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Hermeneutics - Why it's Important how we Interpret the Bible - Part 5

Daniel Scarone




  • June 22, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for the blessings that we have had across the week thank you for the presentations multiple teach ins and moments in which we were in contact with your words in several seminars and so were our presenters on several speakers be with us as we accomplish the finishing up the of these can mean a 2018 and help us. To improve our knowledge and I were relationship with you because we have a task to give the award the last measure message of salvation be with us in Jesus' name amen OK everything that we are doing we are doing for. For the benefit of the mission of the charge and. Sometimes. When we are discussing in the. Situations of or activities of administration in the church. We need to keep in mind also on the mission of the charts and. And all these topics that we were presenting are very important one in which we were dealing in them in the morning until yesterday be filled with a spirit because the charge is a spiritual entity. And we are going to be fighting in the spirit in the last days and of course they ALL the topic I'm a new takes it is important because we are in a battlefield in the charts and the battlefield is regarding our menu ticks interpretation of the charts and at some point both things sometimes touch each other but today in the morning I'm going to share some things that are important regarding new ticks let me let me tell you that. If you have an hour they says very common if you have a computer you can other some kind of software for their computers that might be able to help you in doing. Good and sound the process of into print Taishan of the Bible. There are several This is one this is one this is with which I am working with. And and sometimes pastors are expending money on this wife's are not very happy with that. I know that. Let me tell you that I always request permission for that. And the permission manager is here today so I am a speaking with with with complete freedom. So I am working with accordance at the beginning I being working with Lois Immanuel Tica that is for Windows but in the moment in which I shift into Mak Mak for a time was with a No I'm very good software but finally there is one and that is this is a one let me share with you. This is accordance and this is. This is it and I recommend that. You can you can get sun cheap I am please I am not a promoter of accordions I being with a man enough to mount a Springs. In Florida are couple of times when I was starting so I I mean trying to accommodate my software with what I will say with. Careers not be big in best not just cheap in this however what you see here is a library so in the part of the library you are going to get. Different versions yes. Is accordance how excuse me and the new tick logos logos. In the new ticker Yeah. I hear you have for example the dictionary says that this is very useful and let me share with you that. For example one another they do have almost sometimes the same thing and you can open for example the windows. To For example if I go here to instant details that is here see up after See the course or here is that detail. MARK For example they work. And immediately appear over here. What is what is their words the word on the meaning of the word and so on so for period sermons for work in certain details it is their ear very. Very very helpful for me because I normally I am checking the English version also. This and I am opening this with a purpose because yesterday. We were talking about presence and absence presence and absence and sometimes in the text you have presence and absence because. For example Listen let's go to Romans 14 Let's go to Roman 14 and in Rome 14 you're going to find out that divine saved. Him There is a week. If you have it could you read it. Romans 14. OK yes you have it. Real police. Say. OK for one believe that he might eat all thinks another week it's herbs. And. It. Let me not him that is the PI's him that it is not I let not to him with it not judge him that is that for God has received Him who are doubt that just another man servant. To his own master he has done that of all he shall be holden for God is able to make him done that is from verse one through 3 who are doubting say so after and the following text. Is one man esteem it one day. Above another another esteemed every day alike let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind he that regarded the day regarded it into the Lord and he that regarded not the day to the Lord he does not regard it he that it it to the Lord for He gives God tongues and he that it is not to the Lord he it or not and his tanks give. Thanks to the Lord so the point is here. And probably there are several questions here. Is Paul speaking about Sabbath but it is a question What is speaking about Sunday. He is speaking about commandments. Well. Where the point the poor here is that here is where it enters the presence and absence because when let me move here let me move a little bit here if I can OK Let me move back to. The topic here if you go if you are working with the English version and here you are with the Greek version of course you are began to compare and Ansel elect do the worse that appear here one ward that is critical and I put in the presentation is this one. Here is the word Dello his money. By the way there is a very. Comparative word in English that is dialogue dialogue. And and in Greek you need the earthly half. The meaning here in this column here here you use a well the a low he's month for Dia and Lego that is through the lowers are noon masculine plural genitive there is thought opinions and discussions so when when the post of post here unless you get back to the presentation. That we receive