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The Renaissance of Adventism, from Preposition to Composition

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • August 24, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Lord we want our lives to be totally yours and the greatest surance that only you can give. We're on a journey Lord. I pray and we follow you all the way to heaven so wherever anyone is today Lord I pray speak peace to them carry the burdens of their heart if their rejoicing Lord May we rejoice with them if they are heavy hearted May we care help us in those ordinary parts of the journey Lord where we're soldiering through to not give up give us a window Lord of your presence in our lives help us just to see what you're doing. And bust this now as we open the word please open our hearts you won't force of but you will speak to us. May we not callous our hearts against that voice in Jesus name I pray Amen. This is the last of 3 sermons on the renaissance of Adventism. In the 1st sermon which is in titled Make up your mind I showed how through the book of John Jesus gives decision making moments to people but his voice is very easily heard. We study the Book of 1st John at our recent ministers meetings in a big became very clear clear that there is a witness at the end of time Jesus is vindicated because the voice of the Holy Spirit speaks on the other side of heaven very sad thought but during those 1000 years of looking at the records we're going to see how many places God spoke to people where they ignored him. It won't be that someone is lost because provision won't wasn't made it will be that refusal. To let God be God So whether it was naked Demas like we saw or all the way through up to Judas at the very end when Jesus he told Nick a Demas you have to be born of the water in the spirit nicotine has had rejected the voice of John the Baptist who was Elijah. Naked Demas had refused he clearly heard the voice of God in the appeal of John the Baptist to repent and I took you through almost every chapter of the book of John showing you the same thing Jesus gives you a chance to respond to the voice it's in the word primarily but it's also in the application of the word to your life through the Holy Spirit last week we looked at the camp on a tree of rededicating time talent and fellowship to God I talked with you about a convert of pocket book a converted date book in a converted Face Book. If someone were to look at your ledger would they know that you were converted would they know if they look at your portfolio when they say this person is a Christian and they believe Jesus is coming. If they looked at your calendar and saw how many priority appointments you had with God's people doing God's work would they say this person's date book is converted and if they looked at your fellowship being whether it was online or what the people of God What they say these people's social component the Facebook of their lives is converted I'm afraid without those books converted there will be no heaven bound assurance for us I can't convert myself but the amazing gift of Jesus sitting at the feet of Jesus thinking about the power of the blood the great focus of heaven. I shared with you how God has put the expansion of civilization throughout the universe on hold the house is divided Satan has made an accusation against God God is not populating other planets right now God has taken the fullness of the Godhead bodily imported into the life of Jesus Christ and sent him here and what can stand against that kind of love except a resistant heart but friends with go back to the 1st sermon you gotta listen. And I'm going to tell you God is working through his church the church is not the problem the church is the solution it is the one object it is in feeble and effective as it may be it is the one object of his supreme regard it's composed of people like you and me with our flaws which is why we have to socialize together and come to know each other in the spiritual realms because love covers over a multitude of sins you'll grow with me while I grow all grow with you while you grow. And this morning because this isn't really terribly hard to figure out God in its infinite complexity I mean pointed out in the last sermon that is now statistically provable The astronomers have made it clear that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the thief shores of this little world. But both. The psalmist and the prophet Isaiah say he calls them out one by one by name and not one of them is Mithi. We have nothing to be afraid of except our own humanity. And this morning. I want to talk with you about the last component of renaissance so if I individually drew into this divine intimacy with God. If I learned to hear is voice and I followed him my peace would increase his fruitfulness would be to His glory if I came together and focus my time my money and my presence there's no doubt that the church would experience a renaissance and last week we had this card that Greg was referencing here I'm going to reference to it again I will faithfully return a lot of ties some may not be doing that folks if if you serve the infinite God of the universe and he said I am stuck God can't be stuck Oh yes he can be stuck by you stuck by your decision so I'm stuck because it's my nature to pour out blessings. You're keeping me from doing at least like I want to special covenantal blessings yeah the sun came up today for everybody the grass is green today for everybody the air is breathable today for everybody but there are some special things he wants to do and he's stuck when we refused to acknowledge that the little bitty paltry portfolios that we own are all his. Return and honest tithe is the difference between a special bless blessing or a pronounced curse it's sad offerings aren't any different You've robbed me not just in your ties but your offerings sister bets the