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God's Ordained Order - Part 1

Louis Torres


Every doctrine of the Bible can be traced from the Garden of Eden (Eden Lost) to heaven (Eden Restored). This class will show that the Bible’s doctrines are consistent and systematic, taught from Eden to Eden.


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • August 18, 2016
    2:00 PM
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We are grateful father for the privilege of being together to study your words and the we pray for your spirit to guide and to direct us in Jesus' name. Now if you notice a title it's of the seminars called God's order OK Which means and that gaunt Hass systems he has one systems God is a God the horror and everything he the US has a a calculated order that leads always to something everything that God does He has a defined course ascended the rection come right in and so he does a saint thing with the Scriptures the Bible God is given to us actually has a 6 the what we call an implied system where the I mean by imply. It's not obvious OK some addition have you heard that word before some addition Are you acquainted with the word some addition simply means that it is there but not overtly stated in that one. So either they're not overly say that so it's easy to miss a season 2 on the misses. For example I'll give it just one simple example God says the 7th day is a sad of the Lord by God or I would say. 7. In that sate men there is some additional language or implied language in the employ of man which is that there is no other day but the 7 day. In other words God did not have to say don't wash it the 1st day don't wash or the 2nd they don't wash or the 3rd they don't want the 4 he just simply had to say were shut up on the 7th day and by that it will name and then it's in the other day for shit that's called sub or additional language or implied so when he said he made the earth and how many days by stating that he made the the earth and 6 states and rest of the 7 he implies that no other time can be considered for creation except what he stated as the time of creation. That makes sense. So in the Scriptures there is some. All addition language or implied language in Spanish to say. Whether that means. It means to take it for granted means what taken for granted that makes sense Ian Now the Bible. The what I'm going to be doing this week is I'm going to spend time with you actually dealing with. The the Bible but I'm going to deal with the Bible from Eden to Eden Jesus made the statement says that he is a 1st and the last the alpha N.D. I'm a go that means then that you should be able to find Jesus in the 1st and in the last and everywhere in between in the scriptures that true but most of the time we have difficulty finding Jesus in the Old Testament we find Jesus in the new Sesame is it where you find uses in the Old Testament Well if you have your Bibles and I trust you do just open to the 1st chapter in the 1st verse the 1st book of the Bible which one. And I can't chiefly because I can't see in the Bible or on here OK. So no this is say in the beginning who God God created the heavens and they are OK so it says in the beginning you see that now go to John 11 John 11 and assess how there's a start also in the beginning of those the same 3 words. And the fact that it's it's it's sess in the beginning may imply May 1 vamp that is referring to the 1st 3 words of the Bible in the beginning and the way we know that the implication is correct is if you read the rest of the verse and it says in the beginning was the word the word was with God the where was God right the same was in the beginning with God and I'm quoting him I quote the correct word OK then it says how many things are all things were was made by him without him without that he made that was made correct yes and whether verse 9 say that my the reader for me. OK He was are true light correct then very San whether that say. He was in the world and the world was made by him and the world knew him not show who is there in the beginning then. Jesus so he's in the 1st verse of 1st chapter the 1st we're going to Bible now he's in the 1st verse of 1st chapter the 1st book of the New Testament Matthew Chapter $11.00 what does it say Matthew Chapter one Verse one. The book of the generation. Jesus Christ so it starts out with Jesus said the New Testament begins with Jesus the Old Testament begins with Jesus what about the last worse of the book of the Bible the last book the last chapter and the last verse what does it say the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all a man so the Bible begins with Jesus and the Bible and through Jesus and therefore you should be able to find Jesus throughout the entire mom whether you say does that make sense to you now I do have a little book I don't know they have the B.B.C. the angel who is Jesus the one. Who is Jesus I wrote them of the book because I discover that a lot of people have doubts and questions about whether Jesus was in the Old Testament and if you read that of the book you'll see that Jesus is found appearing as an angel throughout the Old Testament. The angel who says you can check with them all right now. The scripture then since we have been in from beginning to to the end to the new beginning we should be able then to find Christ as a center of each subject one is something every doctrine that we have Christ should be the center who. Should be the center the challenges and most of the time when we get bible study we have ascendancy to focus on proof texts to prove a particular point the purpose of Bible so this is the only people to Christ who are so ever read every doctrine then that we