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Word of God, Part 1

Scott Moore Phillip Sizemore



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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him we thank you so much that you have given us this privilege to be here voting eligible Ross here for particular reason for a purpose and that is so that we can be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation below we pray that you will reveal to us the money power of your Word today and we prayed in Jesus name amen the class that we're going to do is part of the two-week class called life on the edge at late Institute for evangelism organ beginning a total of four studies and what we do it laser to for evangelism during life on the edge is that we teach you how to mark a study in your Bible so that you can then give it with little or no notes at all you will be using is your sword terminated Hebrews chapter four and verse twelve Hebrews the fourth chapter in the twelve verse Hebrews chapter four and verse twelve the Bible says they're Hebrews the fourth chapter the twelfth verse by the way when you give a Bible study make sure you repeat your references at least three times the reason that you do that is so to sum out is distracted that somebody can then hear it at least three times the purpose of this class is to enable you to go out and to give these Bible studies again straight from your viable severe ER Hebrews the fourth chapter the twelfth nurse the word of God says for the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged lot so a nice life on the age this class will make your sword extremely sharp it ever been in a situation where you are in sum I sent something you like all I know that Morris is in the Bible but I just don't know where it is that ever happened to you the more often you study the Bible and other people the easier it will be to remember those references and we're giving you this Bible study so that you can make your sword sharp I should have brought it with me but I have a Bible that I purchased when I was just converted the cover is no longer attached the front pages of Genesis are falling out but there were any maintenance states it smells bad because I use that when I was a truck driver Alex at that level on my steering wheel and I would memorize Scriptures I was driving and I would wash my hands after I made my delivery so the Bible just smells terrible but he didn't read that model until this year my wife actually had money to Bibles until I was satisfied with this one but she didn't issue that Michigan have to the reason I hung onto the Bible so long was because it had all of my handwritten notes in so not only will your sword becomes sharp that you will feel like you are lost if you don't have your sword when you visit somebody in their home or when you get a Bible study the Bible says the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword let's see what the sword or the word of God David and Luke chapter twenty four Matthew Mark Luke Seo turning to the left from where you are do you have your Bibles with you today all that's a bummer that's all right you just have to remember everything I say and trust me when Luke twenty four Matthew Mark Luke Dubcek the twenty fourth the last chapter there and you remember the story Jesus are these two disciples walking on the road from ASU remember that and all of a sudden this third individual appears and starts walking within why they didn't feel that that was strange I don't know where there was this third person that you started walking with them and a person was who wow nothing herein Jesus a person with Jesus now let's go to verse twenty five there describing how Jesus as integral a bit about the soldiers having first twenty five Jesus has been old fools and slow of heart to believe all the profits have spoken bought not Christ to have suffered these things and to answer into his glory so Jesus refers back to what it is talking to these two disciples to his profits or not Scriptures that's right now continue on verse twenty seven and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them the things concerning himself so Jesus started where when you start deciding Moses and he walked all the way through the one quality through the prophets and what did he talk about what prophecies and promises about himself Jesus gave these disciples a topical Bible study on the coming of the Messiah a topical Bible study what happened to those disciples when Jesus was giving them that Saturday go with me down to verse thirty two Jesus of course reveals himself to them at the dinner there he has the blessing verse thirty two says and they said one to another did not our heart burn within us while he talked with us by the way and while he did what would a new open to us the Scriptures the only way that the Bible can be completely open is if we study the Bible the way Jesus studied the I will you study the model and a few disciples Jesus did a topical Bible study on the coming of the Messiah now Jesus does not want that's pretty cool is that but if you could see it twice in Scripture would you believe it even more would you say well okay the first time wasn't a fluke Jesus really did give Bible studies and topics would you like to see another example of the of the cross I had taken my money to tell me not to hear your head shake so here we are you're in the same chapter same