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Be Filled with the Spirit - Part 1

Daniel Scarone


What is the biblical view of the Holy Spirit? The seminar will cover the root message of Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians and his view of the Holy Spirit. Why the name Holy Spirit? Why this topic is imperative to our church today? The biblical nature of the Holy Spirit will come to light in the structural relationship with the epistle to Colossians. The seminar will explore the harmonious and consistent view of the Holy Spirit in Ephesians and Paul’s writings in New Testament.




  • June 18, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for your blessings thank you for the Bible and the teachings coming from the Bible be with us in this moment in which we are going to opens doors and we are going to talk about you there with us you have humbleness in our heart and also their spirit in order to understand your teachings in Jesus name Amen. The topic we are going to be working during this. Seminar percent Taishan in this regard in the Holy Spirit but I am going to be center into their peace till today fissions basically in which the post op or gives this recommendation and work going we are going to be dealing with. The topic of the field of the Spirit because it is a very big topic and I'm very important what I will say that if you think of Good morning if you take out this topic this teaching these passages into a pistol or 2 they fissions all do a spirit was thing in the entire piece still is slowing down no sense because this is the essence of the what does it mean what this is going to be probably the dealing of the seminar. By the way this is the 1st time I am teaching this US A Samia I mean preaching about preaching about in St John's in a couple of churches in the area of the rapids but I never. Been dealing with a seminar so probably what we are going to do is to expand the topic and see the relationship of the topic of this period with the rest of the persons of. The doctrine or the the the god. Let's let's go to the to the passage let's let's let's go to the book of efficiency. And we're going to be dealing with Chapter 4 of births is 18 through 21 and feel free to take notes on die after my 1st percent Asian If you have any questions regarding to the topic to free to make the questions. Let me tell you something probably essential point I'm going to be covering between 2 more on Wednesday on our and probably that is dining which the presentation is going to finish I guess because normally this is going to take us about what I would say maybe an hour and a half long wrong person Taishan and that probably the timeline in which I'm going to finish the entire top of the Bible says here. I'm be not drunk with wine wearing a success but the field with the spirit. Speaking to yourself in Psalms and hinges on a spiritual song seen in and making melody in your heart to the Lord given thunks always for all things done to guard the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ submitting your so of one to another in the fear of the Lord a curse assuming are we are going to be talking about and I am going to use this exploration and I don't want to have to be confusing anybody but the tree Adweek. Essence of the relationship of spirit the Lord Jesus and the father are going to be seem an every time in which I am going to use this expression or 3 add the ongoing to refer to the Father Son and Holy Spirit and that is. Morning when and I am going to be refraining to that OK so by the way I'm not going to. Challenge anyone what I am going to say but my presentation is one to try to be in full line with the fundamental teachings the 28 from the mental beliefs of the sit in the oven to chart and I am very quite aware who are they on this are from the beginning and I do believe about that one there is a couple of places. And here the 2nd. And you are going to check with that. And police if something is not in harmony with. This humble servant I'm going to submit to your critic but I am doing this us. And of apologetics in this moment in which the got his is under attack. And I guess you are aware of and that is the reason and the rationale for the presentation of this seminar so. Sometimes the tree other forms are not in the same way in which you maybe expect to see them appear however when you see this section when you see deception you are going to see the mention of the spirit the mention of God and on Father I Lord Jesus so sometimes when you see this you are going to the take that and we are going to make a reference regarding this topic probably between 2 more on and ones that Wednesday regarding the traffic forms in the New Testament let me tell you that there are about 6570 in the New Testament by the way so that does it's part of the point in which we are going to be talking about and that is that is an important point in which we are going to land or pawn this dystopic are. They supporting this. Introduction I will say that. The seminar where we will discuss the some of these topics they appeal in the post to Paul advice of the relationship of. Revival movements across history. Every time that you see awake means movement and revival topics across a HE story the topic of the Holy Spirit is in the center of that or awakening or revive are always in this it is quite interesting the meaning of the sentence by the Apostle Paul we're going to war our relationship