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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • January 5, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Father we are on the cusp of a new year and I pray that the decisions we make now would be decisions that would shape this year for Your glory for the well being in the functionality of our lives we put ourselves in your hands now praying that the Holy Spirit would direct and that we would be sensitive to your impress may this truly be a holy interaction with your word we surrendered you present you teaching. And we following your lead we thank you in Jesus name Amen if you have your Bibles open them up to the book of Mark Chapter 10 verse 151 I want to couch the presentation this morning. In a concern and the concern was a legitimate one. And the privilege and the privilege was a legitimate one this is the Roman account Mark's account of Jesus' last journey out of Jericho to Jerusalem and of course he met a man who would not be ignored his name was Bartimaeus embargo MEUs Here's a stir in the crowd wants to know what's going on and he ask who it is when he finds out it's Jesus he stands up and starts crying Jesus son of David have mercy on me they tell him to be quiet it's like pouring gas on a fire he gets louder and Jesus says I want to talk to him it's a one on one audience with Jesus although there is a larger listening group and Jesus ask him a question he says in verse 51 what do you want me to do for you now that's a beautiful question but there may be times when you don't want to tell everybody who's listening what it is that you want done. Take your Bibles and turn back to Matthew Chapter 4 Matthew Chapter 4 I want to lay the groundwork for where we are geographically in Matthew Chapter 4 we hear in verse 12 and 13 about the migration of Jesus from a man of Nazareth to a man of Capernaum says in verse 12 now when Jesus heard that John had been taken into custody he withdrew to Galilee and leaving Nazareth He came and settled in Capernaum which is by the sea in the region of Zabulon and they have talent I turn over to Chapter 9. Chapter 9 is where the narrative begins in the book of Matthew that we're going to focus on today and I just want to get a picture in the flow of history with Jesus. In. Matthew Chapter 9 is says getting into a boat Jesus Crofts over the sea and he came to his own city now just before this Jesus has healed the demoniacs of Gasa. And he has squired of the storm on the lake now I'm not going to focus in Matthew's account even though it's the longest book I'm going to focus in Mark's Now this story is in Matthew 9 which we're leaving and we're moving over to Mark 5 because Mark tells us more of the details so go to Mark 5 there's been about a 5 or 6 mile boat ride across the Sea of Galilee they've gone from the east side where it's kind of wild and the pigs were hurting and the demons were cast out of Legion and now we've gone on a Northwest journey across the Sea of Galilee and we find ourselves in Capernaum Jesus town. And when he gets there he's an instant sensation the masses have not turned away from him yet and 2 things happen almost simultaneously would seem to create a problem if you chapter Mark Chapter 5 verse 21 it says When Jesus had crossed over again in the boat to the other side a large crowd gathered around him and so he stayed by the seashore one of the synagogue officials name gyrus came up and upon seen him fell at his feet and implored him earnestly saying my little daughters at the point of death please come and lay your hands on her so that she will get well and live. And went off with him and a large crowd was following him and pressing on him a woman who had a hemorrhage for 12 years and endured much at the hands of many physicians and spent all that she had and was not helped by all but rather grew worse after hearing about G. The she came up in the crowd behind him and touched his cloak for she thought if I just touches garments I will get well and immediately the flow of her blood was dried up she fell in her body she was healed of Earth flexion and immediately Jesus perceiving it himself the power proceeded from him and had gone for turned around to the crowd and said he touched my garments His disciples said to him you see the crowd pressing on you and you say who touched me and he looked around to see the woman who had done this but the woman fear and trembling aware of what had happened came and fell down before him and told him the whole truth and he said to her daughter your faith has made you well go in peace and be healed of your affliction and while he was still speaking they came from the house of the synagogue official saying your daughter has died why trouble the teacher any more. I started with Bartimaeus his question or the question given the Bartimaeus What do you want me to do and this may be the impetus behind a woman being very secretive and very careful not really wanting an encounter with Jesus of verbal dynamic dialogue because explaining what she wanted him to do in front of all these people might be the last thing she wanted to do I want to leave with 3 words in your mind when you walk out of this sanctuary today from the story that shaped your 21006 period it's been 18 years since many people sat around with the their their newly purchased generators waiting to see if the world would come to an end and here we are almost a 5th of the way through a new century and the the years are rolling by because the days and months are rolling by and what I want to do as I wanted to beginning of 2019 I want you to go away with 3 words and think and pray about what these 3 words mean to you in this new year the 1st word is intentional when we look at this story we see for a very intentional