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Calling: From Income to Disciple

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference


  • July 31, 2019
    1:45 PM
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Father know we're very excited we're reading the Bible we're getting into who we are identity calling Church Father we don't want to get ahead of you but we sincerely we pray before but I want to ask one more time as we open the Bible to bless us and Cheesus name Amen Kate Bush one a minute oh that's my son. Verse one verse one pole a prisoner for Jesus Christ Christ Jesus and Timothy your brother to fight lean in are our beloved fellow worker and if you are sister in Archippus our Spello soldier and church in your house graced you in peace from God our Father in the Lord Jesus Christ now for this exercise I'm just going to totally walk you through and help you out so you get to know it now go down to verse 23 and as epiphytes my fellow soldier in Christ Jesus and greetings to you and so this mockery starkest my fellow workers the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you with your spirit get where we are the parallels just shout it out loud. Do you see parallels here what are the parallels OK shadow OK the names I mention OK so one you can look for apparel lows that are like the meanings but we are admin S. and we like the textual phrase better the actual literal words will be repeated in this section so what are they OK Grace we see Grace what does. Come quick quick quick you're making a some really long. Jesus Christ OK if you know it's this requires 80 percent of your observation skills yes yes prisoner of Jesus Christ in prison a prisoner Yes OK What else just one more fellow Labor fellow Labor OK Do you see that there's parallels there OK go next section 1st for I think my God always when I remember for you in my prayers because I hear of your love and the faith that you have toward Lord Jesus Christ for all the saints skip down to verse 22 at the same time prepare guestroom for me for I'm hoping that through your prayers I should be graciously given to you what's the word that's that's repeated there. Prayers came skip down to verse 7 for I have derived much joy and comfort for your love my brother because the hearts of the saints me refresh by through you but 1st 20 yeah brother I want some brought benefit from you in the Lord refresh my heart in Christ what word is repeated refresh OK Now verse 9 yet for love's sake I prefer to appeal to you I Paul an old man and now a prisoner also for Jesus Christ Jesus who skipped on a verse 19 I Paul write this to with my own hand I will repay it to say nothing of your own you know so what's being repeated. And you are using something oh i Paul Yeah I see that I Paul says I Paul I Paul OK either you don't see it or this is so basic that you're like I don't want to answer this question which is how I usually respond 1st 10 OK now this is kind of thematic but go to verse 11 I should say 1st 11 family he was useless to you but now he is indeed useful to you and me I am sending him back to you sending my very heart I would have been glad to keep him with me in order they might have served me in your behalf during my in person in the Gospel but in the verse 16 no longer a slave but more than a slave as a brother beloved brother especially to me but how much more to you both in the flesh and Lord So if you consider me your partner and receive him as you would also receive me he was being repeated I kind of emphasized that with my intonation of my voice to give you a little bit of a clue to the word receive is there OK you need is you in the interaction if you accept me except him and you mean you know him and it is this is a relationship basis OK You see the pattern of the guy as a yes OK so once you see it maybe this is foreign for some of you and like man this is really academic It's not supposed to be academic this is a very very fly over so where is the apex where is the the mountain top it's the middle but we didn't read so good a verse. Kicked me out they got the Koreans will be smart. To be with me here OK So verse $1414.00 we're going to suffer verse 13. I would have been glad to keep him with me in order that he might have seen my serve me in your behalf during the my imprisonment the Gospel but I would prefer to do nothing without your consent in order that your goodness might not be by compulsion but by your own record E.S.Q.'s maybe the diversions aren't sinking up but that's the apex OK Can someone explain those 2 verses in a regular top what are those 2 verses saying what you see here is a letter of Paul interceding on the behalf I lean in to be told nice to mystify Leaman there are 3 parties Yes and you have him in verse 13 I want him I want him I want you put I just put in my own words I want him to serve me I want I want to hang out with him right. But verse 14 I would prefer to do nothing without your consent meaning I am the home you are the things that I don't think I can pull rank on you and I would say he's with me but yet for love's sake I want to ask you the question yes he's asking him and he's saying look he I am interceding on his behalf that Apex this is an intercessory letter for us on behalf of somebody else and then the question is this once you see it and you understand all the arms here the age of the B.'s and C's and D's Obviously you don't do this every morning you know you're not doing this in 15 minutes this is your building up every day by day you ask yourself in this apex How does this passage point to Jesus Christ that's the question. So you have these 3 parties OK you have Paul nice Miss and LEHMAN Right and so you can you can you can play the parts OK how am I if I were Paul how can I intercede for somebody else so your per your prayers you're praying for I'm praying for for him to come back to church and Lord I want to intercede on his behalf that's one version. 