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Be Filled with the Spirit - Part 2

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for the state thank you for their blessings of the rain thank you for the blessings on our minds and hearts for being here because we are alive and we are happy and we are beginning to be with us in this moment in which we are going to be this topic Jesus' name and. When I was approaching. Our public. Works. Projects of the very. Things. For us. Very very full. Passion. I mean. So I'm sure. You know you talk to all of this. Share with you now this is our very critical conviction for them however are. Put here yes I put it here this is that the glow faith of decibels of of God on I don't know that you took note of yesterday but I prefer reason because this is a pretty Got point. They need show of physical evidence of the Baptists of the Holy Spirit the Baptists often the worst in the post pretty swift dance but I think the shot physical sign up for speaking with other tongues us the Spirit of God gives dumb us. Probably what we need to understand here is the rationale behind. And the rational behind all the hoarding under not run your last say yes did. I think. I have. An experience man experience is in the Bible. Then then not experience. Is OK. Is it your mind. That you are going to find out so how do you reach this concept of true connecting by world but this one this. Is. So the foundation of the rational here it is question is no. More. You know the standard one. I have experience is my experience in this environment then my experience is true so when you go all slew on the experience just the foundation will be sure. You are wrong. For us now and he's not. That nice blue dogs or nice seeing you are made by a bob but he's not part of the South. Now he is very poor. So long that is critical point that we need to take think out. Is the other thing there is some usury with. You know all part of war. With their cancer of gross army. Corporal area you know there isn't. Even one example which you are going to find out that this kind of commandment you know the Lord. Very well and also who are going to sign. As a sign that the Holy Spirit is in there is because of this treatment plans look for you all to tell you that you know that you're. So here here start to happen I kind of suspicious thinking you're going to be this is our God. Requested manifestation or one if human behavior or it's a kind of institution our requirement coming to us our request to the followers of. Mormons. I mean why do you think let me share with you know. A couple of of quotations of some sources. I've been firm with you. If Ward let me find out where. I got that that those thing by the way that surfing is this your celebrity and it's not something in this usage of the cult of your own. To tell you that there are literally the reasons of Rosa Lejeune in the money in Georgia. You know these. In Baton Rouge. So if their experience is the background that is a problem. Because here we're going to enter into a very deep waters regarding the topic of dub. Get out of passer by the way in his book mentions that Sherman's talk to this sours the spirits in a sacred languish that is a blow so loud enough to speak him and tell and they are mentions that in my last year Indonesia Bierria I take regimes China Japan Korea. Burma and many other places this kind of money that. Kind of warships. In him and I put this in this in this book that I gave him the. Now Than sources the region and when it happened to cost us a former Pentecost a kind of smothered movement. I must confess that in my case as in the experience of all the people we invented a sequence of one it excels with the purpose of not being asked if we have received the Holy Spirit and journeys every summer with this because in my charge there was a kind of internal year R.T. There were those who received the Holy Spirit the good ones and those who do that that were exposed to receive divine retribution. Whenever you get our mission you didn't say Polish office to denounce. The are here with us 1st Not all of. Our. March are accepted by congregations were is. This. That is last thing you lot. Yes. Not all were. Yes junkie. Joining you know this a coaching of this weekend in thongs this is the book you say know. That all by me Horace munch Alice are to be sent to by whom remissions were really nice. Is. Well this is our. New book in Spanish and I. Am here where conversation with. Yes. Mom. First was a long. One who are sane ones. There is one more. I want to. You do you understand what you say one thing and the purple and meaning all. Well even though our both understand they go all the. Time we're going to. Blow you to the miners were you are on the border. Or in eastern. No arms. OK though this need be better than whiskey the bar in the way you know languish in here is done and we are little time so we all 3 of the circle of the community were never served of communication. Of the day when I think about the service of our communication means that is bigger. All the door you know. There are understanding and this is close and the speaker is going down or Mr Dale the dorian or the other person is understanding I am his answer in bar this is the circles of communication so here. You know I'm speaking there is not full names of the circle of who in addition he are there is a whole or even a half hour meeting all of the unit is important and I am not married just this prime the cross. I asked another question