is what we called systematic benevolence a percent of my income goes to the church budget a percent of my income goes to Michigan advance partners and percent of my income goes to the world budget and if I want to give more on top of that I do but I don't rob Peter to pay Paul. In the middle of this card was an invitation to move some of you may have been doing systematic benevolence. God prompted with an invitation that maybe it's time to move you're given by a person not down for sure but up the Hebrews gave a quarter of their livelihood and they were profoundly blast before something on here was that I will be in God's house you're here right now some of you don't go to church regularly you're here for special events we welcome you we're glad you're here but I will find myself in God's house he will find me at his house ever throw a party but nobody will come seems like there is a parable and even Jesus talked about the honor of your presence isn't it strange that God would relate to you like that and lastly I will give a year of my life in service for Christ yesterday morning drop my youngest child Julie off at the south been airport between the smiles the tears and the hugs in the prayers all right there just before you go through security we waited till she was through wave goodbye and last night about 8 o'clock 9 o'clock our time she landed in Honolulu where dozens of other student missionaries are going to get their orientation for a year of service I would love to see all of our teachers always talking about this with our elementary age kids give God a year of your life let's bring life back into the sadness church this kind of commitment would create a dynamism in a secular business let alone in a church and God said the sons of this age are more shrewd than the sons of life but let it not be with us and so how do you have a renaissance of a church yes make up your mind draw into this divine intimacy yes focus your life time talent treasure socializing power on God in His people and then on the ones you're to reach in this morning you need to know a little bit of English because you've got to go from a proposition to a composition. Now. I never really enjoyed those sentence diagramming and must have been a lot of other people who didn't either because I don't think they do much of it anymore but I don't say in men but I learned I learned something there are I take your Bibles and turn to 1st current 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 our scripture reading it's important that you understand the conditional nature that a preparation proposition can create 2nd Kings Chapter 7 is a divine encounter Solomon has saw the Lord and the Lord has responded It is the dedication of the temple and God comes down with a special promise that is not just for Solomon but those who are far off and 2nd Chronicles 7 looking at. The verses there surrounding the building of the temple we find these words verse 11 the Solomon finished the house of the Lord and the king's palace and successfully completed all that he had planned on doing in the house of the Lord and in his palace the Lord appeared to Solomon at night and he said to him I've heard your prayer. Listen friends were serving a God who neither slumbers nor sleeps you wake up in the middle of the night you want to talk to God he's listening but if God spoke back to you in the darkness of the night if out of the inky blackness as you're laying there in your bed and so much on your mind can't sleep God spoke and he said Ron I've heard your prayer go back to sleep. I don't know that I could have a gift any better and yet this morning I'm going to show you the gift is already yours if you meet the conditions I've heard your prayer. And I've chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice friends this church this village 7th Day Adventist Church on St Joseph Avenue is a special place to God it was dedicated when it was built it was dedicated when it was paid for and it was dedicated when it was remodeled That's 3 times and you're gathered here today for a worship divine worship hour we prayed that the words that I'm sharing would come from heaven we've song prayers we've listened to invitations we've been given an opportunity to give. This is a place it's not to be a place slightly frequented it is to be a primary place when the doors of this church are open God's expecting his foot soldiers will be here to advance his cause to be revived and to grow. I've heard your prayer verse 13 there's a change if there's our preparation if I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain. If I command the locust to devour the land. Or if I send pestilence among my people I'm going to pause right here because there's too many Christians today who think God is too good to do those things no our God has a goal his goal is to make sure we don't fritter away the divine opportunity of transformation and when our lives are on the super highway to hell he doesn't come along and say Let me put a little turbo juice in your gas tank as a matter of fact he says here's a speed bump Here's a speed bump Here's a speed bump there may be somebody listening to me right now who's running over speed bumps continually crying out to God as if God isn't saying something to you Have you ever thought about slowing down and doing a little thinking and a little praying. It's not God's job to bless us into perdition the blessings come to be a blessing but if we wander from the path of life especially in a marriage covenant with God redeemed re stored committed to by him don't think he's going to make it easy for us to continue a superficial apathetic or running away from him if I shut up the heavens no rain if I command the locusts eat what's there and if I send pestilence among my people. And if proposition My people who are called by my name. Will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and I will heal their land