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Hermeneutics - Why it's Important how we Interpret the Bible - Part 2

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Phoning heaven thank you very much for the blessings of the day be with us in this moment in which we are going to open the Bible to study some of the topics in Jesus' name amen. OK We are going to continue today with Herman UDIC yesterday we were in decent point in which we were talking about 3 elements that are very important in the process of for menu ticks that are Revelation inspiration. Illumination does a research on why we say yesterday that is important that when we do the process of menu ticks that is the process of into protection of the Bible. A law or revealed his truth through the reams by voice speaking in the minds of the prophet by visions and of course the work it is important to taking count in the process of our new tics the work of the Holy S. spirit of course when we are entering to do this you are going to. Understand that we are on the view of very conservative process of the new tickets this is not a Leave it all understanding of the process of a menu tick in which high criticism is just comparing manuscripts and. We're going to be talking about these elements probably into mean the thing in the in the future of the presentation but also illumination means that when we are praying in the same its spirit that guide the the holy writers are going to guide us in the process of understanding the script or so on and we need to understand what is the flaw of the process of a menu ticks and the flow of this. The text and I put that in English and Spanish is guided in through or going to the reader that is. The wrists. And of the process and that is the right way so is the text that is a guy then you know you do the text what does it mean and why I mention this because now a days we do have kind of. Different I'm a new takes and I'm going to make or put here in which text of the Bible it is culture. Sometimes the culture is going to influence in the understanding of the text of course there are element in that process yes because everybody is written for another different culture the same text OK but but in this process there is a mediation and we're going to review some saying from yesterday that this so insulation translation. Of course sometimes translation is bringing in some kind of of Ossetians by us or what I will say all the elements that come in from those who are in the mediation process of the translation process for example if if if. I. Sometimes it's good to have this with my wife because sometimes she says to me please take out all these elements coming from or South America or the sun. And that's right that is part of the experience you know. Sometimes I cannot avoid but yesterday I put the element coming from R V 16 remember I be 16 when they say. And they pulled here they offer rest they are friends saw dot every time did you read that in that language is going to be fix all people that is resting every single day in the week no difference so you keep Sunday day of rest you keep some of the Bible say the day of rest but the point is what is in the original. So this is a tendency in which translators sometimes enter a kind of fairly meant that. In neutral on the topic and in the moment in which you put the topic in neutral you're not going forward put that neutral in your car and you are not going to of us you are not going to buck worked or so. That's part of the problem here so in that kind of situations translation today I mention has to be. Clear in one clear to the. To the all the ins. And that is our responsibility but also in relationship with the text has to be on insist. On next translation an honest translation means that you need to find out the best Also the text Indonesian us to give that meaning into the culture in which you are translating the topic in the text of the way yes. Yeah OK they put in a very tiny little Let's Are you familiar with typos in computers OK typeface normally is 2 of when when you are writing however if you put that people graphical typeface in 6. You are going to be very difficult to read it OK so they put in something between 6 and 8 a key a sourdough here it's equivalent to SAGAL or sour. On a nice day tiny and in the bulletin but not in the text so the people is really in when when you are reading the Bible your reason and here is the point all you are really here. So they put it. In a very little tiny things here is equivalent to sell off and they. You know they they save their face upon that. But the question is what you are doing that why don't if that is equivalent to Sabbath under Why don't you put it in the text. And. Of course that is that is part that is part of the problem so sometimes there are some questions coming for translation and. Our Francis here so I'm going to enter in a quick review about that. The topic we were discussing yesterday let me put OK this is a point in which. Yesterday we were discussing it last year remember that isn't. The point is and it has to do with translation. And you brought to the question so the point is that when in 2nd Timothy dickin Shane's version and you know it's our very own order version in English and by the way some very good version general very very good is so good that some people think the version is 1st of the originals so 1st comes for some