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A Communion Sermon

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • January 19, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Lord. Thank you for those that have brought us to the throne of grace already and I just pray specially for these few moments we have in the Bible we've been in Sabbath school classes they've been a blessing and now Lord as a body young and old were here so I am praying make this live for all in me I pray in these next moments through me and in my brothers and sisters your people our family thank you for making us part of your family and now lead us we pray and provide and teach and comfort in Jesus' name amen this morning is a it's a family Sabbath and you may say well I don't attend church here that's OK you can still be part of the family we're glad you're here and we are part of a larger family and that family is named by the name of Jesus and this morning I just want to take a few minutes to celebrate being a family and to reflect on being a family and his tremendous power I have spent the last 10 or 11 days in southern California and after about a number 7 or 8 I thought to myself I want to go home and so I started looking for airline tickets the problem was that every day I put my life in the hands of Christ to either adjust your establish my plans and he was clearly saying no you're not going home you're going to stay to the very end I look for tickets. I try to find a way in which I could still get the benefit of what I was there for but also get home a day early and be back with my wonderful wife and daughter and my church family. But God said No no I want to couch what I'm going to share today because I'm going to share a few stories with you I want to couch it against the backdrop of the early church to take your Bibles and open them up to our scripture reading in Acts chapter 2 and there are Bibles in the pew. I want you to remember what a disadvantage group of people they were in some ways and I want to remind you of what an advantage group of people they were in others and that chapter 2 we have a church that is been on quite a roller coaster ride of discouragement and despair and then jubilation as God gave the spirit to anoint the people and there was a mighty harvest of human beings into the family of God which is our great privilege is becoming sons and daughters of God Now how they continued this is how I want to focus because we weren't there on the day of Pentecost but we're still following in the fam the spiritual ancestry of those who were and so I just want to make sure on this communion Sabbath we don't miss the Swe beautiful simplicity of what they had and not crave it and pray for and ask for it ourselves because it's for you it's for me it says in verse 42 they were continually devoting themselves to the Apostles teaching and to fellowship and to the breaking of bread into prayer Now this is for simple things so let's just note them the Apostles teaching there was truth that Islam was important to be reinforced or discovered. There were things that were new to them and there was the revelation of the Spirit working through the disciples as even their knowledge of what it meant for Christ to come and die was growing the resurrection now we know in Acts Chapter one that they're still a little bit confused about the kingdom because they're saying Lord at this time will you bring the kingdom and Jesus says you're focusing on the wrong thing they still had their worldly ambitions they were on a trajectory of better understanding they were on a journey of growth and that's what he calls us to a journey of continually growing in the Lord attending to the teaching of the Apostles which is a large part of the Old Testament but we certainly have a more comprehensive view of scripture than that because in the New Testament we're taught that all Scripture is God inspired that focus on the Bible is very very important it's the starting of life it's God's word God brings life his words bring things to fruit fullness and so I want to encourage you make sure you're not missing out on both the individual and the corporate journey of hearing the words of life of focusing on the words of life so the Apostles teaching they were also devoting themselves continually to fellowship now I'm convinced that this is where the devil is trying to make a he's trying to flank us that's military term instead of coming at his head on he's coming at us from the side that's what it means to flank somebody. And so he's trying to make the church a place where the fellowship factor is strained and stressed because he wants people to find fellowship at the stadium at the bar at the dance club wherever it might be he's looking to find a pseudo intimacy he's offering a false sense of togetherness that can't go very deep it not that it has no value and that there isn't a measure of bonding and blessedness in it but the devil doesn't want us to know the joys of a very strong Swe beautiful family experience which is where fellowship is the best when the family's praying and making their journey to whatever God has been my friend when they're making an effort to grow to be healthy you may have come out of the family that you don't think was very healthy but you know what the good news is that you don't have to focus on what was wrong you can just focus on what's right and you can come into a family and be a part of one that's a blessing so this fellowship factor it's huge it's number 2 on the list and the devil wants to make sure you don't enter into it so we have pseudo fellowship we have a false sense of intimacy and connectedness and sometimes it's true technology I'm not diminishing the power of technology to create a connection used for good but I am saying make sure you're not missing out on the rich or form of fellowship which is actual personal presence now I know for those of you that were here praying