chapter go to verse forty three forty four Jesus says here in Luke twenty four forty four the twenty four forty four and he said unto them these are the words which I spake unto you while I was yet with you that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of Moses and the prophets and in the lot Psalms concerning eight so Jesus again starts walking them through Moses and the prophets and a lot in the Psalms and what is he talking about himself he's giving them a study on the coming of the Messiah notice what happens in the next verse verse forty five been opened he their what is it their mind their want understanding the only way for you and I to have this book called the Bible open to us the only way we can understand this book called the Bible is to study the exact same way that Jesus did and how did Jesus study how to say in topics was the topic the Jesus I bet prophecies concerning himself so if you and I want to strip open to us if we won our understanding are our understanding of Scripture to be open then we will study the Bible in topics and him or ask yourself why in the world does the Seventh-day Adventist church have all of these topical Bible studies amazing facts guide life on the edge guides store goals not discover and get rashes on that widely all this while he has studies on particular books of the Bible my friend can you improve on the method of Christ you cannot that's why the Senate Baptist Church studies the Bible in topics Jesus didn't and if Jesus did it then we should do it shouldn't wink so let's do that right now I don't know if they if they fell my microphone are not but I guess my voice a holdout let's go to the screen here and I'll teach you how to mark your Bibles with personal talk a little bit about the Bible than a teacher had a market of course that the topic of this study are this study is the word of God the purpose of this study is to show that God 's word the Bible is true and reliable the Bible is so unreliable and censor it this Bible study is centered on Jesus in this way Jesus wants to show you that his worries reliable and gives us enough evidence to base our faith on megahertz and I talk about blind faith yet a blind faith is a redundant term it's a redundant term they could say blind faith means that you what I mean you have more faith but you just can't see your faith faith is faith and so Jesus gives us enough evidence to base our faith on these of the tags that we are going to use in the study nasi somebody taking copious notes very seriously because I was flipping through these things I will upload this particular Bible study to our website come experience life .com it will be underneath the English column on our homepage once you get past the video down at the bottom you'll see a link for a premium interview survey and you'll see a link for this Bible study and a load that up there at lunch times you can go there and get that come experience life .com this book called the Bible contains it it's actually a collection of books the sixty six books in here does anybody know how many are in the New Testament all come on Bible students how many they can regularly count them out if you discount the regime is good all you knew it she just wanted to the author the opportunity to answer okay so that's twenty seven in the New Testament and how many are there in the Old Testament than very nice thirty nine so this second three times nine is twenty seven and about at all teeth and it was written on three different continents those continents were what you see him up there in the stream aware that talk about a meeting area Asia Africa and Europe that's right it was written by approximately forty different authors that do not disagree on any theological point in the Bible isn't that amazing that he ever had for a people in one room that agreed all of them agree on the way things happened not in the least yet gone over a period of war designer fifteen hundred years God wrote this book throw his profits financing Zachary would Jesus study when Jesus was growing up as a child models see really wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man right now Jesus really enlisted on and he is the son of God when he grow in scriptural wisdom not only destroyed a visible and also unscriptural wisdom not some people say to themselves will help the world that Jesus pullout all of those scrolls and talk to those disciples on the road to Emmaus you understand that by the time that young men were ten years old in the first century Galilean culture they had the first five books of the Bible memorized by the time they were fourteen if they gone to the second level of education they had the entire rest of Scripture memorize and so Jesus is just simply pulling all of these things out of his mind because he grew in wisdom biblical wisdom by just went backwards that in the so sixty six different books three different continents forty different authors approximately over a period of fifteen hundred years and that's what we have here is a book called the Bible many of the Bible stands for basic instructions before leaving Earth you're absolutely right basic instructions before leaving her in any arena back there okay praise the Lord I'm hoping they fund my voice here in a moment don't talk that direction why oh gotcha so so let me see here MMS and you're moving back there now what you what you see on the screen there the one W all just backed out I