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God's Ordained Order - Part 3

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 20, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Loving God we thank you for the privilege of studying that word and we pray for your spirit to guide and give us understanding in Jesus' name amen Now what I'm going to be doing with you this this afternoon is again trace a particular doctrine that has to do with the church and the reason for that is that there seems to be a lot of debate again about whether it's on bodily church or the spirit or church to go through have you heard that argument recently. Yes no. The argument is that. Mrs White makes a statement that the church will appear as in the fall and by the it goes through. And what people are arguing this what is not the of this of all liberal church I go through it's those who are spiritual that go through all right however that does not supported by the statement because the statement simply says the church appears as it has fallen but it does not it remains it wot it remains so if something up Piers is that the reality now it's only the appearance not the reality so the time will come where the church will appear as it has fallen but it says it does not it remains while sin is inside and sifted out while what sin is and sizes it out so God's church will go through all right and what I tell people is this I fly a lot I mean I I have a 1500000 plus miles on United and a 1000000 something 100000 miles on Delta so I have flown in I have to go to the morning come back several times. Exactly. So the. The interesting thing is about flying is that sometimes you get into something called turbulence that true I maybe I have ever been in turbulence OK I remember at one time we were flying on a sudden the plane that this had dropped and I remember the gentleman sitting next to me his face turned to terror and he headed out onto the seat and I would have looking at him feeling sorry for him because you hold on to the seat. And I'm going to do it in for you. So. Anyway the pilot comes on and on now says How would you know I just flew from. The sockets I go to to Ethiopia then from Ethiopia or words over to Dulles and there are times when we would have this shaking to begin and the pilot would say we are having turbulence open the windows and jump out. Is that what he would say. What does he say. Tied in the seat belt the wad tighten his seat belt so when their chairs go through turbulence What do you do. Tighten your seat belt you don't jump out because there's no safety on size the safety is within that which God has ordained OK so let's consider then the church and whether or not we can trace the church throughout history does God have a church we know in the beginning God started with the church now the church is basically. Made up of believers and in the beginning they were to believe some any. And it's an homily with what Jesus says that where there are 2 or 3 there I am in the midst of them so we know then that there were 2 and Genesis $1.00 and $2.00 we know that Adam and Eve were the 1st believers. In recorded history of biblical recorded history now. If anybody has any question about that or that people are saying whether came together why when the simple it says that Eve was the mother of all living she was the one mother of all living so she is the mother all living then that cannot be other people. Had to come from Mother. All right so and then we getting as well as a new me giving you find that God had believed was there and God has believed us here is that true yes or no and here God uses the term ram that and I'll explain that some remnant later on from idea so we find then that God establishes a system. That we call faith. Now. Adam and Eve then had one fav how many one faith it was only one system of belief system there were not 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 it was only how many one believe system and that belief system was given to them by whom. God himself in the person of whom of Jesus Jesus was the one who talked with them and who made them your welcome and join your meal. On so then the 1st division of that faith came between can then. And they will so God started out with one and now what do you have to you have Cain with this size said he's going to follow a different direction than what God had given to Adam and Eve Abel followed the plan of Adam and Eve Cain decided to go a different direction and by the way this is the 1st record of religious persecution it began right there by Cain slaughtering Abel for nothing else then religious persuasion other words Abel offered the sacrifice that God required Cain offered his own unvented way of coming to God and that was not please and God said to Cain. You can become the leader if you just do what's right but if you don't do what's right the sin that lies at your door show rather than following the counsel of God they decided to get rid of the one who made them look bad not once. A month and by the way. Sometimes people try to imitate you by saying. Do you think you're holy body else and the answer should be yes. The Bible said be holy for I am only sometimes people try to intimidate Christians and they are you holy oh well you should say I should be holy or my walk with God least me to holiness and if I am Kwok with God then you are not then yes the answer is I am wholly than you are but that doesn't mean that I can use my whole in this to hold the above you. It's a difference in knowing that you are a prince. Or a or a princes doesn't mean that you should display a different character than you have only father that's true. So anyway so you find then that once able in the time that the the the faith that God had given to Adam and Eve was in jeopardy and what in jeopardy because that Faith had is its. Potential to survive by those who believed so or those who believed were