through the 10 nights you bonded with the people you prayed with you could not help but at some level where that goes it's up to you but God wants to take it to the richness in the fullness of fruitfulness for him they were also dedicating themselves to the breaking of bread which is a it's a metaphor of also fellowship and I believe at some level the dynamic of celebrating what Christ did for us. When we share food together in this case we're going to share food that is symbolic of the greatest gift ever given to mankind they were celebrating when Jesus gave them at the very end which was the fact that the old Passover was gone it's it's not just about being saved from the destroying angel now it's the celebration it's not just the story of grace in Egypt it's now the fellowship of what you're pointing to which is that marriage supper of the Lamb we're going to be together in heaven it's our togetherness and having this going to be the glory if not the fact that the streets are golden You never die those are nice but surely the never die part but what's really going to be wonderful in heaven is that we're going to get to be children of God without a fear for eternity without insecurity or an anxiety for eternity this breaking of bread was the way they were celebrating the life the death and the resurrection of Jesus and it was a call to prayer now all of these things have a power to bind us together but I want you know so that when we lose everything else in society if we still have the ability to study the Bible together if we still have a bell believed to be encouraged by each other's presence fellowship if we still have the ability to come together and celebrate where God did for us and if we still have the ability to pray will have everything you need because there were thousands being added to the church daily now I just want you to stop for a minute. And make sure you understand the great privilege and responsibility of being in that kind of communion so we're going to we practice an open communion here everyone is invited to participate but it could be just another Sabbath morning could be just another ceremony but I don't want to be I want you to understand that the small many we are celebrating family we are celebrating the truth that brings us together there was a call that went out and in that call there were truths about who God is the Sabbath what happens when you die that you don't burn forever in hell that we have a living high priest in heaven that He sends prophets to his people you have come out of that into a fellowship of the wonderful gift in this of God through truth and today we celebrate that we are most of us here maybe you're not but most of us here are celebrating the fact that God is let us on a journey out of darkness into light it's one that doesn't end when you profess it but it's one that binds us deeply we're celebrating here today the fact that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and we're celebrating here today what Christ has done and the privilege of go straight before God we're celebrating that as a door that was opened by Jesus now. Just appealing to you as my brothers and sisters as my friends and acquaintances whatever the case may be are are there any of those attributes that you are neglecting in your life because if you are you're not only losing out yourself you're actually robbing somebody else so many people think about church about as something where they can get something but God has made a sophism way and families don't work well when the individuals think that way families think about each other but it's hard to think about each other if we don't know each other it's hard to think about each other if we don't understand each other's differences. It's much easier for me. I mean when I went through 10 nights of prayer a couple years ago the people I prayed with God just did an amazing work in my heart to bond me to those people sharing those 10 nights on my knees with my brothers and sisters changed to me especially with the little circle I was praying with. Now here's the deal if Satan understands this deep human need for belonging which is a basic human need wherever you go and it's the glory of the Scriptures what we have here works across cultures every person longs to be long now some people don't want to put the effort in this day and age to be longing they're they've been trained in kind of a more isolated approach to life it could be you and all of us can be just a tab an accountable in crossing the bridge of connectedness but inside every human being is a desire to belong especially when their worlds falling apart this world is coming apart slowly some places much faster than others everybody's looking for somebody that cares to where they could really be safe and they're in a system not just on their own so let's come back to my efforts to find a ticket out of Southern California back to my beautiful Michigan it did rain there last week every day just so you know they needed it I was glad for them God skep say no I checked more than one day no so finally I thought well there's a chance if I catch my flight and it gets there in time I can get off the airplane and catch my bus that's going to take me over to the cell Ben airport and I'll make the 115 bus we know that plane had every C. full every single seat and I was in the back. And you know when every seat is full in the back it might take you 1015 minutes just to get into the aisle not only that the plane pulled away from the gate late now when you fly from the west the east you go faster at least oftentimes you go faster and the trip was only going to take 3 hours and 17 minutes so with my phone on airplane mode I started figuring up when I was going to land it midway it turned out that we got there about on time but there were so many people clogging the aisle ways that I knew once I walked off the jetway that it wasn't going to happen it didn't really bother me