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Four Ways to Awaken Spiritual Interest

Annie Morgan


Annie Morgan

Founder of "The Gospel Net," a ministry training session



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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good morning and welcome to send in the neighborhood and I'm organizing five oh five first versus morning but before you do that if I have a prayer to begin by welcoming I know you come from many parts of the country and what about the world outside the United States again one student answering for lunch that day the world of a glaze that it's very small and the scope of eternity is in our heads for prayer by loving father in heaven I wanted thank you this morning for coming to my neighborhood I want to thank you Lord that you have slots saved each one of us the offer has led such a wonderful gift I print it we'll appreciate that they will see in the eyes in the hearts of the people around us a longing desire to have the good news of the gospel agencies is that you are desensitized to our neighborhoods I pray now that you will equip us and empower us and that he will bless this time this morning allied with the presence of your Holy Spirit that we will learn something that will make us more effective sharing Jesus with the people that you love so much we dedicate this time to write I pray you will take my mind and my heart they'll speak through me I pray that it will be your words are not my words bless each one of us in this room I think our minds light and open them to the things that you want us to learn and I thank you in Jesus name ship to me in your Bibles to live chapter ten verse twenty nine our theme this year for CYC is seems in this executor classes of the sayings in your neighborhoods to me again Lieutenant verse twenty nine the reading together here at present twenty nine and has but he willing to exemplify himself that see the air though in my neighbor and you know there is in our lives when we now see that Lord what do you want me to do for you you want me to live my life on this earth so that it makes the most difference and Jesus says I want you to galaxy your Mister and there is a link that will certainly my neighbor is not the person over there right and certainly my neighbor is not a person over there instantly my neighbor is not the person sitting next to me and shortly my neighbor is not my enemy I is my neighbor is not my family and the money will live there and so there are times identify a thousand things now I think the path to submit about person I think that many houses the person but who does Jesus left to new settlers to our neighbor on the kindness of this story is the story about a man who needed help this is the man on the Jericho road that had fallen among thieves and he needed help so that if you listen to and how does he define our neighbor the person in our harmful way he needs our help while this is a nice lines in reaching our neighbors it is new had taken a piece of literature even maybe written Bible study and distance excited because you are going to share something with your neighbor and he got it handed to them or you go and ask them would like to be a vital thing would you like to know about you but in the Bible was the reply you can currently revise thoroughly what you hear and I'm not interested how can anyone else collection I'll get back at it right away now maybe someday sometime on anyone out for reply radio hadn't been gone the searing your neighborhood I really like my answer is signed on Bible study and my answer is really involved OS X and finally midday and I'm really interested in my career I have contaminated the rest anyone else in the sun yes the that the forward thinking prison I don't want to study right now because I might learn something that I want to know over the last he realized a lot of things to work through the reason Internet now what you mean here anything I needed here in two thousand nine the last day of two thousand nine hundred and eighty and were suing the NSA in our neighborhood is of the gospel and ashamed of the gospel so now what happens do you honestly one summons is not interested all study later I really like my church is neither really don't like yours I wouldn't want to us naturally ceiling lands we hear all these things we starts in which we treat little bit.ly sometimes misguided people in my neighborhood really and a hard place to work how many of her that I is the travel of the Bible worker and I love the greeting I would get everyplace I would walk into the new church growth can be a Bible worker and now need everybody and then I can call the side really a hard place to work here is wanted you to know that the answer is either that Jesus wants me to go and so many times we see our neighborhood in which they are so hard to reach this place appendixes refreeze little bit but what I mean to be unashamed don't retreat and try up this includes your neighborhood on his anyone who I have an half an need your help masses after the person next to you maybe your neighbor right now he realized that right here in this auditorium there may be some but it is losing hope there may be someone in this auditorium here his wandering looking for direction from God maybe your neighbor is right sitting next to her a couple days ahead of the initial connection to your family and neighborhood can be your physical neighborhood church members so I neighborhood is the person that is halfway then needs the most needs our help I will even add a challenge that we face as a major neighborhood and that sounds it has awakening spiritual interest now I are