won't say anything on backup these references right here once you get to the website you download this handout you will take all of these and you all right them in the front or the back part of your Bible the reason that you will do that is because in the middle the Bible study sometimes you get excited when you shut the Bible and then you build up open the Bible again you be like all my badness I have no idea where I met I have no idea where I just left off but if you've written all of those references in the front to the back made the right and small but don't write in so small that you can't read them of course if you couldn't read them you wouldn't write them that small but riot small enough because by the time you finish sharpening your sort you will have twenty four of these Bible studies written in either the front of the back of your Bible and so this is what you write about in the front or the back and when you get this second Timothy Essar all twenty four not online ones will be online and once we present here the other ones are available in that DVD set back there when you get to second Timothy chapter three you are going to write what you see at the bottom of the screen now you say there's nothing on the top of that yellow line is that is there no there's nothing there so the reason there's nothing there is because the space above the line represents where you came from he represents when you came from the space below the line represents where you are going to see about having this code in marketing all the way through this Bible study the Bible studies word of God the code you're going to use is W so this is the first text in the word of God study not to go to that let's go to second Timothy and what we're going to do right here is we are going to study the SKUs me we're going to study the Bible the way Jesus did you want to study the Bible he Jesus it I want to do less than a second Timothy chapter three second Timothy Timothy is in the same section of the New Testament I love you knew there was a C-section but the D section is actually in alphabetical order if you use an English Bible to going to second Timothy chapter was his answer Chapter three verses one fifteen to seventeen in Uris are single and a focus on verse sixteen first and second Timothy chapter three and verse fifteen are they still working on my mind on a sailor amount all right will my voice is getting it out we need to find my voice all right second Timothy chapter three verse fifteen says and that from a child thou hast known the holy Scriptures which are able to make me wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus verse sixteen all Scripture is given by inspiration of God Scripture is given by inspiration of God on all that were inspiration means God breathed all Scripture is God breathed and is profitable for doctrine for readthrough of four correction for instruction in righteousness so this blog came from who became promote God now some people say I do believe that you say we just hold onto your britches because by the time this Bible studies over it again I have to completely lie against your conscience or you're going to say that yes there is a God and he does have power to tell the future to reasonably go to second Timothy chapter three verse fifteen percent three verse seventeen that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works the reason that we go to this reference is to show the person we are studying when that the Bible was written by God of course not inspired we believe in thought inspiration God inspired the profits and the prophets wrote down what God inspired them to ride it's not it wasn't word for word dictation not give them a thought and they write that fought down so this entire book all sixty six chapters every word some would argue except for those that are in italics because they were supplied to help you and I understand that everywhere in this is inspired by who is inspired by God not be in this reference you are going to ride one W a circle around him to draw a line that line represents second Timothy chapter three verses fifteen to seventeen underneath that line you're going to write our next reference in our next reference is second Peter chapter one verses in nineteen to twenty one second Peter chapter one verses in nineteen to twenty one so let's go there second Peter chapter one verses nineteen to twenty one now second Peter 's in the New Testament it's to the right of Hebrews to the right of James before you get to first John were in second Peter chapter one verses nineteen through twenty one so let's read that second Peter chapter one verses nineteen through twenty one the Bible says in verse nineteen we have also a more sure word a lot promising out I wanted to put those words more sure on a shelf in your mind because of anything off the shelf just what words on the shelf in your mind more soon when it's absolutely wrong continuing on where until you also do well that he takes he has into it like that shyness in a dark place until the day dawn in the day star arise in your hearts first twenty million this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation the way that Jesus studied the Bible regardless of your denomination the way that Jesus studied the Bible aloud Scripture to interpret itself when you allow Scripture to interpret itself the people that we are getting Bible studies two yeah even costs that are given a Bible