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The Renaissance of Adventism, Get Out the Magnifying Glass

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • July 27, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Lord we've gathered in your house seeking the blessing of your presence willing the Lord to be taught willing to change. But not powerful. Only lord as your spirit fills us in our lives of surrender to you. So I'm praying Lord May this be a defining counter guide now in the speaking the listening in the decision making your spirit be here to annoy my lips my tongue hold me back from saying anything I shouldn't give me holy boldness to say what I should and may souls be set free from wrong thinking and wrong doing me your name be honored and glorified by such worship and humble ourselves before you know when you've said where we gather in your name you will be there so banish the evil angels now speak to our hearts and may your spirit rain here in Jesus' name amen. It is a wonderful wonderful thing to know the things that we know. Now I'm going to read your story I only referred to in the 1st service this book comes out of Being Catholic Now it could come out of being Baptist Now it happens to come out of this book I purchased this book recently. And the way I buy a book especially want to buy news books which is how I try to buy a lot of my books because I don't have a lot of money because my money's going the places I wanted to go to do what I wanted to do. Especially advance God cause and especially disciple my own people through Christian education. I picked this book up when I decided on a used book because there's lots of books the Bible says you could multiply books to no end in my wife would give a hearty amen to that. But I was reading in the Psalms recently that God trained David hands and fingers for war Well I don't hold a sword like he used to I sit at a typewriter these are part of my swords. Now I want to read this paragraph to you and I want you to get a sense of how it makes you feel. Now this is written by a famous movie director. No longer practicing the Catholic faith and this is part of the reason why but I as I said this could have been called being Baptists now or being Methodist now because they all believe the same thing on this doctrine but we don't. I remember a nun in front of the classroom striking a match in putting the match to her finger. We were all dumb struck we were 6 or 7 at the time and she said My finger is like your soul and the flame is the flames of hell and that is how your soul burns for all time. They say to know him is to love him but it doesn't sound like it to me now as a 7th Day Adventist a nomination we have been called to a proclamation completely different. We have been called to an announcement that the real good news is not get out of the eternal burning hell for free but it's get to be with God for ever. Those messages are as far apart as the North is from the south in the small name here I make no embarrassed seem remarks or apologies for the series I'm in including this one which is called the Renaissance of 7th Day Adventists I'm today's messages get out the magnifying glass. Last week's was make up your mind friends this church brings God no honor and no glory when it lacks the vitalizing power in 3 areas so I'm going to tell you there's 3 things I'm after today I'm after the conversion of your pocket book your date book and your Facebook now if someone from off the street could look at your ledger now I know a lot of you don't do things with checkbooks anymore it's all on your phone but if they could spin through if they could swipe through your checking account if they were a trustworthy person with your checking account say Jesus is Lord I want you to think about this for a minute. Then if they could go to your date book your calendar on your i Phone or your Android device and they looked at it and they swipe through it. Would there be enough entries that bring you to the house of worship or an act of service in the name of Christ that would say Jesus is Lord. And then if they were to measure the bonds of affection and brotherhood and sisterhood that you share with each other. When they say. Jesus is Lord now I suspect there's quite a few people listening to me here today and by the way I'm going to make an appeal at the end of the message nobody's going to have to get out of their seat I'm going to do worse to you than that I'm going to hand you a card and this cars going to be yours you can do with it as you will of course but ideally it's on stock heavy enough to keep for a while and you're going to be able to stick it in your bible where you're going to look at it and the only eyes that need to set are yours and God's But if somebody else's I see it as long as it's not in something that belongs to you they won't even know it's yours because you don't even put your name on it. But this is how it works anyway so we're back at last week's sermon this divine intimacy that Christ offers us as I reminded you last week the astronomers and mathematicians have determined that there are more stars in the universe than there are sand grains of sand on the seashore The Bible tells us and Isaiah Chapter 40 that God calls them out by name to whom then will you like me or to whom shall I be equal since the Holy One Lift up your eyes looked at that happens who created all of these things who calls them out one by one. And in some 147 for says he determines the number of the stars and he gives to all of them with their names so when Ellen White could write in councils to teachers about our little atom of earth she had no clue how prophetic as a prophet she was being. Because this little planet tucked away in this little galaxy is like a grain. Do you think God could notice you were here and beyond that notice the hairs on your head when you out according to storm 139 