present you have crisis a center I said should. The challenge is that most of the time. If we're focusing on the Sabbath we're trying to make sure that we can hammer down the fact that the 7th there's a 7. Well listen we're missing juices not the mark but I'm saying with this a. Mess in the Mark All right so. The BY will basically is the plan of restoration or the plan of salvation some others call it the great controversy. So the Bible is to teach us how to get from our 1st beginning to our new beginnings in other words the scripture starts with a with a new beginning correct which we call the beginning and it ends with a new beginning with who called the new beginning but in reality both who are new beginnings is just said when we compare the 1st beginning to the last beginning we need to make a kind of a difference so that we're clear so we say the beginning and new beginning. So this is the scripture then and then the 1st 2 chapters of the Bible and the last chapter of the Bible are basically mirror image of each other perhaps you had noticed that but let's look at it we know that in the beginning and when in the beginning there was a face to face communion between God and man that true. We know that there was a perfect home is that true. We also know that in the beginning in the beginning there was a perfect Diane harmonious human relationships that was eternal life because nobody was destined to die that time and the animal kingdom and at peace and more things that we can put in that list but just those simple facts are there in the beginning you find them in Genesis one and 2 true. Then if you go to the new beginning you find the same thing you find in face to face communion between God and man in fact the Bible says Revelation chapter 22 and they shall see his face. I think all him says and we shall see him. All right so then this is a perfect home as a new beginning and that true yes and of course as a perfect guy in the beginning is that true as an R F then of course is the hormone as human relationship status is that true yes and of course as he turned on life so we find the 1st 2 chapters and the last 2 chance of the Bible mirror images which means then that this is what God intended but it was loss and Christ came to reestablish what was lost. And that's why you have a beginning and a new beginning rather than a beginning and then and good God even though it appears like he lost the battle the reality is that he will ultimately win a right so there is a beginning and a new beginning that means then. That in the scriptures we should be able to find a. Thread of gold all the way through from the beginning to the beginning with every Dr we should be able to trace every chief thing that we have through out the entire Bible Americans and statements here I'm waiting for some challenge no challenge here. So that means then that if I'm a Bible student I should be able to trace all of the teaching that we have died the Sabbath stay the. Christian dormant. All of those teachings we should be able to find them from the beginning and trace and all the way through the Bible to the new beginning and here's what I've discovered when you do this then any doctrine that cannot be traced from even to it in this something wrong we're. OK Because yeah so everything must be able to be true in about a month from the beginning through to the new beginning. That's correct Genesis through our relation that's why God gave us an entire Bible he didn't give us one book in reference in the sense that he didn't just give us the Book of Exodus or he didn't give us a book of John. He gave us the Bible which is which includes all of those books which are guards counsel to his children throughout the ages so let me just illustrate to you or demonstrate to you when I'm talking about in just charting in one in charting a particular doctrine. From the beginning to the new me getting And I think that we can start with the word with what the word we know that and then in the beginning as we say did. God was with man and God spoke with Man Is that true and there are several versus there in Genesis chapter one attempted to where it says specifically that God spoke to Adam that true for example he said to Adam before there was a need he said to Adam you. Shall not go to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and partake of the fruit. So it's best if I say God actually did talk to Adam all right and obviously Eve got to know about that. Obviously from Adam because God had only spoken that to Adam. And the yes and now just think about it yes think about it they for Eve was created before it was created and by the way I'm not trying to get into women and men etc But I'm just dealing with particular across the logical sequences in the Bible because that's what we're going to be doing with the way they're going. Do a chronological sequence in the scriptures of different things so whether logically speaking God made man 1st that true OK and it was to man then John in Genesis Chapter one Verse 26 and on that he says to him this is the food you will eat this is the animals who were sort of one and 29 and 30 correct. In Genesis chapter one but he also said here they put man in the garden correct then in Chapter 2 he tells man not to eat of the tree of life and also he tells Adam that he supposed to take care of the garden and then he tells him that he needs to name the animals so all this has taken place because he was around that through my making it up was that true. So this is this is. Called sequence in the scriptures then it says that Adam realized that he was the only one that didn't have a maid after all of this council and all of this interaction with God He realizes