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Spirit of Prophecy

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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dear prophecy is one of the top thing my pool our sorry which we had an hour and a half on my presuming that these are values that long spent a lot of time of the living zero things like this okay lets are never right into it Lord Jesus and everything is so much for the opportunity we have to study your Bible this afternoon I asked Lord is that it is most important subject the spirit of prophecy property during the churchwarden you know it's difficult for many people in Berkshire this is we see of the Bible Lord I pray that our hearts will burn within us and give us a desire and passion to share with others I ask is an how many people in the unassuming whenever you have to deal with giving the spear from theory or you hear anybody talking about Helen Wyman insurance and you have visited their country and just a little bit beyond some guy painting all melding of Oracle the same you know you can take a long white how the danger in still think you are a golf you get here in the developing will have to do any sense of abandonment come from other there is a Babylonian backgrounds coming to think about everything they want to believe is not true anymore you'd think there'd level Dellinger a child out of heaven even after the gravedigger image of hell even the grave right e.g. John that is not right in thinking this many that because the Bible says I wasn't eating anything he wanted to eat you know they they thought that the Helmer diseases lazily tidies on the left of the case back to burn on the part of health he is right now with every single night everything they hear and make the meeting room while studying in the field like all of the guy came in the house on my theology before I became a Christian theology came from watching commentary and other cartons and is working on the review is coming during easy to things going on there like a cat mouth word-of-mouth go people talking mouth and another thing we can I have been in the notice in early are visible of government is working to return and keep improving on thank me beyond the monastery was was really scaring them off when I became a Christian and I and and howling begin with some of them is responding imprisoned but I realized that most of my other Christian friends believe exactly what I used to believe and I think the author the television from gardens in China is very statement to make but it is true and so even if you simulate all the fair probability that they don't want when it is near the hotel might mean nothing to Doctor exam out your silicone in the new because it isn't exactly not funny with her I may write in only the right thing of the banners are anything any polling in amazing dream great advantages that you can shop from the Bible and I love it that the last domains of executive filming a Google story on everything this was a minister coming there with James Harding he was a bishop James Harding at a little over a United year ago before the meetings are about humans that have finally started realizing that something wasn't right with what he'd been taught in seminary to two and at divinity degrees right in one any relevance of the things within learning in college and match the Bible and it is wiring a male becomes leading and I stand up and start regionally trues that he'd never met her before but he's an honest man and wife of the Bible says is Josh I like hundreds of people going to get back yesterday that he will write error the only thing our short-term United on your Christians are so loving and other charges incurred in energy manager activities of Stern and eleven is a hard figurative words well those loving Christians as soon as he said you know what I think the things are altered by what is anything that the renowned party and that all his money away from him nor paycheck immediately so I met the man made a stand for the Lord and I not ashamed of any of the microphone from the wiki to them that Mister Nicholas forgot to find out with the study even the spirit of coffee very nice is the word of God is something like that always we got to go outside the Bible and try to prove the almighty profit no remember to write the Bible so let's get right into the study of a lot of fun this is the most fun study will live that is the spirit of prophecy or event is when the market arrival is the neuropathy now eighty one everything is differently you can make your young is a segregation twice a day not with H Rachel H Rachel didn't get really confused so that it is in our study we used VW destruction of the wicked and the use page Rachel okay and again anybody like to see this I will ever know near outlets you take a look at it because the one marked all of what looks like when it's done and you should practice going through it you several does give them I will study the Bible welcome to do that but Oregon okay spare proxy of wood or other purposes right now is probably that okay is looks like a lot of sixteen will know that infrequently I think I finally got in the study now the idea that sixteen text to show the spirit of prophecy bigger other than a text file against deleterious and a lot more than I is Chapter five is the first one is Chapter five let us go there I have to go to market by letting the right one as the syringe of this chapter fiber twenty one twenty nine one SP1 on the bottom of that Genesis seven six method actually going to Genesis seven six why you're looking at him doing that oh and by the way here is what the outlines would like to be smart about that event with the right of yourself I don't have any more this is one copy but this this if you want to get when you get the right amount of the Internet or I think that if you talk to me among the users of on CNET download in an e-mail the e-mail of the meant that this is called ahead and let everything other like Google brings Novelli is the same easy to things in and how to market my love only visible and out so even if those I have my setting of your this is a quick reference so just as after five twenty one twenty nine were for my start at the love go there like any studies would like have a whole set divider data later on and about pages and by the way we do something and a lot of people know that we believe that you can copywriting things got your nineties I didn't even mean the materials of the things that you buy a set of DVDs anyone make copies of them to another people you can you know copywriting and such feel guilty about doing anything like a donation to help us out to you by the present County to get your advised that an economic copy that further define the leaders after you never sell the resell them and you don't repent and go to hell because that is when that identity stealing again so you can make copies that just get them away right to help other people learn to study the Bible 's annual fine sometimes