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Faithful to the Finish

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 2, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Lord as we open the Bible and as I testify of your goodness I pray that your spirit would be here their hearts would be soft that we don't know the great calling is in your work no matter what kind of work we're doing so I'm praying Lord for school for work for home I'm praying for neighbors I'm praying for communities local and far away and I'm asking or that your spirit would rest upon us and that you'd raise us up to honor glorify your name please be amongst us teach impress I ask in Jesus name Amen I want to share something of the I didn't share with the 1st service not this week when it was super cold but a week before we had a waterline break in the church and it was over here in the men's restroom and I want to tell you how God looks out for us this water line was behind event and unfortunately and I surely would hate for anybody trying to figure out how it happened but unfortunately and I'm guessing it happened several years ago when we were trying to save money the vent was placed in the wall to allow warm air into the cavity because the pipe was running in the outside line and outside wall so there was a vent there about this big but in an effort to save money somebody had taken the vent off and put in cardboard behind the vent so now it's no longer a vent there's no warm air going into the wall well on Tuesday night a week ago so this about 10 days ago. The fire department calls lawn Reinhold who has the unfortunate blessing of being on the call list when something goes wrong here and when you get a call very early in the morning and it's a problem what lawman came over to was he was actually here a little before the fire people got here. Ev 1st they didn't really think you ought to be in the building but after they went in and they realize they need somebody who knew the building when they got inside and they went down into the youth kitchen they heard water running in this bathroom over here in the wall they went down into the kitchen and the kitchen next to the youth room the tiles the ceiling tiles were a mess watered run through the cabinets and into the closet he was working in the dark with his head lamp and his shop vac and reinforcements came it was wonderful to see the church turn out to take care of this mess but I'm starting this meeting just a little bit different this service because I want you to know something in spite of the challenges of life the Bible says many are the afflictions of the writers but the Lord delivers them out of most of them is that what he says out of them all that water could have run for days because we don't go downstairs and we don't use those restrooms during the week but in God's providence he took something that could have been a disaster not quite like the worldwide flood but it might have felt like that for us and he caused the water to run through the grid and across the tiles and short out a smoke alarm which brought the fire department and our own of men and women. And instead of that thing running for days and somebody's going down there and going oh we can swim down here. It was found within hours of it going off and then imma tell you something else. Because of the good relationship that some of our men have in this community a plumber was called You know. It's a great way to make money in the winter going around fixing people's pipes that burst but let's tell you something when this plumber was done he handed us an invoice and he said all he wanted was a tax deductible receipt that he came and took care of it can you say man I'm praising the Lord for the relationships of the people the generosity of the Plumber and what could have turned into thousands of dollars will end up being a little bit more than what our deductible for the insurance would be so we don't I'm not sure how we'll take care that in the end hasn't been decided yet but I want to praise the Lord because he saved us from trauma that we might not even know existed for hour after hour but God in His goodness short circuited literally a fire alarm so the fire people would come and where we're here today we're sitting in a church God's blessed us immensely mostly with his spirit also with the resources we need and with a vision now most of us know the 10 Commandments 8 of them say don't do this 2 of them say do do this you can figure it out and you can understand that all of them are an injunction to do good 8 of them are worded in a warning on the wall behind us is a reminder that there's a people at the end of time who keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony or the faith of Jesus this morning I want to talk to you about the 11th commandment for just a moment because this is the one that it's very easy not to fulfill now I've plucked this verse from Matthew 28 verse 19 and of course there's a missing word and the missing word I was reminded after the services can be found in the word God and gospel it's this word go. Now we know in with modern science this sitting in our chair and stating that fossilized in on our furniture for it is bad smoking cigarettes