in our Everything else has a partner and I don't have a partner so then the Bible says that God put on them into a deep sleep open the side there are dark you then anaesthesia on Adam then then one then he then made an incision then he extracted correct i'm he was a medical term. Then he extracted right the bone and then he sushi it says he closed the side there are that's a 1st surgery in the 1st and the season ever recorded in history that you know that and where is that Brown. Is found in the Bible where in the Bible OK so. Well not only is it not the 1st draft last. The 1st clone. If we're going to use that term it would be the 1st clone OK because from the bone the Lord made an E OK so obviously that was something that was a book available right from the beginning but man did not understand how to do that in fact in those days the way people kill each other would by opening them up. So when they read those scriptures they couldn't understand them because you know you want to kill somebody you take a knife on the one them up you cut them up in the sand and it says here that God open him up. Either that Adam lived alone when the soap of the people was a. Right it is not until modern science that we discover that is true you can open somebody up in take out an organ I have to 2 cousins or organ transplant surgeons so I asked John one time I said John Thomas something how difficult is it for you to take an organ out and put one hand in a very simple you take going out and you put one in. Well I knew it was not that simple because I I saw the little medicine that when I was in the Army anyway so chronologically speaking we should be able to follow through the word right so in the beginning God is speaking to man and a new beginning we find that God also commune man face to face so obviously something happened after the beginning after Genesis chapter one chapter 2 something to place to that face to face communion between man and God. And we know what that is where we know that that the 1st to face him union you can see then Genesis Chapter one Verse 28 and chapter 2 or 315217 we find the same thing in the New Testament in Genesis 21 verse 3 and 22 verse 4 God then speaks to man face to face. So if that's the case then we know they got all cement will for you and for me is for he and I and you and him to speak face to face is also meant desire is that face to face communion who are I mean there's nothing more than. My grand kids just grow they live in Vermont they don't have a real camp meeting on their own it's either join Graham Carr here they came ahead of me and so my daughter has 5 kids and it's always a joy come up in so as a joy to me that with my grand kids this one is my my body. And one of mine to you know my grandpa. Anyway it's a joy to always be with them and to play with them and to into enter connect with them and on that so the thing that God wants is not distance but. He wants to be with his children now that is the communion However when Sam came in it into romped it wasn't it interrupted the face to face communion the communication that was necessary before sin became even more necessary after ascent of man the that Kelso to begin with you can hold out on many of the counts of the begin with without sin how much more this man the God's counsel after sin. And so we know then that sin separated between man and God the God would not have it that he could not communicate with man so God had to devise a way by which he can still communicate with man even though sin brought the separation I'm grateful for that what he said. And so he spoke to Adam and then he spoke to Stu Seth and by the way it's interesting that God began to give communication to man and man began to pass on the communication that God gave So when Adam and Eve has south partly had Cain and Abel if you read turn to Genesis for verse 25 see what I'm saying if you read this the verses us see then that Adam and Eve expected one of the boys to be the Messiah they the one Messiah but when they saw the added to the Cain then they suspected there was not Cain the old us want to be the Messiah bought the young go on Abel but when they was killed then their hide their whole were dashed until there was a South and if you read the rest 25 and 26 can somebody read that for us. For. Another 3 to. 4. And to say oh. He called his new. Show whether they say God has given me another. Offering or another CD See the problem with that translation is that it doesn't really carry the the real juicy message because in Genesis 315 there was a promise of the scene. That through the seed the say would come for so in the King James it bears how that East says God has given me another see instead of a. Another one seed somebody had the King James Version. You have King as version or a I'm quoting him but all of them are that your sins. Mean another seat instead of. Another C. I'm glad that is all right so the idea was this and once God promised that the Messiah would come from the seed of the woman they were looking for the Messiah immediately show God communicated the the promise through Adam Adam then gave it to the kids and unfortunately Abel was following it but he was killed and 7 was disqualified because he demonstrated the spirit and so it looked like that the hope of Adam and Eve was dashed until the hand of the boy and then it says that through Seth man began to call upon the name of the Lord. Show the the the plan the salvation that was revealed in Genesis was passed on then by word of mouth from father to son to sun to sun to sun OK So we see then that from Seth who man began to call upon the Lord to Enoch and we go through to Noah so we know then that these men understood. That's the