not. A week in the face. But not to discuss doubt fall disputations endure if you have the background ask opinions and you know something 1st the Sabbath is not an opinion a commandment is not an opinion the law is not an opinion so OK you have 11 element here that is important The other thing is that when you go to the context and I am going back to that you are going back to the topic and listen poset you have only this that this version OK Of know this it says. There are no why about this version Keesha if he. When you go there you began to look for the words and it's very clear that they waltz Sabbath is not in the text they were Sunday is not in the text and the law is not in the text OK. So then you need to go to understand the 1st verse. The key entity in the rest of the section because Apostle Paul is telling in the charge we need to receive each other not to this Kos personal opinions it's not of our law it's not about Sabbath It's not about you know maybe the 1st day of the week so here here is part of the problem what is what is what is the part of Paul talking about because that that percent a very challenging situation here and here are the elements that I that I normally put in the presentation and I am and I am doing that normally I don't do because I am giving you not only the presentation but it but also what is the background in the presentation of certain topics here but the these are the question is Paul is speaking about some of these poor speaking about Sunday what is in the text what is not in the text if there is something implied either in the text or assume and in the text on law that is there is important here but there are not human of our Sabbath discussion so here is the new tix are going to to happen with certain what I will say challenges in the in the text because Because what you have 1st is the translation you need to check back with the original and in certain sense we need to check also with all the sources to see what is going on. Here look look that the poster posthaste G.'s tell him about that there are some people there is in the fence of eatin some things and undertakes favors in certain sense that be you but but look that the Apostle Paul is not taking sides easily here but here here there are certain elements that you need to begin to our thinking count what that takes east fairly in our house at that point that is. In discussion because some term Sometimes churches. I don't know sometimes in churches there are very superficial discussions and there is a big a stone in the church that is ball in a glass of water. Isn't it so we need to began to think about how we are going to solve the thing. Well opinions is one of the things do you agree with that opinion why because somebody say well this version does religion say. You have a lot of of variations and sometimes one version is going to say received a week in the face but No 2 then disputes OK So but but the root here is the our law did this man. And that is. That this person or opinions in the region or. Saw a person or opinions in the charge. And every child has Republicans and the moderates and the pastor do not turn to him to does. We are not going to our youth they would offer mama are you for Trump we are not going to enter into that Dov will be a very big problem in the charts but that is not this case and never you are going to enter into that of course so what you have here is personal opinions so that this is going to tell you something that is not that is not the law the is not a commandment that is not some of us that is not even Sunday there is not even Sunday that is not why 1st of all because it's not in the text if you go to the text the word into last is not hear. Somebody say face OK but you go to look for the war peace peace not in the original. So here here you are beginning to say into the trash some elements to say what is what is what is the problem here I need to understand the text so here what you can say. Are opinions and I will say that the 2nd thing that I will say there are some kind of food for actis this. You're understanding what I'm saying because some people say it is I need to take this until they're not so this food for this present and some people is taken food and taken food and others not take in the food so I will say that probably and this is a kind of question mark probably here is act kind of relationship with fast days fast in yes so I was saying that if you go into that direction you are going to enter into the meaning of the text. Somebody yesterday told me and quite frankly his face was sometimes hermeneutics I don't know if you speak that way but looks like very convoluted to me. I say to him. Yes. But but but you are you you need to discard elements are here to to go to the meaning of the text because the closer you are to the text is going to to to to be in the practice of the saw and here is the other point evidence is Ward's. Remembered that when we made the circle of the new takes we say the author and we spoke about the importance of the text and the context. You know the customs son practices and his style of life and so on so what is in the text well in the texts our descendants yes but also there are some things are not in the techs so the full dimension of their works in the text you need to take in encounter sometimes some times and please understand this some times it is good to get some kind of touch base with extra biblical information it is it is good to know you remember that we spoke about sociology. Remember we took we took the liberty to speak about grammar ticks especially in the case of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity and the articles in the case of Matthew 289-1819 remember that so when when we are going to do that that that is important because it's from biblical context Centonze if you're into. Here So here is something the I