people and after the originals and just. The way. And the by the Safe here is tell it to Hugh dice of approved and my friend here say this was the only Asian. Doesn't say study so what's so here is our Here is the problem the point is how we can go to disclose the topic Lim I'm going to share with you i'm some of them at all those She's that are involved here here is the text in Crete. Snow thus on told us a means to make haste in is this is the critical ward with which to start the audition or so. 11 way is to do this and see if I can do it you can find it. This is a very good thing sometimes when you go put all the orders of the wards and this is the transliteration this isn't group and this is in English and this this isn't the code I'm by the way. All this when their computers are targeted they track by number so what the computer made is to put. What I will say a cold number for each word so you're going to have the word in just for example if God is number one you're going to have him and the equivalent of that in the Septuagint. Equivalent to that in the Greek New Testament I'm shattered plain in the process of of this code but but it is good as a good exercise if you have a kind of evolution and you're going to see all the the words in order so you're going to put then Lassen hast in tone it's this one cell turn yourself documents prove. This. To introduce yourself to 2 percent to stand by another option whole thing to god us Eggleton ever gotten here Walkman. And. Probably And yesterday I wasn't a sizing if you remember I was imprecise in here when she say the Bible didn't say stylee so on in this it is good sometimes then to do to go to. And also to do the exercise to put other versions. I lead and I copy sort and I copy here other versions do your best to present and when she said that I began to review in my mind how it's a sing Spanish and in the moment thing which I did that I I remember that in Spanish didn't say a study. Because the version in Spanish a. Faster than yours of to do something however however don't don't think that you need to go to a Spanish No you don't need to I do because I know the version in Spanish but if I have to check something I am going to go to the Greek in the New Testament here in the Old Testament OK However however when you solve a. New International Version New Living Translation and you need to remember something. Version What is the time of the can change version. Of course of course. However let me tell you something it is a very good version it is a very good version and you and you are going to see at the end that. That what what is the idea. Sometimes the idea the of this study is not to study the Bible but is totally how to introduce yourself before God. Young. So so the point here is do your best what is to do your best to present yourself to God because by the way when you see all all do. All the translations and here is going shames be delish and I like very much this one. And I put by the way another version that sometimes in the times I've been working with translations in South America. For an English I like it very much. J.B. Phillips By the way. J.B. if the Philips version in English by the way it is a very good Russian It is up not a translation it's a kind of dynamic translation and let me let me bring here into the discussion some of the elements of the dynamic translation and what does it mean dynamic translation. In India in this. You can you can check endangered a couple of works of usual night done. Regarding translation of the Bible. And sometimes when you have an idea or concept in one language and you are going to put doubt in a different language let's say here US English and. Spanish Spanish let me let me clarify this just for culture Spanish is the language. Panic is a culture so every time that you are talking about in in this you you need to take in count and I mention that because last year we were doing translation into an African languish and somebody you know put the microphones and put Spanish and here put Africa African and I say we need to be more specific because in Africa there are about 2800 I don't know how many languages and dialects. Know the borderlines the borderlines are not the language that does not support so we need to be specific on that and that is important but But what is what is this you have to put this idea out there is a specific idea and you need to put this idea in this. Linguistic context and sometimes there are people that are going to say. Some there are some complexities sometimes in in linguistics and let me tell you that if you are going to go word by word you are not going to do to concept to a license the same thing into the all the language because you are not going to find sometimes the words. Yes literal What what is the literal translation sometimes if faulty because because you are not getting into the all there warps so dynamic. Conception is a very good hour neither is working with dynamic translation of the Bible. And getting back to the to the point. And in defense of the. Can Change version by the way I guess you are aware of the fact that and I have and I've been checking all of all of that and here is Philips by the way I put the Phillips for yourself consent trait on a winning goat's approval I lead the Via I like very much it's not it's not that word by word but is going to give in this spirit of and the essence of of the