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Hermeneutics - Why it's Important how we Interpret the Bible - Part 1

Daniel Scarone




  • June 18, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Heaven thank you for your blessings thank you for your career. Thank you for this town meeting and least be with us in this presentation regarding the topic of interpretation of your ward name in Amman welcome let me share with you some simple probably those who were with me a couple of years ago when I did this person patiently for Ari were dealing with because last year with when we were doing the presentation with Eric the ballet him upon the pistol to the Corinthians we sure do this astounding and you can get it online by the way but if you want to have that and I recommend strongly that if you have the chance you share that with your charges because. Let me tell you a little bit about the background of the story of this or ma a story with this document during the day this I was in the South American division and I was working with a publishing house and I was in charge of our military of and that is Mr Madison in Spanish and minister of mass in a Spanish is a carrier not a fort from the 2 divisions intermarriage in division and so the American division regarded him probably the general topics of minister ministry myosin in in English for the pastors of the charge. Mix with sun trying of local writings coming from or intermittent division or South American division there is a little bit more complex in certain sense because we have also or ministerial that is Minister Madison important languished to so this this document came across to to the division of. The journeyed on that it grassy hill. And you are going to find out a D N that this is a document official document of the charge of. 986. How we were in the time Ari arm I was there are never never and even me any are never get across to this document until I left that is 990 and I came to the interim a condition to work with Colombia and after that Costa Rica. For my surprise well. Let me give you a glimpse. Of the eighty's in those days those days we were working with telex I don't know if you remember those instrument telex in which in the companies you were communicating with another company across the world through a tell it's a were some machine in which you type out short. And you are go into a star type in Indio the face of the wall really our hair POS if you press whatever the message you know but for some reason this argument didn't reach us for some reason also it was not selected to be in in the minister mass in South America and I was a little bit surprised with the. I'm not unfair in nothin I am describing things let me tell you that this document is 1986 how were it was translated into a Spanish in the year 2000 so 14 years after dark then long time after I left but. Let me tell you also that this document is going to hurt the charge if you really carefully with the DA the prayer and so on and it contains I would say the basic elements of a good process of him a new tics or biblical interpretation I'm going to do without According to but I don't know what. What happen with with that but let me tell you that is what I am saying and I am very concerned with that. Because I've been sending are I translated that into a Spanish send that to be a right that is really cover search and I recommend to put in in online version are together with the Anglo version that of course already was on that so. I think that this astounding. House. That many problems that we are having. Collateral effect today if this was already. Distributed properly on time I guess you guys are sorry. I am talking about this myth of the Bible a starry soul. So really. Aren't unshared out with a chart because does that document this a blessing. It is a line it is some it is a line is on line are you need to enter into B R I the recovery search Institute and you are going to download it. How many copies you want to have in the computer is free some official document also the charge regarding be really car interpretation so what we are going to be dealing with is the topic of their menu ticks we are being are dealing with a what is a menu ticks What is the word what is the meaning what is the relationship with a new tick on biblical authority and what is not Biblical authority by the way and of course our here section in Spanish I am putting down so we are going to find out so here is the place in which you are going to are find out are the point in Spanish for those who are with a Spanish This is the version of the place in the where to get the down so enter into a topic the Bible says all talking to Timothy is tired to shoot a serf approval and to God or Walkman that need it not to be ashamed rightly dividing in their word the of the truth. Or the Tamil by the way is the word are an order commit on our front or the kinds or the. And also on what is or see is connected with that were probably there is the word that explain in certain sense a function of the Apostle Paul was a work in tents and to do or perform a good tent you need to rightly divide the pieces in the right proportion in order to get balance in in the object that you are building up and that is the case probably here but these are very quite interesting recommendation. Of the Apostle Paul because to then this turns I am concerned with the tendencies that are appearing in the charge I don't know what is what is your perception but I am going to open my heart as a pastor what I perform when what I am going to preach 1st of all I'm not going to preach about myself I'm not going to preach about my family I'm not