study our heart will begin to burn within us because we will know that we are hearing the voice of God is ever wanted to hear the voice of God I got to do is study the Bible and so here verse twenty one twenty said knowing this first that no script no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation and what we're going to do is we're going to let God 's word take us through a study that froze that God can interpret this this book can interpret itself in verse twenty one for the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost now I told you to put some words on the shelf in your memory what were those more sure I want you to go back up to verse sixteen verse sixteen says for we have not followed cunningly devised fables we made the elements you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty they were wiped they were eyewitnesses and two verses later pianist says that we has something large she learned that I witnessed and that is why no back to verse nineteen we have also a more sure word prophecy the prophecy that is contained in this book is more sure than even and I witness now that's pretty incredible isn't it some more sure than even eyewitness and it is more sure than even eyewitness so that it can prove that God is real I believe our next reference let me just double check this there that's with you should've been writing there in second Peter after money whenever its attorneys little flip the page so that's what you arrived in second Peter at the end of second Peter you write this to you albeit with the W stands for word of God that's right that's the study that we are on this way when you get to the twenty fourth study you don't have all of these numbers with no coat beside them tick to tell you what Bible study Iran this is a Bible study on the word of God we just came from where second Timothy and where we going next John Lott John fourteen twenty nine days everybody ready for me to switch not yet hear my voice come to think no honest hopeful wishful thinking all right so were going to John fourteen twenty nine can I turn it now arrived at my house ready they were young hallelujah oh what can you hear me in the back 's okay hello you are going to John fourteen twenty nine remember there is something more sure than an eyewitness and what is that prophecy let's go to John chapter fourteen verse twenty nine of course Matthew Mark Luke John and I realize all of you are very here extremely adept at finding these references but I'm just giving you an example of when you're giving Bible studies you have to help people get into vinyl siding my wife and I were in Albuquerque New Mexico and we studied with a lady named Elizabeth Elizabeth spoke very little English but she was very fluent in Spanish and I was not at all fluent in Spanish but very fluent in English so we went and we got her some familiar or a Bible that is written in a language that she can read a Spanish we got that and I sat right next to Elizabeth and we just simply I look at my policy with her Bible and I would point and where she needed to go in and I would point to the chapter that she needed to go to but we were helping her use her Bible and what related you can help people use their Bibles or to help people learn how to go back and forth in their model is to tell them to put up there there left forcing yourself to do take out your left hand and put it the singer and I want to take the singer want to open to the front of your Bible say and you're going to come to where the list of the old and New Testament books are in is what you do thought carefully as legendary running that you can direct their because when people need to look when people are learning how to use the Bible and you may laughingly think that's a little silly but you are teaching people how to study the word of God and that's exciting and you want those people when you disappear you want those people to still be able to find Bible verses on siding with a gentleman named Ronnie Ronnie and Alex we've been studying since well March and Ronnie couldn't find anything in the Bible only first started now Ronnie when I say let's go to Matthew is all yet was Matthew he turns right there are nuggets on how to get there but that's because we taught him how to study the Scripture notices can be pretty amazing view Ronnie told me want one not only was that in a bottle he said you know I started to read the book of Matthew and him to read all the way through in his appraisal or rather that's incredible patient in the next week when I went over to Saturdays I'm almost finished with it but I don't think I'm likely to send you never read the Bible before exhorting is that certainly cannot come over and study with him Jesus got give you had told me that Jesus died at the end of that will never run it there are people out there in the United States of America and never read the Bible and so you have to teach them how to get from one place to the next in Scripture so here we are John chapter fourteen and verse twenty nine John fourteen verse twenty nine let me just get there with you Matthew Mark Luke John Salter in the correct direction John fourteen twenty nine we had something more sure than then not an eyewitness and that his prophecy this is what Jesus said the purpose of prophets prophecy was so reasonable and John fourteen twenty nine and I'm telling you the reason for going there the Uganda study you'll know why is