living beings or persons the 1st intentional person that I want to understand that we're looking at is a man. He's a man who's associated with the synagogue he has significance he's religious he has influence perhaps this is why he can break through the crowd to get Jesus attention this man is intentional because his heart is walking around on the outside in the form of a 12 year old girl Mark doesn't tell us she's 12 years old Luke tells us this for 12 years one woman in the story's been sick trying to get better and for 12 years one man's heart is been bonding deeply with the little baby he held in his arms and now his dear sweet one who's slipping away if there's intentionality in this story it's certainly in the life of gyrus because it doesn't matter to me him how many people he bumps into and probably has an entourage making a way he will see Jesus. The 2nd intentional person in this story is obviously the woman with the flow of blood she's had trouble for a long time the Bible tells us that she's had 3 major parts of her life rearrange her physical well being her fan and financial well being and her social well being she's afflicted with some type of disease of which we know not what it is but it is limiting her relatability in social spiritual settings. She's exceptionally intentional she is looking for a moment to encounter Jesus but it would be better if it worked out like it did or at least part way like it did because touching is Coke and slipping away would be a whole lot less embarrassing than telling her whole story one commentator says her malady was especially afflicting for not only did it unfit her for all the relationships of life but it was popularly regarded as the direct consequence of sinful habits now the 3rd person or being that I want you to see as intentional in the story is Satan himself. He has throng Jesus the word in the book of Luke is choked Jesus with the crabs the devil has an exceptionally focused purpose in life and in this case he would like to frustrate both people's interest the woman who has a flow of blood for 12 years and the man who has a 12 year old daughter he wants neither of their requests to be granted and so what does he do he piles the circumstances full of people in this case he makes it almost impossible that either are going to get what they want now we know that the story has a big interruption in it which I don't want to get to quite yet and that there is a pause long enough for the woman probably middle aged probably not elderly this middle aged woman maybe even young we don't know but there is a long a pause for her to tell her story I highly doubt that that pause is the substantive reason why Jesus wouldn't make it on time to see gyrus his daughter but there is at least 3 intentional individuals in this story gyrus the woman and say now travel tends to bring our lives into focus we don't like it it's not something that we have to have to come into focus which is why my 1st word for you this morning is intentional I want to know how intentional God wants to know how intentional you are about what things ought to be evaluated what things are to be changed in your life as you point forward some of the decisions you make right now are going to change the direction you go farther down the road if anybody should be intentional since we know there's an endgame and there's a meeting of Jesus it oughta be us we ought to say in our lives this matters this doesn't this is an opportunity but this privilege or responsibility is more important but the most intentional person in this story is undoubtedly Jesus. Jesus has a plan and in Jesus' plan there is the ability to heal gyrus his daughter and there's time enough to talk with a woman who's been suffering for a long time with the wrong ideas about his father. Jesus is the big interruption in this it's not so much that the woman touches his clothes is that Jesus stops everybody to have an interrogation and then a dialogue about Jesus is not stuck though because the only instrument in Jesus' tools box box is not chronological It's not that he has to be to gyrus his house in the timeframe that gyrus thinks being just on time or just in time in Jarrod says mine is different than that is in Jesus's mind what's out of bounds for me and for you is not out of bounds for Jesus he has a 1000 ways to heal every disease or fix every problem that we don't know anything about Jesus is man but he is also God and in this story we see 4 very intentional people now the crowd has some measure of intentionality but none of their intention can be equal to these 4 individuals now I'm here to tell you today Satan wants to choke your life with so much opportunity some many commitments in the wrong places that you won't be available for the divine encounters it'll change your life. Intentionality is something that we have the privilege of having you have freedom over most of the elements of your life you have the power to choose you're not living in an oppressive society I had a very good encounter in between the services. Where at the beginning of this service I don't know exactly what time I was there I ran into a woman in the foyer looking at the bullets I'm bored I made a new friend became better acquainted with a new sister in the Lord I learned their names I met their family I found out about their journey and they said something that they couldn't know was very similar to something I had just been thinking about as I was reflecting on this message as one of them is pursuing a college go all the other one is waiting why. Because there's too little beautiful children in this family who need in this case the divine intentional touch of the one who brought them into this world their mother will be the one that is guiding them now now everybody