before and after if you were to try to hide in the darkness he's there Psalm 139. This God who says sparrows don't fall to the ground without me noticing this God who says I know every word before it's on your lips is it possible that this call to divine intimacy has been ignored by Adventists and thus we see the diseased condition of so many of our schools churches and family. You know it's time for a renaissance are I and you know the good news is it's not that complex to achieve it's time for the vibrancy and the joy and the power we can't brush aside this invitation of the divine Jesus all along the way is inviting us to make up our mind to get a decision and we saw this in the book of John last week but this morning I'm after something different I am after focused because you know what I know that life is a battle and a March and that means if I if it's a battle in a March that means there's purpose to my purse and I'm in a war. Now the worst thing that could happen to me Have you ever had this moment. I grew up just a little too early there were no super soakers when I was a kid. But we did have these little cheap squirt guns and oh how I loved to get up close to somebody when I was in a squirt gun fight just unload on them and the worst thing that could happen is when it just went. You couldn't hear it it was sucking air you were gone no more ammo. My kids had super soakers though. Simple fun you pump those things up you blast away but you know what. There's not hooked to the hose and eventually you run out of water. But you know what in the warfare I'm in I don't want to run out of people I don't want to run and run out of connection and I don't want to run out of money because that's how I am waging my warfare in the name of Christ on my knees with all of you and by God's grace God's helping us in this church and by God's grace he will help any church or any person who determines that they want to be engaged in this kind of warfare but it is not for us to sort of March into church at 83010 o'clock or 1120 and find ourselves here only to get a little pep talk from someone in the army the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh Halward right but they are divine M. powerful for destroying strongholds so I want 3 things God wants 3 things boots on the ground ammunition in their pocket and love in their hearts for each other that's what I'm after a deep bond a prioritized calendar and a prioritized pocket book and I have no doubt since this is what a good business needs to run to have no good no doubt that I should not let the sons of this age be more shrewd than the sons of light can I hear an Amen so this renaissance isn't hard you do it today do it this afternoon is your pocket book converted. Is your date book converted or is this your only appointment here this week. I talk about this a lot and I will not stop talking about it. Because there will be no Renaissance without a gathering when we look at the story in The Book of Acts they were all in one accord in one place Acts chapter 2 says and in that moment the Holy Spirit came down they were told to seek for the power they were told to seek for it together and when they did they got it and nothing is different today than it was 2000 years ago there is still a divine promise to gathering Jesus doesn't say the promise he does listen to us but he makes a special promise for those who gather in His Name and shame on us if we could gather and 2 in 300 instead of 2 or 3 we don't do it it's a precious thing you live in some of these countries where taking the name of Jesus might cost you your life getting with 2 or 3 people might be the closest thing to Christian fellowship and spiritual bonding that you're going to get and that means something and it's done you get to these places where we can all do what we want and life's about spiritual customer service we don't treat each other's family we relate to the church as a business I'll take this I won't take that this serves me this doesn't and pretty soon we've got no power the power is in other places where it's wanted and it's needed it can be here. Pocket book date book Face Book I'm looking for God to touch the hearts of all 7th Day Adventists especially starting here at the village and they say I am a steward this money is not mine what we used to sing is we give the but on OWN whatever the gift may be we are still singing praise the Lord and yes praise God indeed that we can bring offerings but our pocketbooks are not to advance multiple homes and unnecessary expenditures our stewardship is an advancement of the knowledge that there is a God who would rather die than be without you and would never burn you for ever even if you reject him. What are we doing with that stewardship I'm looking for a conversion of the date book. If you want to see me if you talk to me on Sabbath morning I tell everybody the same thing call the secretary why because 2 things Number one I'm getting older and off forget you talk to me sorry and number 2 if I wanted to happen it gets written down. If I wanted to happen it gets written down if I wanted to happen it goes on the calendar that means it's a prioritized place but you know what Jesus was not on some of our calendar or we're approaching it like Jesus is only in this for me but he's not. The truth of the matter is you didn't show up here at church this morning only to get blast you should have come here 1st seeking to be a blessing God calls us to the prophet only white to come into these gatherings to minister to each other to be a missionary to each other nobody walks through this door only for themselves we gather in the name of Christ and by the way we have some guests with us it's really a beautiful thing I love my church family and today we have a number of our Pathfinders from Naples Florida the sun seekers and their worst being here with us and you know there's 50 people in the drum