2nd version Jesus is interceding on our behalf to God the Father Yes but the No thing is maybe weird we're the ones that need to be talked to so Jesus is saying to us Hey reconcile with Tom if you guys have fun because Tom is my son and you need to forgive him and he'll he's my servant so you plays all these parts and you see how does that apply to your own life like oh man Lord I actually fought with Tom the other day are you telling me how to reconcile with him yes that's what this Bible study is or man I was just talking to do you Gene in this day and she's not come to church Lor I want to pray for you convicted me I should pray for a Yeah or maybe like you just I'm the sinner and like I need intercession in my life I need the assurance of salvation that this is what your career this is the point of this apex chi is making sense OK so you do this and once you do this in the Bible you can not see it sometimes you don't have an apex and so frustrated me I hate that what happens sometimes there's no way it picks and apparently if there's an apex it's the emphasis is on the 1st and the last just F Y A Sometimes that happens and the other thing is this when you get on the Internet you'll see them go Lord as these feel logins all they do is looking for the structures and. You go insane looking for these but it's just how in your study and however you see it but for this problem it's pretty clear that this is a. For me now let's go to Genesis. And I'll skip the other 2 exercise and go to Genesis go to Genesis 12 so I mean is like OK as I'm in one little one little chapter Kai ASMS also occur across long long passages Ok so good as Genesis 12 Genesis 12. And I'm going to do this on the fly. We don't have enough time but let's say we all read Genesis and then where we're reflecting on the story and Genesis one through 11 Can you see down here can you see us can go up there can you see it on your can't get to Genesis one through 11 people are Consider this that this is the all the supernatural stuff happened in Genesis one through 11 and the liberal theologians are like that never happen and that's never discussed and all together but what happens one through 11 what are the stories where the quick creation. Flow. Talking and the more. Animals walking to the owner know all that stuff and then 12 through 50 is called historical par and this is where what's called a liberal scholars say it actually happened I actually we both happened in actual real time time history but that's another story so then 12 through 20 is another section so let's go to 12 and you don't have to read all of it but your Bibles and if you have a digital Bible you don't have this advantage but some of you are Bibles you have this chapter headings what is Chapter 12 about. OK I hear in the proper degree that's all they heard you say it out loud in just one word what it what is Chapter 12 about Abraham and what promises OK Be more specific because the whole whole sections about promises What's the story what's happening. OK go to the whole chapter What's the whole chapter about all the way through that's true that's the introduction of goal way to the end What's what's what's happening there. Egypt and what is what is Abraham do he lies OK So I mean you can read it however you want I'm just going to write lie because it's just one easy way to describe the whole chapter of the chapters the promises are correct but. But we're not going to go there Chapter 13 was Chapter 13 about OK Chapter 13 is what. Lott OK 1414 OK Saddam 15 covenant very good covenant 16 OK 17. Carbon it OK So I mean now you can kind of pick up it's you don't really have to you can just kind of guess 18. Saddam 19 lot and then twats 20 about with. Yet another lie OK. Now just look at your Bible and confirm it's what he's about why this is a linear Abraham lie submolecular Chapter 20 but a lies through the other king and Chapter 12 so you see these parallels here yet lying lot Saddam covenant and then the apex is well and somebody like will wait wait a minute I thought it was the whole Isaac thing right but it's too. Hagar is the apex now you are in chapter 21 and 22 I'm sorry if that handwriting is this is another story but once you get into this I mean you can't this will not be a 15 minute Bible so you can spend hours doing this but you do a little bit each day and it just gets like man this is awesome and the question is why in the world is a Hagar the apex of the Abrahamic story I thought he was the one as I told God I know you know go away but she's the apex How is Hagar the apex. OK you're waiting for me to tell you OK so go to Chapter 16 reach up a 16 and I'm assuming you all know the story if you don't know the story then go home and read it for verse verse. Verse 7 the angel Lord found her by a spring of water and a