your neighbor is interested in food at dinner time they recognize the need of food for the pioneer neighbors recognize their need for people relationships and employer service providers people to interact with your neighborhood neighbors recognize that he is in general people recognize the need for food water or shelter for transportation for people in their life at least the people that they need and want in their life right they recognize the needs to think of those leave this kind of surface needs those of the outward needs those underneath it people feel and weeds we talk about felt need ministries that we teach people how to lose weight when one of his way to quit smoking have a lot of felt need ministries a breakthrough that barrier and yet the deeper level where a person has a desperate and crucial need for awakened that spiritual interest so we need not and/or when you go to their home when you reach out to them in a toxin that may actually respond with a desire to know the gospel that you presented as a learner when I first challenge is for raising our neighborhood is how do you awaken their desire for the awakening is the gospel that they don't think they need right now is a common fear as we retain him as a madman I don't know enough you know I know one of the other they might ask a question I won't know the answer is that true poster they might have to question along the infant rally answer the new video I like to suggest that there's a greater challenge than greater challenges that we do have the answers in this room at least one Bible verse let him go up you have one Bible verse and and many more insurance than you have an answer to at least one question you and you own a Bible that you have access to all the answers to all the questions they may be believe the Bible is not comprehensive okay so we had a lot of answers selling many of you know how to use a concordance because so can you say to someone other really good question the new look it up and get back with you so now do we really have a problem about not being able to finance many of you have a telephone call from the Canadian evangelist or pastor from under thirty five alive and have them help you find an answer let's been a challenge we have the answers that people are not asking the question about your neighbors is that true you ask for directions to the new store in town or want to know what time the sale infinity going on at the ticket a store they want to go to but they may not be asking the question how do I get to have been in the Army after that question until they do your challenge is that we have the answer is that people are not asking the questions that were even as you decided to restart your neighbors or friends or family member you found out what their favorite foods wherein let's just say that it was Levine so you'd think this book you will find you just put all the best ingredients and you spend timing and making the best it can possibly be and then you bake your famous cheesecake and how there are several choices of salad dressings a nice green salad and garlic bread and as he walked in your hospital smells so good and you invite some people over for a meal and some economy graces that come in a sitdown please see the table you put out your best time you're ready for them if prepared the best meal and some of you probably know where I'm going with this to prepare the Bible study is the perfect literature or the interest of your neighbor 's house all prepared so that people sit down at the dinner table there and you serve them here just anticipating that their disconnect the unit up and ask for second and I start thinking of it please take out your dream of serving the last seconds of Havana since it's a wonder what's wrong and how you taste between yourself and wondering how that I forget the fault or something you know when you start to what there did I do something wrong with this meal and the focus sedan and then escape an thousand invisible that is hungry and I tell you I all ready a great before I came to the right right before I came was the problem that was the problem the appetite but there was that the desire the thirst for hunger was unfair and so again I want to repeat that one of my greatest challenges in evangelism is to awaken desire to awaken an interest to connect with people at I was when their website is strong when their hungry in the gospel when they are thirsty for diseases as you can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink in my greatest challenge is in that evangelism is a waiting person awakening that desire now that I like that thing about bringing a horse to water but you can't make them drink because the rest of it goes that you consult his house itself felt the gospel the Bible says something about faulty remember that personal line will not solve guy is the fault of the to awaken spiritual interests but it's okay we are the salt of the earth is in this way in the spiritual interest and many others in the hunger of people with interesting and I saw the nearest one is my job my job is to season the gospel if you will to represent the gospel in a way that will taken nurse the water of life is twenty times any development that will reply if you are able to education is not forcing the instruction on an unready and receptive mind that people like that and they just not ready for it and not receptive and open to it if it is somehow not be awakened the interest must be aroused potentially as in almost one year deal he made an edit heart goes out or going after the one who can help him and one activity or inaction him fire when you love him I will than to have an intense