may not be in a position where this is possible but with intentionality it's more possible than you might think I think about my studies my own pursuit of higher education how I put it off once I put it off twice had permission both times I put it off a 3rd time I even bought my books but there was something very intentional about my life my children were in a phase of life where I knew they very much needed an available father that intentionality has shaped my life it put off a goal that I had farther than I thought I might want to put it off but I want to tell you today in the middle of my waning years as a parent I don't have the 1st regret. I'm a free thinking individual guided by the inspiration of this book and the spirit of prophecy and a living guiding Shepherd Jesus who is intentional about bringing my life into focus and a picture of his father in the focus through my ministry and I'm following him intentionality how intentional Are you are you bouncing through life like a ping pong ball based on inconsequential and unintentional dynamics many of which are strategize engineer and for you through the devices that are around you it was only 3 months ago that we had our I christened weekend and we listen to software engineers and social social media experts tell us that these devices are intentionally engineered to engage you and not make you the master of your life but make you a functionary of the stimuli around you. How intentional Are you some of you may need to say I will only be on this so long I got a new one recently by the way it's a new old one it was brand new it's just about 4 or 5 models older than the ones that a lot of you have and it's OK if you have one this just happen to fit my priority systems my my budget etc But on this one I get a little weekly reminder of how long I've been on it every day it's OK I don't really need it because I use it primarily for what I need not for what they want me to use it for intentionality Jesus is the most intentional person in this narrative he stops the show he has who touched me and everybody's incredulous except one anonymous person in the group she knows what he's talking about. This is an amazing story amidst the the press of the throng and the push of the masses Jesus can distinguish between a person who really connects with them and one who doesn't you may be surrounded by 7 they have Minister surrounded by other Christians that doesn't mean they're connecting with Jesus and you can't just March along with the herd and think everything's going to be alright there is a purposefulness a prioritization of our choices and our living Jesus is the shepherd of our life he's the giver of our gifts and he's the architect of our future and as we go forward we've got to let his intentionality be the intentionality of our lives otherwise we're a functionary of Satan Oh yes. Hundreds of people maybe thousands walking along the seashore there's at least 4 people there who have a purpose. And that purpose is one is to thwart the ministry of Jesus to are to find and experience the ministry of Jesus and Christ himself is there to have a living encounter with one of them the 2nd word I want to put in your mind as you anticipate 21000 is the word social You might say relational. Why does this matter because in the Western world especially in America we are so individualistic that we're focused on what we need or what we want and beyond that well it's just everybody else's for themselves I want you to understand that this encounter was prematurely made social by Jesus she could have come up to the back of him she could have touch the hem of this garment it could have been provisional without being social She should have got she could have gotten what she wanted and called that the end of the story but Jesus says no no no. It's interesting he stops the crowd he says who touch me Peter looks at him and says Are you joking. But the spirit of prophecy says that looking toward the woman. All right imagine this you know the Bible is very clear in verses 28 and 29 or 29 and 30 immediately the flow of blood stop immediately Jesus new power gone out or and so can you imagine being in the crowd somehow there's a little spot that's opened up around Jesus and he's looking right at you and he knows what happened and you know what happened and he wants to know who touched him Jesus insisted L.-Y. says upon knowing who it touched him and finding concealment vain she came forward trembling and now at his feet and a couple things happen number one he calls her daughter which if she thought she was exiled through some kind of poor choice this is a reinstatement of her royal position in the family of God He affirms her faith which is makes her touch different instead of being angered L.O.L. I write at her presumption Jesus commanded her for her action woman daughter it's your faith Jesus wasn't going to leave this is a superstitious encounter where he's got the power and all we've got to do is touch his clothes this will happen later in the gospel it's recorded and also in the book of Acts but at the end of the day Jesus is going to make this a very social moment. Now he has an encounter with the woman and the woman has an encounter with God The Bible tells us in verse 33 she told him the whole truth she tells her story I'm not going to say every absolute little bitty embarrassing part but most of the embarrassing parts she confesses her faith spirit of prophecy says in the hearing of all the multitude she told Jesus the simple story of her long and tedious suffering and the in story leap that she had experienced in touching the border of her garment her narrations was interrupted by her grateful tears of joy and of perfect health what a testimony meeting which had been a stranger to her for 