not around then that faith that God had given would disappear so it was essential then to keep the faith alive by keeping people alive who were faithful Is that true all right so. When 7 with born and we read this text before for those of you who were before with us when 7 with born then. Hope revived and said God has given me and that US seat instead a Will whom Cain slew and then verse 25 it says that through Seth man began to call upon the name of a more and right now keep that in mind that what God is doing within the Scriptures early on is that he didn't with faith or no faith. That which sation that would just and say so when you get from there chapter 4 to chapter 6. We find then that there's an amalgamation that's a big word but simply it means there's a. Combining together the holy with the on home. Some people get confused about that sex were said they were giants in those days all right and that some people T. said it was angels that came down and got married with women and that these women then had John babies. However Jesus himself destroys that concept because Jesus says Angels don't get married period and then Matt Matthew 24 it says that they were people who are marrying and giving in marriage and the flood came and took them all away so who was getting married and given marriage it was not angels it was people so this is why it makes a clear statement about the sons of God in the daughters of men she said very plainly that the sons of God are the descendants of Seth the descent of the one sat and the daughters of man with the sentence on Cain and it is clear then that the 6 sets Theiss lived in the country while all the can ice were building cities but then it is said that somehow the sons of God came down and saw the daughters of man that they were beautiful and they began to join together and rather than diminish in the evil that was taken place by the righteous getting married with the unrighteous the opposite happened the on righteous began to water down the righteous and by the way that is why in Corinthians Paul Warren being on the equally yoked with on believers because it says that you may be the sons of God If you all blend yourself with others OK so the sons of God Jesus himself said in Matthew in the book of John by the way it says then that. You can become the sons of God If you believe or shown the idea the sons of God has to do with people who believe the genuine faith that God gave them to begin with the idea of the daughters of then simply has to do with the candidates and by joining together the amount of them Asian cost of the Klein the Church of gone to the point of almost $6.00 inches and if you if you don't understand what's happening in reality it was taking place is this the enemy was trying to destroy that which would bring salvation to mankind and that's a faith that God had given throughout them OK and showed since he could not destroy the faith because there are people who are believers of the faith he began to somehow affect the faithful and that effect began to decline in the number of righteous who were living on the air and then left only 8 Now if you remember when at when the Abraham was asked seen the Lord about Sodom and Gomorra he started with what number 50 and he ended up with what number 10 why 10 because Chan is the man the mount of righteous. A synagogue you cannot worship in a synagogue if you don't have 10 men on more you're going to have a building there but you cannot use it if you do not have a minute and that min is the word that you find written on the wall many many take that of Sarson meaning simply means number or 10. And so the number 10 then was essential for the survival of the human race when it got below 10 the human race was almost at the verge of extinction because if there were no righteous on the your god would have to the stronger the planet and Satan then were the one and said You see no one to follow God so it was extremely essential for the genuine faith to be kept alive and to be kept alive in God then to preserve the human race had to destroy everything that would have been if they filed and with only its 8 begin by replanting the human seed on the for they could replenish and fill the earth so the wicked in this earth today hold their their of gratitude or should have their gratitude to the righteous because without the righteous on the earth will be the story and by the way that is why the final destruction takes place because all the righteous will be taken off the earth and the earth will be destroyed so that the face that you folks have is essential for the survival of the human race not getting in a spaceship and trying to fly to another planet OK alright. That's who I'm talking about God through Noah then through in the ACA Noah were faithful to God so through Noah and his wife and 3 children and their wives God was able to replant the human seed back on the air and start all over again so God starts with Noah but the enemy was successful again in infiltrating the what the seed and began to create hybrids. And so the hybrids who are course the sons of Ham who sons of Ham the ham Knights then began to foster a different faith and what God had given to the human race the now you have again a division of the original favor you can see what happened Adam offer sacrifices kids off of cyclists right then when no what's on the other side of the flood no also offered sacrifices like Adam had often sacrifices a continuation of the faith that had been given to mankind in the beginning however it got this started and as and because it got to store it God had to do something and it ought to preserve the human race God then selected. A group of people who could say so in the days of Noah there was only how many arcs you could argue that you could have said I don't need to get into a smelly Ark I could make my own ark or I don't believe what you believe nor do you think you are the