problem that existed and the promise that was given but they understood assembled by word of mouth by one. Faith when the word that's correct but. It came by word of mouth OK so in the beginning there was variable communication what kind. Of communication now for those of us and myself that are getting to be a little gray headed we recognize then that it is not as easy to retain all that we'd like to retain and true some of your smartness. Or because of sin all you wasn't. I did. That's correct and what happened however was that sin deteriorated the ability of mankind so he could no longer read chain perfectly what God had given from the beginning and today we know and it's interesting I grew up in Brooklyn New York and the public school system and I remember a little practice that the teacher did with us in having some of the wish for something and somebody here and passing it along a long long long long until the 10th person and then the 10th person said what the 1st person was supposed to have said it turned out to be different how many of you had that. Practice practice OK It's interesting and then I don't know where you grew up but everybody does the same thing to show then that that the ability to retain perfectly has been lost and then one of the laws so God was given to mankind verbal communication. We've been passed on from father to son to sun to sun OK now we know that Abraham knew God's counsel because Abraham knew Noah if you look at the history you'll see that not all were still alive when not when they were hand was a young man so of Abraham needed to know something about what happened in the beginning he got to go on the record to whom the Noah. So all the information that could have been had was available however it began to deteriorate and we know that a ham knew the Council of God because it says in chapter 26 of Genesis verse 5 that Abraham kept my watch I'm going to Genesis 26 or so are Abraham whether they do your band my and then go on and have my. All right so where did Abraham get the information of last Ashes and judgments. It was passed down there was one it was passed down because now we discover something interesting now with us governing that God would select some selected people that he couldn't trust his counsel to that they could give it to other people so we find then that there's a there's a South Korea and we find then there's An ina and we find there's some of the law and we find they say Noah and Noah pass it on to his sons correct yes or no and the same thing that happened in the beginning to happen right after the flood one of the boys went a different direction is wires got across. But the other 2 boys kept the information they passed it on and so when it come to Abraham even though the law had not been written even though Sinai had not taken place yet yet it says very plainly that Abraham was acquainted with the laws the commandment the sack shoes and gone just when you see that all right now this is all by word of mouth but the time came when God had to do something different with Joseph God gave Joseph greens he gave one grain and Joseph then understood also that there is maturing right and wrong because when he was tempted by part of those wives to do it wrong it is a act how can I do this thing against your husband he said how can I commit the sin against to God the very Joseph that God had given specific counsel for them to follow and when Joseph chose to follow the counsel he suffered the consequences but also mentally God then restored him to a high position All right so all of this is being passed on by verbal communication and then after 2600 years of verbal communication God had to add to man's knowledge so God that it counsel in written form and one in written form. So God Joseph man then Moses it's interesting that when you consider Moses MOSIS was had to cater for 40 years in the language of the Egyptians and the writing city of vision which once was our good works but we find Moses writing the Bible not in her glimpses we find most of right in the Bible in something called Hebrew and by the way who was the 1st Hebrew the and I. Mentioned in the Bible. Abraham Abraham as a 1st person luncheon as a Hebrew. In the Hebrew language has only 22 mothers how many by 2 mothers and they are home and show rather than having most of Wright and her graphics and that which he was educated God had Moses rather than Hebrew in which he was not educated was amazing about it is that if God had written an entire graphics the meaning of the by woman laws because it was not until the 1800s that they finally deciphered the higher graphics it was a lost language until they found something. There were a set of the stone which has 3 languages in it one is higher graphics and then it was deciphered and it was not until 18 something I don't remember the I think 26 when finally the whole matter was open so God had chosen to write the Bible reflects the Calcio who have been lost for centuries and centuries and centuries but God rather than the Hebrew and Hebrew today is basically the same he was spoken a long time ago when the men. Are So now God gives the message through. Written form so we have the Old Testament which begins for 200 years before Christ and by the way I should tell you this the Old Testament written and for 200 years before Christ in comparison to all the what they call sacred writings like the writings have Confucius and the writings of Muhammad and the writings of the Hindus etc The older his writings are the Bible Confucius. And all the other writings came after in fact the rights of Mohammad are the youngest. So the Bible is really the oldest. And so when you read some of the writings of these other people