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God's Ordained Order - Part 2

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 19, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Let's pray together so we had loving God We are grateful for the privilege we have to study together again thank you for camp meeting and the blessings that this your children and we asked her to bless us and give us your spirit to understand in Jesus name we pray it and thank you amen. All right we were talking yesterday about Eden to Eden the beginning to the new beginning and that God has an ordained stablish order of things is that correct in fact it's interesting of who read carefully the Bible and you read the councils God gets from Mrs White you will find that she says that everything that God made to the minute this Adam is synchronized functions in a synchronized manner all on the vine guidance of the Almighty and recently the there's been. A lot of Croatian into space and Anderson Cooper I just heard the other day did a presentation a 30 minute presentation on a satellite that's been gone now for 40 years still taking pictures and that scientists have discovered beyond their comprehension things are there out there that they never thought were out there. So the reality is as the Bible says a god has expanded the heavens and and there's no searching on the whole they got his gun and that where they thought there were only a few galaxies now they have discovered that there are thousands and thousands and thousands of the galaxies and every galaxy has millions and millions of stars. And to and to think that who is in charge. God is on show God has a system by which he operates and that gives us comfort I don't know about you but when he says he is the same yesterday today and forever it knows that you can trust in something you can be penance something that's consistent you know that he changes not and no matter what happens you know that in spite of what we think and how we feel and all that also mentally God is consistent or right now today I want to cover another particular part of presentation you know we can get rid of it and that is with the teachers permission who uses this so with your permission I'm going to move you I was that I put it down here that better OK All right so today I'm going to deal with a subject that become controversial but I want to show you the consistency of the scriptures concerning that some of the Holy Spirit and one Holy Spirit now I skipped I started out with the word the next presentation of the god the Godhead showing in the Godhead this consistently found throughout the entire Bible then the next one is a father that wants a son and then finally the Holy Spirit so you skip 3 and I skip through on purpose because I only have so many presentations to make with you. But this particular topic has been somewhat of a enigma to some people and has become recently controversial. That people have concluded other than what we as a people have on the store than believed. For years and years and years. For example. You know that your whole witnesses have their particular slant on the Bible. And. When it comes to Christ they think he's a created being rather than that he was he indeed he is God not a small G. One day I was studying with him I was teaching a group of kids doing evangelism chats cruiser on the have heard of chant cruiser. Young man and the way. He was one of the young man that I was training and he happened to come across a lady who had you a witness and that Joel with us the lady had been in the church for 35 years this is a longstanding G.W.. So he felt a little ill prepared to deal with her so he called me up and could I help him sure so I went to visit the lady but I already knew their strategy so I avoid the strong points because you can just beat your head with them and they'll never move from that position so I dealt with something that they don't know her well and that is on the whole much here and so I asked her I said according to your understanding what oh who is the holy spirit she said it's in essence like a current electricity so I said Well would you please turn with me to X. chapter 10 and so she did and then I asked her to read one of the verses and accept a 10 you remember the story that Peter had a vision. And the thing was laid before him 3 times you recall that there were all manner one claiming. Things and then Peter said. This not on the stand Peter the not what. The not on the stand so since Pete and Stan the Spirit of God It says that the Holy Ghost came and said to Peter Peter arise and get the down for there are 3 men that are looking for you to go and ask no questions for I have sent them so she read it so I said to speak what I says The Lord is speaking I said Well did you read the carefully because she read it with her eye witness her Joe witness eyeglasses I said Would you please read it again and read it more carefully she said all right and then I was sudden we had hit her like a ton of bricks she said I said who was speaking she said why assesses the holy goes I said that sound like a current like a person she was and like a person