only Holy One on the other thing is only one way to get to haven't heard those arguments. You. Show the sad thing is that if you are outside the arch you are lost the only way to be saved was inside you had to accept the faith that saved what saved that. Nothing else could save you. It was a faith that God gave the his children that bring salvation that makes sense to you right then as we continue then after the flood the faith was kept alive by Noah and his 2 boys sham and Jaysus and so they kept the fav alive and through their through their children then we find that the fave continues and finally you come up to a guy name. Abraham but before that you had the division of the favor you had the tower bagel which Ham established and so the Tom Baker with Nimrod and. Coming up with a different way to be saved other than the way that God had the vice did not work God then confused them and they gathered but they got scared it in and scattered their fall so it's at the same time there were those who are faithful to God And so in the midst of all that is savages the power base will accept try and different ideas a favor God calls Abraham to keep the faith alive. Now it's interests in then that Abraham is called a Hebrew he's called the one he was the 1st one to be called a Hebrew in the Bible and the Scripture says and that Abraham left where he was and went to find a place that God told him to go where he could worship gone and serve God So Abraham did then and so Abraham had faith and what else in the obedience in other words there are 2 qualities. Then quite prominent among those who have the genuine fave That is trust in God and obedience in God which one. In some places the word thieve is interchange with trust in God because if you have trust in God You have feet from gun if you don't have faith in God you don't have trust in God that true or right so and then he received a lemon verse 8 to 10 reveals that faith and trust are interchangeable in other words as a woman says I don't have any faith in my husband whether she means I don't trust him. And if you are going to trust somebody can you trust somebody without knowing them no so a nod to trust God you have to know God you don't know God you don't trust him and when people say I don't have any faith in God What are they really saying I don't know all God. It's simply just that meeting something that they don't realize or admitting I don't know God and therefore I don't trust God on them or them believe in God So those 2 qualities what is it faith and obedience faith in the sense of trust because the word faith also can mean the collective. Teachings of a particular persuasion. For example you can be a Baptist of the Baptist faith or you can be of the Jewish faith or you can be of the Pentecostal faith. So I'm saying but in this particular sense we're talking about Genny one trust in God and result as obeying him sue qualities later on we find in Genesis 26 and verse 5 that that will be the end had to do with the commandments we want. Just turn to the Genesis 26 or 5 and see whether says yes is 26 verse 5. Notice of the says and they were him did watch somebody reading from in Genesis 26 and verse on. All OK So Abraham kept my. Commandments my statutes and my laws OK and you and I know that at this particular junction there was no mention of a commandments when the mention of what a commandment I'll call you back will I'm doing a seminar Thanks. To that nice in the who is calling on so you see then then that God says that Abraham was a faithful man and he demonstrates his faithfulness by obeying WOD commandment. Sacha's and laws and those had not yet been written which means then that as we started yesterday that it was all passed by word of mouth from children to children the children and sometimes people say well the command was and I did not come until Moses Well it's because they don't understand the language of the Bible. Many tag on doesn't have to use the word commandment all he has to use is the word obey a way it's not something in a vacuum Obey of something that has to come from something that you do right or to obey correct for example you think of Adam and Eve when Eve was tempted how many command was it she break. How do we know all of them. If you read very carefully you'll see that and then they said as that she shawl the fruit that was. It was worthy to become a did. What's a commandment say thou shall not common doesn't that hasa not steal who the fruit belong to shield God So when she took son in the middle on to her she was doing this show by her father now a father said don't go to the tree whether they do she went to the 3 so that she on her father No If you goes out through the what happened with the view of C. then that Eva mis represented God This obeyed God that broke the commandments of God and that's why it says you break one you break how many I come on now. Gotch true carriers then people who are loyal to God were alive through the ages so you find for example from Adam you go to to Seth from SAF you go to. Those of us those of the 2 Noah and then from now are you again begin to see a line a chain of those who are faithful to God who came from Abraham so you have ICICI you have Jacob and then you have the 12 tribes of the 12 children of Jacob who started out of scoundrels but finally ended up to be converted OK so the boys of Jacob sometimes people speak about Piquet's you know where the peak areas right. Preachers kids and sometimes they think well the preacher's kid should be the best in the Bible sometimes the preacher kids with a worse one. Worse so was the case that Jacob but through time then and the prayer that man and the working of the Spirit are gone all those boys became converted OK so. But they were true care where they Drew Carey is just like today we carry something we may carry tuberculosis right we are carriers of diseases as well I was both wash our hands