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From Strangers to Bible Studies

Annie Morgan


Annie Morgan

Founder of "The Gospel Net," a ministry training session



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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what is the first time welcoming to their second class of the on being on a seed in your neighborhood they let you know however is that what our neighborhood is without a story of the good Samaritan and without any authority the question is asked who is my neighbor and season the answers that question by telling the story of the man who had fallen among thieves and was wounded and needed help and that we might wind on the plane of the preview window meant when the good Samaritan went down that way it is American without the only one who recognized his neighbor was believed by the man who needed help the priestcraft by the man who needed as well but what the American stop thinking and you know we all have busy lives they'll have a lot of things that were doing in our lives it seems to me that I wanted to take care of your network and your name or is the person who is in your pathway they need your help if you are here in the first class he probably had their eyes opened the little data reminded at least that they are the people who need our help and don't know they need our help right and so that all crises if you knew no catch up in a few minutes I hope the next year if you've been here for the first class what are these crazy that God allows to awaken a person 's burgeoning crisis that is saying when people get to the top and disappoint and start to look at my because they got everything they can get on their own and it didn't work vitamins and happy to make them feel more love you didn't do it and give the people they wanted so they start to look up to what the button is there that God is the one about abstinence in question for a lot of us who are surrounded by professional people I see the people who well I'm going for them when they were nice enough to win unfairly have training in on the parenting they are already financially that now need financial help the already come as they don't even need to be holding on insurance how many people but these very people are getting out through a series of high points and low points in the low point when they make them into something that they wanted to get the net they wanted build a relationship that they really wanted and then all of a sudden he didn't disappoint me get wizened man that the mind when reading most of an animated by then things go wrong and how problems happen in their life than the start and where is God why is this happening for these two crises awaken people spiritual interest that will yield that he was so when someone gets bottom you will not be welcome I know that the categorical thing but if you show up for the first time in prison the bottom what will they feel like a charity case and all you care about a company brain and they admit on you they will trust you so when do we need to show up when people don't need a man what do we show up to the wind we shall because we want to be with them how did you describe his earthly mission he is one word to describe himself we came to this Earth to think that the lot he took the word being manual network it means God when I do this is to reach people and in our DVD theories we have a significant and called God 's way of reaching people have called Emmanuel so we have to be people if we want to be welcome at their low point we need to be with people if we want to be welcome at their high point is the known down individualism that is embarrassing for people wanting to see and see something they read something and they get there and all of a sudden there in the appointed and installed in other like they got in the American people who do you share your embarrassing moment with friends people you trust it is from Niger embarrassing moments of people that the people there when you get that they can then as I read that Jesus came to be with people when he came into start hitting on his first missionary thread he then asked where are you he will walk and talk with them you will condemnation it was a longing desire to be with and spend time with him face-to-face negativity so long that even though that will eventually fail even though they were getting another room and rest Jesus still want to be with him he could see that he think of the United anyone that he is able to say that you and then you walk them through the process of repentance and confession of and discovering a Savior fantasy Levine our heavenly father we just pause now to thank you for being such a wonderful thing is such a wonderful separate to think that the state and saves those who are lost or I think about so many times when I think of solutions and struggled when I reached high point in my life more than I thought would be so wonderful and yet I was doing it without you thank you for the kind words you spoke of as mama moments the invitation to powder whispering my hair any year I can take you higher I can satisfy them I know you're talking to everyone in this year and what I think about the low point in my life and how I was blinded by tears Lord which is and then I feel like clear the mess in the fog from my lifelong have to see that you were there all along my trailer the fuel take each one of us to our neighbors are taken to the people people that are in our past we need our help pages like to be unashamed of our neighborhood to proclaim the gospel to to bring a message of hope and learn to be skillful in dealing it actually recognized the high point in the low point in people 's lives this divine appointment and to be ready and willing to stand up those times to speak to people about Jesus but it was hard sometimes and people it is down and out next and where is God when he allows it has some doubt sometimes we wonder how audiences question but why give us the power to do standby and should be that handshake to be the arm around his shoulder to be the sparkle of hope that answers the question of where you are in the words or letters be there split you can be there and I explored many of us are