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How to be Happy - Part 3

Gabriel Arruda


Everyone wants to be happy, but so few are. The Bible has 9 ancient happiness principals if which we incorporate into our lives will make us truly happy people. If you would like to learn about healing autoimmune diseases see ReverseAutoimmune.com.


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries


  • June 8, 2019
    11:00 AM
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This sentiment has been made possible by freedom health ministries if you would like to learn more about health evangelism go to freedom Ministries dot com If you'd like to learn more about how to reverse on to new diseases good to reverse Audible dot com. As you see from your bulletin the title of this message is how to be happy part 3 so that means there's been 2 parts prior to this and. I'll do a quick summary of what we've covered prior to this so you are fully aware of all that we've covered but I 1st want to say whatever a preach a sermon I usually ask myself how does this apply to God's people living in the last days and I asked myself this question as I started putting the series together and I realized you know a big part of the 1st entails message is to give God glory Amen and you know we can't give God glory unless we have joy unless we're happy and I think we need more happy that this out there more happy Christians and so I truly hope that by the end of the sermon series it will literally bring you more happiness you'll have more tools in your life to have more joy and God's joy in radiance which is becoming out of you and that people would see that and would just realize that you have something that they need a man so we've gone over 6 happiness beliefs from scripture so far here they are in quick order number one you may remember I am not a victim it's happiness belief number one number 2 I don't exist to be happy I exist to love and obey God That's happiness belief number 2 number 3 I don't exist to be happy I exist to bless others. NUMBER FOR MY an interview airs are because God is preparing to do something better than what I'm praying for it's belief number 4 happiness belief number 5 I'm exactly where I need to be right now to correct the issues that got me here in the 1st place that's number 5 number 6 my value is based on what Jesus did for me not what I do for anyone so I wish I had time to unpack all those but we've already done that and with that being said let's go on to number 7 we're going to cover 3 more today totally 9 how penis' belief number 7. I really like this one I like all of them by really I think I'm partial this one if I can't be happy now I won't be happy then. What I mean by that please open your Bibles with me to the scripture reading while least that chapter Let's go to John Chapter 11 together John 11 starting verse 20. We're going to look at a very interesting interaction between Jesus and Martha and who knows what's going on in John Chapter 11 anyone know what this chapter is about. Yeah lousiness died and was raised to life and so at this point in the story Lazarus had died they had buried him and Jesus showed up according to them late and he's greeted by Martha let's pick it up in verse 20 then Martha as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming once and met him but Mary sat still in the house then said Martha and to Jesus Lord if there has been here my brother had not died. So Jesus comes Martha rushes up to meet him and she says Lord if thou what had been here what tense Did she use. Past tense so according to Martha at this time where was Christ's power it was in the past he could have done something a few days ago right. Notice let's keep going. Verse 22 but I know that even now whatsoever they'll ask of God God will give it being and Jesus said to her brother shall rise again notice what Martha says was 24 Martha said to him I know he shall rise again when. In the resurrection in the. Last day so worst Christ power now. It's in the future and you know this is so interesting Martha is portraying a very common human characteristic God is the God of the past he's the God of the future but he's never the God of right now he's able to do my do things back then and he's the God of the past he opened the Red Sea He's the god of the past he rain manna from heaven he did all these wonderful things he's the God of the future he's going to pour out the lottery and he's the God of the future he's going to bring the 7 last plagues he's going to come with power in the 2nd coming but he's not the God of right now do you see how Martha's doing that Jesus you could have raised him yesterday you'll raise some of the last day but not today you can't raise him today because you're not the God of the present you're the God of the past who was mighty back then your god the future your might be in the future but right now apparently you don't have much power and you know we as humans often do this and in many of our minds we don't believe in the God of the present he was mighty in the past we believe he part of the Red Sea He's mighty in the future but right now my problems are too big our problems are too big and you know we get a tight spot I say you know maybe I just need tell a little white lie you know to with a lot of this talk about the Sabbath my job that's me work on the Sabbath I got a parents I'll just work. So he can part the Red Sea but he can't pay your rent. He could come in power in the 2nd coming but you can't help your relationships today he's a god of the