corps coming up at Osh Kosh Now imagine 50 there's going to be 40045000 people there and so they have 45000 people to pick from they need 50 for the drum corps this one club has provided 10 percent of the drum corps itself. If you go Sun seekers you the people of discipline you commit yourself to those extracurriculars in the name of Jesus and remember what the Bible says see a man who excels in his work he still stand before kings. By the way I should also add that I'll tell a little bit more about this a few minutes later but Pastor Page and our 3rd crew are in Fargo North Dakota this morning worshipping with another group of people and you know what they will be a blessing for having been there and they will take away a blessing for having been there when you go on your vacations go to church you go as a missionary I'm afraid so many of us start really like I don't feel like doing that we live in the most feely generation we've ever had I wonder if that's why it's the most dysfunctional one we've ever had I'm appealing to you. Make it a priority when we were in Yellowstone I don't know if they still do this but in the recreation hall there Old Faithful they have church asked me how I know I've been there several times my favorite National Park. And you know I've had some of the I had one of the best pilots I've ever had out in the parking lot of Old Faithful after church. Most of my kids are here today remember then. But it takes work to invest in people. Like you Bibles and open up to the Book of Acts Chapter 20 Chapter 20. What I want to know is are you connected like this. I'm approaching this message different than I did the 1st Acts Chapter 20. He's talking to the leaders of the church. Oh look especially 25 and onward will start verse 24. He's on his way back to Jerusalem for the last time I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself boy that's quite a starting place. When Jesus is so fully immersed in who you are and your life is so fully committed you trust him that he will do something with you your life won't be aimless or purposeless he was completely content to fulfill the Course Jesus picked out in him so that I made finished my course and the Ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus to testify solidly of the gospel of the grace of God verse $25.00 and now behold I know that all of you among whom I want to bow preaching the kingdom will no longer see my face who bad news therefore I testified to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God and I want to hit the pause moment and say to every pastor and every teacher in the right time and in the right way this is the way it's supposed to be for all of us. We're not passing by the discretionary Sieber screen. But I want you to understand what he's saying I talk to you I talk to you straight I talk to you lovingly I declared to you the hold true. He had Mohnish them go over to verse 35 and everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak remember the words of the Lord Jesus Himself He said it's more blasted to give than to receive and when he had sent these things he knelt down and he prayed with them all and they began to weep aloud. Now Paul did spend 3 years with this church that's all little intermittent stops like this one. But this isn't the only place where the tears are flowing and the hearts are breaking go to chapter 21 chapter 21 verse 5 he's entire. It says when their days there were ended he stayed there 7 days he left and he started on his journey while they all with wives and children escorted us until we were out of the city and after kneeling down on the beach in Prain we said farewell to one another. Skip down to verses 12 to 14 when we had heard this now they're in a different place they're dealing with the sensory ends he's moved on from Tire when they had heard this in other words the probably of Agabus the Paul was going to be bound we as well as the local residents began begging him not to go up to Jerusalem Paul answered What are you doing weeping and breaking my heart. For I'm ready not only to be bound but even to die a Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus and since he would not be persuaded we fell silent remarking the will of the Lord be done why am I reading the scriptures to you. Paul didn't spend a lot of time assess Urrea he didn't spend a lot of time at Tire he was the longest of all his ministries an F A says his next longest place was Kirk Corinth. And I want you to see. His how bonded these people are. They have gone deep with Jesus short amounts of time have rendered deep attachments their hearts are open to love is there anybody in this church or the church you attend where if they left you'd shed a tear and if the answer is no beyond your personality because some people never shed tears over anything but beyond that could there be a simpler reason and that simply is that the fabric of their life is not been woven into the fabric of yours you know love awakens love. And there's something exceptionally beautiful about being amongst the happy family when I married into my wife's family I just enjoyed being with the maw it was such a sweetness and peace. Don't you think in a world that's coming apart that that sweetness and peace would be a witness all by itself it is. As a pastor in this church there are times when word makes it back to me the joyful fellowship that someone enjoyed while they were amongst us but friends if we ought not to for sake the assembling together as some are in the manner of doing but all the more so as we see the day approaching maybe we need the emotional relational and spiritual energy that we would get from each other if we were here with each other. Now I don't want to talk to the Teflon congregation and I'm a mechanical person. I've prayed that the Lord would give me some I didn't use these words but I've prayed for some armor piercing ammunition today in my own arsenal. When I get to heaven and I'm planning to be there. And I walk up to Paul. I want to shake his hand. And look him in the eye and be of the order of fidelity that marked his life. I cannot be a higher lane I could be. But if I want to admonish like he had Mohnish and declare to the whole the truth of it I could say when somebody says to me what about so and so Lord Their blood is not on my hands I declared to them the whole truth. Now wouldn't it be good of a god to make their way on the plane and easy to understand. 