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Hermeneutics - Why it's Important how we Interpret the Bible - Part 4

Daniel Scarone




  • June 21, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Following 7 thank you for these moments we are going to the the Kate to the tally of interpretation of your war deal with that's help us be with each one of the seminars presentations during these days and finishing up this comedian in Jesus name Amen. OK. Yesterday we were talking about. The circle of a fireman you tick and yesterday I for some reason I don't see here the point but I put an example of Rama takes. And we were discussing about that and the importance of the process because. The myth thought in which we are based upon the east is totally caught grammatical. Myth Of off interpretation of the Scriptures and of course we shun poor and renewed ticks and that was the definition that we use at the beginning we made the connections with the Greek language especially with out his total at the beginning on pity he had a mini on the recent work of his total. Letting they interpret that no need for which comes the process of interpretation of on and lifted out any process of interpretation other elements does we have it is another element that we need to taking count. We mentioned the day before that when we are going to go to the Bible we're going to read the text the importance of understanding the author of the book the context also the lifted out a style of the. Past such or text section in the Bible a chapter in the Bible and the context to a content and of course taken in account lifestyle sources history geography yesterday with talk a little bit about the remedy and let's talk now about. Not too much but maybe a little they got in this facility I recommend very much to you if you have time to go on get one book does I mention I guess in the days before the risk call here to sell and in the Times of Jesus general solution in the kinds of Jesus they also are of the book is is Joe are keen Jeremiah The book is Jerusalem in the Times of Jesus. And you're going to. To find out. A lot of free friends regarding who are the Pharisees who are the scenes where are the scenes coming were the. Side to cease coming you know were. Who were related with and you're going to find out that Tulsi where interconnected with the powers. In you wish society and they connected with the temple and you are going to find out some things that you are going to hold for and probably are going to have appeal in the process of understanding some of. These Tony Kanaan what it will say no one says in in the New Testament for example I don't know if you remember the case when. When Paul was caught. And he began to say that he was a fiery scene and that he believed in vessel ruction and immediate to the Son His reign is spirit and she knew that on purpose to do them purpose why because he knew the incentives were in there where Fahri ceased and Sadducees together and when she the take the princes of the Pharisees He used that and immediately funny she's begun to the sent him. That bad there was all there other tricky side and when you go to Jerusalem in in times of Jesus you are going to find out some of them what I was saying answers that where in the background for example the fact that the Salafist didn't believe in the whole Old Testament they only believe in the 1st 5 books of the Old Testament everything else they didn't believe so they believe the full is creatures for the side to see were from Genesis to the book of Luther Nami no more than that of course at that moment you are going to see and detect that there were a very divided society. And at some point you might be able to detect also what Ha will be our charge if. In the charge and in the. Charge boards of every charge for example there were people do not believe or Elegy white or New Testament or partial in the New Testament so nowadays we have living in in a world in which Christianity there are some Christian movement in which the total emphasis in the Bible is in the New Testament only and by the way that is there is a problem. That is a problem recently I am with a mission conference with a multi-ethnic and recently I was deceived in the Canadians and they are meeting to have their in Warren in the charge of Warren the RESA. They use a room like this and they meet every single Saturday they study the Bible. Study in the summit school and they do have the sermon also and some people are showing in the general congregation but those who do not to speak quite well the English like me for example they they remain with the Guardians. And they both some. Some Bibles but to my surprise I found a pic a book House of Grand Rapids were selling only the New Testament in Arabic so. I complain about that and I say well we believe in the law. We live in the whole Bible so finally I put the norther I receive it by banning and brought that to them but that is part of the problem and we are having now a days that that's part of the problem so when. When when you go into that direction. Solution to the elements are going to to tell you some things regarding why when Jesus was discussing in the New Testament they were tell you ceased and they were they were mentioned in like a group separate from the others palaces and so you see but do not believe that all of then go to long known they go alone in the moment in which they decide the crucifixion of Jesus but the illusion Kelly speaking there were a big big difference between those groups. Even even in the Cilicia of the New Testament you are going to see that there were all the other forces social forces I will say that there there were interacting. Inside the New Testament. And you are going to to enter into that. In the process off and then you tick and it's good for example not to see sin or the Gnostics it is clear for me that for example John when he's writing. The book of John he is that the Gospel of John he is combat in the idea of not just. Because a 4 by 4 gnostics the subdivision and the connection with God was here in the knowledge in the knowledge so John was kind of interesting author in trying to gain them into the point in which he was trying to to attract then when when when he. Says some things for example let me open your your Bible in the book of John Gospel of John. And. And I'm going to use my smartphone here. John 17 Chapter 17 verse the Renie. 