means get well place go back for just a 2nd I want to talk about somebody else you see this fellow here that kind of hippie looking guy there in the middle. Yeah yeah yeah the hippie looking up not the one that's the kneeling down there is says Paul Carpenter and so he was helping to build that building but the fellow that's in the middle there that has the beard was Roger strickly he was the 1st convert here I've mentioned to you but I mentioned to the to the staff and I was telling what we were going to talk about some things that back in the early days in there in the seventy's a lot of hippies and they just kind of roamed around if you lived through that era you know as people looking for stuff I don't know what they were looking for but an amazing number of them wound up here yeah and it's just people who just show up as a herd you have a commune I just want to you know check it out and so they come down and he was he was one that came down as you look at he was a he was a British fellow and he says you can talk up into me and well you know you can always use somebody that can they can they can drive nails and so he stayed with us for a long time I remember how many it was months and in the process began taking Bible studies and being said dad and so you went from being hippie to being had been just yeah hippie to being happy OK and so go on that's the finished product the old lifestyle center the back up on this on this one side was the treatment side on the side that the closest to you is the side where the family that was going to be the administration of the ministry of the building and so forth which is begin to sitting here she really. It was those days that she lived on that side of the building the family lived on that side too 2 to do it I don't know if that was how long that lasted because it seemed like we needed more rooms and so they ended up getting pushed out and I remember that there actually used to be an office in that side but the wall got knocked out the office went away ended up being in the old business office for the business part and that kitchen got enlarged a little bit is not very large as it is but at any rate so that was the original building then we added on to that added on to that and so it kind of you know ended up in various places and some of you are now staying in it as our guest housing so as we progress to go on to the next one this. Oh OK We ended up you know with actually an institute with a campus and a farm and all these things that we haven't used to spell it why you see H. I would change to do you see a G.E. because they're both perhaps a yucky. Has a yucky pines and then like that would change do you see a gene Arab I calls it my mother sometimes people call the mother said she was tired of being Dr trash room yeah keeping the trash compliance and. So oh the most weird thing about that we actually got a letter here one time that was addressed to Dr Eugene Dr Pines in Alabama Alabama no Siegel no zip code nothing just Dr Eugene Dr pines Alabama and it actually arrived. Host postmaster figure that out but we had we had quite a they one of the 1st buildings on campus is this little caboose and we probably need to wind this up because we're running out of time here but the little caboose actually was a donation mama grid someplace and one of the medical journals that a physician had a little place where he had people to come similar to the idea that they were thinking of doing and using a. Railroad car as guest housing and so she wrote to several of the railroad companies that time said you know we're looking for a railroad car that we could use for guest housing and wanted to know if anybody's you know getting rid of something that we might be able to buy the only one The responded was the president of the Southern Railway Company they had bought the central Georgia rail line and he said we have a whole bunch of cabooses that are being you know taken out of service wondered you know if you want to have one she said well yes you know how much would it cost and he said well we'll give it to he said well I wasn't quite sure from your letter whether you want to do. Buy it or whether you want to just to give it to you Well of course you want to give it to me so you know I'll take that and so he said OK we'll just tell us where you want to put it and we all will come and bring it to get and so she said well what do you want us to do should we clear the not just tell us where you want to put it what well should we you know put down some tracks or just tell us where you want to put me and we'll take care of and start to register that they were going to take care of the whole thing and so they brought down a caboose down to that road if you came in on Highway 39 knuckles road you went over that rough railroad track there and they brought it down to that crossing put it you got a crane and lifted it up put it on a lowboy and brought it out here and it made the news Channel 9 Channel 3 all Moore out here you know if film in this could be unloaded out into the middle of nowhere and and so we have that could loose there is our guest housing now and that was part of part of our early stories. One other little thing that mention is. Back when we 1st started it's kind of a funny little story about. People from the city. If you're from the city my apologies but one time we were all from the city and so you know I guess it's kind of interesting journey but we had some folks that came here from New York City and the only guest housing that we had was the. Caboose so they stayed in the caboose. When they came for breakfast the next morning came to our house visit that was the only you knows it was it so it came up to our house and to have breakfast and so we said why did you have a good good night sleep well yes asleep pretty good except that I think it was the you know all those sirens going off and you know that kind of kept us awake for a while and took a while for us to go to sleep sirens you know back in the early seventies you know hearing you didn't hear anything out here if you heard a siren it was like something really bad just happened because you know there's a siren going off so the sirens are yeah just sirens go on and go on and sirens and that's really a problem but you know we finally got to sleep good you know everything was good so well that evening we were sitting out on the front porch and talking and so forth and the. Whip wills the chuckles Wiggles cranked up you know what oh check the look at those sirens again. Not a siren that's a bird and they they learned Do we have several individuals who learned some things the same individuals thought the maybe the little green tomatoes were watermelons looking as watermelons growing tomatoes and never seen them growing on the vine always seen in the grocery