the new pack of cigarettes is your office chair but you know what there might be a perfect corollary or teaching symbolism for spiritual vitality as well and here I am today to assure you that there are special blessings that come from God When we seek to give the 3 angels messages that God doesn't send to those who fossilize on church furniture now I'm here today to talk with you about your neighbor I'm here today to talk with you about your coworker I'm here today to talk with you about the person in your home who's not sure about God or maybe have said I don't I don't get it and don't want to get it I'm here today to talk with you about neighbor to neighbor just down the road one of our collective missions I'm here to talk with you today about the least of these ministries that monthly make a journey over to Chicago and the mission we have in Brazil I'm here to remind you today the Deep in the heart of the Christian filled with gratitude for the new assurance of eternal life based on Christ give to you not your obedience there is a growing desire to live for Jesus and that means to let the rest of the world know now the problem is the devils out hawking his wares trying to sell things to us that short circuit our own spirituality to what we feel very unnatural talking about God we sense that there might be dwelling within us a measure of Resident Evil and we feel a little bit disingenuous taking the name of Jesus on our lips because whether it's the Holy Spirit of the devil one way or the other we feel just like we should be moving 2 directions one way with our mouth in another way with our actions. So starting this sermon now I just want to remind you there is an 11th commandment it's not a suggestion it's not a good idea it's a directive of Jesus and it is the priority of all those that have tasted and seen that God is good the word is go and it's the 1st word letters and God and it's the 1st letters in the word gospel and it should be part of the mantra of our life and I hope you're not so busy going that you get up in the morning and you don't go to your knees and go to the word and go to Jesus in a sweet communion So here we are the 1st Sabbath in February the month of January has gotten away from us already with a good start. And I want to take you on a journey now I am going to have going to share with you this is a little bit of an eclectic presentation a little bit here a little bit there I'm going to try not to confuse you 2nd service will probably get off a little better than 1st service did on the confusion factor because at least one of the stories I have to tell is a little bit of a challenge to follow but they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb in the word of their testimony in the smaller and that's what I want to do now I've made with some of your brothers and sisters the last visit tell Salvatore in readiness for 150 people from 7 churches they're going to be gathering there and in the process of going it appears to me I couldn't get away without something to testify about now that's a lot of reform a church the funds from this church of paid for that praise the Lord and that's a daughter church from the Fords I've showed you these pictures it for the funds from this church paid for that and this church I hear is being built not on the Sabbath day because it's the 7th Day Adventist church but every evening or many evenings and most Sundays they're here working at this church and I told you about brother Victor that's his daughter I believe on the left and his grandson on the right he broke out into crime some American showed up and talked about funding the rest of his church it was a beautiful site he's a man of God and he lived to see his dream and I share the about Steve had ICS his wife died about 3 years ago in that quest for meaning and future hope he got a brochure in the mail called unlock revelation and he went and his pastor which was once your pastor here Pastor Ariel roll down on the right has been shepherding and disciple and he was only baptized last March but he was on one of the site visits with us and while we were looking at those on there and hills and me talking with them about going back and talking to their churches about helping our El Salvadorian friends he said all paver this one and he has his check is come now I want to take you to just a few. Days ago here we are the van is a small van by American standards but it's pretty big for El Salvador holds 15 people if you fill up every aisle and pull the jump seats down but it couldn't make the corner to get to this little church and it didn't matter how many times the driver backed up and reposition the van he just couldn't get around the corner so I went down the road dropped us off we had to walk through some cow pastures and some farmland so this is one of those old through the fence kind of mechanisms where people could get through but not cows and I just made it through and some of the rest of the teams coming and the interpretive fell behind so I kept walking but you know what I knew which way to go never been there before My Lai but I knew which way to go you know how I knew I heard singing so I just kept walking across the field and find I turned a hard left and