going to try to entertain people I am not in favor all stiffy although she of entertainment are in galling to the ward and I'm going to explain the war as far as our understand the word even in the original language and sometimes checking up with the context context of the book and also reviewing L.N.G. why writings and so on in order to give their all the ins that is us the body of Christ the best understanding the best of our completion the meaning of the award today however. I am little bit concerned about some tendencies that are appearing in the into the charts. And I guess that we need to get back to this topic where manual ticks divided right the war is a blessin is refreshing is a recreate action of the truth in our times but but and I put that in Spanish in Kinyarwanda didn't go into but this is a critical Ward by the way but because somebody sais that but in a word. However it's going to change every scene after that somebody say that a judge was visiting Cuba and translator was translating everything that the press didn't introduce or of the speaker was telling about the famous Josh be something. And the judge talk to the translator and say to him please stop the translation the warrant for that but after the word but translate everything. After But translate everything because but if you're going to change you know some things in the sentence. In if they were least not right. Then there would be some problems sometimes every sees and sometimes consequences and additions in the people of God So what is a manual ticks there the word comes from her mess and these are Greek word and you are going to find out a lot of. Explanations regarding regarding this. But let me tell you doubt what I am going to tell you is my belief my perception of the topic probably. Probably this is more connective with at least total done any other thing because he wrote a treaty call. Barrier many. And it's about the process of interpretation and I am going to show you that in a immediately because immunity today is a discipline him that is in the seminaries and is written in an annuity very volatile and known. To so it is important to taking count down because it's a very important process of of communication are these total. Around $360.00 before Christ worse every year all the or toward on the topic and here is the the point many of us and this is the transliteration very many as pyramids around off and into ticks around and many many eons Hermanus by the way was the. Goat that was the interpreter of SU in in. In Greece pantheon vision of the gods in those Stace aren't the total big chain to explain the topic of the war. He says that they were Sapir 1st here. In the mind now where brain. Seem both of our section of the soul. Hitting on to say that our noon signifies the noon by convention a very Harris are within the notion of time the verb or this is can be POS can be present can be future and there is a meaning for our if Dato by the way deceased the function of grammatical is a process of interpretation or. That is very important to take in count this so the sentence is some expression the least part of something that has a meaning for us in our mind so every single proposition has a bare and Beth Karas the notion of time past present and future are in Daraa and please I am putting this in a very simplistic I will say way of explanation because. You need to take in count something are we talking probably East if 1st in writing a systematic unity in the garden and the new things so sometimes when you read somewhere that then is a start in a process of of normally not the best explanation or easy way warring with the process of interpreting Asia. Period period mania. So what is the connection with interpretation Well the connection with interpretation is that here in story. In our Perrier minea you see this is the translation of. Our total our work in Latin Remember remember the facts Story County Greek the Greek culture were US going to be under the dominion of the Roman. And of course our total was very well appreciated by the Romans in those days so their works of art is talking we're going to be in lapping the process of translation of pretty adamant he asked what they see interpret it to Tunis and from there you are going to get dark in English and Spanish and French and several other languages there are in this this topic. I was trying to explain that had a mess in the Pentagon of our degrees KOTOR us the interpreter of the will of the higher your God saw that in that culture that is apparent culture was uncertain. A very interesting topic. The remaining calm process of interpretation was a little bit different from this. Total was not. What I would say a key all store for them however remember something there was a moment in which one of the students of his talk though bikini the person bring. Culture dish you wish. And that was a very difficult time for sure wish population and culture to the point in which. All the thinking to loss or see all due of the Greek culture began to establish a barely big influence on the issue wish. Are you familiar with or if you are not familiar let me tell you something I am going to share just in a short sentence if you want to see if you go to the Internet of if you go you have the time to go to a library that my have the sure wish. And secret Pedia. Search and take the time to read. The report on the topic here that this L.M.C. sation L.N. Association you know until today Linda. When you put in words is going to give you the Greek characters in a Word document Are you familiar with the word you know so far a limitation means the process of the issue wish abducting in elements come