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Sharpening Your Sword: How to Give a Bible Study

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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father in heaven we thank you so much today for this beautiful data is given to us this is a wonderful invention or young people and old people all around from all around the world and we can gather together and open your work we can learn how to do service for you we can learn how lets you change our lives and then be used by you to change the lives of others we pray today that as we look at how to get Bible studies how to write while studies that you bless us with your spirit you'll draw near to our hearts and you be with us in a special way in Jesus name amen I want to live our first session is sharpening resort principles and giving spirit filled while studies that I have to warn you I didn't say so I'm copying or or I I I brought her ground don't be alarmed okay all is well I'm just getting over this cold I want to open with a proposal to you and are a warning at a actually is what it is a warning and this is the warning that the things you have learned this morning Andy but things are about to learn from me the things you're going to learn from Kevin tomorrow you will be responsible you become what everyone responsible to not go back home and send in your church and do nothing about what you learned in the seminar sorry with me but this is a warning to you that you know you are becoming responsible your becoming accountable to God and your fellow man that you are in and take what you learn here and you are going to use it wherever you are right when they are at college whether you're on a Seventh-day Adventist campus there are probably on Wednesday the percentage wise almost as many loss of students on ninety seven status campuses are other campuses to use it where he argued your workplace your college roommate wherever you are to use these things are so surprised I so if you don't want to be responsible now is the opportunity to go out Ryan will send one moving you guys ready to be willing to challenge are you willing to except the morning are you willing to take accountability Melanie Askari can do something about it I was going to RI Fisher okay let's just imagine for a moment in a loneliness fear that people have about giving Bible studies or witnessing to love for the Lord is that they are afraid that they are going to say what the wrong thing is the wrong thing on the human worry that you've been that you will say the wrong thing and you so you know what I don't know that I can witness for Jesus I would like to give a Bible study because I might say something wrong and I'll blow it right what do you know who Mark Finley is new is suppose that some time in his ministry Mark Finley has blown that he's not here to defend himself referring to agree with me at some point in his ministry he's blown it when you say what about the actually think about that for his woman if I were to think so I need to do anything that doesn't know what else I need they've actually think he's blown it a couple times why can promise you that I blown it more than a few times I and so God does not expect God is not calling you because your perfect it is not call you because you have all this knowledge and skill it calls us if you were willing to serve him and I need for the same over and over again God is not all the way it went to it with the call right and so we had this fear that maybe I shouldn't say anything simply because I'm afraid that I'm unwell or let me just imagine with you for a moment let's say I have ten people will write that I'm been witness to day so is able and free but safe for people on ten I share something with them and is a man you must be crazy what is all that Bible nonsense get on my face get out of my way right some people just blow you off and then want anything to do in the Bible 's authority of those ten people for Ryan so more people walk away and they say forget it don't talk to me about my liver again will those people likely be lost they don't change that attitude is not yes sorts of causal nurse three more people that I speak to an initial interest right they're interested that are following you but then guess what I say something so stupid so Dom and I completely blow it right I got a Bible study and I think marijuana in the world that I say that or I'm on the plane whenever Anna I lose that Bible study and that person becomes not interested right so I blew it three times okay so not still reach those three people Israel because the rates of three people right before people said no three people I blew it not so reasonable to suppose there are three more people that say yes to a Bible study and I continue to study with those people and they make a decision to follow Jesus and I say I want to surrender my life to him and them ASAP like to keep the Sabbath and they say no I want to follow Christ through baptism I want to join us church hungry people I attended I say or do not usually run free Ryan and I can still reach those other three and four are rejected so I don't thought of telling people how many potentially because I sensed something for Christ could be why not attend six the blue it three times are you with me so far but let's suppose I have another group of ten people and I don't say anything to any of them because I'm afraid that if I see something wrong how many of those ten people are probably going to be long I resell another way all are you listening is on a sense to the nobles lie is that he doesn't want you to witness because her aunt and he any place you with this fear saying the wrong thing or being rejected because he doesn't want to say anything because he knows that even our feet we state if we say something gone to music in a miraculous way you want me and ease of writer that seen all that we don't know or doing e-mails that were patient he knows around currently but he knows how powerful God is CC e-mails what God can do through you and that's what is afraid for you is a friend and I were surrendered to Christ were surrendered and not everyone is as and I think they are mistakes and permanent miracles and God can do it and