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Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 16, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Jesus is the reason we're here in man. We have life more abundant because of him. Last Sunday was an abundant day could bring our pictures up some of the are able to be there some of you Ben and others I encourage you we're going to have others we hope to take all these bags that we bag 3500 of them and take them down to the Miami correctional facility. Next Sunday but that's not working out will have to be a slightly different arrangement we were packed in that church for over 200 of us we had boxes of popcorn that takes up a lot of space and kind of crowded us in on each other but you know people were happy in spite of being kind of pushed about and everybody was doing what they could and we had young we had the older we might even have had old we had families and we had folks that were truly enjoying doing something that Jesus said should be done which is caring for the prisoners everybody could make a difference and everybody was and there we even have the backwards dunk application of this stuff here so it was pretty good day it was wonderful to see folks that could barely see over the bag and those that could stick stuff in father and son and we created so much cardboard we needed a crew just hauling it out they were constantly grabbing it moving it along breaking the boxes down family event by the way we appreciate our Pathfinders adventures I hear Luke kind of put the heavy on his dad and said I've never done this before I want to do it and I think that was wonderful thank you it was wonderful to have the adventures there with us and I'm not sure what happy anticipations behind those closed eyes that big smile but it was a good day and show Holland boxes out. A few kids even from Ruth Murdoch joined us it was nice to have them and getting the bags out to the truck that was a lot of work every one of those black bags had 6 paper bags in them and you know they were very full this time so I deacons and others hard at work there and the rest of family there and they're making it to the semi trucks pretty fall and they're still smiling that's a good sign the boxes were broken down I don't have a picture of their burning but let me just say all that's left is ashes and I appreciate Cory Bush and his crew hauling that off and Krystle and Kristen was there at the very end with their mom tasse helping to clean up that she'll be a good deacon to someday and certainly a servant of Christ now let's bring up the. Let's bring up the time lapse here and watch it watch the piles of things do I need to go backwards to do this let's watch the. It's see here and there we go All right watch the boxes disappearing here it wasn't quite that fast but it was close and we did $3500.00 bags in a little under 2 hours so it wasn't our fastest begging day but it was maybe our best one and the joy that was in everybody's heart everything's about gone the camera fell over and it's a done deal. I want to thank Pastor Page and Christmas behind bars and all of you that could help and all of you that wanted to help and all of you that some day will help Jesus said that he was in prison and we visited him well you know if you're under 18 you're probably not going to go in and some of us that threshold may be beyond us right now but the literature that when. They tell us that the Miami correctional institution the 1st several months ahead of time the suicide rates go down when they're anticipating getting the bags. So you may never go into the prison but your encouragement there and we as a church we made a $3000.00 contribution so when you're supporting combine budget in our Vangelis and funds part of our evangelism is ministry to the prisoners so not only did we pack the bags we worked with Christmas behind bars our local church school our own families youth and more senior and now we need to be praying when those bags go in the somebodies life will be touch you know Pastor Page has told his story here you know a piece of literature in prison is why he's ministering among us now can you say man. We don't know when God's going to water the seed but he can make it grow the life is put in it the life is in the word we go forward and say we don't always see the results but we have confidence that God will reap the harvest if we're patient and if we are faithful to do what he says let's pray Lord as we open this word now I pray open our hearts may we be truly true seekers and I ask Lord that our hearts would be sensitive to the impress of your spirit so please guide me and guide my brothers and sisters gathered with me here now and May this be a journey the edifies may be warns or challenges but most of all the Lord may lift up Jesus your gift our Savior our elder brother in Jesus name we pray Amen OK. Admin is fake news. We're living in an age of Info Wars and of course depending on what flavor of truth you want if you could put those words together like that you watch this news source to get this version of truth this news source a get this version of truth or this radio program or this website. But I'm here to tell you today admin is cannot be involved in fake news advocates cannot be fake Adventist if they're going to go all the way through and not embarrass themselves their family their god and disappoint a lot of people are going to be true people they have to hear and feel in the Word of God They have to sense what he's saying and see the hand of Providence through the Word of God They come to know his voice in the spirit of prophecy they find it confirmed but if as 7th Day Adventists we resist the power of the Holy Spirit we shall find ourselves calloused and pass by the end now I purposely don't go into politics in my sermons because politics give you a reason to disagree with me on a sub standard issue whether I do or don't like this occasionally I'll use political events as illustrations but I try to be nonpartizan in the use of them but in the age of post truth what we have found is is that you can have any message you want and you can believe whatever you want and the worst sin is for me to upset you or you to upset somebody else by saying that's not true now we have our own version of fake news we give ourselves