he revealed that difficult to get a Bible study take the DVDs in the house putting your foot in the anywhere plan for them while a resident series we sold six sets of those two non- Seventh-day Adventist during meetings with our notions with other people and they could home in a heartfelt outcome the distorted killing on right now Genesis five twenty one a look with that in Genesis chapter five hundred twenty one and Enoch lived sixty five years and begat Methuselah to question his illness got ever die midazolam zero this guy to ever live in a you know that you always got ever lived because he never die and he so the oldest guy to ever layout within the ad of the oldest guy to ever die please let the little jugular okay so notice what happened I listened in five years again please let anyone walk with God ever made please let three hundred years and begat sons and daughters and all the negative painting worth three hundred and sixty five years and in walk with God and was not for God took him and Methuselah lived a hundred and eighty seven years and mid-Atlantic and Methuselah lived after he begat lemmings and one hundred eighty two years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of others over nine hundred and sixty nine years eight Howells but this only died he has read the Bible nine hundred sick on your feet unit nine hundred sixty nine years twenty nine and when he lived a hundred and eighty two years and begat a son and they called his name Noah is an interesting family tree you have you have enough and who was translated but there's Laval 's got ever die you have a limit to knows is that a no okay that damage either of the lower NSS and he called his name Noah saying the same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands because the ground similarly Kurt now using start to study the only one will be started right there is something strangely is there a family tree well I want to notice two things out of that first of all anonymous the name of Methuselah and what it means what is with Islami of the point is that under the other one first you know that unit was a prophet at him it was a prophet that is on the screen again it seems after one eight oh one seven two verse fourteen though your good revelation back up one book June first fourteen said in a dissent from Adam prophesied anything saying Lord come look at the health of his saints right prophesying soak it in his prime assignment and again a profit between him and his first son 's name was a promising yet he's prophesying your espresso liquid is ninety nine to July but there's a lot me with the remaining Dyson maybe you don't immediately think it comes in judgment on some of those left lane means when he dies it just becomes organ comes the NMI walk around the same others lent itself that is Oliver North coming I want to wait I mean his name has been in like a related note if anything my son twenty nine and the only thing it comes in the offing the strengthening for his new millennium finally Methuselah align the strengthening of his own body and I becomes a dime income well let us find out what significant significant this has for us was Elizabeth says it is written in a little section we ran that Methuselah was a hundred and eighty seven years old when he had Lanigan eighty two years old when he had no so when Noah was born how old Methuselah three hundred and fifty nine years out one of his women I was born three hundred sixty nine years know what was in the middle of his laymen wait time it comes some of the three hundred fifty nine years old Noah's birth you defile that statement made on this one is not easy until you learn it you have has notes like to know what I did I defend my Bible prophesy guide is broken in these years I could tell me one thing like that so that I can think of the people we distribute after midnight now that is what happens in Genesis chapter seven or six Nina Nella comes along in other words it was like this in visit of prophecies it on my son 's eyes it comes at the end of this prophecy toward the imminent time promptly nullified return as a survey like this is all grandmother and I soon and I you better get ready because his name meant when he died it comes judgment on okay Noah's preaching that his grandmother in organizing the hunt of Violet Zeta does not want him and him getting in there what with the simple point I'm making is the Bible as we die it will come in no a long preaching to begin is coming soon because I was coming in my mind on his Internet on the Internet during writing a letter everyone look to the Bible says in Genesis chapter seven birthday not what Howell six hundred years old and one large room on your account was knowledgeable and clear six hundred years old notice something here note has been no and his burden of vigilant with three hundred sixty nine years old is the string of you know was three hundred officials greet her thinking I was very know his music how was Methuselah according to Genesis chapters nine chapter five and verse twenty seven bowel movement is love when Noah was born three sixty nine and three sixty nine US six hundred and as I got any nine hundred sixty nine Howell was there something I know there is a kind years in an interesting than anything is a timeline processing in prophesying with his son he says that they will be guys that was going on in the more interesting things to do something near the guy really wanted his run at the Libyans now even more appealing to because God said that when that is thy judgment come in he shows that God 's mercy and long-suffering with his people he let others live longer than anybody else in the long weekend chiding everybody getting it on the art today God is able to go to delay the Lord is never going thinking for ever and ever and ever needed to find what you wait so long is because he loves you bring us out of the study is delighted along the line because just like it wasn't into the living time with the saloon owner and anybody else because I was putting it all the Bible says that when he dies it comes in before he died check it out and I'm in a timeline processing right he died it would come before he dies I say okay him very all non- Starbucks ninety nine I know when I was in no definitive than what they got instead he's in a profit in the light into war in the world that you know what you get ready things will happen to look less like a hero but it was rehabilitated and is a timeline promising and it is my policy God raised up another profit and let them know the time I was coming to an end you might within the biblical pattern through the whole Bible is the biblical pattern throughout you have a profit I find my promising and you have another probability in my prophecy announcing writing about wanting to significant in clear that the end so we went in my policy no knowledge of it Genesis chapter fifteen verse thirteen and fourteen Genesis chapter fifteen of me ask you is not before the if Google was around in the days of