he can do it for you so is it better to say something with the fear that I might blow it or is it better to not say anything at all it's better to say something are you with early this afternoon I okay let's take a look at a little time start and the solar something you know everybody wants to be held with the students that come to ask though and they they want to live they want to do great things for God and everybody wants to be a standup evangelist everybody wants to be the Mark Finley everybody wants to be the Sean Boonstra on the net in the David and everybody wants to be the big guy right because the evangelists seem to get the glory right to you with me Nelson remains in your crazy and stand up and speak but a lot of people do okay I want to show you Prince okay the difference between a and a great advance was that wins a lot of people and somebody that can just win one person for Christ how many think that blocking usage at least when one person for Christ RIF was that this is the Vandals let's say Mark Finley 's markedly given Ryan was a one-man thousand people per day at the end of a year when a thousand people in a harming people has a one belt so we commented in three six five thousand Ryan so let's say I'm just John Smith and I'm I'm on my campus of Southern Methodist University and Allawi needs someone a supermarket and they when they want Bible studies I get a person liable studies at the end of the year they say I want to be baptized right so hungry people have one for Christ in one year some of you look confused why couldn't I see one how many hungry and I really want to and why is that the wells of I want myself right because when I share Jesus with others it becomes more real in his life and I become more firm to my face is increase my confidence and were increases right with you want to increase your great if you're spiritually we give are spiritually struggling what he think your inference share Christ with someone else get involved still a viable city was somebody it will bring life to your soul and I can tell you dozens of stories if I had time about how that happened to me as a pastor I felt many times I've struggled spiritually I didn't want to go to Bible study and prayer that person would cancel and I would get there and they were there and I was not on the door nobody answered and just as I was leaving guess what here they come up in the driveway Mrs. man I was worried I'd be laying on my Cold War I'm struggling I want to give a study I given there I do it and guess what happens when we my hardest change I'm rejoicing unexciting there's something about sharing Christ with others that does something miraculous not just in their life but in whose life in my life are isolate too long so after one year I wanted to which is me and my boyfriend after two years how many him or anyone seven hundred and thirty thousand missing man while the souls that are coming into the church right so I trained my friend hiding in the Bible study right so now he is a Bible study I give up I find someone else you know I will say to as autonomy people have after three years for right myself in the friend that I won from the one arguing and a lot after three years on many A's after four years sixteen days as these multiplying itself after eight years our evangelist is one almost three million people to the Lord a thousand a day but I find I am twenty one and training one right when he wanted showing him how to get Bible studies so after eight years looks like he's looking pretty good right hey he's way ahead of me the notice something that happens as we change after eight years the same number after twenty three years into the math and you talk like this and you find the same thing after a twenty three years I have all models come with Pastor Mark Deming by getting a Bible study that I've seen them baptized and then showing them outing in Bible studies after twenty four years is one eight seven million people guess how many are born sixteen million Weiss is many as the advancements are you willing to see how this works after twenty five years these one nine million five one thirty three million now I realize these are almost like unreasonable numbers but this is the math and you get you understand the principles weren't running it across the and after twenty six years is one about nine and a half million and I have one sixty seven million over sixty seven million people nearly seven times the evangelists so is it better to be a great evangelist from the front course is better than the person is getting one while studying time will you say giving Bible studies evangelism is raving about a preacher is great but not everyone is called to do that that's not everyone's get when you notice in the list of spiritual yes in the Bible giving Bible studies is not the spirit of get to know that it is a command from Jesus Suzanne apply to everyone yes or no it applies to everyone everyone should be getting Bible studies are right brother Wes so enough of that let's get into some of the I know I need to do it know how I do it sort coming to that hour notice a few statements with you here all these come from a book called personal evangelism it says that beauty and true efficiency in the Bible study method a personal translucent lives and ministries of how many no one is sole audience the winning of one sold price of ten thousand souls to Christ is best done by the effort of an individual nervous system winning one soul at a time usually results in the winning of a multitude of souls and the why processing time and we just demonstrated that all the office a letter to find chart you cannot reach a thousand until you can reach how many degrees while ill everybody wants to be the evangelist but into the injuries once over Jesus you can't let a thousand people it all starts out with one right now want to share this now remember that there is fear in giving Bible studies is being afraid that you're not that you don't want you don't know enough right or being afraid of what they asked me something that I don't know I want to notice this beautiful promise from the book price object lessons notice this shield begins with how much a little knowledge on again little knowledge everybody should