a hard time I mean as a some degree it's OK in some degree it's not OK is it OK if his admin a few know what I mean when I say I'm going to haystack for lunch it's OK Should we explain it to anybody in our midst Yeah we should so I stack is like a taco stallin on steroids with a little bit of beans in it. But we have our own subculture which is normal the Kelly family has its own subculture your family should have its own subculture with the little traditions where we have our own sub fake news and I can make a journey on with you on this day I'm starting a 4 part series on subject matter that will become clear enough in just a minute I need you to see what these things have in common put your thinking caps on and say what is the common thread that links these things as we bring up my my site here OK so here's one. Look at that for a minute it's hard to imagine that few minutes later somebody would be dead and how about this 150 years ago today somebody supposedly walked on the moon 50 years ago this year and a year ago a little less than 20 years ago supposedly somebody flew airplanes into these buildings and here is one a lot of people doubted whether or not one of our presidents was an American citizen and these next couple Some people are sure some people say the earth is warming and some people think this is a architected Photo Shopped artistically created rendition of something we call Planet Earth now I think we're to the end did you get it every one of those slides I put up. Have a conspiracy theory behind them even after almost all the records that could be declassified about President Kennedy's assassination have been declassified. There's never been an ability to prove there was a conspiracy to kill him. And as far as the trade towers some are convinced to this day that there were explosives inside the buildings that actually caused them to come down and as for global warming it doesn't matter if thousands of temperature gauges around the world say it's going up and whether or not the ocean is rising and some people actually believe that nobody was on the moon they made all those pictures up too and as for the world being round there are a number of people who believe that it is flat and I want to talk with you about this because we're living in an age where fear and pride are sucking people into a conspiracist way of thinking scientists discover the reason people believe in conspiracy theories this is not old news this is from August of last year let me show you what you're saying it's pretty disconcerting they found that conspiracy theorists are more likely to think everything happens for a reason and things are meant to be and of an approach they share with another group often considered extreme in their beliefs probably most of you fit into this category right here. So what they're doing in the study they had 3 control groups of size these are not little studies I mean one study at 1251 had 750 I think wanted 1250 and they found this to be the case all the way through that a lot of people who are conspirators have a fundamental view of the Bible and it's something they called Telia logical thinking you believe that bees were created to pollinate Well if you're a if you're an evolutionist bees were never created number one and there was no purpose in their creation it was all accidental but if you're a telly ologist if you believe in purpose you're likely to be a creationist and it just so happens to be there's an unnaturally high correlation between creationist and conspiracists to make you feel good or bad I hope it makes you feel bad. We think the message that conspiracists them is a type of creationism that deals with the social world and can help clarify some of the most baffling features of our so-called prosciutto era what it is saying they're saying if you tend to be a creationist and see order everywhere Well you're going to create social order and comfort for yourself by coming up with these reasons for things being the way they are so if global warming is a Democratic conspiracy they came up with it to overreach if planes didn't bring the twin towers down it's probably because the government wanted to be in control of everything and make you fearful enough to where they could pass the Patriot Act and things like this and of course it worked and I don't know where the merit is and believing the world is flat not round but I do know the Bible says this that God sits and throne above the circle of the earth if you ever read that so I don't need science to tell me the world is round and the pictures from outer space I believe now. Others got in the game on this to the London School of Economics and Political scientists they have their own theories on this and USA Today had some very interesting things to say about it one of the authors of this of the narrative says Oliver believes that the greatest predictor of people's likelihood to accept conspiracy theories is that agree to which they rely on their intuition over analytical thinking now I want to ask you something is intuition good yes or no yes it's good is analytical thinking good yes or no. If you had to make a decision and you had a fact in front of you or a gut hunch if the fact was a fact. Maybe going with the fact and analyzing its credibility might be better than just going with how you feel the absence of evidence never got in the way of a good conspiracy theory no matter how unlikely a given imagine conspiracy and no matter how many facts are produced to disprove it the true believers what they never budge and why don't they ever budge because if you knew what they knew. You'd think just like them I've learned that there's no such thing as evidence that persuades a conspiracy theorist Pozner said it's sort of a psycho religious belief in part they just know it's true even if they can't quite prove it then fusion also called conspiracy theories a form of belief it doesn't matter how much evidence to the contrary you raise these hard core conspiracy theories will discredit the source of the evidence now I can't rush by the side you could show somebody a fact a verifiable fact now to some degree we've created this right I mean let's be honest disingenuous. Lacking integrity scientists have done this because they've used science to prove everything I have I have a cartoon in