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Be Filled with the Spirit - Part 4

Daniel Scarone




  • June 21, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Following him and thank you for this new day for the blessing of arrest for your protection re with us in the presentation of today lead us and Guy that to understand the powerful message of be feel with a spirit be with us that in this moment are sick or in hospital. Like the mother of our below that friend here help us to intercede each other in prayer always in Jesus' name amen OK. The topic that we were. Probably finish Cian today it is connection and I'm going maybe before moving out from here. I will. Do that here because we are going to be finished with this. Room taking count this ticks coming in cold oceans chapter 3. Call oceans so after 3. Verses 16 so there will and seeing a thing. And we are going to go to war without in some part of our presentations to their heads in our relationships with the main the main topic that is officiants jumped of 5 and see if you do this. 18 on. Efficiencies it's up to 5. Let's put 18 through 21 and we're going to be working lately but. You have it gravy because it's important in the process of interpretation one point that the middle of the study of the Bible that I already gave. How many of you didn't have that this this is an official document of. Be a rabbi and is call like the document boat in real danger data wrestling 986 I already told a story I'm not going to repeat that because. I already mentioned in the 1st presentation they are in this however we're going to be finishing that one strong recommendations in the document is that when we study the Bible we compare text with text we need to compare Bible with Bible Scripture with Scripture and you are going to see something here that is a warning to our lair to you because some times I've been telling that we aren't the influence of the charismatic all Pentecostal movement and then not going to enter into that but when you go here to our text you are going to see something quite clear coming from the Bible Let's go to the fish and Chapter 5 and we are going to be. Reading from 18 on and B. The Bible says here be known to drunk with wine what in his success but the field with the this spirit so this is a contrast and we already called up in the maybe one day ago we were showing that this series of contrast is start in chapter 4 Don't do this do this or do this but not this and this about maybe 10 to earth contrasts that you are going to see in the Bible and it is finishing here so here here is the essence of the entire piece still because here it is when the Potter posts ace and the feel of the spirit and we are going to talk about today about this period yesterday we were talking about 3 nitty. We were exploring in our in yesterday presentation about how the 3 add the forms appear in the Bible I use this X. oppression of all 3 addict to refer when the Bible is speaking about Father Son. Spirit sometimes use Holy Spirit sometimes use this period but the name of the Holy Spirit is Holy Spirit for one reason. And it's important that you know that the ward is clear it is no Maya in the Bible we already mentioned that but remember something regarding that that when we referred to the Holy Spirit the Bible sometimes use Holy Spirit to distinguish is stronger than anything else about the mind of the human beings that also is NUMA and also about to distinguish those of the evil as. You understand one and say so on all of them are NUMA And by the way is in Greek and Doris there were 4 in English and pneumatic Sunda and weaned in Greek and whatever but that is important that you have in mind about that but my point now is to compare how the teachings come in from the postal poor Here it is the politically supported in the Bible let me share with you that when the Bible says here don't be drunk with wine where is winning in success but the feel of the Holy Spirit you are going to find out that the basic for that is very biblical in background. And yesterday I did a mention but go to the book of look Chapter one Verse 15. Look Chapter one Verse 15 and today I'm not going to have Power Point presentation because you are going to do exercise reading the Bible and it's my idea to finish today the presentation of the seminar to morrow in the morning I'm going to shift into the topic of the menu ticks today in the afternoon and to morrow in the morning I'm a new tickets not going to finish but it's a it's a very long run to finish in the new digs is very challenging if you have look 115 the most ace for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord who is talking about. John the Baptist your right hand because he shall drink neither wine nor a strong drink that is power for it's very clear but he'll be filled with what with the period with the spirit so here you have. A substantial very good interrelations in the New Testament background regarding what the Apostle Paul is advice in to the fissions don't be drunk with wine wherein success but be feel with the Holy Spirit so when if you want to be feel of the Holy Spirit in charge and if you have someone in the church that is maybe inclined to drink. Remember to recommend those things here so the only thing that we mention is that in the times of the