17 Bersih 3 that by the way some very powerful message that sometimes you might be able to dig and this is a moment in which Jesus is the foreman. Of a prayer but it's not it's not a common prayer it's kind of Frist who the per year because he is in to. The Fore God the Father for His disciples and all the followers because at some point he's mentioning us because we are those who are going to come to the knowledge through the testimony of them and that is implied in this prayer in chapter 17 but watch about this and this is eternal life this is to turn a life that they might know what I know that that they my KNOW T. the only true God and Jesus Christ. Whom thou ask them OK when you have here. He says that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom Dow has plenty. Who has sent the point is the emphasis is upon what here it is in the knowledge what it what it is what is bringing knowledge eternal life this is it on a life. Here there are some things in which you need to put attention what is a verb to know. But. But what about this eternal life sometimes when we speak about eternal life we speak in what tense future you're right I said but here it is future reference you're right. This is eternal life this is the turn of life and are what he said turn our life knowing the Lord knowing the Lord aren't and who and Jesus Christ so in the moment in which we are no in the law or our Jesus Christ we in that moment where our STARTING how in eternal life that that's marvelous and that is a purpose of or many things here will it mean knowledge that is the word that is used give no scope is the word in original Greek and a nice i do have the Latin version Cognos can. Solo their own their own face the Latin version here. So the concept. The concept I like very much the concept of John because he is combating Gnosticism with their own elements so here here here is a trick they where emphasize in the concept to a knowledge of God how salvation however the post so John is using the language. Like it was a recipient. You know our captain coffee cob or something like that you know but to put the contents inside but these copies he very you because he's 9 issue wish always and knowledge knowledge in Syria is quite different from Greek from Greek there was a conceptual idea for here you have to an idea is a kind of knowledge for 4 person our relationship I know this man she knows me is a person a relationship and that is the concept that a symbol of it here it is not a concept was idea of my person a of you know. Brain Mind in relationship with God no no in by person and take the region prayin and answer back and that is the big big difference with a Creek mine that is here so it's quite interesting how sometimes when you know a little bit of certain elements like hostility or certain other elements are going to tell you about the condition of the concept of things regarding the Bible yes. Oh of course that is the reason that some people say is that the 1st time in which the Bible says that Allah knew East and remembered the text body but in the beginning. It can be tough the $34.00 are and they age how that child was because that is not nice for them. This as a very intimate i'm person a relationship that is on the an Impossible to the out. There but the believer there is now in your. Mind. Yeah limits let me spend a little bit more than that and that is it's not it's not physical it's not physical is it's all connection but that is that is the point Adalius involvement in that So what I was saying is it's a whole connection coming back to us on a near that in the case of America involved the person a relationship of a house man and a wife but it's not limited limited to. Because the small this is this friendship is a relation a is you know getting along it is involved in the same plan of these involve it with the same vision is having the same kind of purpose is developing together the plans that got me for them to get there that is wonderful that that is wonderful it is it is not a limitation those who are saying that here. The veil of knowing him is in Bobet or Lehman to dot dot is a very huge limitation of the concept lot Cole said that Helio they do have induct relations. With. The longer. We're here as. They are literally are. Without. Their their. Eyes and that and that conceptual discussion is very very very deep in the relationship of the book of John because because you are going to see that kind of all of this young saw in certain things I would say John is Expressen Jewish idea through believe myth of the Greek language that that's quite interesting. Of course. So that that that is quite quite interesting so when you when you are entering sociology Andris interrelated with with a coach or that that's wonderful to see how the process of interpretation of the bible is going to get in deep regarding that of course