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Mission Possible

Elizabeth Chung


  • July 31, 2019
    1:45 PM
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Yes Father in heaven thank you so much for this opportunity to talk together and. See all the good things that you have available for us and opportunities to answer your call and I just pray that during this session that you will put words to speak and that your Holy Spirit will be amongst us Jews preciously I pay men. So God's call. Is something that I've actually thought about since I was 4 years old. And others not a very normal thought for a 4 year old by that time I had learned how to read chapter books and so my mom thought it was a great idea to get me to start reading Ellen G. White books and so she provided me messages to young people Child Guidance ads and as home and said Here you can read these and so I started reading those. And at that time I was very religious but I wouldn't say I had a very strong or good concept of God I had thought of God as my Father in heaven and to me that was kind of a scary thought at times I remember having nightmares of the 2nd coming actually and I would wake up and. Especially in the middle and I think that I was all by myself and my whole family had gone to heaven without me and I was the worst feeling in the world and sighed like walk around the house and make sure everyone is still there and then I go back to sleep. But that was kind of when I started thinking OK what does God want me to do why am I here on Earth what am I called to do and. And as. Sorry. As a Korean American immigrant family that was us in a humble I think we had a very. I think something that we we can all have a lot of resonance with and how I was raised so my dad actually my mom immigrated 1st she came to me on a Georgia and I think 970. Or no $170.00 I think was when the year she came and she was a nurse and so at that time America was recruiting nurses like crazy so they provided a plane ticket they provided a place like a job for her to have and it was in a nursing home and there they provided her room and board and so she stayed there worked for free and basically they gave her money and she sent all of it except for I think she kept like me be a little bit to have piano lessons because she always wanted piano lessons and the rest of it she sent back to her family in Korea and she was her goal at that time was to try to save her family from poverty because after the Korean War. She is the 2nd daughter or 2nd out of 6 children and they were very poor they were all living in $11.00 room and then my dad's family was even poorer and at that point the had started dating actually met when my mom was a senior in high school at the time you and my dad was a freshman in college and he was supposed to tutor her and. And. Yeah as you can imagine the tutoring sessions most a very interesting actually there was a group of girls that my mom was with and they were her friends and they were the go getters in class and they were like oh we should get tutoring from this guy he was very good and so they went and asked him to be their tutor and he said OK and then he just kept spending more time tutoring my mom and so eventually he told them I'm sorry I'm interested in her I cannot tutor all of you guys and so that's how their relationships. And thought that time they were both dreaming and keeping in touch my dad was quite romantic he wrote letters like every single day and they dated for 7 years that's a lot of letters my mom still has them somewhere. But yeah at that time they were dreaming about the things they wanted to have education they wanted to save their families so bring both of their families over my dad was the oldest out of 9 kids and I mentioned earlier my mom was 2nd out of 6 a full lot of people and plus their parents and my dad's family's situation was even poorer than my mom's so I can only imagine I don't think they've been all live together because they just couldn't afford to and. Some of the boys in the family like I was like staggered. One would work the other women could go to school the other one would work so on so forth not everybody could go to school it wasn't the situation and poverty life and then the 3rd thing that was really important for them was to figure out how to do missions for God and coming to the United States so they thought OK so my mom had an end she came to the United States and after about 5 years here and I think it might have been about 2 years 175. She ended up getting married to my dad because the pastor here told her it's time you need to go get Mr Chung and so he sent her back to Korea and she did a wedding and came back with him and they immediately started doing the whole American dream thing working 2 or 3 jobs at once trying to do school at the same time. And at that time my dad had done one year of college Army duty and then basically come over and he had been at the ology major at that time. And so they worked really hard they got involved in church I think the original plan to church was actually helped by my parents and now I think it's like 5 or 6 churches something like that. But yeah way back then they were all trying to really form church and tried to get their families situated I wasn't born yet because they thought at that time that the world was going to end soon so they were like maybe we shouldn't have children but then after about 5 years of being married my mom was like I guess everybody coupled with cruising around her as she was the king Oh no do you think I'm infertile. Posted like that and so they were I don't know if you guys know 1st control message that they were doing the rhythm