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Secrets of Successful Evangelists

Brian McMahon


Brian McMahon

Evangelist and ordained minister



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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this is sort of an impromptu session because yesterday and we did as is condition we did cover preaching and visitation instincts and successful that is which is what this second class was to be repeat up committee will do something early questions you have but there seem to be a demand to just open the floor and for all of you who are global evangelism to ask any question you want on a topic I thought I would be interested because we don't have any other session here at CYC like that or we can just say hey honey I need to know about advertising I need to know what would be here like in advantages of A-to-Z last if you have a question if you want to know and we can even go back to visitation preaching if you want but just the Citgo the floor and I've been my ministry that with amazing facts for just about eighteen years this last year in the freezing fax and I've been on my own but nevertheless I'm defending public evangelist is what I've done and other density meetings in just about every kind of venue under intense and hotels and motels and storefronts and conference centers and of course churches of all different kinds and sizes have a friend of church meetings in multiple church meetings in little tiny church meetings everything I can think of and I'm wondering if maybe you have some thoughts and questions on just what you'd like to ask about okay great question what's the duration of meetings we started twenty years ago the churchgoers would say to me how can you possibly baptized people in four weeks at such a short period of time you'll do take up to four weeks and get to know our doctrines are Italian and baptized you are you sure you're making seven thousand and and we try to justify the fact that yes we did have enough knowledge to to be able to baptize the now twenty years later is the opposite of safe while core week that's such a long time how can you expect it to vote for four long weeks why does we were so busy in the opposite to what I'm doing some experimenting I'm I've been doing two weeks sessions three-week sessions I have done five weeks sessions where I targeted the church members is the ideal bike nights a week for four weeks that's the most common thing that is done out there today but I try I really learned that people for nights a week to make a big difference in aconite all so lately what I've been doing is ongoing three weeks and double sessions on Sabbath under five o'clock one in a difference of even seven o'clock some getting in over three weeks and starting the opening oneness for weekends I'm getting most all my topics in but over three week period of time and I spent another week visits Haiti I visited visiting and I'm just basically clearing the over baptism in an insolence on there for four weeks solid but three weeks of preaching I'm finding that the churches are more open to having a meeting if they don't feel it to be a long four week session three weeks that they can see through the loop work habitable than for so I'm so mumbling for surrendering three and then there are those though who are doing and like lightning sessions with her doing two weeks you can expect people to go from square one to baptism necessary in two weeks but you can certainly stir up a lot of interest and get in attending church and then move them through time into another current session and in baptizing down the line and as a less wonderful to soft I'm finding that there is a there's a trend toward sowing seed in getting people to attend and then getting the new pastor 's class again some of the current study so that yes we can get them involved down the road FS and so there's there's that as well if people are so busy it is hard to give you but what convinces sixty we used to mail out forty thousand handhelds about four hundred guests K four hundred guests now I can mail out a hundred thousand handbills and get fifty yes so that tells you where things are going it's hard to get people out now that's that's depending upon the country are in the South you can get more people to come out initially but it's still difficult to get into to change your thinking of just talking someone yesterday they said yeah they had a meeting and why big big turnout but it opened up in the meeting of same great material but I'm a Baptist enough estimate is what I do the southern meetings well absolutely vital I whispered for me because of the low return on brochures that used to be what we did right we send out brochures are we still do but because brochure return rate is down to one per thousand seven thousand brochures one person will attend your meeting that it's gone from about seven and eight per thousand in the mid- nineties to one per thousand or one half per thousand that the average across the country and you know what it doesn't matter too much what brochure use I like to see when you use recently stupid that was a great return at but generally speaking the beast still pull really good on a brochure and we can't have a little humor saying among evangelists if the church hates the brochure the public will not be as funny when the church loves and they say I want what would Jesus on therein and is in and approach are all about Jesus I doubt that you know what return I got about zero you know as you seem five the one absolute because the other churches have things about Jesus and about relationships another settings and so why come out to a strange Seventh-day Adventist seminar when we get that where we are but if they say wow I've always wondered about property prophecy is our ace in the hole will speak it's our trump card it's what God has given us so let's use it Emily is even though the church was a long part of unadvertised wildebeest you know what that might be so that the public still like to the public still wants it in any traditionally across the country if you want to be guaranteed a crowd somewhere put the beast of Daniel seven on their as I always have the somewhere and it generally will get me some Democrat district well I I don't you mean in terms of falloff once they come now let's now is not the brochure it's not a matter of depression once it comes as matter of the speaker in your training in terms