New Testament probably in the practice of the temper read to us of Diana of the fish aeons or Artemy that was a divinity degree others of efficiency there were some kind inductive kind of hard drink their garage alcoholic saying and that's the reason why Paul is recommending that especially to the fishes and remember something he mentioned very clearly about the temple with the help mentioning that it's in the contrast that we already saw and sometimes it is a very good and I will say packed full advice coming from the postal in relationship with them because sometimes we say people don't do this and with on give re some power the part of Paul is is approaching to Lou topic very kindly in a in a Pastor way about this advice the other takes that I want to share this morning I already did it but this is going to be it refresh in your mind is the Book of Acts chapter 2 the. Book of Acts chapter 2. An inverse for the Bible says that all of them in there in the upper room they were all feel with a holy S. spirit and they began to speak in another languishes as the Spirit gave them utterance us and that was my problem in Tuesday because everybody here is interested in the speaking in tongues and I don't have in my presentation the topic so. We were we were diverting then tired presentation about speaking in tongues but it's not on tape so my recommendation is if you are interested go to willing and reaching Pentecostals in Pages 40 to 60 and you are going to find out that my personal view regarding this topic that of course is center in Acts 2 because here is a languish in the book of Acts is not a given very of glossolalia kind of thing influence like probably appears in 1st Corinthians 14 1st Corinthians 14 this. Is a moment in which our gift of the Lord begin to be so complex and problematic that is beginning to be a trouble for the church however in the book of Acts is a blessing for the church and there were US ever sought many conversions and we did all dot com Pari son so. So here I guess it is enough to say. Some people might think that under the relation of a spirit. The feel off is a kind of content. Like we view our Dickon Tinners. You understand what I'm saying. But let me let me say. That the relation of Spirit is spirit content versus we container we don't need to put that in that way because some people call the Spirit the Holy Spirit a divine Aflac to say you could done. A flood to us that is the least one of the expressions that one of the pioneers of the charge use and that is you die a smith Divina flatus. In regarding to doubt but let me tell you that the Bible is a strong regarding that the Holy Spirit is a person not a thing not a gas not air. And there are a strong evidences the 1st big evidence in the context here is efficient chapter 4 burst 30 efficiency chapter 4 births 30 and the Bible say and grieve not loopy 10 men look pay to ease the word in Greek Don't do not grieve. The Holy Spirit of God were by are sealed only did they of redemption in a Spanish taste don't know country states. That mean some same. This spirit can feel. And that is very clear comfy a gun I have you know perceptions like like a person. And reflects and think let me share with you a couple of text let's go for a moment out of the book of efficiency unless you go to the Book of Acts book of Acts Chapter 15 book of Acts Chapter 1515 and we are going to read 2 versus arcs Chapter 152-528-2528. 25 reads it seem goolden. Only to us what does it mean who is us in the sentence the postals remember something X. 15 you're a member of the context in a minute ticks we are telling that we need to read the text inside the context and the context what is the context of that sentence the context is the 1st apostolic Council is the only that we accept because all the other were Catholics but this is apostolic and in that he says the text says it's. It seemed to us to us that he supports us. There is a process being assemble with one accord to certain chosen men into you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul OK that's a start in 25 look now 28 it seemed good to cool to the Holy Spirit and to us question when you read that you can think that the Holy Spirit is a theme air. It's a person it's it's good biblically here in the same level of the persons are in the form it is a very very strong idea so sometimes when when you compare this with with a tendency in some charismatic slash Pentecostals charges in which the preachers are giving orders to the Holy Spirit and you begin to sing who is in the control or here who house the control power you know in this like when when you have this and you press the button on a star to function somebody says. Give orders to the Spirit do this and do this and do that and and that is not the point because we are to be under the control of the Holy Spirit and not the Holy Spirit under our control. That does that is an important point to to understand. I mean I mean check in very much the conceptual idea of the IN feel of the this period and let me let me tell you sunset in that when you read and read the term is not the concept of sealing up like in a cup or a glass of water but fill in through like when you open a window and there is beginning to happen is going to inflate they say ship and that is not a moment Tamia influence but he's