store you know you just pick them up and so that was kind of a hand wristing story but several people there that came here just as Providence from God We just have to say that it was Providence from God Our 1st farm manager and actually kind of all around people it was just wonderful family just showed up one Friday evening we were sitting out on the front porch over there in the old house farmhouse. Having worship family worship their evening worship getting ready for the Sabbath to come in and wasn't quite sundown yet so we were singing in this car drives up the station wagon Powell you know looked like the Beverly Hillbillies with all the stuff all over the car and everything the man got out and he says this we're Bernard repel lives and so well. He had been here but he'd left gone on to something else for a actually only been here for a few few weeks so he wasn't here for long but they knew him and so he said yes well you're in the right place but you know you see he's here come on in and that family the Johnson family ended up staying with us for some years and helped us get established here you find so providences I was going to transition and go to the new lifestyle center but all and it didn't really have time for that but all I can say is that there are so many provinces in in this work. Reason that the new lifestyle center which is just the lifestyle center now is there is not because of my wonderful act meant as a fundraiser or anything like that it just is a Providence from God as all miracles one right after the other there are miracles from from all sides on that. Story about the to OK we'll finish with this one because where we're just about to cut into 2. Our conference president is here it will have the next segment at noon and so we want don't want to cut into his time but I remember that I was voted as the president in 1999 and that same year the board voted that we would again talk about to move forward with building a new lifestyle center and taking a little hiatus from from that you know of. Focus to trying to get a church built but then I went back to the lifestyle center that year so I kind of thought well I guess that's what they want me to focus on is building this lifestyle centers I guess will do that and I had gone to the board and asked them you know where your line of credit and you know so you know we don't do that and in fact the board actually was very pointed and said you don't want you to go into debt and I said how I don't know how to do that I run a business but you know you always go both what you can arrange at the bank you know you go to and in the future if you can get a $50000.00 loan to build a few 1000 not aware house and if you can. 100000 not alone you a lot of 1000 nowhere else and if you can't get any long you'll be living warehouse and I you know also I didn't know how you do that and they said Well what we do is you know we move forward in faith then the law provides. A Christian but I didn't understand that I'd be honest with you and. Because I know you don't go to the bank and they say what you're collateral so what we do have some faith here we'd like to be able to put that usually take that and so I didn't know how to proceed and so you know I was talking to my sister who lived in I believe you were in St Louis at that time and I said you know and I think up a bit off more than I can chew with this thing I I don't know how we're going to cause they were saying we need a $4000000.00 and that I don't know I'd I know some people that might have that kind of money but I don't know well enough to ask afford it and so I certainly don't have that kind of money you know don't have a you know a bank account that couldn't write that kind of a check or anything out I just don't know I think this is something else and my sister my wife I'm sorry my wife was in the other and she's in the kitchen and she shouted in you don't have any faith and I said I know I don't have any faith and a hand just said well why don't we pray. So we prayed and she she prayed a beautiful prayer and said you know Lord increase my brother space. You know the Lord sometimes he directly answers prayer and I think sometimes he does it just a but your faith sometimes you let you know grow and it's not coarser quickly but this particular time what happened is next day I kid you not I was sitting in my office over the old business office and whoever was I think it was Sister champ and buzzed you know the thing and she just open the mail and we just got a check for the new lifestyle center where I hadn't even done any fundraiser and when I asked anybody I mean I didn't think anybody even knew we were doing much she was just you know kind of been doing some preliminary things and you know little plans and that and says no we got it we got a donation and for the new. Style So that's what we did was wonderful how much do we get his $10000.00 S. So praise the Lord but you know because to me you now I realize $10000.00 when you think it's you know we need 4000000 and you know it's not a whole lot but it's something and I think too it was the Lord saying I've got this you know don't don't worry about this I have this you can you move forward you do what you need to do doesn't mean we don't ask anybody you don't doesn't mean we don't do our part and and all that but but the Lord was saying before you even asked I have this under control you know I can I can do this and and yeah and so I was I was able to say I don't I don't know how to do it but I know God does and you know he's got a 1000 ways to handle things that we haven't even thought of yet so all we need is one and he worked it out for us and then again the center there was story after story of those kind of things that just you couldn't have arranged it and the Lord provided and there it is and so we have to say we are and it's not because of us that we're here although the Lord does uses to do things but it's because of his problems that we're here why don't you stand closer to work here by the way as we go through the week you'll have the opportunity to listen to different people tell their stories and it'll be some of some of those maybe some of the same stories with a lot more flavor to it because it'll be from other people's perspective let's pray Father we're so thankful once again for your guidance thankful for your problems this thankful that you are God you can do anything. And so we ask as we proceed through this week and we talk about all of the things that have happened the way that you lead us in the past they all the honor and glory go to you thank you in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio for a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. Audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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