I walked down and I saw a car and here these people sitting around they have never met us before but they do know that there are a number of churches being built in El Salvador and they know they want one so what did they do well they you see those footers that are dug in the dirt right there they decided they were going to dig for the foundation even though nobody had made any promises and I want to tell you what it had in effect they were singing their songs we walked up and asked them their questions and the lady in the kind of charred truth whatever color sweater that is she's a single woman she is a farm worker she works in the fields every day so she makes around 810 dollars she must've received an inheritance from her father and her mother she had about 3 pieces of property she wouldn't you never would have known where the property had come from except that in all of our site visits we asked because there's 3 things that make these churches Work Number one is the local body has got to come up with the property. Number 2 is the local body has got to come up with the volunteers because we don't pay people to build these churches they're all volunteered your volunteering your money and your prayers and your support they're volunteering their time and their evenings and then the last piece is somebody has got to give them something hard to come by in El Salvador and that's $10000.00 and that's where we come in all of us so when we're going through the process we're asking questions she's a modest woman and she stood up and she said in effect that she had been going to church somewhere else but she wanted something for this group of people and she gave her best piece of property to come and now we were quite impressed with all this and when it was time to go obviously these things give us something to talk about and we walked away knowing this was a group of people who believe they ought to have a church now somehow the word got back to Michigan I'm not sure how this is Pastor Alex Ratajczak warm hearted Russian pastor who pastors a little south of Grand Rapids he called me up on Thursday and he said Pastor I heard there's a group in El Salvador who dug the foundations for their church but doesn't and the money to Billy said some of my church people found out about he said we can't sleep. And he said look we've been raising money I want you to hear what he said we've been raising money for people to go on the mission ship. And we've raised about 13 or $14000.00 he said but I don't think we're going to need all that he said Pastor I've got people in my church you can't sleep we want to build that church can you say man now listen. As the conduit of the heart opens the things that God gives us flow through more easily now this is a church that was at the end of a long road that R.V. and couldn't go down I want you to look at it the painted plywood falling off the side on the top right the Corrugated medals on the top left if I take you around the corner you can see they don't need in the money to paint it and every winter when it rains the mud works its way out from between the flats This isn't a mud adobe church the best building is the one behind that's a little it's about the size of your garden shed it was there was money donated for the kids they have a Sabbath school room and that's all the bigger it is as we pulled away from that church this is the next one as we pulled away from that church one of my former coworker said to me who was on the site visit he said we wouldn't even park our car in the building this church was up on a mountain it was a steep enough Hill and the roads were bad enough kind of like old Roman roads maybe that would be an insult to Roman roads I don't know but you can see that while you can't get the full sense of how steep it is El Salvador is a very mountainous country the car behind us is probably 30 or 40 feet but it's vertically descending quite a bit this van did not have a big enough engine to carry all of us that were in it up the mountain so we got out then the van had a new problem it didn't have enough weight over the back tires and it was spinning out there was smoke pouring out from the bottom of the man so the driver said we need 4 people that appeared to be the right formula it put us in it a goddess up and we made it to this church it's the same kind of church beautified by a shaft of light coming into the sanctuary but there's not much there and while it was nicer on the inside all of our. Jesus are better now speaking of garages This is one of the churches we're going to build and as it turns out this is actually where the whole church there's Mr Page he's walking through the church it just happens that like Pastor Clark there from Cicero the church is held in a garage it's in a carport and if you could see in the back up here there's a few televisions hanging from the back and they they've brought a little bit of high tech into their carport garage church and the Sabbath school room is about as big or smaller than some of your walking closets it's on the front of the church they need a church you know what the good news is the good news is we're going to build them one in March and even the property was donated while we were down