and then the tears began to flow and she said Is this why I've been feeling uncomfortable all these years about what they've been teaching me yes said the spirit or God brought to your attention certain truths that are not in harmony with the w's and because you have thought that the spirit was a current you didn't realize has this boys have got to be going to conscience and therefore you are just laying aside because this was not the spirit the voice of God But now you realize that the voice of God speaking to you through the holy goes as he spoke to Peter is not an essence or current person she said what I do as well except the truth and so would you mind in naming down with me and asking God to forgive you. She said yes so we knelt down and the lady while she wept to pray that God would forgive her for turning a deaf ear to the voice of the spirit all these years and that night she attended the evangelistic meeting the chad was trying to get it to come to and she was refusing she attendant and Chad pass out of the decision card and she ran out to the parking lot to find me and as soon as she found me she took the decision card and put it before my face and it was I decided to be baptized. All right so the issue of of the Spirit of God. Is something that had become controversial but I think we can trace it partly from the beginning from where for begin so. We begin I read that prayer with you all right do you remember that. I may be remember I prayed I maybe don't remember I prayed how many don't want to raise your hand on the prayer in a father as we study your words we pray for you guidance and wisdom and what a spirit to speak to us we prayed in Jesus name in man. In the beginning the Bible mentions that there is a spirit in verse 2 Now I'm not going to make any more statements in that about that but you should know that in the beginning the Bible introduces something called the spirit in a simply says and the spirit whether this is say there. Spirit or God whether they do. The Hobbit over the face of the waters can tell you now. No this is for it begins with in the beginning God created the heavens and the ERM and then it says and the Spirit of God did go on other Now what's interesting about that is that just as we find the Spirit mentioned in the beginning he is also mentioned in the new beginning and in Genesis 22 or 17 part me Revelation 22 or 17 Notice it says again and the spirit and the bride say walk they come and lead them that here then the he had to walk then they hear do on Rita because most of you Miss quo that I only heard a few core the correctly. Yeah and this is where the word saying come right and this prayer and the bride say Come and then that here say come which means then that obviously this particular spirit than a bride must be a living entity because it is asking the hearer to do the same thing that is done by the Spirit and the bride the spirit of the Bride say Come and let on that here do the same thing say come so how many of you should be inviting others oh I'm all of us that's correct All right so we find them in the creation and we find them mentioned in the new creation that's interesting what you say right now which means then that if you can find them in the beginning and you can find them a new beginning you should be able to find them all the way through is that make sense alright so we Dentate take you through the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. There's a lot of mention of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament so I'm not going to go through every verse that's there but you can take a concordance either yonks or strong concordance and then you can look those up to see how many times the Holy Spirit the Spirit is used in the Old Testament but just suffice to let you know that there are several several essences we know that the spirit of mention of Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 3 where. But it only says my spirit always strive with flesh correct my spirit with flesh however if you go to 1st Peter chapter 3 verse 18 to 20 it tells you who that spirit is because the genesis of this is subject to argument because it only says my spirit John I've always tried and those who are anti Trinitarian say well he says my spirit to means is this is the attitude the God toward people all right that's the argument you hear that however Crespi them turn to 1st Peter if you're not there yet catch up with me 1st be the chapter 3 and verses 18 through 21st chapter 3 verse 820 Now this particular passage is in my book because as one of those passages as mis interpret the misuse so quickly another what it says is SAS then that Christ also suffered you see that and then it says that he did walk. Somebody read it for me 1st be the chapter 3 verse 18 you have a good strong voice my brother but you don't have the right translation that's OK. OK So a lot of people use that to say that when Christ died he went down to hell and proofs of people who are spirits in prison. You heard that right however however if they stop there they can come to their own his conclusion but if they read the next verse then they have to change