wilderness the spring on the way to sure and he said Hagar servant of sorry Where have you come from or are you going she says I'm fleeing from my mistress Sarah I the angel it's untrue turn to your mistress and submit to her knees of the Lord Senator I will surely multiply your offspring that they win the cake cannot be numbered for a multitude and the angel the Lord said to her behold you are pregnant you shall bear a son you should call his name what. Ishmael because the Lord does listen to your affliction verse 12 he shall be a wild donkey of a man his hand will be against everyone and everyone's handle be against him and he should do well over against his kinsmen So she called the name of the Lord who spoke on tour you are a god of seeing for she said Truly I have seen him who looks after me therefore the well was cold be here LAHAIE Roy OK And there's this where the word Roy means to see OK. And then she she bear Abramson is called his name his name is Ishmael is the 1st time someone gives gone not a name in the old and in Genesis and then who is it it's a woman OK and this apex is very interesting OK Hagar what kind of what kind of woman was she. OK she's Egyptian she's a slave right low class she's also Gyptian So she's a foreigner. She's a woman but in a certain sense she's a widow yes or no. OK or what the Bible doesn't actually say widow but says Husband less. And then her son has no one. No father. OK fatherless husband less and she's kind of like this in the social world that she's in she's the lowest of the low but in this apex it's not Abraham that's the one that's glorified it's Hagar that's the one a woman and woman a slave woman one who is now being divorced or or husband listserv and then her son is now fatherless right now Exodus 22 Exodus 22 I don't I get excited I know you some of you are are like digesting food. The one verse $31.00 you shall not wrong a sojourner or oppressive for you or Sojourners at the land of Egypt you shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child if you do mistreat them and cry out to me I shall surely hear their cry my wrath so burn I will kill you with the sword and your wives have become widows and your father are your children fatherless there is this. Period there is this thing of the father lists widows and the stranger this is like the holy 3 relationships of the Old Testament and he said the Bible saying he these 3 are the people that God loves and that we need to protect and then Abraham your special people and I'm going to bless you and your mission in life is to help people like this that's the purpose of Israel that's what I'm calling you out to do Israel and what is Abraham do in the actual narrative does he succeed or fail he totally bombs it within his own family. So then in this apex it should have been Isaac it should have been the but it is it's a gar it's a failure story right and these 3 relationships I mean Abraham doesn't want to deal with it Israel doesn't want to deal with and if you read the entire 10 Old Testament from the minor prophets the major prophets it always talks about those 3 relationships OK now go apply this to here and Confucian relationships OK Confucian relationships almost in a sense codified is what Abraham did fail to do OK Who was the fatherless here the father son relationship is defined you have ruled in a ruler I mean she has no more no nation she has no king to abide by husband and wife she has no husband and so here Abraham story is diametrically is just totally talking about redefining relationships for the whole world so what when when people say hey I'm Korean I'm Confucian It's my culture my relationships are defined the Bible says No wonder Christ you read redefine every relationship Yeah so in that sense some people say don't touch culture culture is holy culture is out of the ice a new show THE BIBLE redefines culture now there's some things in culture that are not moral not bad or not not neat not evil for example can she yes kimchi is not evil or good or some people may think it's evil but it's not evil OK it's just a moral OK if you wear shoes and you're in your in your room or not or in your home or not that's not moral but how you treat somebody because of what kind of a social class they are that becomes a moral situation when it comes to the God of Abraham So it's a myth. OK So this is just one example you see these patterns and then you spend 80 percent of your time looking for these patterns how to structure structure structure about 15 percent about what does this mean why is Hagar in the middle she spent some time and at the end of the last 5 percent that's the easiest thing how does this apply as a man this totally applies so then when in our culture when we have someone who who doesn't have a father or someone who is has a different marital situation or someone who is especially in our modern political context about their their immigration status not as an American citizen but as a believer of Jesus Christ in the Bible how do we treat that person this is the question we need to ask ourselves Amen that's the basis for the seminar we want to redefine these relationships and we can only do that by the grace of God. Amen. This is just we just got started but we have to conclude yesterday we talked about the Asian American conundrum and they said the pressures about being the mom the model minority