surrounded by successful people who are real high achievers like show us the moments of disillusionment in their lives give them something to achieve something to strive for the fabulous world thank you God for our neighbors thank you for placing in our neighborhood in your print a lot of the things that God does killing three times as we also discussed on the fact that we are the fault of your and felt limited in the ticker is what is the need to be able to be out there in the world out of the fall sacred Valley all have gotten word and highlight and go into our neighborhood and we need to share that will get out and where out to our neighbors welcomed me through Paul will provide on-demand belief in God now the contemporary Italy sending out is because it already meant to the interest-rate was sometimes I think you know what all does live my life people see something in me that they want through our response has money but that's my Israeli lineages of living he and continue talking to but we think you will understand why the memo comes in New Delhi and was singled out that the spirit of the enemy will come we now wait a minute when asking a question if anyone out flyers going for them than doing it went right into their new life into their home and I go to them when I asked them to be on fire company is identified on the company right and you is that he handled even now if he were here today he would use them build seizes you listening handbills lifting handles are you and I think the salt of the gospel out of the world to make the gospel appealing to people that if these scandals guess where they should be investing in a living and felt in his weekly benefit amount last week and again Wednesday three four five times that will increase the chances that they come but we need to go to people who need to be unashamed in our neighborhood now over into this arena of spiritual conversations with people sometimes they get a little bit uncomfortable and we get a little bit saying we don't know how to talk about the gospel we don't know how to give final study in England God uses to awaken a spiritual interest in people leasing him with the right way and now there are two more have them on the screen here as a review to see what people need to be what you're looking for land out in my life anything happening and he hastened goals purpose Marco when I hope the nation energy they need to see all these be in because I live in and when they see that may go well in college degree can begin some people that Jesus seems to be giving his first hundred is a source that may start awakening him and picked a second look at anything while you work maybe it is out there what I'm looking for is out there and I find this man we need to the people directly about the honeybee that honestly in my neighborhood but I'm not interested you know it really is awesome incredible fun way to get by the studies first I thought it out to people at the weather the conducting is easy to talk about the weather but I'm going to implement it exports is the latest in sports about the exact people that family and went out to integrated as a weighty work right now and giving the family around here Ottomans outside without you had to have family around here because some of the deaf people he married an electric death family rented in a statement that they I find that board is when anything like that of the warmongers and they get your foot in the door conversationally but how do you talk about religion people can have someone to get insurance the estimate yeah and whether they can affect Dustin Hallinan Winnebago okay with that said that you were going to could you ask someone he ever pray for their blueprint for indefinite alarms present feelings against announcement right and then help them with the conversations I should develop a conversation with a person that will continue one week after week how can you develop a spiritual relationship with someone when you're sharing the Bible with them week after week I'm trying to people that don't want vital studies if you have time for bottles that our topic today is from strangers the Bible studies we decided membrane people up to the point of wanting Bible studies except in Bible studies outlasted any teaching us this afternoon at two thirty on a two-hour wonderful class on cognitive Bible studies and answering easy wonderful ways to write your final studies on the gut or I get us to the point of people wanting vital things it's a big step in the sun is below how do you know if you find anything people adult Bible studies one that it will continue awakening schedule is as frustrating as the Bible studies remember to watch the highs and the lowest in people 's lives and come close to vanishing on the Gospel city tries to I worry what people when their site is wrong how to talk to people about God and Minister government with people in a conversational way to end in downloading down the highway taken on our seventy miles an hour fifty eight miles an hour in Thailand and easier exit what did you take that exit slow down thank you nothing to do it again see I'm in the middle of it no mines and drinks will slow down change directions and exit now what think you normally have with people or the people normally have aligned themselves what kind of conversations worldly or spiritual work is a phenomenon right in front of the Pentagon created because the threat is it time to talk about being on many game minigame is a transportation is wrong now in the wrong talk about his world thinking of gardening computers even with supplemental topic that they are worldly conversations I had done the things of this okay so conversations are generally going in eighteen sixty seventy eighty miles an hour down Highway worldly topics are needed to talk to people about living there interested in and those topics in the will to do if we want to change the direction of the conversation slowdown changed directions and exit for another words we have to slow them down because they're so engrossed talking about the community NRA the plaintiff will conversation down to the direction to what topic to topic and then you got it and hit on the computer into the first conversation