topic so aren't and this is in defense of the teaching version that is the new thing change version and the new can change say be delish and to present yourself people in the process of translation to use person. Personally Ward views I'm personally biased person ideas religious ideas regarding the topic because they are going to to put the text like in. The new wall version. You know what I'm talking about isn't it the newer version is that if the Bible does hold our witnesses are you saying you know. So the hope I witness this book 1st faith their faith their conception and after that they worked out the translation and they were very adaptive of their version of the Bible to their own ideas so even though even though coming back to the to this point even though the Bible says. The teaching version is does the. 2 percent yourself you know it is not so bad. Because it is an invitation to be really 2 percent. Yourself to the Lord of course I like very much the New King James version and I do have I use it right now when. I have to do a presentation in the charge in English I'm going to use the new creation 1st this is a very good it's a very good version so I will say this. Coming coming back to the presentation Let's go back. Because if not the the work is going to be very long. Translation has to be honest with the text transparent to the culture and this are the elements for me you need to be faithful to the service honest with the meaning of the word clear with all the Tory on sometimes is not easy you know. I like very much when I when I work with. Because there is a young gentleman that translates for me and I respect him very much he is about maybe 21 years old something. And he in certain moments keep. A silent waiting for putting all the words and take his time but he's going to give a very good translation into team that is that language that they use why because he is reflective and sometimes not so is spontaneous like many other people but in the process. It's going to render the text of the Bible on this Peter prophecy and what we are doing in this kind of element faithful honest and clear. Let me tell you also that nowadays it's very difficult to hide the sun topics regarding the Bible 1st of all because we have a very strong services. And data of manuscripts when we are working you need to know that we are working with about 5000 manuscripts a life that that is powerful and when you compare Christianity with Islam for example Islam they don't have this kind of monumental. Torah should. Regarding their limb but crown for them they don't they don't. We do have the all all. Also there are the time of the sources of A level will have a lesion us is true however we do have any versions very early versions that are power for testimony about the Trust me tone of the truth. Even are here in Michigan in the library missing a library we do have. Some of the early part piles mainly one equivalent in this for 125. There is a very a earlier copy of the. Book of John. The Gospel of John and that is powerful in my estimation but rather than done today these are why this picture of famine you ticks by the way legal Aminu ticks I am coming back to the topic right now biblical kilo she color menu ticks medical and your tics languish and you ticks out almost every field of study you are going to have a kind of tool regarded in some element in in a minute ticks However biblical a minute if there are some words that you need to be familiar with one of them is this one X.. Is a very common word in working with biblical interpretation and the meaning is the process of ethics trucked in the main in the sense of the biblical texts. And there is a compliment that is the opposite because today we are involve it in the charge in attention. Mostly the tension this upon him a new ticks. By the way this in the I don't know if you remember the date this in the interim in the mainstream evangelical world there was a book of how Linsanity. Who are say the Torah of. Christianity Today the Bible in the balance. On the other was the the battle over the Bible. And we have a war inside them the feel of the 7 they are the charge. And the center of the battle if it is I mean you and. I I have to confess that when I was a member of tossed felicity of for the nation Study Committee for me when I arrive into that committee it was a blessing at the beginning winter like Band of Brothers if you can call some way when it finished it was disbanded the Brotherhood from the beginning. And I detected that. There were very important tendencies. Very big these parish. Differences regarding their authority of the text and there were some people that were. In favor of gender neutral versions of the manuscripts. And precisely what we were discussing was Shandor So in the moment you are in agreement with a gender neutral document every sin is going to be Sepehr to prove something regarding genders you you understand what I am saying so probably in the following days I'm going to to tackle this topic in deep or more explicitly with with with. To put kind of of or there in the presentation. But that is something coming. Gender neutral languish is becoming. Very fast in in some. In some documents of the charge like they work in policy. Of course you're going to find out that it's a big tendency in favor of gender gender neutral version of the Bible off of the Bible so. So I don't know how we are