of holding them when it comes to holding your crowd I have again done a long time and you get a crowd of Mrs. eight hundred guests in the night number two often one third of that will not return you get into you may stop a hundred guests BMI some new people joining but a third are about thirty of one hundred welcome and I used to take a really hard why is the third leading after night one and I've tried all kinds of different things you got the stand on your head in to try to get people to just think you still get a drop of a third I have had meetings right started with thirty or thirty five and I didn't get the third drop off of we build thirty five to fifty or something the Lord 's number of gracious when I start the low number but with that I never use the third don't you think with a reasonable standpoint they don't know that it's going to four-week seminar and so when they realize is not any people you for one night thing about the movie big one for concert to go until one night thing and so they'll don't give you that one night okay I'm coming for and I want to see what you've got and after night okay I like that we follow those people back and dropped off and we got the phone survey hey it'll be ninety expectations yes do you plan to return for another session no why not well I'm busy getting gave that one night is not a NATO like it in fact the overwhelming number of the didn't come back ninety five percent market they just couldn't come out for four weeks have to be understanding about that not everyone is able to make into a four-week seminar so I talk to all kind of different you should see what evangelist get together the things that we discussed but I'll use the order of subject oriented in nine one what unites them a brochure using we tried everything every mix-and-match possible and an you still get about a third drop off that there are some exceptions to that there are some seminars where that isn't so but most the time that so Mister thank you what topic I find us a start when I tried I start off with Daniel to because I was doing Daniel given that right but then I the church was bored with Daniel do I thought had a great Daniel to serve but the church that all Daniel two here goes again you know the therapist is open to criticize the times and then I would do site inside the Times allotment thereafter while I do like the insides of the time because the matter how you present signs of the times and you end with the great hope in Jesus and you end with with this new Jesus in a comeback and make all these things right I found that the tendency of the night was negative you know there's this going on back on another one again this negativity to this audience opening-night noggin I'm just speaking for myself even though many evangelists still start with no signs of the times so I Swift and I'm doing one now which I designed it so that it's insisted tonight where it's very difficult for guests to argue with her coming from other churches and is talking about the validity of the Bible however the Bible right out there we believe the Bible 's word of God how to study the Bible but prophecy is all about how to use the homebody he is prophecy and I and with showing some examples of how the Old Testament of the new annuity old not bring in the beast of Daniel seven I do that purposefully because they are they are the big screen Alameda Persia Greece Rome and I do some of the symbols it all close together and it certainly is a little bit of a catchall in a sense but it's one that is very difficult to argue with because it's right there in your and and if someone was coming from another church say from the Baptist Church there to listen that then walked out the door that I think these people are Christians believe the word of God they believe in studying it those kinds of things I feel safe and coming here so and I have been outside handle this really colorful and interesting so I'm using that approach right now and I'm finding is working as good or better than anything of that in the past with Daniel to or signs of times that's what I'm doing right now when you say someone is it used to acting was socially what you talk about the guest its coming is not a sociable person the speaker is not good at visiting whether the speaker needs to be good visiting that was our last class on how to visit out what makes us she says she says it you says the speaking is the pleasant part of the work the work is no one easy quit for the ministry that doesn't know how to visit so the more you do an end of the more you realize that the speaking is the actually is the easier part people look at the evangelist and essay while that's when he got to get company proclaims the word of the laundry area that you realize this the smaller part of it is the part that you love to do in you and becomes naturally done his sermons number of times is not difficult necessarily due to give the message although again there are some nice dinner very stressful but it's what you do when you come back off that platform then then the work really begins again in a big way so you if you're not good at visiting you're not going to go solely you just wanted to be good you got it become you got a lot of people and love to talk to them I love to interact with them if you you pretty say this if you are in my other classes you can't win people that don't like you and so they're going to look at you and look at those messages and you know so much topics are tough topics right so how is a bit of the all out and overcome that when you got to have a relationship with the QuickTime to view talk to people that say I know that my church preaches wrong on this but I love my church I got my family and my friends there and cannot say I'm I know we were wrong here and here and here and here is the link delivers extended they know they are wrong on and I'm not leaving but because they got strong ties their emotional ties so the only way to overcome that is to develop a relationship with them and that's your visitation so if you'd if you're not a sociable person you're not to be a good evangelist requested oh yes on the mailing and advertising within a certain I'll say Adventist church auditorium now that way I put this out there yes all in a public venue no no no I won't if it is impotent it should Hirsch also administered for the event at the Civic Center downtown of no no I'll say Discover prophecy seminar brought by relations