right bargaining recipes interview on number of different topics what slow the conversation now NEJM change directions as spiritual topic and then you need to dive into my head as he nodded that by being social and coming close to the people you may turn their thoughts more readily than by the most able discourse is that computers have any social of that person 's computer so you are in a computer that I is in the know nothing about computers at home questions about making lasagna questions about it additionally the fashion designer eating out a lot when I was talking to them about having to get into starting now when it's on the designers that inspired you will as you can about that evening I not care anything about that I guess what you do the fast designer now when you talk to someone about design you evidently want to turn that says to what something spiritual what do I have to do a spiritual thing okay so something will happen if suddenly you want you're going down a highway in a car and you know will be going the wrong direction I can change direction and you just see regular whiny intern what I want to tell you site is price so now if you say a conversation with someone who doesn't draw the class Allison you know that it is going into what interested he is in the middle of what they are interested in the user manual only met her and comfort of an unregulated and in the workplace collaborative and counsel that Jesus disturbed as little as possible than helpful train he led them in spiritual direction the first step to slow down the needed kernel of the fashion design conversation why no new unity the famous conversation while the endangerment of you change directions dive into the spiritual topic now and get a show in a low model for conversations that is there is a conversation that doesn't have a nice little acronym I are is a thought is there anything in there and there I and our visit I use for investigating and bands for me and on earth and for related is there may investigate cingulate relays and see about how we can use this model for changing the direction of an out of the conversations that actually goes spiritual this is an important key to getting from the point of being a stranger with someone are you a friend with them but completely unworldly topic and then moving to the point where they desire and want Bible studies from you him what I thought and then you are setting in their investigations into my related that when I'm investigating if I'm talking to the fashion designer about what am I investigating liner industry and their involvement in the seminar computers one of my investigating about you when you investigate you disagree with people 's disagreement with him when you keep that disagreement to yourself you are in it when did you first become involved in fashion design have you done it all all where he worked what has to designers inspire you if you are can you show me some of the things that you what the company consulting one any question questions about investigating down I wanted to ask a question that is related what do you think I want to stimulate spiritual connections so now I guess I is a slam right turn around and found a book about Lincoln it is like getting about press most likely or I could take a natural friendly exit right out of the topic of fashion design is a spiritual thing and is rather that you will a stimulating request and be related to fashion design education and spiritual direction and remembering adolescent fashion design investigation for a slowdown will the first several things to exit at eighty miles an hour I think I need to talk to people while about their interests but get to the point where even after stimulating question is that she is a little bit not one eighty just a little bit what you have violated me as a way of life there I am and that's where the conversation where the highway exit for fashion designer making a question for you is the first last people stop paying while at a lot of different answers what to bring somebody with a real early fashion designer but not God when enough is let down again you start to change directions the need to get enough change in direction accident and spiritual conversation not completely integrated yet you're getting you change lanes right in my mind was a genetic soliloquy to say that they think you well now and again am I writing about fast learner into the industry must also initially given and that is not done what was asked again another stimulating question who is on that train hooting or whether anybody before the need to get it moving backwards until all that they say a lot and I think I share the first of all known now immediately removed from investigating a link to relate and I can start talking about now is not a about God is God not of any regular meeting of the present it is something that no one will even begin to share with and not opening your mind will present their final statement is in conversation with them are there some things you talk about about God 's love for beauty and his appreciation for absolute when I think now because that's an example okay computer is not someone I considered eighty miles an hour down the highway on human computer programming the Internet Mac versus PC and whatever whatever happened to come up with him but then again to his GUI computers but they know but what are you giving birth urine containing an investigator use one and that person he so much light on your purposes and because they are your neighbor and because you're really interested in wine at the moment computers because that part of person you're interested in they are asking all the questions he had a computer how much you know how annoying but here's the key show me what works and what is one of your latest products on here now where's the NSA to stimulate a question there went the question continues to stimulate no I'm unscripted right now so your incident as it is as good as mine what inspired you to do that so now he is there a good on a lot of different directions could what are the chances that a computer person could give you what inspired them to computers they get there they love for this is an experience I have done okay