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Divine Appointments

Doug Batchelor


Let us not lose a sense of God's presence and of His providential workings in our every day lives.


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts


  • May 14, 2019
    8:00 AM
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Father we thank you for your blessings another day of life and we just pray your spirit will be present as we consider your words and how to apply these truths to our lives thank you and ask in Jesus name you man. Morning. You know I'm always amazed. That God knows every day. And I know that sounds like a kind of an obvious statement but I love reading the stories in the Bible where God makes it clear that he not only knows our address he knows everybody's address and you have a number of occasions in the Bible or God sets of what we call the line appointments have you ever had a divine appointment. One example of that is here Moses is in the wilderness and those of us being called by God This is Exodus 414. And he's reluctant to go. And he's really reluctant God shows him signs and wonders and miracles and Moses recoiling at the idea that he is going to go and stand before Pharaoh and he ran away he was being hunted for murder and the whole thing really frightened him finally it says you know God says look if I tell you to do something all you should always do what I tell you about your best interests in mind it's amazing how long it takes us to learn that that one God asks us to do something we should do it regardless of the consequences. So the anger of the ward was kindled in small pieces and he said is not Aaron the Levite your brother I know he can speak well most of us was reluctant to speak he hadn't spoken to Gyptian in 40 years. And look he's coming out to meet you and when he sees you he will be glad in his heart of a word said Aaron go into the wilderness and meet us so it's like. Aaron's on the way to me and I Moses doesn't know that Sharon doesn't know what God says look. I'm going to work out an appointment there and I want to go meet Moses Moses I want to go meet Aaron here's your brother. You work together. And God is guiding them both to run Dave who is somewhere before they go and they meet and I just think you know God arranges those appointments for us all the time sometimes you might tell you someone's coming to meet you but how often if you ran into somebody and thought well I was a divine appointment God sent them to be at the right place at the right time and then he sent me to be there at that exact moment sometimes God arranges divine appointments where you're not supposed to be somewhere. And he helps you avoid disaster. My father missed the plane and he was really upset when he missed the plane and the plane crashed. You've heard stories like that happen to my father. And some of the it happened to him twice in this life resupply let so. You know he flew more frequently you can read about a life. In 1st King 17 verse 7 and it happened after a while the brute dried up because there's been no rain in the land. Ledges of waiting on the Lord has no water there's no food and the word of the Lord of Ensley came to him and said are rising go to 0 which belongs to Zion and and well there see I have a commanded a widow there to provide for you and one gun said that the widow knew nothing about it you know the story that when he finally meets Francisco make me a piece of bread she says if I make you bread my son I'll starve. But God then spoke to answer does do what he said and God had a person. That was going to take your Alija she didn't know it until the moment came and that allies in new there would be someone there. I can't count how many times in my life that God has arranged just the right person at the right time thank you for my testimony before. I was hitchhiking cross country and there are 2 places I was trying to go in California one was as you move up to the cave I want to stop and see grandma in Desert Hot Springs she live right by the cave I'm in Oklahoma and I'm hitchhiking I'm not religious but it was one of the 1st prayers I prayed and I'm sure it was a very muddled prayer but in effect I said you know Lord help me get a ride to or I'm going again picked up by these drunks and these crazy people. And I'm so tired and so cold if you just get me right I had no money and I prayed and I think in that prayer apologize well as a pagan could for my sins I don't even know if I call them sins back then but. As soon as I finished praying this way to stop he picked me up and he drove me 1500 miles to my grandmother's house had me meet with my grandmother and then took me to the cave and they gave me $40.00 and he fed me all the way to California it's an interesting story he was a born again Christian but he also wanted to go meet David Carradine who played kung fu so I stopped with him in Hollywood so he could meet David Carradine and he took me to Palm Springs a very lot more to stories not the book but it was clearly a divine appointment when he took me actually where I needed to go. Nathaniel John 148 and comes to Jesus he says Lord how do you know me sometimes you meet toward me think you mean you knew me and Jesus said before Philip even called you to introduce you to me I saw you under the fig tree. He was under the fig tree praying about this message of John the Baptist that he had found the Messiah and. So the phenols they're praying and he's under a fig tree and probably will hog day one of these praying about. You know is this the one bored in the Philip comes as we found him. And. He said I saw you he's a rebel you are the key. Of Israel if you saw