peaceful industries whenever and so on and but if they asked me the best policy is always straightforward honesty be honest because they know often that your abdomen I have my website and they can go they can see things are this is a Adventist on there but if they asked me I'll always be straight up honesty estimates and the Dems are used were a Methodist Christian until I get to visit me at seven seven yes yes but in the seminar if they say are you as to what church you go to a state on administration and the reason is because if I say early on the seventh day Adventist don't think a Mormon a Jehovah's Witness that's one reason I did after I priest the Sabbath and they understand what it means Seventh-day Adventist and I'm not a seven thousand so often they know your Seventh-day Adventist and the test you deceive your honest with them so be positive and have a smile on your face and yes I've I will not enjoy worshiping at the church whatever's is an answer question about the Internet the church establish a judge ordered him not I'll just give the Civic Center will not be ashamed that because our White says in the book evangelism you can use a surprise approach and many people and told me in the baptistery when I'm baptizing that say if I know it was an avid media would not come so that helped to start a crowd and then again if the automatic window and restart it with the resident yesterday my website is Brian McMahon .com W W the site the tie into that white privilege disputes oh but I haven't made the time but Brian McMahon .com is one right a I I remember that I remember that the nozzle hole that has even less able to brag medicine than that yes the redhead yes okay great question what is my most significant challenge in holding a crowd I think it is the time factor people are so busy is not so much that they don't like what were presenting that we don't the digital bond with us but they are still be there working overtime swing shifts and the working weekends and are doing me and it is extremely busy people and so to to get them to come consistently because what I'm finding is in May I thought my visitation sheets I can see how often people come to give you an example my last meeting it in Hagerstown Maryland which we just completed in November when the ones that came all the way through eleven hundred missed one or two nights they were baptized they join the church the ones that came three quarters way through they said were not quite ready to join with one attend your church fine great topic and we got really hit hard with the swine flu we had a great meeting going and that's the flutist and hit the kids room and course of the kids are sick the parents stay home with the kids and get our end so we really got devastated with the flu but anyway when one was going to go to for their attending the ones that came in no a third someone would basically didn't have much of a follow-up with them and they fell off so the attendance is a key factor article written if they can attend thick the message is there the conviction is there yes I'm need to follow this is true so it's thinking it's to get them there but they're so busy best the number one challenge ahead today we are very very very busy society okay I used to start at seven thirty in the larger cities as I want to give people time to get home don't fighting the Beltway traffic and all that now because of the busy schedule I'm starting at seven o'clock I like to get off like a thirtyish because it sounds a lot better than getting toward nine o'clock with it and I get home the kids got to get to sleep so I like to get done no later than May thirty even eight twenty is better saw seven o'clock comes I'm I'm just face the Claire first starting on time seven o'clock on the other train your audience of about them I'm walking out there some of the pastoral say no again five is a no seven o'clock if I correct five after seven and measuring ten after seven and so on best of itself my meetings are timing a PowerPoint or Keynote if you do not slide their face right anybody get through that and so it's it's time to get out so start at seven o'clock seven o'clock I give a short welcome the pattern is that hello so good to see you here thanks for coming hey let's have an opening prayer we had a short prayer that I have some question answers not opening night but other nights of because the question answers and gives your audience an opportunity to vent that they got a frustration of a better theological question with a fingerless dump you with your comment they can express that into the question box they can express it and they don't stand up halfway through your meeting and say hey what about this right so you tell them know about a question comment box so we use that it only to drop that but I keep it short five minutes maybe maybe seven minutes and then special music into the message our our the one exception to that notion into exceptions to that is the mark of the beast night and the twenty three hundred a prophecy night although a little longer on that one but my the way I handle that is I tell the audience folks we got a big big message tomorrow night I would need a little bit extra good time to get a babysitter telemarketing getting out of an eight forty rather than a thirty day respect that and they may appreciate that I respected him and tell him that there were many going longer so they come anticipating that his outfield so I'm find really even after all these years I'm training time off of my messages training time don't don't fall into the trap of going too long don't fall in love with your own voice they think will understand if it's a marvelous presentation such a marvelous voice on the whole people they don't have a lot of time you got it say what you say and sit down desperate whether or while what a question how much time you have rather what a great video the question the question what advice would you give to a younger evangelist going out into the field my last three hour-long presentations is the best material but I can give you I had an hour on preaching an hour and visitation and our own secrets of successful evangelist this is a twenty years worth of material that can be condensed down into these three hours three presentations that's what I would give you a nutshell when I started what they did back then was a distant hey here's a here's an evangelist will travel with him and then here's another one