when we have a cold right so we won't spread that but God also had throughout the history those who were to carry us and by the way those fruits finally called the remnant now I have to share something with healed on that word remnant that I have to clarify the word remnant usually the illustration uses a piece of a rug you know they lay the rug on and they have on pieces left and those a remnant Well that's almost like something left over on the sand but the word remnant is different to something being left over the word remnant has to with something pre-selected something that was elected by God So rather than being just something that's left over in reality is something that has been chosen by God and want. My God So if you have to be a remnant is not that you were just a piece of rug left over if you end up as a ram that means that God has chosen you to represent him OK now let's continue on through this so from Adam then you go to Noah and from Noah Abraham and then from Abraham go the Moses and of course from MOSIS you have the church in the wilderness in the book of Acts Chapter 7 verse $38.00 it actually uses the word church in the wilderness. So God now does not have one person of the faithful but God has 12 and then from the 12 he has watched it have a nation millions of people who are faithful and please remember this that the that the role that these people always played was to keep the genny one faith alive or 0 to keep their general faithful and because it is a genuine faith that gives salvation this one a genuine favor the give salvation All right so if you get the genuine stuff then you can have salvation if you don't get the general and then you have confusion so the church in the wilderness Now it's interesting once again that if like in the days of Noah you got in the ark you find salvation you didn't get in the ark you were laws it didn't matter how how virtuous you were about your ideas and your philosophy and it didn't matter God made one channel of salvation and if you wanted salvation you accepted his provisions it in argue with God you said thank you and so the end you understand this because this earth has rebel against God God has put this earth in a choir and teen and I want quarantine we are quarantined from the rest of the universe because of the fear that our deadly disease will spread through the universe so in all other for this disease to be stopped here God provided an antibiotic in the person of His Son and the antibiotic had to be put in where the disease was you know what I'm saying. All right the medicine will do no good if it doesn't get inside the you to deal with that which is inside the you are trying to destroy you. So God had to create an antibiotic to put into this area that was quantifying with the whole sat through of the antibiotic those inside would be receiving that which which heals and also meant leave saves so God wants to destroy this sin but save the sinner how low you whether you say so as that church there was only one way to be saved and that was a join the church for example in Jericho we know in Jericho that God said destroy the city however in Jericho there was a young woman called lug Greyhound and what was our occupation maybe a preoccupation she was a prostitute correct probably a young beautiful prostitute because in those days as it is in many countries still today the parents who are all encouraged to Dog us to prostitute themselves so they can make money for the family and so poor Rahab was a victim of circumstances but obviously in spite of her condition and circumstances Ray have had something within her that long for something better and when she heard about the faith of the Jews she Reckitt nice in them that this was the way of salvation and she cast her lot with the people of God and the course she had then she became the evangelists for her family the Bible says that when Jericho was astroid the only part of the wall that did not fall was where a half was it says that the Jews went in up into the wall and brought out from the apartment where a head was staying on all the father her mother her brother and her nieces her uncle who all the family were saved so they found salvation yes or is this put in there when I'm finished and I got to finish at 3 o'clock and home 230 are on. Thank you. All right all right the understand then so it wasn't that God wanted to destroy the people God wanted to save the people but there had to be a choice and those people in Jericho chose to stay in the path that they were following but Rahab though she was a prostitute chose to turn her life to the Lord and because she did God save her and all of her family one of what he said So what was there Church in the well in this yes that you had to belong to and yes if you want to salvation you belong to if you don't want salvation and matter and so the people who didn't accept the provisions of God were lost the people who did accept the position of God was saved but they had to be part of the church OK Again remember then these days there are all sorts of religions all sorts of gods that have already invented and worship and all that so people could have said Ah my favorite better than yours but obviously calling to the Scriptures God has a plan which he wants to say and that's why Jesus said straight is the road then there as the way that leads to one to live and to be that by it which means then that is fine double is what is fine the goal is those who want salvation are willing to put themselves to find it otherwise have you don't find that one you automatically by default fall into the other channel and I don't know about you but I want to be on the right channel All right so. Here you have then people who remain faithful to God in spite of the fact that again the enemy began to affect the truth so you see the purpose why God put Israel in the Holy Land Here's a map over here of the that part of the world