between a couple for peace the loss of the Apostle Paul that one is efficient and the other is collusions and remember something these are the precision peace deals because they are portable rolled them in the timing which he was in the moment or probably mom or teen prison in Rome for sure in prison or potentially possible moment in prison jail in Rome and you are going to see that sometimes the topics are very close interrelated between the peaceful to the Colossians and the peaceful to the efficiency I would say that there are certain difference and we are going to cover the similarities and differences between cautions and efficiency in their presentations their Holy Spirit on the Kurdish metric movement I'm not going to stop too much about that but I'm going to make some references because sometimes. We do have some confusions coming into the church in our relationship with the Holy Ghost and The Holy Spirit. And the emphasis that these 2 movement Pentecost us and charismatic made regarding the presence and the person of the Holy Spirit and there are 3 important topics. Maybe close to a statements that I'm going to make regarding this movement there is a book that I wrote in Spanish and I'm very sorry for that but. Too many to mention demential here is very late but I wrote this in relationship with the Catholicism. And we are returning the book about charismatic movements as a subsidy of the Catholicism and there is an entire chapter of Pentecostal and we are going probably to make reference a point that because sometimes sometimes people with no religious backgrounds think that this is. What I will say a kind of a spirit while all their ship of the kind is Mattocks on of the Pentecostals and we are going to be dealing from the beginning regarding that topic because that is not true that I am going to. Make a sentence more clear in the topic this deal the point that we are going to refer is an analysis of the background of the priest or to the officious. Because it is important for interpretation by the way in the afternoon we're going to be making. Sun reference regarding to the topic of I mean you'd expect. Those who might be interested in are invited to come but let me tell you that. The charge of F.S.S. was our kind of be big a center of power Yannis and indeed times in which the portal poor was writing and sending these charts on the charts early chart was in the center of that kind of worship so if you visit some of the important museums in the wall that the party can you see in across the or behind the some Peter's Square and on and the Vatican building. You're going to find out statues of art to me that was the goddess of the fissions. And that Dani's that is one to tell you something about the big challenge of the early chanche livin in a society that believes. Blind less out regard in the worship of Diana of the efficiency and there is mention also in the book of facts and we're going to collect some stunning information regarding that. Also we are going to establish the relationship between the pistol to the fusions other New Testament and especially this topic be revealed of the Spirit and the relationship with why of course we're going to be discussing. What is this B. field because sometimes people think of this spirit like it was kind of water. That what what was the meaning you know is there any basis to think that the spirit was that. We're going to provide you with information regarding that. We're going to be dealing with the contrast and the vastness of the poster poor because this is a contrast. Don't be don't do this and do this and that kind of contrast is particularly in the center of the Apostle Paul it be still to the efficiency and by the way all the vices are very good for the church today. A So we are going to take some good spirit what I would say advise regarding that the meaning of the Spirit and the relationship with the entire peace talk there is about 13 problem probably 14 mentions with the name of a spirit and we are going to be discussing what is Noma in the New Testament because sometimes there is a little bit of confusion regarding this and I'm going to give you some information regarding some of the observations that I made. Regarding sun on tight retiree and denying the person who all of the Holy Spirit but full does not we need to see all the references that are made to the spirit in this peace deal and when you check up you are going to be surprised because there are many. However you need to distinguish. The concept of pneuma in the New Testament why because NUMA is the word in Greek that is used for the spirit but remember something is not only for the Holy Spirit is also. In reference for the mind of the person and also for the spirit of did the bill or evil spirits so you need to take in count those things so we are going to be dealing with this topic the trout sometimes the anti train Tarrance deny the person who is of the Holy Spirit but conceive a person who the full the evil spirit what is a nonsensical Russian and for that and I'm going to to to enter into the right topic regarding some some point there are in these topics. Noma Noma NUMA I mean I'm right please correct me if the chicken Aspera when I write by hand sometimes is but I've put some element no means airwing the that's that's where we are going to be working with. What does it mean to be fill of the spirit in the gospel of looks and acts in our close relationship with collusions the