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The Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 23, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Father I don't know how you're going to move on people's hearts today but I know that you're moving in the great purpose of telling the good news of who you are and that people can have better lives change lives lives where their past is forgiven and the present has meaning and joy so I'm asking now or do what you would I pray Guinn for Jeff and his family strengthen them I think you for all the different ministries represented by the different simple an ordinary giving that goes on in this church bless those Lord who are gathered here today may they be systematic in their support with time and treasure and then send your spirit to teach us I ask in Jesus' name amen. This is the 2nd part of a series of 4 sermons I'm doing on the Holy Spirit untitled fake news and by the way if you didn't get the announcement you know Elder Wilson are gentle Commerce president will be here next Sabbath in the afternoon he's going to make a presentation and take questions than answers that P.M.C. in the morning he'll be preaching here and sharing fellowship lunch with us so please be praying for him as he comes as well. Fake news you know I got this packet in the mail and in this packet was suppose it knew truth the new truth was that somehow the church is a POS The size in believing that the Godhead was composed of 3 distinct and completely united individuals the main apostasy was the idea that back in the early 1900 a man by Leroy Edwin from let us down the wrong path in believing that the Holy Spirit was as much a divine person as was Jesus of the father now what you don't know and I'm going to tell you this morning is that God is and you knew this but you didn't know the story I'm going to tell you God is always at work there were 2 ladies who got in a car last Sabbath on the other side of the state and they were traveling over to bear in springs they didn't know where they were going to church but they did know they were going to link up at some point time with a member of this church as they came across the interstate from east to west guess what subject came up it was the new truth about the churches apostasy in believing in the Holy Spirit as a 3rd party of equal status in the Godhead as they're driving across the one ladies not sure how to respond to the other lady but it doesn't sound quite right now how do I know this story I know this story because the lady who was driving the car who thought it didn't sound quite right waited until almost the very last person to shake my hand last Sabbath and told me how she believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Holy Spirit led them here for the beginning of this series. The idea that the church has a pasta sized in the unless you know special truth you're on the outside is a great way to leverage somebody to follow you. Fear is a tremendous motivator I'm here today to disperse as much fear as I can as far away as possible from this congregation there is a God in heaven who's already paid an eternal price for you if you want to know the truth Guess who wants to tell you the truth His name is the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit God is interested in saving souls and the truth is not going to be found in some dark corner and we're not going to find out towards the end of the game that somehow we were following cunningly devised fables We share of variety of doctrines in common with a variety of churches because we share them does not make our acceptance of the doctrine suspect now when the lady stood in line to tell me the story her other friend that she had been talking with along the way was quick to come up and be a very missionary minded person in regards to the new truth and she stated how From was an infiltrator to our church to give us bad doctrine Well I want you to find out for yourself and here's how I want to do it make a run on the A.B.C. to where they need 500 copies of this book you read it because it's probably chock full of more Spirit of Prophecy statements than any other book I've ever read aside from the spirit of prophecy and you read it with your Bible and you see if you are not enlightened in a systematic study of the Holy Spirit in a way that has blesses you beyond belief now I've used this book before and far from being an instrument of evil this is absolutely a statement of light and when I think about the fact that this man compiled this book a systematic study of the Holy Spirit in the age before computers I stand in awe. God had to have bless this individual not because I say so but because the spirit itself inhabits the message so I encourage you if you've never read the coming of the Comforter try to get one and my hope would be is that they would need to reprint it this book would bring back so much life into the whole into the power of this church that is I quoted last week in the sermon filled with the Holy Spirit we would be a terror to our enemies God bless us to that fact now in the new literature is the suggestion that unless you've got the the skinny on the new truth you're going to be on the outside you'll be duped conspiracies are powerful things it's a matter of fact there are several of them in the bible let's look at them Lucifer in the war in heaven he went around in a very underhanded way attempting to form a coup d'etat telling everybody god wasn't who they thought they were Be Be fearful when somebody tells you that something that's fairly obvious is no longer obvious and the real truth can only be learned from that individual Another conspiracy was in the garden even the tree she was taken by surprise nobody had ever lied to her before how about Joseph and his brothers it was a short lived one but while Reuben was away they said let's let's sell him off here and help Al Nehemiah you know he's doing a great work and this was a legitimate conspiracy I walk run to the temple there's a threat on your life will save you he didn't do it Daniel in the Lion's Den conspiracy or No you bet it was it was strategized Daniel didn't know about it until they were standing on the street corners telling that anybody that prays any other god except a king never can answer. Or the King I should say is going to be thrown in the lion's den and this was a. Of a real problem for Daniel because this conspiracy was carried out the little horn of Daniel 787 am to understand that there'll be a religious power that will him for Sunday worship in direct contradiction to the 4th Commandment which says Remember the Lord and worship him on a Sabbath but this conspiracy is revealed as well as true more K.