look isn't is a word about what he's Paul the speaking here. And I put all the versions doubtful disputations. Undisputable nutters not to quarrel over opinions are going over differences of opinion and decision office cripples is another version so I am not going to discuss versions here but of course when you reach and you target the word the reason I worry is that you know so what does the law means for a foreigner far is if for example. Is the law a personal opinion with that you are going to scar why because Paul was a foreigner Pharisee and for him he can not talk about the law say that the law is a personal opinion he's not going to say Paul say this Do Not until it's my personal opinion piece not never he's not going to do that why because the law is God's law and he. US disciple a son a postal he's going to be in favor of the commandments of the law because it's God's law that is not a personal opinion OK. So I would say that these are the elements that you are going to find out in the text opinion a kind of elements of days and decease and not Sabbath and this is not Sunday days and food and fast in relationship of days yet thank you for coming and here you can say these are the elements that you may duked from the text regarding this so the context of the analysis that you are going to perform in the process of the interpretation Our goal isn't to get around of all diesel limits that are in the text why because they are in the text there is not imagination is in the text and the tax is going to guide you to try to solve the problem OK Sometimes you need to understand that in the Bible there are kind of. Murshid in of situation but you need to remember what what are the 1st sinks that we need to remember in the process of hermeneutics let's let's go to the circle of a menu ticks the text. What else. The context the author who is the author who is a writer for what is this a pistol romance to the Romans OK. What is the context of the romance in those days. Wherever. Alarm or do you agree with my friend here. Remember something wrong Rome was the center of the Empire let me let me put an example that isn't that is not the case but just an example. I know that every American love New York and and sing New York New York and Chicago and so on that I'm not going to sing today but. The point is when you enter into New York and when you go to New York when what is your perception about what I will say society nationalities and languishes. Absolutely our salute to enter into the town and walk for the 5th Avenue in New York and you are going to feel their land which is also the walled in maybe 23 blocks that was drawn in those days. Saw so for some reason remember that. Sure wish by nature they like very much business. And of course many of them in conversion and come into the into the church. Some of them some of them were not the nag remain all over over there in their own country why because sometimes in the Bible in the New Testament Well what we take in the New Testament is that everybody was in agrement in relationship with Jesus but between them they are not for example policies. They were are getting along each other. Sometimes the bible quote to Kether that they were not they were not together in mind and in the process of interpretation let me give you a basic hint regarding them and thus That's one point that you need to take in count and after that we are going to go to the extra biblical source to clarify the point for example. And Pharisees I mentioned in them in the rest of the week. Yes in his favor yes yes sorry this is a Seleucid they do share Scriptures until the 5th book of the Bible because the Sadducees believe Genesys excellence Leviticus Numbers and the turn Nomi they were bible no more no more bible for them but for the pharisees they believe in the whole all Old Testament that was the scriptures so you're going to find differences between them. But there were more differences remember there were not only cell you see some Pharisees there were scenes and they were and they were a similar thoughts and several others who watched this interest in surface that is the kid. Chapter 8 verse who are. Probably you are going to ask me where Pastor what is or did I care here. Where do their case not be really count the case not in the Old Testament is not in the New Testament this is an extra biblical source this is an extra biblical source and by the way is quite interesting indeed a kid why because did the that or did did that. Was a kind of early charge Manua of their early church and of course extra The really concerned I am not going to say or to the fan today to say that it is that here was inspired because was not it was not canonical in scripture but in the same way in which you quote his story that he's coming from I he story and that is not in the context of the New Testament or in the context of the all Testament you are going to say were less search about what is going on out on the did I hear have 2 things. Among all this for example. There are people saying the the hair was finished between year 80 through 12125 so it's a very early creature outside the New Testament and it's the 1st time in which the that is called the gold to all the nations but Tyson in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit that is in the days ahead by the way so when when you quote Matthew and some people say what are our I don't believe because our you know there are problems in Matthew or something like that you're going to say how you are going to find out that extra biblical source is quoted in Matthew So here you have an element interesting element I would say. And here there are son son son some critical elements for example you you remember you remember the parable of Jesus about the fallacy. And the period of the fallacy and in the prayer defer to his lord I fast how many times in the week