my file somewhere and the husband and wife are sitting across the table from each other and one of them says you know you should be using the salt that's bad for you and the other one says No I have science that proves the salts good for you and by the way this was a this was a fake news story and I haven't has and years ago and Jay in Ender's our 1st missionary got caught up in this I didn't tell this in the 1st service and he wasn't going to use salt and Helen White was sitting at the table with him and she started shaking. And he said Oh Sister White Don't you know that's not good for you shouldn't use that and she came back with a good one she said Brother Anders My Bible says salt is good. If you don't have facts to dismiss the can establish your conspiracy you have to destroy the facts that ruin your conspiracy theory this is super important friends how honest of heart are you can the Holy Spirit say anything to you the subject matter of today is the Holy Spirit by the way and if you didn't know the new admin it's fake news is that the Holy Spirit is not a person of the Godhead he's just the spirit of Jesus and I'm going to go into this a little bit more I'm not quite done here Oliver does not believe conspiracy theories have a major impact on politics as much as they are symptomatic of problems within the political system it's less about the conspiracy theories themselves and more about the kind of flight notice this the kind of flight from reason in political discourse do you think reason should be in discourse do you think that people make decisions about you and your society your government its bombs its money its medicine do you think there should be a reason there do you want the flight of reason from your religious discourse. American democracy is a product of the Enlightenment reason meant an awful lot to us it is a very explicitly rationalist and apprise we believe in logic and fact and if people reject rationality to embrace what they believe over what they can prove that democratic enterprise could begin to unravel and I'm here to tell you today so could the admin is church if we dig down into the recesses of conspiracy and fake news and I'm going to take you on a journey here we go 24 times in Johnson John's gospel just 3 chapters go Jesus refers this is Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as a he him to now does that mean the Holy Spirit has a male gender know what he's emphasizing is the fact is that the Holy Spirit is a person as opposed to an impersonal force I got an emblem of this week and it's probably one of the most troubling pieces of mail that I've gotten in a long time in this envelope where a number of documents and a letter that did not sound like the person who sent it to me I happen to love the person who sent this to me he was a mentor of mine he and his wife when she were alive were tremendous friends of my family has not ceased to be my friend but he is in deep trouble and he had to be a missionary and make sure that I knew that 50 years of his service working for this the nomination was maybe worse than wasted because the denomination is in apostasy because a long time ago back about a 100 years ago we continued studying the Bible and went past people like you Ryan Smith and James White who were Ariens they didn't believe in the full divinity of the of the Godhead nor did they believe in the full divinity of Christ by the way. Arion ism is just over this witness and Jesus is a sub God That's what it means when you say the word Arion it's not just that they didn't believe in the Godhead and the Holy Spirit is a member fully embodying all the Godhead it's that they didn't even believe that Jesus himself was equal with the father. Now it's important for us to understand the 7th Day Adventists and didn't think they got the lock stock and barrel and closed all down theological understanding back in the 840 fifties or sixties they believed that God would reveal himself more progressive lay over time through His word do you believe this then we don't have to be stuck where they were stuck when they didn't believe the right things our 7th day adventists forefathers when they were Miller writes went to church on Sunday and a pig regularly but they progressed on to where truth could be truth and if the doctrine of the Holy Spirit as a fully equal part of the Godhead was not in their repertoire of understanding it doesn't mean that we're going to practice some kind of patriarchal creedalism where it's only believable if the ones who came before us believe that I need to understand this because when you read this literature it makes it sound like we're past the sizing if our concepts of truth should grow and expand and we might understand that there is actually one of the most beautiful pictures of God when they are not at war with each other but when there is such a perfect harmony that one will glorify the other and the other will glorify the other in a trio of United divine oneness which is to represent the oneness that we have read John 17 I don't have time to do it today but Jesus' prayer is let this church praying for his disciples be one as the Father and the spirit and the Son are one that is a prayer that oughta take our minds into outer space. I'm here this morning because this literature is damning in its subtle Nuss to suggest a few things number one that if we hold any doctrine that is similar to the Catholic Church that somehow that doctrine is suspect now I'm going to tell you something my dad's side of the family is all Catholic and there are some wonderfully beautiful people I'm here to tell you something else the Catholic Church holds doctrines that we consider to be perfectly biblical find the doctrine or at least significantly in common with Biblical doctrine that we hold because the doctrine is held by another church be an apostate Protestantism or Catholicism does not make it wrong but the not so subtle insinuation here is that if we hold a doctrine in common with the Catholic Church which was which was a word that means general which is what the New Testament Church was it was the Catholic Church it was the general church that if we hold a doctrine and come with them somehow that is suspect and it's the evidence of a conspiracy and let's trace our way all the way back to where this conspiracy