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Be Filled with the Spirit - Part 3

Daniel Scarone




  • June 20, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for your blessings thank you for your curt during the night even with a rain bless us in this moment in which we are going to open our We're Bible and we are going to tally your words to be with us in Jesus' name amen was the day of yesterday. And that that is for the record I am I am connected and wired right now. I enter into into a topic that was not in my notes just was obvious they version because I made or I made a comment and I will refresh their idea from my notes here because the Bible says and less open the book of decisions. And we are going to read. On eat that is the main. The main rationale for for for the present taijiquan of dystopic that is. The field of the Holy Spirit the feel of the Holy Spirit. And when the Apostle Paul say Star. That is I guess officiants just a 5 isn't it. And B. No drunk with wine wearing a success. But the field with the Spirit speaking to yourself in Psalms and he means and speak to our songs singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord given tanks always for all things and to God. The father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the 1st of Servatius I've been I mean showing with you is that this is kind of triadic text dreamy text with full disclosure of the divinity because is the mention of the Spirit is the mention of the Lord Jesus and He is the mention also connected in the tax with with the. With of with our Father in heaven. It is it is sufficient. Chapter 5 versus 18 through 21. And one of those survey chanson I often make in in the serious of presentation is that sometimes across the New Testament there are. Many Fish stations of the divinity in that way. We're going to enter probably to morrow I know not how we are going to be today but between today and tomorrow we are going to enter in to destroy the attic manifestations in the New Testament and you're going to see at least 23 in the book of sufficient and similar quotations of this period however the main purpose of my presentation regarding this is to discuss about the the nature of the spirit in the book of officious because sometimes there is a confusion when when the Bible say so be feel with the spirit and in the comparison and be not drunk with wine but feel of the Spirit so some people may think like to be Phil might be connected with a kind of counted like war or something and that because in the comparison is that so. And we are going to enter into doubt in the presentation but I am recuperating in some things because we say that what we were going to discuss is base upon this advice and we are going to discuss the Apostles. In in in the relations with officiants. The rule of the spirit in revive our movements because that is a key sentence here by the way if you take out this sentence be feel of the spirit from the pistol if the pistol the holy priest or changed completely. There is no sense with that because East the spirit. Soul in the nurture and essence of the pistol that is that is what it means though the thing that is quite interesting in this and he's appealing is that it is the sing that makes the beast still. Is key to us. And we need to recoup that in the charge of. Sometimes we are going to be discussing a little bit about that and we are of course his cousin about their relationship with a piece to the collusions because both by the way were written probably from the same place and there is an internal relationship between collisions and efficiency and we are going to be working about that and did a version comes when I when I called this topic. And I we are not going to enter into that today just mentioning because callus Matic movement has. Made and in parked in a were Christian culture. To sink. Or Pentecostal or charismatic are. What I would say exclusive miss a show coming from them and charismatic made believe that the Holy Spirit is an exclusive topic of then at least not because it belongs to the Bible it belongs to the Scriptures and. He's a blessings. In which we need to dig in of course. And they all their effect is that. A day interviews the concept of a moment 10 years influence of the Holy Spirit in Stephen of our whole life entire life guided by the Holy Spirit and that is the emphasis here because you are you are going to see in this book in this A pistol is that then Tara pistol is under the influence of the presence of the Holy Spirit and we did the mention and this was what triggers the diversion because I put. Movements many Christians believe that they need to speak other languages to demonstrate that they receive the Holy Spirit. And I put this quotation coming from W.W. Asia Assemblies of God dog or genie in which they say the baptism of believers in the Holy Spirit is with by the English a physical sign of a speaking with all the times. The Spirit gives us let me tell you something regarding this topic. I normally do not. Deal the other day. A little my wife was following one of the presentations from the comedian and for sundry son destry mean connect her not with here but with a Pentecostal church. And I don't know when it's on and on I need to talk with the guys off i t because if something is going on like that I will say wow we need to take her about that because we are promoting all the things and we need to be very careful but normally. I am more of inclined to read about all the