their conclusion no this is start with what's the word starts with. By a witch What does that mean. If you add that to the last verse that you just read and then he said by which also what does that mean. By which also in other words Christ preach of the spirits and prison right by whom. By the Holy Spirit and then his head by which also right in other words what they're saying is that the preaching was not done by Christ himself but by the Spirit when was that preaching done whether it's a next verse while he. Wound the ark was being prepared so when was this preaching done when Jesus died or while they are being prepared. So while they are going to be in prepare the Holy Spirit and then preach to the spirits in prison and the worst fears in prison simply means that the sinners who are being preached to by Christ through the Spirit in the days of Noah and that's why in Genesis says my spirit and I was struck with flesh so the spirit was the one who was actually speaking to the hearts of the people Christ was using this to reach the people in the days of Noah you see that. Is that Korea or am I to a sing it yeah it's very clear that the preaching was done at the time of Noah correct so what is share with us is that the the gospel has always been priest to everybody to one how many everybody even in the days of Noah the Gospel being preached to those people and the problem was that they did not accept the invitation so Christ did the preaching through the. Holy Spirit in the days of Noah and that's what that versus actually saying rather than that when Jesus died he went down to preach to in hell to some some spirits some there. Oh oh well there was a spirit that was preaching through Nala That's correct but you have to remember that even though we preach it is a Spirit of God that makes efficacious preaching now as I can talk to you until I'm blue in the face but at the spirit a goddess uses what I'm saying and speaks in your heart then it is the human instrument being used also have is the Spirit of God the brains and makes S. sense in the mind of the person OK so we know then that Joseph was a young man that was filled with. The Spirit of God It says in jazz of $4138.00 then it tells us in Exodus $28.00 and verse 3 at the Spirit of God gave wisdom gave. Wisdom to certain certain men to do on. To make the special apparel and to make the articles furniture and all that of the sanctuary they were they were given divine spiritual enlightenment so that those men became work man. Efficient to do the work that was necessary to prepare a place what God wanted to do with them so in chapter 25 he said let them make me a sanctuary the maid dwell among them but then God chose a few men and gave them the special ability that they needed to know how to work with silver with gold etc OK so that's found in Genesis Exodus Chapter $28.00 and verse $3.31 of verse 3 so we find then that the Spirit of God is there also we find that when it comes to guiding the nation as a people most is was the one doing all the counseling and God then finally told the Moses that he needed to select elders so like one elders and so the elves who were selected and in numbers scepter 11 or 172-5226 we find then that those all those who were selected would then that given the portion those Spirit upon them and they began to prophesied began to want prophesies so we can see then that the spirit of them by the way back in the book of Genesis it's interesting that most people don't realize that the gift of tongues was not the 1st time given and acts 1st time of the gift of tongues was in the book of Genesis that true now in the Tower of Babel when they were building Tom Abel then began to speak with other languages and it was supernatural he had done it with what to bring naturally done. So the gift of tongues was was not registered 1st in the book of Acts of age that 1st in the book of Genesis but sometimes we missed that and so it's good to connect the dots right now if you notice so far that the Spirit of God Also in the book of Judges is similar to the Book of Acts because the book of Judges focuses on The Spirit of God constantly being there working with the judges for example. And Jeff and Samson. Speer their god is the one that gave own wisdom or gave them courage of. Human power all of this was done by the Holy Spirit. So just like in the book of Acts and the mention the Holy Ghost continuously The Book of Judges also focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit how many of you have read through the book of Judges you know what I'm talking about then it constantly says that the Spirit of God came upon him and the Spirit of God did this to him so the Holy Spirit then was present in the times of the judges in the Old Testament so we're speaking then basically of around 1200 years before Christ. Because we know 1400 years before Christ when Moses wrote that. The 1st 5 books of the Bible and then from there they continued to write more and the judges took place after that the people of God and to then to the land of Canaan and after they settled down there by the land and into the tribes and all that but they were no. Rulers