you discover that they borrowed from the Bible from where on the Bible is good to know that we have the old this where they say all right so God then gave the writing to man so now he has a verb really and now he has it in written form so he don't get verbal A You should get it from the written form but the problem this after God gave the written communication and God continued to reveal things to be written down written down written down which kept things current with mankind man still continued to degenerate. And the challenge that we have today folks in technology is the. Problem that where allowing something else store for OS rather than we store how many of you remember when you were younger that there was no cell phone no or no none of this and if you wanted to remember if you wanted to call your friends you had to have all those numbers where. In the mine or where in the mine you wanted to go Lanty you had it in your mind you were on the call go to the gold mount Murray you had on your mind you had all these things and you couldn't keep them all in your mind you wrote them down some quite right but you you knew then that the best to keep them in your mind is sometimes a paper was lost are you going to say. But recently I had a challenge I lost my cell phone and I couldn't call my why. Why. Because I had to present the phone for 4 memory storage rather than venting up on this blog and I've learned a lesson. I'm not going to let this thing be that which controls my memory I'm going to make sure I know my wife's cell phone number so if I lose a cell phone I can borrow somebody else's cell phone and still call my wife on the stand so it's where it is here and going to say they're going to send show so it's a dangerous one danger that we allow something else to take the place of that which God has given us and I'm not against technology obviously I'm using it but what I'm saying is that we need to use to technology where necessary but we also need to make sure that we have the Word of God Where in our minds because the time will come with you won't have a Bible with you on have anything whatever you have you will have to depend upon that which you put inside and the Cubans I remember some Cubans I went to help out that they had just come over from Cuba and Castro was casting all the criminals among them were many 7th Day Adventists who had committed the only crime of reading the Bible. But that was a criminal offense so I remember I found the group I was looking for them I found the group among 20025000 Cubans who were 54 Adventists. And I had heard about I was trying to find and find locate them and I asked the question Have you did you have a Bible this and oh so I had a Spanish model in my car so I said to my wife Honey I found them and so I got that Bible and and lifted it up above the fence because they were inside this for Chaffee which is and Arkansas and was interesting is that the oldest man it was about 84 years old. He burst through the group and was the one that leapt up and grabbed the Bible and press it to his chest and this tears ran down he just rocked back and forth the Bible and he hadn't seen for 10 years and I asked him how do you how do you encourage one another while what we did was because in the church we had to memorize our Sabbath school memory tax or on we made sure that we kept on memorizing on the Bible so when we were thrown in prison they could take the mamma from us but we had a fear and then we would share one on the other the UN Some of them sent Alright so anyway written communications and God gives it to man God gives the Old Testament a White House a new testament to his prophets. And now were introduced to a system that God establish your status a system call prophetic give us a call for the good and most of the time when we talk about the spirit of prophecy we may be in our minds you frontrunner once writing but the word Spirit of Prophecy has to do with the spirit that guys the prophets was it for the gods of problems OK so it's a spirit that gives the prophets the council that man the so the spirit the problem see is that which is given to prophets through the spear right so I don't believe him as a white you know what I said you know what I said I don't believe as a white nor do I believe in Paul No there are believe in Peter I believe in the cow so that God gives for Peter to Paul Bremer's as wise. In the same on say so my fave does not place upon the scribes the channels. A communicating to us the cals of God So Mike My faith is based on the one who gave the communication to the scribes that's why we should not call the the writers of the Bible authors authors or scribes the authors whom. God He's the author now we see then that God gives divine inspiration that's 3 these 2 verses of Scripture job 32 verse 8 job 32 are sate and time as if we have to try to hurry up and finish a job 32 or say all right. Somebody's going to read that for me you're 32 or say. This is Spirit and then bun he was. The inspiration of the Almighty gives them on the stand. So. Was that yeah because the actual word graph is from the where rock the Hebrew which can mean spirit when air so the the inspiration A-Gon gives to man so that man can understand his council or I And you know 2nd Timothy 316 right where the say all scripture is given by walk by of. God OK So we see then that God gives communication verb only then he gives it to the written form so however even though God made an effort to communicate his counsel by verbal and by written form man still got it wrong. And so finally God had to not only have verbal written but now he had to have this this is a ball the visual then was. Put into place Christ so the prophets wrote