twice 2 times that there is not an accident here so they finally see this they were having in fact Callandar for fasting hour and we know today that all soul the east scenes they were having in our fasting days that do not concern I did with the Pharisees. Saw they were people taking food and abstaining of food in different ways according to their all person opinions during the week and they were coming into the charts and somebody says we need to fast for example on our Monday and Thursday and the other say no is to say on Fridays and what is that a post a post opinions opinions there is personal opinions and here you have the say in this I live not your fastin that is not taken food with the hypocrites for they fast on the 2nd and the 5th day of the week but do you keep your fast on the for our own the preparation the 6 day that is in that is R.K. you are this time. The point is if you want to search more about dark you are going to go to the. Underage University seminary stylists and look for role didn't work on steam in a day better done another and you are going to find the article because it's coming from that and let me tell you something to me to me is quite understandable according to the text this this topic so this is part of the problem here. And I will say that this is very clear for me because it's not solid it's no law is not Sunday. But there were personal opinions traditions coming from people that invented their own you know the Callandar interpretation remember something that is that is and police leave it here. And I am on the record I am in a parishioner of the sound here. Remember that the Apostle Paul was not a scene. He was a funny scene. In backroom you know so he was not easily glowing with the with the E.C. INS bad there is a kind of the scenes background in the New Testament because they were living in there in the society in those days let's jump into another text and perceive it with with the process of interpretation let's move on 1st Corinthians Chapter 16 and I am selecting this because. Are about what may be 8 years ago or something we have a meeting with men where the real dream is in the Times in which he was the leader of the. Biblical research institute and by the way he meet with with catalogs and he says that they were discussing about Sunday and Sabbath of servants and when we were discussing in the world in the world and when we were discussing together he said. You know I was surprised what was the text of the New Testament that they used to in favor of Sunday of servants. Of servants of Sunday biblical e of servants of Sunday they use 1st Corinthians. US 160000 is here is here 20030 it's more than 10 years OK now the Apostle posts a concern in the collection of the 4 the Saints. Have given order to the churches of a gal Asia even solve the year upon the 1st day Mirren what Celadon I put how it appears to me and salad done on this week let every one of you lead a by him in store. Prosperity him the BE God there in when I come. Saw. Doris the mention about the 1st day of the week I hear you have an evidence of what I mentioned yesterday remember I say that when Sundays quoting the New Testament it is impossible to quote in Greek Sunday without mentioning some but here you have here you have the example. Every time that our peers the expression me and Summit on on me on tone Somerton means the same 1st. Of 1st of the South's that is the name because they were not names individual names for every single day of the week among them there were no America reference of the days of the week that was 1st of 2nd of south of summer so it was very clear in the New Testament that the central name was only with one day that wass the sour so it is it is for me bit difficult to understand how evangelicals are going to support and of course Catholics because Catholics by the way are not the one telling us of course but evangelicals base upon so honestly tuna. Catalogs I understand a little bit better because they do not base than serve in the principle of solace. Because they believe in they all saw or E.-T. of the charge of the pulpit are on of their tradition so it's not a scripture the essence but sometimes tradition on of Tory T. of the pope But here here in the text say snow concerning the collection of the saints I say gave him an order to the charges of kill a Shia even so the point the 1st day of the week let every one of you lay by him in a store OK. The point is that Catholics say here is an evidence of it gathering together. On Sundays pointis is this evidence question. Let's we're going to review is this text telling that the 4 commandment is changed. This is telling you that the days stylish from creation has been changed this Texas telling you that all the years in which in the Old Testament Sabbaths and the minin that for the people to go change for a they there is no evidence the 1st of 4 1st of 4 is mentioning the 1st day of the week yes no problem it's a 1st after the servants so there is no other way to at least Sunday aren't. Safe to put money up Pat. That doesn't mean to gather to gather. So here here look look at this and I'm sorry I'm sorry to put this version in in Spanish but yes I couldn't find in English yet. The title of this issue which by the way is sure wish back home person and the title do you the Eason of Jesus does you the easten of Jesus and this is a Christian Jewish author the defensive servant of the sour and he's a shift for the Christian Mario 7 is the name of this and he say's that these Turks in reality is not supporting Sunday observant but re-inforcing in some of us of servants. Why. Here is here is a point. And that is the question I know 23 of us speak Spanish to sell or put a kid coming or subtly select collect on in a gallon less the less yet he say's do you know why on Sundays we are going to collect the offer incentives charges that is the