too much that I made a wrong turn in the airport had to come back but I thought to myself I'm going to sit down and eat a little bit because I left very early and then about 20 minutes for my bus was to leave I thought I'm going to go find out where I'm supposed to go so I'm very geographically oriented I don't get lost very easy I love maps I'm good with diagrams my spatial relations scores are always high when I'm tested but sorry for those of you who aren't and maybe I'm sorry for those who are married to people who aren't I don't know God put this together to grow so I thought OK I've looked at the group diagram before I'm a look at again today I followed it I was right where I thought it told me to be I knew I didn't get the 115 so it's like OK I'm going to get the 315 now put me back in South Bend at 520 I walked out there there were tons of buses leaving from this location I thought OK I'm in the right spot but when it came 315 the bus wasn't there it's like I'm a little worried about 325 I called the company and said Is the bus coming they said oh there's heavy traffic it's like OK I'll wait but it quarter to 4 it's like something went wrong and I call and she basically said you're in the wrong place so I left this minute now no 315 bus I'm going to get the 515 bus. Now I thought to my she told me Well if you want to go get the $415.00 bus you can at least come to the bus depot and wait there so I found my way around I walked up to a nice gentleman I said Is this where this bus comes he said you're in the right place which was music to my ears and within 60 seconds that bus was sitting there big bus I walked over to the bus got on and I should have noticed something was a bit strange about all of this I walked up into the bus there was not a single soul on the bus not one in the whole 50 some passengers in there was not a seat occupied except the driver seat now I don't usually sit right at the front. But I decide I'm going to sit right here just slightly to the back right I'm in the front seat I'm going to sit here today what I didn't know is that this woman will call there Brianna was not a real name it was going to be she and I on a 50 some passenger bus for an hour she heard me on the phone a little because I had to make some phone calls and talk to some people she knew very early on that I was a Christian she didn't know I was a minister and after I was off the phone a little bit I started talking with her now she had those little white remote control ear buds in her ear and she she popped him out after a little bit so I took that as it's OK you can talk to me and I did we visited for a little while and talked about God in church a little bit she was quite open but then the conversation got a little bit it seemed a little harder to keep it going and I didn't feel like I should force myself on her but every once in a while we'd say a little something or another I just kept praying and then all of sudden we found the topic that put us in high gear it was health. And she was interested in healthy living which opened the door for the last 30 minutes of that visit. And along the way God gave me an opportunity to talk with her about hearing his voice in the Bible and about I got to affirm are so many ways for the effort she was making to improve her health and when it was all said and done I offered to send her a gospel of John and maybe a cookbook or something and she didn't hesitate a bit to share with me or dress and before we made it to the bus depot a woman who doesn't go to church although I think there's probably religion in her background she was telling me this was a providential visit there was a reason you missed your bus she said. Well I sat in the bus depot as it got dark thinking about the fact that I would be home till $920.00. And eventually the other bus came now they were switching drivers on that bus and the one driver that was getting off the bus seemed very warm and hospitable and the other driver that was getting on seem to be the opposite. My stuff was slid under the bus I took my seat we sat there for a while where they worked through a few technical issues with the bus and she filled out some kind of log and we had all been sitting there for a while which I can see why that her comment came out the way it did I don't think she really loved her job or love the people like the previous bus driver had but eventually when it's about time to go here comes a woman about retirement age is coming apart cross the parking lot and the bus driver gets on her phone she says where are these people coming from a look that is your business you haven't left yet they are coming to the bus but I heard the woman walking up to the bus say something like Praise the Lord. I thought this lady's a Christian because you don't talk freely with with words that honor God Unless you in public unless it's just who you are so she got on the bus comes up the 4 or 5 stairs turns left and comes and plopped herself right down behind me now I like to visit with people and so she was kind of an outgoing person and pretty soon we struck up a little conversation and I I don't like to crane my neck on and on and on so I turned a little bit in the seat still had to you know and you got to speak up a little bit so you can be heard for the next hour and a half we engage in a conversation her husband is a professor and one of the non-evidence Christian colleges in this general machine area and along the along the point time what I discovered was was it this lady had been on the buses almost all day and she had gotten the Midway just as they were posting all the cancellations so she rode the bus all day long just to go back to south been but what was really happening was she was riding the bus all day long so that she and I could visit for the next 90 minutes at least probably more we engaged in dialogue and along the way some very interesting dots were connected pry the most significant one was that