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John Chung


John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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my father I pray that your Holy Spirit be here this morning in our hearts and open our minds and help us soon missing a word and help us to learn the practical lessons that you have shown us a note in the Scriptures Opera in Jesus name amen okay Katie just asked me that your sect and down I keep getting better I said yes KY got sick last weekend by my family had a reunion in Seattle Washington and so our whole family is not to go but the day before I started getting that a bit of a cold elevator was supposed to be as I get really sick I saw a call thing are assigning the VeriSign chose an enemy about thirty people there I said I will not go because other one anybody else to get sick so I slept for about forty eight hours straight Sabbath morning came as a God why I never got sick the whole year why this time and will have been looking forward to this for almost a year and at nine thirty was still in bed as you go to church but because I keep Sabbath school I get a call phone call and ally was a lady who I need who was the almost six years old as you said you said you know of I am so glad the piazza the phone because I called about seven or eight people know what as in the phone and you if you didn't answer the phone I was going to kill myself what the pictures of the dish she was so depressed she was so depressed three weeks prior to this she did try to commit suicide she had ninety tablets of value and thirty tablets of the Andean sleeping pill plus she drank half a bottle of vodka and she turned the bathtub on as you did then and did not have with full of water it was you surviving the waste before and so I knew this was serious but she wasn't actually kill himself and then I realized me a bedtime I know why I got sick sites that are as I stay with her on the phone from nine thirty to about one in the one in the afternoon and China Tyler given giving a comforting words by redfin design pages there is topic called the divine Shepherd narrative that presented divine Shepherd you can hear me need to come up for then and I started reading I started reading from divine Shepherd and I said Jesus knows this individually in this touch with the feeling of our infirmities he knows us all by name he knows the very house in which we live the name of each occupant he has at times given addresses to his servants to go to certain the street in a certain city is such a house define one of his sheet every so always fully known to Jesus as if you were the only one of whom Savior died it says as a savior goes before his sheep himself parsing counting encountering the pearls of the way so the Jesus with his people when he put it forth his sheet he goes before them the way to heaven is consecrated by Savior 's footprints the pack may be steep and rugged but Jesus has traveled that way has feed the press found the cruel thorns to make the pathway easier form for us every burden they were called to bear he himself bore it says I know your tears I have also wept degrees that lie too deep to be breed into any human ear I know things not that you are desolate and forsaken though you're paying such no response of core in any heart honor look unto me and Lynn as I was talking to her and praying with her she comes down and I called her daughter in Virginia you need to come down right now took seven hours for the comedown so went to the house and stayed until by eight o'clock at night and I was so thankful that I got sick mobility demo that would think without sick and because of that I been calling every day making sure she's okay I'll show your help psychiatric help and also try to take her to the ER she refused to do any of them but she reassured me time and time again I will never do this again and guess what she is going to church is out of the church except and you know God will use you if you're willing to be used and sometimes you know we are a legion of the situation where we say you know I've been waiting for this reunion for year and I guess such now what was more important saving a person who wanted a reunion while I think about that one but there was saving a person right I tell you you not they will look at one of me to tell many testimonies so I'm o more stories I was going to California from Georgia last year to the dermatology meeting and before I went into the plan was a God please use me today and I had at Johnson profits and I was reading that next and he was sitting in a lady you know this plane was equipped with the monitor in each seat and a group into one of those planes anyway she was playing this game where I guess they play with each other other people and it doesn't questions and I was being an accounting of what she was playing and there was a question that came up she had a little trouble with was a medical question and I said to me she could see it was right at the thing and she said I do know that answer because I'm going to medical meeting on the rheumatologist does my husband is going to the dermatology meeting she said the mythologies of the mythologists to pass there what is your name she said my name is Danielle what is your husband 's name Daniel okay word would view as Daniel Island South Carolina and they says she said would we are building a house and the builder 's name is Danny and no guess what the street she lives in an bus leaving the anyway him him the most is Nathaniel stream for non- Etzioni and ended up in the prison you have made the story but she said in as you a thing additionally I said you know there's a book in the Bible call Daniel may be easy study him and guys giving yourself a chance but I I said you know I am reading this book which often profits and she said she just became a Christian Jenner her husband both and I said this is a great book if you knew you want to have insight into the Bible issued me read this book which is an okay and I turned to the chapter called has the faith in what that chapter is about Abraham and Isaac Wright as she read that book on the retina that chapter as she started crying and she said this is the most beautiful rendition of the story how can I get this book I said well I will tell you it's hard to get this book so I will send you a set in fact is one book out of the five volume series so I will send you not only you but I like to have you add in your husband have been sought less than both of you said each and she said to my boss this is certainly true so well Callison new boss want to siphon than three and I found I see is an actress she comes on like HBO and I never heard of growers seen her on TV I just have to go by what she says I see she said she came on Sunday kind shows and all that anyway I send a