there in our handouts to give you the download for this Bible study off of the website you will see underneath illicit sexual see an explanation as to why we are in each one of those references so the reason we're in John fourteen twenty nine is to show the reason for prophecy Jesus says and now I have told you before it come to pass that when it is come to pass one you might believe so what is the purpose José so that we can believe why the word of God and that's if I was that I told you how much time you have left and I know Emily is ten oh nine at one twenty one minutes Young twenty one minutes where was I okay is working tonight Jesus says that I say things before they take place of learning to take place you may believe the purpose of prophecy is something we can believe in the Lord of God now lots of people claim to be able to foretell the future like Nostradamus he claimed to be able to tell the future and you know he's right about thirty percent of the time but that doesn't make Nostradamus God doesn't the only way that we can know that this book was written or authored or inspired by our dog breed is if it does not disagree with itself and us and if it is one hundred percent accurate if it's one hundred percent accurate and we know that God or something higher than us inspired this book right so now let's go to Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten has a nice reference were leaving our third word of God tax and we're going to our fourth word of God reference our fourth Oregon reference is of course Isaiah forty six versus nine and can know what references we just come from John fourteen twenty nine how do you know that because it's one because it's above the line now if you are getting this Bible study or when you give this Bible study somebody may ask you a question on the reference you just came from and if you don't have that written down humans of a a a reference that may be a little embarrassing little uncomfortable for you to make sure things run and we are coming from and where you are going to so here we are Isaiah forty six Isaiah forty six versus nine and ten Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten the reason we were in John fourteen twenty nine is to show the purpose of prophecy and now we're going to see how much God knows the Bible says this and Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten remember the former things of old for I am God and there is none else that's pretty bold claim isn't it then says I am God and there is not like me what is it that differentiates the God of the Bible from under God 's it tells us in verse ten verse ten says this the clarity the and from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done now it's one thing to be able to tell the beginning from the end isn't it is a hero here in the and you can tell what happened in the beginning but it's another thing to be standing over here in the beginning and be able to tell people what happens at the end and to be correct completely different scenario is so God says I can tell you things are I can tell you from the beginning what is going to happen over here at the end and God does exactly that now remember the purpose of this Bible study is to show that God gives us enough evidence to base our faith on God gives us enough evidence to base our they are lying face it is simply say that's what we're going to do now is we're going to go to the most foundational prophecy in Scripture organism is foundational prophecy in Scripture do you understand this prophecy then you can understand all other prophecies in Scripture hours talking to Clifford Goldstein on the way to breakfast this morning and now I don't message and all all of our students are required to read a blog titled eighteen forty four made simple and he says you know everywhere no matter what country I mean people are always tell me that the reading eighteen forty four made simple because in that the parallels end of chapter two Daniel chapter seven and chapter eight and nine and shows that those prophecies all build off of Daniel the second chapter so let's just do a little bitter review what have we learned already this morning the first thing that we learned we went to was our first reference you taking notes with reference second Timothy chapter three verses fifteen to seventeen and we focused especially on one verse verse sixteen it's sad all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for those four things the next reference we went to was second Peter chapter one verses nineteen to twenty one and verse nineteen started on it we have a more sure word of lot prophecy and more short and lots and I witnessed one person we find that in which it when you can't libel studies it is necessary for you to review what you have just shared with someone right now what we're doing as we were simply repeating Emily and so they lost in your memory you will never forget where the text that says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God if you remember right now there's no reason you should forget it when you leave course I'm hoping estate in the next half of this vinyl siding that supports up to you so all centers are my inspiration of God how much of that whole and that is similar to second Peter chapter one verses nineteen to twenty one we had a more sure word of prophecy was our next references and I remember without energy notes of negligence John fourteen