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Hermeneutics - Why it's Important how we Interpret the Bible - Part 3

Daniel Scarone




  • June 20, 2018
    3:30 PM
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For the new heaven thank you for your blessings of the day thank you for the moments in which we were enjoying this can meeting in the seminars and the blessings of the teachings and learning process be with us as we prepare ourself to share things with our family church also to build up our minds regarding your wording Jesus name Amen Well just some yes thank you my wife for us recollecting me. If I put the. Tape in think the microphone and the connection yes I am fully wired in this moment so don't disclose anything secret because here is going to be revealed Danciu for cheap but. OK. We all recall instruct in the what I say what I mean call in. A minute to go circle. In the process because we are we're rolling in every moment. And there are disciplines. That we need to touch in the process sauced a menu ticks. And probably there they saw few I am I am beginning to work in them in a manuscript by the way and let me tell you that there are certain those things the probably. In the future I have to include in this because there is a lot of elements and so elements coming from history. Are killer she. Those kind of things that we need to attach in the process because it is important. And I'm a new ticks it's routine because it's taken elements coming from these new research elements appearing in new or are killed things every time that they are doing in something and appear something else is going to put new information regarding those things but so far so far are so I say before when we compare the process with all the situations in all the religions and yesterday we were finishing probably the presentation comparing the biblical Aminu ticks with the case of for example they slam on the Book of Mormon and so on we do have a strong strong basis for interpretation based upon his story and geography and all those elements are helping us in the process of interpretation because when you say Bil'in you go to be lent a steel 1000000000 X.'s if you say it. This is Sister steel that exists. And Jiri Kong and when you are comparing elements to elements you are going to see the Bible shining. Because there are elements in his story in geography diary still are there. And that is that this important yesterday we were talking about we. We're starting this in the process of our relationship with the Bible. And my recommendation is to work with with the author there are 36 the relationship of the other with the book is This is powerful. Shown in Matthew New Testament guys you know gospel writers Barry difference one of the other different backgrounds different elements different cultures involved in them and one was a public and until there was descendents of Fishers. Probably in the same line of profession. And you are going to see dug into some product in which the in spiritual war with so let me tell you that I respect everybody and I learned to respect everybody because in in the pile your go in to find out that there is not a peerage deed there is right in this book or this or the World Disorder or there are kings. There are humble people. There are especially learned people and people very calm people or dug our people from the crowd by the way. A Morse was he. In the level of most of us never never is he inspired and I have to respect him of course because the Lord used all of them equally. And that is that is the beauty of the Bible because in certain sense that is the charge to that is there is a charge. I regret sometimes with people that having certain degree beliefs is superior of all their without a degree and I and I I don't share that. I am trying to put when when I do a presentation I put only my name that's it and. Because we are we are equals. Right at the food of the cross the ground is level and that is the point everybody is a candidate for the Kin The newcomer. So from that point we need to see us and each other and we are going to gain a lot of the experience in doing that process because we are called Learning let me tell you that every time that I am teaching I am learning to. So everybody's in this in this process so let's go to the to the to the process in which we were dealing with. Let's go to the text we're going to go to the language and then I today are that something that our was not yesterday and this isolated there is coming to in there with the with the flux of the process we need to go to the text and review the context because it's important the text with a context sometimes I like very much text law preaching in the Bible I like very much. Sometimes one verse sometimes 23 no more than that of course when you are when you are expand in is not a text or sermon you know it's a little bigger because you you need more ideas but I like very much the text preaching in the Bible and I like very much to know the languages involved the meaning in the recent. What does it mean for example elements that are in the Bible I like very much to to dig in those things let's listen let's put an example about what what we might be able to learn undisclosed. Especially in the practical sense in the in the Bible Let's go to together with the Book of Job I listen to the beginning of the Book of Job book of John chapter one. A list talk a little pain Q. very much very much oh yes yes. There was a man in the land of whose name was cool job and that man was what. Blameless