tour and I got up beautiful letter from her say how she and her husband enjoy those posts and my goal now is to try to South Carolina to the house and have a weekend Bible study with on book of Daniel and so I don't know what is going to lead to but this may need to something great no and down when you travel in the planes always to carry something with you that is spiritual okay because about two months ago I was also going to California and I had a book about education now I prayed again God help me to sit by somebody who would be willing to listen to your words and so this person was sitting next to me I was in the window seat was up to use yet I was to see the role and thousand reading this book he said are you a teacher I said no because the books as education this is actually limited this book is already in this would you like to be part of it sure and as a dollars meeting of faith and prayer in the end chapter in their and I told him to read that chapter and he was reading and he was reading very slowly I said additionally picking made me about twenty thirty menacingly they thicken more than an hour and I'm just waiting and waiting and anyone making comments about the each chapter and I said so why did you like this puts John I love this book and I do what he do they told me his whole life story and he said his father was a painter of homes so when it was five years old he started painting home to when he was fifteen years old he was an expert opinion please drop out of school and he started painting he has sixty people working for it was a really well without money and with his brother he's they started an Internet company they became multimillionaire but 9/11 had and they became bankrupt overnight and his wife left the Army he was so depressed no money but this guy was soul papal visit he is a Christian if any no matter what happened he gave type sometimes in a month you'll get thirty cents I was agape type anyway and the reason why he was so interested in that book education because he drop out of school to do painting business so he always felt inferior and I and so I said being all who wrote this book what kind education this lady had said this was a bit this was written by a third grader and it shows what many felt like while you make it right there's much I have some old and I'm and then I thought about what he doing now noble people yeah I you said you are the person that I need for my board about what yes he and his brother start another company God bless them is a billion dollar company because epic passport anyway he was telling me about his company and he said they had six six position for board and he was need to be one of the four numbers and he said the reason why is because they are run by a Christian army they're all Christians they want to be Christian organization even though is not a Christian fingered the we are more secular they make money but I am I found out that you know there there based out of Chicago he lives in California so he said I like to have that book how can I get again now I get it can I get it Amazon are just regular Christian bookstore and I will not open you can get it through there but I like to give you this book sigh sigh my name is I said to Darrell from your friend John gave it to him then he called me that I like to get one of those books is a honey do need is that ten thousand at the identity of ten thousand at this time I thought of as many ditches and you can does anyone home manages or the pump about was our encounter is so right I would be to see his entire board all the workers to on a weekend have a Bible study and visit I asked him what he is as a board member well what you do is you can you contract this half to use the money okay well yeah our church our church needs a lot of money and anyway we are low what's good happen I want you to pray for me for as we know there so there's so many different things and if you're willing if you're willing to be used of God God made you when you get into the plane you have a captive audience right next to you they can go anywhere or the always the bathroom so and have to come back in a and if you have something that is worthwhile for them to read wooden shed I mean it's perfect chance absolutely perfect you know on this year I said what if I what if I use every single penny that I have learned this year if he is forgot to ignore the sudden this year I did not get one single penny for myself I have a very busy practice and God has blessed me with a lot of funds so I decided this year I will use Hunter present for God 's work in using you know winning souls so I started looking you know what when you look at so many people in the and you know of at Chelsea yesterday read from visit one of my favorite quotes ministry of healing page one forty three says Christ's method alone this is a very famous famous passage about a single price method alone would give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men is one of these are very good to show the sympathy for them minister to their needs and won their confidence and he bade them follow me masturbating page one forty three so he mingled with men he desired there good to show the sympathy for the administer to their and he won their confidence right you will confidence by doing those first you don't win their confidence by saying okay guys I'll account about the Sabbath who are you to share about the three different people cars because they can come to church or Bible study you know I tell you you think after they got their cars their more now prone to listen to me on the road before much more right because I met the needs and so this year to Bible study in using God 's resources with five baptisms and acted cautiously this year is because this year is two thousand and ten last year with three more people rated about a eighty days we had a pretty use our resources and our time and our encouraging words and we can reach just two people year you know that's not very hard to know that were sold into ourselves China buildup our own empire and be comfortable guess what one day later realize how much was wasted because analytes she makes a comment said as only in heaven what we realize worth of one's soul was only realizes here why don't we believe that now and start doing it here now right and so you know you to get out of his store that was not my story is not my story but somebody else's story have you heard of Sing Sing prison yours located not time not Taiwan or China New York sitting president was present for the wars criminals and murderers I made a worse the average stay for Wharton in following was eleven months they didn't stay in the eleven months what left after like three weeks it was sold by until nineteen twenty there was a Wharton name Lewis loss is a good name for award laws LA WGS and he