and in those days most of the people lived in this part of the world OK and what they did was they began to extend So they began in a place called. To rule them OK this will say that So in essence what God did is that he put his faith in the middle of the world where the middle world so that those from the north who wanted to go to the south had to go through where through Israel and the from the south who wanted to go then off went to where. The reason why God put them there was because it was God intended that the world could find salvation through his people unfortunately the Jews began to think that they were the only ones who could be saved correct so they began to give it to them selves and I remember as a little boy going to synagogue but they thought I was a Gentile of one gentleman the reason why they thought I was a Gentile because I was born the Puerto Rican and the most of the Jews in the York City would ask onas Where were they asking us which means they came from Germany and Poland and all that or most of those Jews who are not acquainted with the reality that there are more Jews in Europe than they were over there and that was in Spain where Spain to the majority of the Jews were not in Europe they were in Spain and so they were called her father where we call her father guesser. Was that. They were in the Africa but that but these 2 these particular people the Jews for example went to Africa as they began to deteriorate in in Israel other words at one point they tried to settle around Israel or one issue was unfaithful and the attacks began to come many again began to flee down to Africa and also to Spain right now here's what's interesting finally what happened was that that the devil wanted to get rid of all the Jews from Spain is what they did was he began to persecute the Jews so then they fled to to where. They went to Africa but they also went where to America where America so they went 1st to place called Cuba where Columbus went and then Puerto Rico and then the medical Republic and then Jamaica and all that but but then began to spread down to Brazil so today there are about 3000000 Jews from Brazil who actually of our Jewish descent but they did not know that until recently. That's right they came out of Africa that's correct the Portuguese then were responsible for bringing a lot of those slaves. That's correct there was a slave trade. There was it was a terrible dispersion that took was OK and what I'm saying is that God had put them in the middle of the world the Jews so they could be a salvation to the whole world but because of them faithfulness God spread them all over the world so that the faith then got kind of US sprinkle everywhere all right and now with the Pens upon people like. Then even though he was sent to Babylon he was still faithful correct and so we find then that the Devils were Babylon try to do one 0 swallow up the people of God Why was this constantly done because it was not about Jews it was about salvation by what elevation if the Democrat astroid those who had the genuine faith in the Euro our faith would disappear off the face of the Earth and Man would be only led to to follow dictators who worship statues and and stone and would do so for so the issue of light fades then divides between Jew and on Israel Israel goes into apostasy and then finally Judah only a Roman begin to be one they found that remnant or people who chose to be faithful in spite of what was going on they knew that God was the only way to find salvation and they trusted and got it respected and that's why the 3 boys said to them a can has or you can do anything you want to us. But Been To You And we will not bow down to your god and then God be with us your own deliverance is not so mean and so the the issue was salvation well as a nation and those boys decided to be obedient and trust in God and because God saw that those boys were beaten and that faith and trust in Him God saved them and as a result of these boys and their faith from the many people in Babylon actually became converted in fact if you go to the book on the a my on Astra you remember the Book of Esther how Haman was to the shore all the people there were Jews. Put them to death what's interesting is that when they faster than pray then turned to God then God delivered them and it says that the people of the land became Jews became one came Jews right now the word Jew by the way you should know that it actually comes from Judah from one of them. So the word Jew that not exist before there was a Judah OK So originally all were called Hebrew What were they called Hebrews and even in the Egypt when they were slaves they were called Hebrews alright but the name got changed to Israel through Jacob so you had Jake UK who became Israel me which means in that when he was converted he became real is real. Then. Before that he was a fake. That's what his name meant the man Jake of the name meant sub PLANTUREUX one who was who was not John and one. So when he was converted Jacob became a real Israel. And then all who experience that would Jacob experience that is the have a born again experience then call Israelites right so that the from Adam then to Christ we have trace a seed carriers because the promise was that and through the ice seed through on that seed and Paul says and that seed was Christ so the seed was trace all the way from here and the attempt of the devil was to the straw and the seed but God would not allow them and that's why in the Bible you find those lists of names genealogy that trace a seed all the way back to how them so God cared to see the live in my keeping the see the alive he kept the faith alive and through the faith many millions we know other than the in the Oracle the millions and millions that no man can number so them and the billions of people in the kingdom All right so we find then that the faith of Jesus is strange from the beginning