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How to Study the Bible Deeper

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference


  • July 30, 2019
    1:45 PM
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There's different ways to interact with the Bible but we were before the Bible we really want to encourage you all if you're not already start reading a lot reading impacts or intelligence it makes you a better person a better Christian and most of all better parent it really makes you a better parent. And oh this is this like I'm sorry there are different ways to grow in this I just got out this is cute by mentorship by penmanship by scholarships of the 3 ships ships of ship ship ship ship mentorships people if you hang out with the people that you want to be like you will become like them OK so if you want to be happier than hang out happier people you'll be happier if you want to be successful he also is just the natural law of society that the people you hang out with and people that you're mentored by you become like by penmanship is what I mean by this you write out your experience you want to record those things you want to remember yesterday no of my son came he said Dad I really 5 years old I really appreciate when you take out time and spend time with me and I'm like you know there's something a hallmark after school special thing that someone wrote right but I didn't teach him like that I don't talk like that and I didn't say and I didn't say that to him and my wife doesn't speak English to him so where did he get that from maybe it's P.B.S. Maybe they train the kids it's for the parents I don't know but I wrote it in here. Because all that's so awesome and then I'll forget it and it's one of those precious moments these are these are human life moments that you want to you want to remember and so I wrote and there's and then things that my wife is. Good stuff not the bad stuff. And I've encouraged her to do it and cause all my friends to do it and I get into journalism in that this is a Lloyd's term 17th 1917 it's standard 85 and it's nice color paper with nice color colored things is cheaper versions most skin supercheap other like Wal-Mart 5 dollar ones and you can go higher up to the roadie is but this is what I would recommend our new young adult Bible study guide will be in this format and link and incorporate journaling into their and my penmanship using using your hand and writing it out I feel like our generation we should capitalize on digital and analog together not either or it's an abuse to think you have to replace one other and less of my scholarship to read readers are the years 70 readers I written my mentor told me this hey these are the types of books you want to read she recommends reading 5 books and I added 2 more to make it 7 you always want to be reading the Bible and that's we're going talk on the seminar always keep reading Spirit of Prophecy. It's in English. And men like it was among goal in OK you have an excuse not to read it you've got to be to translate but it's in English she wrote in English it's $1000.00 century English and I think century 19th century English but still it's intelligible and you'll get a blessing not a regular blessing you get a supernatural blessing of that so I really believe Spitta prophecy is really a really good set of books all of them all 1000000000 of them and then just 5 here one she recommended read a biography. You don't have to experience it yourself you can read about someone's else's experience and learn from it and those biographies that you read are people that you will be like so I like reading books on leadership presidential biographies or read them all corporate C.E.O.'s I'm really big into leadership and teaching and theology so it's the biography that I read Number 2 is Specialist 10 books on one topic that's the equivalent to one college class and many of you believe in university education and I do too but a cheaper ways don't send your kids the university just in 10 books on a topic and the same thing you say $30000.00 a year doing it and they're probably get more out of it the right again diploma that's a very expensive piece of paper. A specialist by 10 books on a topic and go to Amazon or even go online and and by the 7th book you will have become an expert on it by book 89 and 10 your critical skills will now come in well I read this before it's about this person and this person is wrong then you can skip it and read through them quickly or and you become known as the specialist so what topic do you want to be known as do you want to be known as the the Pinterest mom or the African drum dancing specialist or you know a sky trip contrails and how they're poisonous and I was conspiracy that we never want to be all these things what are we what do we as shoes and you can read 10 books on it number 3 read a random book random as random as you can get I read a book on eat on Iran Randi. I'm never been to Iran never want to go to Iran I don't know anyone who's you know any I read a book on Iran so then I was witnessing to this Korean Lee and she had married an American you know a white dude who was working for the CIA right and so I'm like wow you work for the CIA where you station that he's like oh I was stationed in Iran and like oh. You must have left Iran in 1979 now the book is super thick I don't remember anything in that book like it's just long history super boring super I mean the names are all in Pashto Persian and I don't know anything I was but I just read it but all I remember is that the Americans left Iran in 1989 OK I'm sorry to say that I was born in 1980 so 101 year before that I'm like Oh that's all I remember 1797 and I mean 9 so then I was like 8 You must have left in 1979 he's like yes I did how did you know that and he said Oh I read it in a book you know. And he said this he's like young men. If you know that I want to attend your evangelism series so he came and he heard that he told all prophecy and