most likely all of you got good grades all of you never really got in trouble I mean some of you probably did but not the normal Korean American doesn't get in trouble we deal with perfectionism there's a lot of internal pressure a lot of internal pressure when comparing other immigrant groups we have a hard time understanding sacrifice as a leveling which because we've been bombarded by it he think he's in he's in he's in he's in he's in he's in he's ngs and I love you he's a he's a he's a he's a hazing and then you go to church and then God has he same for you too and you're like. Overload in your brain and then lastly there are unspoken responsibilities about all of these expectations that they have of you but it's never articulated so you're always wondering in exile you like what am I supposed to do in this in this situation and it's very can get very very very very hard so the Korean Americans have had to have created their own identity number one to Americans or to Westerners our default is to be Korean to them. We interact because as we feel more comfortable like and many ways Queen Americans kind of cherry pick the best parts of the western side and the best parts of the eastern side and in some situations like yeah I'm Korean and I just I don't I don't really like to talk in public and I'm just any do this I don't why this is Korean but you do this Korean thing and then and in Korean circles you're like well I'm an American I talk loud on the subway I'm going to talk with my English accent I'm going to wear my hat backwards I'm going to wear shorts in downtown Korea or downtown Korea downtown Seoul I'm not going to wear make up in Korea because I an American I mean you do these things you play these things the way you want and so we it's hard to pinpoint where Korean Americans are up because we just kind of do what we want to do OK we have a passive aggressive form of communication we don't like it but we've inherited this form of communication OK and it's just hilarious I mean it is the most American of us the most western of us we take pride that you know I graduated from this university and I'm not a professional in my neighborhood and I'm the mayor but then when you talk when you analyze the communication form it shows passive aggressive. Because there's one friend I won't mention the name because you hope you all know who this person is we were in the room and you know the western form of communication is it is cold in here I'm going to turn the AC off is anyone else Kolb's I'm going to turn it off OK but the passive aggressive form is it's really cold in here. Man is it here. I wonder what the temperature is I mean that's a passive What are they actually communicating I want it down but they don't want to impose So is this kind of polite but they don't they can't keep it to themselves so they had to say something so they do that another another version the same person who's they've heard that. We were driving in a car and the window was down and the window was bothering to person so you know the Western form would be hey could you you know just lift the window up but passive form of communication is. Do you like your window down like that. Do you do you like it or you do OK well. It's cold. So we have adopted those forms of Camino we don't do that all the time we know when to turn it on and and I would I would say even this we don't know when we're turning it on and off but we code switch so that when we're at work we just realize that these are Westerners so you code switch but when you're back home you kind of quote and you're doing even subconsciously and we're not we came in control of that communication for so we do that we are unemotional and unresponsive that we get this from our parents this is what's hilarious I as a preacher when I see you you look like the parental the or the Korean speaking generation when I'm preaching to you. With all due respect I'm so sorry to say that but when I go to America nervous America Europe where America white or the black churches I mean they're just like. The. Choosing it right I go to a Korean congregation are just like. And when they come here you were like. Now I realize you're not intending to do that but when you relax your face Asian faces just look angry when they're when they're no that's just the way the 2nd thing is we are not accustomed to having high emotions in social circles because we're a community area and culture we don't want to burden other people we don't want to put Dom other people with my problems with my emotions but in the in the in the Western world it's like look this is my problem and you got it here no matter what and then and you tell your story and sometimes they have no nuance in it keep on going and going and going and going where screens are like with it if I don't want to bother you but I just and then this is this the emotions we're human the emotions want to come out but we don't so we repress and repress and repress and it's just a hard time now one and one is a different story because we're human and we need to express our emotions it's not appropriate to express your motions in public this is why in Asian culture especially men to express emotion there is one situation where it's allowed to Does anyone know where and when it is allowed to express your emotions. OK anger is that we see Korean men are angry all the time. But