in from the from the Greeks and let me tell you something very important. Point at least 300 before. There were. Some things that are affecting the sure wish faith because. They began to adopt the culture of the Greeks who porn the sure wish culture. To the point say Elin did this chapter that they took about 3000 warts come in for on Greek learn wish into she wish long wish do you how an idea how much is treated 1000 in words do have an idea how many wards Normally we use in our work Bailey interchange in our English conventional Michigander in English or you have an idea well probably 6700. Of $300.00 is practically. Is too much is too much that's a reason why when you go to. Do the oceans of the war it's quite interesting to to search and see how much dependency is English Spanish French quarter vs and that in from the Greek influence but remember something else with awards are not coming only the words because our come in the meaning of their words. On the wall do all of the warts that created. The coolie are will say mean in with a certain words and that is important to taking count the cost from that moment on something is clear for me there is no immortality of the soul in the Old Testament the Rebbe everywhere that there is no problem or you are really with us however however in this tiny lapsus entire army in which there was not a prophet and that is the inter media our process in between the Old Testament and in the New Testament that somebody say's that were there the years of silence because there were there were no. Process of the Billy Collins Peter Asian or a war of the Prophet or so those years you know but there were 2 main changes. That were there the time in which Alexander Magnus come into the area aren't and that is the reason why today we have the oration us in the New Testament in the different languish from the Old Testament all the written books in the Old Testament we have them in Hebrew. And in a minute nobody knows portion or proportion in our Mike because Doug worse kind of relationship between he really another man a very close like. I don't know Spanish and Portuguese something like that that there were you know if you speak one language though there might be able to understand and vice versa sometimes if you put a little bit of it forward I am choking with my mind on with my wife. Loss and like yes. Yes Yes And and there is some mix of of that somebody says by the way for me was when I was teaching in Central America my discovery was. Why Haitians for example they were getting fluently easily Spanish and I discover that it is they they took Latin in the secondary level and when you take latein you are going to articulate easily Italian French Spanish Portuguese and I will say a little bit of a man in because the kind of branch of Romance languages. But. Little bit different is the former section of the Roman Empire the West the U.S.. When. All got worse that that's a reason. That's a reason why. In the execution of Jesus they use to put the 3 languages were born and lot in was one of them. That once a kind of mix that were happening in those days. It is like think about think about Afghanistan Nowadays this is picking Lish because the troops are there are in the in those days they were speaking wrong because the troops coming from Rome were there but the people continue talkin in Farsi or other meat or whatever that is that is the normal process there in the culture of those days to so. Apostle Paul and the disciples well probably many of them were wearing a mix of course who was a citizen room citizen Roman citizen so so he was you know kind of buying our By called the out. Yes. That is important to understand this topic because sometimes we need to know the oration of both in the Bible and remember something also. And there is a tricky saying that sometimes. It is it is bringing a little bit of garden upon the those who are dealing in. The topics in the Bible are today in the morning we use the word just put up and down and I'm going to do right again. Let me use here this is the war. What does it mean the ASP or do you re from there or. Just pour out worse the 1000000 for those who are sure wish background but outside the people of Israel and the apostle Peter. Says hello in the in the here than of the of the peace to those who are in the ASP or are your going to find out in the Bible and that is the meaning however when you are understand the topic those who were born in India sport are were by living well or sometimes thrilling were they were sure wish so they just. Languish and they spoke Greek language and probably they were speaking more Greek language than any of the language because Greek language was the kind of English of those days that was for Lingua Franca lingua franca later was slapped him in around the militarised any and sure because everybody wants only him to be do in business they were speakin Ling were firm car that means. The language with no border line that is the 1000000 in in line with us so let me let me put an illustration of all this. I am working worth more to ethnics so I am very familiar with. Him machine and complains. So we were buying a chance for a lot of migrants coming to run rapids and this peculiar one done majority of them. On T.V. and one that is not our culture it's not. Simple it's a language because when Belgian put you know on the Empire in Africa and took Congo or who gunned down Rhonda are nor Gurung be. The majority of the people in those places they were speaking in French and that was one of the languages and that is the language of need to keep the people because they study that in the secondary level and they were speaking