began and it doesn't matter who we impute been and who we slander on the way yeah I read part of the book. If you took the parts of this book out that trace the idea you know we don't believe exactly the same thing as our Catholic brothers and sisters do about the Godhead we don't believe exactly the same thing but whether you're use the word Trinity or the word Godhead 70 Evan is do believe on biblical evidence that the Holy Spirit is as much God as is Jesus and is the father. He come down to the end of this book actually not this on the phone. And when you get down to the end of it. The basic premise of the book is that if you believe that Jesus if you believe that the Holy Spirit is a person and is as much God as Jesus that you're actually robbing Jesus of glory because in some places in the Bible the Holy Spirit is referred to as his spirit and this is the most convoluted reasoning but what they act like is very an Adventist So let me explain this as a 7th Day Adventist I do not believe nor do we teach and my suspicion is since most of you have studied into the word you know that you don't have an eternal spirit going around inside you that flits off to heaven or hell when you die. We become a living soul when a body and the breath of God in habitus that's a living soul we don't believe that I've got an immortal soul that races down to hell camped out in purgatory or flies off to bliss in heaven when we die we believe the breath goes back to God The body goes into the ground and we wait to be resurrected Amen this is what we believe but if you follow the reasoning of this book you come away with the idea that somehow Jesus has a spirit that is different than his person and that spirit is what came to earth but it is literally every bit as much Jesus. And if you call it the Holy Spirit and give it its own person you're robbing Jesus because that's Jesus spirit and I want to show you can't get anywhere with this kind of logic. It makes it sound like Jesus is God himself his own little. 2 person and one thing going on now when we look into this topic. We find that if you read the subject to where every little phrase has to be literalistic Lee interpreted you could literally have the Holy Spirit as nothing but Jesus Himself even though he took on humanity you know why it's quite clear about this Jesus took on humanity so he couldn't be everywhere at one time. Take your Bibles and open them up we're going to look at this Jesus promises go to John Chapter 14 Jesus promises that he will send another comforter Jesus in the same dialogue uses this term he him and whom 24 times in the 3 chapters that will follow John Chapter 14 and by the way while you're going there I'm just going to read this to you Jesus actually go and go there and put a mark in your Bible and then come back to Matthew 126 something in there so we can go over to John 14 kind of quickly when it's time I want to go to Matthew 12 1st and I want to remind you that Jesus himself was accused of being the devil. He was accused of casting out demons by the power of bells above. Jesus had a very serious warning for this it says in Matthew 12 verse 30 he who is not with me is against me and he does not gather with me scatters Therefore I say to you any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people but blasphemy against the spirit shall not be forgiven now this next verse is pretty amazing Whoever speaks a word against the Son of man it shall be forgiven him but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit is shall not be forgiven him even or either in this age or in the age to come. Somehow Jesus in his knowledge of the eternal and human workings of conviction and truth understood that his words were born to the human heart on sound waves but impressed upon the human heart by the Godhead himself in the form of the Holy Spirit and this is how it works yet today which is why when the Holy Spirit speaks to you about something and you ignore him it's like the calluses on my hands every time I rub up against something that's not easy or should be inside my body my skin says thicken the barrier thicken the barrier and when the Holy Spirit comes up against your life and you say Go away go away you create the callus that makes it hard for you to hear and eventually never thinking that you'd end up where out of bounds enemy of God you do and the problem with speaking against the Holy Spirit is that when you speak against the Holy Spirit and you never stop you commit the I'm pardonable sin Jesus has this morning I think he understood there would be some challenges John Chapter 14 flip back over there now if you would and we're going to look at verse well look at the 1st few verses and then we'll jump to verse extend Do not let your heart be troubled you haven't memorized the Scriptures memorize. Do not let your heart be troubled believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many dwelling places or mansions for were not so I would have told you and I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I'll come again to receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also what Jesus doing were entering into the last week of his life before the cross and what he's trying to do is get his people ready and tell him you know what things are going to turn out different than you thought. You're not going to have me as long as you thought. I won't be sitting on the throne that you thought and you're going to be sad when I'm gone but don't be troubled I'll be leaving to go do another work so that when it's time to come home you've got a place now skip over to verse 16 I will ask the Father and He will give you another comforter some of your bible say some say helper that he may be with you forever that is the spirit of what true now listen truth matters you believe a lie you'll find yourself in deep trouble somewhere down the road this is not just another comforter or another helper this is the Spirit of truth should we find that the devil makes an end run he tries to flank the family and the Army of God at the end of time so that the very thing they need most is the very thing they're unprepared to receive and the in the form of suppose that conspiracists knew the light they actually blasphemy the Spirit Himself who Ellen White makes very clear is a person and is is fully