knowledge is one element here and of course education religion and worldview so when you start with a text you are going to begin to circle about the process of the circle of the interpretation and you are going coming from the text and analyzing the author checking the linguistic background of Old Testament here you are another Mike New Testament Greek calling them basically literally style Biblical context life. History Geography of siller she calls her knowledge into Kasia and religion and you are going to in compasses a whole Bishan of elements that are going to tell you. Certainly elements that are glowing to help you in the process of the Biblical interpretation. Let me let me tell you some elements that are important here. In the process of of. I'm a new tics or interpretation and one of them is what is the Bible speaking about because sometimes you enter into certain discussions and you began to to have certain doubts. Because there are some words that appear and there are emphasis made upon and there is presence of words but also there are omissions or absence of warts and sometimes you need to to this cause what is what is the author here is talking about is talking about having a Sunday that is the meaning of that. You know the thing that when you are deep in the linguistics you are going to discover other other elements that are quite interesting to discover I am going to put this out. For example when. When you are speaking Rick New Testament Greek 1000000 ton. $7000.00 for example are. You know quite interesting is the fact that it's almost impossible to mention Sunday without quoting someone because it's the names of the week is 1st 1st of. Someone that this Sunday Monday is the 2nd Tuesday is a 3rd there are no names for individual there is. Why because the entire week is under the name of this. The 7th. Ergo you cannot say Sunday without mentioning this level are you aware that. It is it is quite interesting so every time that the New Testament several times in which the New Testament is referring about the several best system in the Sunday he refers 1st of. Of course there is there is a chronology of look I like very much that I like every time that I am discussing something I like very much the chronology of the resurrection in look because in the resurrection of Jesus in the version of look you are going to see in about maybe 4 or 5 basis of all the the whole picture of the we can because it's telling you that was that was Friday and that was preparation for some. Jonah say only one that says that the target was a big celebrity and the whole day and means are kind of us except me to put of a mathematical formula that was somewhat. Elevated to. The. Source of the well what does it mean because it was the 7 day but also one celebration of the HIV real people so coincides in the calendar the 7th day sabbath plus. Ceremonious hour so John says that Sabbath was of big celebrity and that that is amazing for that. But but then look what you are going to see is the element of parents kill when that is preparing a sion and after Damn someone and finally Sunday and that is the 1000000 ton start on that is the day of resurrection so. All these sentiments are coming in to have in mind in the process of interpretation and I am laying in some of the elements in which we are going to. Take in count takes context history is totally correct or culture language so what is what is the the right way to read the Bible is what we are going to do and I am jumping into introduction let's go from theory to practice let's go to an element and let's go to an alliance. Kind of situation in which we're going to see. Kind of a statement Legion and we are going to be dealing with that was for example I was working with Mormons and they and they they use this text and say in a written Puntland that Savage was abolished and they use a text and the text that they use was this one open your Bible reason in your Bible because sometimes we need to defend our or our texts our Bishan understanding I will also. Immediately after Daniel how Center is the next one chapter 2 verse. Chapter 2 verse 11 you have it everybody. It's in the Bible it says the same time saying well there are some other things by the way that are very interesting and where the final safe there and I will also cause all her meals. To cease her feast days her new moons and her supper and all her own and her soul in peace and when you read that you say wow that's that's quite interesting how we can say how we are going to solve the situation here it is a rejection the Bible is a word of thought and the word of thought in the can of the Prophet hasa says that the silence with the finish and also it was finished all day all the festivities in this you wish calendar so now what we need to do is to try to and swear that how we are going to answer them so. Let's work together are kind of a policy to come a minute so what we are going to do is apply the elements of a new takes into the the sense of the meaning of the text. And we're going to recreate some of the elements. First thing we need to take a look at the map OK so. If you go to a dictionary if you if you go in deep to the case you're going to discover something. Hussein was not in there nor their thigh of Israel he was a missionary there but Gene was out there he was sure wish working in some area and some area was in apostasy you remember the context isn't it so we need to go to the context and we need to work out what is what what is going on what is happening of course what we are going to discover soon is that she there was some area and that was the center of the ministry