movements but not to listen about those things and I study this but I cover everything from yesterday regarding the the speaking in tongues so I am not to enter I recommend you. Maybe to to get the book that I recommended yesterday reaching and winning Pentecostals on front page 4260 you are going to find a lot of information regarding. There is a speaking in tongues. Is the word for the Greek or for tongue. Is speak in tongues glossolalia is the word and you are going to find everything but yesterday I put an end on that let me let me get back to the peace of the sufficiency if I can. And if you have any questions regarding the topic you say after after the class we can discuss about it but let's go to the background of efficiency because we need to understand what is the problem in the fish in charge because they were in a physical context geographical context with an ambience of a pack and religion that Washington mingle with ADD TO means of Diana of the fish eons and who are US are to me since she was the most warship the E.T.V. in Asia and perhaps the ward of the world sorry for the typo during the post times what was the worship like hundreds of eunuch priest vision priestesses and religious prostitutes sorry typo here again they serve and worship rituals were were quite Antarctic in those days so there was a kind of attraction I will say if you mix our night club with our kind of worship perception you are going to get clients at some point Las Vegas is probably. A mix of that kind of thing in which you are going to find a reason intermingle even certain there to churches in silence about the way so all the names for Artemis Dianna Queen of Heaven and potential savior mother garb the 6. Mother Goddess and remember something one of the early. Conciliation of the Catholic Church or US inefficiencies in INDOT place appears the name applied to marry about the Mother of God So the connection was through the culture. Trying to capture the elements from the culture and bring them into the Christianity but in the moment in which Christianity is becoming to be means a paragon isn't it isn't less Christian and more pyorrhea and than Christian in nature and that is part of the problem that you are go in to. Taking count here what role if a source in the Artemis warship if this was concealed or nay are of course a Sora type OK I have to put that in in it Alex because it's a Greek word meaning that the city was the center of the art to me so worship and response of mundane in the cult purity of that warship how F.S.S. was benefit financially by this worship what was up there was a kind of bank in in in place you know because they are melt of money coming into the berry be the cult Brog great worth to the citizens of FS is. Because the temple Phantom is became the war latest bank during that time and if you go to the Book of Acts you are going to remember what was the reaction because let me tell you something the reaction was not moved by the worship itself the reaction comes when money enter into action and they began to perceive that with Christianity not to worship in images they are going to last a lot of money because they were live in front. And in the moment in which you are going to preach those scenes you are going to get a reaction why because if you go to Rome if you go to some of these places around the Batek and I will say maybe one store or 234 per block are selling some kind of little images. By less figures and status of all the saints that you my as you can imagine in there was what were the festivals like there will tease come from all over the wall to worship Diana of the fish and or Archimedes and celebrate during the festivals and there were processions there were processions So you you can see the connections isn't so precisions. And music dancing singing in theatrical representations and bolts of elations to that divinity and how was this image they portray and sort of the type of hero again Artemis as having many breasts as a symbol of fertility the main star to incur temple may have been a black mentor right that fell from heaven this is I guess I guess I you have here. I do have here a picture here is a picture of of Artemis and when you go to him but you CAN YOU SEE YOU CAN you are going to find out that Amish in in the corridor are connected in some Peter cathedra within the scene and when you go to the person a chapel of the pope there are a lot of images and one of them is this so they cannot be now the relationship between the goddess pardon divinities together with the elements of worship in the conflict charge the oh yes there is a copy This is not coming from the front but do yes. Well remember something this this tattoo was part of the elements of the. Temple of they honor and there was not only one there were several and there were micro temples of Diana in Asia Minor So that was a very popular I was divinity in India walled off of the. Asia Minor and was a very big influence and the Romans the Romans they didn't see any problem with that because they are sort of the elements you need to remember something regarding them the Roman religion. And this isn't a huge huge huge connection funny when you go to the Roman connection with the Roman pantheon of date. OK you're going to see that in reality this is coming from Greece so no question about that you are going to see Seuss at least becoming chip eater and you are going to see Hermanus and Marty and you are going to see you know the divinity of beauty. After the night