stay there for twenty one and a half years and so the accident what was your words are secret and he and she really revolutionized the entire entire prison system not only that his method is being used in other places and they said that I do this twenty one and a half years and he said it was not high within this way was my wife wife named Catherine loss when they went there and she said I want to help my husband and I let China really help these prisoners that to the children they said do not take your children and their and thought you'd am going there because you got against Shell if you get in but she ignored all the plea of any all the other people and they said she said I was going there and try to be friends with them so she took her two young children to watch the basketball game the prison prisoners playing with the children and she does article and almost every day and she met so many people were in the other person who was blind so she learned braille she taught this man braille so she could he could meet and that was a person who was deaf so she learned sign language so she can talk to this person as she works tirelessly and after about seventeen years she tragically died in a car accident and the and the whole person knew about this so next morning all the prisoners were our thinking crying the wardens and come in as he was with his wife they lived about half a mile from the prison and her body was at the house and the assistant warden he made a bold choice he said to them I know you care about Catherine what I wanted to is a loan that you go see her no shackles nothing but we need to have you all come back these are murderers and after all please let them go they'll all walk it all at the end of the day not one person escaped it all came because they respected her and others because she loved them because she showed sympathy she mingled with them and that's a way in which people out of that I don't know how many people became Christians but I'm sure many do if you do get Matthew twenty five some of the sheep and goats the shape and the goats and I will need to go through this story because anybody knows this is about Jesus saying what you have done what you have done to least of my brother and you have done it unto me write now these people there are people who are hungry right Thursday stranger naked sick and who are in prison hungry thirsty stranger naked sicken prison and I was studying this and I said why did God make it so specifically hungry thirsty stranger you know why they make this a so specific and I realized something as well as setting this if you're hungry what are you looking for food right bread when somebody is looking for bread what should you do if you need them right so you need to death the first part you meet their need right then you say follow me not new but follow Christ defeat them we tell them who is the true bread of life those that Jesus is a high-end the bread of life Thursday what he do you gain a friend by giving them drink right now alcohol water then he showed them to show them to Jesus who says the water that I give you that you will never thirst right if you don't if a person is hungry and thirsty and you say I'll tell you about Jesus whatever everything good about during that time and then I say I'm so hungry he learned that I need to pull in their full and William wonder no longer Thursday what happens though listened to you now in Matthew five six it says blah Sunday who are hungry and thirsty hungry and thirsty for righteousness and they shall be filled right now Christ is our bizarre what righteousness measure of this is Christlike we teach them about the life of Jesus now their people who are imprisoned their activity in real prisons in their prisons and their mind mentally stressed out in situations where they can get out of the present in any people like that they may not be an physical president may be in mentor Spencer Pratt when you present what the one what they wanted to you want to be friends right you any free you know what the message that you need you need to give them true why this is the show shall make you free is a truth that gives them freedom now the Bible talks about two types of truth Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life Jesus and also and not in John seventeen seventeen says byword is true teaching about Jesus 's life on his teachings the word of God the Word of God the Word of God with free anybody of any present-day and naked what do they want is a very obvious questions if you're naked you want close right now the member in garden of the Adam and Eve found himself make it within an electronic hold themselves with fig leaves for what God do God hold them by telling allowed in the that represents Jesus on the cross for us the Lamb of God he died and that's only way got to get skin of the land right by tenant and that you can teach about the cross of Christ the cross of Christ now the people who are sick of a friend right now who is very sick sickness that can lead to death what do they want to hear accord that will delight the heat they like to be healed but many die from their sickness you know what is the greatest thing a consistent is about the resurrection Jesus says I am the resurrection and life you to care about resurrection by your stranger or a looking for a home right what is stranger because you are not at home if you are straight in their own houses something wrong with you but the reason why you're a euro strangers because you're in a strange place right so the strangers you take them in and you teach them about our heavenly home the real home that is the home that Christ has prepare for us so when you think about these characteristics of these people I realize one thing though setting this hungry and thirsty you tell them about Jesus 's life the people one person you defend the truth the word of God the life of Christ in the teachings of Christ people are naked you teach them about Jesus 's death the person was sick he told them about the resurrection the person who is a stranger you teach them about our heavenly home what is that is a whole story of Jesus 's life his teachings his death his resurrection and his place in his preparing for each one of so we keep we gave them real things in this life but they really need but none of those things we did last the card that I offer somebody getting better last for ever you can get a loan taken to heaven knowledge is just a means to reach their hearts would you like to have at least ten baptisms a year from your Bible studies in by your teaching other people or reaching them of their needs giving them name their needs a virgin did I think industries ten people every year I tell you something that you what about fifty thousand people at UIC and this war can be finished because this is is is