other than other than anger What's a. Sports OK. You do the job thing it's there all these emotions but when you have deep emotion and you need to release it you have this is why alcohol plays a large role in Korean culture so that I will be in the breed and the listener will be just as a neighbor and then we don't we just get go all of emotions are allowed to come out in a formal and an acceptable format and then we go home we forget that we ever did that. Because it makes sense and so we can go to work the next day and we can save face there's no shame because all we were just we're just drunk the and just continue going on and so this is very interesting and then women are starting to do this and like Hey Woody obviously we don't do this in the avenue subculture Amen. Maybe maybe you do. Need to have a talk but in a career in the in this is just in China and Japan it's like hey we need to talk which codewords a let's go and get something to drink and then you get smashed and you just pour out everything and you see that on the dramas for those of you who watch all seasons one through 9 of them. We're into dignity and decorum although we criticize the parental generation for doing it we are just as much we like dignity we want things to be orderly not too emotional not to try not to you know we just wanted to be you know orderly and quiet and whatnot and then if we don't like it what do we do we know how to give people the silent treatment because we have received the silent treatment all of our lives. So I remember when I was pastor. And I you know I was a young young pastor 22 years old I was passing Korean church and was like look I'm the pastor and we're going to do this let's do that up and all the others like. It's quiet and they just I don't know why they're clearing to throats. And they just sat there nodding their heads which translated means we hate the idea you're wrong and we don't like you as a pastor Where's my ideas like oh are you all quiet that means you're thinking about it so I'm waiting waiting waiting waiting there waiting waiting waiting is awkward passive aggressive communication they they know how to give the silent treatment because we've received it we know how to do it in extreme times and we don't like somebody we give them the silent treatment we don't want to fight back we just say I'm going to give you the quiet and the special in a marriage is we happens a lot and naturally we are age different. When we don't do it consciously but we see someone who's older we just kind of give them more respect then and when they're younger we try not to do that we're respective elders and higher levels yet at the same time we're very highly individualistic expressive but the expressiveness is not as expressive as the westerners are yeah so it's funny when create Americans go into a Western context they always say if you can't you're the quiet one you're like the yams and one but the Korean American goes to an Eastern context and you're like Man you're so. Old and you're so expressive So we're somewhere in between those 2 extremes we like well thought out and worked through implications and social results this is another way of saying Korean Americans have new and she and when we are in western contexts because Western culture does not value new. That Korean Americans have hi hi hi hi and she. But when creen Americans go into a Korean context they had no. It's very interesting because Koreans think about the 1st implication and then the 2nd round of immigration and then the 3rd round of implications all within a time space ratio Matrix about all the permutations of what can happen from what I say they're calculating this in real time as their interactions and you know you do do do do do do whereas Americans really could care less about that stuff. They're not principle oriented but relation oriented OK So we have a hard time with like my conscience feels this way but because the relationship in this way we tend to lean on relationship because we know each other let's just do it this way and just keep it hush hush it's kind of more pragmatic we're into the say face. Culture and my mind I don't know why but my personal theory is people have Nucci because the population density in Asia there are so many people I mean you have like apartment buildings and people living here here here here here here here that I need to watch what I do because there's all these people are so close to where I'm living right but America I'm here and in some parts of America where the history of America I should say I'm here and the next neighbor is like 2 hours over there so I can just do whatever I want to do and we just have the culture has developed a way whereas in Asia that has not the West is very high expressive individual istic and articulate well especially our what. Our rights are rights and in Asia they could care less about your rights as a form they are they consider rights as a form of selfishness and it gets kind of complicated there's something called them to ceiling Asian Americans must score 140 points higher on the S.A.T. than other peoples OK there is a reverse. Bias against us disproportionate we have more physicians more Dennis more lawyers compared to the general population because we do have that emphasis but get this that 5 percent of the pipe with this is 5 percent of population but only for 0.3 percent of the corporate leadership world is Asian The whole point is this we have more doctors merely has more businessmen but when it comes to leadership positions indeed in these in these fields Asians do not rise as high why is that we call it the bamboo ceiling case not a Korean thing this is Chinese Asian Even Indian. 