in my version say's perfect and upright and one that fear God and His choose evil by the way that is that is very very important what what he say's here so when you go. To the. Book. You know there is a lot of. Element of poetry almost very earlier poetry in the book of young but there are some kind of elements in which we need to put attention here my version here King James version that I am using here in the in the i Phone is version and it's ace perfect perfect. I have the Latino version Latin version here Rick to see. With known done kind of person that is not blend in Rectus that is the 1000000 you know for for that perfect upright are one that fear God and His. Evil and there were born unto him 7 sons and 3 daughters his substance was also. 7 dowsers sheep 3000 camels 500 Yoko KSAN and 5000 arses and a very great house a whole so that this man was the greatest of all the men in the east. Let me share with you some elements regarding process of interpretation and how we might be able to apply for example for example for a sermon because here here there are very very good elements here. Burst one. Verse one is talking about what is. Huge this character do you really without because diet is the point 2nd verse. Second his family. 1st the character 2nd the family and 3rd. If you are not. I guess let me tell you here you have a powerful some more nowadays when we are talking of this sinks What is the main thing if people missing was talking about a person like him what is what is probably the 1st thing. Burst 3 you're right there's 3 why because we are living in a society that is center into being with the are nuts but that is not the importance you are the center is the 1st one the center is versus one and probably you you say well you sit down at the cone is the 1st text in no I'm not going to say that because you need to continue reading and you are glowing in to this cover some say let me tell you that one of the Kritika reflections here is. Sometimes in these walled where thinking how or what all the people are thinking about myself. Yes on are OK here is not the point. Here is not the point here the point this who are guard sync about me. Look our But out look at this and check with them versus 8. 8 Chapter one Verse 8. And the Lord says to Satan ask Daoud consider my servant who job or. There is a known lake here in the earth a perfect and you are going to check now with verse one what says the author. A perfect. Upright Man check verse Warren and you are going to find out. 103 go are. Our own little saw when you say the point there are ways when most or this is right in about your. Base upon what he is saying all the more of elements in the character of Joe East's is singing God's sides so here here here we have a very powerful teaching about last Shaner Asian film for example here. In this I know they're talking about this because there is a limit of perfection of course when you when you are to ask yourself what is to be perfect. Well you you'll have in media pretty all all the elements coming from the text but you can go to the last thing you can search in the Concordance about perfection and you are going to see certain elements and you are going to the school for early in the process of this that the term mean. And that are going to appear in independent Ranma also they're looking for the wards and you are going to search what is perfection is perfection. Resting poena human being or in God and you are going to find out that. In the in the bible appears the metaphor of the walk Orkin with God walking with God of Abraham for example Genesis Chapter 17 verse one the lower Ses 2 Hey Vera walk do for me. Be perfect so in which is perfection perfection is not name. Perfection this in walking with the war on capital letters the one that is perfect. I'm going to walk perfectly with whom is perfect his perfection is a go in to sure with you May Who are you. Perfectly with him so when when you compare that the the concept of perfection walking in with God in the Bible you are going to see some sin and you are going to bring dart into the process of job because you are going to reach bursars 4 and 5 and you are going to see that he was very humble men are now very devout men are very pious person doing kind of worship a person or exercise every single day prayed in and making sacrifices for the family and for all of them every single day I think about this. Of course you need to do some kind of process of interpretation reading learning but in the process of reason the learning you you you become close to the Bible how what would happen if every single 7th day or then to this whole every single day we were doing sums in for the next shoe narration. Praying for them lead in know that we are praying for them asking them. If they are going to the to the to the church if they are listening if they are doing something in favor of the Lord because sometimes one of the things that is challenging for us is that we do have a generation in the child but they will the generation or next generation or the following generation is not in the charts so when sometimes I see people like her coming with him and see that both are related are I I feel thankful to the Lord because done this kind of connection with the next generations and we need to do done in the church when it when we need to do done. We need 2 to walk together without saw the process of interpretation when one is put not only you know in the theoretical level in because it's important. But also when you ground into the practical