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God's Ordained Order - Part 4

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 21, 2018
    2:30 PM
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We thank you Father for the push we have to study your word again and we certainly thank you for it and ask your blessing on it in Jesus' name amen. And women on a should just let me explain this you it's very simple. There is. No verse in the Bible that says that women the passes I have found that can locate the cetera. There is enough information in the Bible that the other. Would you would call false religions had women pastors what we call passes today they weren't called passes in those days were called priests or priestesses are so in the in the other other. Religions there were for example some people argue that the culture was that went out a lot to do anything well that's not really true for example the Roman Empire. Selected 7 vessels to 7 virgins and the 7 virgins was selected from the age of 13 and they were the surfer 30 years and they were made Priest this is. In Rome and a roman empire the leave that the prosperity of Rome depended on the chastity of the 7 virgins and as something went wrong with the empire they would assume that one of those girls had violated her vow of chastity and they were they examine her and whether or not what happened with Rome came directly from her being. Via a though that while if they found her to be. Not a virgin they would bury her on the ground by the straight up and down and the only thing sticking out of the ground would be the head. And that was that was a punishment for these priestesses because they were allowed to have very high positions and they had great leadership in Rome but they were supposed to be maintain their virginity until that 30 years were during that time they could do business they can do all sorts of things they were very highly recognized in Rome and that's something that most people don't talk about when they'd say well in those days things were different women were not allowed to do this of that on the truth of the matter is that women had a lot of advantage the fact that Jessa the hat the influence that she had in Israel. That the women did have a lot of influence in the pagan and he did and to tease. But the reality is that the fall of Rome partly the fall of Israel the final final step of the fall of Israel was when the women took up the work of the priests in Israel maybe you don't realize that but in the burger Jeremiah you'll find that the women will tail tell Jeremiah we're not listening to any more when we offered offerings to the Queen of Heaven. Then we prospered when we did to God within profit when I got to do that anymore Jeremiah when I'm gonna follow you we're going to follow the Queen of Heaven and we offer incentives for want Ensign's in says was only come on in Ensign was only permitted to be offered by priests by one priest so anyway. That does not mean you know what I'm saying that that mean that I concur with some of the other interpretation of not correct and that is that women can do anything in the church the words of Paul. Let women be Simon in the church is misuse because Paul said Let them ask their husbands at home. So who was he talking to all women or married women which runs married women because if there are 2 ass or husbands at home then they were married so the council was not applied to all women it was applied to marry women the reason for that is. I grew up half Catholic and have Jewish OK. I used to go to the synagogue and if you go to a synagogue. The women are not involved in the worship of the man a separate even today and that speaking about the Orthodox Jewish faith because it 3 branches now this conservative reform and that's authored the hocks so the author docs of the wants of the still follow in the all the tradition I'll get to in just a moment. So the if you go to a Jewish synagogue today an Orthodox Jewish synagogue and the men a separate You will not find women going in among the men to talk to their husbands. If you several years ago when I went to Korea in the military. In 1968 and you went to a Korean church the women sat on one side the men sat on the other side OK so for a woman to get out from among the women and go and sit among the men would be considered one of progress though inappropriate inappropriate Exactly and so there were certain things that would done in the time of Paul that are still down today and for example if you go to a Muslim worship system you will find the men Bolland on but you will not find the women among the men OK it's just the way it is and so for a woman to enter in to be among the men is would be considered blasphemous It's not that the women are in pure and all that but that basically there is there's a division a separation that they make when it comes to worship than the men who do it by themselves and the women do it by themselves D N A 7 I'm saying is that makes sense to you. So when Paul said let the women asked our husbands at home it's because it was that issue and and so Paul simply is addressing the principle of doing things decently and in order I thought it was all right because if you read very carefully the book of Romans you'll see that women and men prophesied women and one men prophesied but where that Paul said that prophesies should be done inside or outside the church. Inside the church according to for its going to Chapter 14 or so the prophesied was to be done inside and men and women did prophesies and that prophesied was done where inside the church so as not that women could not participate is simply that there was a a some women obviously there where there were crossing the line and Paul was simply writing through inspiration to put things in order he rolled them in his inspiration about tongues to put things in all other he wrote things about the lifestyle the put things and all other and when it came to worship it that