and look out with him and here's another one will travel him into three meetings obviously take the best thrall to rasp you that you can use as good point though even that point and the probably begin training they did not train the data said I need some photocopied but as I need some deliver your noted that an educated running around when I was good to teach humility but I disappoint to do that if you wanted to want to be an evangelist to go to learn humility but in terms of actual training I have zero so I have I have gleaned these things through seminars and other materials in my own person 's breath and try to condense it down I have more than what I can present here but but in terms of actually telling I would say keep improving never never stopped never stand pat and say why not my program now and and that learn everything you can from other people and constantly seek to be more professional to develop your personality and your speaking and visiting to the highest level possible hold it to a razor 's edge don't stand patently well I can get my with this always be seeking to improve and go go to a higher level that the nutshell though if you want again material to do that by all means I'll share with you to be okay great on secondary all how I know that was my calling great question because I lost the love for what I had I want to be a realization I thought I would live and die selling real estate I started with those twenty years old and by that time people retired into real estate in omega three sixty five it had a career okay I'm done now a what what willing into my office will outsell realistic that's the way it was at that time back in the late seventies or early eighties while I broke the mold in my division in the area because a twenty years old is that I would be roasted I want to buy and sell real estate I want to get in on on this and so then other people started coming into the love that I thought I would be doing this July I'd like to retire but when I found in this message the love that just vanished and I felt all I had a compulsion that I just want to share the message sure this is a people trying to come to me and we recognize gifts in each other before we visited herself and they came to me and they said you know I think you're calling his ministry because I hello people anyway and you know the Lord I think the Lord set up because before real estate I was in the retail business and you have to be on a very shy person into a very shy person I don't like to be up front I don't to be upfront with people I'm okay right now because of the listen advertisement is not my nature and the phlegmatic guy in on a low-key and I just I like to be the final wallet is listened other people but but I but I can't because I feel God has called me to do this so I'm I'm okay right now but it is someone that invites him to the front and wants to give me a gift or say something about it I'm just like get me down just so uncomfortable with that so but so I felt called because I can get them out of my comfort zone it was a love to do it that informally have I just want to share I want to study a wonder I went to college to be a pastor but when I saw Jo Cruz Holt not so you're pretty young you know who Jo Cruz was right here we had Joe cruises cut second cousin the idler that is obviously ethnic Jo Cruz was he he was was the word I want to use he was a pillar in our denomination that is there certain men to come along every so often and ladies every so often that stand out or are the kind of individual dental crucible of people eat he was not the founder of amazing facts he was the first director speaker is at and down to wanting diapered the competition to what the present invention that is because Joe was brewery will only I was doing this activity I went to one of his life my wife my now wife was and where in college together she says Joseph can be speaking over nearby do want to go when I said you'd be how I want to go and I want here Jo Cruz this this great evangelist so I went and listened to him when I saw Joe Creech I just felt was printing this is what you need this is much and I felt myself I saw myself doing shots of this is the wording and then of course you what you are called to do God will equip you for novel that gives you those gifts investment you are in it and it seems that the Lord has given me successive I've never do in twenty years I never said I don't feel that this was ripen not never felt I've missed my calling her this wasn't my calling but always felt this is what I'm sculpted a view widely little follow-up on that if you're thinking of getting in the ministry don't do it unless you feel called to don't do it unless you can call developing light on what else to do in my lifetime and I don't have a job and when they got good answers to know of you you will be miserable okay and you probably fallout that at least four years of college this okay right yesterday here the question about humor using humor I covered this is also we heard me say this if you're going to use humor several points one use it sparingly and use it very judiciously meeting I use sanctify humor of a use that term intelligent humor humor that is to use a point don't tell a long story for the jokes that is not a ha ha type humor it's if you're going tell a joke because you want on Job is to fall flat it will be power your ministry if you're going to make a point you can make appointment and such an intelligent point that these the humor isn't seen the ridiculousness of even believing utterly insulting other than that it was its if you're showing the life the logical type of humor in the me me give you a quick illustration of what I'm talking about not of the ten Commandments I you dealing with the issue of soliciting all the commandos are burdensome their legalistic there all week had been nailed to the cross right visited the objections we work with his evangelist and I had to nail the cross right and and but in the New Testament these churches say these bastards think we happily bring back in nine all gas enthusiasm will commit murder down Road Melville Goldman investment syndicate and can we steal him and all will help to basically we bring back united in the New Testament but we had been nailed attended across because they were burns of the legalistic we were under the law all these things so I think now folks let's look at this logically if you went to the doctor if you went