Noah what do you think Google would say about Noah Yahoo Google Israel knows I got another thing on the Internet searching thing regarding the really person the search engine will hear anything about Noah and they've know what you think anything of it we had a computer system and Internet everything what do you think of the only Internet about knowing his neck and making a starter finally there's a lot of things I don't listen to him these and some guy friends call these minority the majority of the wireless anyone fantasizing can't rewrite the given anything like that Pavano Seventh-day Adventist you minority group was something crazy messages against everybody else can you now by this point in miles letting allowing the unit of the spirit of prophecy and as far along guarding every twenty three hundred eight privacy rights are a lot of things okay wait where the subway had regards on the study and you're already a morning assembly and then I bring this out very clearly as I can fit it in in Noah's name the Internet if you would on a search on Google about Noah they were eroding on him in the bar this brands lunatic you have found interesting that right okay now the Genesis fifteen thirteen according to let a guy by the name of Abram reportedly became Abraham you know that was his name for he was Abraham and Abram he got a new name but we're not going to worry about that part right now this look at verse thirteen and by their Genesis fifteen verse thirteen and fourteen Bible says and he said unto Abram know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger land is not bears and shall serve them and shall lead them for four hundred years and also that nation whom they shall serve will idealize and afterward LA canal of great substance the Bible says the prophet Abraham is prophesying here that he envisioned a window into bondage in the bondage where they go severe member agent for four hundred years and after the four hundred years after that time the Bible says they will be delivered now we look at a short part of the other biblical pattern it result in a given time I probably would like Methuselah and in a timeline passing on that another profit that was coming to an end now clicking another time when prophecies as I know none of monitor how long four hundred years at the in the four hundred years why should we be looking for maybe another profit that guy would raise up the now before here's going to any and I possibly thereby with me okay let's find out relatively exes chapter dreamer seven Genesis Exodus you'll have the children of Israel Abrahamson is what happened to them they went down into Egypt and the money donated right and as they are there they were getting bad and what this godly living in the afternoon after the morning is one of the guys that got us he raises of another man another profit by the name of Moses and of a guy called Moses and they called him to deliver his people out of Egypt door-to-door looking at here again is a difficult matter God is upon my prophecy at the end of the time I promptly got everything is hanging in the balance is wondering why wonder what will happen the wages of another province when people back to the first prophecy is all that important that we were not left in the dark and what it says in verse for the starting verse three per by seven hundred seven and the Lord said I have surely seen the original my people which are in Egypt I've heard their cry by reason of taskmasters for I know their sorrows and I'm come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land and the land at large until an employment milk and honey and to and unto the place of the Canaanites and the Hittites and Amorites in paradise engine design now therefore behold the cried the children of Israel coming to me and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them come now therefore and I will send thee into Pharaoh that now may it bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt so what happened in the four hundred years after the four hundred years God sends Moses to deliver them down I don't have on the slides there's another text we can turn to becoming you a little more selling this is exactly what the place and I believe is Exodus chapter twelve Exodus chapter twelve in verse forty the process exits after developers porting now the sojourning of the children of Israel who dwelling age of the four hundred and thirty years and it came to pass that in the four hundred thirty years even the selfsame day that that all the Lord came out when agent so that what they got David in the four hundred years after the four hundred years he you will even deliver his people he never went upon microscopy hanging around the thing I notice anything is maybe a little conspicuous than on the guy right now this is part of the method of anything how many did for thirty years they wanted their four hundred thirty eight my findings as there is a something is Abraham 's immediate Abraham says prophetically in the Bible that in only four hundred yards in each of the economy delivered with yet another four hundred years of their four hundred and thirty years Abraham Wolfram deHavilland neither my is an answer that sure is that I don't have time to get the immunity anyway is a very interesting thing is I think I think along the money needed we sort I don't need over the next determine acceptor seven this is not in your study distant Lopressor I can remember but with this for some time are all of God 's prophecies that he gives only a matter of fact hard other conditions sometimes his prophecies yesterday 's initializing the inner life of Moses before he had to go into the desert again then he visited his brother and he killed the Egyptian or what happened there look what people about the statement says in his last great sermon greatest sermon ever preached by any New Testament disciples you know what you wanted the case when they kill you into the sermon you know the Goodwin and so they killed an enemy within a very good sermon letter to accept or seven discriminant notices like if you want to cut the audio on this right here's a video and think about everything you can do that with only plans that it is the seventh and went on a study with an image of the meeting or something I distantly cite the Bible seventy after four hundred years they will be delivered four hundred thirty years and after four hundred they were delivered at the short answer going to the short answer is it but I think there's something in more detail in the primary and here are six seven six take on this wife that he has seen with sojourn in the spring plan that they should bring them into bondage and intrigue unable four hundred years before it says right now visiting the beginning of the history of Israel and you get reverse seventeen something very interesting things like that when the time of the promise I wish God swore to Abraham the people grew and multiplied in Egypt and what promise the four hundred years is getting close to