level you are going to learn. Certain good things so in the Bible you are going to go to the language we are going to go to the text you are going to learn about literary style job for example is a book in which there are very sections with poetry very Polish poetry in the Book of Job You are going to find out to the point in which some people are thinking the. Job is a fiction in the Bible one of the surprises in my early times in the ministry. Was a gentleman the while you're all over this fictious literary. Or no. I began to search I began to go to the issue in literature regarding that and I went to a lynching where it and they found out that what Elisha white sais isn't what this gentleman told me some sin maybe he forgot where he told me because our Rob hour was Saskin to someone with a certain there Ventus background if only and see why I knew the mood. Because that was kind of sure wish thing came into her. About our project as a prophet and prophets and King you told me dub. So. Yes So the point is the point is that there is a dynamic in the process and that is what I respect too much with well in the writings of felons you why by the way in 1090 I have a privilege and the intermission division sent me. In 1980 the end and 998 sent me the manuscript of the trial you fun Christ and I was the translator I did a translation into Spanish that was demand the motion of full the charge in 2000. 300 fun days in a Spanish let me tell you. I learned a lot of things regarding energy white in that. To the pointing which are you have to take a little bit of my perception not to enter into Doug kind of thinking which some people make devotions for religious or something like that because. I want to Battle Creek to the grief and we pray together with family some of the family and know the real reason what I did that but for me it was. A new field in regarding the work of the ministry of evidence of why because when when you when you go to search wards ideas and concepts and you begin to search your surf and ask how in the walls she may be able to know certain things. In a society because of course you enter today in Battle Creek and Battle Creek it is it is with our big story in the background of the city but in elenchi White time. There was not such a kind of knowledge. I found myself with a sentiment that. He say's so when the event is way way. Human belief in the writings of L. and you who are so I took him or took him there to Battle Creek and we we were chatting walking around and he would reach the very humble house of the whites and in front of the house I say look you see that room upstairs. So yes and took a picture no worse than the tractor Well she wrote the great controversy in the. Sink sink a little bit you see here cables were cable those are not cable Sometimes you have a wife I know wife I know Internet not foxes no know nothing of the devices that we have today how in the war she might be able to say in that book that there would be a prime end will it catalysis and protest US would be together how think their you know in the in the same place. Let me tell you that is the reaction is fantastic. Are you you reach the people to the point to sink about the reality about those those things because in this kind of cases Ellen she's quite a nice tell him something that is very curious because she is saying that the Book of Job was written by Moses and you are going to find that in the Talmud too. And the point is did she tell you most I doubt it. Was outed so when when you are compiling all the elements you are going to search. Very very good bill you would saying yes. Or. Yes yes. So all that that is there is important. You know I like very much even though. I am respectful of the text of the Bible always unfun me the authority the final authority is a text of the Bible please. Please understand this. However however. Rich and finish my sermon on reflection I'm going always to check in the back row on the writings of L. and she white and that is a bless. Practice I will say because it is building you up and you you are going to do price your service every single morning that you do that and that is really a blessing but of course in the process of a minute ticks you are going to go to the sources he story geography and grammar ticks to today today in. Some of you were not but on going to to show us bring up a. Power Point presentation of the morning in regarding this topic. Let me find out this because today we were we were doing something that is. Very interesting regarding this my presentation in the morning was regarding. The Holy Spirit and today we were working with this that is that is here of or worse. OK. Is here OK this is open your Bible Matthew 2819 sorry for those who were in the morning not too many of you some of you were not in the morning so there is no problem. We were talking about the elements and this is pure Grammatica elements here regarding this OK. And this important. Because you can work all this NG with a lexicon and you are going to read I am not going to read it in Greek. The porter went than. Mother 10. By the way this is a good ward to show mother to set that is the last word in the 1st sentence because sometimes we need. To make many wards to. Do to translate done but probably the best in English in discipleship because it means the action of making disciples that is the root conceptual root of the concept so it is a goal many disciples are into our. Plant Our that's a word better known is pantheon. All the elements means all. Nations but. This but