other than God himself and as you remember than that finally decide that they want that any more they want to be like the other nations so they want to have a king like the other nations OK So we see then that we are taking it from the year 4000 B.C. buyout and we have already gone to about 100 years B.C. which means and there's a good period of time in the Old Testament that the Spirit of God is we below right but as you continue then we find out that the Spirit of God also has the ability to change the human heart to do our change a human heart and Samuel was a man who was a prophet was acquainted with the Spirit of God And let's turn to 1st temperature of the channel and you can see that verse 6 and 10 for same it Chapter 10 verse 6 and 10 when when King Saul and Sol actually came to Samuel he was looking for his loss. Animals from his father's flock and finally came across a prophet and the prophet. Was called in those states a seer. A seer according to 1st Samuel chapter 9 and verse 9 it says before time in this show when a man went to inquire of God Does he spake common Let us go to the seer For he that is now called A Prophet was before time called they see or. One that sees into the future. Show Then in chapter 10 we find then that's that Saul comes to Samuel and Sammy on the Neysa statement if you know the verse 6 are you there for Sam a chapter 10 verse 6 in the spirit of the Lord will come upon thee and thou shall prophesied with them and shall be turned into another man not as and that Samuel is very clear about the reality that there is a spirit as well. And he is very clear then that this Spirit will give Saul and change him into another man right now another verse 10 and when they came thither to the Hill be whole a company of prophets met him and the Spirit of God came upon them and he prophesied among them you see that but Gresh 9 it's a very very important verse heah and it was so that when he had turned his back to go from Samuel God gave him another hard and all those signs came to pass that day and when they came thither to the Hill company the prophets made them in the Spirit of God came upon them and he prophesied among them so notice and the 1st says a spirit or God then it says God and then it turned back to the spirit. Have you knows. What does that mean. No. Talking about the same person that's a cock or what. That's correct talking about the same person but in one place it says a spirit of God and said God And then because the 1st says the Spirit of God should come upon you and you shall be changed into another man right then and verse 9 it says And God what did was. Gave him another heart all right and then verse $1010.00 it says then that the Spirit came upon him and he prophesied so it's clear then that in the Old Testament there's Crerand T. concern in the Spirit of God as not just an essence or current but about an entity that is constantly in operation in cooperation with God now as we go from here we know that David is acquainted with the Spirit of God and infer Santa 16 is speaks about this Holy Spirit again and 2nd sale 23 and some 51 is fact they went after his mistake please with God that God will not take away his Spirit from him so it's interesting then that the prophets understood that there was a separate entity is the one separate entity it was God and there was the Holy Spirit which was also called God So as we continue on then we know we lie and he lies sure would men that were filled with the spirit but he lies shipwright that he would see how much of a portion of the Spirit of God And so it was granted on to him so we're seeing in tracing then through the Bible this time where we were around the year 900 to $800.00 B.C.. Show then of course Isaiah Isaiah is written The Around $550.00 B.C. So as we're coming close to the Christ we still see evidence of the Old Testament all the way to about $550.00 B.C. that the Spirit of God mentions Let's turn to as if it isn't either so when he won and and then compare with X. because sometimes the New Testament is a commentary on the Old Testament as if it the 9 of verse 20 ones who would like to read the outloud on yes going OK so my spirit shall be on you now go 2 X. $28.00 in verse $25.00 this is a commentary on Isaiah Chapter 28 verse 25 I say I 28 or 20. OK well spoken. The Holy Ghost. To him as saying yes. It was just about all over different than in the Old Testament and I'll test us I say sometimes for example in the Old Testament Jeremiah sometimes in the new call Jeremy. Dear same same prophet All right so so according to Acts chapter 28 who is actually speaking in Isaiah Chapter 59 the Holy Ghost. Can you see that isn't. But it Sandusky case the Holy Ghost right now we continue on and we come to several verses and I say oh I won't read them all but all these have to do with the Spirit of God in the days of the major prophets as well as in the days of the minor problem yes or the Jews are unfortunately confused and the reason why this confusion is because the Jews have shown. Added to the Scriptures. And I mean added to the Scriptures that they basically have and have relied upon tradition rather than than