and but on for him by the time you get to Jesus' time it had already been gone to be one contaminated again. And so Jesus came to set the record straight to put it back on course to put the genuine faith with ought to be there was not about the legal mystic idea of keeping certain rules it was about the heart that wanted to love God with all heart all the strength and all the might and the neighbor of himself so it was an experience religion not a legal Lisak religion however as we go then from the time of Christ we know that the OP a sonic phase then took hold and I should explain this to you that the reason that P. the rights you shall be a holy nation a royal priesthood is not to the credit every member was a priest that's being twisted today what was happening is that what God had told the Jewish people in the in the well in this you shall be a holy nation a royal priesthood simply meant that the people would be holy but they would be guided by a priest a directed by God unlike the rest of the nations who were wrecked by kings God would direct his nation spiritually speaking through priests and we know that to be the case because when God said You are all nation and are and. Holy nation or priesthood there were some men who decided that they were pretty sure this as well as Aaron was a priest remember that who are them because they think then a buyer and how many more and 250 prints and they all brought their sensors whether they bring the reason why they brought the census because all need the priest could offer incense only who and by these men having sense of whether declaring. Allah proves also. But God said to Moses not some. Not so and Moses said to car if you die a normal death then I'm God and not spoken through me the air for opens up in you know the God of that spoken through me and they are that opened up but then after the earth opened up the 250 who could have repented that not they were still rebellious and then fire came and killed them all and God said to him to Moses rare and go pick up the sense of because they dedicated the sensors to me and then the people blame most of for killing these holy people you see and God then sent a plague throughout the people they began to die and God said to Aaron Aaron you better go stand between the living and and then so Aaron took a center stood between the people and the plate stogie and they still believe that everybody was holy even though God made it plain that there was only one priesthood how many one priesthood OK So God then said to Moses Moses get a rock for every tribe put the names on them put them in the sanctuary and the next day when the Rajah brought out only one had. And bother them on that and that was the final final evidence they got only $11.00 priesthood made of. Levi's. After that nobody ever had to argue that God had one priesthood so when God finally ended that that time of the priest to the sanctuary with brought to an end and all that then God reestablish the church again and conferred upon the new church a saying that he had conferred on the old church your holy nation a royal priesthood. And crisis the hyper The Exactly so the blessing of being God's holy people was conferred upon the up Asali church and being a priest should simply meant that they would be led again by quote priests or pastors because the word change from Priest the pastors and so God then conferred upon the OP a solid church the same standing that the Old Testament church had with with God and that was that it would be gone church is what I'm saying have you heard that before is it news to you welcome to the news they're all right so the OP a solid faith and was established and they had the same chore and by the way a sense of sin that they started in Jerusalem also star where. They had the same char as the Jews had before to bring the gospel to walk to the world. But was a devil happy with that so he began to affect the church and people were baptized who want to salvation into the church according to Acts 2 were 4144 they were added to the church daily such as should be saved OK So then. Unfortunately other gospels began to be and introduce another Jesus as began to be preached and Paul wrote and warn the people if you read Galatians 16 or 9 you'll see that says. How can you the part on the face that was given to you on to another gospel which is not another gospel and if any one come to you preaching another gospel that you have not heard let them be a curse. So Paul was very clear that there was how many gospels. Only one Gospel that's why he inefficiencies and the other misunderstanding in the one Lord one faith one baptism. He simply stating that there's only one true Lord there are many Lord but only one true Lord one true faith and many other gospel but only one true and one through baptism many of the most a baptism but only one that God had the stylus show had to do with quality rather than quantity so unfortunately then the run in faith began to be affected and persecution came upon the church and there were people within the church began to accept other ideas and go back to the Judaism accept and finally the devil began to attack the church and the church went into hiding into the wilderness and show now you have the Church of Christ and his faith followed all the way through all the way up to the time of persecution and began in 538 Church went into hiding and the opposite of the Apostle fades and would rule the world so the devil then of savages own faith using Christ he could not fight against Christ so and he did it chose to use Christ as a means to deceive and that's that's the unfortunate thing today it's had a lot of people using the Bible but with the Bible that deceiving them on the people the devil knows that there are certain things that God has designed for man's well being their processes and body that God as a sign. For us to function where our homes are so where the devil has