12 years yes social is the word I want to put on your 2019 tab 3 words of the year I don't know what they'll pick as a word of the year for the nation in the world but I I know the 3 words that I think Jesus wants to be ours intentional I'm making decisions I'm evaluating where I've been I've thought about where I'm going is this what I thought as a Democrat in my life up with things that are OK but aren't good when it comes to thinking about God saying and what my priority system is social Jesus has a social encounter he wants emotional connection with this woman he wants spiritual intimacy he doesn't just want to let her pick what she wants off the shelf as a Christmas present and walk away stroking it's a wonderful wonderful she wants he wants a connection with her and he also wants her to have a connection with him but then I want to go to 2 levels in this story that we don't often think about there is a social dynamic between the woman and the crowd. Oh yes. Your Christian journey is not just about you and Jesus. What God has done for you is for other people to Jesus wants her to tell the story the uncomfortable story he actually requires her to tell it. And if you had just a moment to reflect on it think about how uncomfortable that would have to be now I know we're living in a society where you can barely drive down the road without seeing things that you you need to make a covenant with your eyes not to look at I know we're living in the age of the liberated discussion where nothing's taboo and nothing sacred and you can talk about sexuality and intimate dynamics of people's lives as if it was just like talking about tennis. But this is not how it's always been and while there is some benefit to being able to discuss some things a little more openly There is also some detriment and in the age in which Jesus is dialogue this woman is having to talk about things that probably only her husband if she had one or has one would know about it maybe your family members she's telling things that might have some looking askance at her looking down their nose at her Jesus doesn't leave it there. How easy is it today for us to be anti social. How rigorous are our social motivations and skills I'd like to suggest to you that even modern secular social science could validate the fact that we seem to have less and less interest in each other and more and more interest in our own stimulating opportunities. So I'm more comfortable being in a crowd connecting with the I mean it's a strange thing to me there's a certain generation they don't want you to call them don't call them mind you I like a good text Texas fast and simple and I can squeeze them in in a meeting I might be able to notice it I might go hours before I even notice I've gotten it but there is a new social dynamic and that is don't call me just text me now mind you I'm not against texting actually love it if you listen to my voicemail on my phone it'll tell you if you really want to get a hold of me shoot me a text because I'll see it faster and by the time I get to a voicemail the problem may be fixed or the issue may be handled. But you know what there is a fair amount of social laziness that has built into our society and it used to be that one of the great dynamics of entertainment and engagement was actually face to face person to person in your presence dialogue now we've come to the place where like religious consumers we pick and choose. Oh that's for that generation or that's an old old timers thing or and while there are some things that are dedicated to certain people groups subgroups in our church without a problem there is a whole host of things and certainly our main spiritual services that are for everybody and I want to ask you a question how did this women have an idea that she could get healed by touching Jesus' clothes where did she get this idea we're pretty early in the story of Jesus nobody else has had this happen to me in words she could say via Where did she get the idea that Jesus would even healer Where did she get the idea that it would be OK for him to be touched by her out tell you where she got the idea this is not a bombshell. She heard from somebody else. And you know we are benefited there's a social encounter between us and this woman though she's long since deceased because Jesus required to have a social encounter with him she was blessed the crowds were blessed and we are blessed we know what happened to her she could have slipped in and slipped away and it was all a done deal and nobody would be any the wiser for her interaction except Jesus said no this is not just to be provisional this is to be social I want to connection with you the crowd deserves to hear what you've done and we're listening and reading and I'm preaching today about this story because of the social dynamic now I want to ask you how is your sociability in the family of God do you just slip in for this and slip out for that would it be better if you never sat in a potluck the everwhere in a small group never were in a prayer meeting. Does it fit your busy crowded schedule think intentional or 1st word to just stay at home and tuck your little soundbites in I'm all for for the prepackaged devotionals you can get from our supporting ministries listen to him all you can but nothing is going to replace the flesh and blood breathing living visible encounter you share with somebody else in proximity to them we need to come together social is the 2nd word Jesus could have easily given her what she wanted Jesus was in the crowd she could not get close to Jesus so Jesus got closer read the Spirit of Prophecy makes it clear Jesus made the way for this woman to have this encounter and then Jesus required this woman to say out loud what it was that have been wrong what