of hidden are and he was not talking about the crowd he was talking about the Kingdom of the north in those days and when you when you read chapter one there are certain elements in chapter one that are going to give you some kind of hint. About the conditions the social political I was a conditions of that let me put a kind of elements over there that you are going to discover soon 1st of all in Chapter one Verse one. Is going to say the woes of the Lord the coming to host the son of the rain in the days of O.C.S. Justin has a next Akiane skin of Jew down 1st so you need to heal a kind of chronological condition of the South. I learn in the days of general moron this song Oh George King of Israel so you are going to interrelate those elements and you are going to frame the historical moment in which he is talking about. And you are going to find out the. Theory in there in the texts some elements for example chapter one verse for the last sentence says on the lower saying to him. His name just real for this a little while and I will avenge the blood of his REAL. Upon the house of Jehu and I will coast to seize the Kingdom also the House of RA L. house of Israel this is read he is talking several times and comparing house of Israel house of Judah what the House here. And when you go to the here everyone you're going to see that the word. Bates that is this. And you are going to see is quite interesting because he said roof I was on a floor and an entrance and this is a element of house and every time that he's talking about the house of Israel or the House of Jews are East is referring to the kingdom to the kingdom so he's going to be a missionary here into the north. Andaz on the point you don't need to miss the point you need to understand what is what is the problem here the problem now is this is a text telling that the subject is abolish that is that is the meaning well the Bible says and I will also course all Hermia to cease. From noon and sub out on or her solemn feast so if you put the emphasis here this is ceremonial this. Probably New Moons also but this this is solid so you're going to see wow is that the case is that the minute. You you tentatively said no budget need to dig in to understand what is going on OK so you need to go in depth to the context and all the elements so 1st of all we need to work something here and that is the kernel Sheikha conditioning which also is walk in his ministry and he's working around the 74750. Or before cracking remember something there is an element is total element that is going to happen and soon when you began to compare underscore for this East a very important date. That is a very important day and when you dig on the story car chronology and so on you are going to find 770 of the scares me 22 before Christ. And that is for me. To leashing prophetic Ah walk of a missionary sent by the law or to invite the people to come to the law or because doom is coming because destruction is coming. And probably a kind of destruction in which even though him and the family and the members of the Comolli may be involved in so you know he might have what maybe 20 years to do that no more than that so there is a context that is coded historical context. Remember another element then or another element and now we need to go to the Holy Scriptures and let's go to the to 1st of Kings Chapter one chapter one best use me 1st of 1st keen have to have 1st king jumped. On you argue that that is a critical section in the Old Testament why because that was happen about 200 years before this event that is the time in which something critical happen. Decrease the crisis that happen. Was the death of one of the more remembered. That bring glory to the people of Israel and at that point everything worked together no division between you die or Israel that was the death of Solomon and when Solomon Di Leo who Warren took Does place and that that was a problem that was a problem and. And if you remember read about the conditions and you are going to see the. After. The King Solomon died. They send missionaries and a group of people to to talk with the new king and request to load the taxes remember the dials remember that. And he began to listen about that and he began to do something good by the way he began to do a consultation he called the Elders and said to them what do you think about and they they say listen listen to the people and I like very much and the 6 and kindred Hovan consulted with the old man that he stood before Solomon his father while he yet live and said How do your advise that I may answer this people that is good that there is good he did the right thing. And they just think old to him and I like very much the advise that they gave him and I say so and they just take to him saying if thou will be a servant only to these people this day and will serve them are not answered and he speaks to the wards to them then they will be a servant forever what do you think about let me tell you something I am in love with this text you know why this is the description of what is a good pastor in the charge that is a good leader in the charge what is a good administrators in the charge were is a good Tresor in the charge what is our good person and ministry whatever you call because this is servant leadership and that is coming very clearly from the Bible but. For sook the Bible says the counsel of the old man which they had given him and consulted with the young man under him and the young man gave the opposite and the opposite advice began to give him is. When when you follow this thing. Let me tell you something. You can see some elements that are