being in the people grew in the Pyrenees in a multiply to another king arose it did not know Joseph the same dwell suddenly with a tilt with the kindred evil treat our father so they cast their young into the air Andrea in which time Moses was born of English time what wasn't referring to the four hundred time prompting the company was getting close intimate delivered mother was born in Minnesota when he was cast down they regarded the Gamma knife in her own bedroom son and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of Egyptian and was mighty in words and the game-winning double forty years old it came into his heart to visit his brother the children of Israel what is a puzzler in his heart when his four years old tinnitus are the business rather than children of Israel who he is but that there is thing as a business people and instead of saying one and suffer wrong he depended him an advantage of him was impressed any smoky attention for Melissa posed his brother would've understood how that God minute hand deliver them they do not understand what I sent a prophet they rejected the prophet Mohammed would hurt they rejected a profit and because of the rejection the prophet just how much time has been estimated possibly the reason it has been extra time is because they rejected the problem dollars raising him up a little sense careful not rejecting the profit rejecting promising causing extra time and so I I like the notice of your domestic percent of the Adventist back to reject the profit that we may have to spend a little extra time in battling the cold won't was not the province have to say now it was around in the days of Moses what is supposedly designed on the Internet about Moses and what is a photo in his favor him when he can do a lot of things on the Internet document and false prophet who prophesied many hundred years ago and four hundred twenty five years and was really hurting us we have all crap possibly when it rejected him and I love it when Jesus says you know you guys handle sepulchers and decorated for the province and his witnesses that you use them or kill them and we say all men I live in a Jeremiah I would've listened again but not give you profit the last days anything without I by nature so just think about this is going to the study Seventh-day Adventist guys give us a biblical pattern here were looking at right now check this out yet it is a time I promptly enveloped in London and Abraham are a permanent time is a public prophecy in an online prostate God raise up another profit again to announce the time prophecy coming to an regulatory and get ready and on many consistent notably literally dozens of Jeremiah Jeremiah 's like my most favorite of all of the Old Testament because you can read Jeremiah from all cover to cover the book of Jeremiah three whole thing and you can't find even one time or even one person is the one thing Jeremiah had to say and ideals Jeremiah chapter twenty nine first for the mentally rejected him will look at look at the cellular rejection is instantly at Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse work again it is an encapsulation of the I hear my name is Anita nicely some of them in these verses writing over the Jeremiah is a visit of his life and everything in place right here verse twenty seven twenty nine were for the Lord of hosts the God of Israel unto all that are carried away captive how does when they were not being carried away captive they were going to be filling the contact anybody came a captive who I have called to be carried away from Jerusalem to Babylon built houses dwell in him plan garden even through them think why you beget sons and daughters and think the wise fierce hunting and give your daughters to husbands that they may bear sons and daughters that you may increase there and not diminish and seek the peace of the city where I have caused any care to weigh captive and pray unto the Lord for it for in the peace thereof you shall have these would recite for the Lord of hosts the God of Israel do not let your profits and your diviners that be in the midst of you deceive you how it is able to assess neither listen to the drains which you called me during so in other words or promise all reminiscent Jeremiah Jeremiah was with him that he was talking about Jeremiah thing were going away captive into Babylon and all the other church leaders all the other creatures on the other so-called prophesying Jeremiah is a nice and Jeremiah through the word of God that don't listen to them the dreams and things that are having you called me during birth nine for they prophesy falsely convict them to you in my name had ten fingerlings we have been a rightful province for I have not sent them says the Lord okay here's what the Lord says for thus says the Lord after seventy years big commerce and babbling I will visit you outperform a good word for you and I'll call you return to this place so was the prophecy here you're right about what I know all the religious leaders on all the preachers all the pastors thereby I know I forgot to people even think I got one of building a simulation with anything right here in Jerusalem Jeremiah then I know what you're saying the word of God says in London have over seventy years get ready with well Gentiles right and there was an old man living in Babylon seventy years later it was about fifteen years old when Gentiles prophesying you may not Daniel Daniel was there anything about fifteen years old even as a kid in Madeleine whenever Jeremiah was prophesying and needing to give anything a dental hearing during Jeremiah hearing everything as I normally have all the people he greatly respected the majority of people in the church there is a no no no no no Jeremiah is not the listening enemy on twenty one eighty one of the conspiracy theorist he is working as he has all these problems with the religious leaders want their dressing nicely to my smelling I thought about that one guy right is going on with a little item happened just like they said is seventy years later namely that his Bible eighty millimeter and expect the negative minutes after nine first two wanting a alliance is an excellent six SB there without us really think has been a particular study we just can't Jeremiah twenty nine wanted Daniel Daniel the ninth chapter I love what Daniel said I never like that you know you never read anything bad about manual and a Bible like the easy one of the people we'll read anything negative about acceded units and sell availability this writer Daniel nine was talking first to in the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by both the studying the Bible and study the book of Jeremiah particularly the number of years where of the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet that he would probably seventy years in the desolation of Jerusalem what are you going to Nathaniel identify my proxy with Jeremiah is a seventy year the only cat in the mamma in the seventy years Linda Linda figure out her