there it's going to be an exciting time now let's jump over to access ECUs is there great lakes academy or admin 6 Andrews Academy and ECUs is a place that has gone through the doldrums now you know this is a sanctuary for the children of El Salvador where there's challenges with gangs. And this campus has enough dorm rooms to house I would say approximately at least $200.00 people in every norm it's a big octagon center with 4 branches coming off it 16 rooms on every branch and some of those rooms have 2 sets of bunk beds and there is currently on each of those dorms there's one branch there's one wing that's occupied there's 80 students at the academy level now whereas the year before there were 20 and the school is for the 1st time in the last few decades it's running budget neutral which means the union is not having to pour lots of extra money and to keep it going why because as a result of taking an interest in Central America people from the Indiana conference and now people from the Michigan conference and said you know what for not too much money we can make a big difference down here and they have remodeled one wing on each of the dorms and they're now remodeling a 2nd we will be living in the Boys and the girls dorm on the newly remodeled modeled wing that means 2 out of 4 wings will be remodeled this is happens to be the restrooms they'll still be very primitive for those of you they're going but they won't be full of heaving floor broken Tra cetera ECUs is a sanctuary for the young people of El Salvador and to see that cafeteria not completely full but filling with kids is a wonderful thing here's one of the centerpieces on the dorms now speaking to the cabin Tyria this is the end of the cafeteria that's been broken out why has it been broken out there enlarging the bathroom ECUs is where they hold all their union gatherings so they have up to 23000 people on this campus the bathroom had 2 men facilities in it and 2 women facilities on the end of the cafeteria they're breaking out and expanding it it'll work better for our group that's there in March and will work better for every union. Event that they have there this is another site that we will build when we arrive and now I want to start the challenging part of the story so put your seat belts on this a man named Jack Jack has decided that at the phase of life he's in and he didn't just decide recently that his business should be a way to advance God's Cause if you're a businessman here an aspiring business person I'd like to hold it to you this man is an example he would not like me putting his picture up on the screen but he's not here and I'm doing it anyway. He has been seeking to challenge people to join him on this journey which we have done now Jack as an uncle who lives in NOLA Chucky Tennessee All right I say that 10 times in a row and Jack's uncle and aunt are retired missionaries so they run a bed and breakfast and in their bed and breakfast all around what the retired missionaries have in their houses they have artifacts from all the places in the world they've been so I want you to know it Chucky Tennessee Jackson uncle Now this lady here we're going to call the magic moment Lady she have to be talking with Pastor egging on us the secretary of the El Salvadorian Union who has been right here on our platform back in September and we gave to their treasure 2 checks for $10000.00 the magic moment Lady used to work for the World Bank she traveled the world she's a treasure now for a cleft palate group of surgeons who take part of their time and energy going to 3rd world countries and provide these surgeries free. Now the magic moment Lady has a daughter who was going to school in Boston and on her way from Colorado to Boston she stopped at Jack's uncle's bed and breakfast knowledge of key Tennessee the magic moment Lady is there and of course while they're there Jack's uncle being a a mission minded older man starts talking with her and pretty soon he knows that she does cleft palates and he decides that he's going to connect the cleft palate doctors with Jacques in El Salvador great idea she has an interest and pretty soon Jack says I'd be glad to have you come on down uncle and bring this person and her team and we'll see what we can do to help the people of El Salvador this way now a problem develops between the time the Jackson call and the magic moment Lady and her team come down Jack's on call gets cancer and we could pray for him this is a very current story and he calls Jack up and he says Sorry Jack I can't come you're going to have to handle it that Jack is a businessman he's not a nurse he's not a doctor he knows next to nothing about cleft palates and he's thinking to himself What in the world in my going to do I don't know this person I've never met them I don't know anything about connecting the dots for teams of surgery and hospitals etc etc What am I going to do now I need to tell you something about Jack. Jack has an international component of his country and he travels India China all over the place he has millions of miles on United Airlines and he's met hundreds of people he doesn't consider himself a very outgoing person but I think it's a mischaracterization he's a kind friendly person