now the president here I just like that and I was out for a minute now beginning another conversation is going in a new maniac that you may not never had anybody been using it is like anything other than here they knew computers because they job like now I will run if there was apparently a budding close to home and never had the medicines handed it to her for no reason other than the one you anything is really like you feel that I them are really top motto or not myself or male-female anybody in our country is strong I can do anything person will have a different look on his quest they feel like they does spiritual yet but you've got close to the heart and the heart of the deepest place in the heart of Baghdad singly when he got close to their spiritual needs that you and Nathan Avenue just because they like you because they want to if and what kind of thing but yeah well some people get financial meal at that point and that's just a cover-up the fact that I really think anybody does for other people another person may reminisce about someone really really liked and really a relationship that they had was really important to my ceiling you just a little story about someone who right now really likes to really wants to spend it in automating and negotiating down and wrote down the highway talking computers and I slowly to an accident and how close do you think we are expedited appointment very very very very close and alertness to be happening near you taking their interests your investigating Daniel crying the whole time Lord what is the question that I can ask that you change the dresses conversations is a little bit I refer to as the I love the way the people of the coming at all the drama behind winner in the spiritual conversation passes a lot of fun I know where I find his flyby in the classroom have a lot of stories I want to tell you are we doing story is real-life story is a and eliminated in the hospital and is a member with a single moms and me with a fourteen -year-old daughter and I imagine your life will hard for her she had cancer at one point but it was in remission and that Israel will not see an honorable five and are very near and dear are given the opportunity of studying with them and be part of their life that they made the decision for baptism and so I got home and change the name to Karen is in the hospital and I heart bigger than you in ideation is in the best of health they knew any point in the cancer could come back and complaining I was her and I went to visit her in the hospital and when I first got there what was my first goal investigate the disaster simple questions like know when you get here what what happened to make you come into the hospital and how healthy and preceding hundred and eight comfortable delete anything who's taking care of your daughter Fanny when I can help just investigate this is a hospital she got user with crisis going on I left class with crisis is going to the crisis of loss literacy losing health the security of a handle to know that her help and that her cancer is in remission but she can take care of daughters is losing a lot of sick and she told me the cancers come back and so the test showed the you will question the window and father come up during the crisis of losing where is God why is that happening does not care so what are some questions you would stimulate a spiritual conversation with this lady is that I can I think you are do you ever wonder when you think about your future to think about your daughter you ever wonder where God when he felt like I went along the path and McAllister 's advocate with regularity had a spiritual relationship with her and talk about was the lot in U.S. Senate first now I know that it's here and please let me actually is most affected by the workers and pastors and fellow church members who expect each other to be strong I can see it all over and she was probably my set are you sure do you know are you sure that got us here with you in this time of law initiatives broke down the dam broke and she cried instances poured her heart out the fear that terrifying he is not about the daughter and things like that what was the truth she didn't know how to find God it's too dark to confusing as to painful cries are too blinded by tears he could not at that point and then I moved onto art which is related and I think here in May I share with you where God is when everything goes wrong is shared with her stories from the Bible about God 's physical fighting president three trials winner is a window through the use they are housing the talking and I even told her she could ask God hard questions like where are you as you know she didn't know that she can talk to God you have questions she didn't know she could tell that with his angry she didn't know and a lot of people don't know that another has been written but a lot of people don't don't believe in missions held a picture when they're angry they feel like they need to get over and press down in a memory block that read Psalm one oh nine David with a friend that got someone I has one of his prayer he pours his heart out and even felt that he would like his enemies has really nothing affidavit is quite angry at the time but he's not taking his anger out on his enemies talking to God about his anger and he talked the guy let your anger he can take it and give you to talk to the person or angry about it when you take an afternoon in Missouri is one story to see how this is working conversations with leaders spiritual conversation when you go investigate to stimulate to relay and remember the phrase in their INS are what is in my investigating stimuli and relay and if so because can get started on a conversation with someone things are interested in getting it started and once you get started if you know how to transition to a spiritual conversation and unionist have amazing conversations with people 's personal team and the end of the conversation that we say bring you may end up saying you may end up saying them sailing experience from unidentifiable I think the world is actually a spiritual level you're getting bonded with his people and then the next crisis comes up the next time they get that high