past he's the God of the future but he's not the God of the present but notice what Jesus says go to our scripture reading verse 25 Jesus said into her I am the resurrection and the life he that believeth than me though he were dead yet shall he live and when Jesus said He shall live he was referring to the 2nd coming obviously but also in reference to Las Vegas he was referencing to in a few minutes Jesus is bringing He demonstrated through the story I am the God of today and you know you never really live in yesterday or tomorrow you live in today and so I hope your god is the God of today I hope your god is the God of power that could do something right now with the problems you are dealing with right now in your life and I love how Jesus system are the I'm the resurrection I'm the life I am the solution to every problem I'm the Ensor to your every question you have any questions you have any problems Jesus points to himself I'm the resurrection you have a problem your brother is dead I'm the resurrection you have a problem you have troubled your finances I'M THE got a finances you have a problem and some relationship I am the God of relationships and he points to himself as the answer powerful Jesus has the power to raise dead people now. You know Jesus has the power to miraculously heal people from chronic illnesses now Jesus has the power to reign minute down from heaven if he wanted to right now if he sees it to be best for you for the great controversy he's not just the God of the past or the future he's the god of right now and you know what we do with God's power we also do with happiness. The devil is always tempting us think about this friends the devil's always tempting us to think that happiness is some event that's going to happen in the future or that happiness is something that has happened in the past. People always daydreaming of some future happiness let me give you some illustrations I can't wait til I graduate from high school there are those days can't wait to get out of this place I can't wait till I move out on my own I can't wait til I finish college now I can't wait to start to pay off my college debt I can't wait till I graduate and get a job I can't wait till I get a better job I can't wait till I get married I can't wait to my marriage gets better I can't wait one more successful I am so busy were business is booming I can't wait to have more time. I can't wait till I retire but then you know what we get to our later years and the devil switches and he starts doing something else you know he starts doing the. Man I wish I had the energy when I was 16. Then when I was 18 I didn't have a care in the world life was so carefree I wish I had the skin of almost 20. I wish I had the body when I was 25. You know college was so fun now I'm just chained to this desk. Before we were married before we had kids before we had a mortgage and so the devil he steals your present by always pointing into the future happiness is some of it that's going to happen over there when you retire when you graduate when you get married when you pay your debt off that's where happiness is going to be and then you get there it goes over. Remember back then how nice it was and now happiness is always in the past it was always something that happened some good ole days that you weren't even enjoying at the time because you were too worried worrying about the future and coming to some future event and the devil has told your present he has stalled your Right now he's taken it from you. And I don't think God is pleased with this because you have blessings right now that you will have in 10 years and in 10 years you'll have blessings then that you will have right now there is something that God wants you to enjoy about right now there's something in your life that you want to have maybe in it even in a few weeks or a few months some special wonderful thing. And the devil robs it and God is simply because these are gifts that he's given you and we're letting him rob him of God's gifts to us if I can't be happy now I won't be happy then those with the Bible says please turn with me in your Bibles to 1st Timothy the book of 1st Timothy Chapter 6 verse 6 but godliness with what friends contentment is great gain. What is contentment we can interact a little bit anyone want to throw out a definition of what you think contentment might mean. Being happy with what what you have just happy with what you have right now you have a lot be content with it you have a little be content with that the Bible says godliness with contentment is great gain you know I think it's great gain because you gain the present it's not robbed from you anymore you own it you're experiencing it you're enjoying it you are experiencing the present that God wanted you to experience and most people don't realize this but happiness is a skill. It's not just a feeling it's a skill it's something you develop it's it has more to do with who you are than where you are has more to do with who you are than what you have happiness is your character it's not circumstances sure circumstances could lend to it but when it comes down to it happiness is you it's who you are as a person the skills you have the ability you have to enjoy what God has given you right now. You know are through our website reverse com and our You Tube channel a lot of people contact us who are sick with chronic illnesses and I find myself often repeating to them what God taught me probably the most important thing God taught me when I was going through my battle with autoimmune