the same thing and so God and that the by inspiration to give them counsel so they the idea that women cannot preach it's not Biblical because the callous of the God gives is that all should be preaching how many all should be preaching all right if I read the scriptures as a Go ye who is it talking to going to you the difference in the Scriptures is that there's a difference between function and Rome between one function and ROW function is preaching role is minister not ministering But Minister and so in the Old Testament only men could be priests only one of the men can be present and when Miriam who was a prophet that challenge Moses on his position God made it clear that Miriam even though she was a prophet this was wrong and right so this clarity in the scriptures about those things is just that it had become such an emotional thing that has divided many many churches but in reality they were very speaking God wants all of us to participate in ministering to others for the salvation of their souls would you say and that is not limited to. Men my wife and I have trained many many many people and I mean many people in evangelism many people and so men and women and. We still train men and women why because so winning as a function is one function and it should be done by how many are all of us OK now when you think that when you talk about Hell the word Hell it's an interesting word. Because the word Hell it's an English translation a should I say a mistranslation of 2 words in the Bible and those 2 words are. And Hades now so that you understand and I'm going to spend a lot of time with that subject because it gee I understand that those 2 words are the burial places for the dead what are they OK One is the grave the other one is a burning place. The one that's a grave had to do with people who could be buried in the days of Christ you had to have money to be able to marry if you didn't have money you a poor you had no place to be buried you know where they when you got burnt in a city dump. Where in a city dump how many of you how many of you have been to the city dump what do you see at the city dump. You see garbage but White House you see the you see smoke ascending up yeah yeah if there are many places they still burning. In the Ark City they still burn and the reason they burn is because there was some much stuff to be married that they had to do that minimizes so they would burn it to minimize it and then they would bear the burden so they would burn then bury and burn and bury burn and bury So if you go there Jerusalem today there's a place right now that the rescue of a thing it's a city dump of Jerusalem than they gone down year after year down down down down the home and so. You either War burnt your body with burnt or eaten by the worms or you were buried so the to think before burnt the thieves when they were when they were crucified and their legs were broken they were actually thrown all over the hill into the city dump in the city with burning and the reason they broke their legs was to make sure that they would die from their infection that they were you know the bruises and all that or exposure and once they died then the warrants and the fire did their job and that's the scripture that Jesus is using Ok so a says the winds will not die and the flame will not be consume be smothered it has to do with that seen a people being buried basically in a city dump but if you are like Christ who didn't have any money he would have also been thrown to the city dump except that he had a friend who believed that he was the Messiah and rather than be enthralled with the city dump they were able to put them in the to him because he had money that you know that. The burning placea. Suppress the burning hate is a great OK So when you use the word Hal as a misuse of a term it's actually a burial place whether it be a city dump or whether it be in a national graveside right so that's why people wanted to be buried in the grave because if you were not buried them grave Emanuel great sinner you are among the poor slobs who were sinners because of the Jews anybody with poor was a was a sinner they were curse of God because if you are blessed of God you would be able to have money in money to be buried in the right place but if you are curse of God you got thrown in the city dumb so that the problem with that now just to help you to understand something more about the emphasis when Satan attempt at Adam and Eve to sin he anticipated that he would gain them all right he did not anticipate that he would lose them show however. He was stunned when God said to Adam you will return back to where that dust for are the dust for you taken and on to dust of the Albury return. Yes I know all right now what's interesting about that is this God said that the serpent where the dust so rather than getting human means the 7 got done. OK I understand God had no intention of letting the devil gain the people he gained the people all the money what he would gain would be the dust OK However what's interesting is this also that in the all times people bury their treasures where in the ground. So God said about this children that they would be his jewels his one true right and then it says that when he come up he will make up his you know how many remember that song when he come in when they come to America. Right now what's interesting about that then this that Don buries his people in the ground. Jewels exactly God bears this treasure in the ground Satan gets and does God guess that you. Are me. Well let me explain this to you about cremation OK there's only one example of people being cremated in the Bible so there is an example of a cremation in the Bible. However the reason why people chose to be buried is because they believed in the resurrection and many times they would be buried in a way they would be facing to the east so that when they were set up they would be immediately look at the coming of Christ and the resurrection that was their concept OK so The However the heathen though it burned the bodies if you go to the end they burned the bodies etc because they didn't believe when they resurrection so is it a cent to get cremated and the answer is no right because obviously there are Many Saints say were burnt to ashes Is that true many sent to a burnt to ashes and so if you're going to say that because you want to bury your last thought the biblical teaching. However if you can get buried in there's a natural way to do it you can get very very sample New York that the average shown on the York where that I say the average funeral in New York is about $15.00 to $20000.00. 