God is any other of the 3 that makes the triune Oneness the unified God the One God that we worship love and know and by the way while I'm at it anybody that reads thinks or wants to send anything to me send it. I want to tell you I've had so many engaging conversations just between the services and I'm going to share one of them right now with you if you talk to a Jehovah's Witness or a Muslim and you talk about Jesus they use the same argument Taishan that used in this literature and that is if you make Jesus God you take something away from the father this is just a little different application with different parts of the god if you make the Holy Spirit God this literature says You take something away from Jesus well let's just move over to the Muslims and the Jehovah's Witnesses and anybody else who's Arion and doesn't believe in the full fullness of the boss of the Godhead the only bodily in Christ and we have a new argument or an old argument in place again and that is that if you make Jesus God you take something away from the father it's nothing new under the sun. Jesus promised us that he would send someone else to comfort us now listen in Star Wars they may talk about the force being with you but when my heart's breaking I want to comfort her I don't want to force can you say a man Jesus knew that as he became a human being he would give something up of his deity that was omnipresence and when he gives up his omnipresence he is not going to leave us as orphans a man we can have G.'s us because of the God It is constantly deferring honoring and reflecting each other we can be as if Jesus was in our very presence we can be shepherded as if we were one of the disciples it's now through the presence of the Holy Spirit in us and leading and guiding us teaching us and comforting us and making us fruitful fragrant and free in the name of the one who died and paid the price Amen. This doctrine is central to so much of what we believe and the idea that there were some twisted 7th Day Adventists 100 years ago who began conforming to Apostolic doctrine is blasphemy of the highest order. Now you don't have to feel a strong about it as I do but you don't have one in your mentors sending out dozens of these packets saying in effect I wasted my life working for the 7th Day Adventist Church I'm going to tell you something I don't know who's led him into it I don't know who gave him the literature but I know when you're 81 years old you don't always think is clear is when you're 55 or 35 or 15. But I know this the space the specialist's line of reasoning that is used here. Not to go of uncontested when we think about the work of the Holy Spirit it's important for us to know a few things when you can't disprove the facts because his spirit of prophecy is clear on this you have to discredit the sources that's what I was showing you in the beginning now I'm going to show you something and I'm just going to tell you that all those who go down this line of reasoning with the new admin is fake news trying to make this truth not true now I want to ask you what a manuscript was 100 years ago you may type out a manuscript now but 100 years ago when L.-Y. was writing her books an article she wrote them out in hand a manuscript in $800.00 is something written now by hand we have tens of thousands of manuscripts from Ellen White in her own handwriting which is a little hard for you to read but of which we have reams and reams of pages she says these things what this says across the top and you can feel free to look at it up close if you want to go to a website is the Holy Spirit as to what. A person for he bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God go to the book evangelism page 616 and when you look at the websites and the literature on this they have to go out of their way to take the simplest statements and explain to you why they're not true and it's all not all but it's significantly conspiracy thinking let's go to another one she says this in a manuscript in the 1900 his faith in Jesus Christ by baptism I clipped the quote and it's become a receiver of the pledge from the 3 persons and who are the 3 persons the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit all in their own handwriting but these have to be fakes is have to be forgeries are they the Holy Spirit is the comforter she writes Just read that John 14 in Christ name he personifies Christ yet he is a distinct What personality are let's go to another one here's one where it's gone past written form and now it's typed and I want you to notice a couple things the 1st thing I want you to notice is she has crossed some things out this will not go into a book form as it was written by hand after it was written by hand it was typed out and she looked at it again and let's see what she did here we have every reason to think that we are in the right place we have been brought together as a school and we need to realize and look at the underline the Holy Spirit who is as much a person as God is a person is walking in these grounds now she also insert something here see the carrot top and what's going to go into the published article will have this included in it unseen by human eyes that the Lord God is the keeper and helper he hears every word we are and he knows every thought she had originally written out we think but she crosses that out. Now if in the course of her preparation of her manuscripts or writing she's comfortable to cross things out and to leave things in such as who is such a person as God who is much a person as God is person what we begin to see is that you've got to stretch a long way to hang on to your intuition and your gut feeling in your belief which leads to a conspiracy over analytical thinking and fact not going to read that she goes on to say something very important the church is not now the separate peculiar people she was when the fires of persecution were kinda against her I'm going to pause right now and insert something. I had 2 groups of people listening to me here today maybe 3 I have one group whose tendency is to say Dr and that's dusty old non non important stuff who cares because a lot of you have not bumped into somebody who has now made a shipwreck of their faith by denying the very essence of who God is you see at the heart of the 7 they have a message is