twenty nine what was the reason we went to John fourteen twenty nine to show the reason that God gives us processing and what is the reason so that we can only so that we can believe Jesus as I told you things before they take place of the women don't take place you may believe then we went to Isaiah lacks forty six nine and ten what was the reason we were in Isaiah forty six nine and ten that's right to see the difference between the dawn of the Bible and other gods and the God of the Bible can tell us a lot everything well diligent in biblical language being in from the beginning now what is your name my friend Chris Chris of therapy when Chris and address just this argument industriously so Chris you and I can have lunch tomorrow at one o'clock that's predictable is what I said next week will have lunch at one o'clock on Thursday that could happen is a possibility possibility but I think ten years and now United have lunch on the third that is a possibility please Jesus for ten years but it's a possibility what I sent a hundred and fifty years from now you can have lunch or less than twenty five hundred years and now you and I can have long by the possibility of it please Jesus come before then so you and I cannot foretell the future I can say hey we would like to do this in the future but we cannot foretell it with the accuracy that God tells them win so let's go to our Bibles our next reference according to the screen is one Daniel chapter two one versus arena focus on twenty six Re: now when you're getting this Bible Saturday you are going to have to give some some information prior to reading these verses and it have anywhere from a romantic chapter two of you have in your familiar enough with Daniel chapter to give a Bible study on it with no notes of you have a couple of us praise the Lord Jesus Christ that that's why we have life on the edge so you can take your Bible with no notes and get a Bible study next time some ASU that UBL is a well because I skipped the last half of that class I can do the versa management is all right Daniel was taken captive by Babylonian King and his name is Nebuchadnezzar Daniel was educated Indonesian as if schools and the net and then became one of the wisest individuals in the realm of Babel and so he was called a wise man well King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and in this dream well then because he forgets it the Bible says and energetic unit he tells the Wiseman this thing is gone from me soon can't remember and so then he tells the Wiseman I want you on paying you for this stuff you talk to the gods I want you to ask the gods what I dreamed of now any interpretation of what I dreamed about and if you can't do it on the turn your house is a makeup during the visas and turn your houses into a place where donkeys go to the bathroom we can imagine these wise these Wiseman were like last very wise king noting his arrest any of us to do such a thing and he says this is what I'm paying you for him to an eminent German aces when I can't do it so they start having people and visas may come in Daniel 's house and area Catherine King 's Garden on Sunday in a store because I Daniel I'm here to document abuses and turn your house into place in August of the restroom Dennis is will a minute area when he once went on here so evidently Daniel was not at that first meeting are genuine unknowns going on the Danielle asks Marriott to let them talk to the King he actually came for time and the king gives him some time and then Daniel and his friends go to prayer meeting my friends you need to go to brimming the spiritual pulse of the church is measured by the attendance at prayer meeting but that's a quote on another reference that's from the testimony of Jesus you know if you say Ellen White said people may revolt that if you say the testimony of Jesus says in a hard argument of testimony Jesus is the drive testimony Jesus tells us that the spiritual pulse of the church is measured by the contemporary meaning so here's Daniel 's three friends they pray their prayer meeting and God gives to Daniel the dream and its interpretation so here we are in Daniel chapter two and I want you to look at verse what I say twenty six extra verse twenty six and at the end of this verse thirty at the end of verse thirty your sibling arrives in your next reference which of the thirty one through thirty five when you have a one sentence in the same chapter you know you delete items yourself how to decipher Denmark that said you don't have to have notes with you but you know that each one in your letter you want to win on the text of buckshot and will see that women integrate controversy text when we go to Genesis chapter one and I believe we reference eleven times are London texts in Genesis chapter one to hear we are Daniel chapter two and verse twenty six and in some argument and time again the king answered and said to Daniel whose name was announced as our arts now able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen and reinterpretation they're all Daniel answered in the presence of the king inside the secret which the king has demanded Kanagawa Wiseman this astrologer 's magicians in the soothsayers show unto the king so who can show Mister McCain mortal man you're absolutely right verse twenty eight has a three letter word what's that word but so incomplete in total contradiction to what was just said in verse twenty seven Daniel