method and they got into the wrong rhythm and they ended up having kids 18 months apart each one of us. They had for. Anyways back to God's colleagues So that's the background of my family some verses that have actually really I guess kind of formed my mindset about calling is of course the great commission you know we all know this verse Matthew 281220 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and behold I am with you always to the end of the Age So growing up I looked at this verse and I thought I know I'm going to Africa and I told my mom that I said you know what God's calling me I'm going to go to Africa she said Why Africa don't go to Africa and every single time I've had a chance had to plane tickets actually to Africa each time she has blocked me like we are circumstances we can talk about that later if you're really curious but I've been blocked each time to go to Africa so I still have not gone. Examples from the Bible that I have really seen as guiding lights Abraham in Genesis 121. Now the Lord said to a broom go from your country and your kindred in your father's house to the land that I will show you so this is a very concrete example right because actually telling him go from here and leave and I was like wow that's pretty cool maybe God will tell me that someday. Samuel and 1st Samuel 31 to 10 and the Lord came and stood calling as at other times so I mean well Samuel and Samuel said Speak for your servant hears So here you know he has an actual. Voice of God speaking to him Isaiah and Isaiah 68 and I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us then I said Here I am send me and Jeremiah who is also another prophet Jeremiah 15 before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you were born I consecrated you I appointed you a prophet to the nations. But it's really interesting when you see the patterns in the Bible all of these callings besides a specific calling like a pastor Pastor like a prophet or like Abraham. Actually in the Bible where Paul is talking to the churches. He actually gave the council to stay where they are so this was another concept that started and changed my mind more because my mom was like no you're not going to go to Africa God placed you where you are for a reason and so in 1st Corinthians 717. Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him and to which God has called him this is my rule in all the churches so this is Paul kind of talking about how he advices people because at that time you know you were having all these apostles go to different places Paul himself was being called to go to the Gentiles but this is the counsel he was giving to the churches because there was probably some question at that point do you know should we come with you or should we stay what should we do. First Corinthians 720 says Each one should remain in that condition in which he was called. And then Romans 122 cannot the last verse I'll share right now in this barrage of verses Romans 122 says Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern what is the will of God what is good and acceptable or perfect. So being renewed in your mind what does that mean you know and we have 2 tools that we know about in the Bible that we've been all raised with the Word of God and that is our guiding light and prayer and that's the direct communication that we have with God through the Holy Spirit and I was reading an article that John Piper had written and I kind of like his 7 considerations that you know he wants us to think about so number one Grace brought gifts so there are gifts that we are each given and some call them spiritual gifts but these are gifts that God has given us to be blessings to other people and so you know some people have the gift of hospitality some people have the spiritual gift of encouragement so that we have been each given a certain measure of this gift that we can think about and think about OK how are we going to use this and how is my personality going to relate to what God is calling you to number 2 moving so the church is dynamic the church that we have today is different from the church we had 10 years ago the world is dynamic and Justin kind of alluded to this I think when he was saying you know there may be a reason and one reason that there's Korean American churches and I kind of agree with the actually I think that might be a true reason but we need to pay attention to the times you know what's going on and ask God you know do you want me to play a role right now and is there something that you want to do and maybe just maybe the certain skills that you have you know the education you've been receiving the skills that you're gaining by you know telling your land maybe those will come together in a certain. Certain time that God really wants you to use it. Number 3 practical skills so again Tom is telling his land and he's gaining some really good practical skills while he's doing that and sweating his heart out number for recurrent interests so throughout your life I'm sure each one of you finds and I found this there's something that I continue to like doing I actually like school you know it's very dirty. For the 1st like a couple of years now and then I have not been in school and I miss miss like having us all of a sudden you know putting my load calendar together and my little school supplies and you know having a goal of this is what I'm going to do and this is going to get my you know all that kind of stuff. But that you know so recurrent interest for me is classes and learning and reading and actually interacting with people in that aspect or in that realm. Number 5 is missional desire and so when I was little I really wanted to go