desire to the gospel when the exciting I was unable in particular I was done while sitting with her and I know this is a little absent-minded laughing with you mine is like a kindly I couldn't sleep I woke up in the middle the night I know he is eminently defend so that if I hadn't eaten anything like that and this is one of my first files that he ever got it and then actually living in iPhone not only that someone visiting the Internet what do you like Lord willing to pay at least any that we can a lot of thought and now I needed it anyway when was the one with the hungry brain and when God help in how to awaken at spiritual interests and so I might learn language versus birth and the like a really powerful three or four versus to get elected to any other most anyone annoyances that get ready for baptism I want to type volume licensing the AC have at ease in Zion right to have their infant environment to take a sleep away the voice-recognition intense desire for the welcome sending Christ which is available to all who feel their poverty again that's the issue people are not dealing identifying the need for Jesus there must be a sense hee hee now I ask a question are you out there in your neighborhood alone trying to get my within the people are you there all by yourself you feel like it right but aren't you who have gone before you already in an action in your neighborhood with your family they are available for no other influenza died in the accident is not possible than that God has been working to awaken spiritually Henry is in the right time to bring you in contact that person right now there is hunger and at its peak and you can send the gospel yes it is true I personally like Kilauea is made at housing cannot be done by you yes you are the salt of Europe that you have a private way I do I do not happen in a person 's life in order to awaken the spirit to me that you cannot do what you think about it from that one time when people are most receptive to the gospel this interaction one-way inbound length on my bed I love the Internet and divorce in the last month or anyone else antiracism I want to summarize that by saying times when people lose that means they're holding onto others as God safely inside of the heart it needs to be filled by God nothing else it they guess what we do another thing we shall I remember that right so people have family love and what they have worldly possessions that are good things and those are feeling that God signaling Nell doesn't work now it's not really happy that it makes people think feel like their fault makes people feel like they're satisfied rarely rarely works out what is there to awaken a person 's spiritual need and bring in more insights that they are bigger loser than everything that they hold onto right it can be a job that could be a pattern could be a family member could be a car it could be how only thing they are gone I make them go through that process you go so see you Galvan make her now that's not our job in their budget to allow those things to happen on a person 's life note that has caused the evil in the world I got a lot let any government does allow people to go crazy so that you can be seen and failed by an something like King Arthur Christ is awakened spiritual engine is also sufficiently I'm all done in Bible study doing fine when the heart is full of self-sufficiency and preoccupied with the superficial things of earth the Lord Jesus rebukes and citizens in order then I may awake realization that you can listen to people in industrial parks and immigrants story of a mother eagle the mother eagle and a master trainer she wants for England to rise and by and take a position I high up in the mountain peaks enough in the air in order to do that they have to leave the net so they'll formally announced to know happens on they get that big a care or they get protective figures sheltered from all the story was really comparable people accountable Internet they have people in my life things in their life the reputation the status of job the fulfillment and they don't recognize that underneath it all this is aching void because he is crying out after God so they think their okay on to the mother eagle she takes the focus on what's underneath the others shower wrong sticks and start again on how well they don't like their anymore and I might even start to run my hands mother eagle and he hasn't you can resume their grumbling against Gosselin a few years someone will hear a little limited right with God they are right for the gospel you want to know why is talking about God and my healthy happy content writing but they're talking and management of possible step towards either the Pentagon and in the pathway from his grumbling and griping against God realize that they are in the past Stevenson you can help you to be part of that awakening process of awakening spiritual needs of their wide open Bible study and is and is not altogether to get the money why did they get themselves on heads because they don't really like to know anywhere I think is that as far as they go are the people in your neighborhood level of curiosity there on the engine they're not getting computer while sitting there not been comes here bands with the meaning than I could even say that they're interested where are they running at what is the mother eagle do see both my and I don't want into the bud before they get currencies would send them pick them up and enlist them again and then comes out from under them with the plummeting for the fascinating story about how the Eagle learns to fly diseases like it it were neighbors to Verizon fly to heaven it is going to