says there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets and makes known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days what's the purpose of this dream according to verse twenty eight was hurt while whispering latter days to show what would take place in the latter days or at me and of time continuing on here by dream and the visions of my head upon my bed are these you just put yourself in the position of King Nebuchadnezzar King Nebuchadnezzar is sitting as pompously as the King consent on his Royal throne and here is this she was slain that has been educated by balance finance who by the way could not answer nanny can answer in wanting his dream or the interpretation that here's this the world 's slaves in front of them he can answer and he says many Knesset they were right you know mortal man can tell you your dream or the interpretation but there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets you can just imagine Nebuchadnezzar he just sits back and throws open his royal road we just sitting there are movies weren't purple or whatever he got on his like this guys 's a God in heaven okay tell me about this verse twenty nine as for the Ovaltine my thoughts came into my mind then you will know that that's a no-brainer Daniel I told you I had a dream what should come to pass hereafter so there's the second reason for this dream the first reason was to show what would take place in the latter days or at the end of time the second reason for this dream is to show what will take place after the drain all you hear the one latter days of the end of time okay cc of air in verse twenty nine what should come to pass hereafter so here's the drain the drink I tell you what's get him to pass hereafter and it's also going to tell you what I think place at the end of time which is letting Scripture open itself to us and it's really exciting in the second half of the study when we go through Scripture to prove each one of the kingdoms that you are very familiar with in Daniel chapter two verse thirty but as for me the secret is not revealed to me for gaining wisdom that I have more than any living but for their sake you shall make no interpretation to the game and that now must know the thoughts of my heart burst thirty one November thirty one now okay so here comes in verses twenty six to thirty we got up and there were two reasons for this vision what time is it ten twenty two there's two reasons for this vision where those two reasons the show will take place in the latter days or the end of time and the show will take place in the present time all the way up to the latter time and so here the Bible tells us really go to the next part of his studies again the reason we went to Daniel to twenty six and thirty was to get those two reasons the dreams go to show it to take place at the end of time alone can tell us from the beginning before something comes to pass what's going to happen and how is one in who alone can do that God according to who God tried a setting where the sample was a reference Isaiah forty six ninety ten very nice okay so here we are verse thirty one so there so that nosy that are marking this can discontinue marketing Bible verse thirty one thou O King Salus and behold a great image they can imagine King Nebuchadnezzar Stryker two in such a déjà vu moment for okay remember an image and then Daniel says to him this great image whose brightness was excellent stood before the end of formed thereon was terrible the images had was a fine goal in the Knesset leans forward in his royal throne the images had was a fine goal each sure arms of silver his belly and thighs of brass even imagine anything as is now sitting on the very age of his royal throne because this Hebrew slave that was in tune with the God of heaven the God that wrote this book is telling them he can answer what he dreams and no mortal man can tell you what you dream maybe Nostradamus degassing unit run about thirty percent of the time but not one hundred percent of the time you can imagine that Nebuchadnezzar is now on the edge of his royal throne saying continuing on here is belly and thighs of brass yes yes belonged along his legs of iron this means part of iron and part of clay now saw still that a stone was cut out without hands which smote the image upon us the network of iron and clay and break them to pieces then was behind the plate Abraxas over the gold broken to pieces together and became like that she of the summer threshing floors and shaft is it's like the X Donald Hall of the weeds with a grain that is being thrashed on the threshing floor and what they would do is up once they being all of the weeds on the hands of the grain of the stock there been another they usually get it on the top of a hill would get up there with either their hands or scoop and they would just grow that drain up into the air and of course the halls and backslide worth thrashing wheat on the ground in the wind would carry away the chaff and the heavy gray all right back to the ground so that's what it means it was blown away like a shack in the summer threshing floors what personal reimbursed thirty five and the wind carried them away to no place was found for them in the stone that smote the image became a great mountain and you know the whole earth many Viewmaster is completely beside himself this Hebrew slave has just told that he can answer what he dreamed the night before and it