Tyson out into all no matter too and here is a point tournament to. I listen let's court with the romantics here all Noma means are the name this poll is an article on among the known and the single or all means all who are baptize are you united under one name. That is the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are under one name and that means equality and you need team of all romantically speaking you know so when when you expound on this and you see the articles and I'm pointing out the articles and here is 123 in the sentence I am sure when the article is single and muscular in and the full version indicates individual identity of those who are single. That there is room in the sentence if 2 or 3 were the same are they need to read the article at the beginning and one article for the 3 but it's not is are not tickle for each one of them so the Bible is telling in duration the dad their Father the Son Our under Holy Spirit are distinguished with our individual article. Of them. Are you into every manuscript you are going to check that there is no problem Messerschmitt arm is doing that and there is no problem for that and the other thing that is here and I've been showing that is that the last 2 words argue holy No My toes are. Holy as Spirit Holy Spirit appears in the same sentence and in the same level all through the father of the Son. And he's separate individually but equal to the others equal to the older saw the 3 Persons of God in the Godhead the 3 persons in the got it one God were also present in the Baptism of the Lord Jesus the Father the Son being baptized and you remember the spirit come in the form of dove in the solemn moment of the puppies so. You were taken. The put that in the Internet because Polish in this. Manuscript in the future OK but no problem for me here. I compared today with a sharp rule sharp truly sin also Greek and I am talking about grammar ticks here. And this is in. In the book of titles some to 2 I guess is the 1st then we put it together. And we are going to to see everything here. OK you are. This is looking for the bliss hope and the glorious appearance of the great God on our Savior Jesus Christ OK so here is the article here so here is the decomposition of the phrase the great god are on our Savior Jesus Christ don't make a little to carry him on you assume to the shut up rule shut by the way this British person in the seventeen's proximately are bullish an East. Defense of the rights of this place in those days sharp and the that is a surname of the sentiments. That were for for him I think he invented or apply this rule and everybody knows that rule a sharp rule today because the rule say in the grammar are done when there are 2 lanes here and here united by a conjunction that is the urn done. And the article appears before the 1st noon and he's not repeated before the 2nd it is talking about the one and the same person so when when Paul says to Titus looking for the blesses hope and the glory use appear in all of the earth. The 1st article great dogs are now were savior she's a surprise. Is talking about the same one person so technically dramatically here we see that the post to Paul is calling she says what God and save you. And Savior and I. I brought today to the attention of the group here. In the class that. I receive a shareholder witness looking for salacious. He was looking for degree sources of the text. And I asked him what was his faith and see gentleman he told me I am a silver witness. He was in a kind of little bit of. Concern about the translation of the new Walt because you know sometimes people puts. Their their faith before the text of the Bible. And we need to be honest with the text of the Bible and we need to be transparent to the text of the Bible and that is that is a very very important process in my in my estimation so. Today we were we were talking a little bit about coming back to the to the point. Today I mention I see if I have it here because I guess I have it. Just give me the time to put down. Because probably to morrow we are going to into more. But in this moment. I would like to take advantage of this. Because this is something related to one of the discussion of the charge and sometimes I am a little bit frustrated what with going on you know let's let's go to 1st team and teach up to 3 verse one and this is this is something that you are familiar so the only thing is that you didn't see that this way you know. Let's go to 1st Timothy it's up to 3 births or versus one. And 2 OK you how it. This is a true say in. This is. Whole logos on. This is some sin is something that is faithful something that is real you know that is the point lower Sr were true say in if a man decides the office of a bishop Intissar good Wark that is the 1st OK that is the 1st sentence so here here you see in the Early Show this is Soprano on indefinite but this must coolly and single are. That is the point so some people put their emphasis on this piece called Pace is the function it is a function in the function is famine in Indonesia the name of the function OK. However however the key text comes immediately. Is here where say is the bishop. And here here is the bishop and this is mass killing everything article the noon a piece compose a peace proposal write a piece compose must be blamed in this hour now. And here is the critique of. Do you can not lay this into another way different from duration of me us good night course. Means. House. Of. Course wife you can put it you can rearrange it out you can try to say this