relationship of the spirit with Jesus. And that. So I guess that you are going to agree with this our good Christians want to be filled of the Holy Spirit. So the topic of the Holy Spirit is important in history of the Christianity. Montanas for example they were looking for the Revive are of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is associated always with revival on awakening movement across. Revival movements are cross the times I have looked upon the revival of the Holy Spirit and several Christian movement started in USA. Across the 170-1900 you are going to see the same show topic of the teachings of the holy this period. We need to be subjects to the teachings of the Bible. We are not all for the Holy Spirit and when you see a preacher that is giving commands to the Holy Spirit. Please be suspicious because something is wrong we need to be guided by this period and we are not in command to the Holy Spirit let me let me put this in a parallel that is sometimes a little bit. Clear but sometimes the clearness of doubt brings some challenges for the for the people that he's been teach upon the topic when I was a child I guess I mention this I was a not a boy I was Catholic. And Catholicism teach that in the moment in which the previous main. Concept Christian prayer opened it was for the waffle change the condition of the waffle to be the bowl the and the log of the load Jesus instantly. You're aware of that. So that means at change in nature that is translucent turns. You heard the word. Turn substance see Asian are that means. That means that So stance is going to change the nature of the change is going to change to become blogger buddy buddy I'm flesh of the Lord Jesus in that moment. Always. Oh yes yes if you did I didn't bring today the catechism because in the Times in which I was an attaboy the cutter case was this and this and now it's a big book. And I have to bring 7 a book so it is up better but but at the end of the new version of the Catechism you are going to see that probably today I have to be in once in back probably I'm going to bring on 2 more I can show you the quotation regarding this topic but transubstantiation means the date change of the nature of the war for Into the ball the and the blood of the Lord Jesus duddies you have the definition there. It is and at the end of the catechism there is our kind of glossary of words and appears in the printed version. The topic but let me tell you something. It sounds like. And please I don't want to be offensive. I am trying to be only clear but sounds like Mushnick. Isn't it. Yes of course. What the point is that that does was my point when I was a child and I was invited to be the outdoor. I was teach about that I was watchin if some scene in the waffle is going to became. Nothing happened so at that point you say something is wrong here OK so it is the same thing when when the when the press pronounced the prayer they believe that that is the change and when you see in the other side of the of this in this case of the teaching a preacher giving orders to the holy Gospel goal hell theists do that make that mythical who is giving orders to and who is so. Too in that case is us or East this. That is let me let me tell you something that is the closest thing I can say to a blasphemy. Because that is to put a human bein's upon. The divinity and that is that is part part of the problem that we need to to say regarding this so. We need to submit to the text of the Bible. And there is that is our critical so charismatic movement to have an impact upon this topic and redefine the meaning of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and Sunday cautions have come into the charge that were followed by the silence upon the topic and that is not good because we need to clarify some some sims. First things Holy Spirit is not an exclusive topic of a charge movement Holy Spirit is not a property all by charismatic movement it belongs to the Bible and we need to go to the Bible and read the message and apply to our reality that is that is the challenge of here so 3 stings regarding this topic case Mattick made believe that the Holy Spirit is an exclusive topic of them and is not and is not you know the thing. They interviews. By the back door of the understanding of our momentous of how in the Holy Spirit of void in that Christianity. Understand that the true meaning is an entire life guided the by the holy this. Is not an Easter it is not a moment is not a moment 10 years experience but an entire life guided the by the Holocaust. And does that change completely the meaning when the when the Bible says Be feel of the Holy Spirit is not meaning well in a moment you're going to be feel so stop like if you were a tank for receiving gas or forcing water or force in something that is not the main in the feel of the Spirit is not like feeling a cup this is 15th you. Is filling the sails of the ship that Dani's that is the and that changes everything you know because sometimes the understanding change in certain sense our perception of reality in that and this is to talk to to life are guided by the Holy Spirit for a brief moment in US So the guided life by the Holy Spirit and that is not for example the Assemble of Cork and that is the article of faith number 8 if you are familiar with the Articles of Faith let me tell you something the article of faith in the Mormon Church is regarding the Bible here is regarding the Holy Spirit. And