own right no he impresses upon another profit by the name of Daniel does not give the people ready to go there getting rightly delivered again got me the biblical pattern now Tony don't find anything negative about me and the people say that when I see the look on November six Daniel confessing their sand verse five because we as Sam we commit iniquity we done wickedly and every now even departing from your precepts and your judgment neither have way less than into the service of profit your service or product selecting a lengthening of them is immediately listen your profits I think an alien young boy that you know your money offender is wrong in Iran but when zero is working at Daniel I believe will humble himself in a sign of the Lord enough in this paper we were wrong Jeremiah Wright God was using him him sorry Lord confessing his sin maybe someone here but in this letter can confess their sin for rejecting the problem as well so now think about it what do you think Google when anything about that Jeremiah and ponder my evening in the nice thing about you know nothing Internet dating on the Internet about him in again it had all kind of things that undermine all because he demands a new problem that our leaders are vowing him without anything things like the majority is rejecting him with a small ranch called groovy in the wrong dollars in the ending of a problem than I we know what they were saying and I don't even later on during Jesus 's ministry he refers my is certainly not the only jail you shall soon see until then I simply is no them here my women included and was not listening to the province is rejecting them and Daniel comes along and even if I'm having himself hello Leslie this here and here they are again not me filming that I enough time Rossignol a runtime of the Moses Jeremiah the time promptly and in time roughing I'm eliminated using available pattern on your evening on the link incidentally the Bible English areas handling is an online processing looking of someone from sinning against NATO nine twenty five number forty five it was this know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem unto Messiah the grant shall be seven-week threescore and two weeks and the street showing building in the wall even in troublesome times nine sixty nine weeks the seismic on the twenty fifth from the time of the resort rebuild Jerusalem until the side entrance sixty nine weeks or four hundred eighty three years and everything is done for pennies on the thing about this time you argument is that he would be okay Mister Cross is important is that he will party cover this with you if you don't notice right now sorry I did not get the DVD series must aggressively but the Wii party within this document is one of the people that did the timing of Christ coming the twenty three hundred a promising all less than a minute and an accomplished and studied at this point they are to know about the judgment harvest beginning eighteen forty four the parties that it is with them when you notice the process that it is unclear okay to make sure you understand that because anything we haven't done that here we don't have time importantly has had to date we used in two weeks doing the studies so and only long for two weeks at Abdullah program okay so war finally got here to visit and sixty nine winter four hundred eight three years and then from the time that the resorting is the Messiah the Prince of fellow astronomy is a helmet was yet Jesus came wrong time the born again what they got to what we do it would raise our property market is my Monday night John is exactly right but in my capital one is an interesting the consistency that God has marked everyone Matthew Ingram one one this time I think I was any ending got in the latest people didn't want to thank my integrated of another profit that would allow the Pentagon and then got many serving as much everyone was one the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the son of God is written in the prophets behold I send my messenger before thy face which repair and I waited for the voice of one crying in the wilderness repair either way Lord make his paths straight John did baptize in the wilderness and preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sin is different from the first fifteen Wednesday and saying visiting to resume the average Andres Martinez County Limited Bible says Jesus as the time and focus on him and her endings for the timeless avail discounts ranging and it was revealed the Bible says that Jesus five is available sixty nine weeks threescore and two weeks determined that Alan and vilify the print that is Renée twenty five et seq. it was unveiled in John eleven everything is in time I probably didn't belong within the time is the building of God and repent leaving him looking at the depending on the in the Noah Abraham and Moses Jeremiah Daniel and Daniel John you see the pattern it doesn't end there is a God of my life dropout now that were proxies or is another proximity that we discovered before England and coffee was Daniel chapter eight through fourteen of Canada and the back of the bar back at their NHL eight fourteen twenty one sending a separate verse fourteen you know that already under two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary McGlynn now you are deciding visited one of these people him unavailable eighteen forty four eighteen forty four now if you are the devil would you recognize the biblical pattern exposed all of us collectively know the Bible better than the devil now that we know the demos of our analyses posited that will recognize that this biblical pattern here as well just the same as what we have it even will you be doing writing forty four when he muddied the water you recommend a book you have ever seen a portrait written by him all things negative eighteen forty four the data change the world but not mostly it's right eighteen forty four they think the world and probably rightly the road and it is interesting to think the events of the book and any goes through all the things are going on around eighteen forty four amazing amazing thinker the runtime will cover some indefinite is just talented I was here Daniel eight fourteen the time my prof begins in eighteen forty four is not only consistent Longoria spectra raising of a profit now here's not likely to form ammonia in my semi- reluctant right now I was only looking for possibly a comment coming organ over sure once the account is available it is a net profit of the counseling anatomy writing about what's really one of the main things about their ministry the you are right about eighteen forty four message is definitely the main thing Alito listed profits nothing I have one here again around the time that we think of an very interesting none of them even wrote anything about anything fourteen except one of us at times none of the evening on April eight fourteen except one of the missing psychoanalysts like flies Internet here's a difficult time going