a permanent answer Lawrence that is all in to fill us with the influence of the Holy Spirit and I let me tell you that there are evidences for doubt in the context of of the New Testament for example shown 166 sitting cease say John 16 Gospel of John 16 verse 6 but because I've said this sings them to you Sorell how I feel your heart come the sorrel over there and there are acts book of Acts Chapter 5 Verse 28 again the same ward appear. And the Bible say saying did not we straight command you that the issue not teach in indecent name and behold you have Phil Jane also Len with your doctrine there is a saying Lord. The saying Ward So it's a count are kind of permanent influence that is a driving force the least conducted the people into our nest time of life that is going to be completely different how how we can know how a person is filled with the Holy Spirit. We were mention on on on on our apocrypha are meeting on Tuesday and we quote the Assemblies of God and you are going to find out in W W W A G dought or R G Assemblies of God The article saw faith of the assumptions of God and in their summers of articles of faith number 8 they say that it is possible to know that a person is fear with a Holy Spirit all living with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues OK so what if I was saying this about being feel of the Holy Spirit how the Bible say's that we are going to show and if he then it's of who is fill of the Holy Spirit open your Bible please. Open your Bible in elations chapter 5 verse $22.23 this is not a profession a face of a charge this is a work an apostle of the Lord by inspiration of the Holy Spirit is given into the charge to the collisions and you are going to see how it looks a person that is feel with a Holy Spirit the BIO Ses Galatians $52223.00 but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith Mick ness temperance against such there is no law look for about to speak in tongues no mentions so here how to do with character with character. Of course there are many fish decisions of speaking in tongues but is speaking in tongues in the Bible as we see in the book of Arts where languishes. And and we mentioned the other day that in the process of languish this I speak her is Elisa neuron and there is a main search that he's saying from the speaker to the listener and the listener is answering him bark Dudley's the circle of communication and the Sukkot of communication is close in the book of our Because you are going to see Apostles Speakon people listen in answering back and converting into the charge so the circle of communication is running and running and running continuously post a call day calm the posters say this day our answer to that the postal call to the charge they come to them and that is the circle of the communication in 1st coding time 14 you see a chart that is a little bit a power of the by the condition of some people are speaking some things that they cannot understand OK like. A leg very much to read sometimes in others in other languages John 316 for example those are getting opposite HASI often cost money host at the wheel and on it all can and you are going to talk maybe half an hour that way and the church is wanting to see. What is done that is shown 316 in Greek. But what he said what he swore thi in the worship what is the minimum for my friend over there preaching in in Mexico how US has the best explanation for that because he told us yesterday that he was preaching in English the way he was translating into a Spanish and another translate turn into our local Indian languish in Central America so Mexico and they were a little bit surprised because they were chicken and there was violence in the languish in English and also on Richard languishing in Spanish but always was repeat the same in the local dialect India language and when they kick about that their translator was telling. No N.T.N. though I don't understand I don't understand and every time that they were talking some Same here were staring I don't understand with probably have a smile and the people were confused. Yes you want to say something. Paul when you think a secret is when he. Mentions are all of us are all. Had these. Things but I think you pointed this out but after. Better. All. Process. Well the the point in him him all in 1st Corinthians in versus of one through 3 is very clear that the post a poor 1st Corinthians were talking about this is very clear that he say's I wish that you might be able to speak in tongues but more that you prophesied. I could be going to emphasize like prophecy is harder and more important Dunn is speaking in tongues but it's clear to me in verse 76789 in 1st Corinthians 14 that he says speaking about languishes. There's a difference yes. Of course. Yes Yes And this by the way Swan fruit. That is there is a fruit like with a tree with a lot of elements in that yes. Well yes. Well the mind are you explain dark Probably you were not in that moment or maybe I was not enough clear but I am going to deal with art but in the book of arts there are about our high eighty's in different nickel backgrounds languishes in which the apostles are given the message and they are understanding that God is very clear that they were understood in their own language and they they approach and say are not