Well you know I have found this promised to be absolutely true. Now I don't like to say it but I can't change the facts and if it offends somebody I have to let God work that out with you but every single district I have gone into on my own has been sick and suffering and needed healing including this one. I once inherited a church where the 2 previous pastors had both a pasta size they had just left the ministry they had left the 7th Day Adventist Church I was 28 years old and. Was the Kokomo church I can tell you when I would drive down there at nights for prayer meeting sometimes I just felt like the life was being sucked out of me. This is the price tag of pastoral leadership it's not the fact that we don't get off work at 5 o'clock which we don't. It's the fact that. The emotional dynamics and demands made upon us which is why pastors must preach for conversion because you cannot lead unconverted people and you cannot even sustain yourself without conversion I'd rather you be mad at me on the front side and get over it with God and love me on the back side. Than you not be able to be led by God when I'm called to be a leader for go on but every single time and with every single church at least a church in the district when people decide that they will follow the simple directives of heaven and lay their lives on the altar individually corporately I have never seen God not show up and pour out more blessed scenes than were ever dispersed. We should not be closing schools we should be opening new ones in a few places we do we should not be shutting down churches we should be open a new once Listen you think I'm making this stuff up we just had the executive secretary from the North Pacific Union at our ministers meeting. And he told me he was surprised at how many churches were sending financial request on to the union to pay their insurance bill. Yeah oh my I heard that from somewhere you ought to say oh ma and when he put the statistics up on the screen and I could see the graph of our North American division over the last 10 years when we get down to the last year and it's 6 tenths of a percent. Where would we be without our ethnic churches and our own children being baptized I'm afraid we might be seeing more all minus. Now I'm here to tell you. That if the North American churches including this one are too proud to come together and humble themselves we might just slowly have to watch the life out of us and like a person whose circulation gets worse and worse we might have to endure the corporate amputations. Until eventually even the main trunk of the body like a baring county where there's over 7007 they haven't until eventually even the trunk looks sick and suffering everywhere God shows up there is a life and vitality and hope and power Amen and it's no different for us but God doesn't show up to be an uncomfortable guest as we do our own thing and brush the principles of holy living and holy focus and vision off to the side God doesn't come along to go for the ride member when Joshua was taking over and he's there and the commander shows up soldier Joshua says are you force or gets us. God says you've got your whole perspective all out of whack I didn't come for against you I'm the commander the Lord's on me. And all this that he realizes I'm for him. The message to Joshua was you don't turn to the left and you don't turn to the right and nobody will be able to stand against you and if I wasn't in my middle fifty's and hadn't watched this over and over again I could not stand before you and be confident but I want to tell you something there's not a dollar this church has spent to aid anybody whether it's in Brazil or Montana Earl Salvador or the prisoners in the prisons around these few states year there's not a dollar we've spent to put a young person in Christian education that has ever been a waste and hasn't been repaid and by the way having enough money in the bank is not the measure of success by the way just happens to be the lowest common denominator by which we can tell whether or not we're almost dead on arrival or doing just a tad bit better. If my people. But you're too busy and you don't need it and you've been thoroughly trained that you are a 7th Day Adventist customer you've signed up you've got membership benefits but this is not Costco. This is the family of God and we are called to press together for those who have not yet been invited in and as I write in my little bitty article in the newsletter I'm a happy sad dead oh I got just a tad bit teary to watch my 19 year old girl go halfway around the world but I want to what she is joining her daddy to work for God and I can't be much happier. You want to find the way help somebody else find the way you find it our young people are mighty to serve once their hearts are captured by the living Christ and once their commitments are made to his body the church and this is where we're at we're in a position in a place where we sometimes tacitly acknowledge to our kids that yeah the church is the problem somebody didn't talk to write somebody didn't like how you were dressed somebody made a comment somebody didn't make a comment could we grow up and get over it could we start realizing that God has given us a privilege and if it isn't turning out how we wanted to turn out let's make sure it turns out better for somebody else. Our journey has been so cell focused by the world where everybody is a customer. That we bring it over into the church and we become the best critics and we cannibalize that which is most meant to be the fruit of life. There is no social solution to the problems of our church or this world it's not a generational problem friends it is a spiritual problem. It would be like saying my kid saying Dad you know what our problem is. You. Excuse me. I'll be humble enough to say I am part of my kids' problems. But I'm also down at the foundational level of all of their successes I