allow some crises in their life sink after worldly so that they will start to long for something or other and when someone is longing for something that they are very close to the gospel never okay so that they receive the gospel is pointed so I think I will take a person through and allow them to go through in order to be open to the gospel and computer savvy will fix my computer again but I want to live my friend is full of it here at now working it's not working with the thinking room for his life is wonderful I know my memories I prefer not to select and prepare the soul or peace of God in this crazy to awaken spiritual interests look at one price is that we often overlook remember what they are talking about a crisis that can awaken a person in your neighborhood to be open to the gospel what was easily list losing out divorce loss of loved war and the loss of health things like that will serve another crisis that is not always recognized and this is the Christ Danny out if you've ever watched the movie chariots of fire you remember the story line has a couple runners and Mariners on Eric and there is Harold Gilchrist and pleasant dreams for his life anyone want to hear remember what his dream was what was his dream to go to the issues of life is that in going to China he had a mission for his life he was a Christian and every pulse beat of his heart every pumping of the court was the year before that that was his reason for living inviting government bureau purpose of my he was also a runner and you want my run I feel the pleasure of God is as fast him only when he ran for his loud thrill of speed and invite back and so he Wednesday that he would grant him and running he would run but his heart in his mind is always in China and Mason will miss him for his lifelong learner now although now they can but not Kristen had no faith had no purpose in life now has around with a runner gets what he ran to the heat ran to win the race there was aggregated as thirty or forty five seconds the dimensions where his mind was suddenly gripped him and the plan was not that he would lose but he wasn't what if I win and not all hope it would now there are a lot of people who will not look to God and so there flat on their back that the crisis of losing but there are many other people who will not look to God until they are as high as they can do yet on the air all sell a live enzymes really get that job as long as I'm trying to graduate with this particular GPA or this particular degree as long as my heart is set on marrying the girl marrying the man having this many kids are going on that crew as long as my heart is wrapped up and set up all these things I just have to be happy as long as that of my mind that I am determined and I'm convinced that that will make me happy and do not get in my way don't get in my way because I am pursuing that I have to have it and when I get it I will be him in our prison mines a little warning about the new new media in our happiness is found in the butt in their life as you only knew they would get a Bible study on check my calendar I'm busy that night would you like to no matter what you really like me to take time to read the drinking eighties I went and walked what happened and how my contributing doing something that is very important to them why it's so important the reason is so important is that it is God single-line from belongings dry density for a future or reason to live for so many who love me for some use of a more viable the TPA in order to feel those things you have to have that new car in order that the only thing I had to have a number of bright brilliant kids in order to field all the things inside what they don't know whether those goals will not give them the happiness they looking for don't you dare convince them otherwise why they haven't done it yet and not until they do what Janet is not solely a machine that is not only will not sin against the top and look down go you know I think it really is suddenly there is not yet because he works so hard and insoluble will work sixty seventy years for this goal for this elusive goal and they will not listen to the gospel until they get it have you ever wondered why some people and millionaires that I need twenty five thirty one allow some people to get though is so last so successful so him that there are some people who never let up until thereafter and so he allows them to get there fast and we Christians in a shortsighted way sometimes like to go to be there just going really fast portrait of the top and sometimes people at the top the top may not look like to talk to you is an example maybe your top of the world would be in LA vacation home you in the Alps somewhere I don't know what you're your dream have made them move that would be awesome experience it is one thing in your mind if somebody else and maybe losing twenty pounds are coming to see what they are I think but let's take someone who doesn't really feel like I will be beautiful I will I will be one I will be successful if I can lose twenty pounds evil thing wants people and their goals in your neighborhood know what makes them sick drives them with their reaching toward what they admire what they really want because those goals are to represent in her life now the very person who loses that twenty pounds watch how they go through that experience he might notice the two weeks later the what has just happened they reached the mountaintop and analyze and I wasn't all that they thought it would be and so now they are going back down now those mountaintop experiences people go through in your neighborhood those are divine appointment were gone want to