what God gave Council. And the last Council before Christ was a Malakai in the book a mile of. Was written about 400 years for Christ and what's interesting is that there's nothing that we consider to be canonical which means in harmony with the count of the Bible. During that intra Testament period one period in Toronto estimate in between the 2 Testament and I believe that the reason for that as that man that already has sufficient on this information to make the right decisions and given him more information written information at that time was not necessary if man with follow the dust say of the Lord but man did not follow the the simple Mord and show it began to be twisted because you and I know that there's a great controversy to all this period while God has given us counsel there's an enemy twist in the counsel of the true. Counterfeit in the council doing everything he can to mislead man into in the wrong direction so finally then after the period of 1500 it is of the writing of the Bible or should I say fortune how the years and then finally 100 years for the New Testament. Which ended in 96 A.D. Christ came so we have 66 books and we have 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books in the Bible. I guess you knew that right anybody to not know that. Called. Sin again I was an avid to elevate and that chilled me quietly cited all of the basics from Genesis to where they were shot. So. They've memorized. You know as well in the hall as that children have all the mechanisms in the brain so learn anything it's way to the HAMP with which yes I remember when I was young kid how many of you remember that it was not a cool thing to speak any other language than English and have you remember that time New York City in the York City everybody had and nobody wanted to be an immigrant and in those days that my father in law was German and his dad on purpose and then teach in German because it was not safe to speak German in those days because then you would be considered a Nazi and then the psychologist or they began to tease that don't teach kids different language at the home of the whites will be confused they want learn to speak correctly OK I was a council and then but the sad thing is that all of us then only learn to speak Americanize English. We call the English but the brother Sanogo agree with us and so. They the the problem is then that the idea that you confuse the kids if you speak a different language in the home which is contrary to what was happening in Europe because in Europe the kids would grow up with all these language of the around them and it was it was normal for kids to speak to a 3 or 4 languages and they learned to speak them when they were 4 or 53 years old 2 years old you know when I went to Romania the pastor spoke to his kids and hung him a Moscow to the kids in German and then in those in society it was Romanian So those kids by the time they were 5 they could speak fluently hunger and German and Romanian they want to confuse and I just ran into one of those kids as to that he's a teacher 25 year old now and speaks fluent English now he has English he has German the hunger and he has Romanian and by the way German in Hungary in a completely different languages. You speak and Garion goodbye the completed the one in German her Yes OK So anyway the truth of the matter is that man initially had the mechanisms and children still have a lot of mechanism that we begin to kind of lose so if a person doesn't learn languages when he's younger then his more difficult to learn when he's older is that true and so consequently is what they say if you speak 3 languages you are trying lingual if you speak 2 languages you are bilingual if you speak one language you're in America. So anyway the word finally became. Flesh and. Yeast is then the visible word of God So now you had the verbal. Then you hand the red then and now Glory to God you have the this of all if you don't get a straight one way hopefully you get a straight the 2nd in the you don't get a straight the 2nd hopefully you get a straight with the 3rd so god of the Mercy provided verbal written and this civil communication so that all of us could on the stand what God's will is for our lives so you can see then in tracing the Word of God credit beginning God is consistent he is revealing his counsel grilling his counsel his counsel in one form or another on the finally Jesus comes and repeals a word Christ then is the medium of communication between heaven and her and other were friends the reason why you and I have God's counsel because of Jesus he is the connector between heaven and earth because of him you and I are benefited by the counsels of God without him you and I have no way of communicating with him or Christ linked to heaven on earth or in his person so that through him we could still we see the blessings of God's counsel and be benefited by one whole counsel listen my dad is the only one among 13 siblings who became a symbol they are than us the only one that became something other and all the other siblings died at 605045 except he lived to $99.00 plus he almost lived a 100 years. Just 4 months of 100 years on is the only one and that other 13 services because he's the only one that found the Council of the garden follow. It makes a difference. So God's communication and through Christ had been given to us way from the beginning. The word preach brings conversion this power in the word in fact there is a statement in Christ's object lesson page $38.00 C. O. well placed $38.00 which says in every promise and every command of the Word of God is the power of the bird life of God by which the command can be fulfilled in the promise who realize so and