raise their hands and Holloway am your humble Priam 's values in the razor and razor hand or not another Ryan any hallway and tells what he tells you regurgitate the Seventh-day Adventist Bible commentary that was as is says he knows every tax in the Bible by heart now possess what is everybody read together tells what when he knows while seeking diligently further knowledge will find the whole heavenly treasure waiting his demand the more he ceased doing heart like the more you will receive the more one tries to explain the word of God to others as well as a result of planner becomes himself and I know someone is as we know I'd really like to Bible studies I need to close myself off like two years and study more ever heard someone say that I just don't know my Bible well enough I'm not ready to give Bibles that humor people say that before is that what this says soon we wait until we feel like we know not yes or no was the same share what we know that all you have to do that is all how can God require you to do more than you can write he does he requires you to share with you know you're responsible for the life that you had not that it would you don't have and as you share that it's going to become real to you is going to become relevant to your life and gone is going to transform you and it is going to do something powerful in your life you will learn new things some of the greatest revelations I've had preaching sermons or getting Bible studies are those that came to me while I was in the act of giving them I will study now when I bury myself in my closet and study for hours the greatest revelations come when God 's Spirit reveals things in the Bible study and you know you can't take credit for yourself right and so on ask you to do is share what you know that I want to know every church member day to Bible studies a week prior say you have a church of fifty hundred people and sets the site and the people were able to get Bible studies how many Bible studies with that deeper week of each member to do at the harmony hundred Bible studies that's the work of three and a half by the full-time Bible and realized that and you won't litigate to Bible says we can see people in your church the Bible studies per week you would baptize probably between twenty five to forty people every year if you train those people depend on my passenger numbers continue to just increase it with me all you have to do it everybody does a little nobody has to do a lot right there a person can give one or two Bible studies are how do we know what type of people we should be studying with what type of thought people are we looking for him to get Bible studies characteristics of right fruit and you have this in your notes is on page seventeen on the people that have an earnest desire to know Bible truth you ever met someone like this when you talk to them about the Bible and they just can't live get enough right units and those people are few and far between as you do by work okay not that everyone was reasoned not on someone's door and there's a cylinder protrudes at basic level in give me a Bible study now Brian how often does that happen really Kevin sometimes but not very often right but these are the type of people some people are just naturally hungry on people to complete the lessons people that are lonely and unhappy with their lives I peopled at your any talk about this earlier awakening spiritual interest people that I just had a big loss they lost their job they lost their house in one family member these types of people are people that we can engage with as you thought you knew that's long I will elaborate we can engage these people and Manhattan interested in Bible studies people to sense a change is needed and their life on how to give maximum is a you know I really I you know I've tried always things in I just need something different my life I need to change I'm just miserable I'm happier whatever he met people like them for as a man I really need the stop smoking or I would ever I really need to go to church or something like this people that have a sense of need for change in the life people that are dissatisfied with their own church on some people say you know what my insurance this is not teaching Bible truth these are people we want to look for odds often in Bible studies people that don't belong to a church or Cormorant and Dennis on people that don't belong to a church it never miniatures these are some of the best people get by listening to what he think that is they don't have all the small stuff in their head right they may have other issues but they are going to be open and ready to receive the truth from the work I find that people that don't have preconceived ideas about the Bible that haven't been in church these are some of the best because you when you teach things like the Sabbath and whatnot they see it clearly from the Bible and they have more of an attitude if the Bible says it unwinnable in right they're not building upon all this false knowledge people that make good decisions when American vision conviction if they want to see yes I want to follow Jesus yes whatever Christ says to do I'm so in love with Jesus that's what I want to do on without him these are people that are running people that are not argumentative people and share with others what they learn I remember this one time I was studying with a nine in Wichita Kansas I was doing by work there and this guy as far as I was rescinded in the Bible studies with me nemesis me the lines poses hangout outlaw we met we ate we we met a desire and we we ate lunch and we started to talk I was able to share my personal testimony with him right then that he was open for my will studies as we studied something happened to this young guy he started knocking on doors we were running a summer program were doing surveys we had seen the Bible workers and he said hey you cannot get some of those surveys that you guys are doing so I gave him some day next week he came back he had a stack of people in his hand never interested in Bible studies and he says these people want viable safety when I'm not on doors by himself sharing the gospel of Christ with others now a table of friends it is not an easy thing to go knock