it was that was made right and that his affirmation was upon her we should all be witnesses for Jesus in the light rites and had been his home page for 28 Satan doesn't want this to happen my interjection. So he's making it to where we don't even want to be with each other don't want to talk with each other social laziness is a play you need to teach your children how to be intentional you need teach your children to shake a hand to look in somebody else's face to be gracious you need to model to your family that we don't go to Pollok so we can eat we go to potluck so we can minister we don't go to a prayer meeting just so we can get a blessing we go to per meeting so that we can minister I am a social B. This fabric of our togetherness is one of our greatest witnesses social power so go on to say sanctified by the grace of Christ must be improved in winning souls to the Savior let the world see that we're not selfishly absorbed in our own interest but that we desire others to share our blessings and privileges let them see that our religion does not make us unsympathetic or exacting but all who profess to have found Christ minister as he ministered for the benefit of med also writing in the ministry of healing she says it's through the social relations the Christian comes in contact with the world now that seems like a simple enough thing 1st base to minister in and to witness in his contact of course 2nd happen electronically but that's a step removed from the full gamut of impressions that can be left in person you work with people you go to school with people you meet with people you should be worshipping and encouraging and witnessing Amongst the same people every man or woman who has received the divine illumination is to shed light on the dark pathway of those who are unacquainted with the better way. This woman what the flow of blood Legion that's what Jesus was doing social power sanctified by the Spirit of Christ must be improved in bringing souls to the Savior going on she writes Christ is not to be hidden away in the heart as a coveted treasure sacred and sweet to me enjoyed slowly by the professor were to have Christ in us as a well of water springing up to everlasting life refreshing all who come in contact with us one more for madness home the converts to the Gospel were one of heart and soul one common interest controlled them the success of the mission entrusted to them their love for the brother and the cause they a spouse was greater than their love of money and possessions their work testified that they counted souls of men of higher value and then 1st John 316 we won't look it up but I want to state it here it says here by we perceive the love of God because He laid down His life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for the brother now listen if you are ever talking to a nonsocial person 30 years ago you're listening to him right now I can remember in my 1st district coming home and talking with my wife we were talking about visitation and I said Who would want to visit with me slowly over the years. And more rapidly in some situations another is becoming clear to me how many lonely questionee doubting her in secure people there are in the world of which I am one. I want to remind you that everybody is insecure until they're made secure this is what healthy families do this is what healthy church families do for each other every advantage you have as a family every advantage you have as an individual makes you a debtor to those who don't have those blessings. But if you hang out at home and fill your life so full of all the wonderful opportunities that your money your education your social position gives you you might be missing out on following the Savior into that social encounter where you're supposed to give something away and other words what if one of the witnesses of the 21st century going to be from the Christians yes I've got money yes I've got education Yes I've got opportunity yes I've got networking but you know what I'm not taking advantage of all my opportunities I've dedicated my life to reach the world for Christ this is the point and it takes work. I'm different than I was 30 years ago I'm going to tell you what motivated me to change one thing love from God for people. All it takes I remind you you feel uncomfortable in a group setting just look for the person that looks more uncomfortable than you and go visit with them. This is how it works you don't have to wait it is the great sanguine the social charismatic of the group just go look for somebody to make feel more comfortable and more secure than you do and along the way you'll go with A. We are a family but sometimes we are so loosely connected that we don't like each other before we don't know each other and I'm afraid this is a problem throughout the layers of our governance throughout our church we've gotten a little bit too big we thought that focusing in things like small groups and taking the time to be connected is wasted we've got too much to do we're being pressured by the crowd to get things done but the truth of the matter is with the love and the oil of love lubricating the machinery of what our mission is we'll get a whole lot more done because all be a whole lot less evil surmising and doubt and distrust you won't pluck the cords of my insecurity quite so quickly when you understood where I came from and you show me respect and honor and I'll do the same for you. Intentionality. Should you be more connected socially and the last word I want to put on your plate 421900 is paradoxical what is a paradox it's when a surprise comes along something you didn't anticipate Now this story is exceptionally paradoxical it says in verse 33 she told him the whole truth 12 years of bleeding of very private experience is public fodder for the whole crowd and for you and me I highly doubt that half of this congregation would really like their medical journeys to be thrown out for everybody to know about and the other have probably would neither. 