her son in law was raised at least in some measure as a 7th Day Adventist and this woman who is a 2nd grade teacher in the public school system I want to give a real shout out to the treasurer we have in our schools she's a retiree 2nd grade teacher in one of the metro areas around here she does not enjoy teaching Now listen. This woman actually does enjoy teaching she just doesn't enjoy teaching 2nd graders in the public school system and I was a little curious about that she said yes 3 of my 2nd graders are suspended right now. Out of control behavior listen we have treasures in our church schools when I told her that my wife taught in a local church school. She made some comment about how much more my wife probably enjoys it than she enjoys what she's doing I'm sure she's there is a missionary but I would tell you something the culture we create in our homes and the collective culture we bring to our churches and our schools is a rich rich treasure. We must continue to make the efforts to press together to provide for the future generations and sustain it helpfully in the now when we finally pulled into the South Bend bus station we exchanged phone numbers and by God's grace I'm hoping the dynamic can involve getting better acquainted with the ministry she and her husband has here but God gave me these 2 experiences for a reason I'm a tell you why because on Thursday night before I left when I walked up to the the hills that overlook Riverside and I looked out on all those people 30000000 people living there in Southern California I couldn't see them all but I walked up and I looked at all those people and I found myself a little bit discouraged that it seems that sometimes our churches are just caught up in the routine of doing and we're not really striking fertile ground in connecting with all kinds of people who would be so blessed if they encountered a deep intimate relationship with God which is what I believe some of the evidence has to offer when it's walking in a vibrant. Fragrant encounter with Jesus so what was God saying to me was saying Look Ron you don't need to worry this isn't going to be some grand strategy that some pastor or some administrative is going to conjure up I have the ability to move my sheep towards my shepherd at any time I want now I'm only one shepherd of 300 gathered here today do you know that we believe in the priesthood of all believers and your lives are to be pastoral ministry to the people you're encountering at home at work at school at the gym at the grocery store wherever you go. God is looking to take advantage of these 4 simple elements truth the Apostles doctrine fellowship a warm when I was a leveraged sociability when I say leverage what I mean is you've invested in understanding the power of being friendly when it comes to the componentry of breaking bread together it's it's a fellowship factor that makes us that we come into a society of edification Now I know that all the words shared from this pulpit and all the words shared in your family are not always edifying the way we'd like we'd love to be a society of only mutually edifying people but you know we're faith we're people and sometimes there's there's a grit in the gears and we've got to work at it out but what can't be missing from us is this powerful invitation that just kind of catches people and they say belonging They're being in their presence I enjoyed that so this dynamic of celebrating our oneness in Christ and then our prayer journey you know when I send the cookbook and the Gospel of John over to Brianna you know what else I'm going to be doing. I'm going to be looking to see based on her address which she shared with me what 7 am is churches are in the area and do any of them have cooking schools going on. Now listen when we have a cooking school going on years met back with a great health weekend coming up next weekend if there was ever a time when if you have that kind of relationship with your coworkers or your friends to invite somebody to come out next Sabbath is it who in this modern age isn't interested and healthy we're going have an expert here all day long. What I'm saying to you is it in our ordinary activities with people we are getting the benefit of 2 things fellowship with God in a healthy way and fellowship with each other in a healthy way now I want to interject something into the last few minutes where we break if you have a healthy family system that means by and large it's a non anxious system it's a pastor what are you talking about well if in your relationship with God You're constantly in a dynamic of worry about his love and acceptance to you if you're worried about his love and acceptance towards you you're in an anxious relationship with God. And part of what this morning is about is God saying to you I don't want you in an anxious system with me now he may create a little growth moments in your life I'm not talking about what he does on a daily basis or maybe what he's calling you to on a larger basis but what I'm saying is this the smart thing is we break this bread and we eat it you need to know something you are loved and accepted by Jesus Christ not on the merits of who you are but on the heart of love that he came to reveal of his father. You are not to live in a state in a and an element of insecurity about what that is families that have an anxious presence about them tend to be much more dysfunctional. And what I'm trying to say this morning to us is that in your communion here this morning we do the Communion service and there is a warning in 1st Corinthians 11 to make sure that you don't just go into this willy nilly if God speaking here right now saying you need to say you're sorry to somebody else you're not supposed to have anxious dynamics or stressful dynamics between you either so if this system the Smorgon If this service this morning if our family experience this morning can assure us that it's on the merits of a perfect