D.C.L. Illyrians. They were diminishing them because you know the concept or by yes I would say cultural bias according to my perception this is low people here lower class how in the wall they might be able to speak in other languages and they are going to understand that so here in the book of Arts is very clear language that's the reason I would say that in the speaking in tongues you have in the mold of the more the concept or more the about that but in 1st Corinthians 14 day congregation was in trouble and opposed to Paul finally if you continue to read in front then burst 10 chapter 14 bursting through a teen approximately the postal requirement is strongly that they need to have interpretation because if there is no interpretation it's better to keep silence in the congregation so so always Paul is talking about languishes in my perception so there is another thing that I need to tackle before finishing here and there is. A kind of. Of concern because probably you are aware about the existence of. Retiree and those who are the 92 in trees and. In general anti Trinitarians they now find some of them the person of the Holy Spirit OK. Here is the critical thing. There is what I will say. Critical to low Sheikha inconsistency with. Tyrion Zz because while they affirm the Holy Spirit He said Divina flat Jews or are simple force put you know. What Asians mark at the beginning and the end or power but not a pollution they denied that the Holy Spirit is a person but they consistently give credit that did the Monica Spirit have individuality and person who. And that is very inconsistent. Because they then now by that quality of the Holy Spirit but they endorse the money powers with personality and personhood and is a big big thing that you need to taking count when you talk about this topic with them so let's let's let's go let's go for a moment now my invitation is let's go to open your Bible here. Chapter 3 verses 16 and 18 and efficient 518 through 21 and a half mark together because what we're going to do is to is to move in-between both of them OK. And you are going to discover something here in comparing the Scriptures with a scripture remember something we mentioned this officious is a pistol written by Paul from the prison collusions 2 and you are going to find out that there are many sections in which there are some similarities and this is one this is one so let's start with efficient and they will say and we are going to read between 18 and 21st OK and be not drunk with while in wearing a success that the field with the spirit and you with me 19 is speaking to your son of insolvencies and him and his spiritless songs sing in and making male of the in your heart to the Lord or burst turning now given thanks always for all things unto God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ's birth 21 submitting yourself one to another in the fear of God OK Now let's compare Alessio to the book of call oceans and we are going to read chapter 3 verse 16 through 17 and you are going to see some kind of what I would say parenthetically elements that are coming in that are similarities between one and the other let the war of Christ do or you ritually. Though the SAFE BE feel of the spirit here's a little war of price doing you ritually in old ways don't teach in and that money Sheen one another in Psalms and INS and spiritual songs seem given with grace in your heart to the Lord on Whatsoever you do in Ward or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus given time to God the Father by him it is clear that is our relationship here. So in one is the Word of Christ and in the other is The Spirit of God You see that a saw here is saying quite interesting. Because. Our I've been mentioning from the beginning of my seminar Monday that in our culture one chilly Matic slash Pentecostal movements have a kind of influence. Regarding the topic of the Holy Spirit like it would be a kind of on or ship of the Holy Spirit and I say that is not Holy Spirit has to be did with the Bible there is no ownership of any charge or any religious movement and we need to tackle the point with the Bible and here is a very clear relation ship between the words of Christ the Holy Spirit it is curious because you are going to take something and that is here is the clear city of the porn some of these movements. Associate a spirit with experience feelings and that is the Pentecostal cyclists metrics and you remember one when I mention I had an experience this experience is in the Bible 2nd line 3rd line then my experience through remember so for them experience is higher however they are not saying the same with Award and in reality here you are going to see that these are very deep equivalency in the Bible regarding the influence of the period and the war because it's the same and when they are talking about the World War means doctrines war means they study and they are more inclined to experience and feelings and they are thinking in Miracles extraordinary sayings but when they speak about Ward there is a menu antics that leads to the correct teaching they are diminishing because they prefer the feelings about that but that through Biblical teaching that through biblical experience of the Holy Spirit will lead the person to the holiness and son T.T. remember something here. Holy