he meets lots of people now Jack has a problem in a few weeks so this is back in December January of this the last 2 months he finds out his uncle can't come as a matter of fact he finds out in the month of January it's just barely February right now I'm telling you a very fresh testimony a thing I'm still I don't know how to help these people I don't know what to do now Jack has to leave ill Salvatore it's going to be a few weeks before he meets the people so he says I've gotta buy myself a ticket on the airlines now when you have millions of miles in your travel award account it's not hard for you to buy a ticket so matter of fact you get all kinds of things that people like me don't get and perks and privileges and extra bags and he got online search trying to get his ticket but he couldn't get a ticket for the night out he wanted to go out and it was a strange phenomena but he got one for the next morning and while he's on his way down to the airport he's putting his life in God's hands now he's expecting to sit back here where most of us that you know 3 seats across but instead they bumped him up to this it's a nice upgrade and what Jack didn't know was that all of the stress that was resonating in his heart as he didn't know what to do about the cleft palate people God had it covered introduce Sharon now I don't have a real picture of Sharon because Sharon is one of these. God appointed encounters that last for just a little while. So Jack is in his let's go back here Jack comes in and he sits down next to Sharon in 1st class after he's been upgraded and they get talking and Jack's all stressed out because in a few weeks he's got to be back here and help these cliff pal people now Jackson had a lot of people in his life but he's never met anybody quite like Sharon So they're talking what do you do in the 1st few minutes on an airplane you know if somebody's going to talk to you that's when you find out in the 1st few minutes and Jack tells what he does and then she tells what she does and his mouth kind of jobs open and barely knowing this lady said You are an answer to prayer and I remember they're leaving El Salvador to go back to the states and this is what the lady said she does she said I work with a group of doctors who do cleft palate surgeries. Now within a few hours God has provided the supply for the connection now this is going to be very very important because the magic moment Lady OK I'm going to put all these people up on the screen again Sharon is not the magic moment Lady she's got a name the magic moment Lady has a name too I'm just now using it and Sharon's not the real name of the other lady but the magic moment lady who is taking her daughter from Colorado to Boston and stopped in NOLA Jackie who's with another color palette grew when Jack tells her this story about meeting Sharon on the airplane she says well fairly secular lady I just call that a magic moment all right so I want you to lodge that in your mind she's the magic moment Lady now I'm going to take you down to the hospital I'm here to tell you I'm not going to give you all the details but they are now standing in the military hospital in the pediatric part of the military hospital in El Salvador they're standing there but there's still a huge piece of the puzzle that has not come into play. Now I'm going to take you another picture so forward here there's a magic moment Lady Let's go back just so you can see here that's her she's 6 feet tall very distinguished woman in finance formally for the World Bank and now the treasure for this group of Cal cleft palate doctors now the Colonel is in the fatigues pretty high rank in the armed services but not high enough to invite the surgeons to this hospital for that another dot has to be connected there is a general of 3 star general and you have to get an appointment with him now what you need to know is the magic moment Lady had to hurdles at least to get over number one let's go back and make sure we've got magic moment and Kay lady in the blue no let's check in Tennessee she's the 2nd group of clip out people that Jack's got to make arrangements for she while she's waiting to go to El Salvador gets on the Internet and just like others who get on the internet without a bigger perspective saying wrong I don't think you'll Salvatore's a safe place I don't think we can go now you remember Sharon the God appointed person who worked with another set of cleft palate doctors and was on that airplane with Jack Sharon ended up talking with the magic moment Lady and assuring her that if you stayed out of the wrong places at the wrong times it was plenty safe enough to go that's the 1st obstacle covering but magic moment Lady needs an appointment with the general she's been calling the general's office for several weeks and can't get through the problem is probably that the general doesn't know her now here's a picture of the general Now what I need you to know. Is that when you're part of the 7th Day Adventist Church you are part of one of the most phenomenal network organizations in all the world a med. And I'm about to show it to you one more time pastor eggy on is the secretary of the Union OK He was right here I mentioned a minute ago they're having a