to Africa. I've gone pretty much everywhere else. So I do have a desire to do missions and I will share more about that later on. But I think each one of us has an area that you know that we start noticing that we want to help out in and so that's something to think about you know whether it is in the inner city whether it's in the you know Indian reservations I mean there's so many different areas that even in our own hometowns that we know need help and sometimes it just takes a moment to kind of open your eyes and think OK what what can I do you know where I am right now. Number 6 as local confirmation so just because you have a wild crazy idea doesn't mean you should go right away and do it you know you should. Actually ask those around you and people that you really admired. I remember back in college we were all big into mentoring like that was the catch phrase and so I read this book on mentoring and how you needed to go find a mentor to ask somebody to kind of help you know guide you somebody that you really admired that you would want to walk along their path I don't know if you guys all have somebody like that actually in the Korean American community I think a lot of us don't. Mentoring is not very strong in our community at all and. So it's something that I think we could think about and try to develop as time goes and actually a lot of avenues circles I don't think is very strong and so something that we need to think about because even though we haven't had mentoring ourselves maybe there are people coming up younger kids who are seeking that and who maybe you can pinpoint also and be like you know what maybe I can share a little bit with this person and actually pay attention to them and encourage them and it can go a long way and number 7 God's glory so we're trying to do all this for God's glory and we need to keep that in mind if it doesn't glorify Him There is really no point the reason why I agreed to speak I hate speaking actually the reason I agreed to speak is because I felt like if I shared my story when Tom and Susan asked I was like. Maybe God can be qualified through my experiences because it hasn't been easy at all. And I'm sure you know no one's life is easy but definitely what I'm going to share with you has not been easy. But. That's not an easy part OK so. This is my family there's 4 of us and the all this my sister Mary and my brother Josh and Rebecca and growing up in our family we were given no options you're all going to be doctors you're a child you can be a doctor and so you're like OK so didn't bother Mary or Josh that much the right OK whatever. I think we're back she's Marci she thought well OK the rest are going to do it so I'm going to do it too it really bothered me a lot because I'm like How can you know that I need to be a doctor I mean I'd love to take care of people help them out I've always even from when I was really young I loved putting Band-Aids on my siblings you know when they got hurt you know feeding them too but I honestly didn't think that I needed to be a doctor I actually wanted to be an elementary school teacher and so I told my mom that when I was going to Andrews and she was like oh no you're not going to major in that at all and I was like OK then I'll do nursing and she's like no I'm like but you're a nurse and she's like No she's like you need to be pre-med and then you can do whatever else you want on the side and I was like OK. So I ended up choosing 3 majors in college because I had won a 4 year scholarship and I wanted all those 4 years my parents had other ideas they wanted me to finish college in 2 years and go to 0 finish college get married and they got about a cool school so that was their plan for me and of course none of those happened so I ended up majoring in economics religion and attrition science and the way I kind of chose majors was that they were in completely different schools so. You had to have like all these different classes for it and so I definitely enjoyed my time learning and it was a lot of fun. And it was like a blissful unaware time when I thought wow if I could just Chile learned about the world I can really help this world and we can achieve world peace see it ourselves kind of like what I was the you know Miss Congeniality. But as time went on my senior year in college we discovered that my dad had colon cancer and that was a shock he had gone to medical school when he was 36 years old he had 4 children at that time and he was a health nut very much of believed in the health message to the extreme like light raw food you know like I wrote one point he was just Julie Brown Rice kernels you know thinking that that was healthy. But he was very very much into health and to know that the man that I thought was invincible and the reason why he went to medical school at age 36 was because he had a dream one night that God had told him No you're not going to be a pastor you will be a doctor you need to heal people and so he woke up and said I have to go to medical school and my mom was like oh OK And so. Very. So. At that time. He jumped right in and all 4 of us kids thought well that's what God called dad to do and we're going to I'll do our very best and so it was truly a very difficult time because they had brought over all of my dad's siblings except one and. All of my mom siblings and at one point I think we had like 30 people living in our house. And if you could just imagine that in the living room floor all these uncles and sleeping bags we're a little kid so we love that we're like God like at the functions or you know and we'd run downstairs and tickle that and it was a party every single day for us but for my mom she had to think