meaning of the question the answer or political not all of. Us you know took on the nature and shut out the underbelly select the lectern in order to see in the choir the terminology about a collectible mini NASA ported to a. Now the translation because us all the 1st Christians where Sure we should buck around and they didn't touch money do it in Sabbath day they have a 2 room to practice the collection of the funds after the finish of the Sabbath I am here saw discerned a collection was born due to the respect to the south but normally what I do and. I'm not an example of anybody but as soon as I get my salary. Go into the bank get a money order cat and I put all my time and offerings and send by mail to the local church. Simple. Florence you know that there are several people doing that in the conference. Because you were working. And I don't know I am not. Doing some kind of discussion about that but of course we are we are helping in local congregations by Chick prepared before and that's a point we avoid that and we need to to practice that but the point this is not Doug because I am not I am not putting on at the stake here the 7th Day Adventists practices I am discussing did the text of the Bible and the text of the Bible it's very clear that that has another side that is go in to illuminate regarding the meaning of the topic OK yes. Well he says here in 1st Corinthians but but the collection remember something that is a collection to go in remember. The offerings for the saint in Jerusalem. So he says do that do that. On the 1st day of the week and I'm going to pass by and collect the money and go to Jerusalem. I guess is 1st Corinthians 16. 2 and 3. OK. Yeah that is I will say this is up a practical idea you know. OK. I am I am going to enter into some saying that I don't want to meet. Regarding. The end of of disarming you to go presentation because I am a little bit concerned and I do have not too much time there wasn't that but let me share with you that I am concerned. With some critical issues regarding our menu ticks in the charts and. And let me let me let me share with you my concern because in the future years you are going to find out. Some kind of developments here in this moment for example there is a big situation affecting the General Conference in regarding certain fields. In USA on in Europe regarding women serve the nation and I mean sharing with you. Some of the sayings across this week I mentioned the other day that for me when you go to 1st Corinthians Chapter 3 The verse is very clear and of Politi of the text it is untouchable it is that. The elder has to be has been of one wife. Mess gunite because under US means go now because Andras is very clear you cannot translate that as our woman of one house and you need to change the text. You need to alter the meaning of the text to say in reverse that saw I do remember when in 1905 of. These 2 professors of founders university one presented in favor of women's ordination until their base all his presentation in powerpoint by the way and I am talking about the 995 and in 1905 powerpoint presentation like this were not too much you know used to and was very interesting because he was very deducting very teacher be teachable for for the whole chart but that was not the middle of the impulse just the text and the text was this text today we are having some kind of revolt against this process and you need to know what are the backgrounds of this because we are growing and there are kind of influence of liberation theology here and liberation theology in USA is affecting in I will say Afro American churches. And the movements of families. In in the charts and I'm concerned because. Even though we are not an Afro American congregation we are fact that by the tendencies of this I share exam post across the week I'm not going to repeat them but I will say that liberation theology see. As a double manifestation in South America an interim America and that is very political. Very very very political when when you go to South America and you're are myself I'm going to present some sinks in South America liberation theology percent Asian is not going to be like hear noise completely different because in South America an interim America is our kind of merge of Marxist doctrine. Then with Bible with a model of the exodus of the Old Testament. To good reason for on scene for organizations doubt our in our press in the people that that is that is the idea back around for liberation theology over there here is different. Here is more I will say ideological. They are not going to release singles it but in Nicaragua El Salvador. Colombia Venezuela. Brazil and Argentina you are going to find out the untrue of. Of the Peruvian. Because terrorists is from from Peru and that was the idea Lucia person regarding liberation theology so. There is this is the sentiment here is Peruvian Catholic author of the book liberation theology I mean you're cast through you know why you're not the boss resilient and several others you know it is a kind of Latin American release moment that propose a break with traditional menu things and a new reading of the Bible focus on the political social and economic and religious manifestations with the objective mollified by all watch this by all necessary means that is implied in violence there prevail political. Economic and delicious conditions of that society and here are common down to Marcos one of the Mexicans on the earth. They are see the fog in Colombia and you have seen priests catalytic prist involved in those movements and that is important to take into account here so. So this is this is the militants in in Latin America but now a day and I share with with you a During the week about as their karma I already did it so I'm not going to stop but he's in favor of stealing if necessary to get money to bring food for the house. Well