going to the fair and elements of people like wrong Kelly probably has to be dealing with because he has started dealing with that on Saturday I couldn't listen all the presentations but let me tell you that this is a kind of situation in other charges too because if you put gender neutral. In the Bible. The sender's in Genesis are going to disappear and you are not going to the Ted Cruz who saw at that point that point you are going to to enter that also it's going to be affected in some elements of in the level of the divinity. Because yes because because they're going to call Father and Mother penance. And somebody say well where who is the father who is the mother no the kid this is parents. I don't remember I don't remember I don't remember when I was a child I enter into my one of the one of the members of the family took me to our Christian Science Aryan I don't know if you are familiar with Christian Science. Are you aware of Christian size. OK Mary Morse Baker 80 Yes. Yes Christian sighs. What is the book. With key of the Scriptures OK. And when they she refrains the last prayer Are you aware of that father mother god which art in heaven. You know. I was recent Catholic. And and I was and I was from from my childhood. An attaboy but when I curred that. I once so are proud father mother. So. Look I began to feel myself like a kind of of of a soldier of another army inside my own family so when my father and my grandmother left I went to check the books of them of Mary Morse bicker is the and I received with my own advice the phrase I and I say that's that's a big mistake. So I think by the way that is that is the spirit of it tell yourself you need to study you need to read you need to compare to be prepare to be in front of the Lord. I'm telling about 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 verse 15 you know because when you compare and US tally you are going to the score for certain sayings and for me this is this is a critical point coming back to the point in which I am I am talking. And the other ward aides say she says he says one in. The tendency if this is the text of the Bible to extract the meaning from the text they all that are atheists say agencies is to put good elements into the text. And sometimes that is part of the risk that we are having in our process are we attracting the sense from the Bible all we are implied in the meaning of the Bible through our we're called to understand it so here is for me the election of the interpretation you have the text and you are the reserve and you are reading the Bible from your languish from your culture. And you are really in front of your walled view old song you have a conception of the walled in the universe and you are reading the text of the Bible from the history in which you are and you understand that the takes it's coming from a different culture from different backgrounds and also you are reading the text of the Bible guided by the knowledge. Of your culture worldview history and linguistic background that provided. And the customs of the culture in which you are however. However the tendency of some people is to impose the use from the readers upon the text of the Bible and that is dancers we need to we need to be humble ourselves. To submit to the word and to the culture and to the teachings of the Bible and to understand what the Bible means. And that is that is our critical point sometimes books. Dynamics across the history this is the tendency in which you are going to think about books at the beginning where manuscripts after dark you have this and today you have this all of them are books. Sometimes if they work it's broken. I don't know if The One is can be called Book today or if this can be called book today. But that is the process in which sometimes we need to still wish some elements and then we tell you that translate this elements are very difficult because here is our powerless This is. Kind of bone that book and this an electronic version of a collection of books. But however the direction of the interpretation is a funny very clear we need we need to put the emphasis on the authority. Coming from the text of the Bible to the reader and we need to to change to culture off of them final meeting which we are base upon the teachings of the bike because part of the problem that we are covering today is that we are trying to to change everything from the culture in which we are. A nice that is that is a serious that is a serious problem. The Bible informs the reader the text and me so here is the point in which I say that we were going to work today and probably I'm going to before the. The end of the day we are going to complete the circle this is what I called the Circle of the new Tico work I like very much. The writings of John. How many books you have in the in the Bible from John that is there is. Quite interesting process and I like very much John because John is writing in Greek Thrun are different languish so all that is in John in the heart of the sun is I hear you that is writing in Greek. And sometimes those who are in the kind of context and feel the similar feeling and similar pain sometimes. That is quite challenging because he was not his language. He very West his language Greek was not his that and he was not so by living what I like Peter for example probably Peter excuse me Paul Paul probably was the most by Lindwall in in the