through going through and we entered an annual entity in the twenty three hundred and prophecy were looking for what nonprofit open access doesn't you will find one around the same reason that eliminating forty four and in and around timeframe exactly in an amount of time a person darling is the species was first published in eighteen forty four is not interesting to me the devil the devil the government in some engraving and the first draft published his in allocating forty four and the origin of species getting away from the understanding of how the love God and religion oh yeah take more vaguely that is raising okay Syed Ali Mohammed I think I was very interesting and his first vision May twenty third eighteen forty four and identified nativism as of this date is via a minor thing is that Islam's Ellen White again in the possibility that this was raise the independent and in Islam and Muslims in a timeframe for this event on over and several hundred coming couple million dollars even though they don't honestly think Joseph Smith the Mormons efficient and that is you got there on the monitored vote in eighteen forty four the same year he was martyred enough when he became like nearby building this great prophet of the martyr now knows I'll call him and Mormons are very gastronomic even if they same timeframe never in the history of the world a more so-called profits anything happening in eighteen forty four dazzling beastie that Monday within the Andrew Jackson Davis relating twenty six I think the lifespan that he is mulling a timeframe to make as Bertelsmann Mary Baker Eddy criticizes my leg I believe this is the devil 's exact counterfeit for Ellen White the criticizes them and you a lot about health and education things like that as well a lot of things like that eighteen twenty one in nineteen ten and then you know near no one noticed the short list of things over the holding of providing betting there is literally we can probably put about it being a twenty or easily up there about this moon was preventing movement and things like that you had to like the White House is I know things like that happening all around they run that will be the new mound was another all running another thing by running down on the divine not one of them wrote anything about eighteen forty four anything about the investigative judgment daily fourteen days old I got it okay to you can process out there and what everyone that you commonly write on it because my people because he is either the reasoning is that okay with gambling the other ninety writing about biblically daily working in a prophecy that happy writing about that if they don't even write them off a small there's all kind of thing facility is a nonprofit the Bible does the weight of the defining a prophet who they are now selling it but the throat with a running time I will looking for the heaven of a great opportunity for seventeen integrally riding I be writing about Daniel eight fourteen the driving the question one of the sanctuary is going to enter in the Scriptures the term sanctuary as using the Bible refers the tabernacle built by Moses and pattern of heavenly things and secondly his tabernacle and have a thing which he likely sanctuary pointed at the death of Christ the typical service ended the true tabernacle in heaven in the sanctuary the new covenant and in the problem in Daniel eight fourteen as built in this dispensation essentially with regard to the sanctuary of the new cabinet and determination of twenty three hundred and eight in eighteen forty four there had been nosing around our attorneys entry the prostate in two thousand three hundred eight then Jonathan and Fred Mink lan unquestioningly going to one of the things were involved you can't find any writing than any other so-called problem that I'm talking about the elementary in Ghana for profit ideology to digital pattern if you have a profit at the end though not looking for a cab but I love you on loads except analyze nonprofit that is in place you there is no money off no one else even remotely Vincent there has to be somebody when they're sitting on one hand the writing about livability probably in my life immediately is in the details of her life cannot be guys like third-rate education write a hundred thousand pages the most translated on a woman author of the whole world that the most translated author in the end of the United States only can I get another greater than becoming a mind and help undo the studies on this here how did a little bit of it I visited the things that this is an amazing hurling she said that smoking was called the back of her cancer is not think that it was very serious it was a time in the refinancing is looking for people of asthma is usually against the culture of the nation with the following the sizes thank you was going to sign anywhere laughing at her it googled around in our day what will we be expecting them to be going to Illinois I listen it is a very interesting experiment gone Google and type Joseph Smith Euclid first three pages of hits you'll find anything negative about MA Baker Eddy you looking for a place of hits you won't find anything negative I didn't know what you're looking for these of hits you'll find a positive the rest of everything else eight pages video Google search on Illinois is all negative anti- slamming her she demonically possessed anything about my communicative and violent website of the microphone like this when you look on her face and I like to throw me a heretic but he's not out there is for the same reason rather than sisters the unit about David Jeremiah Moses Noah Daniel John the Baptist same reason that's what you should expect so on the contrary always negative my fingers are really bad on the contrary Philadelphia Leslie should expect the happening on the other province hi there is roadway twenty four four eleven twenty four we benefit when an analog of all-time most probably visited by Protestant become at last day there felt to be one to do that as I don't be deceived don't be deceived be we where all property does a day right because the Pentagon the last either also be sure Robinson is not safe to present problems as they are is a hell of the project the hotel is located in intent to profit from the province I laid wanting on so there on assignment things like housekeeping Virginia a twenty Mother's Day to the law to get the money you got sister if they speak not according as workers no light in them so I didn't get an alert for any real profit and not manually working it would also have to be the law the testimony cannot contradict the Bible and in the stunning in a day when I have seen people to exempt on why the Prophet were asking them to at least check it out easy with the Bible are not meanwhile sorry Mark for enemy okay the problem was she says clinging my wife Irina 's daughter criticism regarding its validity in a way to worry about money that's how my quarter profit criticizing the Bible is illegal even all we can