11000 here but in the heart the burial place of the very very few I mean if you go to some of the cemetery the New York the graves or side barns I mean there and so the the problem is that people can't afford to be buried in the yard so whether they do they cremate them or right so you have situations where you have no alternative then to do something that you refer non-doing but in the event that you have to do it then there's no condemnation for than that clear. Well the wonderful thing is that God says that he is registered in the book all your bones are than all about you so you don't have to worry about them you know if we with computers know that we have recovery correct yes and no. You go to the computer you hide something and then you when you finally recover a right you bring it back to go back to that town if that's the case then if man can do recovery certainly God can even do more and so he will bring us back and our bodies will be made eternal so that we will never have to die again so anyway the idea of. Death or hell the reason why is such a contention that because the they don't understand that the Creator who created man was Jesus who was. In the Creator he would know where people go is that true. Yes and no rhyme so Jesus says that he has the keys of. Death or death and. So he has a key to deafen the grave. If he says that and then if you have the keys and you have the control when you say not the devil but Jesus has the keys so if anyone should know where people go it should be the creator All right so you go back to Genesis and you find out what the creator said as so when man fell the created then say because he is saying you're gonna go to hell because you ascend you gonna go to haven't or limbo but he said because his sin you will return to the earth to the dust from which you were taken but the one to the sure I would turn so if the create a set you go to dust and why the people say you're going to happen. Whether they say you're going to hell in a contradicting the creator's words he said You go to. The US and if you look up the word dust in the Old Testament you'll see that constantly refers to people dying and returned to the US the right so for me that issue of hell has to do with a misunderstanding of what the word actually means and because people have assume that there's a burning place then they assume that people go to the burning places but it cannot be a burning place because in the Book of Revelation says that hell will be burned up so over the burning plays that you cannot burn something not to burn right so if it is not a burning place that's why they burnt up and it's called Hell then is the grey grey homey. The straw is everything on this planet will be destroyed the very elementary Al melt with fervent heat so everything that has been used as a place for people's final resting place will be eliminated and so that the only final rest for got people is not in the grave but in the kingdom. There's no question that people are doing all sorts of things of trying to figure out how they can escape death. While the reality is that we know that the devil is doing everything possible to create a situation where. He can find the secret of life and that's why he's doing all is doing now what I like to do for you then it go through a particular doctrine sometimes a challenging and that's what is called us the gift of prophecy in July to go through that OK let's go to the gift of prophecy 1st of all. In the Bible in the beginning there was no need for the gift of prophecy. Why was there no need for the good the probably because the because the the author himself was present. God was present in other words to get the prophecy is only in a better that God gives to communicate to others that which God wants him to know but he uses a medium or go between to do that some people call that translator or interpreter. I do a lot of evangelism and oftentimes I have to use a translator and sharper Sometimes I use an interrupt or most of the time an interpreter. And so in Genesis and in Revelation you find then that in the beginning there was no good to prophesy reason for that is that. God himself was communicating with mankind. So God space how they should have faced with man and you remember later on when when when you dealing with Moses that Miriam spoke against Moses and God said if there's a prophet I speak to them in dreams and visions but by my servant most of not so with him I speak face to face right God's autumn a desire is to return us back to the time when he could speak to us face to face. My mother was alive I would call her. I would travel and she had no concept of distance. So I would call and she say where are you my son and I was I was. Far away or where it is now. And now it's well mom if you got in the car I said remember that you drove from you got driven from New York to Florida or is it all out on long trip and so I said well mom if you get in a car you would have to be in a much longer trip than going from New York to Florida and she was a body that far. So I had to use something that she could relate to. And then she would say to me you need to watch out for yourself my son here I am a father of children and all that but to her I was your little boy you know and saying so but God spoke to face to face and my mother would