120 people in an upper room. 120 blessed people upon whom special power was given what would you give to have God placed his imprimatur of acceptance on you through the knowledge that the Holy Spirit had been poured out into your heart you were there you felt the room shake you heard the wind at least the sound. You saw the flame. What would it be. Of course some of you may not have the spiritual doubts I have about myself sometimes like Lord how could you use me how could you save me. But I suspect you all do but you know I'm afraid of a different kind of complacency it's the one that somehow thinks God the big grandpa up in heaven and he just doesn't have it in his to really allow me to face myself at the end. There is a judgement and in preparation for that judgment. We are to weave a divine fabric of togetherness and with that encouragement but with it also accountability and we we are so fragile link together that I couldn't say anything to you without you losing your cool. Being offended all that spells is there's a way that seems right but it's in all its spells as you get to go there because society right now says who is anybody to rain on your parade. Boots on the ground ammunition in my pocket in a bond that can't be broken people that will sacrifice for love people who will take risks Paul leaves town and even though he was in these places for short periods of times mama's with babies are walking to the outskirts of town and kneeling down and praying with them and adult men are crying their eyes out and Paul saying Would you please stop. There's a bond for us to share together that goes way deeper than what maybe any of us have ever gone before but how we're going to get there if we don't come together if we don't show up there could be a renaissance for ADD administers education there could be a renaissance for Adventists worship in his churches there could be a renaissance for admin it's missionary work but we're going to have to press Ian Empress on to gather and without that press we will simply come apart it's not OK. It is not honorable to the Lord our pocket books need to be converted our calendars need to be converted and we need to spend less time see what the people of 1000 miles away are doing and start finding out a whole lot more about the people who live in bearing county or doing that walk through these doors weekly and hopefully more than once turned over to 1st Corinthians. I'm going to hit the pocket book thing for just a minute here and it's not me don't be confused he's words or haven't. Said Caribbeans 91. The Bible is amazing if you'll slow down long enough to think about what's being said it's superfluous. In other words this is extra over the top for me to write to you about the ministry to the Saints What is that ministry to the saints if you could look into the book of. Corinthians Chapter 8 you'd see it's financial giving in this case that's what this is about so I don't even need to talk to you about this well the question could be asked and Paul why have you devoted 2 chapters to this because he wants us to be ready verse 2 for I know your readiness of which I boast about to the Macedonians namely that a K. a has been prepared since last year and your zeal has stirred up most of them now listen I put in my notes initially Paul was a breaker and then I thought no that doesn't sound right the truth of the matter is Paul went to lots of churches and he talked about this church and he used this church to get the other churches motivated to doing something. Paul said I told them how quickly responded I told you what told them what you were doing and you know what that's what God wants to do through your church I know this morning that's what God wants to do through this church and I want to assure you friends God is doing that through this church but it doesn't mean I don't need to do what Paul's doing it's interesting what Paul's doing he's saying I don't need to write you I've been bragging about you every where but I'm going to talk to you about it anyway verse 3 but I have sent the brother not only does Paul not need to talk to them about it he's arranged a plan and he's sending some of his coworkers in ahead of even him getting there so that all the momentum for this offering that needs to be collected is under way so that. So that my boasting about you may not be made empty in this case so that as I was saying you may be prepared otherwise if any of the Macedonians come with me and find you unprepared we not to speak if you would be put to shame by this conference wouldn't it be embarrassing I run around the North American division telling them how generous the village church is and how they're collecting money for for Poplar for a church out there but I haven't been back for a while and I'm not sure how you're doing but I do know if I show up with a bunch of other people from Wisconsin conference in the Montana conference in the Arkansas Louisiana conference and you haven't collected much it's going to look like I was just a bag. Paul says I'm sending them in advance to make sure what you seem like you wanted to do and what you said you wanted to do You were going to do in other words Paul's leaving nothing to chance and neither am I so I thought it necessary verse 5 to urge the brother in that they would go on ahead to you enter a range before hand he's a while