Spirit is holy Holly that means son T.T.. That is the emphasis of the name and this is the problem we are having today we are not emphasized too much about holiness about Sun tittie of life and that is important because certainty of life start with the sun tittie of our mind and the purity in our were hearts so when you see the rest of Paul's teachings here here you are going to see that the Apostle Paul is beginning to say to them speak Christian speak Christian see the lore here we share a faith based upon the Bible let's speak about the Bible in the charge sometimes in the charge where not talking too much about the Bible and the Christian experience and sometimes we are dealing too much with all the people or about of other people and that is not good this is the reason that we come to the charter to learn about the Word of God and this is this is to build our faith we sung all faith. Song off faith. There are something I had 3 cars songs sometimes and 13 lean thing although she in the teachings in the charts and I don't like done we are used to listen to many music that is coming from outside and I am concerned with that because that is not good the Bible says here the content has to be good sans that is Biblical. That is to be really kind that is the experience of the faith in our in the life of the people of God and those sinks that are in the Psalms remember something they were inspired by who by the Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit with a spirit of thousands given ses the Apostle Paul to say thanks changed many things in life how many times we say dance sometimes we are. So focus in formalities but let me tell you that we need to say more than this in charge for for what we experience because every time we are meeting in the charges some miracle is America and we need to express more in deep our experience of sound from this so meet in the Apostle Paul say to yourself finally wives has friends children's parents servants to their leaders and this means a very good relationship that works and build up the charge so for me that is be field of the Holy Spirit the feel with the warts. The feel with the teachings of the war and sometimes when I reflect on this I will say be feed off the Spirit they feel of this period the feel of the Spirit but bless you and thank you yes I am finishing. I have friends and there are. Hundreds for me on my wall. And another place. Where they take that too well he doesn't he's not his own separate 1st. Night also being that spiritual. Urge to live. Through this. By saying that the Holy Spirit simply. That of the Spirit Christ and. Person. That's. Just. Something. Ya does every son. Well it's close to a spirit to listen and sometimes let me tell you that there are certain movements in which you do not pay too much attention but some of them are very very close to a spirit to listen I don't know if the Power Point is going to work here but if you have the chance to wait a little bit I'm going to put this back to you to refrain what I say yesterday here light is coming so I'm going to show is something that you saw yesterday but probably is the base of clinician that you are going to find out because some yes it's true what they say but it's NOT BE REALLY car and I'm going to give you a couple of arguments regarding this. Because here is and I see if it's coming. Here you're going to see look for open your Bible says please and I'm going to refresh a little bit something that we were dealing with. Open your Bibles in the book of Matthew 28. And we are going to be reading the book of Matthew So yesterday I put this and I put it in plain. This is a romantical on I mentioned this yesterday that when you go to matter 20 eggs. 40 when. All mother. That is go on make disciples plan to tie it in all the nations of the sun to this the Tyson then I'll toss them a stall Noma that is in one name one name but but here comes the element that is more important is a way in which the articles work here because it's. In our. To Patrick was carried to we owe Qaid to our US Our neighbor to us and that is are not to the least. Very clear article to define the person aren't the Doris for me very powerful in the in the reality because they work is in their son in day name of the Father in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit that means equality and unity of each other and the article proceeds in each known that is part Ross with an article father powertrain Spanish and Whelan sung with an article and are you know month or so with an article this indicating very clearly that there are with personality and there are equally in the same level of them 1st. OK They ALL THE EARLY START. Let's go to let's go to the Book of John without forgetting this less open the Bible in the book of John Chapter 16 yes yes there are there are. 4 times in which appears that I've been I've been totally clear the other day that sometimes we are discovering one body it came to us he our peers are at least 34 times in between Chapter 141516 you you read that and you're going to find out that but but the point in which I'm going here is. Chapter 14. And I worse for some reason I was in another chapter sorry for that here so let's open Shawn 14. And we are going to be read in. From the burners. And see. Yes but hold on a moment Yes OK