always say to me I love talking to you over the phone but I would rather see you face to face. So. The face to face communion with broken when sin came in and therefore God had to devise something else and by the way my brother within the corner. I forgot to give you the opportunity but I'll do it at the end so don't forget the question all right so man then desperately need that Heaven's guidance if he needed Heaven's guidance. He was ascending less he needed Heaven's guidance now as a sinner and so God had to create a way of communicating his guidance to his children who are now in a battlefield and when you are in battle oftentimes you have to write messages that may be coded with and I say you may have to write code that message is. Like sometimes when I would write to my fiance I had to be careful what I wrote because the discover that the North Koreans were capturing are male and then from always on the other side they would call the name of whoever male they God and then say what are you doing here John you're modest traveling up the Portman and you should be all over there with your family and of course that poor soldier couldn't figure out how they know my mother was going the poor woman and they began to fear for their families thinking that these these people knew where their families were and with would harm them so it was called psychological warfare it was a call like a logical warfare so we had to be careful how we wrote many times people would write he was in the Army for you know the battlefield they would write to night it rained very hard. Whether they may my the. Man we were bombarded I mean the bombs kept on coming to night it rained rary hard and the wife would know what that man then you know he survived the bombardment by the must have been quite quite serious All right so if fallen man now neat the guidance of God More so than he needed it before he sinned then God had already counseled him you need to not go to that tree because if you go you will surely die well God then begins 2 of the deal his counsels to what we call prophet what Prophet Now the Bible does not mention these people as prophets but we know that later on their prophet because for example. When we talk about people like Adam Adam gave his counsel to his children because Adam got his cows of the record from home from God So if you get the cows of the record from God you're pretty close to being a prophet. I would take care behave yourself. OK the then of course God then. We'll his truth through different people throughout the history from Adam to Moses God is given the word of mouth. So the Kelso has been transferred from father to son by the verbal communication then finally God gave the written communication in both cases God anxiously given his children counsel as to what they needed to do to get from point A to Point Z. because they had been promised that salvation would come. And the focus of the people was always salvation that's why in the Old Testament they seemed to be women crazy about having babies but the reason why they were crazy about having babies was not about babies the reason why they wanted to have children was about the Messiah. And any woman who was a believer wanted to have the privilege of bringing the Messiah to the planet and so that's why the there was constant constant desire to have a man child because the promise was that this messiah would come through the one through the scene of the woman. So. All Away from Adam to Molokai we find Baucau still the 1st prophet mentioned in the Bible as in UK and he is called the 7 from Adam the 17 from Adam and the Bible says any prophesied of the coming of Christ so if you think that Jesus is that laying his coming. Grandmother told you about it he hasn't come you think what's wrong how come he hasn't come here. Well you probably didn't realize that the provoke coming of Christ had been predicted from the 7th of Adam from when so how long has that been. You waited a short time to. Grandma and Grandpa's time this is from the 7th of Adam. Basic about 3500 years before Christ. So you have then Noah and the Bible calls no more a prophet so you have in that call Probably you have no call the Prophet you also have women prophets as in the Old Testament you have Miriam. In the Book of Exodus out the 15 verse 20 she's called The Prophet this and hald is called The Prophet this and the Burra or Deborah Some people say it's called The Prophet so. Called. Some people may say who but there's actually hold. And something of a say Deborah but it's actually the bar but it's OK if you call it on the stand we're talking about so these women were also used by God as God's mouth pieces to communicate in the councils of God to mankind which means then that God this obvious obviously anxious for people to get this counsel and he's willing to use men and the. Women In fact most of us who have been brought up in this world have been counseled by a woman that true if you happen to have a mother you have the woman counseling you. Whether you like it or not and then. Show. You have then the the the channels and I hate to use that term because now the the people want to spiritism in Hollywood and all that using the term channeling and we heard that term channeling but the channel of the the medium and I hate to use that term also because now the devil had taken the word medium and it's been now in spiritism So the link they haven't used that yet the link from between heaven and have been through Christ that is given in the council of God through the prophets through the Holy Spirit through the prophets on to the people so God has prophets and prophecies and both of the Old Testament you can see several locations for prophecies and you know then the for example that now are preach about the coming of the flood then the so you would call that prophecy right but there were also in the days of judges many prophets that were alive doing that day and God spoke to them and that's where you