really believe the creation story or scholarly them and I started thinking like that brothers sisters one thirty million electric hospital of the province at Langmuir Bible believe it will they mainly increase in the Bible while losing payment only when you better believe it we must always let us want your mind when a person I get my twenty nine it is good that the problem can happen you know the guys of them let me see their and the company on a second magazine is why I love for learning issues all praise the Lord alleluia how to survive okay baby sister I hope I now believe I got the valedictorian brother I think that now I'm sorry on unending and other negative the other good monkey forgetting things about working okay the other coming there by not hauling another second talk I is Isaiah eight twenty eleven estate to the law the testimony it is the categories were delighted and so they have to speak accordingly the Scripture says the law of the testimony if they get a contradict that guy said them neither in the love is so much particularly is because the statement L White makes next early looking at again I just love it in your letter higher criticism in her that firm is likely efficiently blackout the people in the Bible they were really educated many of them it and it was running late for their science and neurological things list for the time they were living in thousands of years ago in Atlanta while that is my swimming in general general I is relevant moral stories the John Wayne everything in detail the trigger criticizing the files and is not on until adjournment instantly the moral lessons taught in your that have fought before and after I hope not okay that's timely identify her criticism even help my thank you thinking a lot the other method of doing that messing of that success of everything in window like a level that I got there clinging to my will has agreed to stop your higher criticism in regards allegedly killed by the word of knowledge of the law is not a simple ninety nine mean nothing like a no-brainer but the problem is that many of us educate many indicated he will as indicated below that would include me the minimus people the problem is a weekly oil of the Bible citing a lack some reason I don't get my lifestyle my idea so on the rejected for whatever reason not in the Bible and save the Bible that we shouldn't be spending time watching things on television and read Romans chapter one and in Romans chapter one is a whole litany of all the things that are negative he will murder ring in and in and being part of an anti- thing on several things in the last present knowledge to do those things that people take pleasure in them to do it in our seasonality program that has illicit sexual things going on and you know like affairs murders and things like that he's able I want and I will never do anything like that the Bible says that the lithic pleasure and in those things also are guilty of the same from everyone my first region that is you take pleasure in the pleasure and what he wanted to interesting out the reason often reject the Bible literally goes against what we are to believe the process is visiting her father lastly the same type as a sense of what is it any say not everybody is a even the so-called postmodern mind reading anything so very good dumpling that are great educated front of anything is the Donnell Jeremiah twenty eight is not the other Jeremiah Donovan being a backup to look twenty eight in verse nine says that Robert was prophesied that these when the words of the prophet sent from the past been shall it profit me known that the Lord has truly sent him yet is an so it'll probably prophesy something when it comes that you know the Lord 's event is that the only way to identify profit now can I get a prophecy made in the past that means it is any nonprofit not-for-profit nor son of Robert this is what identifying characteristics they had to get all of them and so hearing on July twenty nine said they had been prophesied in the past is a heaven for Ellen White yes it does let me give you one of the examples I don't think I will warn the San Francisco Oakland would be visited by the Lord God they were becoming less often and why things does not innovate to his academic and life anymore soon I will visit them to get behind everything in this prison of nineteen on the happening men for years later in nineteen oh six of their rumbling earthquake shattered early morning sounds of April eighteen fifteen a.m. the quite last and only genetic on the world the worst natural disaster in Asian history modern analyst estimates imagine a twenty five moderators feel my comparatively quite in San Francisco on October seventeenth oh six one seven now I read a book that has been online interesting said after the earthquake and all the damage by race for days and hundreds of thousands of dollars and Collison hundreds of lives in and out in the last letter was all the details of it said that she was actually riding a few days later she did that with their Medicare drug this image is anything like as well is Monday morning and saw this solace she saw everything as a meeting place there will be happening now is interesting to me what you think the media would do is Nostradamus was that the same thing you were noted nobody would be on the Discovery Channel history channel or somebody talking outright have you read the testimonies volume nine PhotoPaint eleven entitled last crisis is a favorite of work you get it it is going to do anybody customize volume nine page eleven the last practice 9/11 Elimite set out in New York City are familiarizing a story after story toward heaven along the buyer and and and and people say don't superbly cite their fireproof not worry about anything FL to deliver instant visitor made a pitch testimonies volume nine page eleven 9/11 is the only thing that description of what happened in New York City was exactly visiting with New York City on 9/11 if not start a nice so-called thing that annoys modern problems within the same thing when you think of anything today we maybe Internet we think the history channels anything you want to want you to know what you want to like about her because a true prophet of God also called the carpet on our sins and no one likes to hear that part we like to be justified according only when they are configuring your opinion I do not read that offended anybody want to talk about New Zealand city identifies lionized on page eleven the last prices and read not a limited page thirteen is very interesting through the rest of the down fifty five eleven two thousand economic problems in the class is held in Iraq trouble is you talk about the millennium are interesting in light were at so I just keep in mind she is the description document Daniel eight fourteen the prophecies he says comes the past she went back to 's to the Bible and believe only what the Bible has to say is not one of the law these are all the work of a prophet in spite of what the anti- all