seamlessly wasn't even one of the first of the group of Wiseman called the Internet he can emerge anything is his bedchamber whenever you doesn't sound my train and the interpretation but that is not on here using Ms. Daniel also has to tell many Kanazawa the interpretation now what he is not even as a confidence that the interpretation of Daniel is going to be true alas the question again what is Nebuchadnezzar the confidence that what Daniel is going to share with him as the interpretation is true because he just told in a string wouldn't that be amazing you know let's suppose that some have left their three minutes perfect let's suppose that you go to a horse track nongovernmental or sacramental horse racing and on hearing Louisville Kentucky mega horserace on here albeit Macedo but I doubt is on being here with you but not supposed to go to the horse track and you go into the dining room you have five dollars we never met before and there's this guy there with a top hat black top hats black suit and bow ties guys much anything got black boots of the shiny gold buckle on a nice trousers and he says put your money on horse number three when you have nothing to lose so you put your money of course I'm three and he wins to go to have your money where it is the government enforced track and then you say well enough up with an original five dollars and hear anything of the money that I just want back into bed it again Siegel went down there and you see the guy in the top ten shine boots gold McCain nice slacks and Mozart pieces put all your money and worse number seven when you think you're going to question side of my original five right and horse number seven when you go down you collect your money you go back because now you're like this election are going to UW go back downstairs that I guess is downstairs with a net and there's the same guy had came shiny black boots gold buckle my slacks that about time he says put all your money on horse number twelve when you get into your Drupal five value pocket you can put it with the other money inure to put everything unfortunately twelve why would you do that okay I hear past experience why else would you do that process and eyesight because this guy has shown to you that he can call you who is going to win the race you would say no problem I'll even bet my original five oh nine were to find out that when Daniel gives the interpretation to Nebuchadnezzar that God gave to Daniel that many can answer at that moment of course he falls away but in that moment Nebuchadnezzar is ready to place his entire life in the hands of God like that and Jesus studied the Bible in topics that's what we has started to do this morning I had three minutes I'm now down to what probably fifteen seconds Jesus studied the Bible and topics and so on our next class we will take the second half of this Bible study and we will let God 's word interpret itself Sharon is no while private interpretation know when using a Bible study like this and you study the Bible study with someone else that someone will become excited I was this morning for breakfast talked to a young man named Carmen K are in a in he was one of the guys of Hannah nice black slacks about this no coat and I told him that there was a secret to studying the Bible and he and I got into a conversation about the secret and the secret is studying the Bible the way Jesus in was going to buy a trailer and I went to the trailer shop and I told the gentleman of the trailer shop while we were sitting there waiting for them to do something above and I said you know he says it wisely listened to for evangelism is about or simply place that teaches people how to study the Bible and Jesus did you know Jesus gives us a sequence of Adam Luke twenty four he said okay I'll bite that hope what's the secret and this guy at the and when I told in a secret I said you know there's three ways you can study just like Jesus did a Bible study sheet for Bible guide sheet a book called Bible readings for the home or I can come study with you on a weekly basis which is the best option anything about it look for a cat Roman Catholic to be studying medicine they are missed I said if we study the way Jesus did it looks just like Jesus study Meadows middle-of-the-road tomatoes he chuckled he said the other two options for what I said Bible guide sheets in a book called Bible readings for the home he said I'll take the first two options my friends Jesus gives us the secret so that we can share his shoes when other people without putting their own twist and our own slang on God 's Word his Scripture is of no private interpretation with our father we thank you so much that we've been able to learn from your word today that we serve a God until the end from the beginning we seven God gives us prophecy so that when it comes to pass that we may believe the following private Internet if you will give us the same inspiration that you gave to the profits that wrote your word so that we can understand we thank you for this privilege advantage will give us opportunities to share the secret of studying Scripture with others we pray this in Jesus name amen this was used by audio versus working twice generation of Christ you would like to learn more about you my see please visit www. nursing lifestyle that will or if you'd like more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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