bringing unity in the world and division in the world because we are not Island we are in interrelated with the war. And that is powerful here and finally you know the rest what happened what happened was our division created an R.P.G. or a leader and that United Kingdom was split into UN appears the north and the south and Israel and Judah are never never more they will be united never more than United So what what happened here lets you go here and and and you are going to school over what real hope war and said to them to try to a stern and to discern in that the situation of a split in those powers because what you're going to find out is very clear what is here and the Bears 32 and 0 Warner Dana fished in the 8 more on the 15 day of the moment likened to the feast that he's into down and he also a pole the altar so did she tell sacrifice and into the cause that he had made and he placed in the till the prince of high places which he may look Bearse following so he offer to the altar which he has made in the 3rd. The 15th day of the 1000 MO Even in the most in which he had devised of walk his own heart he created that he he created the calendar he created a prince a preschool. He nominates an order. The priest that was an interruption of the chain coming from oh SUSTEREN And basically what he did he created a church in pattern and what what is the vision the division is not only political is religious so so he created a competition was shipped in the north to compete with General Solenn in the south and watch about this and in the telling the 15 they of the moon even in the month in which he had devising his own art and or Dean he's known to the children of Israel and here for an opponent the altar burned in sin so he developed a new Prius could he establish up a north the places in which they were going to to go to war ship those are those and everything was in a kind of copycat of what is going to happen in the south and all the worship was divided into that and that is the creation of the merrier so now when you go to John chapter 4 and. And you listen and you read the dialogue in between Jesus and the Samaritan woman Samaritan woman say to Jesus our father will worship him. But you. Were in Jerusalem so what what does it mean that Geo graphical washes they center. The concept of worship in a piece of geography and pull them that was the logic for that however however before destruction come Hostis. And he developed the ministry in this kind of condition in some area and Israel had a parallel coat with their own calendars and there are some of us there some of us listen that there's. An exceed kill comes later in exhibit kill Chapter 21st 12 and 20 there are 2 texts that are going to pull it lumination in your mind in the process of revelation in spiritual and illumination because they are going to give you. You remember what the book of executives ace regarding this topic watch about the vocabulary of the book of fixie clear chapters of. 20 versus $12.20 Luke about that the Bible says this was for I caused them to go for out of the law notion. And brought them into the wilderness and their stores. Moreover Also I gave the and my harvest my sub to be was a sign how the Lord called The Sabbath. Mine. Sour look verse 21st when each same chapter same chapter and hollow mice summit. And they shall be a sign between me and you that give him a know that I am the LORD your God. The key here executed 2020 under 42 of. Issac secure the same chapter 3 chapter. And here is important because the Lord is putting. His property upon the 7th month is not the watch about that why because if I was say here and her son what's the point this is this the words in which the Lord is a speaking about this what's in the Old Testament. Of because. They were the some of us that were invented in the mind of their lawn to copy the elements of the worship in the south so there is a timely word here that is telling that is not God's property. It's a property of those who are inventing that kind of calendar so when you go in the here you discover the tiny elements that are going to attract you with Element her against mine to have her solid again nice are. So now now we have a person that is or show our witnesses or moment with a question that say well they will Testament say that our going to be finished. And we need to give an answer that we need to give Billick an answer and we need to be Biblical sound to the person and with kindness and with joy and with a spirit of Christianity we are going to show something the least important and that is this Jesus of the salon and Jesus lives in their image after Aster. And also after dab the through kitchen in which as Syria come undestroyed completely Somalia in the 722 before crash that happened 700 before Christ and in that moment this was fulfilled because finished the feast days the new moon the Sabbath and no the solemn feast because Assyria destroyed completely all the worship that general born have you know falsely instituted and it was a fake celebration for them but in the in the New Testament the the charge in the New Testament that is built by Jesus. Honor the Sabbath and on some other day the Bible says according to this custom the Bible mention she enter into the scenario. As to the to read in the book of the Prophet Isiah that's that's a that's a blessing so this is telling several things for me 1st of all what if what a wonderful God we have. Sometimes I don't know how was all said I don't know but he was a powerful prophet because he left his land he went as a missionary to the north to to say to to rise the trumpet and to tell then look came back to