disease and reminding them that God had to help me see how my my affliction my chronic illness was actually benefiting me I was actually gaining from I wasn't losing I wasn't being subtracted from I wasn't being deficit it I was gaining God I was given the experience that was precious and I had to understand that and that helps so much with our attitude through suffering and God had to teach me not to push happiness to some future event that would happen years down the road when I feel better when I get healed and I get my energy back and I get this back No No Gabriel it's right now enjoy what I've given you right now enjoy what I'm doing in your life right now so the big question is What's the double using with you. What's the future of and what's the future thing that the devil is using with the stink about it is a double tempting you with some future goal of happiness and robbing your present right now good question to ask ourselves any odd mid the devil tempted me this week with this very thing that we're talking about here we have an exciting trip planned to Washington D.C. We're going to be interviewing a plant based on that we're really really excited about interviewing me and trying to get interviews with this guy for close to a year we finally got it and we're going to see family and I had some tough periods this week at work and I found the devil tempting me don't worry it'll be you'll be happy when you go on that ship it'll be real cool be fun I had a catch myself no I have to give me right now yeah work is tough but there are things right now that God wants me to be blessed with and God had to remind me if you can't be happy no Gabriel you won't be happy then I can't be happy now you won't be happy then now some people might think well wait a minute isn't this contrary to the fact that we're actually supposed to be looking forward to Haven't as like the best happy time ever. In this teaching contrary to that it isn't having our home let's turn to 1st US alone eons chapter 5 in verse 18 I trust that you're there and how many things friends and everything give thinks for this is the what. The will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you you know there's not too many verses were God My will is A.B.C. Here's one of these verses my will for you is that you give things tomorrow. In the past no right now you think's right now God is blessing you right now God does not want you to overlook those blessings ensure I'm looking for anyone looking forward to heaven looking forward to heaven This world's a tough place Amen but despite the fact that we're looking forward to heaven as our future fulfillment of ultimate happiness God actually wants you he loves you so much he wants you to be happy right now there's things right now that you can be very joyful about that you can be happy about and when you have that joy when you have that happiness as specially when life is going hard your life is going to shine bright and people are going to take notice and they're going to say that it's not human that's not human it's not it's divine and you're letting divinity shine through you can you imagine divinity shining through these poor mortal frames it's possible it's not a fact God expects it from us he says if you link yourself with me it will happen that's how certain he is going to be a natural consequence you will bear fruit if you abide in me it's just going to happen just like the. Divine bears grapes if it's connected and so God wants us to enjoy those blessings right now to summarize God is the God of today the God of right now he's powerful to work right now and God says Be grateful be happy for the blessings that I have given you right now why because if you can't be happy now you won't be happy then because happiness is a skill and it comes with practice that's happiness believe Number 7 let's move on to our next one happiness belief number 8 I will always be happier doing the right thing happiness believe number 8 I will always be happier doing the right thing now I'm preaching to the choir right and it's kind of like you know we've been in church for quite a while gave of course you're happier doing the right thing but if you really think about this. The devil has a very crafty lie around this that I bet you hear in your head often before we get into that let's see this concept backed up from scripture Proverbs Chapter 29 please turn with me in your Bibles to the Book of Proverbs Chapter 29 Proverbs Chapter 29 verse 18. And it says where there is no vision the people perish That's the part that usually gets the attention but the 2nd part is good too but he that keep the Law What's it say. Happy is he if you want happiness you want joy the law that's what the laws there are for it's to bring us happiness the Bible promises a blessing for those who keep the law my life today page one $63.00 right doing will bring peace and holy joy right doing will bring peace and holy joy now here's that lie that I was referring to. The devil tells us yeah OK you will be happy doing the right thing but I mean you're really no don't do exactly what God says you've got to bend the rules just a little bit according to you know the way you feel it needs to be but it's just a little bit it's pretty much what he says but not exactly that's where happiness is found isn't pretty much following God's law but you know modifying it here and there when you know you need to when you need to deviate. Is this true. Happiness he that keeps 90 percent of the law he keeps the law the Bible says Now there's several