bring you into their life you may not learn or the thousand times please excuse the veterans but I think you follow what I'm saying you may him under North Beardsley all within so many things that the left-wing no no no no not interested but if you can comments at the right moment and say given thirty two vital studies say one or two sentences affect the point when they disillusioned lot to sentences like you know there was a time I really wanted a new job and I got it after I got it I realized something was still nothing to do just that much would be a huge foot in the spiritual door to reach that person because just a few sentences that he drive a spiritual person spiritual hunger and are so much further than thirty two Bible studies wanting to see how you sell new food product how do you convince someone that you have a really good cheesecake recipe on how granite is NATO five two six three when do they do all give a little hate now if they are hungry how good is a give-and-take is really good if they just pay all their favorite thing of it is a good thing applicants so if you give a personal sample of the gospel sample of your personal testimony at a time when asset prices and getting when that mountaintop that he is about to get this lazily go down how good they tasted wonderful and when they get hungry and can't let them in remember to thank our eye clinic is variously hungry again in industrial parks will you will is you want to put them what is most interesting word nineteen one okay oh one other one away they got away conversely that is when your neighbor is a crisis of getting people get a lot of things begin to get relationships with people they get really without receivers is there a lot of remains in announcing their intent a lot of the hungry people are in start don't overlook the neighborhood in your church because just because someone has come in the door and that doesn't mean that they can scarcely satisfy in the uniform but what about a man who had an amazing spiritual experience that he will he was possessed with demons and Jesus came to this man and he was delivered from evil spirits and said his life was swept the family and community life is swept spiritually to the fifteen all that happened over there though completely many suites that where our weekly in your life right means you're not living in a living together and more easier counterpart minority got married right to drinking anymore and these are not logging on as websites any more you like this has been cleaned up and got the Bible in to say that this man like football and into the garden I spiritually but when he garnished table and when you think that the house and put all the things they had the look to me looks beautiful for one of the things look beautiful and Christians like efforts of the Holy Spirit okay what about a certain work the universe and is then delivered an example from the evil spirit here is a person whose life is cleaned up and getting things in I follow the activity then why not watching movies anymore not listening to anything anymore but their life is also in darkness do you have any name there is whose life is a flurry bargaining they may be really really really strong criticism seemed like they are out there Garnett is feeding homeless for garnish that works the singing and acquire their attending Bible study at their charts possibly or your church been doing all these different thing and in the Bible mentions one other word is the faithful word garments and anyone familiar with this Bible story and see so what these religious people right maybe they got the things of life enough people like the relationships that they wanted in their riding the wave up and not only that they feel spiritual need and fill their life is filling up spiritually with good works and getting rid of those habits but there's one scene where there is as in and see what happens when you're hunting the lives of the godsend void is not just in an active emptiness it was felt the emptiness that we have spiritually and actually a vacuum that means it's timing and holy and trying to fill itself one hundred percent of the time twenty four seven this vacuum is trying to be filled with tiny toy like a black hole is pulling things in trying trying desperately to build and so that people are doing the work to fill the vacuum sometimes people are religious in order to fill the vacuum and is still not want to feel like life is worth living to have a purpose but until you need to achieve that until you really live I would see that and find out that the reason for living is to get you are not safe and walk and talk with you in service to get ready for eternity until you realize that your life is still empty hands at the same findings as well delete people from ancient peoples remains into clinics and you don't think I can really go that Glastonbury is the malignant and now I need something stronger so what of the Tarantino something developing something with a little bit of a more fundamental even now many things I don't like the nameless longing that the lobotomy something that will or something that will classify something that will wake me up a little something with a little bit more to it and so the glasses greatest kids in glass of wine limited website terms about what they did relationships go wrong and in their place live perversions and a lot of excess demand person asks a question questions you ask when you tried everything and you're still not happy you're at the top is done everything you can do everything that will continue in their narrow down now when you ask not what they want when you what do you do when you look