your going to be with. Us in the other side you're going to see all of that coming in. Let me tell you something this was a business financial interchange that dot dot is that is documented that they booked the pontiff. So they keep the Pantheon because that was prophet and the elements with this are GO IN DA into the into the thoughtless isn't I latched and you are going to see you you have the names there are lot of names in the week for example that that were devoted to those days. And we are keeping dolts in several calendars names still in Spanish for example. Where they saw one of the names but remember some sense some of them were coming from issue by Crown saw the there is a big mixer here the of the elements but. That was one of the things that influence the other thing is that that temple the temple of Artemis was one of the 7 Wonders of the ancient war remember that. Yes. I don't know if I have this us this is a recreate and I like very much because of this I like it very much because when you enter into the Vatican you I go into see Dot in the Batek a man that is covering Saints so the closer to our framework it is you know. Like a mold you know model that is going to be taken and transferred into the other place here is one big big big element and this is a recreation. This is our recreation watch up there and this isn't Party this is attacking this is on they they made that sorry creation in of the UK of course of course I mean tell you this is a micro thing of course if you go there you are going to be very short but the the temple what Barry Barry big to give you an idea either not going to fit here but but this is this is the basis of the remains in which the the real temple was so this is going to give you our kind of idea of what why us in the temple of course part of the temple you are going to find in lieu of were you part of the temple in Paris France you are going to see in the. British museum in Germany and several other places but it was this members are also what you get are the ruins of what was the city but this is the piece still. In which there were people or Christian peace for worship in the known Jesus in that kind of environment so efficiency is a little written by Paul around $6062.00 after Christ together with all the letters from the prison in which Paul was like corrosion son until a man. And initially why mention several things while a Polis was preaching a current poor fulfill his promise to return to Ephesus and he had made a brief visit to share. On how to spend some time. And the scene of. Only lay worse hands he travel through Asia Minor over all the country of. Freesia so Elisha why this is putting an emphasis because she says in the time of the Apostle the western portion of Asia Minor was known as the Roman province of Asia and. Was a capital so that was a center that that was like the New York of Asia Minor in those days with a center of the that kind of worship and of course there were a few wish community and the postal Corbin's you is speaking the same languish always went to them 1st. Aren't of course that we're suffering conversation until the moment in which differences become apparent and everything is going to change after that so. Will come Good morning that were sort of part of the problem in. The postal post saison his arrival artifices poll found 12 brillant who like a Polis had been the site was ocean the Baptist and like him had gained some knowledge of the mission of Christ and they have no ability of bowlers but with the same sincerity and faith they were seeking to a spread abroad the knowledge they received one disparate rent know nothing of the mission of the Holy Spirit and when asked by Paul if they have received the Holy Ghost they answer with we have not so much us heard whether there be any colleague asked. To that well. What then they were baptize that that's a question and Paul inquire and they say to shunt baptism and that is the basis for the new baptism of them so that some people say this well. Is this. About this. Base upon what. The Holy Spirit that the US beast that was the the missile link then the Postal said before them the great truths that are the foundation of the Christians hope and he told them of Christ life on this earth and of his cruel death of shame and he told them how the Lord of life has broken the barriers of the term and recent 3 are you in front over this and he repeated save your commission to his disciples all power is given in to me in heaven and in earth so go Year 4 and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father of the Son and of the holy God you're going to find this in. Acts of the Apostles 282 2nd paragraph. Let me go ahead regarding some of the things that we are going to find in the a pistol when you go to a piece one of the things that. Is bringing your attention is a kind of contrast Do not be fill of wine but be filled of the theories is a contrast but there are there are a series of contrast and. As you see here is a kind of negative followed by a positive command don't do this rather do this so let's let's open the Bible and we are going to check. All the contrast because it's important. In the in the process of the interpretation that when you are tracing the back you are going to see those things saw a fish and chapter 4 burst 262728 you are going to see be angry and sin not let not the sun go down upon your rough So that is the 1st one be angry and sin not so this this is a kind of. You know statement but