find both the the female prophets as well. So if I'm going too fast let me know but I won't sob. I'll let you take a picture afterwards so Abraham then. Is a 1st one to actually be given time prophecy what kind of prophecy time prophecy Abraham was told that his posterity or his children would finally be in bondage out of 400 years at the when. Is and so the prophet was given. To Abraham and Abraham then and his children. Jake up and I said Jake up and the 12 patriarchs and all the. Understood. That there was a time that was coming within the 400 year period that they would have find the liberals in the centrist saying that when. The time was about to be fulfilled God does something very interesting so God has a time prophecy and the clock begins to tick correct whenever God gave a time prophecy that time began to. What you had to find this when the time prophecy would start at which you have to find out that if you could find out when they would start then it was easy to find out where they were then the challenge was always trying to find out where they wished on OK So it started here when God told Abraham that 400 years so for the time of Abraham that God gave the prophet the you then have to start counting until 400 years when his his children would be in captivity and be there live would show what's interesting about that is that God gave a time prophecy to a prophet and when the prophecy was about to be fulfilled God sent a prophet All right so far it is and then God sent another prophet if you let turn to the 12 you can see what it says goes at 12 verse 13 he know this when the time prophecy was about to leave a filk God raised up a a prophet and he read 1213 you would see then that it says that God did race up another prophet and who was that prophet that somebody find a. 12 verse 13. 12 verse or 18. OK so by a prophet he brought this world either or. So they God call most of the Prophet Yes show the prophecy had been given by the prophet Abraham the time period now is coming to an end and then the to bring attention to of a film other that prophecy God raised up a prophet to being a breed of one that brought attention to the film of the time prophecy OK You see that now that's interesting because it reveals that there is some consistency with the way the way that God operates so let's look at the next one Jeremiah is given a time prophecy This is before the struction final instructions to Saddam and Jeremiah was given a time probably a 70 years how many years 7 the in the centrist saying that when God is speaking through most has mosses was given a time prophecy as well where was a time prophecy that God gives for Moses for he is each day for a. Member of the Jews were told to go into the IN A Cain and they refuse and God said OK you will be spending your time in the womb that 40 days each day for a year which equals how much 40 years so God gave a prophet to him by the way by the time of us time for that to fulfill what a god do you live raised up another problem who has done. Joshua who was a Joshua the Bible says that God put the Spirit upon Joshua so that Joshua could be the next leader of Israel into the land of Canaan so God said 40 years a prophet and when that time was for failed God raised of another prophet to bring the completion of that prophecy to bring the people into the land of Canaan you see that there is a a. Consistency here now what's interesting is when Jeremiah again a prophecy was given and the question is would this prophecy be fulfilled and the answer is yes but who are looking at the fulfillment of the prophecy when I was a young man and the 70 is something that Daniel then studied and he realized that God had predicted that they would be a 70 year period and then you Chapter 9 verse 2 if you read that happen on verse 2 you will see that Daniel is studying the 70 weeks prophecy the 70 year prophecy of Jeremiah who. So again the prophecy was given and now you have a prophet looking out the fulfillment of the 7 the year RA has then God in turn takes Daniel and makes more profit and gives some another prophecy you see yes and no and while was a time prophecy for Daniel it was a 2300 years beginning with WA with the 70 weeks prophecy and there would be cut off or set aside for the Jewish people so they had how many years to get their act together. 70 years or in reality $409.00 the is because the day of 70 weeks pardon me was a total of 490 years now you should know that in the Jewish calendar every month has 30 years you did know that right who did not know that but would not raise their hand for the OK so there are how many 30 days in a month that's why when it says 40 in 2 months your mouth applied by 32 months apply a 30 by 42 you get to. 260 is that later on so by the him of the by 30 by 70 weeks when. You get 2300 you know all right so here's another prophecy then that God gives through a prophet and the fulfillment it be and look for by and then the old and of course it is fulfilled the people of God began to be sent back to Jerusalem and you find. You find you find other people who. Benefit from the performance of the prophecy so then the 22 honey a prophecy was given and that prophecy would start with the 70 week 490 day prophecy which pointed to the Messiah the 1st part of that prophecy God gave included when the clock would begin to take how much time it would take until the $91.00 would come and. The time that he would last with is Ministry half of the week and then that he would. And the midst of the week according to Bible prophecies so then everybody began to study the properties of Daniel. And unfortunately because the Book of Daniel reveals things that the Jews don't agree with they have put a curse on reading the Book of Daniel but the Book of Daniel reveals that there is a son there is a one son and to the Jew that's a name anyway and should know should not be in that moment Good God told him to have children so far to 57 years the cognate gets a tick and finally 