that is a problem you know. That he's a problem so the From my point of view there are problems with this and the new ticks because the text to read is not the Bible the text to read is the condition of the individual and in that way the meaning of the Bible is completely lost in doubt the way under the South illusional distortion and it appears a charge invades the political arena and acts as a political party and this movement is not feel centric it's not clear centric but until of course centric the center in in humans. And in a human felicity maxes is one of the elements take in here because because that is the quotation that they are going to use so the text to read east the man's condition and historical condition of the mankind into in certain sense so here. Here is our kind of Angels Church here there is no blister told. There is not a barrier wall there is no more our walled in the future there is not that and everything happened in this single present time for from then no Contin no passions not long suffering in a not coming of the last saw of the human problems according to that this is a mix of Christian Identity liberation theology seen critic view of Marcy's and Bible and critical myth of the charge is not the light of the wall these not the salt the salt of the earth and that is the problem that I see of course Christ the charge has not to mix this his views with the views of the wart and that is very clear in the teaching of the Lord Jesus we are followers of him and not followers of the conditions of a society let me let me share with you something let's go to to open the Bible in Matthew Matthew book or Matthew 28 I listen go at the end of the hour. A little from birth 16 on and the 11 disciples the Bible say so went away into Galilee into a mountain where Jesus how the point at them. And when they saw him they worship him but some doubted by the way. It is quite interesting the topic of worship in the book of Matthew because the book of Matthew is start with worship Jesus and end up with worship in Jesus when when the Margot in. The kings of the east come they they come to Jerusalem and they say that they come to worship Jesus so you have here the concept of warship in the ministry of Jesus from the beginning through the end worship is a debate given of Jesus and ministry from the beginning to the end another thing another thing Jesus started his ministry with a clean sin of the sanctuary and ended up in clean sin the sanctuary so while ship and clean sin are elements in the ministry of the Lord Jesus they can count those things and you're going to find out that. But the Bible say and some doubted and this is canon spake unto them saying All power is given to me in where in heaven are in earth so go all year the 4. Teach were all the nations baptizing then in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. Yesterday and across a week we were telling about. The. Critical evidence coming from the grammar ticks here about the Trinity because you get one known name. Preceded by article the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and that is telling you that in grammar tics biblical grammar ticks is telling you that there are individualities and equally the 3 of them the Father the Son and the holy Gospel teach in them and here is the point teaching them to all serve all things whatsoever I have commanded you and I like very much this because in teaching 3 ownership in teaching religion it is not what we please us to teach is what he says taught to the disciples to teach this cease all those he Teaching Center our theology teaching center east in the Lord Jesus is in Christ is not in this. Events is not in the wall conditions is not about you know this kind of situations in which we are reflecting about our society and today we are in the middle of a critical point because we are not to lose it because center in the practice of the all itchy but is a very nature in the theology that we are practicing that we are called to elements and turning into the teaching of. The word culture. When you enter into dig into diggin the culture the concept of culture you are going to find the condition and conception of cultivating is a Latin word for cultivation that is culture and that means that when. In the garden and the Lord gave the instruction to cultivate the garden you remember that in part of the ice that was the responsibility to cultivate that was what that wass form the gardening according to the teachings of the Lord today we are cultivating the charge with the culture that is coming from abroad but what we need to do it to cool to evade the walled with the teachings coming from the Bible and that is so we're responsibility because we need to cultivate and make the culture think about what I do to scam in front the Bible from the church not taking into the chart the elements that are in the culture. Because in the moment we are bringing the elements of the culture into the church we are going to make the chart in harmony and according to the any machine of the war done Ward Ines. That is wildness our message and our mission is to go to the wall and make disciples and teaching them all the things that the law she's US has been teaching us. God bless us in this mission and this does practice and in this vision of making disciples according to His will is my this hour on prayer today let's cover what the prayer I'm going to take some question right now Father in heaven thank you for this moment in which we were accomplish in this critical topics because Father we are convinced that we are in danger in the church because we are taken elements of the present culture and bring in them into the church father you are teaching us to bring the elements of your teach in into the war help us to do that in Jesus' name amen this media was be.


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