they say. A Christian believe that they need to speak all the languages. To demonstrate that they received the Holy Spirit Thank you. The article says this and you can check that in the Internet by the way and here is the quotation. Sorry for that W W W H E Assemblies of God dog or Genie you have this quotation entirely online and you can Google Docs are they say they need physical evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit the but this isn't all of believe verse in the Holy Spirit is witness but are the initial physical sign off a speaking with all the Tonks after the Spirit to give them or Terence us let me tell you something of chick that with a high chick that with the Bible. And this is the book I was making reference to and I repeat again sort of father isn't in another language but I'm going to sure couple of things. That I put it here probably probably maybe in a couple of years I'm going to have it in English maybe I'm going to I'm going to. I'm not going to make a promise you know but promises sometimes fail but I am I am trying to update this book because 1st edition if 988 in Spanish 2nd is 1902 but excuse me 992-9596 and from that I didn't do any update source somebody Saskin me please do an update of that and I'm going to put that on line and probably after dark I'm going to put it in English and in this section I'm going to give you but take note of this because this is this is my my thinking. Song from here the constitution of there somebody of got there is a chart say that and I'm dreaming here in Spanish what you're reading hearing in English that means that the Baptist of the believers in the Holy Spirit is witness by Danish a physical sign of a speaking with all the languages what is what is the practical. View for them or going what it what is the practical view let me let me put an example on it and this example come from the real life I was visiting a lady in that finish in South America with us. Our curse regarding our prophetic. Things. That was the voice of hope in Spanish on that once. Wonderful lady in Christian very combo and she received a diploma because she made all the lessons on accomplish and in a moment in which we were talking. The comes an approach to me and told me Please pass tort. Teach my wife the Bible teacher she's a good she's a good lady and I detected. And police I don't want to be. Critical but I did that kind of the Minish incur and I don't like that idea. I don't like that. And I say well it's good for her and also for you. And immediately she reacted and say well. Well. And I began to say like I am in another level and I say why because I received the Holy Ghost. Speak in languages. And I made a critical question critical question. Do you read the Bible and he said yes either no or read it or you don't read yes I don't read and hear it and he says yes she read so he was I don't know. Me That was all the work. OK. You know sometimes Paul lightness have some kind of challenges but. I was trying to you not to contain myself. To say Are you saying that it works I was feeling regarding that point. Regarding that macho superiority of. Regarding the wife because he was completely out of place and he he he said. If value with her because she didn't receive the Holy Spirit. So let me tell you something. Objectively what in the Bible you can find this a 2nd meant us us us the Apostle Paul or the Lord Jesus telling if a person is going to be receiving the Holy Ghost it's going to be a speaking in tongues let me let me follow please take note of this I'm going to be slow I'm going to to read that. Saw taking count of the cases that I'm going to share with you Elizabeth Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist and she was full all of the Holy Spirit and she mentioned that chapter one burst forth team Luke chapter one verse 14 I hope that they stand the verses right but. But the Bible didn't say that she spoke in languages no language is OK though done here here is up this is a Biblical argument you were asking this Simeon look chapter 2 verse 2526 look to 2526 he received the relation of the Holy Spirit but he never according to the Bible spoke in languages. Second area or Sakari look up look chapter one verse 6768 look 16768. The Bible says very clearly he will be fill of the Holy Spirit and He prophesies and prophetic is one of the gifts prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that is very clear but he didn't talk in languages. So here you have 123 cases Jim mentioned something here is the order are not the prophetess there is look chapter 2 verse 3636 and the Bible says again the same. Mention that she was a prophetess and prophecy is a Gift of The Spirit but G. didn't talk in languages they were going to school here again here you have 45 elements Paul the Apostle Paul ECT acts Acts Chapter 9 verse 1717. The Bible says here in this chapter that under Now yes that was a little bit you remember a little bit further 4 of approaching the Porta Paul because he was a persecutor of early Christians and thereby wouldn't mention that in that moment poor ones feel of the Holy Spirit but the Bible does say that he is poking which is however however he says to they all others are are any of you speak in more languages than myself that that was very clear that he spoke a know the language but not in that case in which he was feel of the holy God. Mary the Mother of Jesus look 135135. Angel mention that the Spirit will come opon