12 years of the loss of social status financial status and physical wellbeing it's all splayed for the public but a 12 year old's death which is very public they're laughing at Jesus when he gets there because he says she's not dead her resurrection will be a private experience what is more paradoxical than that nobody knows about the woman's journey but everybody's going to know and everybody knows the girl's dead because it just got announced to the crowd and they laughed and scorn him when he said she's not dead she's asleep but only a very few people are going to be there to see the change if you don't think that 2019 might not have a few surprises in the journey you need to stop and accept them. Right from the very beginning not coveting the stress that they might bring and it's interesting that the woman who's a social outcast because of the finger of God supposedly is is called daughter and told to be of good cheer courage and when the man announces in the presence of Jesus the gyrus his daughter is died Jesus looks at him. And says don't be afraid in effect what she's saying is have the faith of this lady right here. Paradox. You can't make Jesus dirty with your ritual uncleanness but he can make you clean France 2018 May have represented a bad journey for you things may have happened to you that you never would have wished Jesus is Lord I'm not saying every little incidental thing that happens you is categorically on the on the layer of of the same intentional providential provision of Christ but I do want to say this there is nothing that's going to come to you in 2019 that is a surprise to God after you get over being surprised come back to Jesus and just say Lord speak for your servants listening I'm here before you this morning because in 2019 I will I believe God wants to see this church gather in physical presence much more than it ever has before I believe that many of the social and spiritual and relational ills in this 7 day of a church could be changed maybe healed if we took up the admonition of 2nd Chronicles 714 and we came and we humbled ourselves and we called on the name of the Lord and we pray by the way 3 o'clock this afternoon over at P.M.C. public Goya our ministry magazine editor and one of the prayer Gordon agers for our denomination will be there I plan to be there I invite you those of you can that doesn't alter your your journey too much you'll be blessed and then starting Wednesday night this week will be go our 10 days of prayer 30 minutes of pray praising singing it goes by so fast and then 30 minutes of reflecting on how to take better care of our body and mind temples. It will be a fantastic journey if we need to be intentional it's now don't get used to the fact that the the fabric of civility is wearing out there are some threadbare holes we think everything is just going to go on forever forever forever like it is we should not be afraid because we have Jesus we should not be afraid because we know there is provision in his presence we shouldn't be afraid because the prophecies explained is to us but friends if you want to find your social power you've got to find your social needs met 1st in Jesus if you want real intentionality in your life and know which way to go you've got to prioritize the encounter with Jesus you're pastors aren't God your teachers aren't God we're just prompters pointing back to the living voice of Jesus are you seeking to hear him has the priority of knowing Him been the intentional to know priority number one focus of your life I don't know where I would be if I didn't have Jesus prompting if I couldn't turn to Jesus for healing if I didn't have been drawing me out of my comfort zones into some of those discomfort zones other people could be both and have there been surprises on the way oh my. I've been a parent for 20 years a pastor for about 30. A student of my own life and a student of others and what my life map looked like 30 years ago and the way it went is very different but I see the wisdom of God and the provision of God and I have no regrets at least not when I was following him intentional your appointment with Christ day by day intentional you're connecting with other people which is also social. And ready let Jesus be Lord no matter which way life turns paradoxical the other going to be some surprises. It's OK. Bring him back to Jesus that's what she was doing that's what gyrus was doing Don't let Satan crowd your life from an encounter with Jesus may God help us all to draw near to him in this new year and I'm I'm I'm pleading with you friends. Could we let go of some opportunities could we let go some time wasters. So that we can have an emotionally intimate spiritually connected walk with Jesus and with each other don't be too busy soon enough Jesus will appear. And to many things that seemed important seemed trifling then may God help us are to be intentional social and accepting of Christ lordship in any of the surprises that are there paradoxes we didn't expect and why did Jesus make me do this because he knows best I'm inviting him make this journey with me seek 1st the kingdom and trust him on the earth and that peace passes of all explanation and from a secular point of view of understanding but it's yours as the precious gift of craft. Who knows you personally. Is working on the same kind of encounter with you that he had with her God help in turning this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon even the W.W.W. than audio verse or.


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