to the doctor and you had a damaged finger but say the forefinger was damaged because and represents the fourth commandment and the doctor looked at your finger is a gap you know what I would have to amputate I think it's got ago so here's what I want to do I would cut off all ten of your fingers and on the salt back on the nine good ones I'll even that was one-off how long you remained that Doctor the wagon run quick when she and what is reality blended with the Commandments the other thing all ten are badly law all that we got a soul back on nine eighty nine believe that one off I did the same thing is that the same thing with this I see that again is not like I'm telling a joke but they see the humor in the illustration and they say all you will do what he wanted that those of the company 's not I I you other tiny regular is is sometimes good when you're trying to deflect attention there's the meeting of the Sabbath in the state of the dead and the mark of the beast and attributing human landmark to be split on the antichrist sometimes it's a little bit it were not allowed to sit back and take a breath and then we go on a lousy receiving your very real so God gave a humor and usability is a carefully use it wisely don't use it too much and use it to make your point don't just tell a joke for Job sake because that insight into deep power your here Jeff BDSM guerrilla are 's got to basis of the one thousand selling versus giving away well I take the position that I mean if I met you on the street and I and I knew that I wanted you so they come in I gave you a piece of literature steps to Christman I feel throughout I was able to give that away to her now we've got people coming to our seminars in addition to open Helsinki beginning anything you've got I say let's give it out to the talk probably over the last twenty years I probably given out more staff and I have no way of recording this but I have argued more than any other speaker I mean I've got tons of stuff going out the door almost too much stuff so I cut back because I wanted wasted but I'm you know the door like crazy because there are others saying I want your literature so I'm giving it out now there's in terms of sales this stuff is very expensive you my DVDs that I sell at my and CDs myself I will use my best judgment when people have the money I say no year is repurchased when their poor they can afford it I figure you take yourself I try to have a balance there in terms of literature we don't sell literature at me to give it to our budget right but the church is paid for networking as a service of yes yet another the DVDs I have an coming people don't realize people don't realize how expensive it is to fill a meeting copy DVDs added it produces you have nice attractive packaging duplicated by it all it's the tens of thousands of dollars okay it's all an end it's my online pocket personally and so there's a reason we sell it is to recoup that money so you can go to get because when you film your meeting its ligand for for five years running you can look different you get your service of change one refill what I see recouping that money to even want to do it again so there's reasons that we bring in some money to to to offset the cost of developing people have no idea how expensive it is to fill a meeting unless three ABN is doing it free for yourself but so but with the literature I don't seller 's right hand until I try to balance sometimes with people who are in the DVD when they miss baptism remarketed beaches of the synagogue in the DVD but that you know that's best as part of ministry not really okay budget how much a meeting cost and while the okay go now okay my meetings will run anywhere from forty five thousand two hundred and forty five thousand when it that it was when I build one church meeting I'll be around forty five thousandth of being certainly one of really advertising to be sixty thousand sixty five thousand when what is a multi- church meeting to get all kinds of other churches joining in they could easily be a lot more than that but the fact is it is not so much me is what the conference in the churches want to do what do you want to accomplish okay here's what it take to accomplish that so we do I worked together with the local church pastor with the conference in between the three entities we come up with a budget that will service what we want to do so is not just my decision and now there are some fixed costs like your travel and your your rent your stay there are housing their end of the salary part is there is some fixed costs but there is this things that are flexible like you but your advertising out of brochures you send out I was radio unity on the television in the was newspaper I was ministering to hand out all those things are flexible depending on how much the church and the conference were put into itself as a help Sunday will never work on the budget perhaps but that's how it in a nutshell that's how it goes in and okay great great I withdrew my last class and optimization were not okay you've you going door-to-door you're probably not legal into the home as my committee at the door and in what he was telling at the door Devon told you all yeah got okay let me give you a few pointers as fast as I can on just a few things one your appearance ninety one when address operate you don't want to look sloppy in any way right because before you representing back to you want to have a nice smile in your face because a smile will be a smile back to you so so be sure you have a smile on your face when you go to the door when you go out and not again I don't want to work against a limited value if the because my approach of the door is to use the visitation of the evangelistic purposes and they may have a different way of approaching because of what they want to accomplish so chances are they're going to be going to drop off something or asking for studies I'm not sure it is vacant you could tell me what it is you are accomplishing it would help me give an answer to that is so in love of all okay and yeah one of the one of the things it will really have is you don't want again no answer doing a yes answer so what things you wanted to minors whenever they say go with it I think all I don't have much time I will not grade his visibility was on all in Iraq are all I don't I don't like the know of religious Babylon well that's okay because were the root on my health yards whenever they