Flanagan disillusioned as they find that the exhibit like disappointing and somehow suddenly they think of you just recently we went nocturnal it is darling and theater several times before the door got impressive to go there that day as we know their secrets that these words I've been thinking about calling nunnery using a Nikon has this because were her friend is not orchard to deliver lifestyle this is a friend flyfishing think about calling dermis for something before and now since the crisis talk to the connected neighbors on the thing that they're interested into a lot of investigating what are the opportunities will finally exit and entry into anyway and I opened the door to remain takes practice find regular negative begin practicing it impracticable he tried to try sometimes I will bring them to my feminism spiritual topic when using there were quite ready to practice again and don't get discouraged several of his life as a man that one man that I evidently he was really exciting I went down going with a lady to her prenatal visit taking a long time I was waiting outside of the building the standing there not really much to do and I have the most elaborate than I've ever seen in my life he had I don't know what it is related that he really broken good is it possible to give mental on it was really amazing and now he was intimate to me all agitated and harassing simulator the letters in the spirit to measure him I'm sorry so he rest off to ask someone out and defining refining out a cigarette and continental event so I talked a little bit then waiting to happen what happens to your women investigating their yearly and the most elaborate café and everything in my life how does it work these only way you know it is the heels and growth and you want to put more pressure here and for that kind of different partner with adjusting becoming what it happen and when it happened like that so I talked for quite a while and I asked him if he ever get bored women starting to go now I'm starting to gods that stimulated by the conversation because I wanted to take business in a serious accident north of union board and so that's an understatement so miserable the last X number of months of my life it is miserably I can do anything he can do anything for myself behind the city and needed to really really bothered him I think it when I get spiritually with it he was a real flipping person he didn't relate incompatible when the conversation that Syria is always laughing and joking but when we know this and I thought about my dad and how my dad had broken his leg hang gliding and was in a cast for six months and during that time he read how Lindsay but and when you dream about you to see how the PowerBook to subordinate knows to do he rented but any got to this point or how went the system in a reader you can get Jesus an invite to get elected to put the book down and why renowned heart and then evicted up again I flipped back and try to get past that part and the said well that you do it him anyway that I find in my Danielle van down in the bed in there with the training of the actually my diseases and the high and so as I'm talking to the men have been in England I had a conversation to keep it lighthearted question him again or anything that will my done within a cap is like a six month in the early nineteen against four or tears that I read a lot and like yeah I read a lot like a title reads him yeah that's what he was reading a book and he got his math behind your beginning like Jesus when he invited your life again I get nervous and he runs off to go get another cigarette things on so that you seem to know that there is aggressive and he was within speaking distance again became so I can look over and occupy the ones arrived coming so what ended the conversation now I will suck you as fast forward too fast you can always couple of other little than we were chatting eliminating any given easement to me I mean every spiritual again he said to me I get to go to church when people feel guilty if they don't go to church every that by letting point thinking about his infinitely happy to do that ethanol and picking up sometimes sometimes people really missing a lot when they don't go to church though the bureau and heard laughing so and so then we talked about the weather is initially thought about the place where he led a certain story so anyway again even many any other English-speaking Uganda management of guilty for not going to church and all him down I asked them to write where are we now when that is in late New England in the theory that is little maneuver for a while there is a ninety percent to get started without hope in the Lord continues to work in my and so do you write is a product or service if the defendant is out-of-state once again if you ever feel like you you can talk to God the thing I do now I haven't been following you haven't been listening to have been talking to haven't been paying attention to my life in our city is working on advanced sorry in one thousand and thirty thousand president Lincoln if they are more divided of the Church of England declaring guilt and got really help you and he wants to talk to you it is the church you want to talk to her house is like the world about God that he never heard before through a fighting an iPhone message United of Framingham and you is that the mileage that is I like the fence if I been really busy lately and they will like this event united on the Internet have time for that by granulated elected even if I had won the right to be really honest with and talk straight with them you know I could tell you more than a and evaluating the United was rather announced the event of an address I sent down waited to mail anything about life instead thing I can get now their once addressed in this paper I never miss a lot like the him earn it he went on and on another cigarette the macadamia that and you know my man I was listening to the house about as far as I know an end he had transportation I came and asked the transportation came and started walking up the steps and unitive dimension with others we walk with when you have to practice of the present of Madonna cast about a little trouble getting