400 years between Molokai and. Matthew Simons the reason Aeschylus and because of the time prophecy at the time was clicking. Until finally the $490.00 is for film so the prophet John then. The Baptist brings attention to the time prophecy and it's interesting in his words he said that time is fulfilled the one time of why did he say them because he knew that the probably had been given by a prophet and the time was up. The time is film so what's interesting again God is a probably to a prophet Daniel and when it comes to be fulfilled he raises up another problem who has done John the Baptist and Jesus Himself said about John the Baptist There is no greater profit then the Baptists so all of this that's happening is called The Gift of Prophecy. A gift of prophecy. It simply means that God gives a special give through a selected people to reveal his counsels to people such as his divine counsel given through men to be given to the people and is called The Gift of Prophecy. The way we sometimes used to get the prophecy is not really kosher if I can use a Jewish term. Simply because we limit it only to the writers of how and why they get a prophecy is not limited to the white and and white a part of the give to prophecy the N.S.A. when I mean yes I know right so they get the prophecy the Tolo give that God has given to people through the writings of the prophets including of course the writings of misery which we have to deal with a little time ahead yes or. Now 490 as Cora. That's correct as current and most of that 7 on the prophet shall rise like me whom you shall listen to and the prophets with Christ so there's no question that God gives a prophecy a time prophecy through a prophet and then it becomes who fill the model let me share this with you Jesus had to fulfill 333 prophecies how many 333 prophecies now. The reason I'm bringing this out to you is because God wanted to make sure that no one could take the place of his son how many no one and the only way to guarantee that was through prophecy through one prophecy let me explain to you the the probability the what the probability of somebody fulfilled in 333 prophecies another word some of these prophecies were given 800-200-3004 extension 000 years before it happened like the Messiah was predicted that he would start in Genesis right and he would come so there were many prophecies that have been given about the Messiah is speaks about how it goes without brokenness speaks about that a friend would be try him it even writes about the words that he would say on the cross My God my God what have I for sake of me it's fixed about where who would be born etc Now presently today there are several people who claim to be Christ today. Pan one in the Philippines and there was one in in Miami Florida he happened to be Puerto Rican and he claimed to be Christ and have you heard about him you missed you missed the Christ. I forgot his name but anyway he was from Puerto Rico the problem with that is is that they fell and then the who is claimed to be Christ the 2 guys in. Japan according to the Christ and the guy in the Philippines claimed to be Christ all of this qualify just by 11 reason they were born in the wrong place. Because it says a messiah would have to be Manuel in Bethlehem India does not qualify for battle him on the stand in Puerto Rico certainly does not either or right so. To one person to fulfill for just 48 prophecies how many. 48 provinces one president of a Phil 48 promises would be one chance in 457. To the 457 power that means then that the individual would have to have one chance in farther than 57 to the tempo which means he had to put 100 so after the 457 Ok enough to be able to satisfy that prophecy so what's the chance of the one person. That tried to take you take that scoring so it would be the same as if you took all the state of Texas and you fit a 2 foot deep of a coin all the state of Texas you come away with 2 foot deep of silver coins you Mark one of them and you threw it someplace in a state of Texas and then you blindfolded one person and he had one chance to find it. Or the chances. Are. Not Ah OK So in other words God use prophecy. Locked in the true Messiah that no other could be the Messiah except one and that is Jesus and the people says amen OK Now are you seeing the role of prophecy now the importance of prophecy now here let's continue on all communication then between heaven and earth came through Christ in Revelation $11.00 it says that they would go from the father on to the angel army the son who gave it to the angel who gave the John the homage so all communication came from heaven through Christ Christ is the actual link that connects have on there and that's good news. So all the prophets and prophetesses of the Old Testament and including the New Testament we know they were prophet as are the New Testament correct we know there was Anna Yes and no. Providence. Whether bowed out that Philip that they have any daughters how many for what they call profit this is OK so. They were prophet as I'm talking about the New Testament where they cover the Old Testament so we see then then that the gift still continues but remember there's a prophecy that goes beyond the cross and whether that prophecy whether that way to heaven is it also has to be fulfilled by the gods going to be consistent whether that's they have to do. So or that prophecy ended when 844 so you have to then look for profit when in 1904 Exactly that is why it's interesting that the why there are 3 main denominations that rose up for Shall I say that rose up in $844.00 period there was a 7th Day Adventists with the prophets there was the Mormons with a prophet there was a Christian Science with a prophet and you know what that's where the proverb the for the nominations. The one set came up in that time period that became mainlined in nominations across the and the globe who had prophets which interesting so they claim to have the gift of prophecy. So if that's