when you're already at the top you look a little higher way when you look when you look beyond this earth you look to have elected not inside the experience in reaching out to our neighbors can be very frustrating when you offer the gospel to then not interested however if you are on your knees watching and praying that he was in neighbors asked their friend with no purpose I went into meltdown no purpose other than what you did in other casinos and came to know in Genesis chapter three hundred motels about the first evangelistic trip if you never make it harder enthusiasm he will rather be doing what they happen to be doing and they were eating the forbidden fruit what do they think about the permit for they thought it was wonderful did they feel a spiritual need to walk and talk with Jesus now their their hands are dripping juice of this amazing fruit they got Nintendo he and so your neighbor 's service their hands maybe drinking the pleasures of this world they may be so engrossed in this life and when you got a bit of the gospel to them okay I mean like dry bread the delicacy now and so that's how they view the gospel nineteen kindergarten does anyone remember what the first which is about what you what you want to do it it is bad where are you and what the condemning wearing the little method is not God it was not between condemnation it was you I want to be with you originators wherever they are you need to want to be with and within it together we need to want to be with not to change them but to be with him he will and you are not alone we are moreover you are what you need every other day and even write that ingredient in one hundred and ninety one member evening or morning whenever the clothing was a long time talk to you later on after you look him in the eye and face to face and let them know they still love them actually concede his love and longing desire for them he is not interested in the most backward of an officer gospel within this focus on fuzzy was fine if they're coming to you and say they thought without sucking but not coming to year what is that doing is getting inaccurate and doing behavior before you do I want to be with you so we should always want to be the person to know where they are to walk and talk with them in the Senate than in friends and smoking and then at the right time you can talk about that we have a lady that were working with right now and as we've been working with her her hole located in on her boyfriend he continued to change the ceiling very very strong Baptist lady and I happen to know that this is really believe that it's not good to live with each other incidentally that understanding and she's living with her boyfriend and then wondering but you know suspending any dinner with Susan have a place to go and things and happenings in her best to go she has been on the phone with as many as the bidding at her home many times helped a little financially monologues this is a very financially responsible person that you need a little bit home and one day after a lot of time and a lot of hours she was telling me about her son I prophecy is the first time and how he told America's randomly mom thank you for the value that you gave me a vacation you know to be morally upright citizens you know he won't sleep with a girl human Nathan indefinitely about the other really strong moral entries until I really probably own in the conversation led really don't remember how it happened somehow it came up to the plane and I wonder if you and I said no or not living together and I have to write it does that bother you that way I knew she suggested that and you know that I didn't precursor what do Ciardi have shown enough people usually already know but I succeeded in France England and then I can admit it they'll excuse it and defend it unless you're their friend and if you're their friend of thing that bothers me and I know I think they found a price for you and continues to do the right thing that I needed anything more than because God is are you talking for a right and not talking to our own mind interrupt right I just need to reinforce the need to be her friend and so we need to be when people and then we can help them with their behavior what I get all this all there is the crisis on getting awakened spiritual questions one of the top and have exhausted everything looked good in this life is there some perpetual novelty is something that never runs out is there that water of life that bad either there's something bigger and better than I can reach for and that it would actually satisfy me and I greatly appreciate it we are in the Petaluma and more if the crisis of losing the Empire it be at the could be a perplexity people have that satisfaction in life but always knowing the well I think the problem and then suddenly they are faced with the challenge is bigger than the crisis of losing that last sentence I got it together and I got what it takes not anymore until a sudden life is not relevant anymore as you may lose things superficial you may lose your parking e-mail news and all the fire or you may lose a person in your life in a live insolvency relationship with an employer you may lose a spouse or a child and you will is something he held on to believe in religion Meir turns disappoint you and suddenly you don't have that belongs landmark and maybe you can get whatever you're addicted so people think that they are falling on to the things they can do nothing in a godsend like a loser and what do they ask what they question the person at the top of the note the question is say and so God is using the mountaintop and Linda Howley to bring a person to the point