reasons for this and I can't get into all of them but I want to talk about a very interesting one God has implanted something very interesting in your mind let's read about it well actually let me just sort of going to this passage it's a little choppy in the King James so I'm going to read it in the English standard version so it's Romans $1422.00 I'm going to read it. You could turn there if you like Romans 1422 it says bless it is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves. That's an interesting Bible verse Let me read it again the less it is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves or in the 2nd half of the verse according to this can we pass judgment on ourselves what the Bible says Plus it is a man who doesn't pass judgment on himself for what he approves or what he's approving of what he's doing how he's living. It's called a conscience it's called a conscience conscious it's very interesting do you know we can condemn ourselves you know people are suffering they're miserable not even from the condemnation from other people from self condemnation the worst kind of condemnation. And that some people are wondering why aren't I happy I do all the things that supposed to make me happy I've tried everything I spend money I eat out a lot I go on trips I treat myself and what's happening in some cases is they are suffering from this underlying happiness due to a defiled suppressed conscience let me explain this is what happens we gossip and we know hey your conscience speaks up you really don't like it when people gossip about you do you know why you gossiping about them the quiet conscience. Maybe a little dishonest to get ahead a little bit in the conscience makes up. You know that's not really a fair deal is it I mean you want someone to do that to you would you be quiet conscience then some other maybe someone makes you upset you're rude to them your conscience speaks up would you really like someone to talk to you that way I would be quite conscience people don't like hearing that I call the conscience is the embassy of heaven in mind in rebellion. That's the conscience it's the embassy of havin a mind of rebellion and the conscience is just going off condemning us what it's doing and what do people do do they like hearing that shut up because they stuff it they stuff it they stuff it in this is what the Bible calls searing the conscience another phrase the Bible uses hardening the heart and mentally they suppress the conscience and successfully they can quiet that voice till almost disappears but a very expensive price friends. Suppressing the conscience let me give you notice ration it's instead of taking your trash Oh it's like hiding it somewhere in your house. I don't feel like taking the trash I'll just you know there's that space behind the couch put it there. It's a week a week has gone by ready. To walk in all the way out to the dumpster and there's a spot behind the couch I'm ahead of there again. Does the trash go away no you might not see it you're suppressing your putting out of your your mind's eye but some part of your body is going to start letting you know it still exists over with ivy. Your nose you know as I was putting this together I thought sometimes God reminds me of these stories and I remember an old high school friend who was a Tory a slob just really really. Very dirty teenager and we were at his house one day or in his bedroom and we found a bowl of cereal under his bed that had been under there for like 3 weeks. So gross and he was like oh look at this about. Your mom's probably wondering where that ball went. And. It was I think the smell let us there you know and let's you know you don't see it but it lets you know I'm here I'm still here you don't see me but I just and I'm letting you know about it. My wife relayed to me a interesting story of a woman who. Was going through a divorce her husband had cheated on her and before I get into the story I just want to say I don't condone anything that this woman did but it serves as an interesting illustration and the way her husband cheated on her and the divorce she got the boo out of the House and the husband and the woman he cheated with. Moved in and got to be in the house so she did a little river she took the she took some cat food some wet cat food and put it in the poles of the curtain rods at the house and just left it there and they got a terrible small house and they I don't know how long I don't know when they figured out that house started to snow terrible they couldn't see it but it was something was letting them know I'm still here it stinks doesn't it there's something wrong in this home there's something wrong in this temple the trash never goes away you know in this illustration the trash is like arson and the smell is a conscience letting us know I'm still around and after time people actually forget that they had stuffed their conscience they forget that that moment in time where they conscience it up they forget that and they go through life and they have this perpetual and happiness this underlying chronic lack of peace and joy and they just can't figure out why aren't i B. Why aren't I happy their suffering in many cases from a suppressed defiled conscience to shut it up and it's really self-hatred deep down they know you're a hypocrite you do things that you don't like people to do to you you are guilty of the consciousness going off if you hear that phrase people who are not comfortable in their own skin so a lot of reasons for this but this can be one of them. And they