that he stopped halfway up the three steps stops turns around with me the lead don't forget in the business in your heart even you know you want to cry power the gospel that I want to remind you that if federal funding for some ball at the other model of conversation investigating Fannie Mae and then you can relate a conversation conversations open the directional opportunities and I have a lot more story like Calvin a waiting e-mail me with your story and you experience him on the field we do a lot of work I now know if I can get a lot of faith people that don't want them how many people would qualify the author if you are focused on the people that want to invent you wanted to meet everyone and if the people that don't want the gospel often the hardest region the proponents of the lot I found a couple really funny the way to get some Bible studies and a common hit-and-run Bible study and if you've ever been so scared to get viable studies that you just would never even tried it I would like to share with you how you can get a Bible study to volunteer someone willing to admit they instigated up again and an okay with you to come here to share with you how you can give a hit-and-run final study and you him I will read the Bible they haven't had lot thank you the amount number the numbers and then versus okay I've been unveiling of the things confirmed are forget okay how does one determine how many how many islanders in the hospital the one microbursts could qualify for a Bible study and you think two more times information in your life to confirm it okay I will have twenty versus and I think you and I and my assailants I minute walk test with you they get me like you will never hear him he was setting and what ideas do you know the rest for the newspaper they were the words written on paper they never did I give it to me that she had been unaware is looking ceiling now honey I like me to do they may have to fit she is a aisle and others work and family development and to do is want for licensing them long-term and I gave you the class and so identifiable person was a girl the most of the people in the classroom is our church should not be the next father she said you just don't know how much stuff I will first help me back to what I need in that day exercise will be studying numbers in the before you now just because I didn't have twenty verse five that he wore a ten first Bible study got been now if I didn't want versus someone and then God gives them I will stay in their home instead of me why now electric that my neighbor when we need to be unashamed neighborhood could it be the church and the city next year what do you with ninety I gave her hit-and-run violence against captives Espana Northlake EE hand you can think of them happening for you if the card you get this this is for you whatever the phrase works for you or you know what I'm interested on enough there were candidates of drum activist and member for wordless final studies is pretty needed you can do that and then it's like a seed in the integral meaning no one that is the legally in their home that night however was stretched the limits the potential of it what if you see what you go to a particular store once a week at the same time to even confront could you choose the same checkout lady every time you go in roughly the same time everything could you choose the same testing is an checkout lady could you give her a different Bible verse of the week now the most powerful spiritual progress and have regular weekly or smooth positive contact with the person that you really want get everything in Canada and Bible study choose one person an attempt to give them a Bible verse of the week I have a lot of owners of the big you are the same I am related to know here in uneven time I hear within a big hit and run finding in our turns out that I I know that morning during testimony by neglect and is waiting to happen it happened at one time we had a visitor sitting there like a hit-and-run incident that is not to the present and not in others you got rear-ended and I think I like that in hindsight what was then known as the he is indiscriminate it will be early and run a little while first newspaper even if it was the local girls in the victory and if the money is for people to scalable and you never know when a season ago found this is you have broken the barrier of the people that spiritual being particular model since you broke through the barrier and one victory now you're interacting with people spiritually in the next sale word that Bible verse goes home and he goes in their mind and begin thinking about a disconnect in a turn Johannesburg question most likely running you can think of the prisoner that was giving him versus but remember your friendly you talk to them about their interesting that this all here comes that spiritual person in any real-life with them it's not like you don't get a sermon is intended it's real comfortable and with people that don't like spiritual things because they don't have to be embarrassed in China pray with him in public and when they do him her enough penicillin era of the new printed on the public you don't embarrass people this way and until you can manage your classroom and university can designate your professor in a .net environment the girls back at our church there seems that she finally got the courage you give it one of her professor and professor against an backdoor instead I can't believe it I needed ever so much account I imagine that they had sent her thing and her desire to get another hit-and-run Bible study and how existing growth is expected by the study time is winding down really really foster in Bible study and all talking so it's not regularly the card and it simply goes like this one Bible verse you think of a person I read a really neat Bible versus morning I just wanted to share with you or you can bank have you ever heard this before wondering if you even Carteret and if you want to give if you're craving again sometime like I do is read to them now you have spoken the word it takes about sixty seconds and you given one Bible verse and it can simply be in over his life he cares for you I read that this morning no and I was