the case then then you have a challenge which you as the true one right and that's why you have to go to the commandments of the end as a test to the law and to the testament what testimony whether through testimony mean. Testimony has to do with the gift of prophecy with the WA. Right and so that's why it says to the law and to the testimony it has to do with the testimony of the prophets of the one prophet so enough for you to know the true prophet and the true church you have to know what the testimony of the prophets were OK yet a sense that you can not come to the right conclusion unless the Spirit of God leads you to the prophecies that point to the correct the nomination and to the correct Messiah That's correct All right so the gift of prophecy then will be given until when until the end and show inefficient for 1113 is says that that the Gives were given to make man perfect unto a perfect man until the coming of Christ so right so we know then that the spiritual gifts would continue and so John the Revelator was the last of the New Testament prophets say the 96 and so that brought a conclusion to the canon to the it's called the Canon. As the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation so we have then the testimony of the prophets or the gift of RAAF a C. and that's why in Revelation Chapter 12 or 17 it says that the devil was rough with. Went to make war with her out of a sea where each. And have the. Ah there you have the see the testimony all right and then Revelation 19 Saswata 10 it says testimony of Jesus is a spirit of prophecy say in other words it has to be in harmony with the entire gift of the prophets it is not in Hollywood the entire gets of the Prophet as something wrong with that teaching Yes sir. OK So we see then we see then they. Has been consistent and given time prophecy and rasing a prophet time prophecy and rights in the Prophet or sometimes a major event would take place they want a major event would take place for example we know that there is a 12 part of 6 that they profit right and then the $1260.00 proper There was supposed to be a major event to take place that is that the police would receive a watch and that the womb correct. And there were people in those days who understood that I don't have time today but I could show you if you ever been to Germany and if you have been to Germany and you been to Norm Burke you go the new one Burke if you go the new and work the rough house the wrath house at the Nurenberg is still standing even though the war went on and what's interesting is that and there are 4 doors how many. Interests into that city hall yes above each door there are statutes that have been put out there the 1st one is a statue of a Babylonian Emperor and behind him is a lion with wings. On the neck side is a Persian address male with a bear behind him the Nash one is a. Head dress in the visual with a Grecian had dress and a forehead the leopard behind him the next one is a in this crime will be 10 horns and. For me a Roman. Man with a Roman head dress and then in a scribe a beast with 10 horns and that that that was built in about the 151600 part of me still standing and the sad thing is that people walk by that see those things don't know what they represent. But the but the people who did it knew what it represented the represented in the image is represented in the powers that would come up and go down and come up on the go down the Babylonian to meet in the Persians the Greeks the Romans and finally the last Beast which is in the scribe will what's interesting is that it has a middle horn with the face of a priest on it. If I have time I'll show it to you later on OK so they get the prophecy then represents then the entire gift of inspiration that God has given through the prophets. Or right so if God had to raise up a prophet then that means that that prophet is just as valuable as the prophets whether you say yes and no and because God every time he raised up a prophet he did so for the salvation of His people. And so if God is consistent then he's going to bring up a prophet now the problem is this that from this time forward the Bible says this time no more than one. Which means that there are no more time prophecies but I say so people who are trying to come up with the with the trumpets and all that and tell you this 3 and a half years to go to come and all that do not believe them because the current to the prophet there is time no more no more time prophecies which means then that the remnant of the get to prophecy was given to us to take us all the way through to the time of trouble until the end so what God's people have today in the get the prophecy through the writing to Mrs White is what God intended to help us to go through until the final end we should not have to look for another prophet. The reason why it's interesting that during this time the entrant Testament time there was no prophets given 400 is a science why because there are they have plenty of prophets they were supposed to listen to the prophets and what does the Bible say my people are destroyed for one but where did they get the knowledge from the good the prophets. Utilizing the prophets and I'm going to guess yes or. OK Joel turn to I actually have to to accept it to. What time is it now and. Boy I'm all the time but accept it too turned there quickly and look at verse look at verse 14 Look at verse 14. I have I meant that you're not going to get verse 14. Accepted to verse 14 what does it say. To you me to. Be this note to you. OK And then verse if they. See. That this is the. Prophet This is why the spoken by one prophet or prophet Joel then read it whether what is. Your sense. Serves. OK so the people don't know what's going on and Peter says I'm not to explain to you what this means right and so to get that from nation he turns to whom. To Joel the prophet and he is saying to them what is happening right now was predicted by Joel say what we do with that prophecy