my website is saying out there I appreciate and violent websites advise me to find out whether or not spent a lot of time researching those inbound at all their so-called arguments in the nursing Nottinghamshire the things I can't technically lie about things it's all Greek government they would be and can write all the metadata was living the lungs here's the roughly question you know the details doesn't like that okay Deuteronomy thirteen one two three one else new to use identify profit Deuteronomy Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy in the thirteenth one two three if there arise a prophet among you or a dreamer of dreams and gives you a sign or wonder and assignor water comes the past where he spent you say let us know after another God is not known and let us serve them down shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams for the Lord your God proves you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul is approximately long and a promise idolatry yet it is okay for you to be going in sort of got rid of all other guy in the Bible says nothing about is money they're probably finding it right I send them on allowing the Congress theater but if you love me more than you love your signs and wonders before sending on proving it is if you let me volume or so so isn't getting on the prophecy come the pathogenic nonprofit know the author is the word of God the enemy and they have to be right all the time and will be open again at eleven okay you don't know I don't know John Bolton the first encore wanted to know this one luckily hung up on it with me to the New Testament to the little book of John the first John in Revelation Mecca workbook family should be there first John four one of the Bethesda love believe not every spirit and try to spirit whether they are God begotten a small crop at the bottom of the world hereby you know the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come to come in the flesh is of God he will say that anything especially in the Pentecostal movement a lot of times of having a company actually went on with everything on our behalf and probably got to go Jesus Christ came in Atlantis the Bible says remember brothers and sisters as you read this in the list that is my will send somebody as only one of the characteristics can they claim that Jesus Christ can the West yet claim it would only keep minutes of God is the problem of God no because I say a twenty and the bill that's one of the characteristics of him her fingers into my second day there were people that were kind of a province with everything I need a tribunal economizing is about spiritual Jesus are undoubtedly it was something different Ashley was a good knowledge of them there will probably can be through the leaders of identifying characteristics and is on number twelve click from the near numbers covered well Joseph Exodus Leviticus Numbers twelve over six and he said here now my words get there be a prophet among you either Lord will make myself known to him in a vision of speaking and injuring so the profits that come along and had visions and dreams I want to challenge you to use material on Ellen White read something firsthand accounts I was reading one myself of this document was mocking her young he was a healing do anything I can hypnotize is nothing more than hypnotism that is there other things is easy I was busy running your outages like this because she's admitting the time and so this is many policy has this vision two dozen visiting guys there anything going on about investigating and so the doctors of the first investigating and after just a few minutes of their withered because white as a sheet and he starts going out the back door and some guy named by the Burlington County said what we know anything you can do something he said I don't know what it is that I will I I can't figure it out making what he said he was getting anything done the Linden Avenue Jews in vision he can do anything you're out of business the constant supernatural strength she was having visions and dreams and relaying them in everything that there is no way she could about and so we know from those things as well that she is the destruction of a profit in a most of the problem of hundred people that reject the spare processing is divinely never actually looked into what she had to say that they go to the anti- spirit element website and find out what they have to say when is other people that are negative user has to say you investigate yourself you can't hello I will not turn a profit off anything interesting when I do this verify the sermon most of time the only people in our time our Adventist do not have anything while Newman makes perfect sense it all fits so you guys are my worst critics what does this let you guys you got you the best guys to trick people I personally is five twenty one here's the challenge of making right now versus audience chapter five verse twenty twenty one the appeal that I make this time was in a Bible study is not to find out if they all got except only the prophet were going in the challenge from the Bible the challenge do not despise prophesying prove all things and hold fast to that which is good so what is the challenge and not get us in his word in the Denver Broncos long rejected that what he says Saddam is my is organizing a profit prove all things and hold fast that which is good and I challenge the people when you want to research what only had to say go to what I know quite how to say don't go to the critics of Ellen White the finality of the site if I'm going to Ford dealership in my Chevy truck waiting to motivate other Chevy division John shouted anything that way anyway right in with a species of leadership election formally motherboard division job you want to find out what they had to say another vehicle what about you go to that place right I challenge you to go and find out what she has to say I'm been unwilling to accept you want to say that she wasn't the profit the thing of it forty four and twenty fifth and the other Jonathan 's new understanding the world outline of the setting everything you're welcome that the enough Internet I have one copy of when you copy them again but there is evidence that even if you like that that make sense for a sort of temporary working as we did ninety so much for giving us a profit in the last days value in my hometown in as well the last days with all the crazy things were going on in the religious world thank you for sending a something silly as somebody that we can read and study pills went back to your word entries rewording guidance and in man made in the last days of the fatal to what you're worth going to the Lord and improve the province and accept them enough hardware vote to reject it you this was used by all users she likes generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. G Weiss when I will review like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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