you told me that you have the ability to speak in dogs or languages. How does a language go when you really believes in the sounds words of those who over the years leading those who will be something like all the. Years you say Well so are the. Versions $11.00 of those there is a lot of. Why the law the Holy Spirit is the average person. Informal language doesn't rules Sumpter book have a very it has no news articles it is untrue or birth describe the actions the facts the 9 idea are all over the you know when you are still there an article or a room. Lisa. I am seriously asking you I know about somebody who you love about how about the degree. That I was who was no then are you least a lemming. And the person asked me OK. Not aligned with what it is. And are I married frankly has for. Answer isn't ones. There is not. There are. No whiskey 7 that isn't born here so what you are purpose in arm is television all the ends there is not linguistic our. Conception is I was homeless a memoir and it is sometimes painful doesn't go to others by our sex but it is what it is a prisoner of the body. Yeah. So there is no need for born here when you all are darling but you go now and open your Bible you need to talk to us us. Our 1st Corinthians. They just for some reason for some reason you are going to burn ours. Those things are nice and. Easy now if only there is a big difference in here. Here here is a lesson here is a home. Here in the Book of us the bomb was. Because they were the knowledge of why our word good your source of Asian they alter anything once we learned of the past goes on to find the 1st time if. You know all we even begin to have problems. So good morning which the most of goal Oh are yet to say how he. Need or roll or who I am for to. Charge me. How old are you how to behave in the only nation we are. All of us what we need to be our problem. Is very clear. Because if you go to the 1st already and see the structure of the. Watch 3rd Chunder 2nd or 3rd he will with the visions in a jar. This is going to develop. Under in just the fall hard to believe whether this is the. Instructed to the or the day when certain for one vision so there is another marriage and the problem of marriage in. Narron is about who are also of our the rights of the also individual our movement with our condition of our communion service it's our I mean for our people being the cause of Paul is beginning to grow the company of their need in this not there is about started work it's our it's our obligation in the congregation Aren't there are all one to whom. He. Was in this morning that he didn't probably which is you see people who think that in one of the big good they get there is about love. Loss because you have the whole of you lol You know those things you can spread your server and Jilek our memories there is a movie even if you love I love it. You are. And then there is the. So. This is our their homes. And of course our. Dublin Dogs were actually. Chucked assisting. The offerings. Is one of their all of the amenities all those objectives and that is what is a better job in journalism all. This. Only. One. Person. So. Well. Are I mentioned yesterday that junkie are others you know. He. Is gone and I mention him in the book I will go both here are one. Or both of our experience was recorded probably until needed legal reckoning the rigors of home you know nice things so if he are you know any plans well we're releasing you hurriedly Nyssa the dishes. So the point is if there is a lesson listen this group a money good surgeon. I will say are. Some. Good that. We're not talking about that little bridge the bomb the poem the harvest our SO wonder this series the bombs was written for living here on this gene or our mother this saying don't teach was an inspirational not you know who are reasonably successful jar writing for there is not communion are no harmony between interrelation. I think there's 7 or 8. Or. Yes. You can use oh yeah yeah unless they are making. Me wonder who are brilliant and on their toes I was just this is a very robust thought it would be in the brain in the board here the 2nd series on how many here. He says we don't know him are who was brazen enough rigor are. The zone of our missionary parents who decide rather scenery we have to. Use yet think of our own needing were he was our need is. Our moment heroes and suppose the Lord's Prayer Our mission yes. You know everyone he learned ease use when he said now. No. Ones over me all he said he in the Middle East. Was a power being their 2nd coming of the low. So off. You what my mom. Got that got a. Problem. So whenever a company. Of this it. Bigger. Audience or auditory or or person listening. To the message and the communication and you see the answer back and that is the start of the community the only. We don't even know if you understand with a movie about it is that the ray was doing things in. The patient enough program part of one of the others a lack of common it was. One of the others. Really that. Was the. Thing whether it be good or they. Didn't want it not an easy call Mom dynamic you know. The main language in all of that. Section of the whole book the one that our. One Norbu who is the one that got a lot of. The sure the language together we'd love to. Solve I mean surgeon who always wanted to read a paper. I'm 34 year but. Next year I've been sippin. You. Lose the war who are you really. Here Ians with moving her. Home. All the more powerful. Well. He. Was the one of. The more