-I we have a whole book of the Bible that's about a conspiracy to destroy a whole group of people what about Herod in the wisemen he gets them in there and Herod says A Once you find out come on back and let me know and I'll worship with him it was a lie it was a hatched plan in secrecy and how about Paul in the assassins after Paul had been given bad advice to go in and fulfill an answer right Val He saved by the Romans and there are a group of zealots that say they're not going to eat and tell Paul has been assassinated but Paul was saved from it and then the fairest sees and the Sadducees they were constantly plotting the downfall of Jesus and every single one of these has this income and they are all conspiracies there in the Bible now at the very end of the sermon I'm going to tell you something else they have in common but will have to wait for that. World is Flat if you're her data Illinois I heard it in her day when at one time a brother came to me with the message that the world is flat I was instructed to present the commission that Christ gave to His disciples Go therefore and teach all nations and law I'm with you even under the bed in regard to such subjects as the flat world theory God says the verse also what what does that matter follow them me I've given you your commission and then she goes on to say this dwell upon the great testing truths for this time not upon manners and have no bearing upon our work every 7 am and it's nice I'm blazing this in their brain dwell upon the great testing truths for this time we hold 5 great testing truce Sabbath is Saturday the Bible Sabbath it will was before there was sin it will be after there is sin Jesus is coming again visibly not secretively it will be every eye that sees him some will be glad some will be sad when you die you're dead you don't float off to heaven you don't race into Hell you don't hang in limbo in purgatory the heavenly sanctuary after Jesus died in his blood was shed for all the people of the world he went to heaven where he is now acting as a mediator while the rest of the sin story and the exoneration of his father plays its way out and lastly but not least Lee There is the great promise of a prophet in our midst and that that prophetic voice would be extra light pointing to the Bible who is the original light of all we're willing Ellen White writes all would be filled with the spirit wherever the need of the Spirit is a matter little thought of there is seen spiritual drought spiritual darkness spiritual decay declension and death. On the other hand if they are connected with Christ that the gifts of the Spirit are theirs the poorest the most ignorant of his disciples will have a power that will tell upon hearth God makes them channels for the outflowing of the highest influence in the universe doesn't matter how much education you have the one education though you don't want to be without is sitting at the feet of Jesus you don't want to be like one of these dead batteries I tried to stick in my Makita drill you know God gave you the ability to be filled you're missing out on a great potential life more abundantly Jesus has a plan whenever minor matters occupy the attention the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the Church and which would bring all of their blessings in a strain is lacking though offered an impotent plenitude it's the absence of the spirit that makes the gospel ministry so powerless let's hit the brakes as a church in the last generation we have thinker with everything there is to tinker with. We've adjusted the valves we've played around with all parts of the mechanism we try to find a new way to worship. If it's not the mega church it's the minor church it's not the great Colossus It's the little house and everything in between from the message to the music to the sense that somehow it's all generationally derived but maybe we're going to stop maybe right now we're having a crisis of all these winds of doctrine precisely because God driving us back to the elemental essential component of a deeper dependence personally and corporately on him it's the spirit that may lack of the spirit that makes the gospel ministry still powerless. Since when can you take the infinite planted today of omnipotence and somehow short circuit it and say it doesn't work since when since the Bible says faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God And since when does the Bible talk about the message preached and how are they going to know unless someone tells it since when can we take the simplest method suggests they don't work and come away feeling that in our education we've achieved some new superior spot of learning what we need what I need what you need is that every day before I go out in the public I say Lord would you send your spirit into my heart would you make me ready for the people I'm going to meet the people I'm going to serve the people I'm going to teach the people I'm going to heal whatever it might be the people whose houses I'm going to clean please Lord take me and raise me up into a pure and holy atmosphere and everybody notice had been with you. This is where the elemental essential it's not the corporate organization it's you and Jesus and when you don't have time for Jesus you've missed out on the power that makes Christianity Victor instead of victim to a culture that's running it down learning talent eloquence every natural acquired endowment may be possessed but without the presence of the Spirit of God No heart will be touch no sinner one Christ I love the story of Gettysburg. 