planner arise administrator your previously promised bountiful gift so that the same would be ready as a bountiful gift not affected by the we probably should pause right there. You know. Every one of my children has started their adult life are in their adult life right now they make lots more money than their dad. That means there's probably a bunch of other young adults here for whom the same is true. And if you don't come here regularly if you just happen to be here today it doesn't matter. Most of our kids are getting the benefit of a wonderful educational system and the ones that come out of strong families are launched into success which is in some senses even easier to achieve today than others because there's so much more dysfunction than there used to be that the people who know how to show up on time and be friendly and have a little bit of polish they can climb up over the rest of the pack or God can put them up at the top a little easier than before in other words the quality of a Christ like home is producing something that's more valuable to the world than ever before can you say men. But young people. You didn't arrive there on your own that money is not yours your life is not yours and neither is mine I've been bought with a price and I'm called to glorify God and the worst thing is is that those bountiful gives can turn to cover just in us and rot like the manna. We're seeing a blight because we've been told my generation onward you go back one more generation the me they were raised as customers but everybody born. In the last 55 years they've been told they're a customer and they're keen. And you think our kids have missed the message you think again but I want to tell you something we're not going anywhere except the places that want our money and if we're not careful we will be slaves to our own covet you spirit you were invested with that high powered education and that great salary just so that you could live a great life you were invested with those gifts so that you could make purpose out of meaninglessness so that you could make a difference. And they certainly were never designed to be weaponized against you to make you a slave and a seduced one to the images messages in opportunities of this worth. Every young adult listening to me especially has been catapulted to success by a strong foundation ought to determine how much money they're going to live on and set a cap and go from there knowing the RAF is to make the world a better place in advance the name of Christ if the Baptists can do it if Tony Campolo can do it why can't the advent of stupid produced mean more degreed people than ever and by the way friends have ever we needed our businessmen and our tradesmen. You talk about the tradesmen you talk about a rare bird a rare breed these people who know how to solve problems and make real life work we need you to dedicate yourself to the cause of Christ and how you treat the customers and what you do with your leadership skills and what you do with your money but I'm not quite done. Verse 6 is the principle Paul was going to write even though he didn't need to he was going to make sure they were ready he was going to leave anything to chance he was going to void embarrassment verse 5 is the plan verse 6 is the principle. Now of this I say he who so sparingly will also reaps sparingly but he who sews bountifully will also rebound a flea. Is there anybody in here who's found this to be true. And one or 2. Is there anybody in here who's found this to be true I wondered. I wonder how much more we should cast our bread beside the waters as we see the waters running polluted. There's a principle so a little get a little so a lot receive but you know what it's all for a purpose for 7. Make up your mind each one must do just as he's purposed in his heart. Not grudgingly or under compulsion why. Because up in heaven. God's heart is war. When he sees his kids acting like him few things have made me happier in life. When I've had one of my children say to me Dad see that person Yeah I saw him. I helped him out. If there's a purpose in our child rearing it's to expand their little hearts to be happy and joyful in service. All right. If I could bring up that slideshow. I want to show you something. Now before I do I'm going to tell you that. My wife and I once we heard that Julie was going to plow some Somebody said to us you know you want to go sere while she's there. We looked at it we said and by the way. This is the 1st service didn't get this I was at a yard sale the other day it made me so happy I don't know if they're here today it made me so happy to see one of our doctors show up at that yard sale you know what go to the yard sales. Get on line bring up You Tube fix your own car try something new you can learn a thing make the Internet work for you the way you give is you learn to save and sacrifice doing other things. Do it so. I said to my wife I don't think we can spend more money on a Christmas vacation to see Julie than we've spent on most of our last cars. Now why am I telling you this because on the phone yesterday with one of my friends. Who flies all around the world I told him my daughter was being called to go serve as a missionary and pull out he said recently said you come with me to China next April we'll go over and Ciera plough free gratis what he say to that. Yeah except for my wife she's a teacher she can't get off work. Why am I telling you. You can not I don't know if I'll go or not but you can not. Get ahead of God on this giving thing. But you can fall behind. Now before I go through this real quick here's what I want to say to you. When I show up to do battle with my friends my brothers and sisters I had planned to when. I didn't know this tell the other day I shouldn't be surprised you know what next week's out next year quarter Sabbath schools on it's on Ezri and Nehemiah praise God. One of my