he's like That's amazing that although you know Daniel 7 and 9 all dog to all the empires lined up the guy knew a lot. More than. I knew it and so. Reading something random impacts your or your witness it makes you more rounded person makes you learn some interesting information that no one knows some useless information and you become like a did you know that America left Iran in 1990 become like really popular. Number 4 read something difficult you don't have to finish it just something to expand your brain to a certain level even if you learn one vocabulary word just something to expand and ask them or 5 is read something enjoyable because all of this is a lot of work so you just want to read you know some P.D. a magazine or a men's health just the kind of relax a little bit and and what not and then these are the 7 you want to constantly be reading so I want to ask you Do you want to reading more in men and if so that's an appeal I'll stop there this is the Bible the Bible all the mind will enlarge if it's employed in tracing out the subjects of the Bible comparing Scripture with Scripture and spiritual things with spiritual There is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect than the study of the the I'm not real thing but basically the Bible will make you smart I mean that's just it's just that's what the point is the Bible should never be studied without prayer this great country preached 5 and 99 she has another quote I couldn't find but she says that don't ever study the Bible without prayer because if you pray if you study without praying. That the doubts that you bring to the Bible well actually deep in and that your unbelief will get stronger in the midst of the study of the Bible and that was pretty shocking because she's actually saying don't study the Bible in that sense so all prayer is is not some legal this thick you know form of formal formal thing it's actually asking the Lord as author of this book teach me this book. First layer is here the word OK get a good audience those are those of you who commute and you got to hear listen to the word the books of the Bible were originally written to be heard not to be studied and analyzed and what. You may not be an audio thinker that's OK just just get in the habit of getting the Bible into your ears this is the Word of God So this is just level one very superficial here the word I went online I got some free copy and it was this some guy with a southern accent so now every time I have to go through here I actually when I read it I hear his voice and the lowered say tone to him you know you argue no to be can then whatever he said I'm like I can't get that out of my mind the brain is so awesome and so sensitive so just watch how what kind of voice you get because your mind can never get it out name is is from Louisiana Number 2 is read the word Again I know the son's elementary but read I know you many are busy you're professionals your parents are you know you got your teenage people in your house it's read just spent even if even if it's just 5 minutes and you maybe think oh I don't have time know you we all have time OK even if it's I mean when you go to the bathroom you have some time too there's always some time somewhere but reading is and I won't say more than that so this is we're going to study the word Ok study the words when you a sit. And we're going to we're going to talk about what some some principles but studying means not only try to understand what it's trying to say but you're looking for patterns and structure in a particular passage that's really what you're trying to do and from that structure something is there that points your heart your soul up or to have it OK that's And what I know that I know that sounds abstract but. But I will get that there's nothing work out of the strength of the intellect in the study the scriptures so many of you are intelligent and some of you think you're intelligent so that was studying the Bible which make all of us more intelligent that's the point number one I call this oil squared Oh I will and so number one is observations this observation is about. Is about 80 percent of your energy. Is used on observation. 80 percent. We are in a rush especially the way that American spirituality is we're wanting to apply right away so we read something like what is I mean for me OK so Mary was like a stone angel all so all I want talking to Laura I want to talk to you OK then we go and we go do a limited that's not a devotional life that's just we're checking out the boxes 80 percent you just kind of want to sit and relax and because of all our culture and our cell phone digital culture we just wanting to get it out but it's kind of like cooking you cannot make kimchi in 5 minutes it's impossible you gotta take the pets you gotta cleanse you gotta put in you got a child out for hours you gotta take it out you gotta put them which other thing in there with a little whatever you know quote something not quite what you know you guys don't know how to make him she is making you look at me like. What is this you speak of this yes no. All 3 of you and then you got to put it in a glass jar not a plastic by the glass jar because you don't want all the plastic the one that can see and you could put it in and then you go out so you dig a hole you put in the hole you wait like 3 months later and you eat the kimchi afterwards it takes time to study it will say this is the only place I can use as an illustration of the Bible so here's the thing you may not get something out of it the 1st day you may not get something out of it the 2nd you may not get something out of it the 3rd day but maybe in 3 months you make it such a blessing that compensates for the last 3 months. It makes sense so that's the invest it's an investment not a daily you know you need my good kind of Bible study so for 80 percent and well actually do an exercise of the 80 percent you're looking you're looking at looking at looking looking you can make an outline