in their own tongue delis Kitty and Wanda OK but for the intermission of business they use English so on I went to rub East I bought one Bible and there was a lady at the home in which I have been doing the business and then we came to talk to her. And she asked me so use peculiar when they say no not just a few words that are no more than that she began to talk to me in French and say where were how you learned French and she said words very clear and she began to explain to me we learn French in the secondary level and at home we expect to be a wonder until business wearing we go to some be out answer near whatever we use in. That is kind of environment they were it's good to get with that background in the Bible. In in those days and this important to take encounter about our dark because. Sometimes we are dealing with interpretation but the point that I was trying to THEM to tell you and there is a little bit of concern with is that our next generation of Jewish people indeed the US put our became eny to good knowledge of a Scripture and about 250 before Christ there was a big translation of the Old Testament Scriptures into the Greek language. That is called the Septuagint retimed a Jew see these golden in there are certain writings that Cole is for this to us in. General terms that means of the 70 writers who runs late to the holy. Writings into the Greek and they use here majority of. Greek language. Then why is the Greek of the soldiers of Alexander the Magna So it was no. I will say the Greek languish of a finance or the poets or so on and that was. The people languish when you speak about going in. You need to take in count. The things that is important because sometimes when you compare versions it is. It is important to take it down when to enter topic now what we are performing immunity firstly is because there is a distance and of course. All the things that have been tried to to convey this point it is regarding this distance because there is distance in culture distance in geography is a distance languish and we need to when we are doing proper immunity we need to understand that we are trying to bring the Reaver into that culture not dubbed into our culture. I say this again we are not bringing our were quilter into the Bible time culture but we need to understand that Cooter who understand the meaning of that why the current in the process of hermeneutics we are. In the risk. In which we are living today to overshadow the conditions of interpretation of the Bible with the elements of our culture. And that is a barrier let me tell you Barry be risky and I am going to share with you some kind of the commentators in the in the following days they are there and out of. Bible was written by human beings. Was written in certain cultures worse written in human languages and to give information that the worse revealed by gar So the religion in the Bible were copy and transmitted by human beings. So generally speaking in bible it's a book like any other book but at the same town with a big difference to any of the book I don't know if you come comprise. Every sin in one minion when you are reading the Bible or yes for the secular people is a book like any of the book but for us a Christian double book is different from any other book and that is a point that makes something X. in the Bible. There is a cultural distance also and there is a. Distance in the context because the context does not exist any longer and I was an hour in a class in a seminary that was not a 7 day of that this. So I mean Ari. Somebody say look the author died the charge died and they need. That the Apostle Paul Howard to in those days also disappear so why is why we need to turn back to the Bible why we don't perform and please sounds a blasphemy but it was what I heard why don't we write our own bball shuckin isn't it I was speechless. That that is by the way our book Money and. Person. Goodman or the author of the influence in him a limited view there is that is part of the problem that sometimes we are dealing with our I believe that their Bible is the Word of God and we need to keep us the world and we need to approach to the world of war with respect and with all nor are and we need to do all we're all to most to understand the minin of the Bible of course I do not agree with that but. That that was sin in the class and that happened I was not live in the class was another teacher living in the class I was taken that last regard in a minute is my way. So the the there is a contest to languish and he's important to taking count dot. COM By the way I do agree with. What pastor wrong clearly say the US SAGAL The regarding the we don't need to be experts and with a doctor agreeing. Here you agree to read the language the majority of the Bible versions can change versions looking change version are very good you know very very good versions in general but however are. Sometimes I guess that we need to being and to express certain questions regarding the translation remember something. I think Doug Hill saw it it rests in the text of the Bible but I'm not going to say that every single translation is perfect because translation sometimes are also the copying of one version into another brings several other situations that we need to know about that there were mistakes in the copies. For me is very clear. Sometimes when we interview new pastors we ask them if the Bible the Word of God or the Bible containing the word of God and there is a silence sometimes. Some Sometimes silence means we're thinking where working where working in the process. Because in one says The Bible contains the word of Who Are You can say that that's right