writings of the New Testament of course Peter was in the same problem of jumpier probably done done John because John was younger and young people tend to learn easily new languages are you aware of that. 11 of the things that like very much of John it's a fact that when you. Are going to learn Greek. Us start in all the seminars. You're going to start with the book of John or worse John has the blessing of being deep deep if you want to express yourself a deep idea of John just go to John 11 and you are going to see a very deep idea in in in the Bible. Very deep but also this simple sometimes deepness and simplicity is not always kind of Mercian in in the north or in a writer and when when you are reading that takes. I recommend to you. To be aware of the author who is the author what is the context of the author were is he writing that piece to the Gospel or whatever that is going to to give you a few elements for the process of the. Of the interpretation of course you are going to distinguish and I put here 3 but you are going to expand that into another one. That the languages are here real mainly in the Old Testament in our minority is our own Mike and our American neighbor you are very are interrelated A to the point in which there are some kind of lexicons that come to other R M I can hear you on in the Biblical times some of the writers and authors like they know are going to be fully bilingual between Hillary and. To the point in which when you reach Chapter 2 for example. And in the moment in which you probably remember in Chapter 2 when the king. Say's and here spoke to Dick I'll DNS in Caldera languish Daniele. Took his stuff. Into the other Mike began to write everything into a mike and teacher of the service. So this is the kind of condition in which sometimes the Bible Express. Itself. It is an interesting dynamic though the point you need to understand is that literally styles are different from an author and I know that the levels of education are different but all of them were guy the by the by the Lord that's a reason why how he'll There are 5 I like very much the holy writers is the meaning of. That means that they were under the conviction that the Lord was guiding them in the moment in which they where right in the literary style it is important in the Bible you're going to see poetry. And the there are some of them there that is metric I was surprised. In reading some elements regarding Isiah. I don't know if you are familiar with the book of Isiah in deep but let me tell you that Isiah Hans saw deep in the Hebrew languish. Does probably all the words that you are going to find in Isiah you are going to find out in the wrists of the Old Testament plus their words that are in the book of Isiah and that is telling that Isiah is a war King in the Old Testament like Shakespeare in English language that done a very deep lexicon. Unfold me double extensive vocabulary in the book of Isiah and that is that he's telling you about the complexity of that that's a reason why in some versions you are going to find the the books are written in these kind of condition I don't know normally you are you understand the word justified to the right isn't it however in the book of Isiah you're going to find out that why because there is a metric there is metric because he is keeping him like in the poetry. The balance of the syntax of any segment of the communication soul saw well that translators they do that in that way let me tell you something translating poetry into another languish is challenging. It's challenging you are not going to match. The numeric 1st of all the numeric equivalence for every single you know sentence it is very very difficult because sometimes the words are not going to keep him in the same SEAL about a structure when you you you put the seal or buy. In Translation into another language and sometimes you need to put maybe what maybe 34 sea level rise when Indonesian has one or 2. I like very much spear I like very much in literature but I commit a mistake. I was given that in Spanish sorry but it will translators by the way but I recheck speak in Spanish when I read back Shakespeare in English I say oh my. Place like that Quixote element China to put it in English. Oh of course the there are what is the problem the problem is there is the problem is that. Sometimes dynamic translation is needed but. But the poetry when you translate poetry you ended up translating and making another point in another language because you cannot keep the structure of all the elements in the order however however. This this is telling you this is what the most that we can do regarding Isiah book. That is good by the way because he's telling you that there really are an translator are trying to keep up with the concepts and ideas coming up from the text of course. In the in the process of a manual ticks you are going to know about the lifestyle. That is involved and the dynamics of involvement and you are going to see several elements in in in the Bible. And sometimes the Bible is given a hint of the idea for example Cornelius in the New Testament in the book of facts be sitting in the House of Peter and Shas reach in into the door not entering Shas reaching the door why Cultura lifestyle he cannot enter because he was under they are less of are here a person I'll go EMA. Remember that we were talking yesterday or the day before about going in