meeting what everybody in the group doesn't know is that Pastor egged me on without knowing that this lady needed to see the general and without understanding all of Jack's stresses. Knows a 7th Day Adventist lady in El Salvador who works for the general and he makes an appointment for them for the general without anybody knowing the placement has been made and you can imagine what's happening to the magic moment Lady as she's watching all this happen she has a testimony the end that says I have never seen anything work out like this before. So here they are meeting in the General's Office that's the general there he's talking to the magic moment Lady The Colonel is right behind him and the lady who arranged the meeting a fateful 7 they had minutes later who took her religion to work is right here now I don't care where you go there's not a person you run into who shouldn't get the beautiful sweet courtesy of a Spirit filled Christian who says thank you who's polite and courteous who's not bustling and pushing and irritable and in a hurry the presence of Christ in a life is sweet and powerful and it doesn't matter how much education you have if you've been educated by Jesus and transformed by his in drawing presence you are a force to be reckoned with in the name of Christ and that's what this lady was and they spent probably 2 or 3 hours together the general was in no hurry and when it was all said and done these are the players so let's just look at them. She went on a road trip stopped at Jack's uncle's bed and breakfast he was going to connect of these 3 people together but he drops out of the picture now it's just him and he doesn't know her and he doesn't know her but because God creates a providential moment on airplanes these 2 connect so now these 2 connected these 2 connect this is the one the one woman that works with the cleft palate people this is the other this one ends up convincing this one you can go to El Salvador all right and eventually they meet and the dots are connected this way because this faithful woman right here works for this man right here and Pastor Ed Young gets an appointment nobody knows about and everybody's jobs are dropping open his God provides to make sure there are dysphoric disfigured children in El Salvador are going to be that way not much longer it's a beautiful thing now this might be the nicest part of the story this restaurant doesn't look particularly fantastic except for the view the view is of a lake that's in the top of extinct volcano and so that evening after all this happened with the general in the Colonel and by the way the colonel said to the magic moment Lady he said I'm awfully glad you're working with the 7th Day Adventists they know how to get things done and then they take this magic moment Lady and some of her friends out the now Jack is with his interpreter and the interpreter is a young El Salvadorian and she says that Jack so we just bow our heads and have our own prayer and Jack with Saturn kind of mumbles back yes as they're getting ready to Bal their heads and pray the magic moment Lady former World Bank. Executive of some sort speaks up and says Are we going to pray for the food. God is at work showing that he's present and nobody had to do much except get out of their comfort zones the words go my friends just a few more things to for I've notice this is a walk in refrigerator the want to access is over 30 years old it's got holes in the ceiling I wouldn't have noticed it but the cook for our group Stacey dusky noticed it and she thought to herself. Maybe we could replace this for them so she did a little searching on the Internet made a phone call or 2 and figured her figures were wrong a little bit in the beginning because she didn't have a tape measure to measure and she thought how bitchy for about $3500.00 we can get him a new small walk in and she called somebody a donor who donor said yes the problem is I said Stacey that's bigger than that so we walked back in and I use my measuring tape there's about 6 and a half feet right there. And I said this ng's at least 6 by 10 A by 10 Corps Bush walked in there with us confirm that fish said OK that's going to cost more she got on the phone and now the price was up to a $500.00 and she called the donor and the donor said yeah do it. Well we got back the other day. When you know if we put some El Salvadorian for boots on the ground and you can't really read this but it says it will cost 126-5000 or 612659 dollars and the donor says do it can you say a man dropping a check up now I want to tell you it's one thing for an academy to become budget neutral to where you're not the financial lifeline is the union it's another thing when the infrastructure is getting built up. Because the worldwide family cares Now listen we're just one little part but we're doing what we can I'm going to end with these slides this is the 1st church that Orley Ford built now it's been expanded and decorated more since then I had the privilege of going there last Sabbath this is the inside you on how much it cost to build this church it cost back in the fifty's $10000.00 in arresting coincidences and it's what we're paying it's not quite as nice I also had the privilege of going to his grave