we. Must. All hear. Who he is well. Really let me share with you something now that has to do with this. In the just the Asian you have the writer or the speech this book this way and it all the Dorian again I'll just say JDAM. When you just are from this to this you need to be clear here I know Mr Here. You need to call and say what is here to this so you need just errancy in the process and sometimes some. Of the dynamic persons nation is not necessarily were more. What. Is in line. Just hours later or in 60 version are using language. Most of the language is one of mine was meat. Is the reason if you. Are. Wearing her yes. I'm sure. There isn't one. On which he NATION. Lucia has a rhino not me. He. Passes not leader of a very lake nothing new. I mean are you certain something that she asked me yesterday regarding translation of our usually version. Was you mentioned because sometimes. We just some versions of course one question is. What is the best version of my language. You know but let me do this once in this version the money it when you are clear the all you. All is talk about with the rest. Of the day. There who important here. So I'm going to enter now into the. Into the main point in which I'm going to record the number who are 1st who you call me you haven't you heard me have the one why was obviously in the. Moment which is the time. You remember. We mentioned yesterday but we now we are going to do. A complete series of of positive regard. Around the new dog. I have a fitness. But I now open your Bible in verse 21. The roly poly. Denish we're going to get the thing we need for going in the. Hour I got me. He wore all. That fire he put it rather that. Many hours. Were to have Did you know all around them that the older men. Got all northerners. Probably in the. Military but jeez up from why the older men to the diffusion I guess want to use young un call so here is a comparison between Wow. It is our government that. Are you faced with one of their. Problems. Now do you think you know or didn't know are wrong as he enters now into the talk. Is fine if you suck but. If I do jobs I was yes all the. Brother. Or raise. Them he that enhanced except genes a credit damage our marriage needed it is funny and now you say no rather than do you begin from what have I come to you are there that I see you you go by religion our model of icons are more vile Bucklin an evil thing with now to lie you down with Mark or hardly have he didn't gel in the now how shall we know whether or carpet is very real are of. The me that my now. Birthday and I'm. Bored. If if the trumpet in our arms. I'm certainly no sound who. Will. Now are watching our words love our version are our. Land was yet said. By leaders now who are those E.C. be honest you. Know whole world is hoping for good showers intell. Yes. So. For me means so here are something when. We mention our hard and. Our lives those who are with us then money seems to us so there is a problem in the car here is man she was something very special. And the reason was it is for the income this think about are the talking so OK 11 easy. Oh here we move a hard one verse. Who is bigger you know you'll move us. I was there do you hear. Her cohesion the place Lady. OK bow bow ambled US leader lain. Here you remember who. Hereis. Is our lay person who are who are seeing them isn't who are will off of the message. OK 1st for Indians who are there isn't. Crawling yet I would say no charge members sometimes even though our souls for our own time were on. Hold pending our some of there were some were not so I was a member. But in your other there were members of. You personally. In her home going well. So what is a form of of this. In 1st Corinthians looks like I can think of really or maybe seeing him. Or a prisoner issue. Remember something. Mother son. Well what people didn't of this if it of calling. Well yes. Or and will be more or I was more growth or when you. Were A who are more. Wary eye on you are passing by gays. I'm here to. Love the British. Media as well Lou. The value of linguistic backroom people or tracking joggler or enter into it in the end when you go or think or your goal in discussing these are the reshape the issues. They are coming from people coming from Syria but aren't interested. In family friends. There isn't. So Colin being in our current US local nick than. They do. When you go to George's with the turn of our When you are going to hire a plumber. Now or ever. They need to determine the vote of all the Brazilian you bring your name but even in our region they were region because they were given money about their own a. No no or a very very for 400. 1 of the terms of inverse going to. Is that hand of the motion. Kind of the motion on the move or past this nationalism is a kind of evangelistic So you know they were doing the work for me I know are all houses of. New York because of the Asian. Who. Who. Are they are his. Interests 1st. There are in the book of our man. The Lear is all evil Yes it's all about can be oboe or known overall but in the book far it was very clear that everybody listen Are they didn't need to have headphones to listen our. Hour long is linguistic work for Corinthians the whole series of hours there's just so minute as of that which is. I LOL then I have a meeting so here's tell you the 1st read. This. We know on the worst. Kind of not easy. Sure we all miss our last hour or so but our move our this is. Were we were and that is the nature are known. How we this is form this thing