2 hours of excellent L O Q Sion prior to Abraham Lincoln and yet a man sitting on a train penning those those less than $200.00 words and when it's all said and done. One speaker saying to another I wish I could have said as much in the 2 hours I spoke as you did in the few minutes there is there are some things that are so full of the touch and the hand of God that capture so much of what's going on and sometimes it's not words at all and the light received a letter was she was in Pitofsky Michigan believe $891.00 I received your letter dated June 3 in this letter you speak these words I'm not going to read this whole slide I'm just going to tell you that Elder Robinson didn't want to send this man now as a matter pastor and he had a reason this was the reason. My idea in reference to the Holy Ghost not being the Spirit of God which is Christ but the angel Gabriel so the world is flat you thought that was new where the Holy Spirit controversy around it's not new either in this case brother Chapman Maybe Pastor Chapman thought that the Holy Spirit wasn't the spirit of Jesus and wasn't a divine 3rd person the God and he thought the Holy Spirit was Gabriel let's read on my brother she writes You've asked me for candidly for advice please read with attention he probably did the nature of the Holy Spirit's mystery not clearly revealed and you will never be able to explain it to others because the Lord has not revealed it to you there are many mysteries which I do not seek to understand or explain they're too high for me and they're too high for you and on some of these points silence is golden our Lord especially prayed this is often the same letter that his disciples might be united in the closest bonds of Christian fellowship and love as one body under one supreme head now the reason elder Robson didn't want to send him out and the reason Allan why is going to remonstrate with him is because his unique ideas would have an effect upon the listeners it would polarize and divide as well as confuse Now I want to talk to the smarmy about polarization in division is there any of it going on in the world today yes or no how about the church yes or no OK Christ pray that we would be one even as he is one with his father those 1000 references to the prayer of Christ and a desire for unity I've spoken with you about before it is hard to be united it is easy to be divided but Ellen White is going to reveal to us the conspiracy behind the conspiracy now these packets that come out are full of conspiracy. And the conspiracy is one that if you want to find your way out of will just listen to us get on our mailing list and white however reveals a different conspiracy and that's what I want to talk with you about. This will exist this unity only in proportion to that are greedy of their illumination and sanctification the more fully they receive the enlightment of the Spirit the more nearly They will harmonize in their understanding of what is true I wonder if some of our divisions right now might be able to be directly correlated to our absence of humility to actually listen to each other which by the way is a fruit of the end well in Christ. Their love their Christian unity is in evidence to the world that God has sent Jesus to save sinners and with convicting power it testifies that the Word of God is the safe rule of life when we have a sweet harmonious togetherness as a body of believers especially as we approach the end as the spirit of the Holy Spirit's withdrawn from the earth there's going to be evidence the gods in our midst it's going to be the fact that we're not split fractured splintered like everybody else brother should not feel that it's a virtue to stand apart because they do not see all minor points in exactly the same way now or I wish I had the time I tried to make the time but I've run out of time minor points matters of minor importance you want to do a good word study in the writings of Ellen White choose those phrases and you're going to find there's a variety of things. If on fundamental truths they are in agreement they should not differ and dispute about matters of no real imports and I could be offensive here today and I could create my own list of matters that may not be of real importance by her definition I'm not going to put my list out on the table for you I'm going to ask you to pray for the Holy Spirit to show you do you have things that are running through your mind to have the issues that you feel you have to promote that might actually have a fracturing component to this church because imma tell you there's a conspiracy behind the conspiracy there's a lot of fake news out there and I want to tell you behind it all there is the same destabilizing dynamic that the Russians had for the American government and that is to say to fracture and splinter and set people on edge where they don't know what is right and what is wrong brother should be very modest in urging the side issues which often they do not themselves understand points they do not know to be truth and that it is not essential to their salvation to know now I'm going to tell you this phrase is on my pastoral Hate List OK it's not a salvation issue. Now usually it gets brought up with to me in regards to a conviction of the Holy Spirit and obedience and I want to tell you when when the Holy Spirit impresses on you something that's in harmony with the Scriptures or is clearly pointed out that's a salvation issue if you don't obey you don't earn your obedience you don't earn your salvation by obedience but you show you're in rebellion against the law of heaven in the large ship of Christ by disobedience. So when she starts talking about issues not essential to their salvation she's talking about fights and arguments over things like what is the daily and Daniel Chapter 8 which by the way was a major controversy in having to some 100 years ago and she said Look right there in the heart Daniel 814 is where Evans's and gets its original launching pad on the 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be clans The sanctuary is