the Lord came back don't don't enter into the Apostle. Then back to the north you are our brothers and sisters came back to the door repent and turn back and let me tell you that sometimes this is the this is a very difficult thing because. Did he know about what was going to happen in 722 I don't know. I don't know but he was fulfilling. The work of the Lord he was in love with that people trying to get them back and probably some of them repented we don't know but let me tell you that is that is part of our ministry in the war. In which we will need to obey the scriptures and we need to put all these kind of examples because in here in this kind of situation I like it very much in the process of hermeneutics But of course I am also a pastor and I can render myself into the reality of the invitation power for invitation coming from this text because in here you fine are God there is love in. People given his people the chance even though he was convinced of about the condition in which they were the apostasy he sent people US missionaries to recall that them and this is and that is telling to me that Isa how big is the love of God in. Thought for for 20 maybe 2030 years. Was doing this ministry until finally Syria come on destroy completely completely never Somalia was recover when when when you go to look at cañon. And you recover recapture in certain says. The conversation of the Samaritan woman with Jewish with as you wish of I that was Jesus. You're going to capture some elements coming from the description of the book of John go for example to John chapter 4 and in the extent you are going to find out that and it's clear that the by was safe to you that is that Jesus saw in that lady a missionary to save the town I am he asked her water to drink remember and and and the lady says How you been a shoe asked me a Samaritan woman to drink and John enter into our kind of clarification and the clarification is that because Jewish and Samaritan. Something like do not get along but when you go in deep in dipped to the point is that for example if this is some Samaritan Samaritan and you wish as you wish person are not going to touch a Samaritan water content why because the concept is defilement he cannot enter into the into worship in the sanctuary. And the Bible in the original We use our words as a means like because American Jewish do not interchange discussion of element. To mean that is that it's quite interesting why because Jesus did it even throughout the customs we're not permitting that and and what happened and what happened. That is the reason a big surprise because I sure wish I hadn't Joan is describing the condition that follows that woman went to the city I'd say it took all the people look I found a prophet because that Prophet began to tell all my life and and all the town began to say all your life. People Marius and I are not going to finish 7 Bolivians about the all that I and she began to say yes all my life and they come and they invite and Jesus went into some area and is tasteful to go there is to gather with his disciples and were converts to them so what is what is here the point. Let me tell you Tommy is quite quite interesting open your Bible please. Open your Bible in the book of Acts Chapter one yes I'm going to take the question immediately but let me finish and I'm going to take the question because it's just a moment chapter one book of our. But the Bible says. But yes Charles receive pow we're after the Holocaust has come unto you our New Year shall be witnesses to me both in Jerusalem and just there and look what is next and some Marianne Annele took the oath or most part of the earth. So that for me that is that is a miracle that means that Jesus is given the order to go told there was no shunting over some area because some area received him because Somalia was converted to him and that is powerful because their young was saying because some are returned and you wish do not get along. Please don't stop. Go go for a while and you are going to see some sitting or you know what is the biggest thing because here is not only and you are going to enter go if you want below reform this enter into ministry niacin online W.W. ministry orgy ministry ministry magazine I look at the article by my name to the ends of the earth to the ends of the earth and there was discovered something when you go to the Book of Acts in the book of Acts you're going to find out. You might be able to divide in 3 parts 3 sections chapter one through 8. Chapter 8 through 1313 through 28 and you are going to see here here is the gospel into just general silent and Judaica here since I'm not here and here goes to the earth. And all the earth what is telling that they are following Jesus or so we are. Following. Orders no more me conception. Is W.W. ministry ministry no no ministry ministry. On G.R. I guess. Is that. OK To the end of the earth yes if every February 2011. And you are going to read that in a station and you are going to find out all the bibliographical references the granting that and let me tell you for me that it's a powerful Bishan because that is our recoup north everything that the beginning was the destruction is going to end that way there is hope and hope is in the hands of the Lord they have a word of prayer and going to take the question punish them and thank you for your blessing thank you for your ministry on earth. And thank you because you are calling us and inviting us to be your disciples and to go to the world and preach the truth to the world in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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