the character of God Amen that's who we are in effect the the final warning is a warning to get to know God before the day of mercy is closed we are not scaring good people into into heaven with the fires of hell we are inviting people into a living loving relationship with a compassionate god. This is what she says in the days when we had to pay a price to believe the church was more like gold and less like dross how the Gold has become them how is most Feingold changed I love this quote I saw that if the church had always retained your peculiar holy character the power of the Holy Spirit which was imparted to the Sipos would still be entered and this last sentence I'm hanging on because this day's coming. The sick would be healed Devils would be rebuked and cast out and she would be mighty. I copy this straight from the websites that didn't seem quite right she would be mighty and a terror to her enemies you know what I'll be very frank I grow weary of the church constantly going like this and back into the day is coming when through the power of the Holy Spirit the church will take up the sword and the shield and they will March into the fray and with the helmet of salvation and the belt of truth good about their ways and their feet shod with the gospel they will not retreat because the Holy Spirit will be in their ranks and like David could run against the troop so will the church and God's Church will be victorious in a way we haven't seen in decades. Now I'm talking about conspiracy theories for just a moment take your Bibles and open them up to the very 1st book of the Bible the very 1st chapters of Genesis Chapter 3 you need to understand that from early on the devil understood the power of fear and significance listen to me people who believe Signet conspiracy theories they're either very afraid and stressed out and the worst thing they don't know is that a conspiracy theory makes you afraid with nothing you can do you read so they're building a 1000. Detention 1000 barracks out in the middle of never had a somewhere for the Sabbath keepers there's no facts to prove it. But what you get to do now that you know is be afraid before you have to be afraid Listen friends if it was true could you change it the answer is no and if someday God should allow you to be incarcerated for his name will he be with you and sustain you even if you should go to the death for Jesus he did that for you Could he sustain you. And then there's the conspiracy theorist who are on the top of the pack it's a little bit like a. Let's see what do they call those where you start selling ahead of time and and you get to the top of the pack you know you have those pyramid schemes so the people who have are at the top of the information pyramid they make money they make money by getting you to support their cause help them publish their books because if other people knew what you now knew we could all not be part of the apostate church yes it's significance or it's fear typically And somehow the devil knew that we were prone to this pride dynamic Haven't you heard Eve. God who He says the earth haven't you heard Eve if you just get a bite of this you'll be like God. Haven't you heard that he's keeping something from you and isn't it good eve that you ran into me because I've got the inside story and if you eat this it's going to be different and of course like all of his lies there's a little bit of truth mixed with a lot of air and in the moment Spirit of Prophecy tells us she ate the fruit and for a moment she thought she felt a rush and by the way friends don't ever tell your kids that the 1st drag on we'd isn't going to be good in that 1st sip of wine is going to be good now beer and cigarettes that's a different story again learn to choke some of those things down for you like them. But don't tell your kids that what the devil says is bad doesn't seem good at 1st it does. Make sure they can be easily caught of guard and down everything else you say but the woman saw that the tree was good for food verse 6 and that it was a delight to the eyes and the tree was desirable to make one wise she bought into the conspiracy theory she took from the fruit verse 6 and she ate and she gave also to her husband he didn't buy into the conspiracy he it was his sin we needed to be saved from she was lied to duped and tricked and it was wrong but he went forward without believing the conspiracy theory because it put her 1st conspiracy theory number 2 I want to bring you up to date on Jesus was crucified on a Friday afternoon he died and was taken down off the cross before the Sabbath he was put in a tomb but people are afraid this time it's a different route scribes and Pharisees can't shake the Holy Spirit and the power of Christ's words which the Holy Spirit gentled home and they say to themselves he's not going to be got now we're going to put a 100 soldiers at that too we're going to seal it with a Roman seal but on Sunday morning some women who love Jesus brave bold women were going to walk up to a 10700 of a century and Stroup and they were going to ask somebody to move the stone and let them go in and anoint the body of Jesus beautiful brave women somehow while all the men were blinded by self aggrandizement and pride and one of the left and right feet and couldn't get it some of these God when He said die that men die. But when they walk up to the tomb the stone is gone the soldiers are gone they're in town and what they have to do to cover it all up they're given money and they are given a story it just so turns out that it's a conspiracy story here's the conspiracy he wasn't really raised to life he was stolen away by as disciples Now I want you to know something and I want you to think about something Jesus did not March in to the Sanhedrin he did not March into Jerusalem he did not say to all his disciples on Sunday evening or a the days that follow C'mon we're going to go in and we're going to do that triumph of thing again that was not what Jesus did he had a different plan he had a different promise he had a different gift it was not he is with a show of force to wow a saw em prove that he was who he said he was but he could have got rid of that conspiracy theory that quick but he did what he did was he hung out with his disciples and he told them something he said don't