but when you say contains the Word of God you are saying also there are things that are not the Word of God and you need to be careful with that. Because that is what Bultmann say all the problems that you seem to day in those churches in Europe that are declining and disappearing is because the thinking of dish and among call who. Because in the essence he didn't believe. The Word of God was inspired and truthful however however it is my understanding that when he was close to death he regret and change. And recant his position or additionally. However Doug was not in Britain. So far that is just version and that is part of the problem so Ruth Bookman. Ruth Goldman by the way road Devon went to Switzerland to listen a sermon and he was preaching about the Word of God and he was preaching about the parables and he was preaching very to the point that. Row in the West or proud I what he was one of our professors and he said he who is the preacher and the deacon that was in in the Sherman sides of of suits a lamb approach to him says this Arab woman Mr Bookman in German I say why are we were surprised because she was speaking with a conviction about the Bible Dunn. Was surprised with with that. We need to approach to the Bible with our spirit of Estelle The only don't we pray or you know the rabbis they wash their hands before dealing with the Bible are you aware of her before opening the sucker writings they wish they harm our nuff to read in the Bible and taking in their hands the Bible they they the rabbis. They Walsh they hands again to avoid to contaminate the wall with the holiness of the writing of the scriptures that's that's in their mind you know. But. I am telling this and not to to show care about that. But to tell you that. Sometimes we need to approach to the Bible with a little bit more are. Because sometimes we are dealing with no respect. Holly scriptures. And this is good to know I want to see what is what is that what it almost certain tendencies or nice to think that we need to know Hebrew are American Greek to approach it in the Bible it. Being by the way. If somebody like my dear friend here so look could you check that I'm going to do it but normally normally before I'm going to preach I'm going to check Dr takes him or his Old Testament or in Greek if it is the New Testament and I am going to try to know the word because it's important for me to know the takes because I don't want to bring any wrong idea. Regarding the topic and that is that is important for me but. Also we need to pray. And we need to to have to think. We need to avoid this I would say Pentecostal tendency that if we pray and open the Bible to Tex It's a text that is with a message to us we need we need to avoid that we need to reign understand the Bible I mean study the Bible and pray that is our good balance let me let me I'm sorry for the typo here i'm not have the the time to change it. This is not an experience that is. But. Certainly it company I was 14 and so America. And the president of our conference invited me to go to a meeting with the. Bible Societies look up Bible Societies in the Times in which you were. Our peer in. What these call. Yes R D 60 re now but later on center that means. Rayna was one translator but later was another. Bible wires are printed the 1st copy of that in this 60 S. And let me tell you that cup in their own I don't know maybe 7010 years after the Bible. In those days. Neither one that was the chief TRANSLATOR Our Navy. American guy he spoke approximately 7 languages was very very very good. Aren't dark and this mean just sort of representation but I am I am the wrong person for that because I am. I am not are not sometimes working by by the book or in that kind of condition so when he saves you how many questions funny. Well the. The problem extended maybe a couple far worse and we ended up in his room in the hotel. In which he was. Stopping in the problem with the adult version is that. For some reason. Our I don't know why they put every time that appears shot in here real or mean tone but on. The this New Testament you know for they they put. Their reports all day of rest in Spanish and they didn't put. They didn't put. Our name was furious with our Dar and he say were we receive or will receive our $700.00 pages or plate University. Professor No a professor thank you very much he was very polite you know. However. We were working in the galleys are you familiar with printing in the sixty's in the sixty's they were printing 1st the guy lace the worse a long long piece of paper are now after they defy the pages are and so they decided to put our nasty reeks. Like here in the Turks they put our. Dear our reports all. On Here put this on him down with no biblical reference to this quotation they pull us to. Our team a team rally. Where nobody can really. Saw. When I left the room you say to me Dalia don't worry. Next next version we're going to put that in the text never appear in the text back never are and you know why you know because probably wrongly there were Catholics. But. But similar prone and transparency. I mean 10 means honesty you cannot bring this honest version of the truth because if not the truth is not the truth. It was like you know his. Watch me like. You confidence doesn't have any other guy to send you on. Are Now I mention you know because he asked me out there you have any other of solution yes I have several. And I began to say why don't you put him certainly and say to you today you are going to be in power remember that look so all there is so who are there is does this all to me interrupt Ingrid Opti and there is a translation here and say OK in the version