on my will on doors by yourself especially if you don't have experience about God by this young man so if you find that people are sharing what they what you share with them is a you know I told my brother the other day what you said and he thought it was for our share this with my my mom or my sister whoever you know that's a good sign right that there listening they are eager to ready for Bible studies are even deeper Bible truth what about the characteristics of green fruit another words people that that may not be so interested should we spend the most time with who the right or right we should spend most on the right is I mean we shouldn't spend any time with grapefruit now but it means that when we recognize these characteristics in that person maybe we shouldn't spend all of our time with that person some a sense that person should go on a prayer list we continually pray for them and wait for a better opportunity to study with the right are not the reason these because these are basically opposite of what I just read so you happening in those at the same time on this and more but these people we want to be careful of learning that characterize our interest is very important I seventeen and eighteen ounces can of very briefly summarize this on you can go back and read the notes later but what you want to do is you want to take a look at all the people that are interested you want to say where these people aware of how to engage this person is this person really inside on the always ready for me when I come to the house are they always excited about doing a Bible study and if they are want to categorize that person as an a right and a the highest interest then you have the electric one down to people that are hard labor home or whatever people are just not that interested categorize the people that you have contact with and spend more time with guess who VA interests are you with me through it with me right if you look on page five I apologize that I have to move so quickly but so I want to be able to cover everything with you if you look on page eighteen and nineteen there are basically two different types of Bible studies two different types of Bible studies that you can do and I called and one is review method and the other is called presenter method and what I really want to focus on is the presenter method and in the present method both of them with you in the review method the review method is where I go and I I study the Bible with someone then I leave a study guide with them that goes over this studying for that for the next week that makes sense and then I go I let dicey study of this week and I'll come back and we'll go over the study got together you have any questions Lance about right I don't particularly care for this type of method and can you tell me why that might be a problem as I get on now why obvious scenario suppose I study the ten Commandments without first prime and then the next week what when I like the study with them we study after the Commandments the fourth commandment which is sad because way prior I studied a sample within the next week so I leave this study with them for the next week and what happens they read over that study that we think is what happens to talk to somebody so I read about the Sabbath and they said were you where you would you get that from my soulless persons coming by and when I say I'd be very careful line there are some advantages to the review method and that is that that person is ready for your study not think about what type of person might be might be better for the review method someone that doesn't go to church right because they're not familiar with that stuff upon studying with the with the head elder from the first bad decision in town and in the study on the Sabbath important cover with him may not be the best idea right there is a God is just learning and it takes him a while to grasp the Bible might be better if he looks over the study got ahead of time seasoning that way he's prepared my comeback as a makes sense okay so it is on the different people than working out on what type of method now use another presenter method is the one I prefer most of the time and that is where I actually go into the home with the person they had no idea what I'm than a study with them on but I go in and I present a subject that's brand-new to them then when I believe I give them a study guide that is on the same subject that they can review the next week that makes sense so there are two different types of methods of Bible studies and they are there whatever one tell me the review method and the whether one more time to review method and the present of method R I noticed two ways that I can do these studies and that is I can write my own or I can use a set of study guides the argument prepared when you first begin doing Bible studies with people I would highly recommend you to use some study guides that are arty prepared and that can save you a lot of time to see the light ahead you know why reinvent the wheel right with me at it and if there is a series of Bible studies and that's what you study with that person then why not use ones that are in the right goals give yourself the headache of spending hours preparing a Bible study and teach you how you may not know most what's the problem with most all Bible study series today what do they all have in common most of them are starting to the doctrinal right are you with me most Bibles they said they are you look at the amazing fact studies the above store coals on search for certainty discover whatever they are most of them are doctrinal right so what'll I do when I need to cover a subject that person is not doctrinal on the show you how to do that the next class trying to teach you how to do that but you know if you're first starting out I would encourage you to just go ahead and use a series of study guides just it provides a structure for you it provides a framework for you so that you're not getting your confused and it just takes the stress off and you are right row quickly about the ABCs of giving Bible studies if you can master these three principles when you're giving Bible studies you will you will do well in every Bible study while hopefully right it's