Galilee of the nation ties Gallileo of the nation Tom is different because we're in the moment in which you touch something that is there. In the in the here your vision you are permanent contaminated. So that's a reason does a reason why fishers cannot enter into the center because fish is a very good for those who like to eat them but to eat them you need death before you know and in the moment you are touching something that you are contaminated and you cannot enter into the sanctuary for 8 days but if you are a fish or forget the sanctuary. Or you are going to keep the profession. Or you are going to go to the sanctuary but that is part of the reality of that. And in the time so the New Testament I'd recommend I recommend to you to read. Regarding this point this kind of social element general Sellon in time of C.S.S. General Salim in times of Jesus horror keen Jeremiah. Sometimes if you go to the. Baker book House runnerup it don't go to the main store go to the back. Cheap. And and look for the J. and you are going to find out maybe 12 elements and you are going to get one good book for maybe 34 books books because that is the use rate for that. Jerusalem in times of success and it's going to give you a very big idea regarding lifestyle in the time of Jesus. And that is going to help you of course we need to keep in mind the seriousness of the arm of the Bible and the connections of the wards ideas that are coming I liked very much doing that in the Book of Revelation and the connections with all Testament by the way there are about 600 quotations in the Book of Revelation of the books in the whole text. That that is that is a Jenny and telling you that there are some deep adamant coming from the Old Testament when when you read all the people and Jilek message for example you are going to find out. But in every sentence you are going to find out connections with all text on and with the prophets of the Old Testament and that is telling you something the guidance that should receive them img writing the book of Revelation is inspired by the same one that inspired the Old Testament writers you are going to see that he isn't a the in the main frame of the ideology idea center about remanent and Concept 2 are elements of that of course he story it is very important here to taking count. And I will say that a good book of his story in taking count of elements because sometimes there are. Today some talent she is regarded in bringin in prophecies you know. For example Joseph force are you familiar with the idea of surface are. Just surface tells a story that Alexander the Great come into should do something are you familiar with that. In that moment in that moment. Josepha us tells us that when. When he came he came to request something from the Huish You're remember the context of that he was in Tire and he was in taking down that CD and request a test but you wish people didn't do that so so it's a little silly and was. Surrounded by. By the troops and the armies of of. Alexander the Great and this way Koreas that there are not many sources telling about that because if you go to them up you are going to see a bottle after bottle Alexander was takin old populations but not too sudden not to sure. And you are going to say. What happened here I am missing something history. I need to learn something regarding here regarding this topic and the point is that when when they saw the show we saw their army of Alexander they open the gates and the high priests came out from the CD with a book inspired by the Lord by of one of the prophets. And the high priests sure Alexandr that the holy writings of the sure wish people were telling in that book and anticipation of his work that is just a force by the way. It is quite interesting because that happen in about 300 years before Jesus. You agree without because that is the time of Alexander If not you're going to move our Alexandra time but the point is that there are some writers that put the book of Daniel are round the 250 before prize that means are approximately 100 years after dub ya However however this is going to give you a hint to review did they get the line of the Book of Daniel to sit down before also Alexander Magnus and that is going to give you something to reflect about the timeline because this is about 200 years before Alexander's muchness Daniel wrote about the power described in the Book of Daniel Chapter 89 and doubt this quite interesting because some people are telling Daniel this but to Kenya post Venton Are you familiar with him but he came in our post event or by the way but to Kenya possibly intern is letting And he's the same root of but he can. That means prophesies. That means a prophecy Doris made after the facts as our friends mention recently but the Kenya post event but this is the fact I mention and you can check done. Because. Of. Just the 1st by the way is going to give you all do the details he was an historian and he was collecting the facts a good history and that is a very important source of information for us so his story is going to support some of the elements that we need to check when we are speaking for example about prophecies and so on because of course but again a possible in turn means that prophecy is a forgery technically that this that is the case so we need to be very careful about that anomaly this is used by live in a theologians they are in this topic