leave Jerusalem used a year and you pray don't go out and try to win a single soul you wait for the promise I made to you and after 10 days of praying I want to tell you I have knelt with people whom I didn't really like but at the end of praying with them for 10 days I like them I love them in those 10 days and pray I don't know when Peter said to the rest of them you know guys I sure did open my mouth too often did night and they very nicely kind of like. I'm sorry and James and John I don't know when they said Sorry guys for climbing to the top of the pack through my mom and I don't know how many things they said over and over again I couldn't believe that I was so full of myself and Jesus was so empty of selfishness. The love of God the glory of what the God who was fully God would do that's what Paul is going to write Jesus was completely fully unequivocally God that was a new thing the word Messiah did not mean fully equal to God it meant anointed one it meant deliver they were surprised when Jesus arrived any forgive sin in the House of Peter when they tore the roof off in the pair let's be led out why did everybody get their hackles up when he said good cheer son your sins are forgiven why because only God could forgive sins and who did he think he was he just knew who he was that's why in John Chapter 13 it was a knowing who he was where he come from and where it's going to took the task and he knelt down and he was to Fiji's as didn't have an identity complex and he was an insecure he knew who he was. The 3rd and final conspiracy will at least involve an attack on the Holy Spirit as well. You see in the beginning there was the love of God there was the there was the era you might say of the father's preeminence that law was broken it was broken in heaven it was broken on earth then there was the promise of a deliver a reconciler That's Jesus he was that rock that went through the desert with him and finally after Jesus dies there is the application and the empowerment of the merits of the cross and this comes through the power of the Holy Spirit. Now take your Bibles and turn to the Book of Numbers Chapter 20 I'm not starting the sermon over and coming to the end Numbers Chapter 20 I want to take and make a typological application of the work of the Holy Spirit. Numbers Chapter 20 where at the end of almost 40 years of wandering in the wilderness in number Chapter 20 we're going to have the worst day that Moses has had in his life for 40 years verse 8 take the rod and you and your brother Aaron assemble the congregation and speak to the rock before their eyes do what to the rock speak that it may yield its water you shall to thus bring forth water for them out of the rock and let the congregation and their beast drink so Moses took the rod from before the Lord just as he commanded him and Moses and Aaron gathered the Assembly before the rock and he said to them now these words are laden with emotion if I started out this sermon today and I said you now listen you rebels I think I probably would have said a lot just a few words Moses it appears without me being able to be inside of his head it appears that Moses has come to the end of his rope that rock that was in the wilderness Paul tells us have followed them when Moses struck the rock the 1st time nobody had ever seen anything like it water gushed out of a rock in a desert nothing green for tens and maybe hundreds of miles but there is now a river that will make heart make glad the hearts of the children of God and their beasts that rock followed them the New Testament says that river went everywhere they went most of the time but for some reason at the end it's not flowing why listen you rebels shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock they always acute Moses of being the real leader not God and Moses will oblige him self today that yeah he's got a little more than he thought in the beginning. Then Moses lifted up his hand and he struck the rock twice with his rod and because he disobeyed God no water came out of the rock is Ellis' praise God Glory Hallelujah. He lifted that that staff up and even though he was going directly away against what God said God didn't fly away like he was no longer his son and his prophet God still made water come out of the rock when you do things that are wrong even when you know they're wrong God doesn't fly away from you his heart is broken his heart is sad law is still in effect and Moses and Aaron are not going to be delivered from having to face God but God Himself is heartbroken because now the plan to lead them into the Promised Land won't be the plan he has for Moses and Aaron that's going to go to someone else and he says Sell now I don't kind of preach a sermon I'm going to tell you in the 1st few chapters of Deuteronomy the Bible says God was beside himself and Moses S. to go in later on and I'm going to tell you what the Spirit of Prophecy says and patriarchs and prophets that Jesus took him up on the piskun and showed him the whole land in the future in the Christ in the 2nd coming and after he buried him self God resurrected him according to The Book of Jude and took him all you see God can let him lead into the promised land he was a compromise leader after this but he was still loved by Jesus and so are we. Because you have not believe me to treat me as holy in the sight of the sons of Israel therefore shall you not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them what's the deal here it is let's get the application here and bring this in for a landing when you go 38 and a half years from Sinai up to the Jordan. And every day except the Sabbath there is food on the ground and every day except a very few there's water flowing from Iraq and every day there's a cloud above you by day to shield you from the heat and every night there's a fire up there to make sure desert cold doesn't kill you when every day you can rehearse what God has done and there's chapter after chapter after chapter after chapter you shouldn't and you don't if you've grown in faith need the same exposition of God's power the exact same way it ought to be anough this time there with 38 and a half years since Sinai you should be able this time to approach the rock differently and instead of any physical phenomena being used in striking the rock you can say