love them. And when they're my age doing my job they'll see a whole lot better than they might see when they're in their late adolescence or their adult moments. Yes the job of the prophets is not easy. Especially when false prophets proclaim falsities that feel good. So if Jesus lingers in another decade and I get to finish what would be a normal career I am planning on everywhere I go. As I teach preach practise and administrate the principles of Heaven that I want to be on the winning side not on the losing side and as long as I'm with him I'm with God it's going to happen again. So I don't want to give anybody the wrong idea. I'm going to keep preaching stewardship of life and relationships and education and social power and presence I'm going to keep preaching those things till I die which is a lot sooner than it was when I started as a 20 some year old man. But nothing's different between you and me I stand up here regularly I'm just a child of God It just happens to be he put a megaphone in my hand and I'm supposed to use it so that you can be there with me and I can be there with you when I do see Jesus face to face. That's the point. We do not need to languish on the vine but as we imitate and take our cues from a POS state Protestantism or from the secular society we cannot help but be we have a prophet in our midst we have the Spirit of Prophecy in our Bible study. We have the shoulders of sacrifice which brother Greg was referring to that we are standing on many generations over and if there is a challenge in the church today it is an absence of conversion it is not a problem at least when we reflect on the history of the 1st 100 years of problem of method. God doesn't need better methods imbalance would write in power through prayer he says God needs better men better people. And if there is something about this renaissance of Adventism that I want to resonate in your minds is that you could get by with preachers but you can't get by without prayers you can get by without sermons but you can't get by without groups of people gathering to pray they'll be a day when the preachers are locked up and the members are left it'll be up to people who never have seen a page out from the 7th Day Adventist Church it will be in homes in vineyards in orchards it will be in valleys and caves. But you can live without preaching but you can't live without praying and it's not individual prayer I'm talking about here today when God says If my people he's not he's not suggesting this is a corporate public moment when Moses is on the side of the mountain and God says I've heard the cry of my people there is something about people pressing together to pray the transforms of the human relationship and the divine and when we don't come together to pray we should expect to get what we get but what a sad thing and now I know why people don't pray and I know I people don't pray in groups I know why people don't come because it's exceptionally uncomfortable. To do something in public you don't do much of in private and it's also exceptionally uncountable to actually have to invest in another person. It's uncomfortable to come here and actually press socially together it's uncomfortable to have God Talk Back. Divine intimacy isn't really what a lot of people want I'm not surprised they're missing out the best thing I have is the friendship of Jesus if. I get something thrown on my shoulders I either go for a walk or go into a private place to pray but I'll tell you what when I'm sitting on the wall in Montana and the sun's going down and I'm watching the master artist paint a beautiful picture on the Northwestern sky of our country my heart thrilled to be used by God to be a part of his work I want to draw near to Jesus but I know if you've been listening and feeding if you've been going to the wells that are polluted by this world you don't really want to do that because you don't want God messing with your C.S. or whatever else it is you watch you don't got that close you don't want God to talk to and say I'd like for you to stop doing then start doing this the appetites of our lives the idols. Of our age but none of them compared to the glory and the beauty of the presence in the friendship of God. Day 39. Last year on day 39. The Holy Spirit came down listen if you want to talk to the least sensationalistic person in the 7 them in his church you're talking to him right now. I almost never call anything a miracle I don't top cheap and superficial about God but on day 39 last year I got the testimony direct the Holy Spirit came down so powerfully on my son. That he was convicted that if he didn't make a decision for Christ now he might not ever make a decision. He asked his friends to pray for him. Now maybe your kids are still young enough to where the circle of their influence still got a lot of you in their orbit. But I want to tell you something. The magnetism of the earth the gravitational force of this evil world is strong enough even though as you get backed out of their orbit the world looks to close in and you know what the world's goal is get that spin get tighter and tighter and tighter pick up speed where they can't break out of it and there's the crash landing of their spiritual person. I'm here to tell you. I've seen a few miracles in my life. There is no miracle bigger than the Holy Spirit coming into a person's life and breaking the shackles of self centeredness from around the heart of someone that is a pretty respectable citizen but they are not a respectable citizen of heaven. And God knows it. And when the Holy Spirit shows up to take a prisoner from Satan and make him a prisoner of hope this is a miracle I don't know what kind of problems you're facing but I know this when the Holy Spirit came down on those $120.00 people they had been there for 10 days praying with each other it was a corporate movement when Peter was in jail and they knew the church could be