follow by a narrative 28 Let him that the stole is still no lower but rather let him lay her work in with his hands the things which is it good that he may have to give him that did it see see how the ball if teaching them and think about what he's what he's been he thought about that because here is a point sometimes in this a piece to what you're going to see in the background it's a commandment. Is a commandment but he's not saying well we're going to be teaching or talking about the law he is given the law about the facts and that is part of the point here and that is must have for some times when we are denouncing we're going to this tell you the commandment we're going to tell you the grace we're going to tell the 2nd coming you know you are denouncing what I will say fundamental beliefs police doing the same but. Through the Bible and through example so don't do this do this and that is wonderful that that is perfect See here 29 Let not the root communication proceed out of your own miles but that which is good to the use of the fire in that if may minister grace to the hearers that's a blessing how much we need that in our work in our work home in our houses in families you know how many twisted words sometimes we have so what is the basis for the in the bottom line eat the commandment to because it has to be how we regulate what is coming out from our mouth and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby ye are serial owned to the day of redemption not grieve their Holy Spirit of God What is what is telling you about this I don't know. If you have any observation they are then that but. Let me tell you something. There are some people say in that the Holy Spirit is an influence. Is Us thing. Has no person who's is not persona not personally but here say and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God are. Can I think if I am not the table is going to tell me please stand and be quite respected because it hurt me. Something I know who is going to be grief what. Supports I'm super So it's very clear you don't need to go more deep regarding that but the Turks is telling you about this and and what is you know in the pack around do not grieve the Holy Spirit of where by year are sealed all day of redemption another contract little bitterness and rust and anger and Claymore and evil speaking in deployed away from you with all malice. In the one another tender her to forgiving one another even has gone out for Christ's sake has forgiven you which are bound Where is this effect. In effect to our practice in our church this is a blessin of the teaching for for for our charts and look and look you love. US Christ also have love I had given for us an offering and sacrifice to go work for a sweet smelling savior but fornication and all and cleanness and comatose let it not be one's name among you us become saints see see how the post of Paul is changing from negative to positive and positive to negative but always is the contrast and the Contras a following the teachings that are base upon the commandments of car and the commandement of guard are base upon the creation because here is our fun occasion associated with uncleanness and poetess ness. Because that is that is not the point to became Saint but here is the emphasis in this positive sides of the teaching here in. Neither fitness nor fullish burst for Chapter 5 neither fearfulness nor full ish are talking in your best thing which are not convenient but rather given of sands sanctions how much we need to say than it's sometimes. We do have Russian appearance sometimes and we are not thankful but we have to be sent for to. To see each other. To have peace in our minds and to ensure that a communion into the charge and that he's part of the things that the Apostle Paul is teaching here to them. And they are if you if you see the background in which the pattern religion is expanding in the worship of Artemis and what the poster Paul is bringing to them is clearly that the Apostle Paul through the teaching of the essence of Christianity is inviting them to came out. To be our current of unk or of light in the middle of the B. darkness that they worship of Artemis is bring in to them for this is you know says verse 5 that no or monger nor unclean person nor covetous man who is any dollar have any inheritance in the Kindle of Christ and of God would serve out the here is here is heating in the center of the force warship based upon the commandment without mention don't go to the temple don't go to worship Artemus don't go to this you you understand what I'm saying sometimes sometimes we need to to incline I were sort of to the wisdom wisdom coming from the Scriptures because because the part of the poor here is not not saying don't go to worship da way is inviting them through the scriptures to say to this. Do this practice this and that is really possible but not just the 4 partakers with them. I don't see that I can mention already that I don't see glossolalia in the in the piece don't mention because I don't see that there were a kind of practice if you are talking to me about the oracle of the force that is coincidence. Diane then if. There is a horse of another color No they fissions. Not efficient because because there were a kind of mysterious revelations even to ye mysterious wars and given to a priestess female press this in the in the force of ACA and she spoke to Revelations does force was maybe very close to Cordy and that is a connection that some people have