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The Most Powerful Commandment

John Chung


Which of the 10 Commandments is the most powerful? This message explores the importance of not taking the name of the Lord our God in vain.


John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA



  • July 27, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Morning. This morning I want to talk about. The most powerful command with 10 commandments which one is the most powerful. ALL the commandments are important and also parts. That I want to focus on one particular commandment. He if you turn to exorcise Chapter 20 verse 7 this is the 3rd commandment says you should not take the name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not hold him till this who takes his name in doing. This kind of. Us in the Bible. I realize this this commandment may be the most powerful command. I like this it is commandment a little deeper and look at it from a slightly different angle you know in the Bible uses the word vain. Was I mean what it is saying in the Bible. Useless. And OK if you look at 1st Corinthians 15 verse 14 says if Christ be not risen then our preaching main. And your faith is also being. Quite did not rise in our preaching useless and our faith also be useless right. You. Have to want. One deforest says the word of the preacher the son of David king of Jerusalem says than that the vanity says the preacher vanity of vanity all is done and what profit has a man from All in the labor in which he toes on the Sun one generation passes away and another generation comes with the earth by for ever so Solomon is saying here everything is use the sword on the under the sun on this earth. The Shah take the name of the more. Name in vain that means all his name use this right don't take it in meaning. You know sometimes we go. This Commandment it is important that God's name is hold me. Pay very holy. And you know how a lot of people use his name most commonly used as a in the context of a cursing but his name is very very holy but. We're going to talk about. Anything you know different aspects of his name now let's say you've been studying chemistry. For days and nights and they're working all of the subjects because. This chemistry test is the most important test so you can stay up all night studying chemistry you're absolutely ready for the most important chemistry exam and you go take the exam you realize that. It's actually biology. To sit up all night studying a new. Spoilage examine you've failed the by biology exam because why. You studied the wrong subject uselessly for enduring. Now is a light. A big problem literally a big problem is a well known story of David and Goliath the sound and 1st chapter 17. In the spirit gives volume for a page $79.00 says the Philistines propose their own manner O. warfare and selecting a man of great size and strength whose height is about 2 feet and they sent this champion Goliath 4 to 4 to provoke a combat with Israel requesting them to send out a man to fight with them he was terrible in apparent and spoke problems and defied the armies of Israel and their god. Alliance challenges alights for 40. 40 days. What happened was the response of Saul the king of Israel and the entire army at this you what do they do 1st time in 1724 and all the men of Israel how many all. Not even one person stay. All the men of Israel when they saw the men that's a lie. Fled from him and run away and words read only what for a. I'm sure that most. If not all of us. Responded the same way. He's a person who talks with all. And asking some of the comment by him this is normal human response isn't it fleeing because you're afraid then David a few years. As a young kid maybe 17 years ago a young kid. And here's this. The response time in this challenge from Goliath well was the Vince response. He fled because he was afraid the last part of birth 26 says. This a body even said who for or who is uncircumcised Philistine and he shall defy the arming of the Living God as a person that he says. Who is a who defies a living God. For it doesn't run away. What does he do he take immediate action. He turned to verses 40 to 45. Then David took his star in his hand and he chose for him so far I was thrown from the brook and put them in Shepherds in a palace which he had. And he's cleaning was in and he'd you near to collide it took a lot came and began drawing nearer to David and the man who bore the shield one before him and when Goliath looked about and saw David he does think that for he was only a youth ready and good looking so that glassy today of it and my own thought that you come to me with sticks and Goliath curse David try his God and collides at the bit come to me and I'll give you give your flesh to the birds of the year the east of the field and David said to Collider. You come to me with a sword a spear and with a chaplain what I come to you in the name in the. Name of the LORD of hosts the God the army of Israel who defied. It carefully what the verse 3045 David doesn't say. You come to me with a sword of the spear and of Joplin but I've come to you with the stones in a sling. I come to you what in the name of the Lord. He has depended on his dependence he did not depend on his instruments. But the power and the name of the Lord. Now if you were to have lined up Saul and all that is the light army and eat it all together and yet you asked this question. Do you believe in this house this town until it can or 13 a new king games version do you believe this here's a thought. Is your alarm and. Yes And he believes in this process listens for 13 we all know this is a very well numbers I can do all thing how many things all things through Christ who strengthens strengthen. If I had 50 somebody and he asked them Do you believe this do you believe this verse. How you said he 1st said I can gotten through a crisis. I'm sure they all are to of course yes we're Christians after all who follow Christ who said the same thing right. But David was the only one who truly believed. He was the only one who actually acted all others fled because there are so great beliefs is always accompanied by action. If you look at James $226.00 says faith without works is what is. And also 2nd Timothy $35.00 having a form of godliness so that it come to church and you know on per mother which has the right thing having a form of godliness but denying its what its power. And from such people turn away now. David did not have monopoly and the power and the power of God. To you that they might not have been awfully and the power over there David was not the only one whose prayer and requests that car would answer God would have answered the prayer of Saul and the men of Israel at Army. So it wasn't him it was not unique card would have answered any any prayer not just did it when he did not have a monopoly in God's power. Roland is around me all all every Morrow had an act of the thing God. For them the mighty to come out of Israel was in the name only. He took the name of the Lord in doing that is. Uselessly he did not use his power got our See saw no power. And. The reason why they were so afraid and ran is because they compare what they did was they compare the giant to themselves and they said there's no way I can do this that's what they are for it and run away right but when David Sokol I it what they do he compared the liar to the power of God. David says. I have no power but. My God. Has no problem with you to the life. You know and the subsequent $94.00 says this Our heavenly father waits to bestow upon us the fullness of his blessing it is our public to drink largely at the fountain of boundless love what a wonder it is that we praise so little God is ready who is who's ready God is ready and willing to hear the sincere prayer of the humblest of his children yet there is much manifest reluctance on our part to make known our WANT TO GOD WHAT CAN THE ANGEL OF HEAVEN think the poor helpless human beings who are subject to stem Titian when God part of em for Love your poor them. Rich give them more than they can ask or think and yet they praise so little and so little faith. You know I'm. The mythologists That is spin doctor. I had a 70 year old patient come to my office. And his has done for a chunk. I have been to over 40 either mythologists my last resort. Or the use maybe it was to solve my problem. He had. This entire. Rash no right just itching for 20 years. 