about how to feed all those people she had to think about how to cook you know send the younger ones to school how to get jobs for the older was and how to figure out life she even named all of them none of them had English names before that so she named each one of them. And it's just crazy exists and so at that time my mom decided to open like 5 different businesses one was a gardening service another was like dental a. Couple care homes one was taking care of younger children one was elderly care and on top of that she was a nurse and she worked at Kaiser at nighttime in the I.C.U. So she was going like crazy and then my dad went off to medical school in Kansas City Missouri and so we saw him about twice a year at that time. To know that you know God had called him to this and then all of a sudden right when he's done with residency and I think you practice a total of. 5 years out. And then 2 years after he builds his clinic. Picture in the corner it's his clinic and it's called Get well Center. And he named it that because he wanted people to get well when they came because I was like Are you going to call it a proper name he's like no it's going to get well Center. So. It was pretty. They were still really living high on their dreams but even Actually I think 2 weeks up until he passed away he was actually seeing patients and it was very ironic to me because these patients. He was a pain doctor and he also did and the seizure but they came and they wanted you know oxy cotton they were in paying which you know Chile they were in pain but they had no idea how much in pain my dad was because I would see him when he came home right after seeing them and he was in terrible pain and he wasn't taking any meds at that time because he wanted to be able to be sharp and take care of them. And so at that time. We just could not imagine that God would be calling him home. Or to sleep so soon and. But he indeed did call him after he pretty much yeah there was a couple months where he kind of fought. But he basically ended up declining and then he passed away on January 1st of 2003. At that time I was a 1st year and my D.J.T. program by case and. I mean like Talk about timing you know that's like your hardest year your 1st year and grad school it's a new location my sister was in her 1st year at the moment and. Yeah a lot of things are happening in our lives personally and then on top of that my dad was dying so I took about 2 months out at that time and went home and tried to take care of things on help my mom. Because she ended up wanting to keep the clinic and that is not an easy thing to do when you're not a doctor she's a nurse and. I didn't know through all these experiences. It was amazing to me how God provided and even when we thought that you know he had totally turned his back on us because you know we thought we were holding up our end of the bargain by working hard doing all the things that we thought he had wanted us to do and you know forging forward trying to be ready for the mission that he had for us in the future yeah he takes away my dad and leaves us with a clinic with no doctor and and on top of that we're still too young to do anything about it. But it ended up being such a blessing because through the struggles through the hardships that we. Came through we learned a lot we learned how to depend on God We learned how to pray. In a way that we knew when the answer came it was only God could have answered it that way so as you can imagine there were times when it was financially very hard and my mom didn't know who'd you know where she was going to get the money to pay the paychecks but suddenly on the day that the paychecks were due money would appear exact amounts and over and over things like that kept happening and even to this day things like that happen which is just amazing and for me you know a lot of you have asked me like What are you doing with your legal degree Honestly I don't know. Because I originally went into it thinking that I have this opportunity and I would love to get involved in health policy in the future and I missed specially interested and international women's health and I thought what we're missing at the policy table usually as somebody who's been you know boots on the ground the person who's had both medical clinical experience and who also has legal experience to our legal knowledge and you. The people are usually policymakers or you know they just have a J.D. possibly an M.D. but they're not really clinically practicing So those are the usual people that are around the table in policy making and so I thought you know what if I can get experience and if I can get this education I'll be very well set to do this and I can solve all the world's problems. Very naive thinking because I learned there's a lot of problems a lot lot lot more problems. But yeah but throughout this hard time I kept looking and you know looking to Jesus and these pictures that Nathan green paints they're very very meaningful to me. Especially that one with the surgeon like sometimes when I'm in the O.R. and especially you know sometimes you laid out and I hate your patients bleeding out on you because you've got and I talk the pregnancy and you're like. And then you pray and I remember this picture and I can totally feel God's presence with me sometimes especially when I need it. And I know he helps and it's such a wonderful feeling and to be able to be with your patients and to be able to pray for them. Is one of the highest honors I think I've ever in this life for me at least and I get to do this almost on a daily basis I'm very blessed. And this picture also some day I'm going to own these paintings I think