so it is in a suit to to search on history it is important geo graffiti. I like very much. The one when I was a child like very much your Sometimes the Bible is it is. Describing elements and by the way all the elements that are in the Bible were checked in the same place in which the Bible says that it's very important for us very important we do have roots in history and geography that we might be able to locate and to do up right process of interpretation let me let me do our weak little comparison here you cannot do that with the Book of Mormon you can't you can't. Look in the Book of Mormon places. In which house bottles happen 1000 die and you are not going to find out or one little thing in the places in which Mormons are going to everything disappear even the Book of Mormon my way or or or the Golden of plates from which shows of a smith took that revelation was taken to the to the heaven you know that that is the tradition among them however when you go. To the places in which there are description of are missed out some in battle with shields arrows and so on there are not there are no threats of that today we are finding elements of. The revolutions here in USA but nothing nothing about the. Millions are following down and for me it's a surprise it's a surprise. Some years ago I was doing a presentation on more money. Being doing religious comparisons when I was from the timing which I wasn't so American and I was here in a seminar and. I was surprised because in that seminar there were 5560 people attending. That is telling us that there are some people with relationship family ties and so on. With some kind of connections with Mormons and Mormonism is is a bury be historical religious misstate that cannot demonstrate some of the big issues that there are presenting him in the Book of Mormon. There are there are some some the big problems in their book by the way for example in the book of Fonda Chapter 7 burst stand says that Jesus was born in Jerusalem. And one day I received a couple of of a missionary moments in South America that. The show me. About the the prophecies and the connection between the Book of Mormon on the Bible and they use kind of. Of a teaching device in which they were put in some. Frannie final things to to show you know them and they put their walled and there was of revelation for the old world and they put the Bible on a revelation for the new wall and they put the Book of Mormon and they say there are in complete harmony and I listen after they finish they say you have any question this one question. No more than one question. And what is the what is a question. The question is this. So this is a revelation for the old ward and there is the Bible yes and this is a revelation for the new war the Book of Mormon Yes So this is a revelation for the old war was given by God Yes and this relation of the Book of Mormon for the new war is given by God Yes and they were happy smiling a lot of joy in the faces so I continued I say so if this is for the old wall this is for the new war and God given revelation here and here so this book and this book no contradiction between them and the word she turns her yes no contradiction. Are nothing in contradiction nothing in contradictions so full harmony between them yes for harmony so could you explain then this is my little question. Please you cannot love. I'm talking to my wife not just here. She was she said 20 and there are 2 more months today. So I say where she says was born. Not only they are be sitting to. One is. Is the leading voice probably the leader missionary and the other is kind of backup the No one nun in saw I once is pleasing to the speaking Spanish I'm very clear it's panic oxen transplant for every culture I asked done there in the seal source were Jesus was born and the guy in the rear of the trap got the point and say and say Belin wow his neighbors the 1st topic and the one in the phone say to me Jerusalem and watch the other and say. Until their US are back to him live and the other gentleman and he watch me like you you the judge Bilin and the other turn around and say to think Jerusalem. And watch him light or Jerusalem or I kill you if. I hear you say will or. So I thought I told them. Look I said why don't you. Get into harmony regarding this. Because I have some kind of of differences here. And he says to me why did you say. 1000000000 because the Bible say speller. Never safe juice and so your friend is right but in those states he says to me and that was very very and in those days all the ARI I was called to do something. And I'm sorry I say one question but I need to make a 2nd question now. Can you answer the 2nd question yes OK Why came here sent to kill all the children in Berlin but not in Jerusalem silence silence silence and say. Are you going to be here tomorrow. Or the rest of the story of the the war but you need to know a story because our When you know geography and cultural element you are going to the school for this sayings and there are importance to see you tomorrow God bless you and enjoy enjoy the rest of the week with seminar some lessons Let's have a war the prayer following heaven thank you for the blessings of the Holy Scriptures the Bible that is revealed by you with us in this process in which we are going to work the right process of people because interpretation. 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