33 percent of Silicon Valley world is Asian but only 6 percent of their board members are similarly higher than average number of doctoral degrees when only 2 percent of approach a college presidents are Eason and any age has 21.5 percent of Asian scientists but only $4.00 are directors OK Question Why do you think that is success in the West is the pendant on personal initiative risk taking aggressive networking self advertising assertive habits and outside of the box creativity and frequent breaking of the rules. That is Western success OK this is this is and high school this is the quarterback the cowboy or the study Yeah I mean this is this is the the Western Mail right so usually in companies the person that complains the most is the one that's going to get promoted right now complaining or is a sin in culture right what is a virtue in Asian culture it is diligence baldies to go he'll or she may she or some in the you'll get promoted someday so what happens if it's a spread in their program is your smear smear some here your smears but you know in the Western context if you go she had this little box you know what you get you get more of that box. You know I'm saying like I'm going to do this so well that I hope my my boss sees me and he's going to promo me and the boss Oh you do that really well we're just give you more of this to do forever you know what I can but the president I don't want to do this why do we do this why we got to really look at this and then Oh you're you're you're brought thinker you were going to promote you to be the C.E.O. of this company that's kind of the way it is so here in the Eastern world they value hard consistent and persistent work yes or no. In our subculture we have a lot of parents were. At the generation right I mean dry cleaning is is is a noble work but it's just the same thing or over and over again it's hard no one wants to do it but Koreans are like if it's hard and it's just just. And then I went and they've become successful because naturally want to do the hard consistent diligent work out there. The Korean version of the administration is not set back so it's the. Many many churches have this that many churches were grown from from the subculture it's completely fine the perception of peace harmony and loyalty and corporate contention are pivotal keep your head down is the whole message the Chinese have a proverb The loudest duck gets what are the Koreans Japanese both say the nail that sticks out gets what hammer down so relieved to get into the leadership positions is look broadly and start raising your voice and you can do it in a new and she kind of way where you can complain but look at things outwardly instead of just looking Iceland then let me just do this and we do it fast enough and we'll enough and more efficiently enough then someone will see No no one will see you if you're in Asia yet people are watching you everybody all the whole culture but in an America in the West no one's looking at you. In the Asian American context. So all these these cause these cultural things and impact or spirituality number Asians are into duty and obligation OK go to church why well it's my duty and I'm annoyed if I don't go what we think Well Chip Sunday into well the mix on the thing and as a pastor it was so weird as in a Korean church they said Look sonny go visit everyone and make them feel guilty when they don't come to church. Like wow this is a real this is like a real thing to go and Poundland them and then when you visit you don't even have to say anything you just sit there he's getting your free little water war issues that you get and then you're just like Muslims are OK and the US does a. Good you know. OK good and then they come next week does that work in the Western context for sure on the western concept as by self actualization is the highest motive for decision making you're discovering who you are what is God's will for you what is you. In the great concert of the history of the universe you play a crucial part and for you to find come to church a wow and I want to know my personal calling that is the Western pole pretty poor people come out the church the motives or even say because I should because it's expected of me my family my clan my country my province my church in the West it's individualistic it's my my identity my destiny because it feels right and honest with myself and I would say the compromise to that is Be Faithful not because of duty not because of your so be faithful because who God expects that out of you right so we are to be communitarian but our community is not the Korean community or church community our community is God is our community. I mean. So I'm going to if there's Asian American pressures when you're young practice practice practice piano piano piano piano piano by then by then by then by the by the by the by the violin and then you graduate to study study study study study study study study study study study the home with a woman then it's Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary and then after