or the 4 died in 1972 December or November that's not that long ago for some of us his wife Lillian lived until 990 she was 96 years old and what I need to know about the 4th grade is it's on a beautiful high spot kind of toward the San Salvador volcano probably and what is the older part of the city they've kept adding to their original church and now they have a $1211.00 grade school Salvadorian school and goes up to 11 grades for the what we would call the high school part they have a one through 11 grade school there with 600 kids in and. This is what the graveyard looks like very colorful That is his grave both of their grave right there she died in America and was cremated and they brought her back down and buried her with her husband but he did now that's the old version of the book I gave out with the help of my brother Ron not in Pacific press and the funding of this church I gave out 500 of these books if you've got yours and it's that not a shelf encourage you to read it these Ford still run it's one of the last pictures or early Ford and I learned about the last 15 days of his life when only Ford was in his late seventy's he made one final trip to America and his trips to America were always to get money yes friends that's something America has been good at. When he was on his last trip to America he went to see his doctor he had been black battling leukemia The doctor said I'm Orly you have 15 days to live orally said the Lilian pack your bags we're going back to El Salvador. What Orly needed to do in those last 15 days is Orly needed to take the money he had collected and buy the properties for the churches that needed yet to be built because God's work must go forward and he died in El Salvador and was buried there and even though Lillian. Spent her last days in America which is probably a better place for someone to some years old it was her wish to be buried next to her husband now I'm here to tell you friends we are in a position as a 7 day heavens church where it is time for us to hitch our car to the locomotive of the 3 angels message and instead of talking about how it doesn't work in this method doesn't work I'm afraid that the methods that work are the ones where we let God get us out of our comfort zone and get us into our discomfort zones and God start stepping in to do things he wouldn't do if we didn't go we're in a situation where whether it's for this conference or this union or this division or whatever it might be that God is calling us to let us be used even in ways that we don't feel comfortable with now when I said this is a little bit of a collective it was I'm holding in my hands the treasurer's report for the finality of 2018 I was curious so I asked the Treasurer the other day I saw this morning God center in early so I could hold this in my hands I said Rhonda do you have a copy of the treasures report. I'm holding just a 2 year comparison right here I would be nice to have a 4 or 5 year comparison but I am here to tell you this the tie in the mission conference went up by 3 percent this year praise the lord they're praising the Lord the tithe in the vision went up by 6 plus percent there praising the Lord can you say Praise the Lord the tie that village church went by 11.53 percent this year from $1416000.00 to $1.00 an increase of 163326 The fun to put kids in our own school went up by $17340.00 over last year and at the end of the year we collected $344000.00 more this year than we did the year before I don't think it's hurting us to experience the reflex in influence as we take an interest in Chicago in El Salvador in Brazil in Montana wherever it might be and I'm appealing to you and I'm affirming you in Christ if Paul could bring on the on the the members from a K. a then I'm going to go ahead in the name of god bless you in the name of Jesus and brag on you just a little bit for a few moments here somehow in the midst of the journey God is not only meeting our needs here but he is expanding our ability to serve Him Now I'm not here suggesting here that we're flush with cash you notice we never made it to our combine budget the good news is we got past our expenses I don't feel terribly bad about it because we raised tens of thousands of dollars for people in other places I'm assuming a little bit of that combine budget money ended up going to El Salvador I don't regret it but I'm asking not to do it that way and I'm not raising money for El Salvador anymore at least not now I'm done all right we pretty much got all that we need. The good news is is that the people access have been hoping to have a college program on their campus but the government tells them no and keeps telling them No but they found a way to do it there's a college in Costa Rica called Alloway law some of you have been to it I've had the privilege of been been to it they've worked it out looks like the inner American division will work like this that alleyway will have an extension on the campus of ECUs So the El Salvadorans who can afford to go down the coast or Rica will still be able to get a college education because adman is not a work together can you say man listen friends. Whether it's the last 15 days of your life or whether it's the 1st few days of 2019 I'm