her and she once going to. Be the mother of the Savior but no speaking in tongues full again of the Holocaust Noah speaking in tongues and for me this is this is critical living No no not only for the Catholics this is what well is coming Kritika because this is Jesus looked up to for Burst one the Bible says that he was fool of the Holy Spirit tell me one case in which Jesus was speaking in tongues question you don't think that he knew all the languages in the world. Worry We are praying in English and in this planet are limber mean signing to young ones and they are every language upon the earth to the name of Jesus. But the Bible say that he was full of the Holy Spirit didn't talk about that that. Are I'm. I don't know if I'm going to enter into this because you're going to take me very long here but I'm going to recommend this topic to you to his tally for yourself. Read Acts chapter 2 and compare that with 1st Corinthians Chapter 14. And you're going to score a lot of things here 1st 1st going to 40. 1st going to 14 and you are going to see that D.S. is regarded in the speaking in tongues the reality is coming from the Book of Acts chapter 2 and that is an important topic. Believe me it is an important topic why because there were there was no translation let me let me share with you some facts but you are going to see in. I mean see where it is. You are going to the take in Chapter 2 dug in versus I guess 161718 or something a dot you are going to find out that there are about 7 teams in languishes an ethnic of backroom Peapod duddies talking in languages OK and that is very meaningful because they were given the message and the people that is polka dot languish receive the message you you you you have the text in Khan please. Let me let me find. Let me let me deal this topic kindly kindly there are some theories regarding Dr One theory is that they were speaking in same language and they were understanding in their own languish. However when you read what Paul say is all it's just me Peter Peter is telling them that they were by the Holy Ghost doing that. And and he quote Joya the prophecy of joy so they were speaking and that for me that was the circle of the communication let me let me tell you which one is here. So really here you have the Apostles and here you have the all the Turion OK So they were speaking in in several languages until the toyon was censor him back so that that is the main such and that is the answer so here is the circle of the communication if I am talking to you and I begin to say don't have someone say I'm accoutrements or. Where I am when I enter into the kitty and when the church as they are going to answer immediately because that this could be and wonder. I'm not a speaker of Kenyan one the very way I'm. Sorry I just learned some words with them and I am trying to be familiar in the relationship with interviews and so on because I guess that we need to be open to all languages an ethic and background backgrounds and so on but they dictate the context of the circle of the communications means that they recently metion of them in such. Too little detour in and the only Tory an easy one in 2 years and Nancy we're back to the message that he's a yes or no or unanswered at least according what you are telling here you have here and the lease book of Acts chapter 2 and this is what is going to happen so here is the real the paradigm of speaking in tongues in the New Testament why I'm saying this because that is not 1st Corinthians 1st Corinthians was a kind of down there somewhere say and the congregation was. Noisy and there she said that and I catch up immediately because sometimes sometimes you you may be able to shoot an expression in another language to the wrong person and the wrong person is going to reality in that way until today I remember something it was in my office received I saw your hand by the way. I received a phone call an area very happy and Florence are entering the office of Lauren and began to talk to him in Spanish and say Laura I'm very happy with this and Spanish are no longer L.O.L. I went out armed when I saw her face I say. Something's going wrong and he said to me went in there than yours and in there. I say sorry. So at that moment I need to change the channel and I began to. To repeat the other thing but that that is the point here. Here he's a fool connection. That is that is called by the way the circle of communication. Here. Where where say say yes when I write. Or. Let me let's let's open let's open the book of Acts. Let me I'm I will try to deal with. Believe me I will do my effort I will do my best book of Fox chapter 2. We are going to respond burst one. And when the day of Pentecost was full come they were all with one or cord in one place like it very very much we need that kind of situation in the church when into being the charge one accord sometimes we are not in one accord in the chart even when we are in one place. But we are not doing well and of course I am but a problem for us so 2nd and then suddenly the sound from him and us of a Russian. By the way. Take it sorry for the request permission. Mighty when I need to feel all the house where they were sitting under a pier on today and Cloe in tongues of fire. Upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with all the songs they began to speak with all the tongues asked the Spirit gave them utterances. And there were doing in Jerusalem in shoes devout men out off