have violated the golden rule we all know what Matthew 712 all things whatsoever you would have men should do to you do ye even so to them for this is the law and the prophets the Golden Rule did you know that's implanted that's hardwired in your brain from birth you don't have to go to school to learn that you know that from even before you turn a year old you understand that that's in there by the way I think as I was studying the conscience I realize a conscience is one of the best evidence is that evolution and atheism are utterly false because there is no good reason for a conscience in the evolutionary atheistic framework because if you have a conscience Well 1st of all if survival of the fittest is the law of life then it's wrong you may have to do some things to people that are kind of messed up to get ahead but if getting ahead is the number one goal then it's just a file and the conscience will not let you do that without protest and it doesn't make any sense an atheistic evolutionary point of view to have a conscience why we have it doesn't it there's no good reason for it from evolutionary standpoint but Genesis 315 tells us exactly why we have a conscience Jesus gave it to you as a gift it's a beautiful thing it can be painful if you condemn us but it's to lead us to the Savior to come broke into the foot of the cross that's the point of it's not just to make you miserable to break you down so Jesus can build you back up Amen. My life today page 165 she says the savior taught this principle that's referring to the Golden Rule to make a mankind happy not unhappy for no other way can happiness calm. Telling us we can't be happy unless we obey the Golden Rule unless we do to others like we would want them to do to us can you think of a time when you would prefer people speak rudely to you. Could you think of a time would you prefer people lie to you. I can honestly and so that's us that's our standard ima just based on our even our own conscience but scripture backs it up again from manuscript. 1892 the happiness of human beings is in their obedience to the laws of God in their obedience to God's law they are surrounded with a head and kept from the evil that's another aspect I haven't even gotten to no one can be happy and depart from God's specified requirements and set up a standard of their own which if they decide they can safely follow. God sets it up why do make us unhappy to make happy and he knows what the happiness path is in his law is to help try to help keep us on that path I saw a really interesting short film was it this week or last week I can't member which And it was from a beef farmer in the United Kingdom and be farmer transitioned to becoming Viki in this kind of a strange thing for a B. farmer to become a vegan but you know what happened he was a cattle farmer the farm had been in the family for like 2 or 3 generations and at some point I think was a holy spirit he started realizing that these cows were not just these machines they had personalities they felt pain. They felt affection they loved each other they had even loved the farmer some of them more introverted some of the more extroverted some of them likes to move a lot and some were more quiet and kind of hollow in the back and he realised these are living beings they have emotions they feel and as the months and years this went on for years rolled on he started getting more and more bothered it's not even a Christian he just conscience was just going off and it got to the point where he got depressed and in his they interviewed his wife and she said he was killing those callous but the one who's been destroyed the most was him it was destroying him she says he stops talking because he just didn't have anything happy to share anymore it was literally wrecking his life and he took the big leap and they transitions to becoming a vegetable farmer sold all the livestock it was a really big leap for them and now they have a successful vegetable farmer but I thought it was so interesting how this man who separated from Christianity as far as I could tell was conscious was just going off and now I wouldn't want to be in these cow shoes but what am I doing. And. He was destroying himself and this is why I was happy you're doing following your conscience doing the right thing even if initially it brings us into conflict. The conflict is going to be on the outside not on the inside but you know when you do the wrong thing it might bring you peace initially but you know where the conflict is it's on the inside and here's the thing when you're doing the wrong thing if you're being dishonest long enough if you're lying to people long enough you're eventually going to conflict on the outside too so in the long run the person who is sticking to God who's staying close to him who's abiding by his word he may have conflict as a matter fact we're told he will have conflict on the outside but he will have perfect peace inside in the long run the person who disobeys God in this law will have both conflicts on the inside and the outside which would you rather be I know I have that rather be. Happiness belief number 8 I will always be happier by doing the right thing. Last happiness belief number 9 All right let's do a little Bible to fill in the blank and the New Testament and the New Testament the word happy is linked most often with Blink experience and the New Testaments the word happy is most often linked with the experience of the link just threw out some guesses. Getting everything you want for Christmas probably. Be surprised