versus team on. The Bible say here and I will pray the Father 1st 1st reflection the Son is not the father he needs to pray to the Father and I am saying this because there is one ness movement and the Oneness movement being is that they believe that song and father are the same but hear the Bible say very clear and I will pray the Father and and he shall give so the father is. The divine person that is different. And the father and he shall give you another come forth or another here here the warden done appears Indonesian in our laws our laws but act let us know sparklet us I laws means another but it is not is not it arose or or it's not they want to know that we can have him in you know in in Greek but this our laws that means that this are nother like me that he is going to be with you but this our loss is not deferred because isa here and is very clear that in the rest of the context you are going to find that this our last part actually does is he is not eat. This person it came to us for distinguishing that saw yes I understand that maybe they might be. Really confused regarding that but. In all my evidence the Holy Spirit in the Bible is all Testament New Testament there is personhood individuality and different person. Asked the son and the father and probably here here is a soon up of the big evidence of 4. Yes Pastor. Hears. Oh yes it is. Yeah yeah and yesterday I mentioned something that maybe I promise and didn't fulfill so I'm going to fulfill it today but when you say in the name of the Father the Son. And the Holy Spirit it is very clear in the Bible that you are going to find these 3 are weak formulas like Father Son and Holy Spirit. When you when you tell the statistics you cannot forget the statistics because they are going to influence you forever by the way so if you say. Father Son and Holy Spirit you can say Father Holy Spirit and some you are changing. Son and Holy Spirit and you can say Son Souther Holy Spirit and you can sense Son Holy Spirit and father and you can say Holy Spirit Father and Son The Holy Spirit son and father your RE with our 6 ways and you are going to go to the Bible and there are about 18 times that our. Kind of 24 percent of the instances in the OR in the New Testament Father Son and Holy Spirit that is I would say classic a formula are about the presentation of that and you're going to find song Holy Spirit and father about 15 times in the New Testament and sometimes you are going to see some foul and Holy Spirit that appears 14 times there is about this amount of of presence in the No Testament and for that reason I made this. With all the formulas in the New Testament that this Father Son and Holy Spirit about 24 percent and you are going to see Holy Spirit song Father 10 percent Holy Spirit Father and Son to earth person father Holy Spirit and so on 15 percent and so on Father the Holy Spirit 19 percent and so on Holy Spirit and father about 20 percent so the Bible is telling you that this is in the mind all through the writers use clear. And they are going to to put you in the advice. Post of Paul the soon to say well you were such a thing but you were washed in the name of these Sundays and this and they are going to close the piece too and they are going to use the 3 names in which they are going to put out so did 3 objects the Trinity Dakota this is in the mine are nice and rooted I will say in the New Testament form in that is very convincing. What they are they are in the New Testament they are using the letter saying us always. Yes. I saw you. Yes but since it creates a lot you don't need to be. Yet it. Won't work. That. Well we believe in 3 persons but not that are not one person. And I am yes I understand that but I'm clarifying because some point with the. Just me with the Pioneers are going out into Trinity some of them were discussing with article so faith but not necessarily with information coming from so low she got elements in the Bible and that is part of the problem I was. Trying to. Play. 111 God one must find. In 1st and. I believe. Right. Very at the feet. Of the rules for. Art. Is that of the. Electorate there are powers of. Arts That's right. Well does a reason why I when I wrote a book about the God we worship I. Sowed need my mind to the evidence coming from the Bible let me put you in this example I'm pastor I saw your hand immediately open your Bible in the book of Genesis Chapter one Verse 26 and 27. 26 and 27 we are discussing questions and answers they are getting this topic. Yes sorry sorry your question OK OK Let me let me let me let me read this. 1261. 