they we command and every promise of the Word of God is the power of the very life of God by which a command can be fulfilled in the promise. So what you hold in your hand is not just another book it has power when in it because it comes from where from up above that's why miracles say place when the Word of God is preached I have priest the Word of God in many countries and what people say can be the. Happens I went to France opposed to secular place you know and they of all things they rented the circus hall in Paris and never been and saw the circus hall before and so it's kind of strange because it just has this round platform and stand and all the city and complete all around so if you're speaking to this group you have your back to that. I had to figure out how to be turning around so I spoke to people. Though it was a new experience for me anyway we had 900 people attending the meetings every night and it was one week one week meeting and. Then I made an appeal and the next day Friday I asked the pastor of look at the cards he said no and said Why would you nominate we want to get them to his or. When I used to this. So on Sat of then we had 2500 people in the audience and most of the limo going to a different location to a university and I said I. Believe the Spirit of God is here God has been speaking to the people to his word and I know the people who want to commit their lives to Christ and I can appeal as of how many people by the baptize the youth director the young and said while we're playing I'm Babs I think 3 or 3 out of all these multitude of people are coming. Yeah I said we're going on we're going to appeal what would you do then if you discover that there are people who parent or and want to get bumped. On I don't know so I will go figure it out because I'm going to make an appeal so I may not appeal the poor pastor was in the baptistery for 4 hours. Years it was dumped on and where was this inquiry that's OK so. I don't know how many got baptized big of a whore. I just I just I just preach. And it was it was just interesting as later on it was another young man that was with me who was who he was supposed to do a like a 10 minute thing and then I would suppose and. I met him in Nigeria you know later and he was the one chuckle and he said you know what haven't I said no I wasn't privy to what was taking place is it that that passage drove me to my motel room and that he was driving into a motel room he kept on saying I don't believe it I don't believe or I don't know. Anyway the word of God that's given to us with living power in it so that mankind can experience what is called the divine nature whereas it found you know. Whereby given to us exceeding great and precious promises then by these you may become partakers of the divine nature having him the corruption of this in the world through us all right where that found 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 4 OK so what what purpose God hast a given us this council is that mankind can find power to alter that which has been influences in life the enemy has continually sought to drain man downward drag man the where God is seeking to drag man upward but that Miss serious power is found where in his word and if we would see the word of God as a living oracles from heaven given to us through the. Verbal written and visible communication of heaven then he will do so for us what otherwise he would not do because Bible says according to your faith be it on to you correct Now in conclusion about was it clear to be the Word of God You can find that 2nd Peter. 35 and 1st John 214 and also mentally the role of the Bible is here number one it sanctifies as one. It sanctifies it is of no problem than temperature Jesus is a main focus Who is it uses the main focus salvation is found in the Bible it is for guidance for doctrine for correction or instruction if the power to penetrate the thoughts faith comes by the words of the young whether the Roman $1017.00 when by faith covered by hearing and hearing by the gun OK and it gives a power to resist evil the word is a light and the Word of God is truth so if you want to know the truth fine in the Bible and in today's day where this been some much attack on the Bible and so much attack on holy councils we need to realize that our safety at my eyes and on dependence upon us say a word or one. Who are we must base all of our believes on the Word of God and one on the Word of God And so you can see then that from them again into the new beginning a word with Access assent to fire it brings truth brings conversion it brings hope it brings confidence it brings direction and it gives as instruction so through the word man is made holy alright. Let me give it to you for because I see some of you are trying to take pictures right so can you see what I'm saying from even to where to we find that last at last the communication that God had. Purposed to begin with will be restored we will never again have to depend upon the Bible because we will have a face to face communion with the Father and with the son just as mankind had to begin automatically the Bible is to take us from here through here to here. So this is a 1st step and tomorrow we'll do another demonstration on a different. Doctrine and then on going to give you the 3rd day I'll give you the opportunity to choose a doctrine and I'll create it for you for me than to. Let's pray together loving God thank you so much for that sound we've had together studying the Word as we continued to dig deeper next time. To perceive it on the stand and rejoice in all that you do for us in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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