20 years. Everything with you could think of his. And he threw a couple of hours to come to see me in the putting He says You're my last resort. Boy. So I thought asking all these questions they do this test this test. He says yes yes one of them is so normal they give you this medicine this medicine this medicine this medicine yes there were not one. So here I'm thinking what OK. I don't know what to do I have my own work up for people who have. A rash. So I said let's this is some you know X. rays and some blood or and I'm going to come back and. He came back clear. When he came. And said it was sitting there and I looked at all the results and everything was normal. Everything or more. And you know I I throw them sir. I have to know I you know why you're itching. And I have no medications for you because you try every single very occasionally that I was thinking about you said nothing worked so why should I you know this very. And. I was talking you know he 1st how many teams he came by himself this how many came he brought a young lady she. Probably was about 50 years old and I thought this was his daughter to find out that this he's he's a retired teacher. And she was a star athlete and she went to a. Prominent. University and they kept in touch and because it was summer time and she came in this it hurt all coach and she you know knew about his problems and she was really hope help hoping that I'll be able to solve this problem. She was a Ph D. and. Had a very prominent university and he just she just team and. Just give him support. As I was talking to him and giving this news. You know. I really don't know what to do I don't know why you're itching and so but there's one thing that I can do. I can pray for you. And he says. Dr Chung if that will make you feel better you can pray for me. Yeah you know it would make me feel better but the minute Pray sir that I said that and I also. I looked at her and said Do you mind if I pray. She got up her face turned red and she started yelling at me. You get over a person like this and you're are pushing your religion on him. I'm going to report you to the state board so you'll never be able to practice medicine again. And she kept. Coming on going like. This angry and yelling and this man. Thought the chunk. Just hope and pray to. The very embarrassed. MS by her her action. So I prayed a very short prayer probably a shorter ever even shorter than Jesus wept anyway so. I prayed. Something I had no idea what other than the what I should take my card and you know I had my license number and everything and I think even a return appointment because there's nothing I can do so he went he bought one. Heart was pounding you know every time you. Complained to the state board they have to investigate you know and just there's so much time just way so much time. On state board and all anyone I'm just thinking about all these things anyway so I think you've seen patients I thought other patients and to you too it's later. So one of the front This person says to the child there's a patient who wants to see. And. He chose all the way here 2 hours to complain about what is going to say this time you know. Other want to you know get upset and all that so I want him to I don't want to put him in a room I want you taken to the. Back. Here and I want to back I said. And he goes. To China I I came here because I need you to pray for me again. OK he said for the last 2 weeks that's a 1st time in 20 years I have not it just one time. And then I feel like I might be starting to itch that's why I drove away. He was an issue but he thinks he might be starting to pray for him again for 6 months every month for 6 months every month one time a month he king says for prayer. Never it one time after 20 years. And you know. And the news for me was she never reported me to the war. Or they're going to say well if you were 20 years and talk to Chung prayed and. You got better unit license. She never I think she never reported me. Anyway you know the sad thing about this. What do we do as a human. For me I did all the. Work I did you know X. rays and I ordered all those things. And then only after when I could not figure out what he had dust on all of them. That's how we do. The time show that we think are so. Then we make our what the last resort we tried everything you know on last resort we should just print you know. But that was not the visiting card should be. Our 1st resort. Not the last resort because you know if you make choose him the 1st resort you don't have to go through all these things you don't have to get you know that you don't have to. Use this. With to make him our 1st resort. You know. We all have this extra little giants in our life we have a life in our lives right. Physical problems could be financial could be. Who lives in ships. He believes. Platoon for certain. Can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If you turn to an act 161-621-8161 extension 6 TAKING THIS IS NOT happen as we want to prayer at a certain Sligo or the spirit of divination met a who brought her masters. Much fortune telling. And cried out saying do you men are the servants of the most high God who proclaim to us the way of salvation and this she did for many days but Paul quit even though it turned and said to the spirit I command you in what in the name of Jesus Christ name of the Lord to come out of her. He came out. What that Paul used because I thought the demon. Name of the Lord. We struggled we struggle with our internal team in internal problems. Like addiction. Depression. Anger. Different internal demons that we have really. Who can overcome all these things all the internal issues the power and the name of the Lord. We use all the medications for us and then we do. And you know and nothing works to go where I think we should have some type of. Service you know who use everything else and are it's a last resort. Now. The 3rd and the most important is our salvation. John 20 or 31. He says But these are written that you may be needy that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that believing you may live in his name. We have life he told life through the name of the Lord. The name of the Lord. For external problems Calliope. Name of the Lord can solve our internal problems demon in our lives. And the name of the Lord can solve our. Problems that is selfish. Name of The Lord of our external internal and eternal problems. God is the most powerful being in the universe. We must not waste his most powerful name. Who do it all the time we break the command because. But this is a commandment saying. Shall not. Take the name of the word and then. Put it as Christians who break it all the time. Because the name of the morning remember is kids. In terms of. The excellent and eternal. Let's not take the name of the Lord. Our God. In. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio or.


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