do this but the critical point is that sometimes well what we are imposing here is something that I mention. Here in the process of the things that I put here because. One of the points that we have in menu ticks somebody told me as well this is sometimes a little bit convoluted I think so I do agree with that and I'm not taking that as a criticism but. But the problem is that some people is trying to impose local culture upon the teachings of the Bible and we need to be very very careful. What we need to we need to respect and to say and to submit ourselves to the authority of the text we don't need to change detects of the Bible and today let me tell you because I say in this more than once this tendency that I am detected in of gender neutral version is trying to neutralize the effect on power of the Bible. Are you strongly remember you and invite you to check some kind of feminist A papers written by our defunct today Dr or get our hustle. Because Dr her hustle wrote kind of advise for the conference and I put the name here girl our hustle Gerhard. Was the father of Michael Michael. They all she professor of southwest China and you can chat with them about the topic because she sent. This important paper to the conference like watch out distances coming one tendency is this Christianity and feminists didley car interpretation to Corinth the 1st one it's more more liberal than the other more liberal than the other but there are related with the process of into protection of the Bible. That is that's one reason I wrote this and I put it here because families say all or she is a sub problem of liberation theology. You can probably I have to put here instead of theology or divination liberation theology is the same for me. OK. Here is here is a point they believe in some. They don't believe in film or liberation theology they don't believe. Us we believe in the Bible a suspicious. Because they apply the concept of suspicious of the text and they believe that the Bible contains the Word of God but it's not the world and when you say contain that means there are things in the Bible that are not the word look and we need to be very careful with our solace to our saw is to the country magical school of interpretation is the is the myth of in which I gave the manuscript that I share with you at the beginning there is a the 1st line yes we believe in in the authority of the Bible our principal basis is to take a cultural interpretation they apply are a mix of bible and culture so in when you apply Bible and culture let me let me share with you and that they're going to read this text and say OK. But what we are going to tell our were daughters our songs because they believe in woman so the nation because there is no women so the nation this. There is no equality in the society. And I began to sink and shake a little bit as well what is the problem here or the nation is one thing we are not the marry teen of the female gender by the way and I am not going to do anything like that never. Is a female person working in a position in which I am going to work we have to carve the same salary. I don't have a problem with that we need to the doctor because US far US is my right is her right and as far right is my my right is the same if we are fulfilling same function. Function function. I am talking about milter function I didn't say what solution is that OK. But but this is not the point is she intelligent Yes I'm not saying she is not intelligent and we are not the married teen because I am aware that there are many female persons Darr very bright very bright and you go to a university and you are going to find then in coalition position Ph D. and very good sending our sons horn there is good no problem with or no problem with that and that I am not saying that that is not the point here is the point when you go to the Bible and you go to the Aussies in the temple Listen I am not talking the world prophetic gifts OK because in the prophetic gifts you are going to find equally divided the prophet and prophetess I'm not talking about I am talking about office sanctuary apostolic offices and you are go in to find out in the Bible that this is the advice here so that done to support so. We will even talk to us through today yes. What is a principle based on historical I will know until she of leave elation believe her inspiration source. World the Bible texts they believe are in the case of I am reading the 3 section mix of Bible history and culture. Theology or numeration theology are they are more the in the society let me let me let me dig in here are a little bit when I was in America I was taken a class in a seminar. Seminary and one day one of the professors J share with us in class given by Comair are. Probably is not known very short but a short. Very short the speaker a very powerful speaker he was to speak in Portuguese in a very clear neat imperfect I would say put to keys and he put an example and the sample of theology of liberation into practice OK he says this and I'm. Going to slow down a little bit to give you the transfer of the ideas suppose that this little child child crossing by are very beautiful sure will really plenty of. Switzerland watchers I'm Brussel it's of gold with dire moans or sings like a dart and he began to think that our home in a real decision made a farm bill or there once his family with no food no bread with no milk and he decided to break the glass. Tear some of those Sure loose to see those things buy food for the family I ask you. Is this a scene and he say