at the center it's our most unique contribution to the the spectrum of theological discussion and right there in the middle of Daniel 8 she says listen quit arguing about what the daily is in Daniel Chapter 8 The daily sacrifice it's a matter of minor importance there are things we could divide on and the very division themselves might have something to do with whether or not we make it all the way to the pearly gates unity togetherness cohesiveness helping each other loving each other even liking each other is a part of the Christian journey a unity of feeling thought and action but there are some things she says that are not essential to their salvation and at some level we run out of our ability to divine God and to totally understand what $3.00 and $1.00 is and she's saying you don't divide over those things that are beyond me and you. When there's a difference of opinion on such points the less prominence you give to them the better it will be for your own spirituality and for the peace and unity that Christ prayed my exists among his brother now here's one of my most favorite slides in this presentation this morning by their words and actions all men will take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus and learned of him this is all from the same letter by the way and this next since they are a holy happy people the objects of Christ Divine Love if you want to be a holy happy people do you want holy happiness in your home. Jesus said you could be a child of God but he said you may get kicked out of your own family for following me but don't worry you'll receive 306800 fold and in this life what was he talking about it was talking about the fact that if you lose your flesh and blood family you've got a family whose common bond is in me and they'll love you maybe even more than you were loved in the beginning by the ones who brought you in. You see we can be a happy Holy Family or we can be angry at each other and we can let divisions in fragmentation separate us you know I have a real burden on my heart I've learned something over the last several months and years it bothers me immensely I didn't say all this in the 1st service so I'm going to go a little farther in the service you know why. There are people that come to this church that might not like you. I'm sure there are some that come that don't like me. And depending on which sermon you came to the number can go up and down I don't know. But you know what I found after 30 some years of married life is that feelings come and go but love is much deeper and stronger and the feelings that come after you conquer the things that divide you are deeper than the ones you had while the stress was on the relationship. Now here I go in this community there is a lot of negative anx towards our general conference President and I don't know how much is in this church and whether you like a position he's taken or not like it. Has nothing to do with the integrity of your Christian journey you are called to love all people especially the believers and you are called to not revile or speak evil against anyone even dignitaries and Jesus Himself will not find himself in an argument Taishan over even the body of Moses he just says the LORD rebuke you. Now I'm here to tell you that is an absolute repudiation of our Christian profession when we carry around animus in our heart towards anyone especially a fellow brother or sister and especially a leader. Dishonesty is the path out of the kingdom honesty is the path to the kingdom and that honesty crucifies us at times that there are roots of bitterness growing in our heart and I want to tell you something the scriptures are clear in the book in the New Testament were to let no root of bitterness grow up in our heart. When pollen Silas had been beaten by the Philippian jailer they were sitting down in the dark cell locked in the stocks breathe bruised and bleeding complaining about how they were Roman citizens and nobody should treat them like that they were in there singing their love for Jesus knowing that somehow he was still with them and could fix it if he wanted or needed to. When Paul took that Nazarite vow it was bad advice may have come from the General Conference president of this day. We know James was probably a part of it probably some of the other apostles who held Paul largely responsible for the ill will that was held against him because what he was a doing out there getting all those Gentiles coming into the church and Paul wanted to make it he wanted to make as one. So I don't know what's in your heart but God knows what's in your heart and I know what's in mine sometimes sometimes like David I'm praying Lord search me and know me and see if there be any wicked way in me and when he shows me something I have a choice deny that I've got a problem or say Look Jesus help me. We're 7 Day Adventist we believe. That Jesus Walks in our midst through the power and the presence of the 3rd Person of the Godhead and he comes and he convicts the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment. Why so that they can be brought to Christ the one who died on the cross and they can be set free the only sins that will not be forgiven are the ones that are not admitted and request is not made for the blood to be applied. Now if I was a brand new pastor. And I didn't have the confidence of 3 decades of doing this I might not be so bold at this moment but I don't want your blood on my hands but because I mix in so many environments it has become clear to me that aside from feel logical differences there is actually a not so well hidden contempt and I'm not OK with that because Jesus is not OK with that and why I didn't say that in the 1st service I'm saying it here. And if it's not true for you OK. But if it is taken to Jesus. I want to be a happy Holy Family and I'm not willing to be divided not over this subject of the Holy Spirit or any other subject and I know this God is invested in the body of the church a collective understanding sometimes it's not even been right but since it is the organized implementation of understanding rather than leaving us