in the name of the Lord God Jehovah that water flow from this rock and you know what it would if. Now how does that fit us from the our 844 when we were disappointed as a people Miller I Adventists no such thing as a 7th day have an issue. The very next morning as Hiram Ebsen was walking across his cornfield. God through the power of the Holy Spirit the same God that came down at Pentecost and gave Peter Power. God through the Holy Spirit moved on the heart of Hiram Edson and he explained the gross error that had been made in the prophetic understanding and showed him the ministry of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary that journey of teaching by the Spirit who is not just a comforter but he's a helper and a teacher. That journey of theological understanding moved us from great error in the great assurance and gave us a message no other church since the Jews and maybe not even them have been able to share with the world that there is a threefold ministry of Jesus he died is the land he ministers is a high priest and he will vindicate his people in one final act that glorifies His father and glorifies His children as well it is an amazing story. That Holy Spirit which has been amongst us in the place of the now human Jesus who is in the presence of his father and cannot be here with you and me because he took on forever a human form that a Holy Spirit in the epoch in the era in the in the arena of his preeminence as the minister in part of the Godhead. That is Holy Spirit is expecting that you and I can look back over the history of our church and the history of our life as we come up to the final battle battle to cross a spiritual Jorn and we are going to ask God in a prayer meeting and in many prayer meetings for the power of the Holy Spirit and it's going to be poured out in greater might power and volume than it ever has before because the latter rain will be greater than the early rain and it's all of the faith that's accumulated from looking back like 38 and a half years should have given faith enough this 2nd striking of the rock has a typological or a symbolic application to the day in which we are living the question for us is are we asking and do we want it or are we blaspheming the gift of the presence of God in a completely different way and my feeding my mind with the tri 1000 superficiality of mindless You Tube videos and my feasting vicariously on other people's lives by all the time I'm spending on Facebook. Do I have to see how many people have put one of these on my post do I even care about the Holy Spirit. And even worse than my afraid of the Holy Spirit It's like saying you're afraid of Jesus but I need to tell you something some people are. I want to be a part of the church and she's a terror to your enemies you see this this is the this is a shipwreck in name be the Edward Bolin. So what Well it's interesting let me show you the next picture this is it from the air and let's get one more do you see how far away the oceans. Nobody really knows how the boat ship wrecked and got that far away from the ocean was a German freighter. But I will tell you this some people are going to end up that far away from God and what it says a Matthew 7 about they were knocking and they want it in and Jesus came and he said you know you need to go away I don't know you. I'm going to spend the next 3 sets talking about how to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit the blessings of the Holy Spirit what the Holy Spirit is going to do but I want to leave you with this message this message will close with power and strength this message I don't mean my sermon today although the truth that's in this sermon today I do mean but these 3 angels and this remnant church. We are not the apostasy Ellen White was clear on this when we tried to organize in the early $860.00 some were saying as soon as we organize we'd be babble and now they're Satan again only this time it's because we believe in the fullness of the Godhead. This message is going to go out of power you know why my life your life by God's grace is going to be filled with the Holy Spirit and we're going to be a prime people together and God is going to do more than he's ever done in any era of human history and the final battle and while it will be intense will be the most glorious one God's name will be glorified God's people will be lifted up and the battle will be over and the victor leading the last charge will be the Holy Spirit. No wonder the devil hates this doctrine and no wonder the latest fake news inside of Evan to them is that it's a Catholic pagan doctrine. And that it robs Jesus of something it's only it's all the Holy Spirit's only purpose you know Jesus came so that we could see the Father the Holy Spirit's primary purpose is to glorify the Son No wonder the devil is against the stock. Put your seat belts on get your Bibles out if you want to study the Holy Spirit do me a favor do yourself a favor. Don't go to a the conspirators to get the study going on just go to your Bible and read one of the 200 and I think 32 or 62 references in the New Testament and the 80 some of the old school study it read the Spirit of Prophecy and stay away from the conspirators and pray for truth and by the way the Holy Spirit is part of your journey into being in it and by God's grace today if the Holy Spirit's convicting you to do something or not do something don't resist him it's as if Jesus were leaning over speaking into your ear and to resist him is to callous your own heart and end up in the place where you can't do anything but speak against the Holy Spirit. May we be like Jesus a faithful witness to the goodness of God Who said I won't leave you as an orphan. Friends I'm asking you to pray for the person who sent me this stuff because I'll be talking to them and sending them the sermon series and they're a dear friend of mine only the Holy Spirit is going to be able to break in and crack the shell the conspiracy theory has built around the thinking system I'm begging you love the truth lest you believe it lie of your own making me God help is going to be there I'm a Jesus be lifted up to the ministry and 3rd person God in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons they visit W W W audio verse or.


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