life of Christ it's on the merits of the love of who he is as God that my acceptance is provided in in heaven I'm placed in the Lamb's Book of Life Yes I'm growing but it's not on me making sure I'm the performance king or queen if we can move the attention off ourselves and put it on Jesus we will be in a place where the anxiousness of our encounter with God goes away and it'll also open us up to hear better if there's any stress in our human relationships and we try to fix that too it's awfully hard to love somebody you fear it's impossible and so this morning what I'm saying is this. When I lay down Thursday night to go to sleep I was troubled but by the time I made it back to South Bend at about 1030 it took a lot longer than I thought but it's time I finally made it back to Sal Bennett 1030 God said to me this isn't about you. You don't have to worry I can lead my sheep wherever I want them to be but I do think what God was saying to me is. Could you be in a relationship with me to where when I send you somebody it's natural and you're ready so Communion this morning it's a great moment to say God I want to love you in a different way I wanted to be more than mind more than profession. And in these symbols and in this time of reflecting God talk to me would you but whether you I sense you talking to me or not help me to make sure. That I've done what's in my power to open the doors up to hear what you're saying and see what you're doing. And then with your fellow man it could be a spouse it could be a child if there's anything you want me to do with the people I'm here with today how many don't know how to do it and if it can't happen this morning help me to fix it at the right moment when your divine providence shows me this is the time I think the visit gods that work and we are to be little children don't you like John's little epistle when he says little children that's what he says in those 3 little books at the end he calls us little children what do little children get to do they get to quit worrying what the little good children do they get to enjoy the band of the blessings of parents with their little children get to do they get to enjoy innocence little children probably have in a healthy and relatively healthy home little children probably have the one phase of existence in their life on planet earth they could be truly called a little sanctuary. This morning I just want to remind you're all God's little children and so on my I am inviting you to enter into an experience with God where the stressors are removed as far as it's in our power so this morning God loves you these emblems represent a God who loves you enough to leave Heaven suffer immensely for 33 years and suffer even more right at the very end but all along the way he loved his disciples and He loves us and he left them with a rich heritage of of recognizing how wonderful it is to be children in God's and God's house so friends the future is rich. If we keep that walk with God in our walk with each other let's come together net a fire self cheer word of encouragement pray before you watch each other feet we wash each other's feet in this church it seems a little awkward when you do it the 1st time but I tell you what when you kneel down from somebody and you hold their hands and you pray you're walking in the footsteps of Jesus and something special happens and then when we leave there and we come back here we celebrate the assurance that God gave His Son there's nothing more he can give our eternal security is in Him This is a good day so I'm inviting you this morning let Jesus remove any barrier let's make a commitment to our church family our nuclear families and our heavenly family that will let Jesus lead us to the happiest carefree existence we have and let's be one of the most edifying fragrant and fruitful body of believers they can be by prioritising the Apostles doctrine fellowship the breaking of bread not just here sharing your home and prayer simple that's all they needed they added to the church daily and of course there was a mighty wave of the Spirit rushing through the church no doubt but maybe the wave won't fully flow until we get farther in the water of togetherness Let's see today's our day let's be a family whether you attend your regularly or you don't make a new friend pray with a new sister pray with a new bride and let's celebrate God making us part of this family and May the devil not win by flanking us let's show the world where true communion true community true love exists in God's house in our hearts for each other and for him now we're going to separate and we have plenty of room over in the family center for the ladies. And we have plenty of room down in the basement under that in the youth room for the men now every other communion we do couples this is not one where we're doing the couples and there's a reason we do that we do that to make sure that we're not just bonding on a D.N.A. level although we need to do that that's why we do it regularly but we're also Bonnie on a spiritual level families have traditions. In an age of ever changing this traditions many of them are very very good and you want to have some This is not just a tradition this is a gift from Jesus who when he was in his last night with the disciples. Prior to the great paradigm shift a great frame change in their mind about what Messiah meant you know he knelt down he washed their feet it was. So completely out of character for them but so completely in character for God What a beautiful God can if a man. A god to wash his feet if he can do it we can do. As I washed downstairs. I was just reminded by my. Foot washing partner that as we kneel in Washington others feel we're just reminded that we're just the same but a beautiful thing. So now here we are with more than a tradition we're here with symbols that teach awesome eternal realities and the symbols there are little but they're mighty and so this