work. That directly with the 1st engines is not. Loved living here. No problem pulling the power. Or the engine in the rendition it wouldn't it was a need of the decision. Now that is the one. Not the only one point there is important they didn't know how are you going to pull or who even in 1st going to the NG was Nisar I will tell him now the story because of that of the boat when you order it to the table after after the room he she commanded then that he no interpretation woke up in the congregation this person who lived in the. Saw the vision Manito in that condition and there is a 1st starting with our gift. Can be a joke if there are not some kind of always in the problem. Are you going to enter the public on clearly. OK don't live there or thing who prays nation understanding you were going to I'm poor maybe there's a little bit of confusion for no reason I go on. Are you all you were understand. There were answers about how to. Cause I mentioned the billions the. Needle will. Prevent the. Use. Of our. Interesting. Object if I was a are going to use look Larry dams. Oh oh oh oh oh. But Google archives. One over there was no room for her of below. What is the consequence they saw. Well who are the actual germs. Running over. Probably they were part of the 1st up this must service the book are rich the how were we both of 1st written for me is problematic because there were some kind of double ends inside the local congregation. And that that is tell you that is not the borders of doorbells now the nation of the home is really in charge of bringing them here Zhen on some kind of on our inside which are so if occasion I was a Google Apps Yes. It versus. Our most basic Either there were conflicts or. Was it by you Ha Ha Ha Now this is America. In finances. Question. All of the financial Look I've been an old i Where is it where is a partner in the identifier back of the Father the thing is done in the book or are there any effective. Bits now they were beginning from other people where the given the matters into their all the languages and maintaining. Their their other. Not was not. Creating a talking animals but. The wiring. For. The we have the will not. The meeting of the. I know we're not how the. Public fit in. And begin from. You do you are or are you are we are eventually going to get numb to are you aware that comprised a they work together yes oh. Yes ma'am. I know that you are you know. That the government is. The. That people need. Not. Even those who are not in. Those. Who belong. To. Your. Problem I think are part of the many working the needs and there are problems. In both of us you know because nobody in the. Next wants. One who knew the other. Day. You know. And then oh even. Then it was those who are who are those who belong. Who must live. Our. Right to Free. Or if you know the middle of. A fire. You know what I asked you yeah that's why. I'm there are the days are not good you have. One. Charismatic. In the Old Testament in San Diego. I saw it as this experience. That the Holy Spirit comes upon and he was the next to the mission. This is all there is it comes a new manner it has just oppose us and even General Uncle Sam has already been experience as part of us all so then change the New Testament so much yes that's true however the point is not even now. Mediums Lee are. Changing scenes on who were being. Born these are probably of the mission. Is. Just. Us there must be just as I have friends in that they just don't start the GOING TO THE this market 1st wonderful thing is that is that is the problem with our. Human even though there was a lorry with our not speeding Downs was not this part and. It really. Cost to go out he said. And he spoke. Cursing a. Lady laughed. When he basically. He. Basically said something. It was really just. That. Person. Knowing about warnings. Ah well you know you. And this is a sure. That all we did was to. Close and I was yesterday. We're. Now in to. Say that they have yet that. Half of us urban up front I mean. Really what. Our one person. Single out was her back here kind of like Oh very well there you go we're doing art that has been that. They're all trying to. Raising. The person. Everybody the audience. What Yes it is through the roof Well I'm by and there were people. Way out as well. So I am in the heart of this is because of the soul. Or I guess. I don't ever have that experience because we. I worked for 24 years a lot of it was really interesting to. Listen. To this is yes. They would. As. This is. Really weird because. When they face. Somebody very. Big you. Well you can do that. My perception and I did I hope you use the negotiators they. Also. Use. My particularly now that I'm in a good. You. Know. I. Did. Not even. Oreo. Person those. Are. Your friends are. In there last night. Oh. By the way our whole with the. Tonight it was well he was. Gruesome. I'm he said. That if you're close to war. You are not the person. Was your war. Didn't you was war. You know. There's a job to go to bring. To the road the car to go. Up when you're. You know that I go. That's it. You know. What the. People who are going to do it. Going for the 3 buses back to the car park and so on I was. On this journey that was whole when the car was with you. Reach the corner well acted and then the moment you only move it. What. I'm from shit is a normal. Home or home with. You is there in truth. This is the in the. Good you don't get. Enough so they just do the other 2 are you know I'm not so I don't know if. You have to