made regarding that my perception regarding current and the speaking in tongues is the kind of course mom politer condition of the charge and when you have more political situation and context you are going to see that a charge is going to get in in a kind of bar I had T. of languish in this case the Apostle Paul is is telling them how to be Christians in the set in of the background of the Artemis worship. And inviting them to came out in a certain sense is the same message of revelation coming out from Babylon coming out from the Rome worship that is the essence of the. I here says we not yet therefore partake is with them for a year were sometimes darkness but now you're our allow it in the Lord walk past children of light and I like very much this why because sometimes when you are talking about. What we are. In between what we are and we in what we were the apostle Paul says you were darkness but that is in the past now you are light so now walk us bearers of that light I like very much that. It is really positive because you are emphasizing the positive and you are rein force in this behavior toward the good cheer and that is that is building up the charge that this increase in the good in the charge and finally for the fruit of the spirit is all goodness and righteousness and truth and finally when he says and enter into the preparation of the topic it is Jamie even to speak of those things which are dawn of them in secret watch about that but all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light for whatsoever Da'ath make money 1st in line see them What does your walk spectrally not us full but us wise were for be and not unto our ice but understanding that they will of the Lower East I am green versus 15 and 17 and finally he say this and be not drunk with wine were in excess but did feel with this period when when he says me not drunk with wine were in a success but be filled with a spirit remember some see here according to some experts and commentators in that kind of worship there were. Hard drinks. In order that the people might enter into a kind of communion with the with the guards. And with the divinities in which they wear so you are going to find out in the in the scriptures that that is a very. Very important thing that Apostle Paul is recommending in here let me find out something you are going to see. Dystopic. Let me find out the point because here is. His part I will say the connection you are going to see at least 2 examples in the New Testament I don't I don't know I guess I didn't transfer to my notes but let me just mention this the 1st one is in the book of look in the recommendation of of of the ancient to the Baptist and he was NOT be our wine drinker because he was to be feel of the Holy Spirit you are going to build up the construction from here so it is taken away what is alcoholic and put in depressants of the Holy Spirit you are going to see that at the end of chapter one in the book of look. The only thing you are going to see this is it is in another section of look that is the 2nd treaty he caught that is the book of facts. You remember when they began to speak in tongues. What was the reaction of the crowd regarding them they were drunk and then count Peter and say to them No no no no no this is not drunkenness What is the explanation this is the presence of the Holy Spirit and He is going to sustain that as a fulfillment of the prophecies of joy of the prophet in the Old Testament remember and basically basically what they say is this very early in the morning to get drunk because that was part of maybe noon or after in which they wore were in the temple of the power on divinities and they were you know plenty of wine and there was excess into that and therefore to oppose Peter said it's not that it's not the case they are fill with the Holy Spirit and they began to reflect about done and finally several of them became early Christians because they were baptized and that was probably part of the $3000.00 and after dark part of the fire Dowson. So the pasta poor continues their recommendation be feel of the Spirit saying speak in. To yourselves in songs and eams and spiritual songs singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord and and let's keep this in mind because to morrow we are going to do the connection between efficiency and call oceans and you are going to see that lease are very big structure regarded in this and how collusions and efficient are in harmony they are into this regarding this topic and this important. To taking count this given turns over wastes he says verse 24 all things and to God and the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ so again it is a truly Tyrion I will say. A statement because it is be feel of the spirit in burst 18 and hearsays even Thanks always for all things and to God and the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ submitting yourself one another in the fear of and God are let me enter now into reflections of what I call these reflection on the Trinity. In certain sense I will say they got his is the model of unity in polls being here why. Let me let me share with you something. On the part of course ace in chapter 4 efficiency chapter 4 let's go to a fish and chapter for the for his size the prisoner of the Lord be said that you walk War 3 of the vocations were with year our core verse 2. With all lowliness low linen and meekness with longsuffering for beer in one another in love and