favorite books Nehemiah. I should not have been surprised when one of you said to me someone told them they'll never get it done what are you talking about. This is what it looked like 3 weeks ago 2 weeks of work got us this far you add up the weeks there was some someone else got the foundations and so we could add maybe a week on let's call it 3 weeks we pulled the tarps off it was nasty We pulled the blocks out. We started setting them in place they went faster than we thought we put the door frames then we sat in the shade to stay somewhat cool my 3rd son who spent 3 weeks with me out there praise the Lord none of them paid going to the Likewise here we are looking down waiting for the concrete to be poured that's what it's going in and that's what it looked like at the end of 5 days there's a building out of the ground but another group showed up Praise the Lord and they started doing this of the top part of the sanctuary and this showed up and this showed up and then this went on and pretty soon it looked like this at the end of the 2nd week. And you know what we had divine efficiency and then they put the decking on and rolled out the ice and water shield and then they put the doors in the windows and you can't see the windows there because they've boarded them up so they don't get broken and then you can see the windows there they start put machine tools on and why do I have this on because every shingle is on this rough there's a dried in building can you say amen. And you know what they pulled out of their 4 o'clock yesterday there were shipping today in Fargo North Dakota and when they drove away not only could you see this but there's a building There's a lighthouse waiting for the electricians and the plumbers in the dry wallers and the Tylers and the carpenters Yes my friends. God can move his cause forward and I don't have time to remind you of the providential ways there's an apartment in this building so if Gary and Marlon Marsh get to feeling better or somebody else they can show up they don't have to buy a house they don't have to rent a house the church is really people and our greatest need is not buildings but it is people but when you start forming relationships it's nice to call them to a place where God's name is worshipped and there's joy in the hearts of the believers This my friends is a focused effort and it's a win in the name of Jesus Christ and that's all God's people are ever do go from victory on to victory. Now. Little object lesson. I haven't gone away. One of our studio young people during the children's story spoke exactly of this. Now. I could shine a green laser around. And tell you. Because it's a very focused light green lasers are the safest lasers. And they're great for pointers. But a laser can be a very dangerous form of light because of its high intensity. Now I thought about having somebody who trusted me hold these balloons. But then you might wonder if they popped him instead of me. So let's see if it will work again. There's your pocket book. Is your date book and there's Facebook. That's the power of a focused life. Now that's a dangerous laser. And next week I'm going to show you visually on the screen how a laser works every wave of light is exactly the same. And they line up in perfect form and they come out with a perfect intensity. The friend who offered to take me to China has just bought a laser that will. Of course they cut metal in all kinds of things with it as a matter of fact when I was a younger man a laser was used on my I. It's a burning device. Before I came out here I prayed as I prayed always Lord set me on fire and let the people watch you burn. This is God's cos I'm not appear beating the air as Paul would say. Deacon I'd like my cards police if the deacons will head out the cards I'm giving you something for you to think about I'm giving you something for you to commit to to God. Jesus focus is everything until the great controversy is over and you're a myself can our day book our pocket book and our socialising be turned for good Face Book. But don't let it use you gentlemen could I have one of those cards police. Thank you. Because card has 5 options there's no place to put your name there's a quote on the bottom of it I'm going to read the quote in the past there have been men people who stirred by the love of Christ in the needs of the Lost have left the comforts of home in the society of friends even that of wife and children to go into foreign lands among idolaters and savages to reclaim the message of mercy many in that attempt have lost their lives but others have been raised up to carry on the work God is calling for men people who are willing to leave their farms leave their businesses if need be leave their families to become missionaries for him and the call will be answered so what your life about friends that old story that I've told at least 2 times before the Chinese missionary who bitch British Petroleum wanted to win over they kept escalating the offer and finally said here's the problem you've got a job with a big salary that's not important I've got a job with a small salary that's very important how many people today are being called to move in the name of Jesus this is your car but before you leave this sanctuary it might be good for you to look at it and see of God in His Divine Providence who brought you here today and by the way we've been praying for the ones who would come here. If hearing this message isn't in his providence and moving isn't in his providence number one I will faithfully return it on his child some of you are doing this. You're robbing yourselves. God gave you 9 tenths of it to manage 110th of it he said just return it don't have to think about it I will take care of. If you're not faithfully returning to tie Today's the day to say I will be a favor will recognize or that God brought me into existence and redeem me in place me