I was surprised kind of not persecution. Suffering. That's we're talking about the new testament here. When you do a simple search on the King James that is the word happy 2 thirds of the verses that will pop up for the New Testament that have the word happy are in the context or directly referring to persecution or suffering and you know I as I was preparing the sermon thinking I really can't avoid this new testaments really making a point here I really ought to include this in my sermon and you know this is further amplified when you realize that the word blessed means happy. There's many verses that talk about being blessed were persecuted now this seems counterintuitive and it would have been persecuted I've been persecuted for your religious beliefs for your stance on things and I could tell you at the initial emotion I felt was not happiness it wasn't joy and leaping for joy if you read this passage is really my supposed to do that leap for joy how can this be the Bible gives us a lot of reasons oh by the way. You may have heard the whole idea that in the Bible happiness is linked to your circumstances and it's temporary but joy comes from God and it's not based on circumstances that's actually not true I'm going to show you that one Bible verse Let's go to 1st Peter chapter 3 joy and happiness are synonyms 1st Peter chapter 3 and we look at verse 14 but if you suffer for righteousness' sake what's it say friends happy are ye and be not afraid of their terror neither be trouble. So the Bible's telling us right there is happiness based on circumstances good circumstances according this Bolivar's it's not if you're going through persecution the Bible says Be happy be joyful be blessed next next chapter Chapter 4 verse 13 Peter picks up the same thought 1st Peter chapter 4 verse 13. But Rejoice in as much as you are partakers of Christ's suffering that when his glory shall be revealed you may be clad also with exceeding joy now we are told right in this verse why one reason one of the reasons we could be very happy when we are suffering for Christ's sake what was that. We will be partakers in his glory if you take part in this suffering going to get his glory to this actually seems to imply if we don't take part in suffering what are we not going to get its glory so when you partake in Christ's offerings it's for sure the Bible sharing you you are going to partake in his glory how glorious is Christ glory incredible You're going to share with that the glory of Jesus 1st 14 if you be reproached for the name of Christ how be Are ye for it here's some more reasons for the spirit of of glory and of God rest of the pawn you on their part he is evil spoken of but on your parts he is glorified. Some more reasons why should you be happy when your persecuted for righteousness seek you know something 100 percent based on the Bible verse the Spirit of God is with you you have a 100 percent verification here God's Spirit is with you it rests on you not just the very last part of the verse but on your part he is what. He is glorified. In a vandalism. We do a lot of work we rent halls we get our audio visual commit together we get the registration table together we hold meetings it's a lot of work and you know when the church is doing all this everyone's just saying boy I really hope that people come out man this is such a ton of work I've been coming out here you know several nights getting this hall ready we do advertising because we want to make sure these meetings are packed we go door to door we send Cole Porter's we do Bible studies in the community we do health meetings we send out handbills and you know it's so sad when there's those meetings where not a lot of people or even no one shows up just heartbreaking it's so sad to see. But based on what I see about in the early church one of the best methods of advertising persecution one of the quickest ways to advertise in the community not to be annoying so you get persecuted but doing the will of God and allowing whatever comes to come and the Bible promises they that live righteously in Christ will suffer persecution and when that happens you're going to be your church is going to be a light shining in a dark place do lights and dark places get attention Absolutely and get tons of attention why because he is glorified and based on the early church model persecution through the church tremendously is one of the best evangelism at this they had and we have more reasons why we should be happy more persecuted Let's go to Matthew chapter 5 in verse 12. Matthew chapter 5 verse 12. Jesus in person gave us this these reasons Matthew chapter 5 verse 12. It says Rejoice and be exceedingly. Exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted the profits which were before you. So why should we be happy when we suffer persecution based on the Bible verse great is what. Yeah you have a reward in heaven you're promised you have a great reward and have it also it says who also suffered persecution according to the Bible verse the prophets in the prophets are going to be in heaven if all of the all the Jews believe the prophets are going to be in heaven for sure so if you are on the same road that the prophets are on and they're going to be in heaven then where are you going to be if you keep walking he saying listen you have the future glory certain if you stay on this path it's certain for you you are going to be glorified and you know I've noticed sometimes when you're on the right track that's when you see the most conflict. My uncle was ahead elder at a