all to do what's right in our own eyes we've been put together in a family it's a pod we're on a journey to the kingdom I want to be a whole the happy family last night about 3 30 in the morning I heard somebody driving down my driveway. Now you need to know where I live I live at the end of about a 1000 feet of driveway and there's nothing at the end of the house but my wife and I and my youngest son David I sit up in the bed I say somebody is poignant into our driveway I was alarmed I said my wants somebody is point into our she was an alarmed. As Because she knew it was my 2nd son and his girlfriend was I'm so thrilled to have with me you know what I'll have a happier holier Sabbath because they're with me today I'm just so glad they're here to happen Holy Family. OBJECT OF CHRIST Divine Love think about it God put the world on pause so he could save you save me save us so the devil he's got a plan there's a conspiracy behind the conspiracy Oh wait a 2nd let's go back they are a happy people the object of Christ's love we must be where here we go here's the conspiracy beyond the conspiracy. Conspiracy if you don't got the inside story Spartan the bad english what happens. If you get sucked into the wrong idea that the Holy Spirit is not really a 3rd full person party of the Godhead but let's watch here's the conspiracy behind the conspiracy we must be we're lost under the cover of searching for new truth Satan shall divert our minds from Christ and what the special truths for this time I've been shown that it is the device of the enemy here we go here's a conspiracy I've been shown that is the device of the enemy to lead minds to dwell upon some obscure or an important point something that is not fully revealed or is not essential to our salvation there is a reason that so many people in the Indiana conference got these packets it's because the devil has a plan he's been watching the prophetic time clock it's ticking down they may move the of the atomic. Doomsday Clock every once in a while a few more minutes close to midnight but I want to tell you something there's no better student a Bible prophecy than Lucifer him self and he's paying attention and as it gets closer he's disseminating more and more of this kind of supposedly new light because he doesn't want the world being warned and he doesn't want us filled with the Holy Spirit I've been shown that the device of the enemy is the lead mines that develop on some obscure an important point something that's not fully revealed or is not essential to our salvation make sure the red is blazoned in your mind it's important to know there is a conspiracy and it's Satan trying to steal your eternal life we must be where the Satan will divert our minds from Christ and the special truce for this time and it's your duty as you come near to the people that you can not to get as far away from them as you as possible and by your interpretation make differences that should not exist here's the danger of diverting minds from the real issues for this time I want to tell you there are other issues on the table right now in a. Even to some that are diverting minds from the real issues of this time we should be seeking always spirit with all our heart mind and soul we should be subjugating differences of opinion that are not as the front forefront of our 5 significant understanding's of biblical truths that have been given to the avenues church are you not the only one who seems to be moved with them but you are not the only one the scenes we move with ambition in this direction it would not be right or prudent to send you out as a worker to promulgating your peculiar ideas this is that letter again and that's cause division we have plenty of this now we want men of solid experience who will anchor minds and send them adrift without a chart or a compass Now take your Bibles and open them up I'm not going to go on and on I know it's 1 o'clock but I'm going to end on a couple thoughts here open them up to Matthew Chapter 12 and I'm going to talk about 2 components of Christ life as we tie this message off. 2 components. Matthew Chapter 12 versus 30. He was not with me is against me and he who does not gather with me scatters Therefore I say to you any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people in my Bible I have any sin circle but blasphemy against the spirit shall not be forgiven friends if you feel guilty because you're doing something wrong that's a living function of a living god making sure you know he's not dead and he hasn't given up on you. The conviction of sin is the living evidence that God is still trying to reach you. What you can do is turn that voice off and then eternal destiny is not life but it's destruction but what's more than that is that if you turn it off you get a 2nd rate life in this life too because Jesus said When I'm President love exist in its purest forms and you have life more abundantly. Any sin can be forgiven and blasphemy shall be forgiven except the one blasphemy which is finally saying to God I will not listen any more. Go away now just to bring you back to last week there's 2 problems in this packet that I've seen and there's probably more problem number one is that this packet says. That the Holy Spirit is actually just almost it's almost an administering the way it's communicated You know we don't believe that there's a soul living in us that got stuffed into us some point in time and flies off to heaven or hell when we die we don't believe that we believe you're a living soul when the breath came in the body came to life and you got to have both but it's almost as in this packet the Jesus has one of those things in him and though he went back to Earth it's still down here that's what this package asserts he went back to heaven sorry if I said it wrong he went back to heaven in his spirit state right here now I want you to see the contradiction in the text give Jesus is in heaven mediating for us which he is. But somehow his soul or his spirit it never gets defined in here that I can see is actually what's here when you really have Jesus there in Jesus here and there's