you put K. OK what is a hottie in duration. What I don't have here but let me go to the to the hotel. You are to hold this not doing so if the whole team is not there why the kid isn't a Spanish that is the want Orbach all depends in English but. He also say this version we were going through. And they happen so. So for that kind of reasons I would say it is a good to take a little bit of the flavor of the Orisha. Why because sometimes you can be the wrong person like me that you are going to be in the wrong place with the right person are no different maybe moment to tell them watch out do we are reading them by your prose and that is a normal trance parent for us they have to be so for some for some reason we need to check sometimes and I'm going to help her with a timely yourself about this this topic so are we are are we close to turn our. For for a far OK let me say a couple more things regarding this arm. Are. Of course this presenter believes that the Bible was is that the troops are in there isn't an hour is not a book of science and there are problems in the transmission and I am putting this example to us and told us I would go on. To last out on. Sometimes in the manuscript and in the copy the condition of one original or just me to copy wash not. What I would say clear aren't these words appears in the Book of Revelation N told us in the New Testament means Command the man you remember are blessed those who keep the commandments your original say Center less those who warsh der arm rests OK does and. Saw from one to me or other usually is there is the difference. Is and then Bursa scientists and son turns you are going to be dealing with this kind of situations so all dress a reason. So there is important to take in count about that but that's a reason why I do have with me normally the book of myths or that is going to tell us where is the preference. Language that they are taking in our hoarder or the rationale of those who are doing translation and that is that is important message I'm going to give you the viewer maybe in the following day so there are. Sometimes social groups that were on the dedicated to write a copy in the times of the New Testament every time that you see this and scribes are you familiar with these work there is your material. In Greek and they were specialists in writing in India in the New Testament. Sometimes we are misguided sinkin in the Far East. But the people that were in the process of brain full keeping in mind the Scriptures those were the mine those who were in the function of our kind or. Who are couple I don't know please don't don't laugh aloud cortical hard drives for all rubber is like me you know so well when somebody says Ah well this son so why aren't you there and they can't. By memory by car all all Old Testament so not a live edition nothing in those days so they grasp completely unfold descriptors and Doug Warner describes. So it is it is incorrect and sometimes we concentrate rewards that we need to put in mind in the some introductory process and there is a revelation of the Bible. Even by drink by boys. In their minds and by bishops to the prophet and of course God Also it is. And for me it is important because the Holy Spirit is in the process of revelation and in spirit of the Bible Inspiration means the guys will all the spirit in which they have no graphic. Was right in the Bible how you reform if you put this graphic is writing how you are is holy there is a holy writers by that Ward you are telling who are. The authors of the Bible and of course illumination because when we are reading the Bible and believe what the Bible says. What we need is done in the munition that's the reason why we pray because one thing does what pirates can time is wrecked in our mind but in human issues come. And put light in a filter or on a scenario all the light upon the topic and you are go into the take clearly the meaning of this thing and there is illumination full doc we are printing in when we read the Bible and there is a very important process in my understanding because. When we are really in the Bible or the holy writings we need the help and cisterns of the Holy Spirit in the process of understanding of the by. To morrow we are going to be dealing with. Certain topics that. Are going to be decent This is going to be like our kind of introduction of the point that is what I call the circle of menu ticks. And we're going to see that in detail. Of course we are going are not going to shampoo into the like like now but I am going to tell you where is the where is the process in which we are going to be dealing this is what I call them the circle of a menu ticks and we are going to be dealing tomorrow in a specific. City rather than this. When we are dealing with the Bible text we need to take in count of course the context the author the languish the literary style the biblical context in which the text appears the lifestyle. The sources the history geography this socio a share of the context the culture the nourish education tradition and woe Do you also those who are around. And when we are doing Dark we're going to get an idea of the darker so we're going the following days to be working without So thank you very much for today and we're going to start returning to morrow. And to more I'm not going to. Going to short my time but today I need to go to Lance and that is that is part of my program so. Thank you very much and God bless the HOW ARE were the prayer. For me Sharon thank you for your blessings thank you for your guidance our cross the Scriptures be with us whatever we are in order that we. 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