the scriptures they quote the Scriptures when it comes to this to the actual. Services a read from the from the Torah but this for example they're expecting 3 Messias now not one so it's a really really a sad. When you realize. That the veil of stock still not removed from them. I was just just in the Netherlands a few couple of months ago and I was speaking for the A.S.R. Europe convention. And they put me in a hotel and on samovar saw a bunch of Jews who I'm Jewish so. So I went I went to Among them. But but the problem is that. Some of them are are not acquainted with surf Jews Imus are you OK there are other Jews. That speak Yiddish suffice to do speak Latino which is a mixture of Spanish and Hebrew and in fact Chris about Columbus just aside interest Christopher Columbus was Jewish she was and he was not Italia No Was he Spanish all the $200.00 plus letters that he wrote to his son or written in Ladino. But initially they thought he was very on educating because he wrote course Spanish until they discovered that it was not poor Spanish it was Latino that he was writing in and he wrote to his son in law being the only and he always put a little little code on the leather just to remind them of that of his son's Jewish roots OK So Columbus and speak a word to be Italian but he spoke loudly and it's interesting that when Columbus went to America he was actually looking for the 10 trout lost tribes of Israel and he took with him a translator who spoke Hebrew who happened to be a guy named Louis Taurus. I'm hearing your history OK. OK I'm serious you Google it Google Lewis Taurus slash Columbus and you'll find that he took a translator with him then Louis Torres who us a surfer a Jew by the spoke Hebrew and so Columbus saw the peak of fun a lot 10 lost tribes of Israel then he went lease had somebody who could speak Hebrew to them. Probably probably probably oh probably who knows. But but you. Know. So you can go you're going to Google that list Horace last Columbus he'll see what I'm talking about it's in the encyclopedia is it just a lot of people miss it OK but the reality is that that the Jew spoke. In Spain they were in Spain for a 100 years OK when John I wanted to go away from God He wanted to go the tarsus Tarses is a city in Spain right Ninez was all within Iraq Tarsus was all within Spain so he went a complete opposite direction. To get away from God but he got himself into a whale of a problem. All right so we continue on then and we can see then that the Bible is a spy by the Holy Spirit and that I should study this and I'm not saying this because I'm a sure win this I'm saying this because this is what the Bible shows all the writers of the Bible were male there were one not one female writer of the Bible the reason I'm stating this is because recently I was in a certain meeting with some scholars and a scholar brought up that I made the statement that only male wrote the Bible the scholar said well that's good evidence that Esther wrote the book of Esther So I was shocked with that and I wrote them a letter I told him I said I want to far and wide high and low I've looked everywhere in the spared probably in the Bible I spoke to other scholars I cannot come to any any reference that Esther wrote the book of Esther Can you please give me the evidence because he said there's good evidence or he run and said Well in this true is available that's wrote the book. Degradable is. Debatable OK So but he said but it's clear that Paul the wrote the book of the Bible than that Mary wrote the Bible. So I wrote back and I said the 5 use your hermeneutic on your exit Jesus then I have to say that that bay in the road the Bible I have to say that pilot wrote the Bible I have to say that NEVER GOING AS A wrote the Bible and they wrote it was quoted in the Bible even the donkey wrote the Bible. So I said it wasn't not that they wrote the Bible it was that they were subjects or objects of the writers who wrote the Bible and so that's why it says holy man spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost and they try to change that holy men spake to holy person spoke. They were trying to make a NEW her make it want her but the Bible is clear holy man spake they were moved by the Holy Ghost Now as I said I'm not a show with us you know I've been called a Mrs White you know that I believe that whoever speaks from God whether they are men and women are anybody and we need to listen that true but we also need to be sure that we don't twist the Bible to come up with our own interpretation in the Bible says the holy man spake I accept the praise God the God use men where you say I don't care who spoke it you know I grew up with my mother. I didn't have a father so all the counsel that I got was from my mom I don't care I got good counsel I got one good counsel she always had good counsel for us she would come up with things that just amazed us is an educated middle lady about this tall raise and 6 boys in the ghettos of New York and yet she had some wisdom as she would always say to like to us you know you Harry out you know get going and we would prove crash and then she would say it come I don't get