not hard but if you can remember three simple principles here you are not using the money way right always present while Jesus first know this is like elementary but now the reason I say this because most people are trying to Bible studies they don't get it right they sell Yankees as then I say you know the Bible says to keep seven thanks Anna Ryan are out there on the street and are witnessing in their first Bible study someone says got your Seventh-day Adventist or white eighteen Saturday holding it right in their first Bible study when they do they live in Logan machine gun and they go to a meltdown of life seventy eight Bible texts on the Sabbath they give them a hundred and three quotes of the papacy about how they changed the Sabbath and analyst things right and begin the study on the antichrist and the annual most administrative most people think that when I have the opportunity to witness if I don't share the entire message in five minutes I'm doing an injustice that person right to say because people say when they never see that person again right or why we trust the fact that the Bible principle that LA says that one walk one planted one watering non-Indian freeze-drying we don't have to share the Sabbath the first time when every person we meet in fact if you do that you can receive a lot of this are worried that most of us are right and what is it rejection trying to get he rejected as God once he rejected his he want us to use wisdom when witnessing the people so we always need to share Christ first metaphor witnessing the matter forgiving while studies the principal is shared Jesus first update reason to do this is because if you share the Sabbath with an unconverted person doesn't matter to them what stays the true Bible sat it might be interesting to them they may gain a few of a few good laughs but I have any desire to keep the Sabbath yes or no if you are unconverted and they don't know Jesus why is there any motivation at all to see the sad because it's the right day as well if you love me keep my wine the mayonnaise is a person who falls in love with Jesus they will accept any truth is I'm a sense if they fall in love with Jesus they will except they drew not fallen in love with Jesus what's can happen every truth will be a stumbling block and then because every lifestyle change every deep truth that they have to make a decision on there is no motivation and it and it people do not want to change their life right unless they have a motivating factor this greater than what they're currently experiencing was only one factor there's only one person is only one motivating entity that's greater than the current condition was that Mister uses see you may have to spend a number of Bible studies with people that that focus on the love of God for them right maybe five six Bible studies that show them how much Christ cares about them help them fall in love with Jesus first and then don't follow whenever Jesus says that since friends it makes sense but how often do we not all that principle we only see the first on the plane and they ask us anything spiritual we say now 's my chance and we whip out that spiritual machine gun we lock and load we let them have it right about a time you get to the end that's why we wonder what a running off the plane and were chasing after them with some tracks writing for Doctor tries to see how many of the estimated had that experience with forces beyond more hands on no need to go on this time and had that experience if you haven't witnessed we witnessed two miles right and so we want to have a good balance of share Jesus are revealed through the Grassley we contest on this dollars during the Sabbath of the person the first time you need him share who share Boettcher Jesus sure what he's done or you especially in your Bible studies on don't jump to the true church etc. the third principle is made regular make a regular of your regular appeals in your Bible study ask the person at the end of the study would you be willing to follow Jesus and in this decision whatever your subject are starting them would you followed Jesus Kevin 's in the top more about appeals tomorrow now once you notice if you look on page twenty on page twenty there's a statement at the bottom of the page on page twenty and we we often forget this principle at the very the very top of that little box at the bottom of the twentieth says the mind the most readily grasp the new and unknown this found in an orderly and well systemize for and so another words Bible studies a series of Bible studies amazing facts whatever they are in a specific order for a specific reason that makes sense if God wanted us to learn about the Sabbath verse it would be the first study in the series but it's not it's on down the line Jesus wants to become real to that person before that truth can change the lives that make sense always ask for an appeal always ask for decision to follow Jesus don't just give people information call them to follow Christ because ninety nine percent of people will never follow Jesus on our own they have to be inviting some a sense always ask for a decision in your Bible study all right so when I get into a Bible study what should it look like less of the time outlining the I know how they knew very minimal I will say that was like three and half hours you know when I look at how did you feel about that anybody anybody really enjoy that every day you are watching the clock on to add an anus like man is everyone in right there are some people that are really really excited about instead they can study with you all day long not to me and we didn't lament they're still interested but so maybe is going with theirs if there's a challenge with that right and the challenges this view may get away with it two or three times study November three or four hours of time in using them this person is so hungry but so excited but next week they have an appointment an hour and a half after your estimate when you know what brother so-and-so was here for three and half hours last week I can't study that long because I have to go to get what he would think you do recall unanimously no one I can study with you this week and they that and maybe you may say because all please