give you just go with it go with it as if that's all right because here's what I got right so in other words year there and what you've got is exactly what they want and that's it the yes you yes you will build you they will tell you what they want yesterday at the door and I get out of one of work but but when I'm at the door I often say this will only take a few minutes we were very very busy society she wanted no they want to know is is that they love my time I know how long and you don't say no smile interviewed yourself this is just to take a moment of your time best that you want to get that out there because otherwise don't answer I don't have time for you can you never what do I do want to know this is just a vacant of the moment and when the unit quickly go through it so that they know they're going to be standing there a long time having to deal with because they got something going on in envoy to be very candid with you that's not my expertise looking good my expertise is going at it from an little different thing I'm not I'm I've not been a lot of call ordering or for that door to door you don't drop you back I think there are many more expert in that the night and so I don't want to say anything that would cross with what there to tell you yet but I think I think the friendliness tell them you're there just for a moment you've got something that will less than and whenever they return home within the same that's all right because this is just for you and and and it'll it'll go smooth the main thing is to just be friendly and the prey had time to not work on their hearts before you get and got a leaky not be your something for sending alert and sales don't be in any way put off my end no or that even if they slammed the door in order because I learned in sales they said it takes ninety nine no before you get yes if you call ninety nine you call a hundred people on the phone as a dealer with your house for sale nine I will say no and one of the yes and you be so accurately you can forget about the ninety nine vigils and got one right at you not one hundred dollars is a Galician house for sale ninety nine will say no one will say yes can you be so happy with that with the one so you've got the law of the of Norfolk we comes to selling a house now and it goes for a lot of different things Jehovah's Witnesses always witnesses why is it that in some cities they are absolutely outgrowing his tender one with and without unpopular message because they will tell you not than a hundred dollars where to get one not a hundred doors really get what not run and then applicable to the whole city where the good again or not another hundred North really didn't want to or not and so they know that and they just keep going and going going and they keep growing because they're not afraid it won't not reversal you what you have to know is that when you knock on the door even if they say no it is part of a saluting process that they may say no to you is only knock on the door a month later and they say no and it's only given the solution later and a signal that settlement by the church they say yes you know what you had apartment soul they sent a note to you but it was part of there on the process of full final yes so don't think that while I got a know it wasn't valuable or less than for every nor you knock on his or her and I'll help you and also David if you have any anxiety you have any excitement the death as natural undertakes of the hardest part is to get from the car to the first tests after that you get a get into a groove and you say that he has done an excellent may not have a non- and pretty soon it don't matter it don't matter you despite you can't wait to get an excellent inset the hardest part of the first door the first door and then you just after that you get fearless so don't don't misunderstand if you have no trips are the sister went down about the battery I'm having a young Michael I think is because energy is the battery onto great thank CNE who has a bunch of treatment I know you have some you wanted to ask what you go ahead and disorders to an love our right my biggest regret or blunder my biggest regret has been that when I was young young I did not hole or more of myself in the study of in other words I did study and I did read but when you get married and you have children your time is greatly reduced ring I love being married I love having children but you know what the terms of your free time you will never have as much time as you have right now and your young age use it and just poor yourself again in the study and then filling up your mind with knowledge so that the Lord can use that as a big regret is I didn't use my earlier years in a greater way to actually more information more knowledge that I can did the Lord can use now up my greatest blunder I think it was overworking my wife she would be working to come on every night to the meetings should have one child in a backpack and one child in a front back into the good registration and you know and I would be out of preaching and doing your thing I went to buy over years it was just too much and if I go back I would say to her in two days a week two nights a week whatever state I would I would've taken other as a man I married I went then I thought and I drove her or not that I said you must do this but she felt that she had to do it may be obligated and now I say to her as you wish or as you want to argue field of physical strength so I was in all the men that are here have do not over burden your wife she has other responsibilities that she's got home and the kids and I think it's a me very very careful as to the amount of work you get in addition to all of you responsible she had I think that was from England we know we were working still love ministry wishes to those of the meeting but but I just wish that I had been more careful in him that in earlier years of a checked check on autonomic this is a instrument will you will love a lot of is a will is is that a lot of one is a will a user located in a lot of patterns of anything like their home life so how do you bring analysis to that I'm re- eval is doing my not having a day off every week for the family I didn't do that for years that wasn't available along with the blunder is that we went seven days a week for years and because you know you're young and he got better energy and you wanting you want to do well in this reading establishment