if you're like me I just need to do outlines I need to have a structure I just need I need structure in what I'm doing number 2 you want to ask a lot of questions inquire questions question questions why did Solomon say this why did he said this who is this queen this mentioned why is it why she popped up why is her name not mention is asked and write these questions out the more questions you are that you're diagnosing the passage in that sense and you want to articulate what is the perspective of the author a few these questions Number 4 is insights there are some things that you may be going through in your life and this passage as I've done in just feel like God's talking you in that in reality speaking that verse was not written to talk to you in that instance that wasn't the intention but the fact that you're receiving your blessing is still ordained by God but that verse was not written 4000 years ago for you in 2019 July 31st to him up in this situation OK meaning the application is godly and spiritual and God ordained but not the intention of the off and that's OK So you write these insights out and and it and write it in your journal and you can remember every time that God has blessed you. Last one left you are you want to look them up look up in the dictionary look up on the internet look at on Pastor google Dr Google knows a lot of things I mean not medical things but theological things Google can help you with and lastly when you receive a blessing when you receive a blessing this is the hardest thing for Koreans to do OK he need to let other people know him in. Because sharing this becomes the basis by which the Lord says Good job my servant now that you share this let me add another plus but if you take this bus and I thank you lord it's all mine I wrote in my journal I'm not going to share with anybody it's my personal blessing between you and me and we're awesome thank God we have withholds that blessing for future because why invest in this in a selfish blessing in that sense so let other people know OK the other one here we have memorized the word you guys are not going to like this. They said that. The G.I. generation loves memorizing Generation X. hates memorizing many of your age I think maybe your Gen Xers. Baby boomers hate it but they don't say they hate it Gen X. rays hate it millenniums don't know what memorizing means and then generations he just looks it up on the Internet you know but really memorizing really impacts has has been the largest blessing for me I'm going to get this really really really quick so studying the Bible taxes the mind sharpens the memory sharpens the intellect all the stuff really makes your brain smart. Says commit the Scriptures to memory this is the way that Jesus met the temptations of Satan and resistant them so Jesus memorized and and defended himself a state and how much more US These are the weapons that we need to have and so one thing when I want one verse I recommend is 1011th I would have I had in my heart that I might not sin against the one way to do is singing and this is a song So repeat after me OK I know this is cheesy but just do it OK just entertain me don't be Korean be American Ok the word of a hit. That I might not sin. Against the Lord. And he repeated it's a cheesy cheesy cheesy melody but the cheesy or the melody is. This is the more it won't leave your brain. And so you're tonight you'd be like. You're brushing your teeth but it's the Bible like you know and so there's something like when we were raising our kids are like you got to memorize go to memorize memorize and somewhere on teen years we don't push it on them as much and we become young adults are like well you're mature and sophisticated You don't need to know the Bible and when we are all real like we're going to. Be more that's when we need the Bible the most yes and as adults and as Sabbath school director let's memorize the memory verses that's why they're called the well memory versus let's not read them because if you read them they'd be called reading verses and you understand what I'm saying Number 2 if you memory memorize them the promise is that God will flash this in your memory at the time that you need it and this has happened so many times it's like a pop up window that just comes out of nowhere and then but you can almost like just see Seyfried forbade him. When you're praying these bible verses come in when you're witnessing I was talking to somebody and I don't know what to say I mean they're bring up these arguments I don't know and then like Lord what do I say. Oh and I said the well the Bible says I'm going on and on of the yeah you're right I mean so this was a cool thing in the witnessing perspective when you're doing Bible study and then here Martin Luther he had a by with The just shall live by faith just to live by faith and the moment the memory verse in did not leave his mind so he just started the Protestant Reformation to get it out of his mind. Benefit number 3 be like Jesus Amen He is our Lord and Savior he memorized so we should memorize OK Number one I'm not intelligent So this is saying that everyone is intelligent here this is really this is a very powerful quote the intellect cultivated the memory. Taxed all intellectual laziness is sin and spiritual left is deaf so use your minds that God has given you if you all can memorize the anatomical features of the body you can all memorize the entire Bible Amen it's the same the brain is not space but it is a a muscle so some of you are saying like well hey I only have one terabyte in my my brain and right now 999 gigs is full of junk and I only have so much space I can't fit it in the brain is not space but it is a. Muscle So I shared a story when I was in teens hit a camp meeting I wanted to impress the girls I want to become like Tom become all muscular and stuff so I went to the gym and I want to go working out and there was a girl gym and she was working out with 50 pound weights you know she's doing bench presses