bread that we're going to partake of it's unleavened so often that leaven was the symbol of sin Christ life was without sin he came as a perfect sacrifice he came to be what we couldn't be and he stands in our place and his record is our record in his experience is becoming our experience. And this is why we have hope look at yourself. Not too long you get discouraged. And then look to Jesus. Be honest with yourself but don't make yourself the center of the world you're not and if you make yourself the center of the journey you'll go around and around in circles but Jesus is calling us to a healthier happier higher ground that's where we're at today and that's why what we study matters and that's why our fellowship matters there are things you need to learn from each other you're never going to learn on an individual journey you're going to have to bump into somebody else is going to enlighten you that's why you don't want to miss the gathering of the saints there's blessings being poured out that won't be gotten anywhere else you're not going to seek him out on the internet God intended that I wash feet with the person I just washed feet with it was another providential encounter by his testimony not mine you're a missionary here on Sabbath morning don't come any other way you're a missionary everywhere you go but you start with the Brotherhood in the sisterhood that fellowship factor is huge don't forego the discipline of intentionally chosen fellowship it's the easiest thing in the world the thing and feel like it but I want to tell you when you're done. You're on higher ground almost all the breaking of the bread this morning here at this table may be your home table. And then prayer so you know in joyfulness and simplicity the Bible says you want to live a joyful The Simple Life see God 1st make his kingdom 1st he'll help you cut the things out it's not easy we live in the most complicated age maybe ever on the face of the planet don't give up it's OK your child or God. He's going to bless you as you make efforts to find the joyful simplicity that makes you a fragrance for encouragement in the midst of anybody that you have not always we go through our own valleys but but often so this morning we're going to see God in the wonderful celebration of family this is the greatest family celebration as a body of believers that we share we are being reminded that we now belong to God. In a way we never belonged when it was just added many the cost of Calvary bonds us at a deeper level than Adam and Eve could have ever known Christ in unfallen experience we are bonded through a journey of love and sacrifice by Jesus and you belong to his family and this is what we're celebrating if you lose family members here or friends remember Jesus said 36 it in a 100 fold in this age he was talking about the church and more in the life to come so brothers and sisters take courage. This is the great chains ition from. The experience. Of the Old Testament Passover to the assurance. Of the New Testament celebration that God sent the Passover lamb its name was Jesus. The lamb was slain once. The fountain that flows from the love of God's heart is more than sufficient to wash us from our sins. It's not just enough to wash it's from our sins that love is powerful enough to break the love of self and supplant it with the love of God in the love for others. That love will never die. Jesus was crucified he lay down his life. But he had the power to take it up again it was a perfect sacrifice it's still perfect and it still is in your place and you can have perfect trust in the one who made it. Speaking to the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians love and. This represents the pure life and the physical. And all encompassing sacrifice of Christ we are the eat it in remembrance of Jesus. Our universe. Is full of laws. One law is the law of sin and death. God didn't make up death. When they ate from the tree. Death is the function of the law. Death was not a punishment that was created by God Death was the result of the laws of the universe. Self-seeking to the point of rebellion. And disobedience could do nothing but lead to death. Paul will write as he reflects on his spiritual struggle who will deliver me from this body of death. That deliver is Jesus. One of my favorite him says. Here I raise my Ebenezer hither by the help I've come. And I hope by the good pleasure safely to arrive at home I want to tell you friends arriving at home is the goal a man. Jesus sought me when a stranger. Wandering from the fold of God I was not headed home. He to rescue me from danger. Interposed his precious blood. Sometimes that song overwhelms me I have vision Christ setting drops of blood to pull me off the path of death and put me on the path of life. This. Pure and fermented grape juice which represents the pure beautiful love life and sacrifice of Jesus is enough assurance to get you home and it's more than enough gratitude to remind you where you were going and what he paid to put you on the path of life you've got to stop and think about it. Turn off the cell phones leave off the computer put down the remote. Seek a divine simplicity where deep thoughts could stretch your heart and your mind. Nobody else has done this for most of us nobody else has done it for any of us because nobody did what Jesus did his sacrifice was bigger than any other sacrifice ever made you might have had somebody lay down their life for you now most of us. But the God of Heaven has laid down his life in his form the bridge he is Jacob's ladder by God's grace remembering that we're children. And that our father can get us all. We have a good shepherd in Jesus in the spirit lives in. Have you ever taken this cup remember you belong to God family and do it in remembrance of him. This media was brought to you by audio produced a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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