here to make a difference Number 2 I will give systematic offerings this used to be called sister Beth the in the beginning of our churches day I'm not sure how other churches have related to it I don't believe that it is absolutely unique to Adventism but it might be you know what we are funding a village church it is funded by the local budget we are funding a Michigan conference initiative in a few weeks they'll be a District 9 camped out at campus on Monday morning I will drive up to camp and saw a bill for ministers meetings that's funded by our Michigan advance partners. John was giving an appeal for that here today some of you aren't doing this it's just hit or miss and it's maybe more missed than it is hit because you're not purposeful I'm talking really smart about order in your lives if you move on the things I'm talking about order will come into your life. I'm calling you God is calling you through me to be systematic in what you're doing and of course you can't afford to do it. Of course you can't that's how it always works. It just reminds me that at 1st it looks impossible then it looks hard and then it's done God is faithful test him and see now the 3rd one is where I'm hoping a sizable number of you will be. You came into the church 20 years ago. And nothing has changed. I'm here to tell you today we cannot be men and women of integrity and say the world's falling apart but I'm just doing the same ole same ole. I'm assuming by the time I get to the 3rd box you've made a commitment to systematic offerings for those of you who have I'm inviting you to see what kind of improvement God have in mind and I put down on the paper the smallest whole number one percent. Some of you are doing anything systematically. Try to run a business that way the sons. Of this world should not be more shrewd than the sons of light I'm inviting you. And I'm not inviting you to go where I'm not going. One percent more. Heber's gave 25 percent of their income you may be a long ways from that but you can move a percentage of time that's what I'm doing the 4th box is probably the 2nd most important box on the page he will find me at his house. I had a wedding here 2 years ago. I've been invited to weddings I was at a wedding here last Sunday a beautiful wedding thank you for inviting me to participate. You know what the big deal is it a wedding. People to celebrate with you. How do those invitations often go. They request the pleasure of your presence or. Something along those lines. There's even a parable about nobody willing to come. But we can to all those people in the parable but why should God's house only be open for a few hours out of the we can only be populated on Sabbath morning. We're missing out on the blessing. Spirit of Prophecy says we should be where prayer is want to be made and you know they were breaking bread of fellowship been together in the temple every day now listen they couldn't keep that up forever. August 14th 2 and a half weeks from today we will start 40 days of prayer we're not even asking to come to the sanctuary except on Friday and Wednesday nights and Saturday nights you can come more often and pray with your prayer partner I'm here to tell you on the 39th day of 40 days of prayer my youngest son gave his life back to Christ. 39th. On September 23. We will start 12 nights in a row of proclaiming the exact opposite of the candle under the finger Wouldn't it be nice if people needed to put chairs along the pews or stand against the windows to listen it's doable but not without you. Those 40 days of prayer are to be bathed. By the Holy Spirit and focused like a laser shot I've made arrangements for $36.00 foot tall Redwood statue to be here I've gone down and seen the city fathers it's going to be erected right in front of our church the image of Daniel to it will be like nothing you've ever seen and shared it $800000.00. Coming to this conference for a period of 2 to 3 months we are to startle the public with the prominence and the priority of our message in this image got ahold of noble condensor and it image will get ahold of others what does the mean. What does it mean if we don't pray ourselves into readiness we have strategically planned for the last 3 or 4 decades it's time for us to strategically pray. And the last one. Might seem most appropriate for a young person but it's for anybody that God moves on their heart I will dedicate a year of my life I'm talking about volunteer. In full time service to God What are you doing with your life just making money no. A making a difference for Hence after God spoke this world into existence anatomy of sin God touch the pause button. And with a laser shot of hope he brought you and me awareness of forgiveness of sins and an assurance. Of a place in his eternal home in heaven. Do you think the devil gave up without a fight think not. If there was a moment of spiritual intensity it was just 70. If you don't think the burning searing desperate insecurities of man weaknesses of the flesh wanderings of the Son of God one in place think again so intense was the suffering great drops of blood poured from the Saviors pours. His visit was marred. But we can't be inconvenienced let's bring those 2 things together. Let's be recalibrated for the soon return of Jesus. Is your pocketbook converted. Is your. Date book converted. And is your Facebook is your socializing converted. Or is it all done vicariously through a screen. It's time to come together we can have a renaissance the wall can be rebuilt. And we can be a safe place to bring people with no breaches May God help us do these 3 simple things the card is yours I pray keep it in your mind don't check a single box until you know which boxes you're supposed to check but once you make a covenant with God. Keep it. Keep it this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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