how the missile you article he empty that means the monster that sleeps the car will carry him away. And get going so she did she had all of these sayings that I don't know where she came up with them but it certainly have stayed with us all right so anyway God makes it plain that he chose people to communicate his wonderful counsel to us down here on her and I don't care which this woman God uses the important thing is that God is the one communicating with you say and he does it through His Holy Spirit ALL RIGHT NOW Jesus himself then was filled with the Holy Spirit and is because of he says that you and I can receive the Holy Ghost. The Jews in the past receive the Holy Gold Base upon the promise and you and I receive the Holy Ghost based upon the promises well they look forward we look backwards. All in the cross and Jesus was filled with the Spirit of God In other words of all people on the earth that were filled with the Spirit Jesus was the one that was filled with the greatness and yet this plane then that he was anointed by the Holy Ghost according to X. 10 verse or $88.00 and he was filled with the Spirit of God So Jesus then is the link that brings to us the blessings of heaven in fact let me just share with you briefly acceptor 2 is not about the Holy Ghost Now you can pick up your pencil and we're going to. You know whether I say X. as a 2 is not about I'm not a Holy Ghost. Shock right is the reason I'm saying that if you look at the accepted 2 you'll find that only the 1st 12 vs speak about the Holy Ghost how many the rest of the verses speak about Jesus being about one. Now you guys go home and study and you'll see what I'm talking about right and verse 14 and on the 1st 14 as Peter says this is wide Joel the prophet sad the if you read accept the 2 you'll find that it's fulfilling a prophecy amiss is why I said Hear hear this and you're going to get the same as the wife says is that the Holy Ghost was given shoe to bring the attention of the people to the reality of what was happening and haven't that at that moment when the Holy Ghost was given Jesus as being sat on the right hand of the majesty in heaven and to signal that event the gift to assent. Pentecost yeah to the Holy Ghost when they gave the better to speak in languages why us and earthly event that pointed to a heavenly event. Well just read it and to actually have to 10 look verse 33 and on accept a 2 verse or 33 and on actually up to 2 or 33 in and you've got to hurry because my time is running out all right if you accept a 2 verse 33 through 36 if you read that that's a conclusion of from verse 14 on and that says then that Jesus was crucified and that Jesus did die and Jesus was buried that Jesus ascended and that Jesus was placed on the right hand of the majesty and have been and it says this is why this has happened OK read it from verse 33 to 36 because in 37 The Finally the man said man and brother was shall we do because there could be convicted in the hard. Now in conclusion then in the New Testament then we find the Holy Spirit still working Simeon and Anna a filled with. We know that Jesus of the Holy Spirit we know that John the battles of the Holy Spirit that true show the Holy Spirit did not see at them before the cross Dawlish prayer continue to work. With the end the time constraints of Jesus John the Baptist and the cycles the only difference is this that because Jesus is going to happen and he would no longer be able to do the kind of work he was doing before he sent a replacement they want. Placement and that replacement he says I will send you another comforter to be with you and that a comfort there with the Holy Spirit or right so that it was promised it would happen and he came on that they have Pentecost and from that they forward we find then a constant repetition of the work of the Holy Spirit to the promise that always has given and we find then a constant constant repetition through the book of Acts here all the text you can take a picture of it all that tax that have to do with the Holy Spirit and His work in the New Testament and the Book of Acts OK And you can see then through all of this that the Spirit of God is really now in charge of the work down here on Earth as the work of the disciples and with the believer and 7 churches etc Yes or simply simply that he becomes more notable more one more notable because all the gifts of the mention of the New Testament are mentioned in the Old Testament a right to give to wisdom the gift of healing the gift of the only one an investment not mention the gift of strength only in the Old Testament it's a gift of strength mentioned not in the New Testament. The emphasis is exactly yes ma'am you're not missing anything because Jesus is speaking about himself comforting them. But he says I must go to my father therefore I'll send you another comfort in other words I'm comforting you but I'm going to leave you but I will not leave you comfortless I'll send you a replacement. But yes but not as prominent The Holy Spirit has always been that we can see it through the Old Testament right but not as a focal center person. Directing the church as in the Old Testament