no or does it is not a sit. I was wondering I was wondering when I listened that I thought. Well if I have the owner of you were. And I were the Catholic Church in the area because by the way he was a bishop he was a bishop. And he's going to preach I'm going to request the current is going to Britain extend it because I'm going to put Iraq on mental shield around everything and put a security for everything because he is shocked to find in this village in openly that's still the Shia of liberation what it what is the point here the social needs of the people is all the passon the you were a lot. Social justice I'm breaking the law. So there is there is this critical and that that is the point here because they impose here I put here what is the source of the authority the social condition. Well is totally Gramatica Yes we're going to go to through this is Biblical context scriptures and compare in a script to square with the scriptures are in the principle based is called. Excesses is a say she says intertextuality and totally and historically criticisms is the tendency so. I will say this to are there are pointing which there are comrades in the way. Let me share with you. That that is important because. I am a good time for for. The ministry of ladies in the charge. In the time sing which I was. A pastor in the east side of Utah and South America there were 3 critical charges and in every charge there was a director of the charge all of them were ladies all of them none of them requested me never ordination never there were none there worse not a political issue for them the only thing that was on my wife you know all of them was service for own heart. Service. Service with no recognition even though the conference didn't not know them they were not a problem for them. Let me tell you that every one of them every one of them was a blessing to the church and in my ministry. And we need to be openly. In in the discussion of this because when when you see what is going on on this today. Really really concerned because this is beginning to be political politically guided politically oriented but not biblically oriented when you go to the Bible the Bible is the source of all of our world thought it is and when you go to this text is you know it finished I do remember what happened with this text there were 2 professors of foundry surely versity 1905. On a Wednesday I can tell you the place. My surprise I was in the translate towards Koreans ups in Neutrik or Holland somebody asks me. For my surprise our dear Professor foundries University was the defender of women's ordination role the. Bright guy wonderful guy but I was surprised I was surprised. I didn't know I didn't know her dumpster I never heard of dumpster story we're friends today but in those days 1905 I was in Costa Rica and I've been in in England for a distance learning process and when I landed there they asked me to translate so I willingly do that and when I saw I used to the say sorry doctor could you continue the translation process I'm going to go to the line and I went to the lab and in the lab. I I saw for my surprise that I was in the line of no and believe me or behind me was disown of the actual conference presser so I saw him. Working in the wrong lie because the president was a new C. Wilson and behind was a guy that there was the president of our division coming from grew share 10 or so I say probably you are looking for this line I say simply you know I he say to me no are in this line. I was some progress over surprise. You know what it was a conviction the Bible does text we need to bring the bible to the preaching and we need to respect the pad more. Because the Bible is the authority for us this is not the culture it's not what they mean all the churches do in isn't it's not about the culture that is going to push all did things that they want because if we continue that way we are going to put our future in. An interest and my concern is that we need to our all our Where are some respect for 80 of the Bible radar than this aren't there I'm a new ticks I will serve you don't need to be a big shot thing I'm a New to this to understand that when the Bible says Mia sun rose there is husband of one woman the Bible cannot say there is a war woman of one hasta because you are changing places and rows and phone sions and that is what the people is trying to say but. Please I invite you kindly to see the young What will happen with Notre Shanda languish when they enter into. Are we going to have. Are we going to have almost $1111.00 the ceremony. Live it let me tell you I don't want to be political here but but you remember what happened with that maker of cakes in Denver Colorado on you know when they when they want him to make our cake or is to go same sex couple you know in the. Economy. Esther too little upon the cake and he said you know I I don't do that and when the Supreme Court took to the situation I say Oh please. I laid down our leg down because I get back to our country in which I think we do have rights and listen what I'm going to say Rights Act according to the natural no. And then not to the law is in harmony with the Bible because the Bible is very respectful of all of the natural law our I. Feel males father by the way. No none of. The law in the natural I'm going to put an example it was late in the night. And I kind of either believe or you know search in looking for and found an article I guess was related with a kind of Nature magazine or something like that. Once comment in the situation of the