we try to translate it all into our time but the initial application and not to our time the initial application of the time of Christ there may be a dual meaning but the primary meaning is for the time of Christ because here here's the thing most of the time we read that and then we we don't think that it applies to Christ but think about it what they're young people having visions and drains into the eyes of Christ yes I know oh Mary who else John the Baptists were all people he same vision having dreams oh Saqqara Let's have a semi in an era where their size and wonders going on the dates of Christ's absolutely was their blood yes was that darkness Yes when was that darkness. At the cross you say you understand in other words despaired of God has led the there to make the application of that prophecy to than they serve Christ and if you read the next versus your say that Pete amazed the application he said that they said the prophesied but this is what I mean here man of the rated. Year now no OK and I will show you one does it have a. Bloodless and a very slow this should be turned. Into before the. War. And. Call a new war shall be saved that's a prophecy now the application verse way to communicate you sure who the words Jesus Nash's and. The rock miracles and wonders of science did you know you have my miracles and one of the WHO son I know it is also hear. The term in council for you take it by. OK So that prophecy was asked for the failed when. He. Likes that's your interpretation that's the problem but but I have to ask you this question Who is right the Spirit of God or you. And I'm not trying to put you in the position but think about it if you say then that it's different then you're contradicting what P. This says not what I'm saying if you say well what about the great day of the Lord whether it's actually saying is that the great they're the Lord did come in the Person of Christ. Now I'm not saying that they will not be happy occasion or that probably what I'm saying that the primary application is a fulfillment of what would happen to Christ then Peter to turn to the 2nd prophet and that's David and it says. March on to my Lord sit down here on my right hand till I made that enemies of footstool and then Peter says men and bread and I wanted to understand this that this Jesus whom you crucified the Lord has made both Lord and priest in other words accepted to is focusing on Jesus we focus on the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is only 13 verses and the rest of the chapter is about Jesus. So what 2nd place is that there is a prophesy you're correct but that did not have a time prophecy it was a prophetic explanation of what would take place at a certain period of time and the only way sometimes prophet is it can be told that they have been fulfilled if when you look back sometimes you cannot tell me the date until they actually happened. But when it comes a time prophecy then you have to look for the actual time that makes sense so you have a prophecy that is that is actually fulfilled in the days of Christ but they'll be a dual application of will come and there sometime some prophecies like that there were conditional promises as well that could have been procurable were not fulfilled because the people to not do what it was supposed to do. That help you. OK So can you have then the wonderful get the Prophecy given to us by God covering the entire Bible and you can see that finally autumn after 844 we then have Ellen why do because of modern day prophetess at the end of the $2300.00 the prophecy which is ended in 1904 so the test of the prophet then there are several tests that you can get to a prophet correct. And so once you know that there's a good to probably then you have to trust them now let me ask you a question according to the Bible you have different spiritual gifts is that true yes and OK you have the gift of tongues right which represents the mouth yeah you have the gift of preaching which is represented by the foot shod with the gospel of please correct feet going someplace then you have to get the promise that you so what represents a get to prophecy then and according to 1st time in $99.00 it says in those days the Prophet will call one. So that is a promise is compared to the site OK So if a church has not had to get the prophecy one this line is correct so it must have the yet the prophecy which is by the way they get as above the other gives and the grayness want which were told by the Spirit probably is the Spirit of God that gets a problem. So. That's correct. So you're dealing with a gift that God has given to bring salvation to in the vigils if you'll take heed listen to the prophets then you prosper you don't listen to the prophets then you don't prosper. OK so. That's correct so God has given us that plus address and counsel I'm so thankful for the gift of prophecy throughout this Scripture because it reveals to me what happens to that then it helps me to know that I have and help me to understand how to take care of my body it gives me comfort gives me the reaction yes the values it gives me principles I mean that gives a prophecy in not thinking about the entire gift that God has given to us has been there for the blessing of God people and if we follow the cows that God has given to us we prosper as no question about it if we don't we have the opposite we have the curses right so is the whole picture if you want to take it go ahead and take it and your your head sir. But either pride together loving God we're so grateful for all that you have in your word especially for the gift of prophecy that that such a blessing to all of us help boss to take. And to lessen and to implement into our lives those councils that you have given to your people the price Jesus and I and this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you force or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W. Or.


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