he was there but not the promise he was in the New Testament and the reason for that is obviously Jesus then took the place of being a mediator and haven't and therefore it was necessary for the church to be guided so. Was that. I'll let you do that in just a minute and then put them all on they didn't take the picture of the whole thing OK The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey Him who one obey Him Now let me just show you this is a list of the gifts of the Spirit of God gave and there are only 4 places in the New Testament to mention the list of gifts of the given however. He has them the Spirit of God and the verses of Scripture that make it plain that the Holy Spirit is not an essence he has to be a person if you know this then he is called God We already mentioned that in the Old Testament and in the New Testament he comforts he testifies he guys he speaks a command he gets power he witnesses he brings to remembrance he referred to a personal pronoun he he teaches he reproves he hears he shows he can be grieved which means he has feelings can be sin against which means then that he has authority and that authority cannot be a mess with and then he can be quite from the heart so just just these verses alone reveal then that the Spirit or God is not an essence bought a thinking functioning entity or person and this is why I called him the 3rd person of the Godhead. And if you want if you want a writing now put together study on this with the spur prosecutes because I'm only dealing with the Bible here if he want I can email you the that studied to give you a statement when Mrs White makes it plain that the Spirit is the 3rd person of the Godhead she makes that repeats it over and over again OK so you can see then from the scritches that the Spirit of God is alive and well he plays a major role in the work of ministry and it is through him that the cross of Christ become efficacious for us it is through him that we feel convictions so this is why says that heaven communication an extra call impulses of the brain to the want to like all impulses of the mind so when you feel conviction who is speaking to you it is God but it is a spirit God the Holy Spirit so when you understand truth who's done then it is the Holy Spirit your ability to perceive and on the stand spiritual things only come through the gift of the Holy Spirit now it is Christ who has given us that blessing by connecting us to the throne of heaven. And that's why I accept those important is not important in reference to thinking that it's about the holy goes because Jesus himself said the Holy Ghost will come to glorify Jesus so if he came to glorify Jesus it doesn't make sense that every by the glorifying the Holy Ghost and accept it to. What may says has that the Holy Ghost is glorifying Christ and I accept it too and that's why it's clear that this pit Peter was led by the Spirit of God to point to those prophecies of the day of Daniel part me of a jolt and the prophecies of David 2 prophets to make it clear then that what was taking place that they cause was that the Holy Ghost was trying to bring attention to or that gives to something the last to taken place in heaven and that was a Jesus was sitting on the throne where you say and so all of that comes to us through the gift of the Holy Spirit and I thank God that finally in the alderman sense it is a spirit a God who will continue to work with us and this is why I says that the the greatest need that we have today as a people is a Spirit of God This is our greatest need because through the Spirit of God our sense a bit of this become sharp and we could detect truth from error and we can be led in the path of righteousness without the Spirit of God where last we have no way to the term what's right or wrong and we're left to our own wonderings that's why we need the Spirit of God in our lives and so I feel bad that some of our people Adventists for example are beginning to call the Spirit of God an essence or he's not this is not the 3rd person the god here because they don't realize that they are fulfilling what uses said not to do he that speaks against me will be forgiven but he does speak against a holy ghost shall not be forgiven No not here and or in the law to come. We need to be careful how we deal with the things of God yes man when they just been more time on our nation study more and share more that's why assessments for the bride say Come 11 that here say count is central saying that the last message given by the Holy Spirit are to one for the people to witness and spirit god sake said the bride of the Spirit say come when they hear say come and the last prayer in the Bible is even so common Lord Jesus as Revelation Chapter 20 and the last verse Let's pray together Lord we are grateful for all that you revealed to us for your scriptures and we pray that your spirit will be with each one of us all God passes not by. You promise that you will pour out your spirit and make us recipients we pray in Jesus. This media was brought to you by Adil 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W. 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