Mary children show to show those children sort of sort and sort of sort of do it yes or no you're laughing because this there's a pattern here and then after children they really have nothing to say to you. It's kind of quiet. And conversation kind of owners of what So we talk about why I don't know OK that's the pressure it's this funny thing is this is not I say Asian I say Eastern but this is also African This is also a Latin American any communitarian culture is really into this. Americans the motivation is do whatever you really want to do that you can be the Asians is Happiness is found in other people they say how happy your parents must be yeah and be all that your family has sacrificed you to be that's really the motif that Asians are going. We're going to go through this really quick and in the West I want to skip over this there's been a bifurcation. The bifurcation is this that religion your private religion in your preference as your values individual choice your heart has been separated from the public and in the public give science you to brain knowledge facts public's as and rational and modernism meaning there was this always it's attacked for science 1st ruin in science 1st roof science for 1st religion in postman dare newt's he would or were living into the in 2019 it's as you know what let's stop fighting you can do a your religion but you do it in private but in public let's not talk about it whereas before 950 as a your you believe in god and in public you're an idiot know all these things were but let's stop fighting as long as you do in private we that's we won't talk about it so in the sense they've they've won this is from leslie new big you begin the sharp line which modern with a western culture as drawn between religious affairs and secular fares it is in itself one of the most significant peculiar is of our culture and will be incomprehensive to the vast majority of people ok so what happens to is this we have all our jobs in a careers here to make what to make money but are calling our vocation a life work which we spent time is something different whereas all throughout history there are exactly the same theme meaning this for those of you who are call to whatever job that you're doing now is that you're calling or is that just what you do to make money on and the way that a parents have raise this the in the good mentality not a kareen thing not an asian thing but it emigrant thing is who cares what you're calling is we have sacrificed for you to be our future sosa security see you better make a lot of money Yes So many people have suspended their life calling to before a higher profession to make more money OK so the 2 acts have to come to sync on saw to on the some level. So here's we have this this is where we see dissonance should there be Listen listen very carefully and world to wrap up here should there be Christian ministries who mimic entertainment or secular industries to to to to make sense for example. As a church in Germany they started using heavy metal as a way to bring people to church OK they open the church doors and these guys they have white make up they have gone off going on black lipstick they have piercings and they were 7th Day Adventists they're playing the guitar and they were heavy metal and the words were Jesus loving joining in it in going to Jesus then you know now. They're going to need an internet in an internet somewhere the method contradicts the message but somehow we think because the method works in a secular world it should work just as much in the in the spiritual world but there's a distance there and it's this bifurcation that's happened in the West Christian businesses who are accepting for profit secular management theories OK I don't want to go too much into that but there's there's a sort of cushion hospitals that are based on secular definitions of health for example some of you who are working for I want to call you out I'll call the General Conference out there are having this health systems you've heard of that big you know system for help you would think at some level that admin is how systems would be administering rights but is it. Not at all it's just the know Minkley they're doing the same thing that the Baptists and the Catholics and the and again whatever people are so then why what is you've got to ask yourself what's the point why did bifurcation their Christian families have the same divorce rate as the secular world Christian jobs that had to commit murder for example I'm going to go pretty quick here. That can add an ISP is this meant alcohol so if you bifurcate like well I just need to make money and when to pay tithes on anyway it's OK to solve right but it's that's if that's your calling is that you're good in life is to sell alcohol to people after Ask yourself that can Emmis writers write novels about living after death the state of the dead we believe that when you die you go to the ground you're in the ground until Jesus comes but can you write literature just to make money about the violating state of the dead Lastly can ave scientists work on nuclear missiles OK Not nuclear power plants but nuclear missiles designed to kill other people in mass population Well I mean that's my job and begin to ask yourself is that the reason why God has put you on this earth to discover nuclear missiles there's a dissonance there on