wildlife in USA and you are going to US where oh we are not talking about that I know I understand. Talking so far Simon is not get the name down and the point is that there is a kind of this sub species of certain wild cats in USA does in the state of Florida that was the understanding in the article common. Change the not too long of reproduction became some of them homosexual in behavior what was the tendency and the critical situation they go in to be in extinction very some simple that is what isn't mine when talking about not to our law now is not Catholic but enough is under this before dark what I'm saying and that is that is the risk in which we are going to have that's a reason why what we need to we need to compare things and we need to Unalaska sings and we need to give orientation regarding this topic so we're not speaking crazy here we are very concerned about the future because nowadays new generations are are thinkin are socially because there is a kind of peer pressure in some of the IT occasional institutions in our in our colleges even though they were 7 there are plenty this. There are T.V. or pressures if you are not going to be with us we are not going to embrace you in a worse circles and let me tell you that some. Young boy. Ladies are beginning to feel that kind of social pressure that is coming into this society but but I let me tell you were not alone in this this a lot of people in the churches snow on Sunday and then to churches that are defending what is right coming from the Bible. And wanted to express our concern to them because we this is so less true Tula when I was in tossed comes them the challenge of the notrump the languish. Are not in favor to apply this here in this committee a somebody asked me why I say because we are discussing precisely the topic in the moment in which we are going to use in any document gender neutral languish we are going to kill the show. Because what we are discussing has to do with gender. What is the point in the Bible does NOT an office of elders in the Old Testament by females there is not apostolic function in the Bible by females. It is very clear in the moment we do that we are abandoning the authority of this. Last. One. OK that's true the people who say in an illusion why there wasn't Day and. I like very much our brother. Our 3 men are the historian and also in charge of the yearbook because he's one of stralia I he came up to the throne and even though it's not completely it with our position because he was initiating a 3rd line he says that elenchi White never was a day to the ministry and that is very clear from the very clear look. We need to respect the. The the the female functions in the chart we need to give Tunks give turns to the Lord for the ladies faithful need this in every single charge of course there are sometimes churches in which there are much more ladies done May is in the charts and there is. That is that is critical for some reason this society is humanly in in certain sense the male leadership. And we need to be very careful with that because we need to respect everybody that is common into the charge because the Lord is express in across the whole creation this creation Nope my creation is Lord's creation. In spiritual of the Scriptures and the texts of the Bible are very clear regarding this topic and we need to respect the biblical authority of that and there are good persons in the church I enjoy very much some of the ladies are the worst one coming in the seminars in the morning and she approach to me and say Look pastor this is a big challenge. You have a problem here because the elected me what we are going to do what I'm going to do. And we and we were talking for one hour she is this humble humble. Of course very gifted person very gifted person. I told her what you know what I'm thinking don't you and yes I know. I will. Continue doing the function and explain yourself that you are. In the charts and she did not she made me thankful for the advise. Because I say to her I cannot fine women so the nation in the Old Testament in the New Testament she never never claim that never let me tell you that is one of the medium big charges are cross a medium and there are several ladies that are functioning in that kind of capacity and we need to give them a chance for them because there are performing an excellent excellent job or waits or worse in the times I've been with sanctions. Being very time for some of them for the leadership. And I am not a kind of. A much a syndrome person you know that do not recognize the all the same functions and we need to be open to recognize the gift that the lore is given elenchi Why do however was a prophet this and a prophet is not an office in the Bible that's a reason why we are not if we are Dame prophet these are then children would be in the same condition because the prophecy of joy say that there were going to be all people womans and on also children so we need to be a balance in how we are to code the things regarding done that is not an office function in in the charts are nor worse in the past. Yes how about where the prayer and we are going to finish today you're very welcome thank you Father for your blessings on the teachings coming from the Holy Scriptures be with us be with every one of those who are here in order that they teach according to your will your word and to the text of your bible in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons later Visit W W W audio verse or.


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