destroyed because James that already been beheaded and Heron only put off Peter's execution for a few days because it was a Jewish festival the church thought it was going to die read Acts of the Apostles they thought the church was going to be destroyed and if they could get James and they could get Peter the only one of the 1st 3 Well actually. There's just a few left and then it's on to the ordinary people and the church got together and they started praying and God took and did something we could not hardly imagine he woke Peter up miracle number one and then he started letting peter out of the prison without anybody knowing it Guard after guard after guard and finally when Peter knocks on the door where the prayer meeting is going on Rhoda gets that and everybody else says you're out of your mind. He says no I'm not. There so jubilant. He has to totem down. When we look at the story line of corporate prayer we realize God wants to do something go to the book of Matthew Chapter 18 but some of us are going to miss out. Matthew 18 it's a powerful chapter we throw it around when it comes to conflict resolution Well I'm here to tell you. That conflict resolution is bound on one side by an amazing promise that we're passing up verse 19 again I say unto you that if the 2 of you agree on Earth about anything that they may ask it shall be done for them by my father who is in heaven for where 2 or 3 have what's the next word. Where 2 or 3 have gathered. There is something about gathering. There is never just 2 people who gather there is always the presence of Christ when to gather in His name where 2 or 3 have gathered in my name I am there in their midst now I want you to know something when the scripture says in verse 19 where 2 of you agree. The word that's used there is the word since the nail. It's not hard for you to see the stretch from the Greek to the English God is looking for a symphony of prayer in regards to certain things and the 1st verses above this narrative are the verses of conflict where people won't listen to you they won't listen to 2 or 3 they won't even listen to the church that's a pretty hard hearted person but you run into those kind of situations that is a call to prayer we all know somebody who said I'm done with the church I'm not going back to the church or I'm done with God whatever they say in that context with sin hardened hearts with 3000000000 on the outside and rebellion on the in Jesus says when 2 or 3 of you gather and agree. I'm there listening. One preacher is said God needs 3 things from us he wants us to be together he wants us to see together and he wants us to agree together I suspect if we were more corporate in our prayer meetings we would have unity of feeling thought and action we could be fighting less and enjoying the fruit of the sweetness of God's presence in our midst even more. Now I love good music. My wife stayed home most all the years that our kids were little we had almost no money we had plenty of money we just didn't have a lot left over in the process there were some special moments. Now we got a hold of the Circle City Theater which was where the INS Indianapolis Symphonic Orchestra played we got the tickets we could afford which were the musical version of the nosebleed section way up in the 3rd mezzanine. We came in we found our seat we were all dressed up it was a date. It was Christmas time maybe a birthday celebration for my wife as she has a birthday close to Christmas and I want to tell you. When that conductor stepped on to the podium and he raised his baton and all those instruments came up with that Fantasia on Greensleeves begin to play it was if we had been lifted up into the presence of the heavenly angels and we sat there mesmerized by the beauty. One discordant instrument. Could have destroyed its beauty they had practiced a lot in private you pray all you can in private you take Jesus with you let your breath be like prayer you know Jesus individually all you want but I'm going to tell you there are some burdens so big God says I'm not fixing this one until they all agree because unity is at a premium for God and it is the final and highest order and he is actually in a group's midst do you think it's accidental that you see fragmentation and animosity and polarization in our society days not an accident it's perfect fruit of the withdrawing of the Holy Spirit from this earth that's where we're at. And when you see a group of people come together who are sweet and harmonized and together that will become one of the highest evidence is that something really unique is going on here because I know she's a Democrat and he's a Republican but you know what they are the sweetest most beautiful people I know he's for this and she's against that but you know what there is such a harmony in their lives they have a divine discretion a divine hand guiding them their hearts have been touched their mouths have been healed they're screwed God never intended that we should give the doctor and before we give the blessing the Bible says taste and see that the Lord is good you should find out how good it is you should smell the fragrance before you eat the food and you should know the joy of Christian fellowship before you're taught the doctrine that's how God always intended it for work it wasn't like did you know the 7th day is the Sabbath as they argue down to the final degree of your never read collections No I'm not giving in it's not. Did you know the 7th Day Adventists are to be the sweetest most fragrant most harmonized people as we come to the end of the age and it's going to be a witness that nobody can argue against. Friends if my people. Well come and lift their voices collectively in a symphony of praise I want to promise you what's going to happen that set of parents who didn't think Christian education was important going to double down on them God can change their mind where you can't and our schools