done as he discovered these processes that the final end would bring good and he has been able to use the same processes to bring back on. So it's it's called basically. A It is Shep Sion but the devil uses the word of God to a accomplish that which otherwise would lead to salvation so the thing that would lead to salvation the Bible being used by many to the. Without understanding what the Bible really means they have cut off the Old Testament they follow some books in the New Testament and they believe that they're following Jesus now you cannot question this and charity but sincerity is not salvation you can be sincerely wrong true and so God gave us the entire Bible I remember as a young man in Switzerland who have been said in the scripture and funny that side he want to keep the commandments any more so he broke loose from the young pastor that was studying with him when I returned back to Switzerland young pastor told me the sad news well he didn't so how is he doing now that I can find that he disappeared if I can I call him it doesn't answer the phone and him on the set while on the have discovered where he live yeah he lives in a certain little town I said will give me his address or go chase him down so I went to the door knocked on the door his car was parked right outside so I knew he had to be there so I knocked on the door no no response I kept on knocking he no response I got on knocking and he realized it but open the door I'll be knocking there the whole day so he opened the door and he said Look man I have no time for you and I said you have no time for me I flew all the way from America to here and then I drove 2 hours down to your house and you have no time is that Christian he said All right I'll give it to another that's all I need. So I went inside and enlarged to watch of the no I don't believe in the Old Testament I said OK whether Jesus say about people who don't believe in the old 7 I don't know so I turned them to Luke Chapter 24 And Jesus said all fools and slaughter hard to believe all that the Scripture have sent it and when they read that I said so whether Jesus call people who don't believe in the Old Testament fools I said you want to be one no I said then I think you buy the more time than 2 minutes. So I spent 2 hours with him by the end we finished he with a believe in the old Jesson believe in the whole Bible and got baptized. By the how to chase the fish all over the. OK so what I'm saying to you is that the Bible is being misused the same instrument I God gave for salvation because it says that all sketch is given by. And through it you can find salvation the devil has used it to the opposite and today is no different folks we have as a people have been given a gracious light and we need to hang on to the light let no man remove the landmarks where did I say let no man would move the landmarks those landmarks have been placed there for a purpose All right so for 12 from 538 then a the under 1798 and the. Church was in hiding and what. Now what I'm saying by that is that God had to leave us he's always had believe it but but but at this time there was only one recognized church in the world and what church was that it was wrong and wrong was used in the Bible yes and no. All the for its own intent when ever it felt in the used some passive in the scriptures it did so to impress people that it was from the Bible and we see for example it says that use of the Bible that Peter was a 1st pope right when you can't find that in the Bible and you So they're saying that Peter was the leader of the church and therefore the pope comes from Peter however Peter was a married man what happened to the pope. And the Bible also reveals that was not Peter was the leader of the church if you read carefully in the above go backs it was James it was who it was James the brother of Jesus who was the leader of the church when the disciples came up with Paul arguing about whether or not the Gentiles should should do as the Jews they came and James listen for all the arguments and finally he gave his sentence he gave the one if you give you a sentence whether that call you because you're the head. So as James who was the leader of the church the brother of Jesus and if you read the mass you will find that James was a brother of Jesus so there are several James but this particular chance of the brother of Jesus and you may ask the question why did they seem like James rather than Peter or Paul because they still had the mentality that the priests are that the come through the line of the family so they didn't get the priesthood to Peter again the priesthood to the brother of Jesus. You follow me all right so during this time then there was great up evil but there are people who are faithful to God still in the Bible still trying to preach the word and what they were they were growing pressure Cupid and finally at the end of $79.00 the the. Church that had been instigated in propagating false it in the name of Christ would be wounded given enough time for the other church to come back up and get the stablish So in $79.00 the 8 The Church of Rome received a wound the pope was captured and put in exile and the church would basically close during that time and allowed for the Protestant movement to rise up to where there's Today however what's sad about that is that the devil also took advantage of the Protestant movement and today there are 44000 different denominations how many. Other One Bible so the enemy has use the Bible for his own intent but listen in private that there are 2 qualities the one quality faith of Jesus and the commandments so it makes it easier then I I once asked some children I said if you loose a needle in a haystack how do you find it they didn't know I said the C.Z. you take a magnet and you find the needle he said they go on mine the future out of find that with your eyesight. Or The ago so who is the magnet is Jesus