stay a little bit more longer pleased anymore right anything well you're asking a that is very sweet cover like two or three subjects in and you're there for hours at a time this is the principle they don't remember the next week that they were the one that invited to stay right with me all I remember is one she was here for three hours and I can't say that law Ryan big something else on their mind so they called me cancer and after a while you will wear out the sink you don't want to be the antichrist right now Daniel seven says he wears out the sayings you don't want to be having the antichrist spirit we've got to keep our Bible studies to aid in a certain timeframe is a better fit to overheat and give them too much who was better leaving them just a little bit hungry so they'll be ready next week when you call them a sense was the better principle than to give them a spiritual welfare we born to lead them just a little bit on what you think of leaving them a little bit hungry I remember times when I first started studying the Bible I was a college student I would I just become a seven fantasy jobs like twenty two years old on twenty nine now I was so excited about the things I have learned out fine people my college class and I would start with them and I would invite him over for a meal right for spaghetti or whatever and I would feed them and then I would say you know what we study the Bible me okay so I thought my Bible by the end of my Bible study they were sitting in that she and the cows and I started out sitting on the chair buddy in the Bible sudden I was standing in front of them with my Bible going from tax the tax attacks and their little eyeball is you know that they didn't know they were just like one is God and the next day I would go to class and I would notice that when they came in the room the highlight look around you know the singer was sitting in the file where I was sitting in the sit on the opposite side I couldn't figure how to sit and must not see me so we get up and I would move over and synthesize them and they would get up and I would say you know what I know the restroom they would take always stuck with them and they would leave and then you know they would wait until after classes started and they come back and sit on the other side of the room I didn't understand it until I learn the principle that I'm about to share with you okay and no week we got a be careful that we don't wear out the sink you don't want to be the antichrist RI and so the time outline of a Bible study typically I like to spend about eight to ten minutes just socializing with that person payouts are we going housework on how the kids doing you know what's what's new in your why anything significant happened this week on what what troubles are you having his or anything you know that I can even prayer for you just in time that person talking with them and you have to be careful because some people really like and what they really thought nothing and you can spend all your time talking this person so you got to be very careful so that I typically uses I just can't engage my time and you have a serious problem leaving spent a little more time talking with them that you need to be a friend right there just chatting about you know the new puppies or whatever you know what I typically say his hairy what are we going and get started with our studies reverted to have a chance to look over the lesson or are you whenever you need to say to get them going so I spent about eight to ten minutes just talking with them you want to spend about thirty to forty five minutes starting don't go in there with ninety seven and a half I will tax day you're not even be able to share those in forty five minutes your typical Bible studies in the line is going to be out share more with you about this later victim of the Bible studies can be about ten to twelve Bible texts sometimes you can get by with a sometimes up to twelve B should never have more than about twelve Bible texts in Europe in your Bible study if you're using a study guide that has a bunch of text just pick out one tax per question that makes sense and look at one thirty two hundred eleven Everest in the Bible takes is listed in the Bible study guide if you do you'll be there for three hours and so you have to plan your material organized material so that you don't spend too much time and then you always want to leave us a few minutes for your appeal at the end you will make sure that you have time to ask that person the decision to follow Jesus sorry with me I when you go with a partner having you ever gone into a Bible study you have someone with you him they just talk and talk and talk over you right there is a principle that we use it now goes called a silent prayer partner and if someone is going with you you need to determine who was going to leave the Bible study and whose abilities a silent prayer partner right because what happens is is a Weinstein the person with your name José Joslin on a Bible study must say he's leading the study right and want to pick on him I use them as a good example let's say he's leaving the study and every time he tries things start turning this person to a certain point guess who lights up me and I put in my two cents worth and I completely destroy the foundation that he's just been laying trying to make a certain point are you with me after a while Josh Law begins to get annoyed with me trying is getting frustrated with these adhesive got my person is a Christian is not to let it show but after we leave we been there for two hours and we haven't accomplished anything why because every point he tries to me I pull that person a way to talk about something is not really that relevant he found one thing you try to listen to people once you go back and forth and back it drives you crazy doesn't it and so be careful that you don't do that in your Bible study let that person know ahead of time I'm done in the study I really need you to pray for me to make sense and that it's it's terrible to have someone trying to talk over you because you will end up staying there for two or three hours as you never can get to the study so be sure to follow the principle of the silent prayer on on page twenty