appealing to you I'm appealing to those of you who put an extra dollar because God bless you into the tithe and it went up by almost 12 percent and I'm appealing to all of those who aren't giving a regular offering your return your tithes but you've never started giving an offering I'm appealing to you to give 3 offerings starting this month one goes to the combine budget of this church that covers almost all our needs you might start out just giving a fraction of a percent or a percent start with one percent it won't break you. The 2nd gets to go to Michigan advanced partners because you're sitting on pews that were paid for by missing in advance partners I don't want you to forget this and there are all kinds of kids from places like Laos and Cambodia who can afford to go to school and we help them go to school with Michigan advance partners please find a way to economize and give a little bit to Michigan advance partners I'd suggest another percent And then lastly there's the world budget you know we belong to a world church praise God in how lujah a pastor Aggie on and a faithful 7 day on this lady want to connect the dots so that a cleft palate team can get into the military hospital that's something that couldn't happen without us being together as a family the world budget must be funded and I'm appealing to you where at the start of a new year when I was a young man making next to nothing I made $400.00 a month I get married before I was done in college yes I had my wife's parents' permission. I lived in a little house on Grove Street that just got torn down in the last few years it in a cow barn I fed the cows at the dairy and later on I shoveled snow with the ground Department God opened up the door for us to live in what was a retrofitted cow barn where I couldn't even stand up straight inside of it had one little bitty wood stove that I found I scraped together and every little scrap wood I could find I burned I paid $75.00 a month when everybody else was paying $200.00 something but even then making only $400.00 a month and I'm not bragging on myself I was schooled in this by my wife's parents even then we started painting offering giving and offering I don't pay tithes and I don't pay an offering I give it God gave it to me what I'm saying to you today is is that some of us could cut back on different parts of our lives in economy. And we could be putting fuel in the mighty locomotive of this 3 angels message that is changing lines everywhere we go but the biggest life to be changed is yours and mine friends faithful to the Finish the same God who set magic moment Lady that set Sharon next to my friend Jack and connected magic moment Lady to the general is going to get us out of this mess we're in and get us off this planet he's going to use this is save souls in the process I'm appealing to you take time to get to know him I'm appealing to you to remember every influence every financial bill you have as a stewardship. And I'm appealing to you to some day hope that the greatest affirmation you have heard yet is the ever making of Jesus who looks into your face and he says Well done good and faithful servant enter in to the joy of your Lord Father thank You for faithful retired missionaries who continue think in the line of inventing your cause from knowledge Shockey Tennessee thank you for a lady called share a home you place in the sea next to another faithful servant so that he could know you had him covered in that you could hold him up with your righteous right hand thank you for a lady Lord who went from doubting the providence of God. To encouraging the blessing on the food and acknowledging by testimony. That she's never seen anything work out like this before thank you for a colonel who will testify on behalf of the brothers and sisters of the 7 they have a nice church in El Salvador and thank you for every faithful 7th Day Adventists in North America who's recapturing a sense of what it means to take their advantages and advantage of the rest of the world and I'm praying Lord bless this church more than you have already and I'm praising you for what you've done and I pray Lord May a sweet spirit be in our hearts a collective oneness with our brothers and sisters in poorer places around the world and I'm praying for the young people here Lord that they would sense there is a high calling in the dedication of their talents and their education and their relationships for you and I'm praying our bus every older person who's carried the burden in the heat of the day bless the missionaries that is sacrifice years without anybody noticing and those that have come close to the point of death. I'm just rejoicing Lord that you could encourage a saw and none of us could say we could take the credit that would be robbery. But it would be a lie Lord to say we weren't involved and thank you for not passing us by now bless us as we go wherever we go. Here sweet spirit be in our hearts in our homes in our work please bless the rest of this day the Pathfinder Bible Experience it happens here this afternoon in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. You'd like to listen to more sermon leave W.W.W. audio or.


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