Jesus has certain truths that set apart the between the false and the true and those are his commandments and it's very easy you know rather than trying to study all the doctrines of different churches 44000 different the nomination I study the Bible I find out that the 10 Commandments is a very simple acid test. It's a very one. Yeah for example I know then that if they have Sacha's in their churches can that be the true church No I know that they worship other gods can that be the true church No they have to worship the Creator God correct I know also that they have to worship them one day the 7th day of the Week correct and so I can take all the Christian churches in their worshipping on not on the 7th day then without being judged mantle I can just simply say that cannot be the pillar and anchor of THE TRUTH something wrong with that so I now I have to find a church that caves. And that has a face of Jesus so the face of Jesus was the Jewish faith the one Jewish faith in Jesus simply said to the woman at the well salvation is of the Jews right now what I mean by that and whether one of the mean by that Paul makes it plain that not he that is a Jew in the flesh is a true Jew but he that is a Jew in the spirit in the one spirit in other words Jake became Israel because he was converted and anybody who becomes converted becomes a true Jew because they want to do so if you are converted to Christ and you follow His commandments then you are a spiritual Jew and you qualify as salvation pertaining to you so how many of you are Jewish. All of us you accepted favor from Christ and keep his commandment then you are spiritual Jews and then you become part of the one remnant unite just something that is cast to the side you selected by God to represent him to give his message to others to find salvation in Christ so Christ has a church so now at the end of time then there are 2 prominent fav that will be contested one day kids a command was of God the faith of Jesus and the other one who either trust in God but now commandments or commandments and no trust in God but you have to have both is just like on clean how do you know something is unclean by one or 2 with 2 if the animal isn't clane he has a chew of the cut then but they have to walk the talk correct yeah all right and a fish on the end no if it's unclean hands and scales to qualify rights I didn't know a true Christian they've been commandments and. The end ascendant now as I said you don't have to be just mental then people say the thing you're holier Yes I am holier but that not because I'm somebody special by God's grace by one by God's grace I should be about the person if I'm a Christian I should be a person that was more I should be a person to be the and I should be a person that's the meaning of is is more gentle as the master In other words yes we are required to do that all right so the remnant church then must be hidden from. 53879 the a muscle rise and do its work act to this day must keep the commandments of God the faith of Jesus have the gift of prophecy must create a message of Revelation accept Christ as a creator and Savior and must be preaching all over the world and I'm thankful that the church is is that way by the way. Well here you haven't just take the whole picture. Show today folks does God have a church Absolutely and how do we become part of it. By faith by one by faith we accept God's conditions for salvation and that we believe that God has a remnant people who also met Lee will stand to shine in the midst of all the Apostle that's going on and finally the clash will take place between truth and there are and the truth will be victorious and when it's all said and done I want to be in that boat with my seat tight. And you coming up to take a picture with you I'd like a page on the from then do it from over here. Is where. I am a prayer him and then take the picture and then I would have prayer. Or any question 1st of all for a prayer this is help you see from beginning to end that God is consistent with this truth. So glad that God Brothers messages all they should to my family. When we were heathen wrong here in a growing up in the ghettos of New York My brother of 2nd older brother was a president of the largest Puerto Rican gangs in the York City my all the brother was a terrorist I was a I was a gang member by the time I was 10 years old at 12 I was a ward of the gang we were into all sorts of messes my mother by herself with raised 6 of us boys and my father who had abandoned the family when I was 26 months old became converted in Chicago and because of that conversion he came back to New York to look us up and after 10 years of labor and trying to reach a good we hated him by that time he stayed faithful trying to reach as and finally by God's grace the whole family became 7th Day Adventist which we all converted my cousins like my uncle my aunt it was like a sweet sweet illness has swept through all of us and by God's grace and as I said my dad who was a one of 13 siblings the only one who accepted them assist and thank God he outlived all his siblings he lived to 99 and almost 4 months shy of being 100 years old God has been good and I'm thankful that God has a message it doesn't make us to rise up and cry in as of though we have done it but to rise up in glory because God the Son that God has called us how the darkness into this marvelous light and I just praise God for it let's pray together and then I have a question OK All right let's have prayer and loving God we're so thankful that you have a faith that saves. And we pray that you will help us not to keep it to ourselves as the Jews the but help us to share the word spread that that others may find the joy of salvation that we have found and the hope I would try to live. With thank you for here it is in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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