Christ method alone this is about you meet there meet their needs show their sympathy and the Taliban follow me I like to you now I tell you there's through our through the methods of Christ is a person who decided he's going to become a minister I mean when I heard that it was always in control of my soul because I reached one person and decide he decides he's going to come a minister so you can reach thousands of people in fact he wants to be an evangelist so he has an appointment with the religion department head at Southern Adventist University X month and United thinking of it during the Tylenol can help them but this because of this you can't come to the Bible study and he realized we had the truth is that he wants to teach district of the people you notice your sowing seeds by being kind to other people this is Christ method you don't teach them the truth for some they need to about ill believe that the only time if you're an airplane and you never see them again and maybe you should e-mail those about one hours I was sitting AVS LA Phil L five hour flight this guide and had a place to go he was this guy was going to Israel estoppel was in Atlanta for talking about the existence of God for five hours he never accepted it at the unit at the beginning was very hostile nations and then I told him about what I believe then he softened up and it in those meetings this hello wonderful day I don't know where I never saw him again I don't know where you find ended up I don't know where he has been eventually end up but hopefully that sowed the seed so you know God will God has placed each one of us in situations where we can reach people this will excuse is assayed no excuse I mean was to go to heaven would you rather would you like to go to heaven and expense of others now you get a choice to save yourself for other or a different person while we digital you choose is you know in the Bible whoever said what kind of you have eternal life all the naked but our something diabetes page four eighty it is not it is not the fear of punishment or the whole of everlasting reward that leaves the disciples of Christ to follow him okay it is not the fear of punishment or hope of everlasting reward them these the Disciples of Christ to follow him there is not the motivation is not home to heaven or on the hell that is not the motivation in these the disciples of Christ to follow him they behold the Savior 's matchless love revealed throughout his term have no remission honor from the manger of Bethlehem to Calvary 's cross and the sight of him attracts is softened since of Jesus so lovable weekends in the heart of the beholder they share his voice and they follow him you know I have a to stop this couple was just about to get baptized and down their biggest fear at the beginning was not being barred in hell for eternity enabling that you know and I met to go to the thousand 's name AOL I wanted to sleep one time there was a man during a lunchtime visit I like the other one even the century because elegantly there was only one building and with the worship there and eat their data the other one even the century and I said why not businesses God 's holy place and so he went outside and he ate out in the outside is a lot disguised a series about no his believe said I've I really respected that so I went out sightseeing with him I found out that he was a Baptist and he wanted to be a missionary and he was a teacher and he decided he's not going to TJ more you want to be a missionary and saw South America as I said why the Worrall are you here this is an Adventist you know run program present in autism of the places where they do mission and mission Oregon I found the Mission Bell 's and missionary movement so I want to be a missionary is what a lot of your missionary and this is why said cause I don't want to burn in hell forever has it that the reason why God a lot felt really want a bar in hell for eternity billions insured in years later I'm still burning I just can't think that I said I can take that either so let me tell you about the good truth about health and this guy became a missionary he will no letter nine not have because I want to nothing you need to be motivated to go as a missionary because you love Jesus not because you do you want to burn you know one of our new notice that if you can teach Baptists about the nonexistence of everlasting hell you are given lottery and event should remove motive to become living a Christian life their holy they lived a good life because they don't want to burn but it is Christ that attracts right that's why we have such a beautiful message we have the greatest understanding of the love of God and the cross of Christ that's why I believe our church is the last day 's church because that understand when you have this love for God you want to do the same thing for the people don't you write I like that and with a story that I read the true story about there was a these narcotics detectives raided a law apartment in a depressed neighborhood in New York City and they would end there there was shocked they was a dingy things he rooms in core doors Endo prodded with twisted tales that in ill clothed derelicts and they were need no and the obviously these were drug abusers and those living in this building and I this human scrapheap the police arrested a man the detectives charged them with harboring drug addicts drug addicts that police have had voters that means letting and mild-mannered man claimed that he had chosen to live among these people could provide them with food shelter and clothing his door was open to all who did not realize that he was breaking the law any in extending compassion investigation revealed that the man was neither abatement law drug Peter the dedicated men not to be John Sergeant Crown a millionaire within educated at Princeton and Oxford pleases education that is hardly vision had all the money nor music and live with the these people after his trial and acquittal he said to the reporter I don't log my work is any good but I don't think it does any harm I'm quite happy no I am anything but a despondent person call me eccentric call my reason for being I have no this is very father they do so much for giving us the opportunity to reach those were dying all around help us to use our means our time and energy now words could reach these people were dying help us to realize on this earth were of a soul not hold good health helpless every day to live according to your will and quality Tablet PCs in Jesus name amen this means you must produce high audio versus what I see generation and Chrysler are you like to learn more about you might see please visit www. energy lifestyle that I will review like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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