of realizing that they need who got any more and other religious people in your neighborhood people who are strong that people who are strong Catholic health have great faith and great spiritual experiences in the religious persuasion whether they need there also spiritually and they will represent themselves to you not me you can now than until they had seasons of a personal friend really satisfied the finance of their heart until they have which is why my signature probably have a specific truth that we all very near and that is the seventh day of the product no one can ever know him that the laser will have the antenatal and you don't want to be happy without the truth about the best in a little bit deeper than the fact that represents the ion guide and hang down chains and I want to be with you and I in devoting time to be with you and I'm just scratching the surface right now new people want something to change now it is really sad remember the Sabbath and keep a holy and later on said remember Sunday to the holy book with me I got in changes and by the way keep the Commandments at executive advisor hideaway the commandment is an indication that you love me you love me and go to heaven but it don't love me here like well I better get right is afoul of this assignment is intended minded beginning of the later character that advertising will use words and and him different things the real solid like a rock and internal eternity and uses different words sometimes the bidding as well when he handed the sense of this is good and easier though we've been there you think people would want onto the cement is lying anything people want to get married and have a thing that the people want to buy a car and have it run for a long time how do people want to sign a document and then have someone keep their word and the people want God to stand behind this word doesn't change and so the truth is that we now actually represented the connection with a wonderful and I remember creating another religious teachings are not recognized out that way and so even if someone is a strong math is withdrawn hostile and see how I can religiously anything that he replaces Aziz is an understanding of who you are laughing and they are swept darkness and acting and I still need to do is unwittingly listening to his people we live our around with religion related addictions when asked the question outline it alone until they are in fact the city meets your neighborhood this means that you are watching for people when they go to the time and you are in the air and say a few words about the Prelude and given how much time on Thursday and hundreds of the gospel it also means that you want senior neighbors and you're getting to know them in your watching listening but not a lot of them and if they are crying because their pet died where you have in your arm around her shoulder and appropriate right near saying words like I'm you are there to rejoice with them and their successors and to cry with them in their failures or their losses and sometimes people are always there on the scene of accident and a big part of meeting her neighborhood is asked to be there with them the first step is to know when they aren't spent time with them and that is a watch and pray it affects the economy going down that everything they just got the new computer they just got the new law will or they just got the new whatever they just got the song which wrapped up in it suddenly is appointing as someone arrived at downhill with aliens I want to make something that someone is talking about will never fail and never disappoint him and him I may need someone to put their around and to help them with anyone if auditorium is what I like that out laughing the question is if you are I think that people have where is why I am running to me that anyone care why me is the problem with pain this is God whispers to us in our pleasure saw how easy is it for people here got was when they're around whether he is still in our Houston right and wrong but he is not sent to us in our pain it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world and so when you do someone is going to the law for any nitrile in their lightning in your neighborhood that you got in and many used them it also means that God is the King to them where they microphone to make it and filling that vacant the people he wants you to speak to them as well so these two crises what an integrated mechanic right in the planning and writing about visiting these crises are allowed by God remember they're not caught by you but not our job is that I decided not to create integrated and be provided that these are prices that people go through because we live here in a world of sin and the confounding harmony for the family 's prices are going to happen and people but they are what allow by God 's awakening spiritually is what we do we watch him we pride and we stand close to people to write when they close the people and because we want to be because we wanted before because we like we like to be with so we watch and pray this is a telegraph it is so helping to what is life anyhow I think that going up and they don't have Jesus they are headed for a crisis is not getting when things are going down in a person 's life they are headed for a crisis losing now this one person down the prices of getting one present in all living now the same person in your neighborhood is to have their ups and when is the divine appointment at the top systems they start to go down in the same person will have their down than when the divine appointment I think that the bottom and start to look out and said that he is your