127. And God said Let us made man in a word in MASH but read it read it after our likeness and let them have the minion over the fish of the city and over the phone of our over the cattle and over all the others and over every creeping thing that creeping upon the earth so it's very clear let us make man in our image and after our likeness 3 times 3 Luda let us our way mash our likeness and Go Go to your Asia you're going to find out the say so and the Bible say and God said singular when God I speak is plural and so 27 says God singular created man in his own singular image so you you have here in the Bible I will say the mall though that you are going to stretch out in the entire Bible every time that God is speaks that they also are divine author most of us speak about God He is talking about God in singular when God is talking he's using pewter. And when the altar resumes and he start again he uses again the singular so you are growing in to the New Testament and you are going to found out that formula every time there is discussion about the topic of the guard here always. So the Apostle Paul is going to say and the God of peace with with you and they are going to of do the Father world and the blessing final blessings including ts in the name of the Father and the song and the Holy Spirit but he at the beginning is talking about one God So it's very clear for me that he is following a structure coming from the Old Testament and the structure is this when you are talking we human beings talking about God is One God God is speaks out in service sometimes uses Pluto Platter. One time for them. Not Or. So. But then. It's. Been I. Think it would. Run as. I I understand the. Kind of. It is to Asians I will say. And I'm not against that but I prefer to submit myself to the authority of the Bible so I prefer. Doug we accept what the Bible say because sometimes somebody can have another I don't have an a word that when my wife went to say they were coming they were coming from Congo and they were 20 in the family. So it is a little bit complex sometimes they stripped of the family however however what what I'm thinking here is let's submit ourselves to the authority of the Bible text in the Scriptures Yes. Sometimes. Mark. There's. Soon to. Say. If the last if the signs of course. But from all. Major. How we got all. Of this. Especially when absolutely just 1st they know the father very well. This level rises did very well. The authors of the war who this not very. Well. But are. For or got. Worse. That's why Jesus. They were. They were. Very. Useful to see every. American's here. G.'s. That that's a very good explanation because the topic of the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit it is it is important to reflect upon upon that case 1st of all the 1st is a distinguish between blasphemy if there is a Spirit and Jesus word the same and one person then to blaspheme the name of Jesus will be equally divided with the Holy Spirit but it's not if he says the blasphemy out gays the Holy Spirit is not going to be part of. Forgiven forgiven and died this important that is our distinguished regard in person to person and that is that is a fact or they all other the other concept is that always blasphemy the war blasphemy implies per se. Imply South America to convey that the Holy Spirit is Divine because there is no blasphemy or against human beings there is no blasphemy against human beings all of the blasphemy can be in relationship with the divine person or you are going to go to the Old Testament and you are going to see that blasphemy in the Old Testament was under the Mary of capital punishment because it was a copy done offense but that's powerful in my in my eyes to measure it is important in Florence you want to say something. Or go. I'm listening Florence a moment. I. Think you. Are. We. This is when it all when you close to understand at some time in charge there are people who are not to star in too much regarding these topics under afflicting and they set up their minds and close and put a luck upon that and they are not going to be open to new ideas but the concept for me 1st of all when Jesus ace and another. But actually to so counselor. For me that is that is powerful that is a different person. It is it is from the text because it's Jesus is telling very clearly I'm not the father the father is not me but he's got. The Holy Spirit you know is another person different from the father and me and he's our loss that is the word is different similar are is a cane noce the postal use. An article of Huey in English or arrow in Spanish so it is quite clear in the in the in the original of the Bible so so we need to so being OUR would believe to the authority of the text of the Bible not impose our perception thinkin upon the text of the Bible but we need to be humble to the authority of the text of the Bible. Of course we were dealing with yesterday. Well that there are all the elements in the book of facts is what the pastor measure you are going to see there is this Peter speaking. There is Spirit giving They directions their spirit so they don't go to this direction there is spirit intervening there are a lot of elements in which they are understood you can understand are you seeing out there is a person that is completely different in the book of Acts is this astonishing that the amount of elements about the org Are you want to say some say no. Of course this is. All mine. And you. Know. And so. And then. And I say not. Anymore. What. You know is that. I had or. Miss. 1st. It's. OK let's have our one of the prayer and we want just to to have this people I'm going to continue but look about where the Prayer followed in heaven thank you for these moments in which we were dealing with a stop it's here be with us in the continuation of the discussion. Help us to do a ceased until all the Regarding to speak topic on important topics in this trip to sing Jesus name him in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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