are going to have kids that son or that daughter that's wandered for God and loves to have ear buds in their ears all the time and can't take their eyes off the screen God can interject himself into that situation that parent who is thinking that they might just throw everything in they've had enough of that lousy spouse God can put a healing touch on that marriage that job that you think is going to end God can give you a different or a better one but I'm here to tell you today friends there are burdens so big that God wants to see us like those Amish people you've seen that video look at it this afternoon where they they actually surround a bar and they all have a handhold and on a certain signal they all live together and they carry the barn and I'm not talking little barn Amish build big barns they carry it from one foundation to another place by hand. You see if there's going to be a renaissance of Adventism there's going to be a symphony of prayer that ascended to heaven and God is going to listen to it and there will be no doubt but that there must be a response they must have what they earn as we are seeking but it's not happening as you toss your little prayers out over here and I'd toss mine over there there are calls to prayer that bring us together the Holy Spirit came down on 120 the the building was shaken as a result of harmony and togetherness following the lead of Jesus who said don't go out and try to win the World until you've given me full permission to rule in your hearts. A symphony of prayer of composition is so beautiful that all without any knowledge of Christianity can say there is something sweet and marvelous in the heart of those people the hearts of those people. So friends what is your commitment. You're too busy. We're going to start 40 days of prayer here in 10 days. Or you don't know anybody well that's only proof that the sermon series was needed. You need to find. A person not your spouse. You need to actually make this a journey of social renewal and investment. And while you will not gather every day these phones ought to be used so that add an appointed time you meet with someone else and for 40 days we hold up the hardest problems of our lives before God the hardest problems of our church before God. And we say cock we believe. Help our own belief we've got to have you do something. Nobody's ever going to tell me that day 39 T. year ago was not a miracle. Praying for more. And I don't know who my prayer partner is yet I pray with my wife a lot. It's not going to be her but I want to tell you the person I prayer partner with last year. We're close 40 days of talking about some of the most serious. Was a man don't pray with somebody the opposite spouse. We became brothers as I dealt with something very challenging. So what are we going to do. How many seats in the orchestra are going to be empty I know you're busy Listen friends. You know Paul went into Bragg mode every once in a while I talked about this last week he bragged about the giving of the methadone eons for the current the into the methadone every once in a while Paul went into that mode where he told about you know he was a Hebrew of the Hebrews and all that I'm not going to do that but if it was appropriate be good for me someday to tell you what busy is. Until then I would ask you to do this. Ask God if he doesn't want you in the symphony. I love to listen to solos when I was at Indiana Cademy I enjoyed the band and every once in a while other bands who come through no offense to our academy but how can that compare to the orchestra over here at the University. One of the privileges of being in this community is the easy music. The question is. Will we be part of making it. And Will God give us a testimony. So as tired as you may get. Day 39 will remain my testimony. And now I have a friend and a partner and an adult child. I did know how much he needed what God gave him but for my life I've been praying but it wasn't until my wife and her prayer partner pastor not we're praying together it wasn't until that focus came down that God said watch this. Powerful little device I have in my hand. Weighs a few ounces. If I wasn't a preacher I do want to be a music conductor. You know. Have you ever heard him with a tap. Everybody's tuning their instruments but there comes a moment in time when the conductor does this. The most single popular orchestrated piece of music in the world. Be to. It's time for us to make melody in the heart of God. It's time for us to take our spot in the orchestra and agree be together see together agree together. We're holding in a man's Lisick serious here start on Monday night September 23 and I know God's going to show up partially because dozens and dozens hundreds of people are praying for Friday of this week the 36 foot tall Redwood statue of Daniel 2 is going to pull into burying Springs is going to be an amazing moment I'm hoping to set it up where all the $125000.00 people that come to our Are you fair can see it where to arrest the attention of the people this is the God filled good news that he's in charge and there's going to be a stone Kingdom where he's going to be the king not never can answer. It would be sad. If you want to part of the orchestra. I'm going to be there. I'm going to be here better bonded to every other single person that's here friends we pray here on Wednesday night that's the main thing we do we sing we pray we have little sharing but starting on Wednesday night the 14th we're going deep in. And I'm waiting for a testimony of what God's going to do from proposition if to composition. A composing of the best music heaven as ever. Written for this community for your life for our church might go and help us all and maybe we fill our chair in the orchestra and then this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a little visit W W W audio verse or.


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