neighbor 's heart to watch the trend is the one and one is correct is there happening in their life when you come close when can I help with that one thing that salts increases a person 's thirst for the gospel we recognize that we are the salt of the earth that the Bible says so is it all up to God aren't there some more I see this the more ways to link disparate interests in a person that we have an active role in some more growth in their issue more wake-up call that he well that God wants to bring to your neighborhood and they have easily called you know anyone didn't have to think the first one is share your personal vacuum one is to talk to people about when you share your personal testimony went down in salmon your life story and now you know when people are not thirsty living off of they don't want hearing out my spirit gets what they want to see they want to see what they're looking for when a person is not thirsty for the gospel they are still driven by name was lying on a engine inside if they need without so they need someone who graduated with a particular degree starting career and I think that person is happy what do they want to be they see that person his handsome may see pictures of their wedding and what do they want without belonging I love that they think they see in a picture so what do they tried again handsome beautiful whenever all the while they looking for happiness along the love purpose future know what please thank you forgiveness what if they suddenly their Christian walk in the room and Christian Bale that Kristin gets up with a smile on their face and still look forward to next day on an existing everything relevant for anyone I knew when well either and I've finished my college degree but it does seem like he cannot leave Iraq FSN and take a break before but I have found long before we finished the third crisis to see Jesus in someone else's life will in inner belief that I get everything I need to get on my own and don't need help thank you very much it was very self sufficient independent so I got my computer over the control center anything away from getting a college degree from when I got releases waivers in your getting in my way God when I got it in our negative car per second on this cruise versus Uruguay God is nonhuman or anything you know I know I'm on the one that you looking for them like now and they look at the neighborhood where it will fail in the questions where in their neighborhood they see you walking on your door to go to church they watch their children they don't want to children see what your children are doing and watch your children to see what you did to follow me they don't want your children to look for little angels they want to children from parents more patient because if you're impatient what if I tell the world I don't have the my life is just as out-of-control as yours and a little tiny town prevent now I'm a parent I'm in there as well they look to see how you treat the ladies they look to see how you they will and how you start your car car they look to see if your wrath in this life and if you're ruffled befuddled over little things of this life and what is your life and you have seven and has written across your all over your place in the numbers they can learn anything about literature it is that you're just like with it suddenly the this is not one to get on our happiness is not but if they suddenly don't you have seen helping what next for suddenly is awakened within the heart and desire of the religion that we have in a narrow pizza and rain all the thing that made a kind of upset I want even then it's like they are even if I want everything to me I don't know when that starts like that they live sure what they have and where the path I would like you and I to be Christians who awaken Arizona and his and our neighborhood and remember to come down a little evening and found the look on your face when people cross you comes down to your sense of peace and happiness in the midst of turmoil to you when your car crashes call me trusting Jesus if you are you are the salt and awakens spiritual interesting people in our next classroom and talk about how to bring a person to the point where they desire Bible study and from strangers a lot of days when the next class at ten forty and forty five but sometimes for what appear thank you heavenly father for being with us here this morning I want to thank you that you came to life even when we didn't want you to think about more morning when I went a little as I went on pressing hurry because I have things that I wanted to learn another different from my neighbors on the morning I thank you that you stay close to me during those days and when everything falls apart because my plans in my power and my resources ran a little and thinking that you stay close that still small voice reminding me and to turn to you ask that you will empower everything a person in this room upon and to look at their neighbors in a new way to feel longing desire in every neighborhood of Jesus and to be willing to stay close to people even when they're not that fun to be around so that in those moments of divine appointments they can be the person who was bored and helps them to look for the skill and dangerously thank you for the next class or lower will where we will look at how to bring people to my desiring in love with me to this was the display alt universe in place generation of Christ if you'd like to learn more about Jim Lacey please visit www. she was well done or if you'd like this more free online service please visit www. audio persons on more


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