I didn't realize the told that takes and so we only have a day off to matter what I tell in the Bible workers I say take a day off you know take Mondays off whatever the figure they are and I really try to to spend time with children and with my wife and so that they feel their report to you never want your family to feel less important to you one of their first and then there's ministry on the music this way as always your family so goes your ministry I think your families funding this respondent be better if you got problems at home you have problems the result that you've got to have the stronghold life to power and ministries don't put that first and don't think that somehow you can shut it to the side is not that useful yet greater and less how do you discern which we baptize in addition the in spite of your best efforts the people are there something in the following parable of the sea selling the ball rocketing around some of the eleven Wayside there in spite of everything you do some are going all away and also the goal is to minimize that now you have to use your best judgment sometimes maybe as a manifold first it obligation demanded is to make sure they have the knowledge that they need to become Seventh-day Adventist not to baptize people prematurely to baptize them one of smoking and drinking and maybe not even understand what it means to be a center that is we've all heard the horror stories of e-voting baptized and then doing realized that there joins in the banister while that's not the case in my meetings they know that this is the seventh and the state and is my responsibility to know the that they have the basic knowledge of how they may not understand the twenty three hundred days that when anyone given immediate starting when I covered in a basic understanding of how the needs working the judgment started making forty four cell but a word about that even with all your best intentions either sometimes as a pastor and sometimes as amended you have to use your best judgment when I want to know is are they for are the converted do they go to baptize people and bring them in when you really whether or not they were invested in I did know that the devil works unring unconverted people eliminate it he knows what problems settle the thickness of result that so whether you are struggling I want to know so this is what I want all assets of my visit with every person to answer question were directly in the in the week after I visit with every single person is rebaptized individually I have a baptismal class but individually a meeting with the and talking with them on asking the questions and seeing where they're at in terms of their knowledge in addition their desire and then I have to use my best God-given judgment is as a evangelist are they ready I and that will come over time with I like it was a Rutgers was stand up and challenge me I've been so blessed in that in twenty years I've not had a lot of that a hassle that I just had a recent meeting and why are you guys are you shouting at me in writing I would do was see the dead and almost out of nowhere is about halfway back as originally as an ingredient in hearing this noise something one in the world is around this guy I will describe how he literally is tidy look on me right hunting in a totally shaven head and a law of tattoos and be God be God and he was there he was he was younger this is unrelated as always it turned out he was he thought I said something refinements of the night was good it was really his fault that he didn't that necklace is a mentally he wasn't really up to speed with what I was saying is so it wasn't an issue so going back to the question what you do when I start my meetings I say to the audience is a difference I cannot stop and take questions and comments from the floor during these meetings we don't have the time to do it we don't have the audience might so we have a question comment box as a way to express any questions you have even talk to me afterward I give them an outlet it's important that you give the people an outlet to express himself so they said they might not be happy with is it like the right questions and those are firing archon and put it in their and that's what we tell you my will like what you said while you have a way of expressing none of you and how long that an individual like this neither the audience and they go like this I have to make a decision as a speaker is more distracting to stop the presentation and address them or is it what is affecting to leave it when it continually doesn't everybody know that the going like this so I have to make a judgment call on what I'll do is I'll address them once and I'll say sir Sally Mann I think they serve I cannot figure question right now please hold that question be happy to talk with you afterward and in all along now he's her music I will talk to you now you continue to go like this which is very very rare that officer I appreciate you have a question asked always behind always be courteous I will win your audience through courtesy I appreciate your question I cannot stop right now we want to try to make sure we finish on time but I can assure you I'll get your question answered afterward please you need to thank you so much and illegal this is not happen to me but in other ways if they continue or a shout out something other disruptive we have to have security escort to not know what security is depends on where you are I wonder conference center using security what he's like he's one of my best friends right away and I want to know and I'll tell them a something happens how do you handle it in this law alters what we do here's our practice in Las Vegas the public meeting we might have someone come in here inebriated we might have some inherent disruptive hollow how best can we work together to have this person out because you don't want to come over and wrapped them right you don't want to do that but you have a way of it is going now and you know what when that happens the audience is on your side if you've done your work as a speaker the audience is on your side and I'll find after person disrupts me like that one didn't like that I get three times the amen I three thousand loud amen now that they had more to do with my bag I didn't like and they were still with so I been to the question I do it by preparing the audience telling him I cannot take a long time and then and then over about that dealing