thinking about my day just to think that God cares for me it really helped me today I wanted community fall when he does that in the sixties that had went to advertisers now about sixty second spot that powerful remember the appetizers don't give the person the whole point women uninterested he given a bite them exactly and people are getting it you really need is that checkout lady it's easy every Thursday afternoon him alive to start looking forward to you coming you have divine appointments of offense is a second litigation class in Benton Arkansas and I was asking for volunteers fading away in the class here you think that take the second Final Fantasy until Brandon put up with anything this is not trying and so that day he was going to work on a Sunday morning and he was getting a ride one of his coworkers social worker is writing in his vehicle he said the coworker puts his hand in the newspaper reason is favorable I doesn't thought is that I knew I couldn't do anything this guy is it easy I get him back Canada Denmark and so he is a guy the guys in this paper I will never read and that are our member was driving coworkers writing this paper I need versus morning as they were down on sensibility to cite him an accident I he got there his mind went away Atlanta Boston is right among the wine they all blow it yet in the e-mail you may log on who case of the guys mind is blank is driving thinking his right mind is racing N and violated campaign of any person shall completely lack any kind of I am sorry I can't remember when planning a visit with a really viable resume is a you and it was seriously my humankind I'm not praying could bring the rest that so anyway been a long time and him around maybe we will know if you like you found in the Hellenic come back and help any of the classroom like that and you and I did think I said let me help you and get it this is church member who is driving always kept his mind in the capacity behind you and a man who always had his nose newspaper new EU where the Bible what we don't know that people now that may have reached in the back got man's final question on the management ran it is driving the death is talking to you have sensory sensitivity but if you say what I love that will help you where we are eating and him and so I made sure the guys at events look into the bylaw now Brandon remember had been looking for he stops and then fifty eight thirds imports is Mark said that frantically now him and there is a viable writer for the relevant radio I find that the living elevation nine hundred and nine nine and negative this is a real if at the back that off the highway of rubbing of this is an anti- MMR and decide because the market value the details will insert a family needs a foster family member and I was wondering what happened and what Brandon do at this point talk about Jesus in his native tongue was tied anymore not anymore now believe that Bible studies him to versus Levitt at the abnormally news found in offender then every Final Fantasy is an athletic nineteen number the anticipated and though that dominate how they were able to talk and before you know how they were at the job site editing Brandon has been my more interaction with Jim of course the coworkers that all that reaching out to neighbors pathways so critical to Leviticus tonight because our neighbors know where our Bible they know where it is they know who were patient women who were not patiently they know whether David is living in a thing and again these stories is the nine pin address the potential of how we can start final study for strangers of people that don't want them with friends and family members that neighbors and become a joy to get in and in Bible study are needed he is my study and less hands of okay what you'll find is that he did hit-and-run final studies if you keep that really make a landline before you know immediately pick the second man studied because conversational starter Johan the particular one before you know you're reading into them steady giving it some you know if they harass talking and running away and I want to conclude when Republicans state as the Bible study and crazy to get started with conversations about God take the highway exits in prayer and then you hit my mouth they can do sixty second part of the people before you know you will desperately need the next class which is having a Bible study and now let's look at Westbrook will be presenting math at two thirty this afternoon and the development that because before you know it is a given run by the studies you will need to know how to give sitdown Bible studies him plays out a lot of people and I don't have enough filling in that class and Kevin Ayers only presenting tomorrow what was the classroom nine thirty in the morning tomorrow to be presenting on the topic of answering objections and questions correct decisions and we defer the decision the really frightening is that what can happen and I am all worked together different times in history but when we were together to do this class we all crave and other topics using my plug-in and an exciting though God has preordained that I can really relate left and I do stand and what kind of anyone but you see them in their website at the compliment in the auditorium we have the DVD series are awake and critical interest and as such is my second monitor with others or study myself there are thirteen questions that cannot minimize anyone you today and I got was using to get more miles than you as you is a highly accurate in your conversation as you meet people Steve is a prayer that I would like to ask you to stand by for a minute west of the evening and loving father in heaven I invite you to come into our hearts more than you ever have before barred design through us I pray that we can talk to people that uses survival studies of people that will be powerful that will take the ones that must thank you Jesus in your name I pray this was his audio versus what was generation of Christ you'd like to learn more about you my seat please visit www. CYC when the war or if you like this more free online sermons please visit www. audio verse got more


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