me preen that would be evidence and Jesus says Are you impressed by that nothing no you're going to see bigger things and this he would become one of the Apostles look at the things you would see. And he said You are the Son of God the King of Israel. In Luke 22. Jesus tells you the apostles he said look we're going to we're going to have to borrow someone's house 4 or Passover meal we don't own a place big enough. And so is God's worked out a place behold when you enter the city a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water follow him. And you can see them going up and down the street and maybe a looks over the shoulders of one of you guys are following me he goes in the house they follow him upstairs and this is maybe a sermon then they meet the person of the House and the found it just as he had said to them so they prepare the pence over how many of you have heard him Jones's testimony. That he was watching our programs and he became convict about the Sabbath truth and after I don't know how long he was watching one of these as well I can just know that I've got to do something about it Today's the day I'm going to go to church I just and he struggle with conviction so I woke up and he was fighting so much about the conviction that never occurred to me to know where to go so he gets his suit on and walks out his front door he lives somewhere near antelope. And he's standing there saying OK Lord now where do I go and right at that moment another family walked out to their car and they looked like they were dressed nicely in the car in the Holy Spirit and follow them. Never met them before so he helped in this car and he starts all of this family and he figured they were maybe God is going to lead them to a church and so they were he thought they'd go up and down a couple streets and go to a local church he said that he followed them follow they went on the freeway and they're going down 80 you know this is crazy they might be going to San Francisco what's wrong with me I'm losing my mind but he kept thinking followed and so he. Following that really takes the lead in the Lord when he get on the interstate you're still following if you don't know if you have enough gas and you know how long it's going to be they finally turn off in the Toma somewhere and he followed them they pulled into a school and went to do this if you're going to a school then well it so happens it was an admin this group actually one planted by central that was meeting up in the Thomas and so he followed them in and saw it was a sap is keeping group and he met there for a few weeks and then he came over to Central but I always thought it takes a lot of faith to just follow somebody the Holy Spirit was certainly leading him. Jesus said follow that guy with a pitcher of water. And you go to 139 and whenever a preacher Bojo on it says Where can I go from your spirit or where can I flee from your presence if I send into heaven and you're there or if I make my bed in hell behold you're there if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the other most parts of the sea even your there your hand will lead me and your right hand will hold me and even back then they knew there were birds that could fly for a 1000 miles and just say no matter where you are you can run from God Jonah don't read this verse evidently. Mark 11 now when they drew near Jerusalem to Bethpage in Bethany at the Mount of Olives he sent 2 of his disciples and he said to Jesus off and sent him out to buy to go into the villages opposite you mean you know right there in front of you and the soon to be you entered the city you'll find it cold tied on which no one has sat. Don't ask permission to Salusa it and bring it was a Christian do that does that make God lead stealing. Just take it. I mean when God tells you. They'll be a colt loose it and bring it and if anyone says to you why are you doing this say the Lord has need of it. You ever tried that before just find an open car door step in the Keys are there some is where you going says the Lord has a need. And. So they went their way they fell in the cold tied by the door outside the street and they lose to someone who stood there said to them what are you doing Lucy Nicole and they spoke to them just as Jesus had commanded so they let them go to try that sometime. Care and I got pulled over for speeding I should just say I got pulled over because I was driving a couple of weeks ago and the policeman actually pulled over to us. And coming back from Colo and. And so I played the mercy card. You know I didn't want judgement I didn't want justice I wanted mercy. So I told the policeman I said can you have mercy. I said I haven't had a ticket a long time he didn't answer he walked away and started writing things down I thought oh well traffic school here I come. And a little while back later he had Karen open the window he shoved in a card and said warning he said Slow down I said Praise the Lord. And so they let him go and that became the cold Jesus it was borrowed I do know most of what Jesus did it was borrowed He stayed in borrowed homes borrowed upper room he wrote a borrowed don't be. Luke 95 And when Jesus came to the place he looked down they said there's a key is make haste and come down for I have an appointment to eat at your house today I'm paraphrasing So not only do I know your name I know where you live and I know what you're having for dinner and I'm supposed to eat it. God has these appointments. X. 9 now there was a certain disciple at the mascot's name and a nice and the Lord said to him and and I as he said Here I am lord he said arise. Go to the street called Street and enquire in