every nation under heaven let me let me put here for a moment I'm going to get back here here is our kind of Isa word that you are going to do with in the New Testament the OS poor are. The US poor are the post of Peter Hughes doubt. Those who are indeed the US Flora that means those who are Jewish or belonging to the sure wish community but abroad that means a ship that beam Greece that means Rome some a little the places in the wall that is dispersion of the member who the of shoe wish background people and that is the word sometimes so I remember some since they were not only shoes in Jerusalem for the Pentecost they were coming from of or from abroad. So sometimes when General confrontation happens and you call everyone in I don't know where the places are Dallas Texas Indianapolis and they're going to say to you where we are for here like more done in Jerusalem why because in the great feast there were people coming from abroad and there were you know plenty of languages and you are going to take one whole way and you are going to listen Spanish English French and several other languages across a corridor so that is that is going to give you the understanding of the context in which this is going to happen. So remember something they were born some of them abroad so if you have family that. Word 2. Were going to Korea. And they were children in Korea they're going to respond in Korean. From childhood in Japan and he's fluently in Japanese I'm very good Japanese very well. And you are going to find out people in other places when I went with my wife we went to to Florence Italy there were some people from various Springs and they were speaking fluent Li talian. Why because they were learning the languages over there that is just poor I mean and this is going to give you a context there is a kind of war context of that and you cross a border and in France so they are going to be speaking from come and tell you what you and everything like that came back to go to Spain and they're going to be in influence with all the languages and this is the context in which you see now the Bible say. And they were all amazed and marvelled saying one to another because I'm not old this which is speak Galileans hold hold on a moment. Are not Galileans OK now they're Ward Gali go to Isiah Chapter 9 births one golly you are going to see that the prophet Isiah is isn't to fall in Galilee. Galilee of the. Earth OK I saya Chapter 9 it's not unsafe Galli all of the Gentiles is that are not. OK Galilee of the nations that is. Let me put it get a little. Galley of the nations when they hear a repeat Paul call somebody that is not a Hebrew back on person they are going to call them Go away go it. Means that person is not a sure wish bucko. Why because that was a border line how many of you have you been in a borderline not Canada Place. But when you are going south USA You're going to perceive that expansion is becoming increasingly more than probably you would like to be. Why because it's a born a limb and I familiar with that because my country's very tiny and south is Argentina north of seal so when you approach to. The borderline of breast seal you're going to listen a mix of Spanish and Portuguese and they call that caste the guess is a mix of Castillian languish with Portuguese and the other side there is speaking in Portal yano. That is Portuguese mixed with Spanish duck under this there is the reality are. You really in inversion on. Who OK this because Ana what is Catalan the makes of. Is French one when you when you when you go out in English you are going to see exit in English OK but in cattle and they put sort of kinda And you say oh. What is that. OK in Spanish is Sal either and in French is so he. And they mix both and they put sort of the the. That is either plus salty and French and that is sort of the the unsorted ice ax it in Qatar. So it's crazy but this linguistics and that is that is happening and and the point is. You go in once the mix between Israel with the nations that were supposed the line in which they were speaking all the languages you understand. And they are not here. They're not Galileans how is possible that we listen to speak in another languages and began And look look Police burst 9. Mets elements Douras him and support the man. And capital C N N Pontus and Russia so this is going to show graphically but they are going to indicate languages that are in those areas and burst them and Freesia and Penfield we are in a ship and part of Libya and Syria in any strangers of Rome shoes and the light and create another Aryans we do here day in its peak in other languages the wonderful works of God So here it's very clear that the language was the speaking and they were knowing what they were saying so that was not our kind of. Romp to earth all for the mind to put you know the meaning in full day. That it's not all of them were in one accord the. Talking that wonderful message of salvation that is what the Bible says here and that it's only only one person. That he's going behind I'm not going to use Chapter 2 verse one they were all filled with the Holy Ghost to Hans I think. They do I agree with God In general I would say. Well they were instrumental if the Holy Ghost and sometimes. Oh yes what they were. There was correcting departments that the word associating with God willing to enter into Doc in their next presentation yes. Yes well I guess I guess that you need to define what is allow wish