one and twenty two there are some key points to remember I've listed them there I'll let you guys read over them on your own be careful guys this is the number one rule and if you look here on the screen and the come back to it I have it I have it in a special transition here I is in flames as something is in flames they think that means is important ready to be watching is in flames I tell my students what you think that means it means it is vital to your very very fast not stay any longer than how long one hour sometimes you're going to run over eleven at ten fifty minutes definitely don't continue to study more than a hour and fifty minutes if you have pointed to studies have a closing prayer and pick up where he left off next week right don't stay longer and so was is was that person really really really wants to keep studying will study with them twice a week or area sometimes even three times week but don't stay for more than hour the minutes because eventually it may be great for the first couple times but eventually they're going well to make sense eventually did and wear out what happens in the middle of question that I don't know the answer to I mean you are still afraid of that happened you write there is a little secret that all why workers know amenities that secretly now okay you can be so surprised and shocked all of you you may just your eyes may get really good okay I'm so shocked this is easy want to know what it is are you should do so they don't sound convincing do you want to know what happens when they asked me the question that I don't know are you ready are you sure are very ready here it is I don't know that's of raise question I don't know the answer to that question is that easy is that the end of the world and that the ceiling caving on you didn't know the answer that I will question must accept together that's a great question I don't know the answer was a practice that I'm rewriting one zero three that so great a question I don't know the answer is that hard is not a great secret the no now you guys are asked for Bible workers right instead of just knocking on doors tomorrow during our juvenile when you buy will say learning right is then walked to the door and give I will say from now maybe not frightening enough like that running below it is not a big deal if they ask you what I say is affirmative right question I'm so glad you asked that question to tell you the truth I don't know the answer that question by I will do some research this week and next time when I come out try to give the best answer I can write that's as easy as pie or you can tell them what it knew her I sometimes ask them what you heard about that or or you can say I don't know the answer up to you what you do some research this week I'll do some research this week and we'll see what that answer we can come up with next time right so it's not important you don't have to know the answer to every question to give up I'll say it with me right what happens if they asked me a question on that's on a future subject you know let's say you're in your your second Bible study may say you know all they are in process of those very know you're some banners as a you know I heard that the Adventist believe that the Roman Catholic Church is is the antichrist of Bible prophecy what is sad to say about that I know your second Bible study is it wise to get any discussion with them at that point yes you know and what you say with yes that's true and so glad that that that you know that already that's in Daniel chapter seven you open your Bible study with them and at the end they say you know what I'm a Roman Catholic but maybe a little painful right had built enough confidence with that person to share the heavy of a topic in your second study is from no you don't compress them a sense yet no confidence in a person before you're able to share those heavy cruise with them as so if they ask that question again the answer is that the good question I'm so glad you asked you know what we have a Bible study coming out have a school series of Bible studies and am sharing with you when the series coming up in a few more studies is an address that very subject I said back in my chair and I smiled him I say I don't want to ruin it for you would have to wait would you be willing away and ninety nine hundred people will say yes to one person it doesn't I say you know what I just don't want to ruin it for you but I'll give you a tidbit I'll say something like the BMI Christ is found in the little horn power game Chapter seven if you want to get any more information out of me the weights right way as old people away as those just brush it off a little bit work undercover as soon don't get into a tomb with them the fourth time that makes sense I affirm them on whenever they make a great comment saying you know what that's it that's an excellent point I'm so glad you brought that your site to the Bible student thank you so much for siding with me I know you can be doing some another things off try not don't criticize and don't correct but sending a second Bible study they say something like all well know my grandmother 's been appearing to me for the past three nights and she's been talking me that the time with Doctor Bible and say all you know what Ecclesiastes chapter nine says the dead know not anything that's not your grandmother that the devil himself Ryan is at the time to say that you know what what will be a good statement to use instead that's very interesting know what you think the Bible has to say about that and let him talk right and then saying a lot more than a study that subject coming up very soon wanted to take a look in depth about what the Bible says about people coming back in the day right you don't always have to correct people at that moment that makes sense even you can you can you can just let us lie that's very interesting and given affirming statement what they say all to looking forward to the seeker after you have to say but you know the Bible does there's no secret rapture immediately guilty of these things right you incorrectly maria on the site is now live and pin them to the wall can you win an argument was a friend campaign you what they say will argue thankful for