but right now I don't I just like to look at the presents and that's what I look forward to because you know some day that's going to be me and you know we're going to be meeting my dad and my grandparents. And I'm sure all of you guys can think of loved ones that you're going to meet so this is Mary Josh and Rebecca with their graduations they were all little and I guess. I haven't had that honor but it was by God's grace the only reason I'm showing you guys this picture is because I want you to know it wasn't on our own there are a lot of stories that we have to tell but it was by God's grace cell of us graduated and became doctors because God ordained it so and then this is me the reason why I'm laughing in the middle picture is cause I have both the law and the mad hoods on their both their purple I think it which colors what I think purple is the law and I think the green was the mad whatever. But yeah but not only do I love school but my mom loves graduations So that's about it but. If you can get are happy just tell her you're graduating and she'll feel really happy. And then another turn of events in our lives was you know I didn't quite know how to react to this honestly but she met Not that she met him but she knew him from way before this was my dad's old roommate from college and he ended up convincing my mom to marry him. The nerve of him I am. A Chile for 10 years she had been very lonely and it was a blessing that she felt somebody who was within her fun circle they knew all the same people they go labor and it was really meant to be. But yeah so this was kind of like coming together families and a lot of healing I think took place through this event. And that was my brother's. Youngest son's toy and yeah just to show you guys where we're at we now have 6 grandkids total. You see a leg sticking out because yeah. This is what I do on a daily basis this is my group and. It's a very interesting group very strong personalities but I've definitely been taken under and I'm there a little baby. Of the group until we get another person that we can recruit there's 5 of us and we're all O.B.-G.Y.N. and and I've really learned private practice one o one through this group and especially in today's environment that is not a very normal position because most groups maladies are being bought by hospitals most doctors or hospitals played so somehow that to have this group here in Mansfield of all places in Ohio and I've learned a lot with. And another fun thing that I get to do is go to mission trips and so I live not been to Africa yet I have been to many many places like I've been to Thailand I've been to Mongolia I've been to Costa Rica. Love and. Yeah it's been such a blessing and I'm very blessed with at least one to 2 mission trips a year and this was back in love and none of this is my most recent one. And I'm sure you guys all know about the Syrian refugees and actually there are some Iraqi refugees there too. But they have I mean their lives have been completely decimated they live in these tent cities some of them have lived there 5 plus years and this is what they look like. I mean there's. Very poor conditions and this is their home and they have nowhere else to go and Lebanon is one of the countries that's the most welcoming to them and yet this is the conditions that you find and. They said that for every one Lebanese citizen there are 3 refugees and so you can imagine the dynamics that create socially it's pretty. Hard die down there and yet they don't want to turn away the refugees because they get a lot of global aid this way so it's actually good for their economy so it's just like catch 22 for both sides it's terrible. But in that environment there's such I mean it's fertile soil for people to find Jesus and I've seen Muslim people that knew nothing about Jesus told me that they love Jesus and to me that's just amazing so I had the opportunity to go with John Bradshaw that's his back and it is written and he we did medical clinics during the daytime and he did the evangelist experience it was just amazing. So I like to wrap things up with a few. Spirit of Prophecy that have been really eyeopening for me and kind of helping me to day to day think about what I'm doing here and why I'm a doctor why I am who I am. I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work again and again I have been instructed that the medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the 3rd angel's message that the arm and the hand bear to the body under the direction of the divine head they are to work United Lee in preparing the way for the coming of Christ. Physical healing is bound up with the Gospel commission in the work of the Gospel teaching and healing are never separated. And health of vandalism this one is Ministry of healing 144 we are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live let the workers keep Christ the Great Physician constantly before those to whom disease of body and soul has brought discouragement point them to the one who can heal both physical and spiritual disease tell them of the one who is touched with the feeling of their infirmities encourage them to place themselves in the care of him who gave his life to make it possible for them to have life eternal talk of his love tell of his power to save. So in my own practice I called it interesting for a reason I do have one 7th Day Adventists person in the practice with me but the other 3 are not and they are not into evangelism at all they think it's supposed to be a very private thing like medical care is supposed to be very separate from any spiritual anything like the OK. Because that was not my idea at all. Because I had thought OK now