have that. With a person. Because. Of this the media know I'm going to listen to. You in certain doom about R T Which you know meaning do not belong to the door. Person. With a very. Soon. Brought. Her to life. So. Many people. Are. Why they are. Able to do the same thing. They're very very. Rich. Understand. In though they might be very much alive. And why they are. They. Say no there are. A lot of these people are not necessarily. Always in the. Post. OK. I think. You need to be in tones. Of. I haven't done that the ponies holding the Bible. With. You know more than more than I did to her. I was. The reason of the mission role being. People in this then to suit her to say I I have one is different from yours but I. Know the look alike. I'm not a fake because of their degree of poverty which there is a reason I don't I am Those It sure is divided I am indebted and there is a connection here you are making a lot of them right Mark hold their own nose hoping those are going to have their communication. Because it is normal how you are going to troll with sounds than you would do you didn't. You say you that Oprah's you are not her I don't know what they are the very root of I'm trying to never going out there I'm going to be decent person. There's not much in that and then you. Go Wrong. So. Yeah. You want to be certain I was once or that this boat and I. Was the Bible I'm pretty. Open book you. Doctors. They're leaving gether because if this isn't Borden actions are happening is. Then we 1st heard the song. We were all whole province was just to you in sheep's clothing but even worse the the power company was in hell and all the women are going to lose the little girl their needs are clones of the. Events or the goods we bring for the world but rather 3000000 poor people are going to or not brave or evil will need a turnip or room 3 brains for who flew there is really rinsed lost all the good the human down into the fire work or are those rules you shall know them now come the thought that you. Run there's money for you not everyone the same to me even though of the Lord shall enter into the unknown to them but are not the meal of my father with his name. Many many will say to me in that they know or are we not prophesied in the home and dining car of evil an entire name the only one the whole was under then was our purpose then I never knew you the hour homie you work in the. Us how. How your son is. Under the horn here. Is that there are who say by name the name of the note and they have to. Do with it. And I did. Not let any not be. Huge he's the one when you go to the Bible anyway regarding the public this is not uncommon count on the apostle to see it not this is not a comma. More I would say the sitting down in a going into heart was more of a role in the method to the point in which a whole fucking whole order and clearly something we needed to learn or hear in order not to be computed I I requested or respect your plan and when I asked you but I'm going to get my point of view. Well you see I'm moving in with this doing their voice as magic and they don't without proving it and they go to images under the law then for me the. Neutral the obvious reading more confusion that listening by his I can have a few minutes of movement he must be learned that anything. Not going to go together who did all of those big hitters of the commandments. That is why are you there and if they are but not of you that the baseball in Europe is based on what the Bible. Because there is not one hand there is they say you know what it was no lawyers one was religious No there were no that is they knew I was not about the movement leadership. I'm bringing more motivation than listening to those. Who need only their critical or they are no those things are difficult to. Take the asian of of you writing about a condition in which are these you have. You know I don't need that divide what were you seeing that I was there if you see it now you're going to be I'm you know that I'm either are the person in the congregation. You don't let the you know your bridges. And you know. Those are jobs. Because I was there. Does that not the point that the people he's creating humor you're really there is no base involvement by where we're all worrisome really big vision of the whole of. Lucy Lawless or where the growth of the book or the action where Billy was involved and the more we're going to come here with a vision. But here. Now the also say that we need to walk in the bird. In the park these days I say or maybe this did. Not Build a lot of the finish or this is not the again the news this morning that this and these are contrary the one to learn others or that you cannot lose nothing new but if you need it off with you you are not losing your now there will be this month that we just need those 3 on occasion I'm feeling less you know you look to me which for me if you weren't in this you run by the Legion there is the. In buying more of their. Wheeling and suchlike. Over which I believe you did more than I have also told you. That the loser things are not. Getting in the lot but the truth of this is not. Your. Not. Just the. Meeting number of games. There is no doubt that you are. We're safe here so if you see all those who are. This is a reporter I said. That. Or. The creative guy or. Are willing to reveal all because. Of a one. I was. There my love. The people. Who have seized. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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