but I language is a construction in which of the use of verbs that is a subject that is unknown and that is unknown shake that off of their conversation so here is very clear that these linguistic. That is not the sort of what I'm going to say that he's not holding noise. To put it in some sort of expression you know that he snogged a holy gnawing. Yes. And there's a person the Bible. That you know sort of. OK Let me let me go to this may show up in your bible since in 1st Korean term top the 3rd theme. I promise I am going to break my will to morrow. And to put it. Chapter 123. Though I speak with the tongues of men are no forth angels and we have no charity I am become. Sounding brass or I think in simple OK. Though our peak. Though I speak in English for you means I speak or the hour means if are to speak because my understanding of your language. Is if that is conditional So there is no basis for our condition to be our statement you understand what I'm saying so here when some of them are using this to say this is until it can lend wish or anxious languish there is no basis the postal Paul is working our soup. If though our peak does are going to so there is not basis for that if Ari goo this. Is a super seizure why because I know I do have an answer and when I finish a sentence whatever I go somebody is going to ask me where you're from. So I know I need to render my stuff to the reality. So when I am going to talk about this please reveal 1st Corinthians 13 US supersede and a superstition is not the basis for saying that the ancients languish is known or is in the charts because there is North Pacific City regarding a charge is not the UP of the poll say this is the Corinthian chart this is in the can entire congregation. If our youth speak Angel language so they are taking advantage of our hypothetical situation in which the Apostle Paul isa embracing the idea yes. Yeah well you have a over there but but even Dow even though you are right my point here in the text is that for me the Greek in there is hypothetical and when hypothetical you are not you know put in doubt in certain context the poster polled say if I can do this and I don't have love then the center of the message if not the language it's love. Don't miss the point here because that the topic in which the postal Paul is talking in 1st Corinthians by the way the bass piece a must to piece in Greek language there are 2 sections to the Corinthians by the way that that's very interesting 1st going to 13 and 2nd chapter 5 verses 17 through 20 regarding the ministry of reconciliation Yes there was another Khan around again I perceive some of you like very much of the topic I am going to recommend Sunday but your graphic for you there is an old book I don't know if you know my songs you are going to find out that book is. A collision of speaking in tongues psychology of speaking in tongues I quote that. In my book OK I don't have it here in the in the notes but. Let me tell you that there were some some experiences. That were performed regarding this there was. An experiment that they made. That is in the book psychology of speaking in tongues and wound us up train translation person. And someone from the Pentecostal charts that say that he or she. The gift of the tongues in different currents and they were recorded and they received with with her phones in separate Caryn's you know and they received the message and both make the translation. Yes. And in that book you say very clearly that the person that was a professional translator translated the meaning and the other to your nonsensical meaning they all their experience that he mentioned junkie though in the book the psychology of speaking in tongues was that one African gentleman enter into our UP INTO can start charging the moment in which everybody was speaking in tongues I don't know if you have is. Maybe do in prayer with some Pentecostals and let me tell you that I had this experience when I was young in my country and I invite them to prayer and everybody began to pray simple Tanyalee So next time I say look. I learned from you yesterday song I'm going to pray and you are going to repeat after me what I want to say. Because if not. It was uncontrollable and these gentlemen from Africa entered into the church and began to say Our Father in Heaven the Lord's Prayer in his own languages in the in the Pentecostal chart and somebody rose up and began to do the translation telling that the Lord was speaking to the congregation that there were people in seeing and. To repent and he says that. Never never heard that the meaning of the Lord's Prayer was in that direction. So to sayings I recommend the book because. There is some kind of situation straight on into. The doubt that is for for sure. I'm here in the in my presentation normally mention some things regarding this topic because. If they were able to speak in tongues I made the question in my person Taishan across America us if they might be able to speak in tongues us why they are going there with a lot of translators for themselves and you know in South America an internal American it was very convincing what I told them. Because I was speaking with them in Spanish and they need a translator but they are clearly me everybody does they speak in tongues OK doing this media was brought to you by Adil force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio 1st dot org.


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