devouring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace keep in mind this keep in mind burst 3 what's the next there is one Bonnie and one spirit even as year our call in one call of your calling one or one faith one baptism you see here sometimes let me tell you that we have a kind of problem and the problem is when we put emphasis in certain sings and dismiss another thing in the context and that is part by the way of the new Tickle process and that's the reason why in a minute ix we are going to to check about those things because if you watch this it is for me more strong or stronger when you put emphasis in the Trinity Tyrion version of the pup this must service that put in him for sis Shas 141 Lord one face one Baptists so on so that we call ducks is fine if I were quoting the Bible and we are going to say well when we baptize we are becoming part of the Body of Christ because there is 11 Lord one faith and one Baptists OK However we are missin that here is a Spirit the Lord and God the Father and here is the Trinity. And that is such an eternity in kind of our formula that appears very clear in the parable in our naked our Yes it is there sometimes there are forces are missing us the point in which we cannot see the process you understand what I'm saying so so here here you see some saying that this mother Lynn some elements and I'm going to enter into into this let's let's get back now for a moment in a topic that I know that is not part of fishing but this is Matthew Matthew Cordle when the body all that this all mother turned into. But decent this Alto's a store owner. To we too are you no matter sternest the formula of Matthew 2819 what is important here and why I am bringing this because sufficient is talking about the parties and this is talking about the but this into all the name I don't know if I have here sounds in to sign but the 2nd line say Spanta. When appears. There is a war and. There is a word that is the root word for ethnic our IN THE CITY. Into all the nations and here it is something quite interesting in the formula see here say stall on a man that is single or taller man a singular means all who are baptized are in unity with all comprise under one name and under one name is the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are 3 singular nuance to gether and united under one name that means equality and unity 1st saying based upon the grammatic of factors come in front from the 2nd 2nd is the individual article to. Her article singular masculine the article functions 2 indicates individual identity in the sentence if 2 or 3 were the same will than meet individual articles precede than watching now what is in the sentence there are one Article 23. Into part truce into. And into Are you Snell mythos so that means that. In the name of the earth father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And if you put. This there are 2 of you that speak Spanish that means number they all. Pretty Tucson and that is preceded in that of course anti-trade entirely and want to want to do science in that or is what they want to delete Matthew $28.00 and they are going to argue and say well done is not in this and this and this but he's a problem it is a problem because Matthew 2819 is there in the early manuscripts. Second thing I do you know my toss Holy Spirit appears in the same sentence here. And that is the link I you know mythos Holy Spirit appears in the same sentence in the same level of the Father I love this song what does it mean he is separate and equal. To the others that least telling you there is a personality it has pursued individuality and this is called to the all others who have pursued learn individuality and that is a very strong. And there is pure remedy by the way no the thing if you are going to come today into a new tricks I'm going to mention this as an example of there all the things in the process of the menu to work on when people say you have a basis for doubt yes we have a big. Yes we basis for that so the 3 persons of the curve. Were also present in the bathroom of the Lord Jesus. When the voice of the father was heard from heaven and the spirit come in full of dolphins in the solemn moment of peace that's a reason Elegy why I say this I have a lead trio and that is clear record Taishan to you why and this is this is it this is very clear and he's very strongly say but is this let me tell you something regarding this. When. When you put their emphasis here. You see the articles 2 parters 2 wheel to argue new mottoes 2 that is personally are to go and die at this is singular masculine except in the case of are you however is not Buddha is singular. And indicates individual in the identity how what is the change what is a change if there were the 3 in one shotting one person that is not in one person I don't believe that OK to be that in one person you need to put only one article before the 3 names you understand what I'm saying if you put half of the 3 names on one article you are going to fusion the 3 names under Doc but it's not every one is one with an independent article in the name of the Father in the knee of son in the name of the Holocaust let me let me let me give me a moment. I am bringing in a stranger here and here is a sharp rule apply. That East Titus Chapter 2 go to the up tight to sub to to verse 13 the great God and Savior Jesus Christ and let me give you a little bit the background of this. I was in when Osiris all American children are witnesses beaters be said to suss and he says