I'm finally and it's happening I'm gonna go pray with every patient but yet that's not quite happening so I brought these Glo tracks and they have these stands since I filled I think it was like 2020 of them and they're so pretty so I brought them in and the for all my exam rooms which I have 3 of them and Cypress them in each room and then one of my partners the senior most one he got wind of this and I don't know how because he's busy with his own patients and he sees a large value but somehow he has snuck into my room and later he like caught me in the hallway it's like hey I need to talk to you now I'm like OK And he's like get those out of your room now I'm like what. How do you even know about this he's like well he's like That's not what our practice is doing but this is my practice too and he was like no just take it out and then we'll talk about it later and management meeting and so I have because our management meetings are quite dynamic. Quite dynamic like the 1st management meeting I went to this is like even before I had privileges to start. And it was like my 2nd day on the job. My senior partners were both likes standing on the table opposite each other yelling and screaming at each other like a while and then afterwards they all sat. Straight up and said Have a good day and they lost like oh this is their normal OK. And so I tried to bring it up in each subsequent management meeting but he kept saying no not now because not everyone's here and so for 3 months. It wasn't being brought up and even I kept trying and during that time. I had my Bible study group keep praying about this and and then you know honestly I was kind of going with an ebb and flow to it I was like well maybe I'm just being too bold mediation do this you know maybe it's just not worth it maybe this is not when it's with be doing. So anyway it's finally the 4th management meeting I was able to bring it up and so we talked about it and I presented how you know 70 percent of people in the United States would like to have their doctor talk to them about spiritual care that's actually proven in research and. Also talked about how some of my patients actually without solicitation at all asked me to pray for them and and then some when I asked They're just so happy like oh I didn't know that you would do that and they were like well yeah there are those people but we don't want you forcing anything down their throat like Do I look like someone who's going to force anything down anyone's throat. So. Yeah and so the upshot of the matter is they decided to compromise with me so they said you can carry them in your pocket just don't have them on display. And if you find somebody that really wants spiritual care then you can give it to them and so now I can carry in my pocket so. Great and they said yeah it's OK to pray with people about what's wonderful So that was an answer to prayer. But yes some day you know I'd love to be part of groups where you can openly do this like that or I'm like wow that is cool you know think about what power of God is there. It would be lovely. But for the time being though I'm very happy with what I mean well to do. So this book by Alvin Adams I don't know any of you guys that are into. Any sort of evangelism I would highly What recommend reading this is called the principles and practice of health eventually Islam and he really breaks it down in a way that I was like well he's thought of a lot of things. I wouldn't say like every single thing I agree with but a lot of it I just was blown away and then David Levy's book gray matter it's a very interesting read I mean it's like a quick read one of those books that you can just quickly get through but it's mind blowing because he's a neurosurgeon and he wasn't even you know anything into spirituality before he started praying with people and his testimony or prayer and yeah I 1st actually heard him speak at university church on the Melinda because they had invited him and his stories of praying with these patients and teaching them about forgiveness has completely healed some of them like yeah just amazing amazing stories from nowadays. And so these are a couple other. Tools that I think are important and then skipping out ahead actually yes these are pictures of a man this is a group that I hope every single one of you can at least know about Adventists medical evangelism network. If you have not been to any of our conferences please consider going specially if you're a health professional. It's actually was founded by a group of doctors and dentists about 10 years ago and they meet every year around hollowing time. And during those meetings they really it's like a like minded group that gathers together to teach and to talk about how to represent Christ in your workplace and in your life and very. Conference So the theme this year is Christ in you and it's. Florida and we also have. Some of the pictures. Right now we're working with models for churches but some of them have been quite big quite crazy. But they're free clinics we can offer as a wedge and entering wedge into the community and provide some services that people need and then be able to introduce Christ that way. So I'd like to end with Isaiah 56 to 7 don't think I'll read everything but. Verses I'd like to chooses is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see the naked that you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh then. Break forth like the morning your healing shall spring forth speedily and your righteousness. The glory of the Lord. Then you and the Lord will answer. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about.


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