some like that I'm a man she's a girl she doesn't know if she can do a man can do so I went up to the 60 pounds right and have you ever lifted some of Tom's likes but I was skinny skinny Asian kid as many of you were and I lifted up this 60 pound has your brain ever told your body to do something but your body can't do it. I mean this is and I just couldn't get it off the rack so they went down to the fifty's I pulled it off the rack and then my bicep was flexing but nothing was moving in the mirror like it was just this weird weird weird weird so I had to go all the way down to where these weights they stopped being metal and then there's this pink Reebok you know weight thing and use that and I was like the only bicep I could do right so I know you know this but muscle gets that's gets acclimated to that resistance and then that becomes easier I need to graduate to higher and higher and higher and higher higher and now Tom and I can bench press the same exact amount no problem OK so the same with the mind OK So so you remember something small and easy to begin with your memory gets adapted to that and you want to build up and you want to build up your brain as a muscle for memory health brain power is required to think most earnestly you must be put to the stretch to solve hard problems and master them else the mind the creases in power and aptitude think meaning if you don't use your must soul what happens atrophy right and so if you don't use your brain what happens brain atrophy same same thing there. Number 2 is I have no time so she's basically saying is a long quo but fine little tidbits in your life 2 to 2 to memorize she says here that might be frittered away in a must talk you know when talking to people that you talk about nothing just memorize the Bible in your mind morning hour so often we sit in bed time spending traveling and trams or railway cars waiting in station waiting for meals waiting for those who are tardy in keeping an appointment because their Korean to come back that 30 minutes later you can be memorizing the Bible instead of just waiting and being on your phones now you may think you're busy but we spend a lot of time where phones. Like we don't wait any more waiting is like a vestige of the past we just sit and we just check or e-mails so stop doing that and just memorize the Bible this is one of the advantages of having a phone you always have the the Bible with you and can memorize something here in there OK. She says that we need a resolute purpose persistent industry and careful economy of time so these are some ways to memorize you can quote it out loud you can copy it there is actually an elder. I don't think it's this came as another came in that I went to he had written the entire Bible by hand and the Bible was like this thick he used composition Opus and he carried around the church everywhere he went and. It's crazy and then it's crazy I like to text other texture of things and if you put your hand over the paper it's kind of like crinkly because he had written on the paper and it's crazy because he says when he opens the Bible to a certain rubber bands and masking tape on it and then he says when he reads a certain passage he actually remembers the the conditions that he was in when writing that verse out meaning the brain is just amazing in its capacity to to to know things so copying is awesome as a scribe will exercise you can sing it like we did drawing it there are some families where the older 3 kids memorize it but the youngest kid can't write yet so the kid right draws it out and boom has memorized the bible already he's your apps flash cards Bible location what I mean by that is that I would try to read a different version every year but in my mind in the authorized just in Cambridge and Romans is on the left hand side in the bottom corner right Romans is always there right and so if I use another bible where Romans is on the right side of this is not inspired I can I can use a Bible so some people are spatially oriented so what I'm saying is use the same Bible so that the location is always in the same place a highlight or a highlight or is a highlight or it is not a scanner Amen. Mirrors gentlemen when you're shaving put it on the on the mirror so you can be memorizing while you're shaving your face ladies when you're shaving your face but you know your other parts and and when you put your drill than hair dryer and you know concrete on your head you can have the Bible verses on your mirror and memorize can use your house most likely said Paul used this technique when you close your eyes I think I see my bathroom bedroom out a hallway stairs downstairs kitchen kharaj front door. And what I do is you put a Bible verse in the bathroom in all these places so you don't have to memorize the order just close your eyes just walk through your house and this is one way that Paul had preached these long long sermons I'm commute my friend has a 2 hour commute to work and back every single day for hours in the car she memorized the book of Acts in her commute. Just to audio and she's not even trying she says here's the whole thing over and over and over again and she got she got the one with the voices you know like the famous famous people doing the voices so she memorize them and then going to locks and hikes there's been some new out there a logical studies that show that the neurons grow in environments where there's organized visual organized chaos and that in environments where there's 90 degree angles the body produces a court cortisone stress and then the brain brain B.D.N.F. goes down when I whatever and so where do people go when you're studying they go to the university library where there's a lot of 90 degree angles to the library actually the worst place to study and then where do you find patterns of organized chaos they actually say it's the way the trees grow this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio or.


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