the screen subculture says that's completely fine. All you need to make money pay tithes if you take care of your parents it doesn't matter was you do as long as you make enough money and I'm not making fun of them this is just an immigrant survivalist perspective OK now Koreans and Christians yes we should be concerned for our parents Amen we should be that is a biblical mandate we must be concerned for our parents Number 2 we should plan well for for the future and let's not be lazy I'm not saying we the diligence factor we are korean we are diligent Amen that is part of what we are we will quit you need to do something until we die OK but there are some things here prestige is not central to the life of the Christian believer and for some people I mean subconsciously that's what their love their longing for hoarding money is whoa is foolish this is a Korean way of saving you don't spend it just put it underneath your Chinda. OK attitude and behavior Tom and skip over that so honor parental protect parental dignity attribute weight to print a council acknowledge the parents how your social position and respond appropriately to parents' love and wisdom so we must honor our parents Amen even even if you're if you're if you're 16 years old we must honor I 90 year old parents that is a biblical injunction but honoring them and obey them are 2 different things I say it one more time let it sink in some people heart time. Honoring them and old banning them are 2 different things the Bible does not say obey your parents the Bible says on are your parents so you you ask them for counsel you listen for them and you sing the. Columns and you do your own thing OK. I mean you prayerfully do do whatever you think so you have you have honorable disobedience for example Russia Naomi Yes Naomi says total caught up and then routes as no I will follow you until whatever Jonathan Saul Saul said Hey Jonathan go kill David and John's like no I respect you but I he's my friend I'm not going to and Jesus and his parents there were moments when Jesus honored his parents but did not obey them fully to the letter every single time. This is the last one John stop the submission required is to God's authority delegated to human beings if Therefore for example the parents misuse their God given authority I.E. by commanding what God forbids or forbidding what God commands then our duty is no longer conscientiously to submit but conscientiously to to what to refuse So here's the thing our parents are figures of authority given to us by God But the larger authority is God so we honor them under the light of God But should they tell us to do something otherwise when we have to conscientiously disobeyed a our parents that also applies to someone asked this and I'll conclude with this how does the husband wife thing work and most likely in a Western context struggling with this but there is we are in the midst of this culture where like as a as a woman do I submit to my husband in everything. And the Bible says yes. But the Bible is continues to say as to the Lord so just like this the higher authority is God Yes So we all we obey God and we honor God and temporarily there is this and it's not because men are superior and women are inferior that is not what the Bible says but in a selfish world and selfish context you have 2 people plurality trying to be a singularity one person has to give in one person has to make the shot and for those situations the for some reason the Bible says In 1st Timothy gives one reason that the male is the one that's supposed to be followed and the female is to submit but submission only as to the Lord meaning if the husband does something contrary to the will of God then it has hurt conscious duty to disobeyed a her husband Amen and that's that the female side the male side is you are taking on the responsibility that God has given you not your own self will imposed upon other human person so that response of that weight is upon your shoulders and you will be held accountable at the judgment for that decision yes and then super soaker in your own. These relationships need to be redefined in our Bible study and a lot of times we just flow through culture and just accept except a lot time to go to reassess and this can only be done only be done not by our intelligence not by our professional degrees but by the grace of God How many of you want Lord I need your grease to transform me not my thinking only not my heart only but all the extensions of my relationships may be pleasing to yours let's pray Father I pray that the presentation. Is is planted in our hearts in a way that you seem appropriate board and that there was something that was inappropriate we ask that you who cause us to forget it or what not to Lord some of the stuff is hard and lord it may be that our inclination is to say to disregard it altogether or Lord it may be that we want to implemented by our own strength today I want to pray for myself and for every person in this room each of my brothers and sisters here grant us grace transform asked by your grace and your gentle and in your wise way transform us and or use us to transform your other children as well the praying Jesus in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you 1st if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio 1st or.


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