the House of Judas for one named Saul of Tarsus for behold these pray not only do I know the street I know who lives in that house I know what they're doing in the house of God She is in the house when we're praying. That's kind of mean does he see in your house if you're not trained. So that I see he's praying I'm about to answer his prayer and I'm going to use you to do it then all these stories it's interesting that God has angels that can do it but he uses people. Now send men to Joppa and send for Simon whose surname is Peter he's lodging with Simon a tanner in a house by the sea I mean they didn't have G.P.S. back then they didn't have 3305 Joppa street and so he says you know there's a house he's the Tanners house they usually have smoke coming up from it. And it's by the sea and town was small if you could find it and he's got someone in Peter in his house I mean God has the he's got the G.P.S. on everybody doesn't it. And so they sent and they found Peter and Peter came back to their house and there was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit God could of using people. And then I was like this one here and Daniel mind this will be the last verse we'll give you. While I was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel who had seen in the vision of the beginning earlier in the book being caused to fly swiftly reach me about the time of the evening offering and he informed me and he talked with me he said Oh Daniel I've now come forth to give you skill and understanding at the beginning of your supplication they command went out and I have come to tell you for you are greatly beloved there for consider the matter and understand Daniel started praying to God sent angels to answer. Does he only do that for Daniel or does God send angels for his people that prayed so often we may not know that they have been. I'll tell you one more story that I never forgot. I was in New York City during the years when I was a runaway and I must have been 15 years old at the time maybe 16 I think I was 15 by myself you know I look back and think about my kid was 15 years old roaming the streets of New York that would terrify me and it was not a safe back then as it is now. And. I had my mother lived in London now I had no family in New York City I had one friend named David McLean and he had run away with me once before if you read my book that was the killer in a way. And I hope all called David I'm young and stupid I thought all called even to realize I don't have his number will go to a phone booth and back on the phone because in the gigantic phone books in the phone booth and I was young and stupid it didn't occur to me in New York City you know me Irish people are now he was actually from India but he had the name McLean and I opened up the phone book and there were pages and pages of Maclean's and I was looking for his parents name and I didn't even know their name and I called a couple of them you had to pay for a phone booth back then and I was getting nowhere and I got sort of secure and I was tired I hadn't slept all night and I just. I just pray that you know will Lord what am I going to do I have nowhere to stay tonight and I just slumped in the phone booth and I was staring you know they're glass full of us I mean the phone booth. Leaned against the door. And David walked by. And this is a New York City I don't know what part of town he lived in and I started being you know out and he job he thought was some crazy person in the phone booth and he jumped as the day the David until looked at me for a minute and he's doing it and so he ended up helping me get a place to stay the interesting part of the story is that was the last time I saw him for 40 years and. He used to be like my best friend and then we got a call at the front desk I don't remember who took the call whether it was your militia or somebody. And they said there's some guy named David and says Your old friend wants to talk to you and you know we get a lot of strange calls you don't ever know and so I talk to me it was she turned into a colonel in the Army and he's now retired colonel and we're friends on Facebook but to me that was and I'm able to share my faith with my play record both of them were so it's interesting the divine arrangements one of the chances that you'd be in New York City and you pray as much as a pagan can pray and the very person you're looking for in the phone book walks by. I mean God sees us all the time anyway so I'm just always encouraged by these stories for you might be to we have some per question human. Heart why don't you. Father in heaven thank you so much for your blessings for this new day of life we thank you Lord for the way that we see that you bless the ministry in the hearts are being changed and touched but we pray for the many requests that have come in some who are asking for deliverance and they're thinking others that are struggling maybe with alcohol or drugs people faced with severe financial challenges and also pray Lord that you God regarding plans for the ministry for the future please be with the building project on the Hill remove the obstacles the ongoing construction through the coming rain so that doesn't create a serious delay and. Keep everyone safe working up there please give us your Holy Spirit help us find courage in knowing that your eyes see everything you watch us all the time and you are always arranging divine appointments to strengthen our faith and opportunities to minister so we look forward to a sense in your angels with us through this day in your spirit in our hearts we pray in Jesus name Amen and.


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