church in Southern California and they had a you a very troubled young man come to that church Unfortunately this young man had gotten volved pretty deep in the occult and this young man by self admittance was demon possessed he asked for help the elders and my uncle who was held at that time tried to help him and as they were talking with him in the back room of the church one day the demon started to manifest itself through this young man he started attacking them and it was a think 3 maybe 4 men including my uncle trying fighting with this 16 year old kid and the 34 of them could hardly hold him down he had so much strength of the demon and they were fighting with him for about 45 minutes just I mean my uncle told me all about it I mean his glasses were twisted and you know the shirts are ripped it was just a knockdown drag out fight in the back room of the church with this demon possessed boy. And they were rebuking the demon in the name of Jesus and doing all the things that you know they thought they were supposed to do and nothing this kid would just just reach in rage and rage and finally the boy was on the ground this poor boy was on the ground just sauced it. Just panting on the ground has he been fighting been forced to fight with these 4 elders for about 45 minutes and they're all sitting there are just. What we do with rebuked the demon in the name of Jesus we've done everything we could think of then someone remembered something they remembered that this young boy got something in the mail it was a invitation to become a part of a for lack of a better word some kind of a cult where they would actually hone his what they said his innate spiritual capabilities the letter actually said the master sees you have great capabilities and he was supposed to sign and send it back in the mail and things were just starts was to start happening for him. He held onto it he didn't sign it he held onto it and he had in his back pockets what message was that sending to the spiritual world and considering this thinking about it someone one of those elders from the said hey wait a minute he still got that letter. Was someone should get that letter we should just tear it up and burn it see what happens as soon as they said that that boy went ballistic he got up off going and he just started attacking them someone managed to get his back pocket get that paper out go outside of the church and burn it and he says as soon as we burn it Gabriel it was done in 5 minutes it was done in 5 minutes the demon had to leave it was gone. You know sometimes when you're on the right track if you see the most resistance. The Bible tells us that our reward is great in half but it also promises us this world is contrary to the law of God It is contrary to the ways of Christ it is contrary to the teachings of scripture and sometimes when you're receiving persecution you can be not sometimes all the time you can be blessed to be benefited realising I am heading in the right direction if you're persecuted for righteousness' sake is a possibly persecuted for under a just mistake that's entirely possible isn't it so we need to make sure it's for righteousness sake enough or because we've been acting a fool. James 511 behold we count them happy which endure you have heard of the patience of Job You have seen the end of the Lord that the Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy so job is given as an example of scripture of those who when they suffer are blessed and what a good job get at the end of his story how much. He got double friends when you're suffering for the sick you have double had if you just know that you have double blessings going. Happiness believe number 9 I'm happy I'm blessed when I am persecuted why because I know I'm on the right track you can get doubly blessed like Joe the Spirit of God is with you and God is glorified through you the best evangelism is happening through your life and it's going to accomplish your ultimate goal which is to be like Jesus because patience trying of patience work with perfection. So as we close I like to give people something practical What if I'm tempted this week to feel like a victim what if I'm tempted this week to think that happiness is some of it in the future what if I'm tempted this week to resent God because I'm being persecuted for doing the right thing what should I do. I would like to give you a formula that God has given me that has bailed me out so many times and I want to pass it on to you and I want to give it to you in the form of a prayer. And says this god I cry out to you I choose to be happy I can't but through you you can and quote a Bible verse and the Bible verse I've been quoting recently Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit say it the LORD of hosts let me say that formula one more time please try to memorize this is help me I can't tell you how many times this is delivered me from a miserable day cryo to God I choose to be happy God I can't God You can call your bible verse that's it right there and believe it when you quote it and then get up and move forward like that bible verse is true. So in summary happiness believe number 7 I can if I can't be happy now I won't be happy and then number 8 I will always be happier doing the right thing Number 9 I am happy I am blessed when I persecute it can you say mentor that it's a wonderful God this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about us or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W. Dot org.


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