to us Look I am a lead to be confused and I want to see if you have original versions and different versions of the Bible because I heard that you have a library and that's true by the way but our library was not open to pull it out. We were like here here where the office is Collins hallway another section of offices and a connection with a library and was out about our no more than $1500.00 volumes maybe but you know in one Cyrus and in suburbia so been some neighborhood that that was a big library for some people so I ike I help him I help him and and here is look what is called Shop rule because shard was a British. Abolish an east by the way specialist in Greek languish. And sharp. Apply this rule there's I'm going to show you the rule because it is important and the rule is this when to no one's here are God Savior Tunes personal names are loons are are united by archive. R. and R.. There is another tickle that persists precedes the 1st but is not repeated in the 2nd it is referred to the same person you understand what I'm saying OK I repeat repeat don't do or we were going to learn and I took my time also to learn about this when there is a carry and the rule is call. But I'm not going to bring confusion here is unifying K E K E means. In Spanish when there is a conjunction carry United 2 Noons and there is only one article preceeding the 1st noon and he's not repeated in the 2nd the 2 new ones refers to the same person titles to verse 13 so let's let's put some Cynthia. OK I'm going to I'm going to put all this. In a moment and I'm going to take questions here. So here is the article here is the article masculine single are the tendencies genitive and here is unknown the on that it's got that is the 1st one so when when the Apostle Paul is a speaking about the great the great God and Savior Jesus Christ establishing Jesus is God. That's the point and instantly say this I was under the bed answering I went to the road and you see. That is the point. I don't remember in French or Italian. But here you have so here here is a subsidy teaching regarding the article function because that is going to reign for what Matthew 28 because in murder to 28 you see there is an individual article for every single name you follow 107 because when when the Bible says but Tyson then in the name Also father in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit they article are singling out every name indicated in then personality individuality equality and or is that together that is a sound for me and this coming from the romantical too because you are going to apply sharp rule into into the rest of the New Testament by the way. The same your want one when you start going to magical rule. You are not going to go exceptions for that and you are going to do to explain if there is an exception but normally every every time in which you are there is cases in the Book of Revelation in the rest of the Bible and you are going to apply the sharp rule and the sharp rule is going to apply to every single situation so the article tone here here before this is not repeated. And that is a case with a showman witnesses because they want to. Re-inforce their own version. So they pull 1st their version according to the teachings and they put the teachings of the whole by witness before the Scriptures However when you go to the Greek and when you go to audition us the is known that is going to support that so that was the reason of the Bissett of the Bissett in person he wanted to find out what the critics say this and I want to read about that and for him that there was. Be this core very that let me tell you something there is a. There is a kind of manuscript Toller she could be can be X. the sheltie for this I mentioned yesterday that we have in the New Testament about 5000 Munster's and you can check all of them and you are going to find variances but none of this of this balances are going to show or favor for the position of the who are witnesses and there is a problem for them that is there is a problem for them. Because because studies they are a witness and the witness in history are very strong in favor of the thing that we are supporting and Doris that is the point in which we need to confess our Fidel agreed to the Scriptures and are his attacks already I need to put the text verse. So looking for Douglas hope and the Glorious Appearing of the great God and there is the great law our Savior Jesus Christ. Probably you are going to see well what about here on oh he is here so they don't come on is our Savior but is not the article the article this is 1st you know. And it's funny is very powerful to morrow we are going to enter into a kind of sense assistive usually because I'm going to give you a hint of the presentations of the topics in which we are going to enter a little bit discuss in the the the spirit in the context of efficiency because if this the but this is in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are 3 names isn't it. The interchange in the New Testament for example if we say name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit can we say. Father is period and son can we say arm Son Father Spirit. Can we say song the spirit of Father can we say Spirit father and son can we say spirit son and father because if then are equally bonded if there are the same level they have to be are they. Are are they in the New Testament to morrow is today in which I am going to explain. 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