with a one-on-one individual yes oh absolutely all the time how all the time that happens there are hundreds and hundreds of Laban the visitors going on all the time would you want to do is this is in my best advice to you you start preparing yourself and God will put you in a place known as I've never seen it were someone to develop twenty four sermons or whatever to me you get those ready you start preaching them through to get your slice to get if you want to use Keynote or PowerPoint which probably will and you get that ready and and you know you got it so that you know those messages try and then you watch the doors open up just what to say your local pastor to modify this whole something locally here we won't need to spend a lot of money will spend that five hundred thousand dollars per day not some flyers and having amount will give the members as well as I do that here all pastoral probably say yes or the neighboring pastor in the next community will say yes and then just your experience and standing up in front of an audience like this and preaching it out will drill those sermons in your head and neck and so you got a Sprint you held a meeting even if you just did it for twenty people twenty people it's okay you are increased in front of twenty that is two thousand and it's a lot harder for twenty people so you do you do that anyone watch how the North will pretty soon is it because you hear your low budget and is not a lot of money you get another opportunity no next pastor over what you're not only how we've come please do one order and next thing you know you'll be up two or three under your belt and you'll be little bit more budget the more you watch how both of you got yourself ready and your sermons ready and the doors will open at the low all day the reason is harder to speak twenty is because this is so intense right I mean that you hear and so I can direct you looking to limit and you and you have looked a little bit then it's back to you in and out in two thousand is a sea of faces was less personal beer speaking in an is is is is this is math and the lights are on and so usually I can see past the first fifteen twenty Rose anyway because the light shining in my face and so you're out there and is much easier because of the responders and the being the dynamics really change when one is large group because even you can look all over but Mike is like being in a living room when you got just a few and so you're looking at more intensely personal and when you're asking for decisions is more personal to write because you and you and you and its a lot more intense when it's just those few so because of the intensity is often more intimidating to the speaker by the way I'll repeatedly has an earlier if you're if you have any anxiety at all about going to doorknocking or being in front of the public speaking is still the number one fear of Americans number one heights I guess is up there too but number one is only speaking how do you know that well one way is anxiety will decrease as preparation increases prepare prepare prepare get it on the church and preach the NPC 's first laboriously about brother who has been the question out there getting ready the lobby determined to get a Anglo present our trees and squirrels and hear yourself speak and then go up in the church and have the empty seats there increases in a season worker your PowerPoint presentation you were going door knocking on the warrior canvas again and again again given to her and she do you and then have her give you couple objections and and and preview hurdles before practice practice practice of prisoners on noticing I don't afterward let the words consistently your demeanor on it we were not living up to go delinquent answer copyright issues you needed any research that some yet are some pictures that you should not use I use okay right here that the picture of Jesus the invitation Nathan Green was has out the blood is on it is written on the copyright picture and I have that when I bought the copyright CD so I did give me permission to use that and so you want to be sure to enter certain pictures yes that you knowledge that most of the ones you can get off the Internet are probably free to use it depends on your usage and usage of your making money off of it it's a different thing and it's showing in the meaning while you did a great great class I appreciate someone wondering if the rep yes yes okay yes and no you get to hear your accurate and that you say twenty mile the reason you have pillars is not just because he wanted to point or knife in your opinion on the state and the dad and the next time you get in the rapture and the union the Sabbath exciting bang bang bang and it's like you dislike Boxing Day blowout blog bloke your audience you need a few fillers out missing okay will even have to have a life counting on that night you know it's a it's a way for them to come in enjoying knowledge without necessarily getting hit again you understand what to say you want evangelism evangelist the new gym a couple had a knife and an end of the night on at night often that is not a heavy topic and then a couple had one and then another one is not so heavy that is designed that way so that people don't continue bigger thing that I would come to get hit so hard so that I just can't take so for example that of baptism most people understand baptism by immersion and so is not a big and it is excellent it might be health clean and unclean can be heavy-duty so using all alike one with a heavier one everyone with a life I'd is in place and I get a seventh place again I love that night and I and what I do is I using as an appeal to you have an appeal you can't just give them Doctor without appealing as a live play-by-play tonight is one that is as wrong appeal to follow through in an unappealing all the way through so there is the more purpose behind it and what you might initially see well out we wanted we wanted this issue but thank you for your great questions you've been a really wonderful group I hope you got some numbers if you have other questions he went up and asked afterward or e-mail me to read it anytime unhappy continue will rule this was his high-volume persons with CYC generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. nursing my son when I work you like this more free online seminar please visit www. audio verse got more


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