the cigarettes you know why I say this I say that such an exciting time when a study that on them and be so glad when Jesus comes again right you can move in on along and don't get into a confrontation subject with them until you you you able to study them in a systematic manner and be careful about that because it will get you in a lot of trouble you will end your Bible studies very soon there is section principles to affect the vital cities these are just simple statements on Mama let you guys read those on your own on on pages twenty four thirty one parts one to four outing in the Bible say what happens if you go to Bible study and someone offers you port risks right you can study all about that in those pages okay it will tell you on we are idly were out of time I hate that again I would talk much more about this but one hour is is very difficult but we're just very briefly tell you a story as we close for before next session I was in Columbia last summer last June and we had a number of students from half go there and we went from my we went down there preaching and evangelistic series down there as well and I was in the market one day my friend this man behind me and he said hi how are you doing what everyone speaks Spanish in Columbia it's very odd to hear someone please speak crystal-clear English I turned around and there was this man as set out one doing very well how are you and he said one good and we started talking a little bit and the more talk with him on the more found out about him he was in the Army Rangers and he was down there on assignment and heat he was in the white special forces top secret stuff and he told me if I tell you this I have to kill you you know that I overthink and so we were talking and eventually he got around to asking me what I did as I asked them what you do and I said while on the minister Hassan on down here with a group of students on a mission trip etc. and he's wow that's amazing I was telling him that we were preaching each night about the Bible about how God cares about people and has a wonderful plan for their lives and we were just talking back and forth and finally he looked at me and he can't put his head down he said I don't think that God can forgive me for the things about my life now center is a trigger yes or no as that is at a signal it might a little evangelistic antennas started raising up right I knew that this is my opportunity so this is what I did the next couple things I said to him I say get a little brother God can forgive you but you know to me you need to keep the Sabbath ASAP let me give you mindlessly on that brother you need to avoid the market of the sluggish share with you what God says in Revelation thirteen I said you know what you just knew the antichrist was it would solve all your problems right that one again I didn't do that I asked him a simple question and I did it in addition to that that I start telling him you know what rather talk about it do anything for you you just need to ask him what I need to find out first what was it that was creating that we can write why was he feeling this way so what won't last evening I asked why you think that God can forgive the right and he started telling me some of things that had done as a soldier he is getting in and murdered innocent men women and children and an male threw hand grenades into the little huts where children were in just all these things and I was able to make a long story longer I was able to share with him God 's plan and that God could forgive any person no matter what the extent of their sin and by the end of that time I spent with this for this man he was weeping and he was saying I want to experience the forgiveness of God if God can truly forgive me I want to have that experience in my life and I prayed together with him and I gave him some books again desire of ages and I invited him to the meeting that was close to him I don't know if he went from not but this is what often times people need answers to the need to know what the sad external is a need to know about the market obesity in a time do they need to know these things but for most people what they need initially in their life they need to know that God will accept that God cares about them that God has a purpose for life amen they went in they need to understand that and if we can present that to them initially in there in our Bible studies and share God 's love share his forgiveness share the planet has for them it will transform them and that will set the foundation to share these wonderful deep truths that we held so dear in our church amen some excess so Doctor is important that the author doesn't say anyone the Sabbath means nothing unless it is centered around Christ in statement I will close with a statement you do yes you knew Ryan namely you I you do have what it takes for Jesus to use you to give a Bible study because God doesn't need a perfect talent or skill he needs to you right you remain me right with you it's me right okay I gone if you wanted perfection he would use to the Angels but God wants to use us because no one else can tell another soul about what Jesus Jesus brought them out of state Angels can do that right but we can and God wants to use Aussie once use you if we don't do a nice no one else will write on the one to say yes Jesus use me in a mighty way bring someone in my path but I can have a Bible study with I was afraid together we'll take a break and come right back in a few minutes and I'm a teacher three ways that you can write your own while studies and of the effect of the week powerful and you be able to use these skills forever I was pretty father in heaven we thank you so much for this time we've had a learning just the basic structure of the Bible study understanding how to give them Bible study and what I pray that your spirit would draw near to you and as we go on for next session meeting guide us and lead us close you in Jesus name amen this media was used by audio persons working twice generation of Christ you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. G1 is that will work you like this more free online service please visit www. done on U-verse got more


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