a big problem with that. Although I have no problem with that you can reconcile it very easy that Jesus represented the Father and the Holy Spirit represents Jesus and they're all the guarded but let's look at the text verse 32 we've just been told that any sin and any blasphemy can be forgiven and whoever speaks a word against the Son of man it shall be forgiven him but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit it shall not be forgiven him either in this age or in the age you come now I want to tell you something if Jesus is in heaven and somehow his disembodied spirit if I could say that weighs on Earth then if you sin against his spirit here you really sinned against him it's impossible to reconcile these 2 things they don't make sense if they're all one person they don't make sense but if Jesus actually was followed by the 3rd Person of the Godhead who is making the cross efficacious if it's taking the cross and making it work if it's taking the attributes of the love of God in the salvation paid for on the cross and applying it to our lives and seeking us out by one then it works just fine because you could reject Christ in his lifetime you could even have been there at the foot of the cross you could have been a Roman soldier and even though you were part of nailing him to the tree even though you you cursed in reviled him as 8 feet on the cross you could be forgiven but if throughout your life you tune out the voice of God and say no there is no forgiveness. And the last thing I want to say is this is it in this packet. Because the Holy Spirit is really really Jesus if you say there's a 3rd person the god if you're taking something away from Jesus they say that's his ministry but let's get really elemental for a 2nd could we I won't look it up but in John Chapter 14 Jesus said I won't leave you as way or offense. Why do you say that why did Jesus say he would leave us as orphans. Come back look at the 1st line price could not be where in every place personally does anybody here know why. Yeah he's the God man he's human and divine but his humanity is retained in eternity he is no longer. Why because he loved you so much. You and I will never know what it means that go from being omni present to being only present one place but I'm going to tell you something when you say that it's a that it's taking something away from Jesus to have the 3rd person the God in a man tell you something when you suggest that Jesus can be there and there at the same time you're the one that's robbing Jesus because Jesus gave up an amazing amount to come and become one of us and to save you the real robbery to Christ is when you deny the greatness of the surrender of the presence for yourselves ation. Now let's go back over that list of all those conspiracies and see if there's one more thing that's in common you've got them in your head Satan Adam and Eve in the garden Joseph Daniel Daniel 8 Esther Paul Jesus and the Sadducees. They all share one thing in common except one of them every single one of those conspiracies where somebody desired to be saved they have the opportunity to be saved from evil people plotting their ruin. Except one and you know who that one was. Jesus. There was a conspiracy hatched against Jesus it started millennia ago in heaven the devil never the devil came to the place where he didn't even know who God was. Jesus came to this earth impoverished without social status and standing. He was constantly plagued by evil people who wanted to trap him and he walked all the way into their trap he hung on a cross because they had connived and concocted and created. A web full of poison to destroy him an innocent man but I want you to know something the old man Daniel when he heard them read in the scroll that anybody that praised any other god except the God of babble and the king he was delivered and so was Esther and so was Joseph and so was Paul and so will you be I'm going to tell you there will be and there are legitimate conspiracies but you know something not a one of them is beyond the purview of the God of heaven. And no matter what happens to me or you the limits of what they can do is not set by themselves God will be glorified in my life and your life and as he lives in me through the power of the Holy Spirit as He lives in huge in the power of the Holy Spirit if you are called to suffer are lay down your life whether it's going into a lion's den or a Philippian jail whether it's being betrayed by your countrymen or your fellow church members you need to remember something. There's no such thing. As an ability to get you your idea over uncut anywhere with Jesus you can safely go and there is nothing that's going to happen to you. But he hasn't allowed but I'm a tell you this there is a conspiracy out there and right now it's working so I'd like to ask you to make a decision to help me stop it. Nothing can be allowed to divide us. We must present these great truce which liberate the saw glorify the Father glorify the son and glorify the Holy Spirit and on the way they actually bring honor to the ones who share them. The conspiracy behind the conspiracy is to shut down these 3 angels messages so the world doesn't know so it's not lighted up with His glory so that people can decide when the door of probation closes what's close the is the opportunity to know who God really us and to take advantage of the privilege of coming safe inside the sanctuary of the friendship of Christ or the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out in a mighty way and the minor matters are part of the conspiracy it could be something you love to do that you fraid the Holy Spirit is going to ask you to give up I don't know friend whether it's a theological doctrine or a pet Idol. I'm appealing to you let the power of God set you free and may we collectively be set free so this great gospel message can go forward as a happy all the people proclaim the greatest troops that have ever been told in this this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons visit W.W.W. audio dot org.


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